La Moustache cannes awarded and Mooch ki ladai in Supreme Court

The mooch ki ladai in the Supreme Court on Feb 11, 2008 and ”Purush teri yahi kahani; munh men moonchh aur aankon men paani” slogan of Dec 2006:  If there would be a Bollywood film on this then it should get Cannes award as La Moustache a French film was awarded at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival and is currently distributed theatrically in the United States by the Cinema Guild with a DVD release handled by Koch-Lorber Films.  Division in unity There is a mooch ki ladai in Maharashtra between political parties, Maharashtra Govt, Police and media instead of outsider and insider. Arrest or not arrest Raj Thackeray is a prestige issue for them. The elements who want the arrest of Raj are themselves the follower of same paths. Killers of unity Big brothers are calling acting arrest not arrest their younger brother.  Supreme Court has issued a notice to a state-run airline asking it to explain why an air steward was sacked for wearing a big moustache. Air India‘s ‘Maharaja’ reflects the intrinsic link between moustaches and royalty. But Victor Joynath De was grounded by Indian – formerly called Indian Airlines- in 2001 for refusing to shave off his handlebar moustache. At the time of his grounding, Mr De said he was proud of his moustache which had taken 25 years to grow and now stretches prominently across both cheekbones. “I never dreamed of trimming it. All the time I worked for the airline, my moustache attracted many adoring eyes inside the plane and on the ground,” he said. Mr De has worked for the state-run airline for over 20 years.  Victor Joynath De is a member of London‘s famous Handlebar Club, which has campaigned against his sacking. you have a handlebar moustache?  Then the Handlebar Club is the club for you!We are based at the “Windsor Castle” pub in London, England, and are an international club for men with handlebar moustaches.  Founded in 1947 and still going strong, the Handlebar Club currently has members from many different countries. Victor Joynath De had earlier lost a case in a lower court which ruled that the airline was within its rights to sack him.  The mooch ki ladai began in Calcutta HC all over again in 2001 when De challenged his compulsory retirement. A single judge Bench again ruled in his favour, but a division Bench reversed it and upheld IA’s order of compulsorily retiring him from service.

Now the Moustache fight case is in the Suprme Court. When his moustachioed woes were narrated by Counsel Sanjiv Sen before a Bench comprising Justices H K Sema and Markandey Katju, it immediately issued notice to the airline and observed: “Can the size of moustache be a ground for dismissal in a democratic country? This is shocking.” The SC will now decide whether De’s more than 40-year-old moustache, groomed since 1968, could be a reason for his dismissal from service.   Victor Joynath De is not alone in the fight for his Moustache.  “Munh men moonchh aur aankon men paani” Equal Protection under the Law is True Equality. A broken nose is a broken nose whether it’s on a man or a woman. There should be Domestic harmony Act. Is Domestic Violence Act a shield or sword? There was a protest by wives hunted husbands in Vadodara on Dec 18 with the slogan boards in their hands:”Purush teri yahi kahani; munh men moonchh aur aankon men paani” The slogan was the copy of “Abala jivan teri yahi kahani; aanchal men hai doodh aur aakhon men paani,” Moustache on face but Tears in eyes: Domestic Violence Act Gandhigiri of half-shaven moustacheIn stark contrast to stressed army personnel shooting their colleagues in Jammu and Kashmir, a Central Reserve Police Officer (CRPF) has chosen satyagraha, a half-shaven moustache and one meal-a-day to register his non-violent protest.   If this type of trend will continure in the name of gandhigiri then definitely most of seculars will be called ‘Aadhi Moonchh wale (persons of half half moustaches). What you think when 10 Janpath loyalists follow Sonia Gandhi? Sanjay got bail for Daughter Trishala Dutt  Remind air line India the moustache of Tatya Tope Kanpur: Ramchandra Pandurang popularily known as Tatya Tope was an able great leader of the First War of Freedom of 1857 which was fought by Hindu Muslim and others jointly. His heirs of Kanpur are in the struggle of getting bread selling turmeric, chilly and salt. We read in the books and internet Taya Tope as a great martyr with long moustache and attractive personality. Tatya Tope Dynasty vs Nehru Gandhi Dynasty  By Premendra agrawal


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