Sanjay weds Manyata vs Presence of grand sons and daughters of Groom

Fans eyes are enoying marriage rituals of Sanjay Dutt with Manyata as well as absence of daughter Trishala and dual sisters Priya and Namrata.  Sanjay Dutt got bail for daughter Trishala but utilizes it now to tie the knot with his girlfriend of two years, Manyata, at the Taj Exotica in Goa on February 7 under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, solemnised the marriage vows (see video) according to Hindu rites on Monday in Mumbai.  My daughter studies in New York. I need some time for arranging her education– Dutt said in the’ TADA Cour.Sanjay got bail for Daughter Trishala Dutt Role of Brides godfathers Oberoi, who is Manyata’s godfather, reportedly gave away the bride. Oberoi’s actress daughter Neha, and Dutt’s closest friends Ajay alias Bittu and Prashant (a common friend of Fardeen Khan and Dutt) were the other witnesses at the wedding. Sonia Maino’s father Stefano Maino never came to India and not attended the marrage of her daughter in India. Who became the godfather of Soniaji in her marriage with Rajiv Gandhi?  Sanjay Dutt’s sisters, Priya and Namrata were conspicuous by their absence at Sanjay Dutt’s wedding. Even his one time close buddy and business partner, Sanjay Gupta, was not present. The guest list was quite small, and included only close friends like producer Bunty Walia, Nitin Manmohan and Suniel Shetty with wife Mana. When asked about his daughter Trishala’s reaction, Dutt paused and said, “She is happy”. However, Manyata fell short of words to express her emotion and said, “I am so happy that I don’t have words to express”. According to industry sources, Sanjay married Manyata at a five star hotel in Goa on February 7 under the Special Marriage Act in few close friends as witness.  Would Mr. and Mrs Dutt follow the following? Forget love without quarrel if couples want longer life, research says.Husband wife Quarrel gives longer life: Research  At least one-third (34 per cent) of the working executives in the corporate sector saw no harm in romancing married colleagues, the survey conducted by global research firm Synovate for Teamlease, said.But most probably 90% of the film stars of Bollywood feel good luck in romancing married colleagues, if survey conducted by any one. Fans enjoyed/enjoy romance Few days back there was big news in the media about the romance of Krishana former Congress CM of Karnataka with renowned actress of the South Saroja Devi.Love in Office, Romance in Politics  Gandharv marriage between “Sanjay Dutt and Manyata Dutt” “Sakozy and Bruni” have been turned into the legal marriages? What would be the fate of “Left-Congress-Third Front”?Gandharv Marriage in Bollywood and Politics  

Rented Fake Govt:  Wife Womb Barati for Hire is an news of Risali village of Bhilai , Chhattisgarh. There was a romantic circus of marriage completed on Oct.15, 2007 between groom of 65 and bride of 32. Bride’s cousins and groom’s grand sons and daughters accompanied in the marriage ceremony. This gave innovative romantic seen. Both sides are joyous to participate in this historical marriage. Groom Ram Krishna is a designer and bride Sumita is M.Com. After marriage she wants to open coaching institute.   This happened in Britain also. J ane Felix-Browne, a 51-year-old grandmother from Moulton, Cheshire , in northwest England and met 27-year-old Omar bin Laden.   Osama’s son became son-in-law of Britain: seeks to enter UK   Related articlesSanjay Dutt vs Joint Mechanism and Dr. Haneef to Sanjay Dutt and Acquittal to Madhani!!  By Premendra Agrawal 


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