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How many years are we in coma? MLC in 3 yrs coma attended assembly!

October 31, 2007

It is alike great detective film or novel that a MLC who was 3 years in coma at Pune Hospital attended the proceedings of the Maharashtra Assembly in Mumbai. Was constitutional assembly of elected members in coma?  My question is: are we majority Indian voters not in a coma?Is our democracy not in coma, if majority does not use their voting rights whatever the reasons may be?  Hindus are in majority but they are divided themselves and majority of them not participate in voting. Due to this India is governed by Italian origin and Italian born and also with Ialian citizenship wants to be next PM of India.Is Rahul Gandhi Indian Citizen?  Less voting bright democracy!  Is voting of less than 50% and gating majority votes among this percentage which is divided among more than two candidates is democracy? Is present government representing the peoples of India? Is Gandhi dynasty not such reserve caste which rule India undemocratically and unconstitutionally?  Who is untouchable caste?  Has political class not become the untouchable caste instead of SC/ST? Is minority-ism not oxygen for the minority government? Untouchable political caste vs. SC/ST  Longer the leaders sleep, the less the world will be damaged  Satish Kumar a man from India of HARTLAND, A SMALL village nestled in the South West of England expresses his wish that politicians have more time to sleep. There is no doubt that the longer the leaders sleep, the less the world will be damaged. He is simply revealing his genuine wish that today’s political leaders should be spiritually reborn and become peaceful in their mind. Warning bell to Leaders on Independence Day  Democracy in Coma due to coma people Some one may say that to wake India from its coma, the political class should be wiped out. This suggestion may be weighed carefully though. If there are no politicians to kick around, we might end up blaming ourselves. I accept that ‘not voting’ is a crime. We experienced that in democracy every adult does not vote and here I call them coma people.  A person in a coma is not able to register to vote, whatever the reason may be. Because this person cannot vote, does this mean that this person in
a coma is no longer a member of democratic society and citizen of
India? Does it mean Majority of Indians who has faith on Ram should be insulted by Ramdrohi Affidavit? Does it mean their faith on Ram Sethu should be ruined? Does it mean tribal and poor illiterate Hindu should be converted by hook and crook? Why fake seculars including atheists support Christian Jihad of Sonia Gandhi’s Congress?  
Does it membership and citizenship only to those who can be active politically?
 Democracy should be as a place where people come together, live together, and respect everyone’s right to have a voice to the extent that they are able, a place where neither majority be insulted nor minority be differentiated.    Democratic tyranny of minority government  We are ruled by minority government. Only an independent and impartial judiciary can offer some challenge to an executive determined to expand its sphere of powers, occasionally hold it legally accountable and thereby force the executive to take full political responsibility for some of its actions. The judiciary is, by default, the only institution capable of playing this role. Left and Sonia Gandhi want to cut the hands of Judiciary as their prediseccors cutting the hands of Bharatmata. They now give award to MF Hussain who made nude painting of Bharatmata. Politician Manmohan Fires on Judiciary to follow Bush Mush Harper  Has India not glorious past? If I had fallen into a coma 60 years ago and woke up just recently, I would swear that I was in a different country. I’ve been awake all those years, but I can only vaguely remember what it was like to live in a nation I was once so proud to be an Indian. And majority Hindustanis was proud to think so.  So-called fake secular leaders are victim of inferiority complex. Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram on Aug 26, 07 in Lucknow said the books that propounded the glorious past of India were liable to be burnt. Why is FIR not against the Indianless Minister? If he wants to burn our books then why should people not burn these leaders’ posters and their effigies alongwith Ravan on Dussera?Burns Glorious Past of India: FM Chidambaram  Is present government of common people (aam Aadami)? The prices of even essential commodities were touching the sky, the unemployment register continued to grow, and small-scale and cottage industries were facing closure. Besides, there was a spurt in farmers’ suicides during the period. On the internal security front, the situation was miserable with Naxalism spreading its wings in several parts of the country, and ISI activities and infiltration from the Bangladesh border increasing.The government had almost “mortgaged” the foreign policy to the US and western powers and “surrendered to the MaoismNuked Lame duck Puppet PM is nuked, not for rise in prices and suicides?  MLC in 3 year coma attended assembly Mumbaimirror reported on Oct 25, 07: Mahrashtra Legislative Council Member, 58-year-old Navnath Avhad, who cannot lift a finger nor can he utter a word, has been liberally sanctioning  development projects worth lakhs of rupees from his Local Area Development Fund in various parts of the state, including Mumbai. It is hard to believe that nobody in the government or in Avhad’s BJP party noticed his absence for three long years. As per government records, Rs 79.68 lakh were alloted to Avhad during 2005-06 and another Rs 80 lakh in 2006-07. Mumbai Mirror has evidence to prove that he spent Rs 20 lakh in Mumbai this financial year (2007-08) A doctor attending Avhad at the Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital in Pune refused to share any information on Avhad’s condition. But he did confirm that the patient has been in coma for nearly three years.  Coma woman’s anger at theft As a newsstory published by BBC: A mobile phone and cash were stolen from 57-year-old Christine McLay from Edinburgh as she lay unconscious on the ground.  Recalling what happened, Mrs McLay said: “I fell out of my wheelchair and banged my head. While I was down someone ran off with my phone and £84 from my purse. I have had to borrow money off a friend because that was all I had to buy food for me and my dog for the week. I’m just devastated, if someone was lying on the ground you think you would do all you could to help them not rob them. That’s really sick.”  Humle heart touched appeal“We would appeal to anyone who may have seen the theft take place or noticed the woman lying on the pavement to contact police.” My appeal to the viewers: “We would appeal to every voter in Gujarat and there after in place of election that may have seen or experienced the democratic decoits take place or noticed the people being cheated to vote such natioalilst candidate who does nt divide police, security, defence forces, Judiciary and the elected government of people on communal line as fake secular media and leaders wanted and wants to divide in Gujarat.” Fake Encounters: Violent and Non-Violent The youth of Bharat is not in a coma. If he is able to attempt to communicate, but lack the ability to convey the words, it is not coma. Lions of India, children of Bharat are not in coma. King Bharat, son of Dushyant and Shakuntala was ended the dynasty system and that was the beginning – Bharat’s Democracy? Oh! Awake, Lions awake again!Wake up Lions, heirs of Dushyant’s Bharat By Premendra Agrawal


Sanjha chulha to burn ‘He ram’ in Gujarat

October 31, 2007

Fake seculars have made Sanjah Chulha for coming Gujarat Election to bury Ram Bhakti of ‘He Ram’ as Tandoor Sharma of Congress burnt his wife Sahni. Lalu and Tahalka have inaugurated this Sanjha Chulha for stopping more trains at Godhra to burn Ram Bhakts. This is the latest add to the Ramdrohi Affidavit and efforts to Ruin Ram Sethu. Half Christian Congress Party with others hired foreign funded fake secular media band party.   Why should Lalu not be arrested? On Oct 13, 2006 Gujarat High Court quashed not only its findings but also the formation of this commission by Lalu. H.C. said that Banerjee Panel is illegal. Why should Lalu not be arrested? Gujarat riots sting: Lalu demands arrest of Modi. Is Lalu’s lallu demand for lhimself?   Why not Tehelka’s sting on 1984’ Mascare of Sikhs? Tehalka probe claims Modi sanctioned Gujarat Violence. Who sanctioned 1084’ Sikh riots? Who sanctioned operation blue star? Bhindranwale was developed and finished by Congressee secular politics:  Then Prime Minister, and Zail Singh, her Home Minister, allegedly tried to use him to create a split in the terrorist movement, which started a fight against the government of India in 1981 for the creation of an independent state for the Sikhs to be called Khalistan. After some months of seeming co-operation with the government of India , he went out of control, joined the terrorists and took over the leadership of their so-called Khalistan movement. Bhindrawale of Congress was killed by Congress.  

Legal Bribery by Secular Government

 UPA Govt sanctioned Rs seven lakhs for each victim family of Gujarat riot. It is good. Would it be bad if the same sanction be for the karsevaks who were burnt in the train compartment at Godhara? Are Hindus slaves of Italian led Congress led Government? Are Hindus second citizen in Hindustan?  MM Sonia invented legal bribery for Musim victims in Guj riots. Caste religion based Reservation is secularism. Divide and rule-British policy is now Congress vote bank politics in independentIndia.  Legal Bribery  Why not Tehelka’s sting on Burning of Rambhakts at Godhra?Sabarmati express was burning at Godhra. Karsevaks were burnt in the compartment. But not a single tear came from the eyes of the seculars. What a cruel vote greedy they are! Tears are flowing from Sonia to bottom of pseudo-secularists’ camp for the Afzal. If some of them would be seen at that time then there could not be seen riot-flame in Gujarat.  On the 3rd day, Ms. Jayalalitaa spoke out and said “It is shameful that no one condemns when majority is attacked. When the minority is attacked, there is a mad competition as to who would condemn the attacks first. It is not only the minorities who enjoy the right to life under the constitution, majority also do…..”

 Who burnt his wife in Tandoor? Why is Sanjha Chulha to burn Rambhakti? Sharma killed and burnt his wife in tandoor to rise in Congress? Killer claimed Congress flags burning!!Tandoor Sharma killed his wife to rise in Congress? According to the Delhi Police charge sheet, Sharma, a former youth Congress leader believed his wife, also a Congress worker was having an affair with yet another Congressman Matloob Karim. Karim had been Naina’s classmate. Sharma and Naina also had differences because he wanted to keep their marriage a secret. A jealous Sharma had come home on July 2 that year to find his wife talking on the phone to someone. He redialed and confirmed she was talking to Karim. Enraged, he fired three shots from his licensed revolver at his wife killing her. The police said Sharma then wrapped the body and tried to burn it in the tandoor with the help of the Bagiya Restaurant manager, Keshav. Sex in Politics: Burnt the wife in tandoor  Are we a nation with no memory?  B Raman is right to say that we are a nation with no memory. So, Sonia dares to say: Cong is the most pro-women party. Should people forget the 1984’ mascare of Sikhs, Bhagalpur riots, Manu Sharma, Tandoor Sharma, Sharda Jain and Madhumita to Kavita the products of so called seculars all in jails. Cutting womb to kill or kidnap unborn child: Sex Politics Conversion India is under threat of extinction of its identity sooner or later due to insensitivity and inactiveness of its own people who are suffering from Italian made fake secular anesthesia.Video Catch: ‘Drunk’ Congress MP with women! Nudy reveler MP in train: Oct 2 in UNO  Full marks to Marx and Gandhigiri: India, China and Russia have opposed fresh  Western sanctions on Junta of Myanmar Newly trio felt shame to oppose gunning down of monks in Myanmar by Junta government an adopted cruel child of China. Sonia’s father learnt lesson from Mussolini. Now his daughter is in China to learn Maoism. She has learnt many Red-lessons in Christian led 30% Maoists of Nepal and Naxalites of India. By the help of Naxalites Congress snatched power from Naidu TDP in Andhra. This is Indian dirty politics that the same Naidu now embraced invisible brother of naxalites CPM.Why Maoist Terrorist friendly represented India in UNO on Oct2?  Anti Gujarat Anti Ram Anti Gandhism Gujaratis feel, they have been constantly reminded about the riots since 2002 whenever they visit other parts of the country even today. It is really pitty that even after five years of that bad episode; no one is ready to just leave them alone. It is media hype. It is a sellable issue for Christian jihadi secular media. Gandhi samadhi memorial of Mahatma Gandhi has the epitaph He Ram, the last words uttered by Gandhi when Nathuram Godse fired on him. People may go through the movie of Anupam Kher “Maine Gandhi ko nahen maraa’. Godse killed Gandhi only one time but ‘“har roz har pal…baar baar apne haathon se gala ghot kar mara hai. Par mujhe koi dukh nahi (everytime i killed gandhi).’ Who are these invisible hided faces? Who wants to think about the invisible faces and their conspiracies to rule India? Answer is buried beneath the various samadhis of Gandhighat and the ashes of Subhash Bose. Jawaharlal Nehru’s samadhi is to the north of the Raj Ghat and is known as the Shantivan or Shanti Vana meaning the forest of peace. Does present Gandhi’s government want to give respect to the last word of Mahatma Gandhi ‘He Ram’ to ruin Ram Sethu and to insult the police, judiciary and the elected Gujarat Govt? By Premendra Agrawal

Cutting womb to kill or kidnap unborn child: Sex Politics Conversion

October 31, 2007

I discuss here mainly two different types of most hated crimes which are equal and also opposite to each other. Besides this I will sight here few more crimes moving arount the subject of this article.  I have discussed in my past articles Coalition compulsion dharm of Gandhis and Mr.Clean against democray and the constitution. So called fake seculars besides Non-Hindu Soni and Full Christian Sonia and other Congress leaders with the mentality of half Christianity have placed a challenge before the majority of India for saving the Ram Sethu which the Government wants to ruin. In the leadership of Sonia Gandhi half Christian Congress leaders facilitates the conversion of tribals and poors into Christianity to please their Christian leaders. Christian Jehad of Congress against Ram So removing this Anti-Ram Government is a dharm before us. So, please raise your arms to sign at: A Kansas woman was found guilty on Oct 22, 2007 of killing a pregnant woman, cutting the womb and kidnapping the newborn in a gruesome ruse to pass the child off as her own. This is one type of crime which I never heard before this.This crime is not related to sexuasl politics.   Talk of Today in America is cutting womb to kidnap the new born child A jury convicted Lisa M. Montgomery, 39, of Melvern, Kansas, on a charge of kidnapping resulting in death, finding she strangled Bobbie Jo Stinnett, the baby’s mother, and sliced open her abdomen with a kitchen knife. She did the crime because she wanted to have the baby who rested inside. At the time of the crime in December 2004, the slain woman, Bobbie Jo Stinnett, 23, was eight months pregnant. She ran a business, Happy Haven Rat Terriers, from home and advertised on the internet.“The child appears to be healthy and in good shape,” said Sheriff Ben Espy of Nodaway County, Missouri. “We have no indication that the child was hurt in any way.” Todd Graves, the US Attorney in Kansas City, released an affidavit detailing how computer sleuthing by FBI agents tracked down the baby to the town of Melvern in eastern Kansas, where she was found in apparently healthy condition at the home of Kevin and Lisa Montgomery. FBI agents were able to track down the internet address being used to a server in Topeka, Kansas and from there they found the Montgomery home.  Talk of Today in India is life imprisoned Amarmani, wife Talk of today is life imprisoned fomer minister Amarmani and his wife in poetess Madhumita murder case. Madhumita, who was pregnant at the time of murder, was having an affair with Amarmani, whose wife objected to it. It is also claimed that Madhumita was pregnant with Amarmani’s child. He wanted her to abort, but she was against it and so he got her killed On May 9, 2003, Madhumita, a UP-based poet, was shot dead in her Lucknow home. A signed but undated letter was found in which she left behind clues to her death.  Madhumita wrote: “Did I not dream of having a baby for four months? You may refuse to accept the child but as a mother how can I do that? Should I murder the child after bearing it in my womb for six months? Did you not think of my pain? You treated me like a commodity.” Madhumita’s sister Nidhi said, “Rajniti ka asli rang kya hai, koi mujh se puche: Maine rajniti ka sabse ghinona chehra dekha hai: Jiske aage Ravan ke dus chehre bedag hain” Sex Rackets Murders Indian Politics and Election season.When Kavita Madhumita felt in love with sexy politicians:  Murder of pregnant is different to other murders A pregnant woman is in a condition that distinguishes her from all other people — men and women alike — who are not pregnant. She holds a second life within her body.  That distinction places special burdens upon the pregnant woman’s shoulders and renders her vulnerable to outside harms in a unique way. She cannot expose herself to danger without risking her baby’s life at the same time. But to see her as a resource to be mined — instead of as a precious being that holds within her a second precious being — is to rob her of dignity.  Both crimes of America and India as discussed in this article are thus an outrage in several respects. In addition to killing a human being, and thereby also depriving children of their mothers before they had finished the journey of pregnancy together, the killers here treated their victims as commodities instead of a living creature as we found the contents in the letter of killed Madhumita. For that, the mothers of unbornchild may well have forfeited their own entitlements to the mercy that a jury or judge might otherwise have accorded them.  Killer Kanas woman wanted child in womb but in Indian case accused did not want the child in womb. In both case pregnant women were murdered. Ut in American case child of cut womb was saved bunt in Indian case that was also killed.  Amarmani, wife’ crime is more outrage than the Montgomery‘s crime Monstgomery killed the pegnant woman and kidnapped the newly born child.Crime of Amarmani and her wife is bigger than Monsgomery because they killed pregnant woman and the child in the womb both. Further Amarmani’s crime is bigger than his wife because he also raped Madhumita to give her false dreams.   Snatching and steeling the children is called adoption.–stolen-racket-is-called-adoption/50883-3.html?xml UP Minister is acused of stealing baby.  Opposite to the above there were crimes to kill the unborn child in sexual political rackets.  Poem: Legal Serial Killing by Life Saver In Christian Hospital of Ratlam of MP Hundreds Skeletons found Belongs to new-born children Aborted fetuses and even Some of them of minor children In the pit behind the hospital You are modern Yes you progressive You may be Christian As Sonia Gandhi is Christian But Christ or any other God Can’t accept never accept The worship of baby killers Serial killers   Organ trade, Noida Serial Killing and camel jockerying There are 9,000 children who have gone missing from the national capital in the last three years. Over 2,500 children have been reported missing in 2006 itself, according to figures available with the missing people’s squad of Delhi Police. “As much as 90 per cent of Nithari’s population is Bengali migrated especially from Malda, Farakka and Murshidabad. Murshidabad district of West Bengal, which once supplied minor boys for camel jockeying to the Middle East, is now the biggest supplier of minor girls for clandestine prostitution rackets. Jamtala Daspara village in South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, has no more teenaged girls. Why Leftists were silent?  Now, film on Nithari killings  * Natural disasters such as T-sunami are boons for Chirstian missionaries to adopt the orphans for conversion. Sonia Gandhi was also intereted to adopt some of them on behalf of Rajiv gadhi Foundation.* Prostitutes are sused for conversion.   Jihad and Conversion  Is here any difference between violence and non-violence? Bloody cruel deceisive acts in the name of gods in this or that way are sin and crimes. Forcefully by fraud to convert in christianty may be gandhigiri but not non-violence of Mahatma Gandhi. This conversion is not less crime than the crime of grooming children for jehad. Christinity of Sonia Gandhi and Bush say only Chirst showed the way to heaven.  Prostitutes are sused for conversion. As reported on Oct 24, 07 at: <> the raid in a Christian destitute home here reveals the new modus operandi of Church to promote Conversion.The Missionary Charity home based Prostitution under the leadership of a 65 year old Nun-exposes the true colour of their Charity.The institution ran by hugely funded foreign money and Grants from Government, were utilizing prostitutes for their evil aim of Conversion.  Lure the men by showcasing their commodities-Then accuse them as sinners-Then preach the way of Jesus as the only way to escape from their committed sin! By Premendra Agrawal

Lame duck Puppet PM is nuked, not for rise in prices and suicides?

October 27, 2007

 Hello I know you got a noseWhich is different from others?Who is in India more racist than Noble Prized James Watson? Oh! Nuke deal dealers!Power greedy grabbers!Hello I know you got a noseWhich is different from others?White Gore different from blacks? Do not make false promisesDo not paint false dreamsDo not create mountain of falsehoodHello I know you have no control on prices Which is climbed on the mountain now? I salute tricolorI salute saffron flagI never salute your leaderHello I know you got a bodyWhich is different from immortal? I worship mother landI worship sun doing NamaskarI never bow before your leaderHello I know you got a noseWhich you cut by false promise? I trust sea and sunI trust the winds that blowI never trust your leaderHello I know you got a lifeWhich depends on sea sun wind? I trust I love these
I know that these trust saves
Me and my nationWithout nation Where are you your party and leader?   I vote other than youI move to sing a new songI make nude your false politicsHello I know you grabbed powerWhich can be fired by public anger? I hate politics of lying I hate killer of democracyI know you are elder of serial killersHello I know misleaders misdeeds  Which is known by public now?  Did PM feel dishearten and embarrass to include tainted ministers Prime Minister Manmohan Singh did not feel dishearten and embarrass to say that tainted ministers’ inclusion was a coalition compulsion. Mr. Clean still advocate of devils. Actually this is the compulsion of him being the puppet lame-duck prime minister of India.    Now Sonia and Rahul Gandhi both in the race of PM Now Congress has started to publicize the images of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi by adopting Hitlery Goebble. As news comes just now Congress indirectly will ask questions in nineteen provinces through ‘Centre for Market Research and Social Development’. Whom do you want to see as a future PM: Sonia Manmohan Rahul Gandhi from Congress or Atal Advani Rajnath from BJP?  Astrologer predicts long life for dead man: As reported on March 4 in Sirkazhi of Madurai in Tamil Nadu an astrologer has been charged with cheating a client by predicting a long life for a man who died in 2003.  Why does court not summon who predict for Sonia:Congress sponsored CNN-IBN has made Sonia Gandhi PM of India two times in the previous year and on Feb 13 has given majority to the Congress in the Punjab poll.  Goebble type Propaganda machines to brainwash Envelope journalism: Sonia Gandhi sponsored media keeps Hitlery Goebels & Stalin and his prpaganda machines to brainwash. It is Anti-Hindu unholy nexus under Sonia and Karat couple. Find here facts. The Mitrokhin Archive, Volume II also said with ref to entrance of the KGB in India . It seemed like the entire country was on sale, “People in high places, including ministers, were willing to provide sensitive information to the highest bidder”Bogus Poll Surveys: Media on Sale  SC asked: Can President refuse oath to a tainted minister ministry is a cruel joke hiding in the low smile of Mr.Clean and so called Italina inner voice. Terrorist or Tainted leader can be Prime Minister? Supreme Court wants clarification from central government. Why is Manmohan Singh body guard of tainted ministers? Tainted ministers are dengue plague. If Judge can’t be tainted than why is tainted cabinet?Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee objects tainted judge but not tainted minister! Tainted Ministers are dengue or a plagueTainted politicians rule without caring for the law and the official machinery has no alternative, but to bear with their manners. Criminals enter legislative bodies not to serve the nation, but to get protection for their nefarious activities.  Does she live in Vatican City? tainted ministers with high moral is a natural choice of the ‘inner voice’ upto the capturing of PM post for herself or her son. A corrupt PM, President or other designation of powerful poliitican wants to stay in power to keep getting rich and protect himself/herself from the jaws of justice. And when he/she is out of power, he knows that the constitution or other type of institution will protect him/her. In the prevailing situation of India all powers are in the hands of Sonia Gandhi. Corrupt political leaders Presidents PMs cannot afford to lose power and when they are no longer in power, they quickly evoke immunity. “All presidents generally, corrupt and not corrupt, want to hold power for as long as possible,” says Charles Lewis, executive director of the Centre for Public Integrity in Washington. She is preparing herself for getting the protection to hide her misdeeds. One by one as a democratic dictator she is keeping her hands on every independent democratic system of India under an International conspiracy. Indo US Nuke Deal and Sonia’s representation of India in UN on Oct 2, 2007, are the examples of that conspiracy.  Congress ‘s score over Mallika SheravatAs reported in TOI of March, 07: Mallika signed an Hollywodd film of Bannerman. Mallika will be seen in a highly performance-oriented role (finally!). Bannerman says, “Behind the dark burkha, there lays a sexy, manipulative victim, whose life is in grave danger. But she is very dangerous too.” The film revolves around the life of a Muslim woman who has two husbands and a lover. It will be a blend of film noir, thriller and dark drama. Mate? Virgin or Non-Vergin? Mallika with two husbands and a lover in Hollywood! The political drama of UPA and Left is the same. Congress signed an Italywood film: “Behind the Gandhi surname, there lays a power greedy, manipulative victim, whose life is in grave danger. But the PM himself is very dangerous too due to the dirty deals of Congress.” The film revolves around the tainted corrupt lame-duck cabinet of puppet PM.  Political Nude Dance as Mallika at a hotel performance in Mumbai Bollywood item girl Mallika Sherawat at a recent ugly and dirty hotel performance in Mumbai has rejected suggestions that the costume was vulgar. Mallika wore a single piece skin colored jump suit with a bikini top that was studded with diamonds and a silver diamond belt during her hour-long ‘Jewel 07’ program held at hotel J W Marriot Hotel on New Year’s Eve. Mallika be super actress to wear diamond for nude dance! Tainted corrupt lame-duck power greed UPA Govt with the support of Left is doing political nude dance since last three and half years to remain in power by hook and crook. Why does he not feel dishearten and embarrass to see Ramdrohi affidavit, Rs Two coin with Christian Crooss mark and the efforts to ruin the Ram Sethu? Please raise your arms to sign at:  Conclusion The only area in which the UPA excelled was that of corruption and referred to fugitive Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi with regard to the Bofors scam, oil-for-food programme for Iraq, Scorpene deal, Balco disinvestment and Navy war room leak The prices of even essential commodities were touching the sky, the unemployment register continued to grow, and small-scale and cottage industries were facing closure. Besides, there was a spurt in farmers’ suicides during the period.  On the internal security front, the situation was miserable with Naxalism spreading its wings in several parts of the country, and ISI activities and infiltration from the Bangladesh border increasing.  The government had almost “mortgaged” the foreign policy to the US and western powers and “surrendered to the Maoism By Premendra AgrawalEnjoyed this post? Recommend it to others Please raise your arms to sign at: Tags: Lame duck Puppet PM Prime Race Minister Nuke deal dealer Embarrass Rise price Sucides Mallika Political nude dance UPA Left Congeress Govt Manmohan Goebble Tainted SC Vatican Newsanalysisindia; tag this 

Who is in India more racist than Noble Prized James Watson?

October 27, 2007

James Watson, a Nobel Prize winner for his part in discovering the structure of DNA, claimed in an interview in The Sunday Times on Oct 17, 2007. that black people are less intelligent than white people.  Bearing racism means encouraging racism  Bearing racism and creating raism both should be treated a crime against huminity. Congress was born by Lord Hume a foreigner and still in the presidentship of Italian origin. Congress takes dip in the well of Nehru Gandhi dynasty as a frog. They can’t come out from this well of racism. Mahatma Gandhi faced racism. What did his beloved Nehru and after him his heirs? Nehru Gandhi dynasty and Congress is not less racist than James Watson. I openly without hesitation discussed this with facts. I want contradiction of these with facts. Why is drama of democracy if Congress want to be slaves for forever of Gandhi-kigdom?  Black people are less intelligent than white people The 79-year-old geneticist said he was “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really.”. He said he hoped that everyone was equal, but countered that “people who have to deal with black employees find this not true”.   James Watson follows American Leaders and Britain’s Churchill  India’s Nobel Prize-winning economist Professor Amartya Sen quoted Churchill’s notorious anti-Indian comment that “they breed like rabbits” in an essay to AIT:“Winston Churchill’s famous remark about the 1943 Bengal famine – that it was caused by the tendency of the people to breed like rabbits – belongs to this general tradition of blaming the colonial subject. This attitude had a crucial role in delaying famine relief,”In the months before the Pacific War began, the diary of Sir Alexander Cadogan of the British Foreign Office records Cadogan’s own views of the Japanese as ‘beastly little monkeys’ and ‘yellow dwarf slaves’. Nixon called Indira a witch and a bitch and Kissinger referred to all Indians as bastards, slippery, treacherous, insufferably arrogant people.Toxic tongues of Nixon Kissiger  India uptill now not UN Security Council due to Racism Ofcourse India with 20% of the world population is not even a member of the UN Security Council, while America (4% of the world’s population) having a veto ignores International Law, the UN and UN Security Council as we saw in Iraq and before this its atomic bombing on Japan. Is this not the biggest example of racism?  America’s Atomic Bombing on Japan was due to racism Prizewinning historian Ronald Takaki has written a book ‘Hiroshima: Why America Dropped the Atomic Bomb’ which presents the “Revisionists” view of why the U.S used the atomic bombs on Japan in the waning days of World War II. His thesis is that the bombs were dropped because Americans in general and Harry Truman in particular were racists. The bombs were in effect a racially motivated revenge attack on innocent Japanese civilians.  Name of Gandhi becomes fool proof machine in politics Under the slogan ‘Asia for the Asiatics’, Tokyo attacked Britain’s bloody colonial record and presented Japan as the champion of Indian freedom. In Singapore among 45,000 captured Indian troops around 25 000 Indian soldiers eventually changed sides, and joined the Japanese-sponsored Indian National Army of Subhash to fight against the British. This is the historical proof that Subhash Bose was bigger than any Gandhi and Nehru. There is a sheep race to follow only Nehru-Gandhis. Do present Gandhis use Gandhism against the bloodbath of Maoist in Nepal or gunning down of monks by junta in Mynamyr? Even these Gandhis can’t criticize them. Did Bush follow Gandhism in attacking Iraq? Japan with Netaji ended western imprerialism in Asia  Create a new ‘Euroindoasian’ race: Roosevelt America’s president Roosevelt, the leader of Western liberalism, seriously considered the proposition that the Japanese were evil because their skulls were 2000 years less developed than the white man’s civilised cranium, and that the solution might be to encourage some cross-breeding to create a new ‘Euroindoasian’ race that could isolate the Japanese. On the British side, Churchill was always noted for espousing the blunt racial attitudes of his Edwardian background.  Effect of ‘Euroindoasian’ race on Pt Nehru Nehru’s youngest sister Krishna Nehru Hutheesing said that Pt Nehru was westerned cultured little dictator.  The CIA documents painte Nehru as a naïve and romantic statesman. Did Nehru unsuccessfully try to create ‘Euroindoasian’? His love affairs with Lady Mountbetton were known to Lord Mountbetton and his daughter. Shilpa’s fight against Racism has still not finished. Tushar says Brahman Killed Gandhi! Did whole Brahman community or Pt Nehru kill Gandhi? Why patent of Gandhi by Congress as Neem Turmeric by USA CIA on Romantic Nehru  Rahul Gandhi followed fully racist Roosevelt As quoted Rajiv Gandhi himself that Sonia Maino in the beginning thought that India was a country of snakes, tigers and elephants. This thinking was the product of racism. First conqueror of Latin America was Spain. This should not be the guideline to marry with Spanish origin girl. Catholicism came from Italy in the Latin America and other European countries. This should not mean our groom should be from Italy or should be Christian. There should be a break on this tendency.  America and European countries are importing our brains. We are leading world in IT field. Are Sunita Williams, Kalpana Chawla, Aishwarya and others not blonde? What should be called blind to the followers of Nehru Gandhi dynasty? Slim overtakes Bill Gates: Racial Caste-ism in Mexico  What do Rahul Gandhi? Rahul Gandhi tired in romance with foreign girls. Kareena Aish Clina Katrinal may be failed being Indians. Sonia leads after Rajiv. Spanish Veronika would dream to be PM. Rahul Gandhi in Gandhigiri to marry  Should other brides or grooms follow Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty?  As per BBC survey UK’s Indians want to marry with Indians. Inter caste marriages should be encourages to boycott marriages among religions and races.   Shilpa Shetty faced Racist Goody Few weeks back there was a fight between Shilpa Shetty and racist Goody in Big Bother at London. At that time I have ended my one article to say, “I think that fight against racism has finished successfully in Big Brother in UK. But we have to fight against the racism of Congress.” Shilpa Vs Racist Congress1 Feb 07  Is Nehru Gandhi dynasty not the symbol of Racism? If Rahul Gandhi can be Dhoni without knowing ABC of cricket as said by Congress then why can Congress not project Dhoni as future PM? Dynasty Rahul vs Dynamic Dhoni Why hesitation is in grooming Budhia marathon wonder or 3 year old Ariya Nikam of Orissa  or Dhoni as future PM?Untouchable political caste vs SC/ST What Sonia did for Indians after entering into India from Italy? What did Rahul Gandhi for India in his 39 years age? They have nothing to sow; their eyes are on foreign land, foreign culture and foreign religion. Filmy farming for serial suicides of farmers Non-Hindu Soni, Christian Sonia and Athiest Baalu with the support of modern Ravans Left parties hurt the faith of majority Hindus of this country through Ramdrohi affidavit and stepping towards ruining Ram Sethu. They crush Hinduism to think that Christiaity is Supreme. Is this racism lower than the racism comment of Noble prized James Watson? By Premendra AgrawalEnjoyed this post? Recommend it to others Please give your voice to sign at: Tags: Noble Prized James Watson Racist Congress American Roosevelt Churchill Euroindoasian Race Mahtama Gandhi Nehru Dynasty White Black People White Black People Less Intelligent Atom Bomb Japan India U N Shilpa; tag this   

PM Nukes Gita Gyan

October 27, 2007

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Oct 19, 2007 quoted Bhagwad Gita saying that he does his duty regardless of consequences.“(Bhagwad) Gita says that one must do his duty. I do whatever comes my way regardless of consequences,” Singh replied when asked about his image of being a reluctant politician.  Read National Dharm Granth Geeta: HCLaw Minister of Manmohan’s cabinet Govt says no. Then why PM quote Gita?Why Italian led Congress Government becomes mentally disturbed to hear the judgment of HC on Geeta? Valmiki vs ManmohanManmohan Singh sounded (Quoted) right Gita but keeping wrong meaning in his head means in his mind. So he can’t ahieve the goal to sound Gita.  Valmiki sounded ‘mara mara’ instead of ‘ram ram’ but he achieved his goal.…Valmiki was given this mantra “Ram,” but he was an ignorant man – uneducated, simple, innocent, childlike. He started repeating “Ram, Ram, Ram…” but he was repeating so much that he forgot completely and reversed the whole thing. Instead he was chanting “Mara, Mara…” He was chanting “Ram, Ram, Ram…” so fast that it became “Mara, Mara, Mara…” And he achieved the goal through “Mara, Mara, mara…”If you go on repeating the name fast inside, soon it will not be a word: it will become a sound, just meaningless. Meaning is with the mind, sound is with the body. Meaning is in the head, sound spreads all over the body.It means sound is not important. So Sound is not important. Importatne is the meaning which is in your mind. In this sense Manmohan is opposite to Valmiki. Arjun vs ManmohanArjun was confused in Mahabharat. Arjun understood his dharm to hear Gita Gyan from Krishna and took Gandiv in his hand to fight against adharm. PM Manmohan Singh is totally different to Arjun. He wrongly understood the Gita. He sounded Gita rightly but he kept its wrong meaning in his head. He is fighting by adharm against Dharm. This is totally opposite to the Arjun. Manmohan singh devalued PM Post opposite to ArjunPM Dr. Singh is still unable to understand the significance of his duty as PM and his status in the Indian society. He publicly says again and again that his boss is Sonia Gandhi. Every one knows that Sonia Gandhi is super pm, He devalued the PM post. He as PM lowered his position in the society for which he got to be a PM of India. He hammered the soul of the Constitution which gave him a highest postion in the government and in the society.  Fraud becomes intelligence in the present politics of India; such as Sonia is Super PM without accountability, though executing responsibility is the artificially cabinet of Manmohan. Vatican City can be said to be the governmental capital of the Catholic Church. 10 janpath can be said the government capital of the (Christian) Congress.Rented Fake Govt: They are not ruler elected by the majority of the people. Otherwise they can’t dare to file Ramdrohi affidavit in the Supreme Court. Their efforts to ruin the Ram Sethu can’t be called the pious fight for the people. They grab the power to ruin the faith of people.  Neither Sonia nor Manmohan can be ArjunIt is fact that he is not elected PM. He is PM appointed by Sonia Gandhi. He remains PM on her wish. So he is liable to Sonia Gandhi instead of the nation. Sonia Gandhi herself depends on others as we see in the Nuke Deal case the roll of Left parties. So they can’t comparte themselves to the Aujun.Affidavit: Can Demons nuke Ram – Ramayan  Sonia and PM responsible to their allies Instead of Parliament Manmohan Singh and his ‘yes madam’ belong to the opportunistic power grabber group. ‘Their duty is to fight for the good of themselves and their allies to remain in power by hook or Crook. They should be responsible towards the parliament. But they think that their dharm is to obey their allies instead of the parliament which represnts the nation. Alliance is their dharm instead of democracy.  UPA and Left beating parliament: Is a husband-beater in US presidential race as Britney? Arjun understood but PM unable to understand GitaArjun could understand to hear Gita that his duty was to protect the people from the unrighteous. Are people now more secure than the previous government? Maoist and Naxals are the armed wing of Left parties. Congress remains in power at J & K due to the support of terrorist supporter PDP. Congress depends on the vote of local supporters of the terrorists. He can’t overlook the wishes of ULFA or Naxal-Maoists. For vote it invites Bangladeshi infiltration.  Legal Bribery PM should hear Lord Krishna’s Gita Gyan as Arjun heard Lord Krishna says, “This is a God-sent opportunity to attain a position in heaven. If you turn away from this war, people will think that you are running away for fear of being killed. Those who held you in high esteem will start talking ill of you. Death would be more welcome than dishonor. Your enemies will heap insults on you. Can there be anything more painful? You had better get up and get going. If you get killed, you will go to heaven; if you win, you will enjoy this empire. You should look upon pleasure/pain, profit/loss, victory/defeat with the same attitude — the same balanced state of mind. Then you will never commit any sin.” In the third verse of the eighth chapter, Lord Krishna says, “Whatever work you do, the motive force behind those activities should not be the ego.” There cannot be any work without a motive. Every action feeds the ego. Ego then feeds the actions. This is a never-ending cycle.Here Lord Krishna is pointing out the fact that the life force or energynecessary for actions comes not from the ego, but from the Divine, which is beyond the domain of ego. If the activities are inspired and guided by the Divine, not by the ego, then the actions will not be binding.Lord Krishna says in Verse 48 of the chapter, “Abandon all attachment. Be deep-rooted in Yoga, which means be united with the Supreme Self. Now seek all inspiration from the Lord with whom you are closely knit. Try to do your duties in the framework of your social order and in tune with your own setup.” Samatva, or balanced state, is Yoga. Lord Krishna elaborates this point of Samatva in the next five verses.This kind of social action, without any self-interest is a simple way of training oneself in karma yoga. It is in fact the first thing that young people must learn. Identifying oneself with a cause, with a social purpose, one gets attracted by the charms and thrills of social service and the innate satisfaction it provides.  Such social service done as a dedication to society without the least self-interest, and in a totally detached attitude of self-effacement, such action is also yajna.  Geeta (Gita) makes you fearless: So read Geeta again and again to be fearless as suggested by High Court. Why did Sunita William take Gita with her?  Are Hindus themselves culprits and victims both? wants to ruin our culture? Who circulates Rupees coins with Christian Cross mark? Who wants to ruin Ram Sethu? Are you Hindu? Are you Indian? Does it mean tolerance of Hindus? Boycott such Hindus who feel shame to say “Garv se kaho ham Hindu hain”   By Premendra AgrawalEnjoyed this post? 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No Burning of Ravan in his birth place Bisrakh and Laxamn’s Lucknow

October 27, 2007

Take admission in the University of RavansAfter Congress, Left and DMK now UP government is stepping towards Ravan. This year there is no place to burn Ravan in Lucknow due to maya of mayanagari. Find news at: had cut nose of Surpankha in Nasik. Next target may be Nasik.Slowly and slowly this will happen in every place connected to Ramayan.  World praises Hindus for their tolerance! Hindus follow ‘Santoshi parma sukhi’. What happened in Nepal which was only Hindu nation in the world? Now Nepal Maoists start anti-Dalai Lama Campaign and India is silent on the blood ath of monks in Mynamyr.  May you take admission in the possible University of Sonia, Ambika, Karat, Karunanidhi, Chidamram and other Anti-Ram seculars, atheists? IIM Guru Lalu, MF Hussain, old comrades of JNU presently engazed in HRD Ministry will teach there.   Rakshashi Maya Finance Minister says that Bharat was never ‘Sone ki Chidiya’. Only Soni and Sonia are in his mind. Loyalist of Nehru Gandhi dynasty remember Indira’s vanar-sena and Gandhi’s three monkeys instead of Ram’s vanar-sena Will ‘Ram ki maya be banned to establish Rakshashi Maya?  Shifting of UPA’s capital at Bisrakh where Rawan was born Noida’s ‘Bisrakh’ village claims to be the birth-place of Ravan. He spent his childhood in this village that founded by his father Bisesvara. As reported before three months, the Greater Noida administration plans to speed up the demolition drive with additional police force while residents of 10 villages under Bisrakh Block.Karunanidhi, Karat and Sonia Gandhi are Anti-Ram. It means they follow Ravan. So what does mean the demolition drive at the birth place of Ravan? Will UPA shift its capital at its god Ravan’s birth place?   Who wants to teach Rome-ayan/ Marx-ayan/ Ravanayan? Who wants to teach Rome-ayan/ Marx-ayan/ Ravanayan instead of Ramayan? Who will burn Ram Sethu instead of Ravan’s effigy? Is acceptance of Ramdrohi Central and States Governments sin or Punya? Should Maoist Terrorist friendly represent India in UNO?  Congress burns soul culture and honor of India Instead of Ravan, Congress burns soul culture honor of IndiaIs filing affidavit in the Supreme Court only one sin of Italian led Congress?Affidavit: Can Demons nuke Ram – Ramayan  Bisrakh does not celebrate Dashahara (Dussehra ) means Vijayadashami Bisrakh near Greater Noida doesn’t celebrate Dussehra because Ravan was born in the village. Therefore the villagers have a very different story to tell. But these villagers are not Ramdrohis as UPA and Left. Instead of burning effigies of Ravan, the residents of Bisrakh worship Lord Shiva because Ravan was a follower of Shiva. Yagya’s are performed throughout navratras before a thousand year old Shivling in a temple in Bisrakh so that Ravan’s soul can rest in peace.   Ravan’s loss means loss of Anti-Rams Ravan may have wanted to die at the hands of Lord Ram according to the Ramayana.For the residents of Bisrakh Ravan’s loss is their loss. Like that most UPA and Left think that encouragement of Rambhakti means the demolition of their democratic dictatorial empire as Ravan had in Sri Lanka.  Do Soni, Sonia, Renuka worship Ram or Ravan? While the rest of the world believes that Ravan is the demon who kidnapped Sita, women in Bisrakh worship him. Do Women leaders and ministers of UPA and Left such as Sonia Gandhi, Ambika Soni, Renuka Chaudhary, Jayanti Natrajan, Margret Alwa, Brinda Karat and others worship Ravan or Ram? This can be known by their acts, policies and principles. What are their Ramdrohi acts?  Tears come in the eyes “Tears come in the eyes when I watch Ravan burning on vijaydashmi. He is like our son,” said a woma resident of Bisrakh. What flew from the eyes of demons to see the protest against Ramdrohi Affidavit and what flow when Ram Sethu would be saved from the hands of Ravan’s heirs?  Is Dashahara is joyous or sorrowful? “I don’t allow the kids to watch the Dussehra festivity,” Lalti Bai said. Like that UPA and Left leaders do their best to prevent their cadres to celebrate the Dashehara in the memory of victory of Ram on Ravan.  All are not Ravan worshipers in UPA and Left But the children of Bisrakh find it difficult to stay away from the excitement of the festival and have found out ways. Like that so many viewers belong to UPA and Left parties signed on the petition against the ruin of Ramsethu. They also singed to protest the Sonia’s representation of India in UNO on Oct 2. Many of them after that wanted to remove their email ids from my record of sending the articles.  Bhardwaj (Law Minister?) was the father-in-law of Ravan Bhardwaj which is the surname of Law Minister of India, was the father in law of Ravan. Who is behind the U turn of karunanidhi?  Is FM Kumbhakaran? Now Finance Minister came in the support of Ravan as reported on Oct 15. He said, “Centre firm on implementing Setu project,” He thinks that Indian history begins from Pt Nehru. Burns Glorious Past of India: FM Chidambaram  Rambhakts Congressees diverting towards Rmabhakt parties “We don’t have options but to sneak out to other villages,” some youths of Bisrakh said. Is there not shifting loyalty from UPA and Left heirs of Rava to Rambhakt parties?  Anti-Ram Left DMK and Nehru Gandhi dynasty On Sept 16, 2007 Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K. Karunanidhi re-opens the door of Anand Bhavan of fake secularism. Karunanidhi quoted from Jawaharlal Nehru’s book Discovery of India to assert that Lord Ram was merely a creation of the Aryans who wanted to dominate the Dravidians. Does it mean Nehru to Sonia belongs to Ravan dynasty? Ram Ram vs Nehru Gandhi Dynasty  If Ravan is then coming of Ram certain If Ravan is Karunanidhi as said by him then how can he deny the presence of Ram and Ram Sethu. Karunanidhi accepted the existence of Ram Sethu in TN Gazetteer of
1972. Then who is behind the U turn of Karunanidhi. I tried to explain
this in my article of Sept 21.
Anti-Ram sixers of Congress Left DMK  Dictionary of demons  “The discovery of a man-made shoal bridge in the Palk Strait between India and Sri Lanka is also significant,” the author says. Sri Lanka also has local traditions such as the cave at Ravana Ella falls where Ravana is believed to have hidden Sita from and the garden of Asoka trees where Ravana once kept Sita prisoner. There is a record in an early issue of the Bellary District Gazetteer of a Vanara tribe in the region, she says. From the Rigveda to myriad of folk narratives, the belief in demons prevails all over India, says Krishna, who is also Director of C.P.Ramaswami Institute of Indological Research, Chennai. “Male or female, human, animal, plant or simply a concept, demons play a pivotal role in the country’s mythical traditions” she says. The author thus tells about Gajamukha, the elephant-faced demon who was transformed into a mouse by Ganesha and then converted into his vehicle.
The book says the Sanskrit literature is full of powerful demons who play an important role in shaping events. Some like Ravana of Ramayana and Kamsa of the Mahabharata, are essential to the story. Without them, there would be no hero.

Even Kama, worshipped as Kamadeva, the god of love and desire, is sometimes demonized to represent an evil within that must be conquered by the worthy individual, the book says.

Many cities carry names of demon rulers. Arbuda is the original name of Mount Abu in Rajasthan and of the people who lived in that region. It is named after a serpent demon of the same name killed by Indra. The original name of Badami in Karnataka was Vatapi, named after its demon ruler while the present day Thanjavur is named after the demon Thanjan and Mysore after demon Mahisha. By Premendra AgrawalEnjoyed this post? Recommend it to others Please give your voice to sign at: Tags: Burning or Ravan-ayan Bisrakh Ravansena Left DMK burns soul culture honor of India UPA’ capital Anti Ram Soni Sonia Renuka Dushahara Dusshara Laxama’s Lucknow Bhardwaj Rakshashi Maya Dictionary of Demons University of Ravan Ella Ashok; tag this

Union Minister hires contract killer? Wife Womb Barati for Hire

October 27, 2007

Evil mind during Id: As media reorted on Oct 16: Union minister of state for human resources development Mr MAA Fatmi is in trouble. Police are probing his role “in a conspiracy to kill Mr Babloo Jaman alias Bobby Khan, deputy mayor of Darbhanga Municipal Corporation during Id, to create communal tension in Bihar”.  Lau walks with accused companions:Lalu cameopenly to save habitual criminals such as his party’s MP Shahabuddin. Gandhis are overloaded to wear the heavy weighted crown of many many feathers. One more crown of Shahabuddin a prisoner has been decorated in their crown by the Lalu of RJD. Former Gautam Goswami spent Rs 2 lakh on coffee and Rs 11 lakh on Mughali food in the name of working for flood relief operations. He was also beloved of Lalu Yadav.  Union Minister Mr Fatmi is close to railway minister Mr Lalu Prasad. Mr Fatmi’s alleged involvement came to light after six arrests were made on Sunday in Darbhanga, which the minister represents in the Lok Sabha. The detainees reportedly told police they had been hired by the Union minister to kill Mr Jaman.

The arrests were made after Mr Jaman lodged a complaint with the Lehariasarai police station. These men were charged with trying to kill the deputy mayor and a panchayat head in Darbhanga. Md Alam, one of the arrested with a long criminal past, told police he had been paid Rs 5 lakh to kill Mr Jaman.

“We are investigating the minister’s role in the murder conspiracy case and it is only after the confessional statements of the arrested are corroborated during police investigation that they will lodge a case against him (Mr Fatmi),” SP Darbhanga, Ms KS Anupam, said After reading aboe news I recall my past article titled:‘Poem: Rented Wife Rented Womb’  I recall the news published on June 18, 2006 which follows as: You might have heard of rent-a-womb, but who ever heard of rent-a-wife! Certain people, especially in tribal belts of Gujarat, have smelt an irresistible business opportunity in the skewed sex ratio in the state. If many tribal daughters are being sold in marriage, there are also reports of husbands agreeing to their wives staying with higher caste men, who are not able to find a wife in their own community, for a monthly rental. In Netrang taluka in Bharuch, police officials quote the recent instance of Atta Prajapati allowing his wife Laxmi to stay with a Patel in Mehsana for a monthly rental of Rs 8,000.   Wife for Hire Inc There is a Hardback book”Wife for Hire (TPB) published by Pan Mackmillan and written by Blacklock: Sam knew she was a model wife, a prize wife, the kind of wife men secretly wished they had. Spurred on by an eclectic bunch of girlfriends and her nutty sister Max, she finds the job she was born for: Wife for Hire. Sam handles the domestic affairs, and acts as a personal shopper and social coordinator for many satisfied customers. But when attractive American businessman, Hal Buchanan is added to her client list, Sam soon realizes she can organize many things in life, but not her emotions. We can turn the sex related news ‘Wife for hire’ in to the holy business or holy profession. Example for profession may be “Would you hire your wife as an office assistant?”  Barati on Rent Before some time I also news related to ‘Baratis’ on hire: Now some business firms provide on rent all varieties of members for wedding including for procession. The ostentatious nature of most north Indian weddings has enabled innovative entrepreneurs to make a fortune. Several event managers, tent wallahs, musicians, dress designers thrive during the marriages. Owners of this business say,” The bridegroom’s wedding party ought to have a sizeable number of members. This is a status symbol. Also, there are cases of elopement or parents refusing to participate in their child’s marriage. In that case, some body needs to play the part of the elders, friends and relatives. This is precisely the service offered by us.”  UPA Govt. Symbol of Fakes As I discussed UPA Govt. has become symbol of fakes. It devalued PM post by creating invisible Super PM post. There is a fake opposition in the shape of Left out side supporter of UPA. Cong-Left Honeymoon to Video Elephant Romance We have pseudo parliament as we see in the case of the same Indo US Nuke deal.  Powerless Parliament and Terrorist attack on Parliament By Premendra AgrawalEnjoyed this post? Recommend it to others Please give your voice to sign at: 

Rented Fake Govt

October 27, 2007

It is said that we have democracy and government of elected MPs. Is it true to see the example of nuke deal?Powerless Parliament and Terrorist attack on Parliament Govt said that it is committed for the benefit of common man means beneficial for the ‘aam aadami’. Are increases in the prices, suicides of farmers and security personals, more and more incidents of forceful conversion of tribals and poors, widening of bloody palm of terrorism, Naxal-Maoists, separators and infiltrators the sign of good governance? Why fake secular leaders and media making false propaganda to follow Goebbels. Gandhi vs. Hitler: Suicide with mistress of 36 hrs, video vs. Joint suicide of 58 yrs marriage Left becomes the illegal owner of the government as we see in Indo US Nuke Deal episode. Left gave its ownership to the Sonia Gandhi on rent. Sonia Gandhi appointed PM due to her foreign origin. So, present government is fake and on rent. This government is run by not only Italian origin but also foreign hands give the signal to this government. What is the need of PM to show his weakness or internal differences in Nuke deal to Bush?  (1) Secular Government fake Parliament opponent fakeJhoom Jhoom Nachu kaise, Toote naa Dil hamara kaise (2) Govt law can take onCounterfeit products fakeNow people must take onCounterfeit Gandhis fake   (3) Telgi-Throat’ in the prisonTheir political bofors gunMove freely not in prisonFake Stamp Count not fun (4) I hear loudly gun fire blastTha terrorist in police dressMaoist end a difficult taskAll vote bank of Congress (5) I saw a young female FakeAj Tak – Correspondent fakeYou can find Examinee fakeAll is on hire or on to be let (6) Yahan Har Kism Ke Barati Kiraye Par Milte Hain BaratiBeef up your party marriage All on hire welcome rentage (7) Made by God given by godNever for sale Indian wifeHow fine is to be husband?What beauty is to be wife? (8) Who brings Aids Night clubWho change wife barter sex?He enjoyed a sex with herSon enjoyes a sex with her! (9) May n’t be enough one wife?More wives may be neededWho finds golden egg wife?Who is on hire or on rented? (10) Young son wants to marryFinds a girl suits him niceFather says ‘no my son, noShe is right your sister nice’ (11) He says mother father saysMother laughs “Go son thereYour father is not your father’Imported rented womb here? Budhi ghodi lal lagam When I begin to count the numbers of MPs of Congress and Left and see the govt as ‘bhanumati ka pitara’ then suddenly my eyes stays on the news of today: This is an incident of Risali village of Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. There was a romantic circus of marriage completed on Oct.15, 2007 between groom of 65 and bride of 32. Bride’s cousins and groom’s grand sons and daughters accompanied in the marriage ceremony. This gave innovative romantic seen. Both sides are joyous to participate in this historical marriage. Groom Ram Krishna is a designer and bride Sumita is M.Com. After marriage she wants to open coaching institute.  This happened in Britain also. Jane Felix-Browne, a 51-year-old grandmother from Moulton, Cheshire, in northwest England and met 27-year-old Omar bin Laden.  Osama’s son became son-in-law of Britain: seeks to enter UK  Fraud becomes intelligence Fraud becomes intelligence in the present politics of India; such as Sonia is Super PM without accountability, though executing responsibility is the artificially cabinet of Manmohan. Vatican City can be said to be the governmental capital of the Catholic Church. 10 janpath can be said the government capital of the (Christian) Congress. Import of Vatican City-ism in India  Nothing wrong in Karunanidhi expressing his views: Congress does Congress hide the truth that nothing wrong in endorsing the statement of Karunanidhi by the chairperson of UPA?   By Premendra AgrawalEnjoyed this post? Recommend it to others Please give your voice to sign at:  Tags: Rented Fake Govt Left Budhi Ghodi Parliament US Nuke Goebbels Congress UPA Fraud becomes intelligence Ramdrohi Vatican Non Hindu Soni Sonia Gandhi DMK Christian jihad UPA Nuke PM Bush; tag this

Androids cyborgs are Marriage Partners after sex doll pet dog

October 17, 2007

Researcher David Levy argued: (1) Peoples affection and attraction towards other humans has now expanded to include pets and even robotic dogs. (2) He also claimed that attitudes to different sexual practices had become more liberal. These trends will eventually lead to humans loving sophisticated robots. Analysis of this is the second part of my previous article titled Robotic marriage by 2050: Gift to Sexy Eunuch Bachelor.    I will give later few news reportings related to this article. * Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Robot‘ set to roll in November* Sunita Williams and her beloved dog Gorby* ‘English cared more for their dogs’ breeding habits than their children’s’ * Tribal child ties nuptial knot with pet dog   Androids are perfect marriage material Levy argues that androids are the perfect marriage material. An android is a robot designed to resemble a human, usually both in appearance and behavior. androids have remained within the domain of science fiction, frequently in film and television. However, some humanoid robots now exist. The word droid, a robot in the Star Wars universe, is derived from this meaning.  Artificial emotional creature for human-machine interaction
Shibata, T.; Yoshida, M.; Yamato, J.
Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, 1997. apos;Computational Cybernetics and Simulationapos;., 1997 IEEE International Conference

Summary: There is pet robot has visual, auditory, and tactile sensors. This paper discusses the emergence of intelligence by non-verbal communication between human and robot through physical interaction  Humans and cyborgs Levy has been awarded a doctorate by Maastricht University for histhesis entitled ‘Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners,’ wherein he claims that humans and cyborgs will say ‘I Do’ to each other in the near” Trends in robotics and shifting attitudes on marriage are likely to result in sophisticated robots that will eventually be seen as suitable marriage partners,” A cyborg is a cybernetic organism as. an organism that is a self-regulating integration of artificial and natural systems. It is a bridge between mind and matter.   Mental commit human-robot interaction

Shibata, T.; Mitsui, T.; Wada, K.; Touda, A.; Kumasaka, T.; Tagami, K.; Tanie, K.
Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics, 2001. Proceedings. 2001 IEEE/ASME International Conference

The main goal of this research is to explore a new area in robotics, with an emphasis on human-robot interaction.  Different sexual practices Levy also claimed that attitudes to different sexual practices had become more liberal. Erotica, Pornography, Fantasy, Roleplaying, Sex toy, Erotic message, Outercourse, Cunnilingus, Fellatio sexual practices are discussed in the article in short. Beyond this others are Group sex, Bareback, Anal-oral contact, Masturbation, Oral, Oral stimulation of nipples, Intercourse or copulation, Anal sex, Intercrural sex, Sex positions and foreplay * Erotica— refers to works of art, including literature, photography, film, sculpture and painting that deal substantively with erotically stimulating or arousing descriptions. * Pornography or porn is, in its broadest state, the explicit representation of the human body or sexual activity with the goal of sexual arousal and/or sexual relief. It is similar to erotica, which is due to emergence of the VCR, the DVD, and the Internet, as well as the emergence of social attitudes more tolerant of sexual portrayals. * A sexual fantasy, also called an erotic fantasy, is a deliberate fantasy or pattern of thoughts with the goal of creating or enhancing sexual feelings; it is mental imagery that an individual considers erotic. * Sexual roleplaying is a sexual behavior between two or more people in which they take on erotic roles to carry out a sexual fantasy.* A sex toy * Erotic massage is the use of massage techniques for erotic. Widely practiced by couples as part of lovemaking.* Outercourse often considered a practice of safer sex as well as of birth control* Cunnilingus The clitoris is particularly noted for stimulation as it is the most sensitive part of the female genitalia.  Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Robot‘ set to roll in November As reported on 7 October 2007 – Shah Rukh Khan is set to start work on his next project Robot in November, following the release of Om Shanti Om on November 9. Robot is to be directed by Shankar who recently delivered the super hit Sivaji starring Rajnikant. Making Big B (Boss) the Great  Sunita’s dog Gorby Sunita cannot wait to meet her folks and her beloved dog Gorby, who she left in her parents’ care in Needham, Massachusetts. “She said she is dying to come back to see her husband, her Gorby (her dog) and us,” Deepak Pandya said, recalling the last conversation with his daughter on the weekend.Sunita William vs Sonia and her Pratibha  English cared more for their dogs’ breeding habits than their children’s’ As Princess Michael of Kent our madam is also Catholic Christian. Michael could not be heir of British throne due to the prevailing law at Britain, according to that a Catholic Christian can’t be heir of Protestant British throne. Princess Michael said that The English take the breeding of their horses and dogs more seriously than they do their children. So our madam selected Italian Catholic Christian lady’s son Vadra for her daughter Priyanka and grooming her son for PM, because our so called seculars are habitual to be ruled by foreign origins.29 Sep 2006-Carrier pigeons’ fly to President Kalam  Tribal child ties nuptial knot with pet dog  As reported on Feb 14, 2007 the event of Kendrapada (Orissa): The child, Ashirbad Gagarai, son of Sunaram Gagarai and Suryasikha, tied the knot with “Samina”, the pet dog of Siddhi Tau and Saraswati Tau of the village, dominated by the Santhal tribe.  The family members of Ashirbad promised to take care of the bride. The child had to be married to the dog as he had a tooth on his upper gum which, according to the Santhals, is considered a bad omen.  The tribals in the village maintained that the marriage would not hamper the child’s future as he could marry again in the later part of his life. All the rituals and rites were performed like a real marriage and the owners of the dog provided two old bags, five broken earthen pots and some earthen stones as dowry.  A community feast was also arranged on the occasion attended by the neighbours and close relatives of both the bridegroom and the owners of the dog  Love exeution on pillow and cushion “Would you ever want to have sex with a robot?” “It means, when Sony or whoever gives up building miniature dogs and gets around to making humans with genitals, would you ever want to sleep with one?” Have no one love his/her pillow in the dream? Some one may have an amazing line in pillow-talk. He supposed to say stuff like ‘I love you’, not ask me if I want to join a robot orgy.” Suppose he/she is sitting in the front of the channel. Can any one not jump to see the sexual romantic seen “An amazing line in cushion-talk,”These happening may cross the limit autometically, any one likes or not. By Premendra AgrawalEnjoyed this post? 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