Married life: love food is greater than cookfood and other articles

Following are the synopsis of the articles from Feb 14 to Feb 25, 2008. Complete articles are at:

Married life: love food is greater than cookfoodDisinclination to cook not a ground for divorce: Madras High Court. Forget love without quarrel if couples want longer life, research says., February 25, 2008

Kosova: US and EU Guardian of Terrorism and SeparatismActually terrorism and separatism are the shields for America and EU countries. They manufactured these two international evils to weak the sovereign countries that want to stand equal to America. USSR is an example of it. After the breakup of the former Soviet Union, 12 countries became independent on December 26, 1991., February 24, 2008

Auction of Cricketers and Globalization of PM post Who is killing nationalism?We want foreign coach! We want to be lead by Videshi bahu!! Now we want foreign cricketers on the cost of swadeshi tax payers!!!, February 23, 2008

Fahim, a poet may be PM of PakistanAtal, a poet became P M in 19 March 1998. Now a poet Fahim of PPP is frontrunner for PM Post of Pakistan., February 22, 2008

Clinton’s Saxophone, Gandhi’s Concertina, Ravanahatha Music InstrumentsRavanhatha was the musical instrument of Ravana as narrated in the Ramayana. Sri Lanka revives Ravana-hatha, a violin-like string instrument as narrated in Ramayana.Clinton and Gandhi and other historical leaders also played music instrument., February 22, 2008

Is Teesta Supreme than Supreme Court? After High Court, now Chief Justice of India(CJI)fumes over Teesta’s article targeting SC. Teesta is encouraged by UPA government. TOI reports: Teesta Setalvad, who has been a crusader for Gujarat riot cases, on Feb 18, drew sharp criticism from the Chief Justice of India (CJI) Justice K G Balakrishnan for her article. Teesta accused the top court of unnecessary delay of four years in deciding the bail pleas of the Godhra train burning case accused. The CJI asked all the lawyers appearing for the Godhra case accused whether they had any truck with Setalvad, and if so, the Bench would not like to hear those petitions which had any link with her., February 21, 2008

Swiss focal point for Mr Sonia ZardariThe battle for power in Pakistan took a fresh twist on Feb 20 when the government reinvigorated a Swiss corruption case against the opposition leader Asif Zardari on the eve of post-election power sharing talks that threaten President Pervez Musharraf. Government lawyers urged a court in Geneva to prosecute Zardari – whose Pakistan People’s party won the most seats in  election of Feb 18- on 10-year-old charges of stashing $55m in kickbacks in a Swiss bank account., February 21, 2008

Joyous Tears of Mauritius PM and Eight limbed laxmi vs sorrowful abonded SonuSonu cried ‘Papa Papa’, yet parents of Bihar abandoned her. Opposite to this Eight Limbed Laxmi’s parents of Bihar love for her two year old daughter prevented them from selling Laxmi to the highest bidder. Vishwamitra demanded Ram and Laxman from Drashrath to kill demons; Maoists want to kill innocent people and police., February 20, 2008

Mr Maya Mr Jaya have chance to be Deputy Prime MinisterWhy not Prime Minister? Jayalalith tried with her best as Sonia Gandhi to be PM in the past. Mayawati, the country’s first Dalit woman chief minister, wants to be the Prime Minister some time in the future. But in near future means just after the result of 2009 general election no chance for her to be PM., February 19, 2008

Black shadow, Black Bridget and ghost of KeatingWould dynasty of Bush support giving a democrat Clinton or Obama a chance in White House in 2008? Would ghost of Keating Five on McCain be effective?, February 19, 2008

Mush moves against Mr. Sonia Zardari, SharifAs reported timesnow : Musharaff supporters on Monday (Feburary 18) published an advertisement in a top Urdu daily, ‘Nawa-e-Waqt’ accusing former Prime Minister and PML-N chief, Nawaz Sharif of selling state secrets to the then Indian Prime Minister, Inder Kumar Gujral. The advertisement also accuses Nawaz Sharif of betraying the Kashmiris and the cause of Kashmir., February 18, 2008

Christian Maoists nexus in OrissaFor getting power in Andhra Congress took help of armed naxalites. Now Congress develops nexus of Christian Missionaries and Maoists to destabilize BJP-BJD led Govt. To remain in power in the North East provinces Congress shook hand ULFA to come back power in Assam. Congress and Communists are encouraging Bangladeshi infiltrators because they are their solid votes. Congress declared Nagaland a Christian province., February 17, 2008

Now Sikhs victim of Art 30 and anti Hindu GovtHindu organizations and parties have time to compromise on various principles by which they are known all over world.  There is no strong movement against the abolishment of Art 30 of the Constitution. Opposite to this half Christian supported by atheist parties wants to ruin Hindi Hindu Hindustan. For encouraging conversion it will come with religious based minority-ism focused budget., February 17, 2008

Coalition compulsion and Rashtra dharmPolitical leaders and parties use coalition dhrarm and Rashtra dharm according to their convenience as they use secular word. In the name of coalition dharm: Congress keeps Nuke deal in its cold bag and now DMK passed a resolution to remind Congress coalition dharm., February 16, 2008

Valentine day: Kissinger Mao GandhiDocuments released now by U.S. reveal: Mao offered one crore women to US in his meeting with Kissinger. This shows that both leaders were in the grip of Valentine Day., February 15, 2008

Fuel Price vs Bio-Fuels: UPA vs KalamCongress depends on foreign coach instead of Indian experts. UPA overlooks the advice of even former President Dr. Kalam who suggests for encouraging the Bio-fuel production., February 15, 2008

Is new reshuffle in Cong Org indication of midterm poll?New Delhi: It is now or Never for Nuke Deal: U S Envoy Mulford

No fresh mandate needed for Indo-US nuke deal: Cong

Left won’t allow govt to go ahead with Indo-US nuke deal: CPI

N-deal after Bush term: Prakash Karat, February 14, 2008

Sonia alone, Natwar gone as Sarkozy’s party leader distancing from himThe New York Times reported on Feb 12: French President Nicolas Sarkozy is considered toxic enough that some candidates of the Union for a Popular Movement, the party he long headed, seem to be distancing themselves from him ahead of the municipal elections next month. Some candidates, including former Prime Minister Alain Juppé, who is running for re-election as mayor of Bordeaux, are campaigning without the party logo., February 14, 200

By Premendra Agrawal



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