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7/11 Blasts & Jehad Clones

July 14, 2006

Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine which says “Any intervention seeking to create a human being genetically identical to another human being, whether living or dead, is prohibited”. The usual word for such a created being is a clone. 

Its scientific sense is the same now as it was when it was invented in the early years of this century: a plant or animal that is created from cells of its parent asexually and so is genetically identical to it. The process has been so common in plant cultivation for so long that it is considered quite unremarkable: most gardeners regularly take cuttings from favorite plants, so producing clones of the parent. 

Until now, secular-clones are in
India. Now Greenish book able Secular Jehad Clones are researched to cover terrorism to blame victims for their victimization. These newly Clones are researched to support terrorists, naxalites, maoists, infiltrators, insurgents,criminals and corrupts especially. These are being used frequently freely by pseudo-secularists. It has been patented by UPA and Lefts. 

Q-Clone (Not patented) is a revolutionary new product utilizing unique technology that lets you use your outboard hardware equalizer in a completely new way. Imagine inserting an outboard equalizer on a channel, adjusting it to get the sound you want, clicking a button to hold that exact sound, and then repeating the process on as many tracks you need. That’s what Waves’ new Q-Clone plug-in offers. 

Q-Clone consists of two components: Q-Capture and Q-Clone itself. Q-Capture is set up to send a signal to the outboard equalizer and to accept a return of the processed signal. Next, Q-Clone is opened on a track. The settings on the outboard equalizer are then adjusted to achieve the desired sound. When the “capture” button is clicked, Q-Clone models the sound and replicates it on the fly. The process can then be repeated on as many tracks as needed.  

Who inspired Anti National Anti-Hindu elements to kill even the police in Bhivandi? They defaced the statue of statue of Thackeray’s wife Meenatai and there after blamed for this to Shiv Sena! After that 7/11 serial blasts occurred. Is these entire not linked to each other?  

Readers may find “Q-Jehadi Clones”: 

As per SIMI, Israelis were responsible for the 9/11 attacks in
New York.

SIMI and its supporters’ words are in the womb,”Communal forces BJP and Shivsena were responsible for the 7/11 serial blasts in Mumbai local trains.” 

Q-Secular Cones 

HRD Minister Arjun Singh, sources said, quoted a retired
Maharashtra judge as having alleged that the attempted attack on RSS headquarters in
Nagpur was a frame-up by the Sangh itself.

Minority Affairs Minister A R Antulay cited reports that a mystery blast in
Maharashtra’s Nanded in April was orchestrated by Hindus posing as Muslims.

Playing the same dirty politics SSP leader Abu Asim Azmi and Rane former leader of Shiv Sena and now in Congress alleged that the Shiv Sena might have “conspired” in the desecration of statue of Thackeray’s wife Meenatai’s bust to gain political mileage. 

Dr. Singh’s cabinet meeting of May 3, 2006 

At the Cabinet meeting on May 3, 2006, though
Gujarat was not on the agenda, but the issue was raised. A R Antulay, followed by Arjun Singh and Laloo Prasad Yadav, said the Centre must intervene and “be seen as doing so.” Later in the evening, the PM told CPI leader A B Bardhan that the Centre was closely monitoring the developments in
Gujarat. Sonia Gandhi, campaigning in Rae Bareli, was also briefed on the
Gujarat developments and an advisor said she was “very concerned.” Sonia will return to
Delhi by May 4, evening.

Phobia of BJP ruled

Railway Minister Laloo Yadav and his sponsored Bannerjee Commission Report said that Karsevaks returning from Ayodhya burnt themselves in the train compartment at Godhra Station 

Azmi, accompanied by Asaduddin Owaisi, the lone Lok Sabha member of Andhra Pradesh-based political outfit Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimin, also doled out cash assistance to as many as 24 riot victims, including the kin of those killed when they visited Vadodara to see riot victims. . According to Owaisi accompanied by Abu Azmi who  visited , the May riots were an ‘election-winning strategy to appease the majority and terrorize the minority’. He said he would take up this matter in the Lok Sabha. 

In live-telecast Big fight of NDTV, Hasan Johar, a so called human right activist said that the persons, those came to kill Narendra Modi in revenge, are may be called murderous, but not terrorists.” 

Trying to create another
Pakistan in

Nehru and Jinnah accepted division of
India to be PMs,  Now again, Congress and their so-called secularist allies combined with minority community well wishers are trying to create another Islamic country (
Pakistan) within
India. For sheer vote bank politics, these people are even trying to defend terrorists.

Samajwadi Party leader Abu Asim Azmi who roared in Mumbai’s Dongri area and said that India will face partition if Muslims find Islam is in danger and went on to justify the creation of Pakistan. 

Secularists divide police force, Army and the people in secular and non-secular. Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said: “
Gujarat police is communal,”

Q-Vote catching-Terror-Cones 

Terrorist Girl Ishrat became Martyr? Abu Azmi was among the mourners, told reporters that the killing was part of a major “attempt to malign the minority community”. 

Nationalist Congress Party MLA Vasant Davkhare who had been the deputy speaker in Maharashtra Legislative Council, gave one lac cheque the mother of terrorist Ishrat Jahan, who was part of an alleged mission to kill Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. 

At the funeral, local political leaders were seen collecting donations for the family since Ishrat was the main breadwinner of the household.  

Terrorists who brutalize rape and kill women and children are brothers of Shivraj Patil? Home Minister considers brothers those who have taken up arms due to economic reasons. 

Terrorists are accepting Manmohan Sigh’s invitation at Srinagar Round table Converence. They praise India’s PM who opens free path for them to enter India freely. 

Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath says Naxalites are not criminals. 

Prisoner Abdul Nasser Madani’s release to campaign CPM, have become an election issue in Keral. UDF and LDF both wants support of Madani. Both unanimously passed resolution Kerala Assembly demanding release of the
Coimbatore blast accused Madani from a Tamil Nadu jail?

Q-SIMI Cones 

Samajwdi Party not only opposing the ban on SIMI but it gives certificate of patriotism to the SIMI. 

Sonia Gandhi opposed the banning of Islamic terrorist organization SIMI in June 2002. 

Ambika Soni had said,” Ban on SIMI was ill timed. Just when the international environment is exceptionally tense, it is not in the national interest to take any steps that would disturb the domestic scene.” 

Prakash Jaiswal former President of the state unit of the Congress (At present State Home Minister in UPA Govt.) had opposed the ban on SIMI.  

Both the Congress and the Left Front have begun courting the outlawed Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in a bid to win over the Muslim vote bank. 

By Premendra Agrawal