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Christian Jehad of Congress aganist Ram

September 26, 2007

Sonia Gandhi in joyous mood to know the attack on Ram by DMK. In happy mood she has telephonic talked to Baallu,” “We will not be cowed down by threats and continue to work for the people.” Atonce there after press release of DMK says, “Everybody should fight untidily against communal forces,” who is more communal in India than Sonia, her Congress and her ally DMK Left? Can still media say that Sonia is innocent?

Is still doubt about the main conspirator behind the Ramdrohi Affidavit? Target Soni Sonia instead of pawn DMK:


Britons came India to celebrate 1857 as a victory of British rule


Who encourage Britons to celebrate British victory of 1857 in the land of independent Bharat? My dear friends this is the gift of Italian born leaders. Italian origin and born with Italian citizenship are not one and two only. There are many including Quattrocchi. Are we not slave to accept these types of gifts? I am happy to see the protest of thsee invaders, which is done by Muslims and Hindus unitedly. Can this move not be larger in the present atomospehere to follow 1857 first freedom fight?

News of today: BJP- Muslim clerics hum the same tune on Britons’ entry to Lucknow:


Why should Congress not see beyond Gandhi dynasty

 Kamal & Roti are the 1857 symbols. Now gandhigiri is videshi roti & rose of Nehru Jacket. Sawarkar’s IITian kin is spending life on road. Mughal begum, Lives in penury in a slum. Complete discussion in my article titled ‘1857 First War of Indian Independence Vs Gandhigiri’ at: Why videshi roti to import poisonous wheat? Who import of videshi bahus?


Is newly appointed general secretary of Congress still not with Italisan citizenship?


Britons attacked in India now the first freedom war

 We have celebrated the 150th anniversary of the first freedom war. Tarun Vijay rightly wrote in TOI: It’s a shame to see how the 1857 150th anniversary has been turned into a sham sarkari jholawala function devoid of any life and vibrancy. In fact in the whole melee Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty got more coverage than the revolutionaries whose martyrdom we were supposed to recollect and tell our children “look this is how we got our Independence”. I have mentioned this in my article titled ‘Tatya Tope Dynasty vs Nehru Gandhi Dynasty’ at:

After my article and due to the efforts of others government declared some help to the Tatya’s family.


Is Sonia’s today’s statement not Christian Jehad?

Secularism is a mask for Terrorist Govt. We have to overcome on terrorism of pseudo-secularism, which keeps rearing its ugly head. Leftists are not only atheists. They also include Madanis Maos Naxalites Christian Missionaries and Gandhis cult Hindus. This is a left supported theocratic government. 


* Are Sonia and its Govt secular to announce 3 days mourn on the death of previous Pope?

* Are Sonia and its Govt secular to give Padmashri to Glady Staines whose only job is to convert poor illiterate tribal of Orissa.

* Israel born Benny Hen could not heal Late Pope John Paul II when he was hospitalized in serious condition, but he organiazed healing touch function at Bangalore with the direct help of that time Congressee A-Dharm’s Andhra Govt to convert t-sunami affected people of south.

* Is Christian Cross in Coin of Rupee two to invite Christian War from Jerusalem to India?

* Just after sounding slogan for a while ‘Jai Shri ram’ on TV last week, now again to day Sonia Gandhi returned into her old Anti-Hinuism form. How can Christian fundametalist call Ram Bhakt fundamentalists? How can any one spread the salt on the green wound of Ram Bhakts, which is given by Ramdrohi affidavit, and Karunanidhi after that wth the support of other etheists left parties?

  Christian Jehad of Congress through Religious freedom:  

I discussed this in my previous article titled ‘Pope Bush via Religious freedom behind Ramdrohi Affidavit’


Jehad through Freedom of Expression


I have discussed this in my many articles. MF Hussain and Quattocchi are acting roll as ambassadors of UPA government abroad:

My latest article titled ‘Leftist Reward to MF Hussain: Is Dynastic Media Dynamic’

Can be read at:


Jehad of Scandals


Mr.Stott friend of Quattorocchi, both involved in Bofors.  Stott was in important post in AWD ltd and architect of Oil for Food scam for this company. India imported videshi roti  wheat through this company.


Qota Jehad

Caste and religious based quoat is a Christian Jehad to follow British policy ‘Divide and rul’. Even they want to divide dalits by this. Putramoh turns in Gaddi moh. Don’t force to sucide or to revolt. In more than 50 years of Congress rule we are backward. Then when will we be forward? Is reservation issue cricked match to make century?


Jehad against nationalism

“I am a proud Indian. India is a secular country. Muslims there are making lot of progress. Our President is a Muslim, Prime Minister a Sikh,’’ Feroze told the anchor when sought for a TV byte. Feroze Khan’s entry into Pak was banned. Was right hand of Sonia’s every chal Amika Soni protest on this issue? Was she not present in Pakistan at that time?


Constitutional Jehad

Sonia Gandhi’s renounces and Leftists attack on the constitutional authorities such as election commission and now on Kashyap who is well known constitutional experts, is a kind of constitutional terrorism.

Recently law Minisner Bhardwaj attacked High Court of Allhahabad to say that its orders on ‘Geeta is a national dharmik granth’ should be overlooked. Ram whose photo is in the front page of the Constitutions be attacked by Christian Sonia’s government through the Cultural Ministry head Non Hindu Ambika Soni and atheist Baalu to file the Ramdrohi affidavit in the Supeme Court.


Jehad of Minorityism

This is only to make Hindus in minority. Why Govt. is keen to declare ‘Jain’ as minority? DMK assures Quota for Christians and Musims in TN. In Andhra Christian did this and today receive notice of Supreme Copurt for this:


CM already tried for this. Mulayam is also ready for this. Religious counting of army heads, dividing police force and public in secular and non-secular and follows Sachar report are the attempt to encourage minoritism. Why the Union Minister without portfolio Antule is in the search of provinces where Hindus are in the minority?


Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord Krishna to fight Mahabharat again.

Oh Lord Krishna

Re-born Re-born again

to fight Mahabharat again

We can’t wait

Can’t wait no long

Hear my pray

Oh Lord krishna

See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain. You also be patient. Yes, many of us will then gladly say: Sin, falsehood, evil forces divide and rule adopters will be defeated

Rain comes to earth

Everything comes to life

Cruel Rulers be down

When people awake

After long nights sleep

flowers of colors awake

Greet democratic love

I you all people awake


By Premendra Agrawal


Please sign on the petition to save Ram Sethu and another petition to protest Italian Sonia’s representation of India in UNO: if due to server problem you find difficulty to visit at the following:

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Target Soni Sonia Congress instead of Pawn DMK

September 26, 2007

Open Letter to all those who have root in Indian Culture instead of Anglo-Italio-Culture  Don’t forget Culprits of Ram Drohi Affidavit!Don’t forget the deeds of Soni Sonia and their other political partners including PM!Don’t remember only Karuna-nidhi which is a treasury of sorrows  Left bear the stab of Nuke deal to avoid early election Congress wants to hide their sin of Ramdrohi affidavit under the cover of Karunanidhi.Leftist wants to get relief from their humiliation of defeat in Indo US Nuke deal. They are not in a position to see their defeat in the midterm election. So they can bear the stab of Nuke deal in their chest to avoid early election.   Is Lanka of DMK safe place for political demons? So Congress and Left parties take the shelter in the roof of Karunanidhi. Karunanidhi said in the past himself a Ravan. So demons think that Lanka of DMK is the safe place. They forget that there are Vibhishans also in the Srilanka. People should know who is behind the U trurn of Karunanidhi?  Ram is not the symbol of Regionalism.  

So movement against Ramdrohis should not be diverted or limited to a particular state. Indians with culture of Indian root should not divide themselves. Main conspirator of Anti-Ram move is Non-Hindu Ambika Soni and Christian Sonia Gandhi with the help of atheist Balu. They involve in this sin other atheists Leftists and captives of Nehru Gandhi dynasty.

 Don’t divert the issue towards only DMK. Karunanidhi being atheist and ally of Congress is playing in the hands of Christian Sonia and atheists Leftists. I have already said in my article that International Christian organizations and other Anti-India forces abroad are pushing India into the civil war.  Sonia will represent India in UNO through Anti-Ram move  Example of the Nepal is before us. It should be notable that 30% of the Maoists of Nepal are Christians. Their top leaders are Christians or half Christians. Sonia’s representation of India in the UNO on Oct 2 is through that political route. I have explained this in my previous article:  U turn of Congress Did DMK not enter in the forefront of this movement under a planned conspiracy of PMO and 10 Janpath?Ramdrohi affidavit came into the knowledge of the public. Congress led Government and Congress party became the Ramdrohis in the eyes of people. Atonce there after Sonia and Law Minister took U turn. They could not face the anger of public. Law Minister Bhardwaj and Sonia came to rescue. For a shortwhile Ram became god and ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogan’ secular for them. After that conspirators of PMO and 10 Janpath drew a plan to divert the movement towards South. Slowly and slowly Rambhakts and their organizations are coming in the grip of their conspiracy. Don’t let Congress and Left to divide India into South and North.   Go to Delhi….Delhi Chaloa………Delhi kooch…………. I pray to all Rambhakts and organization for targeting the main culprit. Don’t follow the policy of Sonia’s government. They tried to wash their hands by making scapegoats to the two officers of the cultural ministry. Like that tagetrting only DMK is not good.   Target Anti-Ram tanks of Delhi 

Link of culprits take strength from two Anti-Ram tanks of Delhi. Are they not hided in PMO and 10 Janpath? So there should be democratic routemarch towards Delhi……….Go to Delhi….Delhi Chaloa………Delhi kooch………….

  Know planned conspiracy of Congress and Left parties There is a planned conspiracy of Congress and Left parties to crush the tolerance of Hindus to please minorities. They follow the policy of George Bush of America. Bush invaded Iraq on the false ground to divide Shitti (Shia) and Sunnis. Like that Congress and Left parties want to divide the Hindu Muslims again in India. They follow the policy of British invaders ‘Divide and rule’. Who is happy to see the attack on the BJP HQ, Hindu Munnani office?Who is real source behind this attack in Delhi?We should discuss on this news. We should also discuss the today’s aticle of Vir Sanghvi of Hindustan Times:’s+sake  

By Premendra Agrawal


Please sign on the petition to save Ram Sethu and another petition to protest Italian Sonia’s representation of India in UNO: if due to server problem you find difficulty to visit at the following: Tag:Target Ramdrohi Affidavit culprit Soni Sonia PM Karunanidhi Indian culture Italian Left Nuke deal Election Lanka Political Demons Ravan DMK Congress Regionalism Ati Ram Tank Delhi UNO Oct 2 Nepal Maoist Delhi kooch U turn; tag this

Atal-Geetaswar: Who win coming battle of ballet?

September 26, 2007

Atalji on Sept 21 sends message to the BJP leaders attending the three days conclave at Bhopal. His message looks like a little Geetaswar Gutka means shortest presentation of Geeta in the present atmosphere. Atalji ended his message with a few lines from his poem in Hindi:


Ahuti baki hai;

Yagya adhoora hai;

Apnonke vighnon ne ghera hai;

Antim jai ka vajra banane;

Nav dadhichi haddiyaan galaayen!


* I am quoting here a short poem of renowned filmy personality Shekhar Kapur:



You coward!

stop moralizing your

your own sense of fear

stop crystalizing unknown,

imagined demons

into moral statements

listen to Krishna,

don’t waste his time

do not be afraid

of the chaos

of battle

there are so many of us

waiting for Krishna

to push us

over the





Who fear to hear the roar of Dushant’s Bharat?


I have quoted above for endorsing my following articles which I wrote since Sept 12, 3007 under following titles besides the latest two articles of 21 and 22. Few viewers of my articles are hurted to read word of ‘MahabharatIII’, Ram Ravan War and roaring of Dushyant’s Bharat.


Followers of Indian culture never feel fear to see the Bow in Ram’s hand and to hear preaching of Krishna, which is in Geeta. So all Indians should be fearless.


If Ravan is then coming of Ram certain


For throwing fear, people should know the culprits of Ramdrohi affidavits.

Karat and Bardhan of leftist parties came to save the skin of Karunanidhi of DMK

In the past Karunanidhi called him a Ravan.

If Ravan is he then how can he deny the presense of Ram and Ram Sethu.

Actually they represent the proverb “Vinash kale viprit buddhi’.

Other fake seculars’ trongues are paralyzed due to their fake secularism. Mulayam leads these confused forces.


Karunanidhi accepted the existence of Ram Sethu in TN Gazettier of 1972. Then who is behind the U turn of Karunanidhi. I tried to explain this in my artcle of Sept 21.


Since Sept 12, 2007 I have written following titles articles besides the latest two of today and yesterday’s:


(1) Mahabharat III: Coming of Ram Krishna to punish evil forces

(2) Six 6s of Yuvraj vs Anti-Ram sixers of Congress Left DMK

(3) Roar of the sons of Dushyant’s Bharat has power to paralyze the Anti-Hinduism

(4) Ram Ravan War: Ram vs Nehru Gandhi Dynasty

(5) Pope Bush via Religious freedom behind Ramdrohi Affidavit

(6) Qick March: About turn: Sonia’s Style: Ramdrohi Affidavit!

(7) Affidavit: Can Demons nuke Ram – Ramayan

(8) Cheer-haran of Bharatmata? Read National Dharm Granth Geeta: HC


All above articles may be found at:


Who can dare to block asking these questions?


Who brings the matchboxes from Shivakashi to fire in the hearts of ‘Ram Krishna devotees?


Who are in government? Who brings the matchboxes from Shivakashi? Who uses matchboxes to burn tolerance of Hinduism? Who gives fuel to the fire? Who can dare to block asking these questions? Silence is not the solution. Rambhakts should not be kangaroos to hide head in the sand.


In above mentioned number (7) article of dated Sept 13, I have written: “High Court says Geeta be national. Govt says No.The Supreme Court has permitted dismantling poisonous ship ‘Blue Lady’, as reported by media. Govt controlled by a lady, has filed affidavit in SC aiming to ruin Ram Sethu to declare that neither Ram went to Sri Lanka nor war happened between Ram and Ravan. Can Sonia dare to say this about the non-existence of Christ and Bible?


After that Left and Karunanidhi gave fuel to the fire which was the result of Ramdrohi Affidavit filed in the Supreme Court in the knowledge of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh..

  Little Geetaswar of Atalji 

Atalji ended his message as said at the top of this article, with a few lines from his poem in Hindi: Ahuti baki hai; yagya adhoora hai; apnonke vighnon ne ghera hai; antim jai ka vajra banane; nav dadhichi haddiyaan galaayen (The job is still incomplete; our own people have created hurdles; for the final victory, youth should come forward).

He earlier wrote: “There is instability and uncertainty at the Centre. The country’s military capability seems to be at stake. A dejected government at the Centre is attacking people’s sentiments. Under such circumstances, our responsibility has increased. People have hopes from us. We cannot neglect the hopes of the masses and have to fulfil them.”

Though the leadership issue was not to be discussed at the conclave, the message triggered speculation among BJP leaders that he had decided to pass on the baton to Mr Advani. 


In this article I am pleased to present the flowers (Nof of gandhigiri) of the Atalji’s poems to the viewers.


* Anuhuti ke swar

Mere prabhu!

Mujhe itani unchai kabhi mat dena

Gairon koa gale na laga sakun

Itani rukhai

Kabhi mat dena

  * Dusari anubhuti Geet nayaa gaata hoon 

Tute huye taron se fute vashanti swar

Patthar ki chhaati men ug aayaa nayaa ankur

Jhare sab pile paat

Koyal ki kuhuk raat

Prachi men arunim ki rekh deh paata hun

Git nayaa gaata hoon


Complete poem at:

  * Hiroshima ki peeda 

Kisi raat koa

Meri neeNd achaanak uchaT jaati hai,

AaNkh khul jaati hai,

MaiN sochne lagtaa huN ki

Jin vaigyaanikoN ne anu astroN kaa

Aavishkaar kiyaa thaa:

Ve hiroshimaa-naagaasaaki ke bheeshan narsanhaar ke samaachaar sunkar,

Raat ko soye kaise honge?….kyaa unhe ek kshan ke liye sahi,

Yeh anubhuti hui ki unke haathoN jo kuch huaa,

Acchaa nahi huaa?

Yadi hui, to vakt uNhe katghare meiN khaDaa nahi karegaa.

Kintu yadi nahi hui to itihaas unhe kabhi

Maaf nahi karegaa.


by A. B.Vajpayee (1995)

 English Translation: at:

The Pain of Hiroshima


* Jhuk nahin sakte


Toot sakate hain magar ham jhuk naheen sakate!

Satya kaa sangharsh sattaa se,

Nyaya ladataa nirankushtaa se,

Andhere ne di chunauti hai,

Kiran antim ast hoati hai!


Complete poem at:

  * Apane hi man se kuchh boalen 

Kya khoya kya paaya jag men,

Milte aur bichhudte mag men’

Mujhe Kisi se naheen shikayat,

Yadyapi chhala gayaa pag pag men,

Ek drishti beeti par daalen…, yaadon ki poatali tatoalen!


Complete poem at:

  * Pahli anubhuti Geet naheen gaataa hoon 

Be nakaab chehare hain

Daag bade gahare hain

Tootataa tilism Aaj sach se bhay khaata hoon


Complete poem at:

  * Doosari anubhooti Geet nayaa gaata hoon 

Toote huye taaroan se foote vashanti swar

Patthar ki chhaati men ug aayaa nayaa ankur

Jhare sab peele paat

Koayal ki kuhuk raat

Praachi men arunim ki rekh dekh paata hoon

Geet nayaa gaata hoon


Complete poem at:

  *  Ek Baras Beet gayaa 

Jhulsataa jeth maans

Shard chaandani udaas

Siski bharate saavan kaa

Antarghat reet gayaa

Ek baras beet gayaa


Complete poem at:


Paudhe naheen ugate,

Naa hi ghaas hi jamti hai!

Jamti hai sirf barf,

joa kafan, ki tarah safed aur

maut ki tarah thandi hoati hai!

Kheltee khil khilaati nadee,

Jiskaa roop dhaaran kar,

Apane bhaagya par boond boond roati hai!


Complete poem at:

 Mere prabhu!Mujhe italni unchai kabhi mat denaGairon koa gale na laga sakoonItani rukhaiKabhi mat dena 

By Premendra Agrawal


Please sign on the petition to save Ram Sethu and another petition to protest Italian Sonia’s representation of India in UNO: if due to server problem you find difficulty to visit at the following: 


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Who is behind the U turn of karunanidhi?

September 26, 2007

Karunanidhi accepted the existence of Ram Sethu in TN Gazettier of 1972. The details are in this article. Then whose instruction U turn is taken by Karunanidhi on Ram Sethu?

Sonia Gandhi says ‘shut down’ to those ministers and leaders who criticsize the Cultural Ministry’s Ramdroh and in my dictionary it is greater to ‘Rashtrdroh. Bhardwaj was the father in law of Ravan. So Law Minister might take U turn. Jairam Ramesh now wants to understand that Ram is in his name. So now perhaps he wanted to wash his hands of sin by asking resignation of Soni- a. R K Dhavan begins from R, so he doesn’t want to bear any curse. This is the ‘raj (Secrecy)’ of the silence of other leaders also. They are still confused, in which side they have to go: Ram or Ravan.

  Closed locks on the fake secular mouths  

Then on whose leadership, demons are dancing? Who has given free hand for attacking Ram and Ram Sethu? Why were closed locks on the mouth of all Anti-Hindu fake secularists’ organizations? Remind the timing and the incidence of opening these the past. When Sonia and her spoons begin to open their mouth against the tolerant

  Ambika Soni shadow of Sonia to shake hand atheist Balu 

On Christian Sonia’s advice Non Hindu Ambika Soni shadow of Sonia to shake hand with atheist Balu of DMK, says that Ramdrohi affidavit is an official mistake. Still she has no regret for that. Why do this official mistake not with other religions? Are tolerant Hindus only for the sacrifice as sheep goat? Brahman father in law of Ravan now says he is follower of Ram and Ram is his god. It is good if he remains always on his wordsin the secret meeting with Sonia also. On TV Sonia sounds ‘Jai Shri Ram’. Now Ram and Jai Shri Ram are not communal. Even child knows that only Sonia and Gandhi dynasty is the responsible for all crimes against Hindustan. Still a portion of media says she is innocent and gives advance congrtulation or certificate to her, even for becoming next PM in poll surveys.

  Ramdroh is not execuable by ‘Rambhakts 

Crime against Ram is bigger than Rashtradroh. This can’t be execused people of this nation on the basis of resignation. Gandhi has done such mistake at the time of partition of India. The leader of any religion or any party of India should not repeat this mistake. If some thing takes U turn, don’t think that that is victory. There is a chain of crimes against the nation by power greedies in the leadership of Gandhi dynasty since a long time.

  Ravan raj or Ram raj or Rome raj 

PM regretful over attack on Selvi’s house but not a word for attack on RAM!

Karunanidhi grateful to Dr Singh and enquired about his health!!

Great example of give and take ‘thanks’!

Congress deplores attack on Selvi’s house but O.K. for the insult of Ram!

Not a single so-called secular leader of any community comes forward against Ramdrohis.

May this be in Ravan raj or Ram raj or Rome raj? It is sure that this may not happen in Ram-rajya as dreamed by Mahatma Gandhi.  Politics of prvocaion 

Ram is an imaginaray character: UPA’s ally DMK chief

Who is this Ram? From which engineering college he graduated?”- Karunanidhi

‘Ram was drunkard’: CM of TN

  Is beginning of Indian culture from Nehru Gandhi dynasty? 

These are small crimes. So we are a nation of coward unable to raise a finger on the slagughters buchers of Indian culture. If the start of Indian culture is Nehru Gandhi dynasty then some may say that there should be end also of ‘swayam bhu (self made shell)’.

  Karunanidhi accepted the existence of ‘Ram Sethu in TN Gazettier of 1972 

There is a gazettier of 1972 in which introductory script was written by then CM of TN Karunanidhi. In that gazettier he accepted the existence of Ram Sethu. This is published in Asian Age and Hindi edition of ‘Naidunia’. Then why did he dare to take U turn now? Why are these types of incidents coming after the Ramdrohi affidavit? Is this not conspiracy of 10 Janpath? Now Rajkumar Rahul give call of unity to the elder Congress leaders. He and PM does’t say any word on the issue.


Speaking to THE Asian Age, Hindu Jagarana Vedike state convenor Jagadish Karanth and Vishwa Hindu Parishad state secretary Keshav Hegde have claimed that way back in 1972, Mr Karunanidhi had endorsed the existence of Ram Sethu.


As explalined Mr. Karath:

“In his foreword written to the Ramanathapuram district gazetteer on June 14, 1972, Mr Karunanidhi — in his capacity as the chief minister — had stated that this (gazetteer) would give authentic and interesting details of the many places and happenings that would highlight the importance of the district. This is going to help policymakers and public to ascertain reliable information.”


* Sethu Paalam is also known as Adam’s Bridge. It invokes Islamic traditions. Adam, banished from the Garden of Eden, walked on this bridge to reach Sri Lanka. This is referred to as Nala Sethu and as Tiruvanai (sacred dam) in Tamil and also referred as Ram Sethu. There is also another name, Adi Sethu.”


* About the bridge, the gazetteer says, “This bridge is 110 miles southeast of Madurai, 43 miles along the same direction from Ramanathapuram. This bridge is composed of sand and stone. The western edge of this bridge links with Rameswaram and the eastern end links with the island of Mannar, thereby linking India and Sri Lanka. This is called Ramar Paalam because this bridge was built under the leadership of Hanuman and with the participation of the vanar sena (kuranguppadai) and facilitated the crossing by Ram. Up to 1480, this bridge had served as a land link to Sri Lanka. Thereafter, a severe cyclone created fissures and altered the dimensions of the bridge.”

  Why Mahabharat III 

Who attack Lanka if there would not be Seeta-haran?

Why Mahabhart I, if there would be no Draupadi Cheer-haran?

Why there will be Mahabharat III as Mahabharat II in the leadership of JP against the Emergency of Indira Gandhi.

Who are repeating the above events now in India”

Why is cheer-haran of Bharatmata in the Bharat bhumi?

Is this bhumi of Italians American Chinses Russian or now remains of Pakistanis after the partition? Why are seeds of two-nation theory sowing again by Congress as it did in ther end of British rule in India? Communism has been wiped out allover the world. Still left worship its name instead of Ram Nam.

Cheer-haran: nation theory: Art of Sept 3, 06 at:  Are we as a naion coward? 

Is this not the result of tolerance of of Hinduism? Does this not show that we are as a nation coward? All are worry for the votes of minorities. No one care for the vote bank of the majority. Parliamentarians think that if we will go against the Ramdrohis then thew may loose the minority’s votes.. Cowardly lion of the US Movie.:


They know that Hindus have now no honor for their glorious ancient identity. Their ministers call to burn the glorious past of the nation.

  Captive patriot repeats torr…torr… 

Congressee leaders torr..torr…is only ‘Nehru Gandhi Sonia maino Rahul baba. Nothing else they know after the accident of Independence of 1947. They forgot glorious past of India. ‘They recall and force to remind their slavey period events of then and now only. They are binded with the pole of foreign affiliated Indian-less western Anglo-Italio culture.


By Premendra Agrawal


Please sign on the petition to save Ram Sethu and another petition to protest Italian Sonia’s representation of India in UNO: if due to server problem you find difficulty to visit at the following:


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Mahabharat III: Coming of Ram Krishna to punish evil forces

September 26, 2007

Yuvraj Singh got six sixers against England. Who will get winning sixers in the coming election againt the ‘Ravan and Rome Sena? UPA is going to down! All are in hurry! Will Soni Sonia Balu Bhalu Monkey eldest Jatayu all not want to touch the feet of god?


How can Rams keep his feet on the Bharat Bhumi? How can Bhalu Jatayu Monkey be active without Ravan and Surpankha? Who can write Mahabharat if there will never be Duryodhans? Mahabharat III is certain:


Keeping Democratic Gandiv down is not dharm. Hear and follow Geeta, which is our national Dharm Granth as said by Allahabad HC. Recall few days back, which are the evil forces to deny this fact.


Supreme Court’s decesion on Hindutva


We became outsider in our country. Hinduism and Hindutva of our nationalism as defined by the Supreme Court are being dishonored to honor Western Italian culture. Now there is no shame to be Ramdrohi.  

Give message from earth to sky: ‘Victory of dharm is certain’


Whatever happened, it happened for good.
Whatever is happening is happening for good.
Whatever that will happen, it will be for good.
What have you lost for which you cry?
What did you bring with you, which you have lost?

  You all are Bharat, sons of Dushyants.Roar of the sons of Dushyant’s Bharat has power to paralyze the Anti-Hinduism: 

How can you be coward lion?


I guess I got the chance today: Yuvraj Singh

 “You know I was hit for five sixes by Dimitri in the sixth ODI (at Oval). The number of phone calls I got after that. … So I said ‘God, this is not fair. You got to give me a chance’ and I guess I got the chance today,” Yuvraj said  

Be prepared for Lok Sabha polls, says Advani


With issues like the Indo-US nuclear deal and the Ram Setu hotting up, senior BJP leader L K Advani forsees a “radical political change” and early general elections.


Change is Life (Parivartan hi jivan hai)


Theory of nature is ‘Parivartan’. Without change there is no life. I am writing this in the night, does it mean sunshine not come? Ganga Yamuna and underground Sarswati flow always to give pure water to their children. This was the reason I published ‘Badhate Chalen’ students Hindi ‘Weekly in 1960 from Delhi in my nineteen. . Printing was done in the OK press at ‘Turkmangate. That was the residence of most attractive Eunuches. I have heard Mahabharat in my childhood. At that time in the night ‘Mahabharat’ katha were organised in the residential colonies. I heard about Brihanlala. I thought what would be if they became Brihannala.


Eagles sokes blood of people


I began to think. Why do these euruches not become the brihannalas to win the Mahabharat whenever would be figh between dharm and adharm?


Now I see everywhere Kanyakumari to Kashmir dance of demons to ruin Hinduism and Hindutva. I see Indianless fake secularist eagles of the present government are soaking the blood of people. Every field of the society and nation is captutured by the evil forces and India of 100 crores become parrots in the captivity.


Democratic Mahabharat


These captives are not different than the Eunuches. But I am making a blunder mistake to think like that. People of my nation can’t remain in captivity for forever. Ther will be democratic Mahabharat soon. Brihanalas will take Gandivs in their hands.


I read an editorial of T.V.R. Shenoy in the Tribune’s old edition. ‘URVASHI shaapam upkaaram’’ runs a Sanskrit proverb — ‘‘Urvashi’s curse is actually a blessing.’’ The Mahabharata says the gods manoeuvred the nymph Urvashi into trying to seduce Arjuna. He refused firmly, pointing out that she was his ancestress. Urvashi wasn’t used to such rebuffs. “If you are so unmanly that you spurn me”, she cursed him, “may you become a woman in body as in mind.”


Indra consoled the distraught Arjuna. “Everything that comes from heaven shall prove beneficial in the long run,” the king of the gods said, ‘‘you shall indeed become a woman but it shall be only for one year and at a time when you so choose.”
A few years later the Pandavas were forced to live in disguise for 12 months (one of the conditions imposed upon them by the Kauravas after the famous game of dice). Arjuna then invoked Urvashi’s curse to pass himself off as a dance teacher called Brihannala.


Now Mahabharat is takig shape again in the democracy of our country, which has been wounded by the Indianless evil forces. There may be the repeatation of Ramayan now.


Arjuna (Bruhannala)

 King of Virat and most of his army were fighting with Trigartas in the battlefield at that time. Uttar, the young prince, was the only man left who could fight back but he was too afraid. He tried to avoid it by saying that his charioteer was nomore. How possibly could he go to warfront without a charioteer?   Arjuna heard this and promptly offered his services. He asked Sairandhri to convey his readiness to prince via Uttara, Uttar’s sister. Uttar headed for fight with Brihannala (Arjun) as his charioteer. When Uttar saw mighty warriors of Kauravas in the battlefield, he was frightened and decided to run away. Arjun stopped him mid-way and alleviated his fears. Arjuna proposed that he would fight and asked Uttar to take his place as a charioteer while he does the fighting. Uttar agreed.  Arjuna (Bruhannala) took his chariot close to the tree where Pandavas had hide their weapons during incognito. He asked Uttar to bring down weapons. Uttar was surprised to find Pandavas weapons on that tree. Uttar insisted Brihannala upon revealing his identity. The time of incognito was over so Brihannala identified himself as great archer, Arjuna. He also revealed identity of other Pandavas; Kanka as Yudhisthir, Ballav as Bhim, head of cowherd as Sahadev and overseer of King’s horses as Nakul.  For Uttar, the revelation was startling. He wanted to verify Bruhannala’s claims so he questioned about other names by which Arjuna was known. Brihannala narrated his ten names: Arjuna, Falgun, Jishnu, Kirit, Shwetavahan, Bibhatsu, Vijay, Krishna, Savyasachi and Dhananjay. Uttar then requested Arjuna to reveal how he became impotent Brihannala. Arjuna narrated his story. Uttar was satisfied with Arjun’s reply. He apologized Arjuna for his misconduct due to his ignorance. 

Arjuna headed towards the battlefield with Uttar as his charioteer. Arjun’s outer appearance was totally changed as he removed his old dress and wore protective gears befitting a warrior. We Indians (if not Italian, American and other invaders) know what happened later.

  What says Geeta? 

Yada yada hi dharmasya
glanir bhavati bharata
abhyutthanam adharmasya
tadatmanam srjamy aham


yada–whenever; yada–wherever; hi–certainly; dharmasya–of religion; glanih–discrepancies; bhavati–manifested, becomes; bharata–O descendant of Bharata; abhyutthanam–predominance; adharmasya–of irreligion; tada–at that time; atmanam–self; srjami–manifest; aham–I.

 TranslationWhenever and wherever there is a decline in religious practice, O descendant of Bharata, and a predominant rise of irreligion–at that time I descend Myself. 

This is what the Lord Himself gave his word in the Bhagvat Geeta. The Lord did not ever fail to keep His words down the ages. From His heavenly abode at the Vaikuntha, He incarnated down to the earth to protect His devotees. Just like ‘the waves in an ocean,’ Lord Vishnu, the Supreme Soul and the sustainer, appeared down to the earth in different, different forms, one after another.

 By Premendra Agrawal Please sign on the petition to save Ram Sethu and another petition to protest Italian Sonia’s representation of India in UNO: if due to server problem you find difficulty to visit at the following: Tags; Democratic Mahabharat III Coming of Ram Soni Sonia Balu Bhalu Monkey Evil force Granth H C Dharm Adharm Supreme Court Hindutva Bharat Yuvraj Advani Lok Sabha Poll Arjun Brihannala euruch Parrot Captive Geeta; tag this

Six 6s of Yuvraj vs Anti-Ram sixers of Congress Left DMK

September 20, 2007

Yuvraj Singh hits six sixers in an over for first time in Twenty20 aaist England Opposite to this (420-420) UPA and Left government hits sixers against Bhagwan Ram! What we are…? Timesnow published an interview with Karunanidhi:Dhanya: RSS and BJP are saying that your statements have incited violence.Karuananidhi: Is there proof in history about the existence of Ram? Is there proof that he ever studied in an engineering college?Is this not attack of a CM on Ram of Ramayan and our Constitution under a conspiracy creating violence? Dhanya: Have your statements been blown out of proportion?Karuananidhi: Yes, the issue has been blown out of proportion. This is a conspiracy to stall the Sethu Samundram project.  Does it mean Sethusamudram Project be honored to ruin Ram sethu and to dishonor Ramayan and the Constitution? Anti-Ram Sethu DMK in Fire, Signal to Congress:  

Ramdrohi Affidavit

Cultural Ministry is under the Non-Hindu Ambika Soni-a. Dramatic roll of Atheists Left and DMK after Ramdrohi affidavit in Supreme Court is a sign of a palnned conspiracy to ruin Hinduism of co-existance and tolerance. Are Christian Missonaris and Islamic jehadis tolerant to convert others? Would they honor ever in the past co-existansive peaceful life for the believers of other religions also? 

Attack on Ram to spread violence

If not ‘Ram Nam’ in the poisonous mouths of fake secularists then why Sachar-nama, Marx-nama, Italy-nama and US-nama are? Why does Karunanidhi remind us Anti-Ram statement of Nehru instead of Gandhi of ‘He Ram?  

Whose effigies want to burn Ravan-raj?

UPA and Left forget their dharm. They have only Hindu Hindi Hindustani names to deceive the people. I saw bow in the hands of Anti-Hindu Sonia Gandhi at the Ram Lila ground. Why is this drama? Due to the black deeds of this Indianless government instead of effigies of Ravan, effigies of Ram will be burnt in their Ravan Raj.   

Who wish to bear the arrows of Ram in their chests?

 How many times – how long – how much time – how many years India wants to be slave of foreigners’ hands? America burnt bodies of Hiroshima to drop atom bomb. Congress burns India ’s soul, culture and honor. Is filing affidavit in the Supreme Court only one sin of Italian led Congress? People want peace to forget attack on the karsevaks in Gohdra and tragedy of Gujarat riot. But UPA and Left remind these again and again. They flow their tears every year in the parliament on Dec 6, instead of black Fridays of 93’ Mumbai blast. Now Karunanidhi became irresponsible in his old age: Times now reported to give heading “Karunanidhi lashes out at Ram Sevaks”.    

On whose direction ASI becomes ISI?

 No doubt Sonia becomes able with the help of darbaris to make fool every one. Events and facts show that there is a conspiracy in the leadership of Sonia Gandhi. Please let me know who is great friend of Sonia bigger than Ambika Soni-a? Ambika Soni-a followed the renounce trick of Sonia Gandhi to refuse ministerial post in 2004 and became the incharge 10 Janpath’s inner circle. She is the right hand of every ‘chal’ of Sonia Gandhi. She became cultural minister when 10 Janpath took decision to ruin Ram Sethu. ‘Chupke chupke’ Ramdrohi Affidavit was filed in Supreme Court on the instruction of Sonia Gandhi by the ministry of Soni-a via ASI. Conspiray is executed by plan. When conspiracy came in the public domain then seculary drama played by the actors of Italywood to save their skin.  See the fair act of Sonia Gandhi after that. One minister Jairam Ramesh desired the resignation of Soni- a. After that R K Dhawan also wished. Sonia Gandhi has humiliated them publicly instead of Ambika Soni- a. What shows this?  Sonia Gandhi rules India without accountability.  She keeps herself always in politically bullet proof. Her guns are always on the shoulders of others. I recall such shoulders: in Bofors on Quattrocchi, in War room leak on Abhishek Verma the son of congress MP, in Food for Oil scam on Natwar Singh. Three days mourn on the death of Pop John Paul II, Padmshri to Glady Staines, political safety wall around Quattrocchi and MF Hussain are few renounces of her to honor Italian made present Congress Culture. Import of Vatican City-ism in India:  

Is sovereignty of India safe in the hands of Sonia?

 Still some may think that she is the symbol of the safety and sovereignty of India. There are two slogans want to touch the height of Himalyas to shake hand with Maoists of Nepal. Via this political height there will be entrance of Anti-Gandhian Sonia Gandhi in UNO on Oct 2. . (1) US Indo Nuke Deal to overlook the majority of Parliamentarian and Scientist. Powerless parliament: (2) Whole hearted wish to ruin the Ram Sethu to show that they cal slap on the majority Hindus. God made universe: God made Universe: Monkeys made Ram Setu: Gate and lock were opened on the order of Rajiv Gandhi. He inaugrate his campaign from Ayodhya at that time to please Hindus after pleasing Muslims tp diown the Supreme Court order in Shabano Case. But lame is still on BJP and Hindu organiations.



Ravan and his sister main villain in the Ramayan

 Ravana is depicted in art with up to ten heads, signifying his knowledge of Vedas and Shastras. His ten heads earned him the names “Dashamukha” , “Dashagriva” and “Dashakantha” . Ravana was partly Daitya, and partly Brahmin. Ravana had six brothers:Kuberam, Vibhishana, Khara, Dushana, Ahiravan,  Ravan had two sisters: Kumbhini – wife of the demon Madhu, King of Mathura. Surpanakha – the evil sister of Ravana. She was the ultimate root of the kidnapping of Sita Devi. She was the one who instigated her brothers to wage a war against Rama.  In the above description we can judge that two charters are main due to that War between Ram and Ravan happened. These are Ravan and Surpankha. Are these two with other demons reborn again to kidnap the Sitas and to distuub devotion of saints towards the God? 

Why Cheer-haran of Bharatmata? Why can the Finance Minister give the call to burn the glorious past of India? There are such so many questions. People want the answers of those. Sonia Gandhi said shut up, on the issue of the resignation of Ambika Soni- a. I write Soni as Soni- a due to this reason. Both are shadow of each other. How many days? Nazama Hidayatullah was also in this position in one time. Is Natwar Still less blind follower of Sonia Gandhi? He publicly gave the secrecy of Congress that without the knowledge of Sonia Gandhi not a single leaves move. See art of Aug 14, 06 titled ‘After Riot Finger Rose On…’ at:  By Premendra Agrawal Please sign on the petition to save Ram Sethu and another petition to protest Italian Sonia’s representation of India in UNO: if due to server problem you find difficulty to visit at the following: Tags: Six soxers 6s Anti Ram Ravan raj Surpankha Congress Left DMK Karunanidhi Sonia Sovereignty accountability UPA Timesnow RSS BJP Affidavit Violence Sethusamudram ASI ISI Nuke Cheer-haran Ramayan Newsanalysisindia; tasg this

Roar to paralyze the Anti-Hinduism

September 20, 2007

The roar of Dushyant’s Bharat has the power to paralyze the Anti-Hinduism forces those hear their sound, proved by the research in the science..   Beware of the roar: Warning to Anti-Hindu forces Researchers may have found the key to the intimidating and paralyzing affect that a tiger’s roar has on animals, including humans. “When a tiger roars – the sound will rattle and paralyze you,” says von Muggenthaler.  “Although untested, we suspect that this is caused by the low frequencies and loudness of the sound.”  When the researchers played back a tape of recorded tiger sounds including audible and infrasounds, the tigers appeared to react to these sounds. Sometimes they would roar and leap towards the speakers and sometimes sneak away.  Wake up Lions, Heirs of Dushyant’s Bharat The youth of Bharat is not in a coma. If he is able to attempt to communicate, but lack the ability to convey the words, it is not coma. Lions of India, children of Bharat are not in coma. King Bharat, son of Dushyant and Shakuntala was ended the dynasty system and that was the beginning – Bharat’s Democracy? Oh! Awake, Lions awake again!  Even our Paper tigers are roaring Yes! Yes we are the paper tigers! We are awakening sleeping lions of Bharat! We are awakening the youths of Bharat, sons of Dushyant. Without this little piece of paper your life is with junk as the life of a TB patient. Thousands begin to think due to the one drop of ink. So we have not only one supreme granth as others have. We have Ramayan, Mahabharat, Geeta, Ved and so many and all are supreme.  United Hindu Who are eunuchs? We may be brehamlatas for some time not for forever! Who are Statues? You may be Ahalyas! Ram is coming to burn the lanka of Anti-Hinduism! Krishna is coming to crush the Adharm!  Where is another Ram Sethu? Shankaracharya Jayendra Sarswati said to rediff on Jul 18, 2003 Show me another janambhoomi and we will go there” Now every child who read hear about Ram Sethu, asks “ Show me where is another Ram Sethu?” Ram Sethu is still, Greek and Roman came and disappeared:  Where will go ‘He Ram’ of Mahatma Gandhi?  Even illeterate villager asks if Ram is myth then is government going to seize Ramayan of every home? Do you not know Sonia Gandhi of anti Gandhism is going to represent India in UNO on Oct 2?  May UPA and Left Govt be sunk beneath the Ram Sethu?  If, they dare to ruin the Ram Sethu then why these evil forces should not be sunk in the sea? Some suggest one medicine for all diseases: ‘Na rahega bans, na bajegi bansuri’. Should Anti-Ram Governent be sunk in the sea as the Ganesh statue? These are the talk of walk as Shekhar Gupta’s ‘walk and talk’  Will Ayodhya Rameshwaram be buried Is Nehru Gandhi dynasty only truth of India? Will Ayodhya, Remeshwaram and Srilanka be buried below the earth? Such thousand questions are disturbing the people.   Who can take away Ram from the hearts Who can take away Ram from the hearts of crores and crores? Why they have not fear of Hanuman? Hindus are tolerant. Why do they not follow Hanuman? Now Lanka of 10 heads has come in 10 …………. Hindus never attack other religions. Then why they are being attacked, Ramdrohi affidavit is filed in the Supreme Court, Ram Sethu is going to be ruined, and their religious faith is hammered?  People in street are not big guns! Common people of the street are not Big B of Nishabd and Shilpa of Big Brothers. They are not big gun of political drama. They are not giants of media. They are unable to understand the Anti-India International Conspiracy due to their struggle for ‘Roti, Kapda aur makan’. Leaders in Government want to remain in power and opposition wants tlo capture the power. In this process people become football for the gaming of ruling and opposition  Does it mean people are fool and irresponsible?  Answer is in yes and no both.  One one one 11111111 vote makes GovtIn the democracy not a single person should be called fool or irresponsible because he ha the might of vote. One one one 11111111 vote makes Govt. I recall the incident of myself. I could be able to take degree of LL.B in 1967 by the one mercy mark of the Vice Chancellor.   One vote gives the birth to demon and devta both So in the democracy one vote gives the birth to demon and devta both. Married couple can give birth to the child but they can’t say about the gender of the child. Like that voter is unable to know about the future deeds of his leader.   Voters are forefathers of the Leaders So voters are fathers and forefather both of the leaders. If their leaders serve the people as devtas then voters are called intelligent and responsible. Otherwise they are called foolish and irresponsible.   Birth of Athiest and god worshiper  Generally it is said that voters and leaders are gods for each other. This is the stage where atheists and godly-ism take birth. Marx, Mao and Stalin are the fathers and forefathers of the Left parties.    Dramatic dialogue of Renounces “Sir, Sonia Gandhi is our PM!”
“She is your PM, Mr. Natwar.”
“S-s-s-h-h-h Mr. Putin, don’t let anyone hear you; she will lose all that she has gained with her sacrifice of PM post.”
“She is not prime minister?”
“No. Mr. Putin”
“Then why are you touching her feet?”
“Because of her sacrifice.”
“I truly do not understand. In Russia we are happy when our man becomes President or PM.”
“I, Dr. Singh and other colleagues are white haired eldest experienced congressmen of India. All we touch her feet.”
“I know, I know, for that PM of India Dr. Manmohan Singh came airport to see off Sonia Gandhi.”
“Dr. Singh obeyed always her instructions, Mr. Putin.”
“What does he want to take her instructions?”
“Who will be his cabinet minister, where will be the president rule etc. etc.
After getting her instructions: Padmashree was given to Glady Staines, CM of Karnatak Adhrarm climbed on the stage of Benny Hin whose wife is the friend of our beloved Soniaji. Because of her instruction three days morn were declared in India on the death of Pope John Paul II. Conversion of Hindus is going on in India smoothly. Population of Hindus and Sikhs declines continuously. Christians have taken over Congress Party.”
“I do not understand. Mr. Natwar”
“What Mr. Putin?”
“Why you came here with Sonia?”
” I came here to assist her. She is inexperienced.”
“Mr. Natwar, actually she has not made any sacrifice! Our KGB knows all about Sonia Gandhi”
After above hearsay, I recall the drama of renounces.See my article of June 20, 2005: “Learn from Sonia how to renounce power!”   By Premendra Agrawal Please sign on the petition to save Ram Sethu and another petition to protest Italian Sonia’s representation of India in UNO: if due to server problem you find difficulty to visit at the following:  Tags: Wake up lions Sons Dushyant’s Bharat Anti-Hindu Paper Tiger Roar United Hindu Ram Sethu He Ram Mahatma Gandhi Sonia Italian UPA Left Govt Demon Devta Athiest God Renounce; tag this

Ram Ravan War: Ram vs Nehru Gandhi Dynasty

September 20, 2007

On Sept 16, 2007 Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K. Karunanidhi re-open the door of Anand Bhavan of fake secularism. Karunanidhi quoted from Jawaharlal Nehru’s book Discovery of India to assert that Lord Ram was merely a creation of the Aryans who wanted to dominate the Dravidians. “Since Rama himself is fiction, Rama Setu was also not constructed by him,” he said on Saturday. Is Karunanidhi Hindi Hindu name or not?   Anand Bhavan  Anand Bhavan is a large mansion located in Allahabad, India. Established by Indian political leader Motilal Nehru in the 19th century, it has served as the ancestral home of the Nehru-Gandhi Family —Today it has been converted into a memorial and museum.  Swaraj Bhavan

Situated next to Anand Bhawan, Swaraj Bhavan was donated to the Nation by Moti Lal Nehru to be used as the headquarters of the Congress Committee. Late Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi was born here. Did dream of ‘Swaraj’ in the leadership of Italian origin and Italian born Sonia Gandhi see in this bhawan? Is this sense of Lokmanya Tilak’s slogan “ Swaraj mera janm sidh adhikar hai (Sef Rule is our birth right}”? See article of Aug 27, 2006 at:  10 Janpath After some time Congressee ‘Swaraj’ became ‘Swaraj’ of emergency in 10 Janpath.10 Janpath in Delhi is presently since Indira Gandhi times the address of the official residence of the President of Indian National Congress party (INC).A place of tightened security, the house became synonmous with the centre of power when the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had concentrated all her powers. Media reports of any decision taken by her used to mention “10 Janpath”, indirectly referring to Indira Gandhi.  Does Congress led UPA follow Gandhism of Mahatma Gandhi or Anti Hindu theory of Pt Nehru? Karunanidhi of DMK quoted Nehru to forget Mahatma Gandhi. Except BJP and Shivsena, other oppossion parties have sealed their mouths. Why? Why?  What did Nehuru’s Foreign Secretary say about Nehru? J N Dixit who served under Nehru as foreign secretary wrote in his article: “As the ideologue of the Indian Constitution and the Indian polity, Nehru’s contributions cannot be denied. It is his implementation of the doctrine of secularism and his approach to harmonizing the diversities of India, which seem flawed in retrospect. The basic reasoning of secularism which he put forward was valid — that a plural, multi-religious, civil society like that of India’s could remain harmonious and united only if it is underpinned by religious tolerance and separation of religion from politics. The flaw, however, was that he did not underline the fact that the secular ethos of Indian society was rooted in two factors. That Hindus constituted the majority of the people of the country and that Hindu ethos at the profoundest intellectual and spiritual levels believed deeply in religious tolerance and respect for other religions.If the majority of people in India were not Hindus, India would not have been a secular country. Instead of emphasising this, Nehru put the Hindu majority somewhat on the defensive, predicating Indian secularism on certification by the minorities, that the majority is secular. This resulted in a certain defensiveness and self-conscious denial of their religious and cultural identity by the Hindu community, which has perhaps made secularism a surface phenomenon in India’s socio-political processes,” 

Rome raj vs Ram raj

 Instead of following Nehru Gandhi dynasty we should reject the “foreign” influences of Islam, Christianity, capitalism and socialism, and aspires to restore Rama Rajya, a golden age of Hindu civilization when the Hindu god Rama ruled. Followers of Marx and Nehru Gandhi dynasty want Rome raj instead of Ram raj as said by Mahatma Gandhi. So Sonia’s representation of India in UNO on Oct 2, is a slap on Gandhism of Mahatma. See art of July 2, 2006 titled ‘Impostor leader’ at: affidavit and Fanance Minister Chidamberams call to burn the books related to the glorious past of India. I warned Congress and DMK both in my article of May 09, 2007 titled ‘Anti Ram Sethu DMK in Fire, Singnal to Congress’:  

What is going on in Hindustan?

 Nero sings while fire ravaged Rome, July 18, 64 AD: Anti Hinduism leaders in the leadership of Congress sing in 21 st century to fire Hinduism in Hindustan . Effort to destroy Ram Sethu is the latest example.  

Openong the gate of Ram-Lala and Ramdrohi Affidavit

 Lock and gate of Ram-Lala was opened on the order of Rajiv Gandhi. Who die politics on Ram? Non Hindu Ambika Soni-a is lthe bodyguard of ‘Rajniti ki Chal’ for Christian Sonia Gandhi. On her order Ramdrohi affideavit was filed in the Supreme Court aiming to ruin the Ram Sethu. Who are doing politics on Ram? Anti-Ram and Non Hindu media hide the truth to blame the Hindu organizations as they do time to time. Is this journalism?  AntiHindu Media I write this then some want clarificaton from me. Why do they not ask clarification of their Anti-Hindu writings from such media? Why Hindu websites were blocked on false ground? Is giving facts against Nehru Gandhi dynasty not Rashtra dharm? Is Ramdrohi Affidavit and saving the culprits of that should be called Rashtra dharm? I have no personal enmity towards any individual of the media. If I will get contradiction of that with facts then I accept the same wholeheartedly and publicze the same. I am always with this stand. But how I may absorb Gobells of Hitlers?  Freedom of Lying: Article of May 8, 06 at:   

“Pseudo secularism”

 Pseudo secularism” — their catchall term for Congress politicians who claim to be blind to religion but play to Muslim sentiments. Nehru, Gandhi and Congress still have a legion of defenders, but the tide is not with them on Ram Sethu issue as before that on Ram Janm Bhumi issue  

‘Divide and Rule’

 Hindus should unite themselves to abolish divisions of caste, sect and language, which made Hindu society weak, and an easy victim of foreign, especially Muslim, domination. There should be a sense of nationalism in every Hindu. Congress works only to divide Hindus since independence. Do examples of State formation on the basis of languages and now marking of Muslim majority states and cities, ereligious based head counting in every field to follow Sachzr Committee report, not sufficient for opeing the blind eyes? Why 10 Janpath darbari Arjun Singh and Christian CM of Andhra sponsored religious and caste based quota?  

Ram-Shiv bhakt South

 DMK is not only South. What does say jayalalitha on Ram Sethu? How Devgowda becomes Dev?When N. T. Rama Rao speaks to a political rally, many people hear the voice of the Hindu god Krishna or Vishnu or Rama. That’s because Mr. Rama Rao, who was returned to power also in Sept 1984 as Chief Minister of a southern Indian state, used to play deities when he was a film star. Anti Ram- aRao forces loyal to Nehru Gandhi dynasty conceded defeat and reinstated him as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Rama Rao’s former cinematic persona seemed to figure in the accolade.   By Premendra Agrawal Please sign on the petition to save Ram Sethu and another petition to protest Italian Sonia’s representation of India in UNO: if due to server problem you find difficulty to visit at the following: Tags: Ram Ravan War Nehru Gandhi Dynasty Kraunanidhi Tilak Swaraj Anand Bhavan 10 Janpath Mahatma Gandhi Ramraj Sonia Rome Raj Oct 2 Ramdrohi affidavit Ramjanmbhumi Ram sethu Media Imposter Hindustan Fake Pseudo Secularism Fire in DMK; tag this 

Pope Bush via Religious freedom behind Ramdrohi Affidavit

September 17, 2007

Pope Bush via Religious freedom behind Ramdrohi Affidavit

Slaves of various part of the world were auctioned in daylight in crowded squares of cities of America and other white dominated countries. This slavery auction is still continuing in different shapes.

Sonia’s representation of India means slap on Gandhi

Why religious dictator Pope sent ‘Fatwa’ to India?
Why Nucleary dictator US warned BJP led sates after praising UPA on Sept 16, 2007?

Timing shows that Bush and Pope are behind the Ramdrohi Affidavit, Submitted by the Govt on the direction of Sonia Gandhi. Just after the receiving of fatwa of Pope, Pratibha Patil former governer of Rajasthan sent back the Anti-Forceful Conversion Bill passed in the assembly of Rajasthan.
Mrs. Gandhi said at that time, “The Congress Party has opposed this strongly in the assembly and through demonstrations.”

These types of simulaneously events are not sudden. Indians should give proper reply to the evil forces. They should awake. Time is running.

International conspiracy of Bush and Pope with Sonia against India is behind all these. They want to convert India in the leadership of Sonia Gandhi. Athiests DMK and CPM are with Bush and Pope in this conspiracy.

Presently India is under the control of the Evil Spirit. The Evil Spirit is Like the Evil Magic Ring Where One Thought determines if one becomes a God or a Ghost. Have Moles worked, so adamant for Nuke Deal?

The Lord of the Ring’ movies

Who is the ‘Lord of the Ring’ in India? ‘The Lord of the Ring’ Trilogy has won a large number of Oscar awards.

‘The Lord of the Ring’ movies are about a prophecy that has a high degree of realism. In fact the Middle Earth depicted in the movies is a realistic portrayal of the Middle Kingdom in the real world. The evil specter of the Congress operates like the evil magic ring to follow devil-ism: Bush-ism, Taleban-ism and Mao-Marxism. Three evils are white but India is in the grip of their black shadow (black magic):

Jehad in the name of Christ and religious freedom

If they call the jehad of Osama bin Laden, Taliban and ISI Isamic bloody jehad, then why shulld forceful conversion of poor and tribal by Vatian City sponsored Christian Missionaries not be called fraudulent non-violent jehad. Sonia will reprsent this type of jehad to give wrong ugly message about the Mahatma Gandhi. Is it not crime equal to Ramdroh-Rashtradroh?

India’s ancient tradition of co-existance and secularism is under threat of Christian Missionaries’ Non-Violent-Vatican terrorism and bloody Jehadi terrorism. Sonia will reprsent India in UNO on Oct 2 as a symbol of this type of ugly shaped gandhigiri.

Religion Not the Crying Need of India

Please find the concluding address of Swami Vivekanand given on Sept 20, 1893 in US:

Should human beings live in cages to dream of reaching in heaven?
Christinity of Sonia Gandhi and Bush says only Chirst showed the way to heaven.

How Sonia and Bush are religious and cultural blood soaked

Now there is no solid work from the any corner of the world on the realization of their dignity and sovereignty. Two jehadis one in the name of Christ and other in the name of Islam want to convert each other and the whole world.

Even just published self-defeated letters of Teresa are unable to make successful operation of the blind eyes of these criminals of democracy, humanity and religious sovereignty. Whole earth is in the net of these cruel blood and peace soaked demons.

Now they want to make blot on the moon and other planets. Heads of these Rahus are moving around the world due to the nuclear drinking capabilities of the five fingers of the bloody palm. Opposite to the characters of Mahabharat now these Tandvas (Not pandav) are the symbol of Adharm.

Why Cheer-haran of Bharatmata

US would invade Pakistan if the need arises:

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards and Obama said they would invade Pakistan to eradicate terror cells if there were actionable intelligence and the US-ally refuses to act.

Bush invaded Iraq and now warn to Iran and others. US, is right or wrong, this is not the issue. What is the use of UNO, if US is only dictatorial authority of the world? In India this authority is in the hands of the members of Nehru Gandhi dynasty. What is the diffrence between the slavery in the past and present?

Religious freedom and Ramdrohi Affidavit

Annual US report of 2007 cites high religious freedom in Taiwan. Every one knows Taiwan is a slave child of America. All religions lived in peaceful co-existence in India: in UPA rule except BJP led Chhattisgarh, MP and Gujarat.
Timing is set by the joint mechanism of Sonia’ Govt and Bush on the direction of Pope. As in the past Pope issued fatwa on Raj Govt.

This is the definition of religious freedom as terror on war sounded by US time to ime in different languages sutiable to their interests. This is the direct proof of Bush and Pope involvement in the Ramdrohi Affidavit through the so-called amassador of Pope Sonia Gandhi in India.

Question here arises again, who is the ‘Lord of the Ring’ in India?

Divide and Rule policy is always succeded in India. I wonder to read the opposition of RSS by few Sikh organizations to say that they have no relation to Ram.

This is being said when even Hurriyat support the cause of Ram Sethu. I have heard the statement of Hurriyat leader praising Ram with ref to the history of Islam in the saharasamay channel but not find the same in its Internet edition.

Every one wants liberty to be captive in the hands of foreigners’ hands instead of living as a united family by keeping their indivial identity.
Foreigners’ hands may be time-to-time Italian, American or Chinese.
Dadagiri and Gandhigiri become Joint mechanism.

More details can be found in my latest two articles titled:
(a) Qick March: About turn: Sonia’s Style: Ramdrohi Affidavit!
(b) Affidavit: Can Demons nuke Ram – Ramayan
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Will there be samudramanthan again

Beneath their veneer of sorcery, scary effects and fancifully named characters, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” and the upcoming “The Lord of the Rings” have moviegoers excited because they are tales about morality and choosing between “good” and “evil,” say two Duke University scholars. We find the victory of good truth and dharm on the evil falsehood and Adharm in our pious great granths Ramayan and Mahabharat.

Natwar Singh was mistaken to wear the evil ring of the wishes of his ‘yes madam’. Still he says that he is the blind follower of her.

Be all, end all

At the end of this article we should learn from the end of the story of the ‘Lord of the Rings’. A small but brave hobbit named Frodo (Elijah Wood) has to chuck an all-powerful Ring into the fires of Mount Doom then peg it to safety in order to save the world. The End.

Chuck de India

Chak De India is now here! In this film Shahrukh Khan plays the role of the coach of national hockey team, who takes his team in to World Cup.

Magician of hockey vs Italian Sonia

Please recall Dyan Chand “magician of hockey” who was praised by Hitler of Germany at that time. Please find difference between that event and the present event in lwhich Sonia is trying to make slave to Indian culture to be an ambessador of Bush and Pope.

America as drinker of blood

America has had a struggle, both internal and external, have used a special and specific rhetoric time to time. Human Rights, Religious Freedom, democracy and song of peace are the weapons of America to drink the blood of whole world.

By Premendra Agrawal

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Simon Go Back: Warning bell for Italywood: Ramdrohi Affidavit!

September 15, 2007

Horse race in racecourse, the races between the runners in Olympic and festival of camels and elephants are the events. I read somewhere donkey ass-race is also organized frequently. I can’t hear about the race of political Asses. I can enjoy Urdu ‘Shairi’ but panic to hear the poetry of liars of highest standard! Super PM to Law Minister becomes innocent on the Ramdroh! Wonder is that, liars of ministerial level are competing against each other in the unpatriotic unethical undemocratic unconstitutional episode of Ramdrohi Affidavit filed in the Supreme Court.  Articles related to above facts: Freedom of Lying: Article of May 8, 06 at: Race: Hasan Ali of Rs 350 million in Swiss: Dung on wall? How did cow climb? donkey and the Republican elephant:  Ancestors of Shri Ram vs Ancestors of foreigners  Indian history has recorded that Shri Ram belonged to Surya Vansh and he was the 64th ruler of this dynasty.  The names and other relevant particulars of previous 63 kings are listed in ‘Ayodhya Ka Itihas’ written about eighty years back by Rai Bahadur Sita Ram. Professor Subhash Kak of Lousiana University (USA), in his book “The Astronomical Code of the Rgveda” has also listed 63 ancestors of Shri Ram who ruled over Ayodhya. The ancestors of Shri Ram have been traced out as under: – Shri Ram, S/o King Dashratha, S/o King Aja, S/o King Raghu, S/o. Dirghabahu, S/o King Dilipa-II, S/o. King Visvasaha  and so on —— (all listed) —– King Sagar (40th Ruler) ——— Satyavadi Harish Chandra (32nd King)————–  Wakeup lions, heirs of Dushyant Bharat  Where are lions, the sons of Dushyant Bharat and where is gandhigir to fight  Dengu. Should there be Ramraj or Romeraj as in the past Britishraj? ‘Simon Go Back’ was right than how can Italians go back can be communal undemocratic and illegal? We want clarification from the trustees of Nehru Gandhi dynasty. Related articles of above facts: Wake up Lions, heirs of Dushyant: to fight Dengue: Art of Oct 5, 06:  Seat of goddess Ganga vs Seat of Corruption Gangotri, the source of the river Ganges and seat of the goddess Ganga, is one of the four sites in the Char Dham pilgrimage circuit. The origin of the holy river is at Gaumukh, which is an 18 km trek from Gangotri. Now there is a great river of corruption flowing frequently. Source of this river is highest peak of the Govt which has entered in every walk of life Siachin to Sethusamudram canal project. Is Qattrocchi not gift of Sonia to India?  Where is the gangotri of corruption? Gangotri can be reached in one day’s travel from Rishikesh, Haridwar or Dehradun, or in two days from Yamunotri, the first site in the Char Dham circuit. I have no knowledge of trignametory. So with in which time and how can be caught the gangotri of corruption, I can’t explain. But I have found the details of Nasa’s software, which has calculated the Ram-Ravan war of Ramayan. Are Non Hindu Ambika Soni-a  nd Anti-Hindu Balu (Why Kangaru’s head in desert sand) of DMK not behind the Ramdrohi Affidavit?Anti-Ram Sethu DMK in Fire, Signal to Congress:  Who want to burn the glorious past of India? I can’t say about the Congress high command. A British Hume gave birth to the Congress, which is still in the leadership of Italian hands. But we Indians are the products of one of the oldest civilizations. We developed an inferiority complex, which adversely affected our quest to unearth facts relating to our glorious past. This is the reason Finance Minister blind follower of Marx and Sonia Gandhi can give call to burn the glorious past of India. In my personal private dictionary these words are unpatriotic.  Dating the Era of Lord Ram Maharishi Valmiki in the Ramayan, first narrated the story of Shri Ram’s life.  Sh. Pushkar Bhatnagar of Indian Revenue Service had acquired from USA the software named ‘Planetarium Gold’ (of Fogware Publishing) which is used to predict the solar/lunar eclipses and distance and location of other planets from earth by the scientists and astronomers.  He entered the relevant details about the planetary positions  vis-à-vis zodiac constellations narrated by Maharishi Valmiki and obtained very interesting and convincing results, which almost determine the important dates starting from the birth of Shri Ram to the date of his coming back to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. Sh.Pushkar Bhatnagar has given very authentic and convincing details of these dates in his book titled ‘Dating the Era of Lord Ram’ published by Rupa & Co., some extracts from which are being summarised in the succeeding paras.  Thus Shri Ram was born on 10th January in 5114 BC (i.e. 7117 years back)  And as per Indian calendar it was the 9th day of Shukla Paksha in ‘Chaitra’ month and the time was around 12 to 1 noontime.  This is exactly the time and date when Ram Navmi is celebrated all over India till date.  No need for certification of male and female demons Who want foreign coach? Who want foreign leadership? Who want false degrees of abroad? Who are the blind followers of these invaders? Are sons of Dushyant’s Bharat not sufficient democratic force for the end of Romeraj, which is a symbol of Anti-Ramraj? From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Bengal to Gujarat, everywhere people believe in the reality of Shri Ram’s existence, particularly in the tribal areas of Himachal, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and the North East.  Most of the festivals celebrated in these tribal areas revolve around the events in the life of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna.God made Universe: Monkeys made Ram Setu:  Who converts the ancestors of Shabri  Now this is clear that Teresa was self-defeated preacher of Christ. She could never feel the existence of Christ in her heart as per her letters published now. Converted  Hindus and the Muslims due to the efforts of Teresa should now come back in their original religion? This can be called ‘Gharvapsi’ as if the Italians or the origin of other countries go back their countries be called ‘Welcome back home’. Self-Defeated: Mother Teresa Rajneesh Gandhi  Cross-marked Rupee Coin 3 days morn, padmshri to Glady staines and Cross marked Rupee Coins: Who instructed for 3 days morn on the death of Late Pope? Would this be done on the death of Hindu or any other religious leaders? Is Padmshri Galdystaines not converting tribal of Orissa?  Rambhakt in foreign land and Ramdrohi in Bharatbhumi! Why Valmiki was, perhaps, the first great astronomer and that his study of planetary configurations has stood the test of time. Even the latest computer software corroborated his astronomical calculations, proving that he did not commit any error. Shabari is stated to be belonging to Bheel tribe and the army of Shri Ram, which succeeded in defeating Ravana was also formed by various tribal from Central and South India. Facts, events and other relevant details relating to the life of Shri Ram are the common heritage of all the Indians.  ‘Jai Shri Ram’ now not communal?  We hear about Mumbaikars’ Bollywood, Lallywood of Pakistan and Hollywood of US. Now some one is talking about Italywood. Shameful fraudulent drama is going on at TV channels. Ramdrohis give slogan ‘Jaishree Ram’ now. Prior to this slogan was communal.  Who can dare to file defamation case against Rambhakts? Now the atmosphere is Ram-may. This should be continuing. Placing facts in public domain is our national duty? Who should dare to file the case against the Ramdrohis? By Premendra Agrawal Please sign on the petition to save Ram Sethu and another petition to protest Italian Sonia’s representation of India in UNO: Tags: Simon Ramdrohi Affidavit Dushyant Bharat Jai Shri Ram  born Goddess Ganga Gangotri Corruption Glorious Past of India Bolly Holly Italywood Rambhakt Shabri Demon Cross Mark Coin Rambhakt; tag this