Signing allegiance to Belgium and Italy

Belgium Award to SoniaSonia Gandhi helps to build a tolerant society to digest ‘Christians subsidy’, religious based quota, society divide budget, spread of terroristsm, nexusus between Chirstian Missionaries and Naxalites as in Nepal, rising prises, farmers suicides and so on. Before enteerance of Sonia Gandhi, Hindustan was intolerant.  The Order of Leopold — which is the second highest civilian award in Belgium — was conferred on Sonia Gandhi for helping in building a more tolerant society.  Belgium award also Sonia for teaching Indians nationalism  Sonia was underground with PM and other Congress Ministers on the occasion of Vandemataram day to appease Muslims: Govinda may say if Vande Mataram becomes Vande Mat Rome, then his Sonia Mata participate the national function, other wise not? would take shelter to teach nationalism by taking shelter in Italian Embassy at the time of Bangladesh liberation war. Sonia Gandhi owns house in Italy but not in India to teach nationalism. Present Gandhis have Italian citizenships also to teach the nationalism.  Demilitarization by India in J&K   The ways of Sonia to teach tolerance to people of India: Did Sonia Gandhi sign her allegiance to India or Belgium and Italy?The catch was though that she had to sign her allegiance to Belgium. An individual complaint to former president, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam ended up getting forwarded to the Election Commission. That is when the trouble began. A series of meetings led to no result. Finally, at a confidential meeting last week, the Chief Election Commissioner asked his two deputies as to why a notice should not be served on Sonia.Besides Chief Election Commissioner, there are two other Election Commissioner Mr. Qureshi and Sonia Gandhi loyalist Navin Chawla.  The Supreme Court had said it was open to the CEC to initiate proceedings for the removal of the EC on the basis of any representation made against him. So, Jaswant Singh withdrew his PIL against the Navin Chawla. After that BJP approached Chief Election Commissioner with the signature of 180 MPs for the removal of Election Commissioner Navin Chawla. Govt says: “CEC is not empowered to initiate proceedings for the removal of the EC. It was the business of the government, Centre had said. If Chief Election Commissioner do this then the Govt will cut the wing of Chief Election Commissioner to remove the Chief’ word in the dictionary of Election Office. Is Navin Chawla not Christian World fame to write her autograph? Has he not supported with both hands the emergency of indira Gandhi? Has he not 10 janpath loyalist? Has he not made for this loyalty Election Commissioner in present golden rule of UPA? Will he not conduct 2009 General Election as a Chief Election Commissioner? If yes then why has not friendly foolish BJP with impartial Navin Chawla? Should Hindus and Hindu org be sunk in the sea? Naveen Chawla became Election Commissioner due to his loyalty towards 10 Janpath. Navin Chawla remained villain in Emergency period as Musharraf a villain of Kargil.  Sonia is capturing every institution of India. After Defense Ministry to her loyalist Antony, Cultural Ministry is given to her girl friend Christian Ambika Soni to ruin Ram Sethu with the support of Shipping Minister Baalu. Save Chawla, Q, MF, Afzal: Arrest Pro-Hindu Editor  Christians subsidy to visit Israel

Christian Sonia Gandhi led Congress does wilplanned brain washing of Hindustanis to tolerant.  Andhra Pradesh government of Chrisitan chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy on Feb 11 decided to dole out subsidies, on the lines of the Haj scheme, for Christians who want to visit holy sites in Israel. Christian Union Ministers, former and present CMs and leaders may argue:  The sop to Christian pilgrims by the chief minister, himself a Christian, should not seen as another move by the Congress government to woo minorities ahead of the general and assembly elections scheduled for early next year. Was Cross in Coin of Rupee two to invite Christian War from Jerusalem to India? Today, Jerusalem remains central to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Is there any conspiracy to extend that conflict here in India by including Jerusalem Cross in the new tworupee coin, circulated by the Reserve Bank of India on the signal of Italian origin Catholic Christian Sonia Gandhi. Don’t say this is a conspiracy of Indian Pope Lobby?Import of Vatican City-ism in India  More reasons for getting highest award of BelgiumWhy is Taslima Nasreen a prisoner?Taslima Nasreen’s incarceration, by the government of India is now an established fact. In a recent article in the Times of India, she describes herself as a ‘prisoner’. The truth seems to be, she is being held as a detainee under Section 3 of the Foreigners Act 1946. Strange as it may seems, the government does have the power to hold her in custody under Section 3(e) of the Foreigners Act. However, one would have thought that for a person lawfully in the country, as Taslima is, no such powers could be exercised.Taslima vs MF Hussain Kamlesh Sharma bank politics of fake secular Leftist W B Govt throws Taslima into Rajasthan as RAjiv Gandhi went against Supreme Cuourt’s order on Shah Bano Case.Fake Secularism bowed on Taslima: Who is World’s biggest liar?  Nandigram  Media reported on 19-11-07: At yesterday’s All India Congress Committee session, neither Manmohan Singh nor Sonia Gandhi had said a word on the latest bloodshed in Nandigram. * No senior Congress leader, neither party Chief Sonia Gandhi nor Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, visited Nandigram. Nuke deal nukes Nandigram  By Premendra Agrawal 


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