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CIA on Romantic Nehru: Womanhood in Prsidential Election

June 30, 2007


Pt Nehru’s youngest sister Krishna Nehru Hutheesing said that Pt Nehru was westerned cultured little dictator. She said, “It was Gandhi who once jokingly said, ‘When Jawahar talks in his sleep, he speaks in English.’ The CIA documents paint Nehru as a naïve and romantic statesman who trusted the Chinese which turned into Indo-China War . Photo of Lady Mountbetton and Nehru lighting cigarettes of each other tells the truth.



Pt Nehru vs Netaji Subhash

In my school life I saw a poster hanging on the wall of my class with a quote of Netaji Subhas Bose: “Instead of cigarette, I want to see pistol in the hands of the students” There are contiuious arguments that Nehru has some involvement in the death of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. If Netaji was alive Nehru couldn’t be Prime minister of India.


When Jawahar talks in his sleep, he speaks in English: Mahatma Gandhi

“How un-Indian the greatest Indian leader and first Prime Minister is,” reflects his sister, telling of his upbringing amid a wealthy family that sent to England for its clothes (Nehru wore European suits until his micros); of Nehru’s longstanding passion for chocolate cake, pies and ice-cream sundaes; and of his continuing preference for English friends (like Lord and Lady Mountbatten). “It was Gandhi who once jokingly said, ‘When Jawahar talks in his sleep, he speaks in English.’

Rahul Gandhi wears ‘kurta pajama’ in the day time but in the night he goes to sleep with modern night dress.


Edwina Mountbatten affairs with Pt Nehru

Lady Mountbatten reportedly had affairs with Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and American actor-singer Paul Robeson. A lot of attention is paid passim to Nehru’s affair with Edwina Mount- batten, resulting in the fact that ” Nehru’s daughter Indira hated her A nd both Mountbatten daughters have candidly acknowledged that their mother had a fiery temperament and was not always supportive of her husband when jealousy of his high profile overbore a sense of their having common cause. Mountbatten himself carried on affairs with lovers of both sexes and that he was widely known in the military as “Mountbottom.


“While her husband, appointed the last viceroy of India , hammered out the terms of India ‘s independence and partition, she experienced a passionate union of souls with Nehru, the great unfulfilled love of her life. Morgan ( Agatha Christie ) had unique access to the hundreds of letters Edwina and Nehru wrote to each other until her death in 1960.” Written in the book ‘ Edwina Mountbatten: A Life of Her Own’


Congress wants to bow on the feet of their president instead of bow and kiss the motherland Bharatmata. Both Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi were underground on the occasion of ‘Vandemataram day.

“Laughing low and sweet
Mother, I kiss thy feet,
Speaker sweet and low!
Mother, to thee I bow.” Bankim


Nehru’s romance with Kashmir  

As the media report of Feb 11, 2007 a special and rare exhibition photos’ Pt Nehru was held on in the Jammu University ‘s campus. The exhibit is titled ‘Nehru in Kashmir’ and is based on the works of Veteran photographer Sati SahniThere is also a rare photo of Pt Nehru with his friend Lady Edwina Mountbatten in March 1949, at Chashmashahi Guest House as he is explaining the breathtaking beauty of Dal Lake from a vantage position.


“Nehru: A Tryst with Destiny”

I recall a review of the book “Nehru: A Tryst with Destiny”of Stanley Wolpert which said:details Nehru’s personal life, including the early death of his wife and his long affair with Edwina Mountbatten, the wife of the last British viceroy of India . There are the love letters between Nehru and Lady Edwina Mountbatten, and other private papers “still locked away by foolish heirs and self-appointed guardians.” Still, he convincingly goes beneath Nehru’s exalted image to reveal some pesky demons.


Mahatma Gandhi was not an active participant in the Partition

Mahatma Gandhi was not an active participant in the partition of India according to the “Lord Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy” (1986) (mini)TV-Series. Pt Nehru and Jinnah were the main architect of dividing the India on the basis of ‘Two nation Theory’ which was been buried by Indira Gandhi with the independese of Bangladesh and now we can see the fight between Siitis (Shia) and Sunnia in Iraq and other laces.


CIA on Romantic Pt Nehru

CIA documents on the India-China border dispute that were declassified on June 28, 2007 offer insights on how the US intelligence agency viewed the former Soviet Union and China in the darkest days of the Cold War.


Caesar-Polo-Esau papers

One set of documents called the Caesar-Polo-Esau papers deal extensively with the communist regimes in the former Soviet Union and China , and the American reading of their policies. Suicidal slogna of “Hindi Chini bhai bhai” is still going on by the unholu alliance of Communists and Congress.

In the three chapters dealing with the India-China border spat, CIA analysts suggest that Beijing and its then premier Zhou en Lai (the old spellings Peiping and Chou are used in the paper) consistently fooled Nehru and India through procrastination and dissembling.


The CIA documents paint Nehru as a naïve and romantic statesman who trusted the Chinese. They claim the Indian leader kept disagreements on the border issue out of the public domain to maintain his relationship with Chou.


Here it is noteable that Nehru also remarked on Americans like that. Nehru still “admires Britain more than any other nation,” Mrs. Hutheesing reports, and respects and admires some Americans. But Nehru thinks Americans are generally “a very rich, childish and naive people, still in their infancy so far as diplomacy go.”


The Chinese plan to dupe Nehru had actually been in operation right through the 1950s, the CIA says. ‘In New Delhi in November-December 1956, Chou sought to create the impression with Nehru that Beijing would accept the McMahon line, but again his language was equivocal, and what he conceded with his left hand, he retrieved with his right.’

Such was Nehru’s trust of China and Zhou (Chau), the CIA says, that he dismissed a letter from then Burmese premier Ba Swe, warning him to be cautious in dealing with Zhou. Nehru declared Zhou to be an honourable man.


Not Casear but little dictator Nehru

Anonymous Confession: Mrs. Hutheesing quotes revealingly from an article Nehru wrote anonymously about himself in 1937. Disguising himself in the third person, Nehru wrote: “… Jawahar, with all their capacity for great and good work, are unsafe in a democracy.

He calls himself a democrat and a socialist and no doubt he does so in all earnestness, but every psychologist knows that the mind is, ultimately, slave to the heart . . . A little twist and Nehru might turn dictator, sweeping aside the paraphernalia of a slow-moving democracy . . . Jawahar has all the makings of a dictator in him—vast popularity, a strong will, ability, hardness, an intolerance of others and a certain contempt for the weak and the inefficient . . . In this revolutionary epoch, Caesarism is always at the door. Is it not possible that Jawahar might fancy himself as a Caesar?”


Mrs Hutheesing is convinced that power “has not corrupted Jawahar,” but “has had the effect of perhaps coarsening him to some extent. He was always inclined to be a little dictatorial . . . but nowadays he brooks no criticism and will not even suffer advice gladly. He is highly conscious of his place in history . . . Jawahar is ambitious for India . Whether his one-man control . . . has made him a benevolent despot is a matter of opinion.” Nehru’s sister concludes: “In the eyes of the world, he is undoubtedly the only man in India who can guide and control her destiny in these difficult times. Nevertheless, there is danger for him and for India if he is spoiled too much with adulation. In his own words, ‘It must be checked. We want no Caesars!’ “


Why we are going to give remote control Premiership and Rastrapati Bhawan in the hands of foreigh hands. Why we want to be slave again? Why we should not learn from our own history


Rajini Patil widow of a Congress leader alleged that Pratibha Patil’s brother is involed in the murder of her husband. This is the way of Congress to tribute the womanhood. There is a regular scanning of ghosts in news channels. Pratiha said in Mount Abu that she talked ghost. It is said that still ghost of Ghost of Lincoln in White House of Washington. If ghost of V G Patil runs to be a shadow of Pratibha than we also find a ghost in Rashtrapati Bhawan as White House. This will be a huge matter for TV serials and making movies.


We wish, President means Rashtrapati should be Ram Bhakt to save Ram Sethu Adam’s bridge.

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UK US UNESCO saves but Indian Govt ruins Hinduism

June 28, 2007

Hindu chaplain to deliver prayer in US Senate: US heritage body wants Ram Setu preserve. Seculars should not be in the role of Late Prince of Nepal Dipendra? They should not be Neros who sang to see fire in Rome ? Corporate America for Gita and Sunita William of Hindu father and Slovenian mother took with her to the International Space Station (ISS) are a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, a small figurine of Ganesha and some samosas. She was in NASA’s shuttle. Opposite to this is happeining in India.

Who wants to destroy Ram Sethu? We wish, President means Rashtrapati should be Ram Bhakt to save Ram Sethu ( Adam’s bridge ).

There is a release of the posters allegedly portraying MP Jyotiraditya Scindia as Arjuna of Bhagvat Gita and former Madhya Pradesh Minister Mahendra Singh Kalukheda as Lord Krishna.

NASA has given proof of Ram Sethu by its satellite photos. Opposite to this UPA government with the help of Left wants to destroy Ram Sethu. Is NASA communal?


US heritage body wants Ram Setu preserve

As reported by rediff on June 11, 07, The World Monuments Fund, a US-based international preservation body that brings out the annual world monument watch list of endangered sites, has come out in an open support of Ram Setu or Adam’s Bridge .

The Indian government should realise that it is more valuable to preserve it than to demolish it for the Sethusamudram canal project for bringing ships inland, the body has said.

The fund chairman Marilyn Perry has stressed that the government can leave the disputed area untouched by re-routing the canal.

He also suggested that the government make it a tourist attraction by sending tourists in glass boats to the bottom of the site to view the beautiful rock formations.


What is going on in Hindustan ?

Nero sings while fire ravaged Rome , July 18, 64 AD : Our Anti Hinduism leaders in the leadership of Congress sing in 21 st century to fire Hinduism in Hindustan . Effort to destroy Ram Sethu is the latest example.


Why do so called secular Hindus kill Hinduism in Hindustan ? Who are the cones of late Prince Dipendra of Nepal ? Are we sons of soil in the grip of the ghost of Dipendra? Pratibha Patil talked to the ghost in Mount abu ? Perhaps she can explain this.


Prince Dipendra killed his parents King Birendra, the queen and seven other royals before killing himself at a family dinner. Why do we want to follow him to kill Hinduism? The king’s son Prince Dipendra, was mad at his mother because she didn’t approve of the young girl Devyani he wanted to marry. Now that girl is the wife of the grandson of HRD Minister Arjun Singh. Perhaps he can throw some light because he and other seculars have allergy to the saffron color.


Have we given Bhartratna to any Hindu relighous head? Govt gave Teresa. Have we given Padmshree to any noble human who tried to block forcefully conversion? Govt gave padmashree to Glady Staines? Atheist Kerala government decided to gove award to MF Husseinn for his nude paintings of Bharatmata and Hindu god goddeses. Does leftist government give award to any one who make paintings of Bhagat Sigh, Tatya Tope or other martyrs? Instead of martys Congress leaders want to see the poster with paintings of Sonia as Durga and Jhansi ki Rani.


Hindu chaplain to deliver prayer in US Senate

Now latest report of flagging of Hinduism is here from US: Although Hindu prayers have been recited at the opening of some US state legislative assemblies, including in Maryland and New Jersey, thanks to Indian American legislators Kumar Barve and Upendra Chivukula — House Majority Leader and Deputy House Speaker of the Maryland and New Jersey House of Delegates respectively — when Hindu chaplain Rajan Zed opens the US Senate on July 12 with a Hindu prayer, he will create history.

AZed, told, “I delivered the first Hindu opening prayer in Nevada State Assembly in March this year and followed it up by delivering the first Hindu opening prayer in the Nevada State Senate in May, but it will be a great honor for Indians, Hindus, Nevadans, myself, and my family, when I deliver the opening prayer in the US Senate because I have been told that never has there been a Hindu prayer delivered in the US Senate since its formation.”

“I plan to start and end the prayer with ‘Om’ the mystical syllable containing the universe,” he said, “which in Hinduism is used to introduce and  conclude religious work.”

A native of Punjab and an alumnus of Punjab University , from where he received his bachelor ofarts degree in journalism, Zed is also the public relations office of the India Association of North Nevada.


Britain saves but Indian Govt ruins Hinduism

Britain is communal, so it’s former PM Tony Blair and its MPs protest and speak out against Kazakh harassment of Hindu! India is secular, so neither its government nor parliamentarians, have a single word against Kazakh harassment of Hindus.


Corporate America for Gita

Swamy Parthasarthy is Guru of American business executives to give message of Gita– to put purpose before self.


UK hails contributions of British Hindus

News of UK is opposite to the news of India . The British government has come out in full praise of the contributions made to English society by British Hindus and charity organizations run by them.

“Hinduism believes in the dictum — one in all and all in one — and you do things which are in the larger interest of humanity,” Hilary Benn, secretary of state for International Development and Labour’s deputy leader candidate said while addressing a conference organized by Hindu Aid at the Swaminarayan Hindu Temple in Stanmore in London on May 24. 07 .

Hindu Aid is a charity dedicated to eradication of global poverty. Delivering the keynote address at the conference, Benn quoted from Bhagvad Gita saying, “You do your duty without expecting any reward.”

Before few days back Lauding Britain’s high-achieving Hindu community, London Mayor Ken Livingstone has said that he was proud that a large proportion of the community had chosen London as their home


Rig Veda added to UNESCO heritage list

Pt Nehru omitted the identity of Hindustan as hindu Rahtra to show that hinuism is a religion which is communal. Present UPA government including its Hindu leaders also misguides the people call Hindus and their organizations communal, fundamentalists, extreimists etc.etc. After 1947 only one Hindu Rashtra was Nepal which is now in the grip of armed Maoist. As Shankracharya of Puri said that in Nepal they are burning Hindu books and destroying Hindu heritage. They are active in India with the indirect blessings of their democratic ideologist Left parties which have hold on UPA.

I recall an Hindu daily artile which said: Sanskrit came as a revelation to the Western scholars in the 19th Century and this led them to look at India as the repository for spirituality. Max Muller introduced the study of the Vedas, the ancient texts in Sanskrit, “as the dawn of the religious consciousness of man,” while at the same time providing the missionary with knowledge, “as indispensable as knowledge of the enemy’s country is to a general.” Although Hinduism is not strictly a religion in the Western sense inasmuch as it does not have scriptures as the arbitrary authority, the early Western missionary Indologists associated the Vedas with religion, which were in fact social documents depicting the way of life of a primeval tribe.

As reported by media on June 20, 07; thirty manuscripts of the ancient Hindu text Rig Veda dating from 1800 to 1500 BC are among 38 new items that have been added to the United Nations heritage list to help preserve them for posterity.

The list includes the world’s first feature-length film, the family archives of Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel and the proceedings of the trials of South African anti-apartheid figures such as Nelson Mandela.

The items have been included in the ‘Memory of the World Register’ set up by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, bringing to 158 the total number of inscriptions on the register so far.

UNESCO Director-General Koochiro Matsuura announced the additions on Tuesday, saying he had approved the latest inscriptions, which were recommended by the International Advisory Committee of the Memory of the World Programme during a meeting last week in Pretoria , South Africa .

We wish, President means Rashtrapati should be Ram Bhakt to save Ram Sethu ( Adam’s bridge ).

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By Premendra Note:(1) If you have singned, please convey to your friends for visiting at at: viewers aware Petition to save Ram Sethu will be sent with the signature of Former External Mininster and present the leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha Shri Jaswant Singh.

Cowardly lion of Amrican TV: Crow walks to be swan in Rashtrapati Bhawan

June 26, 2007

Presidential candidate of UPAandLeft is Pratibha Patil. She gets suppot of the lion-Shivsena and lionesses Mayawati and may get support of Mamta to be lions and lionesses. Can they become lion to get support of the lions and lionesses? Can Lions and Lionesses forget roaring?Can crow become peacock or swan? Stories say crow has walked unsuccessfully as peacock and also has tried to be as white as the swan. Can this truth of stories be false in the Presidential Election? 

Could Shiivraj Patil not be proud of Maharashtra? Shivsena opposed him. How can lion of the soil be over Hindutva? How can states-sons be great than their Bharatmata? Pratibha wanted forcefully conversion to return the related bill passed in Raj Assembly. UPA started move to save Afzal Guru? Pawar was against the foreign born Sonia Gandhi but now work in her leadership? No body opposed the Shivsena’s shaking hands with Pawar. Will people tolerate shaking hands through Pawar and CM Deshmukh with foreign borns anti Hindu? It will be difficult for Shivsena to explain people that it is not human bomb to give wounds to Hindutva. Shivsena criticizes Shekhawat or asking support from the paries other than NDA. Congress spokesperson called him “dalbadlu”. Have they words for their unholy friendship?

6-yr-old Afghan boy, Juma Gul says Taliban tried to use him as suicide bomber. But leaders are not children.

We are heirs of Bharat who played with lions in his childhood. Eyes of Congress and its allies are towards foreign borns and the Leftists are with their oigin of ideologist China. There is a marathon race of in Presidential Election in the presence of crow, brave and coward lions.   

Opposite to this ‘The cowardly lon’ is most probably the most famous lion in television TV culture outside of the MGM film mascot. Cowardly lion was created by American author L. Frank Baum and featured in his book: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900).   

The Cowardly Lion

As the book story goes, the lion was a coward, and afraid of his own shadow. He traveled to the Emerald Kingdom with the scarecrow, Tin Man and Dorothy Gale of Kananas of US to see if the wizard to give him courage. Chapter VI of the book throws much light about the cowardly lion.  Tin Man, Dorothy and Woodman were in the way and talking each other. Suddenly there was a roar and after that a grea lion bounded into the road. Little Toto ran barking toward the lion. In fear Dorothy rushed forsard and slapped lion upon his nose as hard as she could, while she cried out: “ A big beast like you , to bite a poor little dog!” “I did not bite him”, said the lion. Dorothy retoted,”You are nothing, but a big coward”I know it said the lion.  

What makes you coward?

“It is a mystery,” replied the lion:“All the other animals in the forest expect me to be brave, for the Lion is everywhere thought to be the King of Beasts.  I learned that if I roared very loudly every living thing was frightened and got out of my way.  If the elephants and the tigers and the bears had ever tried to fight me, I should have run myself–I’m such a coward; but just as soon as they hear me roar they all try to get away from me, and of course I let them go.  The Cowardly Lion was very sad that he had no courage and a small tear slid down his face as he told his story. Further he said “Whenever there is a danger my hearts begin to beat fast.”  “Perhaps you have heart disease”“It may be,” said the lion.  “I have no heart, so I have no heart disease,” said Dorothy.“If I have no heart, I should not be a coward” Lion said thoughtfully.  “Have you brain,” asked the Scarecrow.“I suppose so. I have never looked to see,” Lion replied.  “I am going to Great Oz, for getting brain,” said Scarecrow.“And I am going to him for getting heart,” said The Woodman. “Do you think Oz could give me courage?” asked the cowardly lion to Dorothy. After hearing affirmative reply lion said, “Then if you don’t mind, I will go with you Kanasas. My life is unbearable for me without a bit of courage,” “Yes, why not,” said Dorothy.So once more the little company setoff upon the, journey of all with new friend. Though, in the startin Toto the dog worried but later it became ready.  

Crow follows swan to be white or tries to walk like a peacock

As an author I want to say that don’t take Presidential Election seriously. Are the runners in the race or the political parties and their leaders or the media serious in this marathon race of Presidential Election? If they are not serious then why people should be? After all now adays politics is joke. Though in fact politicians are jokers of circus but participants think that they are god for them.  They make their Christian leader as Durga. This is not first chance. They did this sin in the past many times. But now their leaders find the protest of Muslims. So now Congress is taking symbolic action: See details:  Congress spremo not only Durga in posters but also became Jhansi ki Rani laxmibai riding the horse to bind her child Rahul on her back. This is done by a former legislator and a leader of Jabalpur Congress. Jhansi ki Rani foght againt British Rule but Congress supremo fights againt Indianness with the sword of Indinaless.  

The arrested terrorists of HUJI disclosed today that there are terroists in the dress of sadhus in Ayodhya. Terroriss begins to walk as so called secular leaders.

Dera Chief Gurumeet Ram Rahim Singh has also tried to copy of Guru Govind Singh. Preasts and preachers of Chiristian Missionaries can be seen in the dress of Non-Christian saints. They called their religious converting centres ‘Ashrams’. See details: Anti Hindu leaders are with Hindu names and dress. Anti Hindu newspaper are with the inclusion of ‘Hindu’ word in their title. There is no limitation of frauds to deceive the people in India. 

The above facts of the present politics remind me following two short stories. The stories give a lesson to us “You may change your habits, but not your nature”  

(1) The Story of Crow and Swan

A Crow was filled with envy on seeing the beautiful white plumage of a Swan, and thought it was due to the water in which the Swan constantly bathed and swam. So he left the neighbourhood of the altars, where he got his living by picking up bits of the meat offered in sacrifice, and went and lived among the pools and streams. But though he bathed and washed his feathers many times a day, he didn’t make them any whiter, and at last died of hunger into the bargain. 

(2) The Crow and Peacock

There was this crow. He saw the beautiful peacock, with his feathers at full glory, and he wished to be one. He spent his days imitating the peacock’s walk, his sound, and his dance. He tried desperately to imitate the fanning of that beautiful tail. Eventually, he realized that he had failed; yet, when he tried to go back to being a crow, he couldn’t. He had forgotten how. Now, he was neither crow nor peacock. 

Will ghost or spirit will be in Rashtrapati Bhawant?

I have suspected this before coming out the news about Pratibha’s Mount Abbu’s experience in my previous article: “Ghost of VG Patil may enter Rastrapati Bhawan” Patil was at Mount Abu, at an ashram when she was still governor of Rajasthan. She said she communicated with the spirit of the godman of the ashram, who died 38 years ago.“Baba entered Hriday Mohini Devi’s (the godman’s deciple) body and had a conversation with me,” a visibly moved Pratibha said.So, the UPA presidential candidate at a celebration in the Ashram in Mount Abu claimed to communicate with Baba Lekhraj, who founded Brahma Kumari sect.  In fact, the godman’s followers believe Pratibha has become a candidate precisely because of the late godman. “Pratibha Patil sought didi’s blessings and got the news that she’s been nominated for the post of President,” said a devotee of the godman, Wing Commander Ashok Gaba. 


I don’t know there will be cow cow on the top of Rashtrpati Bhawan or swans will find lake there. How can I know all these? Perhaps Pratibha Patil can know this to talk with ghost or spirit. There are candidates, their supporters in the Presidential Election. Elected representative of the people will use their votes. Who have brain, who have heart and who are brave or coward I don’t know. I leave it on the viewers.I wish, President means Rashtrapati should be Ram Bhakt to save Ram Sethu (Adam’s bridge). 

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By Premendra Agrawal

Sunita William vs Sonia and her Pratibha

June 25, 2007

Pratibha Sonia insulted missileman to oppose his second term. Bhirosingh Shekhawat gave salute to President of people and wanted to withdraw in favor of Kalam. NASA astronaut Sunita William of Gujarat root tributes to Dr. Kalam of ISRO. Half Indian Sonia and Half Shekhawat Pratibha Patil are shame for us. Tall Ajat Shatru full Shekhawat and short Kalam of highest rank are proud for us. Foreign-born Gandhis downed; Sunita, a daughter of Gujarat gave pleasure to the Gujarat of Mahatma Gandhi. 

Half Gandhis

Present Gandhis may be called half Gandhis due to various reasons. Such as they hide behind the name of Mahatma Gandhi. Pratibha Patil is Half Shekhawat to hide herself in the name of Shekhawat who is a known personality and her reval in the Presidential race. Who knows her as the wife of a Shekhawat before her candidature for the President post? If Priyanka now can say that she is not Priyanka Gandhi then why do present Gandhis say that they are not heirs of Mahatma Gandhi?Are politics and democracy to deceive the innocent people?

Half Indian Sonia half Shekhawat Pratibha

Half Shekhawat Pratibha and Half Indian Sonia act to fulfill the wishes of Pope. One example of that is both oppose bill related to the law against forcefull convrsion. It means they want conversion of SC/ST forcefully by fraud by money. This is the reason they want reservation for converted SC/ST families as children of poor Ajit Jogi and OBC of creamy layer Ministers Paswan, Lalu and Ramdoss. Ramdoss is Ravandoss by his act. Ram Vilas Paswan is Anti Ram. Jogi is not Bauddha Bhikchhu. Agnivesh wears saffron to oppose religious Hindu heads.

Preity Zinta and Toppo are first to okeyed the candidature of Pratibha

Bollywood actor Preity Zinta is the first true representative of the fake seculars who has favoured the candidature of UPA presidential nominee Pratibha Patil. First person came out to sign Preity’s proposal is Cardinal Telesphore Toppo, president of the Indian Catholic Bishops Conference. He comments on Pratibha Patil candidacy for president with AsiaNews. She has been in politics for years and has long opposed Hindu extremism. In the Sonia Rome traitors are free to call tolerant Hindus as extremists. Lokmanya Tilak, Veer Savarkar and Bhagat Singh are extremists in the books published under the supervision of Sonia’s right hand HRD Minister Arjun Singh. 

Half secular half communal

I saw hanging garden in Mumbai. I also saw hanging Laxaman Jhula in Rishikesh Brindavan. I saw Half Ticket film of Kishore Kumar.  I read now about  the hanging canvass posters of Sonia Gandhi with many hands. So she has not only two hands. She has so many hands such as Atony, Askar, Alva, Ajit, Arjun, and Antuley few of with ‘A’. If I count her other hands of remining 25 of alphabet then my whole article will be a long tail. Sonia with many hands in posters is ‘work of art’ and freedom of expression. But if some one makes poster of another Gandhi with many heads as Ravan had ten heads then he will be called communal. So I say Congress, its allies, atheist communists and such media giants who have partnership with them are half seculars with half communalism. They are half communal because they appease minorities and divide people on the basis of caste and religion. They argue that iron cuts iron. So they use casteism and religious divide policy to abolish caste system and make all athesists means without dharm. In fact their dharm is Anti Hinuism. So I say so-called seculars are half secular and half communal. They are secular for Non Hindus and communal for Hindus.          

Half time (Interval)

I think that this is the time of half time means interval. When I saw film in the ce\inema hall then there would be halftime and interval. At that time I went out of hall for taking tea and refresh myself to see remaining half film. Now there is a flood of halfs: half Gandhis, half shekhawat, half Indians, half Americans, half seulars, half communal, half parriots, half traitors and so so. Is this period ‘jamana’ of halfs. I worry to see halfs. I was in school before five decades. There was a quote in a lesson at that time about half mads. You can send full mads to Agra but you can do nothing of half mads. They are legally and socially walk and talk with Shekhar Gupta and other journalists.  

Ghost of VG Patil may enter Rastrapati Bhawan

I have written about the Ghost of Lincoln in White House of Washington Rajni Patil, at a press conference, claimed Pratibha’s brother conspired in her husband V G Patil’s murder in Jalgaon, Maharashtra, on September 21, 2005. V G Patil was the president of the Jalgaon District Congress Committee. Rajni, a professor of Marathi in a Jalgaon college, alleged that supporters of G N Patil, the Presidential candidate’s brother, murdered her husband. She claimed G N Patil lost a party election to her husband and accused him of being a “conspirator in the crime”. Rajni claimed Pratibha, who hails from Jalgaon, had “protected” her brother. “She did it for her brother.

Will Rashtrapati bhawan be a resident of corrupt family? 

Allegation of involvement in a murder case and now a Rs 17 crore bank-fraud has tainted Patil’s image of a ‘clean’ politician.A co-operative sugar factory in Jalgaon run by Patil’s brother G N Patil who is also the accused in the murder of his rival congress leader of which the former Rajasthan governer herself is the founder president, has been sent a notice for defaulting on a Rs17.5 crore loan given by a Mumbai cooperative bank 1994.  “We have not ordered this enquiry because a particular person is involved in it. We have sent a notice to all the defaulters,” said Siddhart Kamble, Chairman, Mumbai dist Co-operative Bank. Before her brother Pratibha was also the director of that bankrup sugar mill. She resigned to be the governor of Rajasthan. It means she was with label of office of double profit in which Sonia Gandhi did the drama of renounce for eturning through back door and to save Somnath Chatterjee pobable candidate of Vice Presient post and Pratibha Patil. Election Comminioner another loyalist of Gandhi dynasty was also with double profit posts.  

Will there be People red corner notice or warrant

We can count in finger fully true representative of people but half are uncountable as stars of the sky and the hairs of the head. Kalam is treated as the People’s President. Who dug pit for his candidature? Who will vote for such diggers? People are watching. Maya and Mulayam are in one que in the Presidential election. After the Presidential election people may issue democratic non-bailable warrant against their representative who will vote for such diggers UPAandLeft candidate. That warrant may be more effective than redcorner notice. Internatinal red corner notice is still not effective on Quattrochi and Daud but this will not happen with people’s warrants. 


Half Indian Sunita William jumped in the space with a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, a small figurine of Ganesha and some samosas and return on the earth after making three new records. NASA gives proof of Ram Sethu (Adam’s bridge) by satellite photos. As NASA astronaut Half Indian of Congress taught Italian dish, instruct for marking Christian Cross on Indian Coins give free hand to the UPA government to ruin Ram Sethu. Sunita flagged Indian culture in the space. Opposite to this Sonia Gandhi is flagging Italian Christian culture to ruin Indian culture. Find Petition to save Ram Sethu.

Tags: Half Gandhis Half Indian Sonia Foreign born Sunita William NASA Astronaut Daughter of Gujarat Miissileman President of people Kalam Half Shekhawat Pratibha Patil Anti Ram Half Secular Flagged Indian Culture Red Corner Notice Warrant; Tag this  

By Premendra Agrawal

Don’t raise finger on Pratibha Patil: Does she live in Vatican City?

June 23, 2007

A corrupt PM, President or other designation of powerful poliitican wants to stay in power to keep getting rich and protect himself/herself from the jaws of justice. And when he/she is out of power, he knows that the constitution or other type of institution will protect him/her. In the prevailing situation of India all powers are in the hands of Sonia Gandhi.  

She is preparing herself for getting the protection to hide her misdeeds. One by one as a democratic dictator she is keeping her hands on every independent democratic system of India.  Corrupt political leaders Presidents PMs cannot afford to lose power and when they are no longer in power, they quickly evoke immunity. “All presidents generally, corrupt and not corrupt, want to hold power for as long as possible,” says Charles Lewis, executive director of the Centre for Public Integrity in Washington.  Her loyalist Naven Chawla will conduct the general eledtion of 2009. Nuke button is in her hands. She devalued the PM post to be a super pm. Now she wants yesmadam in Rastrapati Bhavan.  

PM & President post are pivot of purity & Sanctity of democracy

The institutions of Prime Minister and President are the very pivot of purity and sanctity of our democracy. Ther is an opinion that Prime Minister’s post

comes under the purview of Lokpal, it will lead to blackmailing. The Prime Minister has to address a number of matters. For any irregularity or violation of norms, the role of Prime Minister and President will come under scrutiny. In this process, they cannot discharge his duty independently.  If above fact is right then why should PM post and President post being devalued. Why should terror attack or blackmailing effort on PM House, Election Office and now on Rashtrapati Bhawan of Sonia Gandhi be? 

Process of being democratic dictator

After proclaiming emergency, Indira became dictator. But time would come when she began to walk on the streets without PM post. Sonia Gandhi understands this. So she wants to convert her glass house in the house of dictatorial steel.  

People have still faith only on Judiciary and Army

At present two wings are neuteral with commanding position: Judiciary and Army. UPAandLeft try to cut the wings of both the institutions. Communists have enemity with the judiciary since Namboodripad. Time to time they follow tactics of ‘halla boal’ attack on the juciciary as we see in the character of comrade Somnath Chatterjee. On the direction of Sonia Gandhi PM gave slogan of ‘fair share’ of minority in the security force. They tried to religious head counting in the army. But army Chief Mr. Sigh refused for this. Anti-national fake secular government wantsto spread communalism everywhere. Will Army be able to save itself from the evil communal eye of divide and rule policy of the present government? Super Madam through HRD Minister Arjun Singh is making eduation system also corrupt. Every identy of Indianness including Hinduism, Sikhism, Budhism and Jainism is overlappong by Christianity. Every ancient identity of India is being ruined under a conspiracy. According to them the beginning and the end of India is from and to Nehru Gandhi dynasty.  

Hidden face of Nehru Gandhi dynasty

They kidnapped Mahatma Gandhi dynasty to rule India. They do not come before public in their real face. No religious head except his Christ photo frame adornige wall of the office of the Rajiv Gandhi was hanged. For getting Hindu and Muslim votes he never disclosed his inner love to Christianity. He hided his true inner voice for getting votes. Accidently he said one time that he was born accidently in Hindu family. In this way they are secular.  Priyanka Gandhi herself now requested media for not calling her as Priyanka Gandhi. She publicly decarted that she is Christian and should be called as Priyanka Vadra. During the parliamentary elections in 2004, Gandhi claimed that he had received an MPhil in Development Economics after attending Trinity College, Cambridge. Media enquiries report that he attended under the alias “Rahul Vinci”) Means he was Christian at that time. God knows what he is at present.  Italian Embassy took surety of the Quattrochi in the Argentiana. Mr. Q said the bofors case against him should be heard in the Italian Court. He could fly from India with the help of Alva. Sonia Gandhi after the marriage has taken shelter in the Italian Embassy of India to fly in the difficult time.  

Don’t grant immunity to corrupt leaders

So time has come we should think seriously on the above facts. There must be a provision for not granting the immunity to corrupt leaders. This should not be limited upto Gandhis. All leaders of all parties who are accused of corruption or any type of criminal charges should be barred for immunity. Further, Supreme Court seized their passport and should be kept in the locker in the security of army.  Peter Eigen, Chairperson of Transparency International in Berlin, says: “It is essential that politicians and public officials know that corruption is a high-risk strategy.” The main obstacle to bringing former Nicaraguan President Arnoldo Alemán to justice was that he enjoyed immunity: he was appointed President of the Nicaraguan Assembly after he stepped down as President. Alemán faces charges of misappropriating at least $100-million in one of Latin America’s poorest countries.Former Zairian President Mobutu Sese Seko was probably the most notorious case of a president using the state as private property while protecting himself from prosecution. He ruled for more than 30 years, and pocketed an estimated $5-billion. He had the backing of Western leaders and institutions that saw him as a foil to leftist states such as Angola Liberian President Charles did not want to leave power even when rebels were just few yards away from his Monrovia stronghold. He was reluctant to leave unless the charges against him were dropped. He was arguing immunity.  

Super PM is not under the purview of Lokpal or perlokpal

It is therefore common sense that Sonia Gandhi and her subordinates knew best how to play the game after all some magical clause will remedy the situation. We see this in the drama of renounce on the office of pofit issue. Sonia and other politicians of double profit returned in the parliament from behind the doors. Before this she acted drama of renounce of PM post to be super pm. PM does and most probably the President will do as the wishes of Sonia Gandhi in the name of compulsion. It means behind the door she acts without accountability.

 Corrupts go abroad on permanent or timely holidaysMany presidents, Prime Ministers and king makers have gone abroad on permanent holidays. Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif. Bhutto are among them. We may count Quattochi also. Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori, dismissed in November 2000 as “morally unfit” to govern, left for Japan and has not returned. Joseph Estrada, former president of the Philippines, also claimed he was too ill to be prosecuted when time came for him to account for his actions. He was ousted in 2001 by a popular uprising; he stands accused of stockpiling $78-million from a gambling racket, misappropriated tax revenues and illicit investments. 

Law is unable to handcuff corrupts

Natwar Singh is in the grip in Fodd for Oil scam but Sonia Gandhi is free. This is example of one scam. Abdalá Bucaram fled Ecuador to take refuge in Panama. His elected successor, Jamil Mahuad, was overthrown by a coup in January 2000 after it was discovered he accepted campaign donations from a corrupt banker. The same story is of Suharto dynasty of Indonesia to Gandhi dynasty of India. “Presidents and even former presidents are very powerful, and prosecuting them requires the will to prosecute. It usually requires months if not years of public exposure and mounting disgust; gutsy, fearless law enforcement officials; and judges who do not flinch in the face of power, says Lewis Many former presidents, like Chile’s former dictator Augusto Pinochet, at least face accusations now instead of dying of old age or retiring at some beach resort on stolen billions, Lewis argues. Pofessor Balogun argues,” the African experience so far on the immunity clause has overwhelmingly continued to serve as conducting pipes of siphoning the nation’s wealth by the leaders without any fear of litigation.” 


Priya Ranjan Das Munshi has threatened media on the issue of Pratibha Patil. He thinks that he and his yesmadam will be in power forever. Former PM Atal was lenient. In future people will not tolerate leniency towards all those who are threatening like that. After Sonia, Quattrochi thereatened and now Munshi came forward in this crime against democracy. They are advocates of freedom of press as Indira was. They are preachers of freedom of expression as MF Hussein is doing to please such leaders’ secularism. Is CNN-IBN owned by NDA? If CNN-IBN is reporting false then why do they not start defamation case against the media?  If any one is a public figure then how can he be spared from any misdeed done by him/her or their family? They want to be leader by doing all corrupt and criminal acts. People will not tolerate this in future. If brother of Pratibha Patil being a congress leader not involved in the killing case of another Congress leader of jalgaon then why is CIB enquiry now? CBI is in the pocket of ruling party. The widow of the victim makes allegation. Why does police not arrest her if he is liar as Congress Ministers? Is this womanhood of Pratibha Patil, Jayanti Natrajan and their yesmadam Sonia Gandhi? Sugar lobby of Maharashtra has killed the co-opertive movement by the sword of corruption. Family of Pratibha Patil is involved in this bloody corrupt game.

Don’t raise finger on the Presidential candidate of UPAandLeft. Don’t say any thing about spiderman and supermadam of Congress. Do they live in a Vatican City of India? Is Rashtrapati Bhawan and PM House heaven for tainted leaders as Pakistan for terrorists? After inclduding of tainted ministers is now including tained President (Rashtrapati) is also a compulslion?  

Tags: Pratibha Patil Vatican City Corrupt PM Tainted President Rashtrapati Bhawan Democratic dictator Judiciary Army Lokpal Corrupts Das Munshi Sonia Gandhi UPA Left CNN-IBN CBI Enquiry Yesmadam Sugar lobby Co-operative; tag this  

By Premendra Agrawal


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Why Sonia being a Christian in hoardings as Durga again and again

June 22, 2007

Sonia Gandhi devalued PM post to be super pm. So it is said that nuke button is in her hand. Should President of India be in the grip of Congress President? In democracy every family head is a king. So Vishwamitras want again Ram Laxaman from the Dashraths for the sake of Hinduism. A poster adorning the wall of the Moradabad District Congress Committee’s office portrays Antonia Sonia Gandhi as goddess Durga with her multiple arms is hanged since assembly election of UP. Naveen Chawla autobiographer of Teresa is appointed as Election Commissioner on the instruction of Sonia Gandhi 

Sonia Gandhi is with Christian religion. O.K. Congress leaders may embrace Christ to please her. It may be more O.K. But why India should be made under Christianity? Why Christian Cross is on Indian Coins now? Why is government adament to destroy Ram Sethu? Please visit at: 

Why Sonia as Durga in hoardings again and again

Her objectional posters as Durga were walled in Indore and in Bihar. No objection! A cloth banner with a figure of the goddess as Sonia has been blowin’ in the wind for two days. Full with the 10 arms variously armed with an axe, bow and arrow, a club and a conch, and one spearing the demon of corruption. The cloth goddess even has a mukut (crown) of the type that the original sports, making the resemblance uncanny. And the face of Mahisha- sura has been blackened.  How can Lalu worship Brahmin gods and at the sametime fight the Brahmins? Is this not a serious contradiction in Lalu? How can Christian Sonia Gandhi be publicized by the Congress as Durga Hindu Goddess and at the same time fight the Hinusism and Hindutva and encouraging the forcefull conversion of tribe in Chrisianty?  

Is Pratibha Patil being awarded presidential candidature of UPAandLeft for this reason? Pratibah Patil being a governor of Rajasthan returned the bill, which was passed to block the forcefull conversion. Was her this step not to follow Pope version and to please Sonia Gandhi? This fact should be conveyed to Shiv Sena also. Is blood spot not on the shadow of Pratibha? Does the widow of former Congress President of Jalgaon Dist not disclose this in the press conference? 

This crime of Christianity and anti Hindu elements is not the first against Hindutva means Indianness. Demons disturb saints even in the forest.  Muni Vishwamitra was an exalted, pure spiritual, military scientist.  He was tired of demons, wanted help of Ram, first thing to be first.  

Why did Vishwamitra want Ram Laxaman from Dashrath

Rishi Vishwamitra visited Dashrath, the King of Ayodhya. The Rishi had his abode in Siddhashram in the forests of the present days Buxar. The king welcomed him and received him with great respect. Vishwamitra was pleased with his hospitality. The king asked in humble words the reason that the sage had come for. The sage lamented that he had been performing a yajna in his ashram in the forest, but had not been able to complete it, because he was being disturbed in his prayers by the wicked demons Maricha and Subahu and their followers.  Vishwamitra begged Dashrath his two sons to protect his (Vishwamitra’s) place from demons by killing them, “O king! Please do not worry, your sons are divine, Ram, Laxman, Ram is Super Self, the avatar, please joyously provide me O man!”  As Ram and his younger brother Laxman were of very tender age at that time so the king’s heart was filled with fear. Ram was a young lad of sixteen. Also, he was his favourite son. He did not want to send the boy to face and fight the evil demons. Vishwamitra could see that the king was worried, but he kept quiet. Dashrath did not intend to fulfill the desire of Vishwamitra but lastly agreed on the sage’s request on persuasion of the family-priest Guru Vashisth. 

Why are tolrent Hindus being insulted in Hindustan? 

Moradabad District president, Congress A. S. Soni termed it as the “work of art”. There is no objection to show Sonia Gandhi as Goddess Durga since it is a work of art,” Soni said when reporters asked why it was still there.  However, former MP and veteran Congress leader Hafiz Siddique is not ready to take Soni’s argument. “This picture is objectionable as we cannot accept Sonia Gandhi in such a portrayal. In fact nobody can accept such things as Congress party is a secular organisation and we are condemning this,” he said. City president of the party, Asad Moulaei echoed similar views MF Hussain is moving around world as an ambassador of Congress led UPA government after making nude painting of Bharatmata and Hindu god goddesses. Atheist Kerala government has decided to give MF Hussein the Raja Ravi Varma Award for this act of freedom of expression.  

Why is MF Hussein an ambassador of present Indian

Government?Indian Ambassador at London Inaugrated Nude Exhibt of MF Hussain:  The Times of India (May 24) carried a story of an exhibition held in Asia House in London of two nude portrayals of Hindu goddesses drawn by M.F.Husain—and the shocking thing is that the exhibition was inaugurated by none else than India’s High Commissioner, Kamalesh Sharma, who is probably telling himself how liberal Hindus are and how forgiving even when their gods and goddesses are mocked and insulted.  The Secretary General of the Forum, Ramesh Kallidai told The Times of India: “In the case of Da Vinci Code, the authorities slapped an ‘A’ certificate. When it came to the Prophet’s cartoons, PM personally condemned them. India was one of the first to ban Rushdie’s book, The Satanic Verses. Why should artistic freedom only be enjoyed by those who hurt and insult Hindus?”   Due to ‘Hindu Human Rights protest Tony Blair banned the exhibition.   On revenge website of Hindu Human Rights, the group of young activists who helped shut down the offensive exhibition of M.F. Husain in London, has been blocked by the UPA regime: See details at: 

Warning of Quattrochi a family friend of Gandhi Dynasty

Quattrochi is moving around the world to praise his relation with Gandhi dynasty. He has threatened to take legal action against such leaders and media of India who reported his and his family friend Sonia Gandhi link to Bofors bribes. He followed Sonia Gandhi in this matter. Few months back Sonia Gandhi has also instructed to Supreme Court Lawyer and Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi for taking legal action those write against Gandhi dynasty. Mr.Q beloved of Gandhi Family said in July 17, 2003:” ‘I believe it would be in interest of justice and India ‘s reputation if this case against me is brought to an end.’  Former minister of state Margaret Alva helped Quottrochhi to fly from India 29-30, 2003, by keeping File of CBI till August 16.  Ottavio Quattrocchi is Italian citizen with Italian passport. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are also citizens of both Italy and India with also Italian passports More than Rs 250 crore spent in chasing the Rs 64 crore Above fact is related to Bofors scandal in which no one comes out unblemished. See more details at: 

There was a celebration in Italy after gaining seven more Lok Sabha seats than the BJP. Congress is slowly and slowly going on in Italian color. Their leader likes Italian dish as we like South Indian Idli and dosa. At the time of previous Football world cup Congress of Bihar in Patna worshipped for the victory of Italy.  

Questions should not be without answerIs calling Hindustan to our Bharat and India spreading communalism? Is making Hindustan a christianistan patriotism and secularism? These types of “Work of Art” and “Freedom of Expression” are being executed against Hinduism in Hindustan only. Why are these experiments not being done on others? Is freedom of expression only for Ravans against tolerant Hindus in the secular dictionary of criminals of Hindutva?Tags: Religious head Ram Laxman Congress Committee Gadhi Goddess Durga Nuke button Inidan coin Pratibha Patil President Anti Hindu Christian Human Right Hindustan Freedom of Expression Bofors Criminal of Hinduism; tag this  

By Premendra Agrawal 

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Fire by Mulayam on Opposition House: Kaun banega Rashtrapati?

June 19, 2007

Amar Singh went to the Prime Minister’s Race Course residence straight from the SP’s Parliamentary Party Board meeting to forget a major political insulting earthquake occurred in the dinner party of Sonia Gandhi. Mulayam gave Marxist petrol to Amar Singh to fire the opposition house. Crowning Mayawati becomes fall of Taj of Rs 175 crore. Is worth Rs 100 crore disproportionate assets case on Mulayam bartered in PM House to fire opposition house for Rasthrapati? Is this barter deal not possible in PM House?

On June 5, 97 Delhi Police Monday nabbed from Samajwadi Party general secretary Amar Singh’s residence a man who allegedly offered help in exchange of Rs. 5 crores in setting a court case against party president and former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav. It was said in NDTV sting operation that there was a bargaining between Congress leader and senior advocate R K Anand with the alone witness Kulkarni and the deal was in crores.


Amar’s long jump on PM House

Amar Singh, who went to the Prime Minister’s Race Course residence straight from the SP’s Parliamentary Party Board meeting, later claimed that his meeting with the Prime Minister was for personal reasons and did not discuss the Presidential elections. This is true. Discussion was on personal matter related to Amar and Mulayam in the shadow Presidential Election.  

Reaching without invitation again

As renowned columnist Talveen Singh said in her article, she asked Mr Amar Singh to please tell the story one more time. He did not need much persuasion and quickly assuming the air of a man wounded to the soul (but with a twinkle in his eye) described how he would never have gone to Sonia’s victory dinner if Comrade Surjeet had not insisted and insisted. “He said it was a dinner to celebrate the defeat of the communal BJP government and who had played a bigger role in this defeat than the Samajwadi Party by reducing their seats in U.P. to ten. So, I agreed to go along although I admit I was not invited”. “But if you fool me second time, then shame on me” No, no, and no.It is a proverb: “If you fool me once, okay, shame on you. But if you fool me second time, then shame on me.” But in politics there is not a bird of shame word. So politicians became fool and make fool again and again. They said this proudly in media that this is the compulsion in the democracy as including of tainted minister in the coalition government of UPA.  Should Amar be shaming himself again? Suppose Nanda or Salman hits the same person or group of persons two times in the same road then what do you say? What would you say Shilpa, suppose if she had spilled hot tea on her lap at the Big Brother house? Was the first time Gudy’s fault and the second time was her fault? No, no, and no. There is no limitation of becoming and making fools. Politicians in India are making fools not one, two but 100 crores. There is no Krishna who moves his Sudarshan Chakra towards the fraudulent seculars and murderers of democracy. In Kaliyug in globalize death well of Bush-Mush-Sonia brand politics fooling is a political suicide as well as to sink in it other innocents people. Politics is both slow and fast track killing race competition based on bargaining. “Jhoom barabar jhoom; swords on Mulayam, No no. In a severe jolt to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav just before the Assembly elections in the state, on the first day of March 07, the Supreme Court A Bench of Justice A.R. Lakshmanan and Justice Altamas Kabir directed the CBI to “submit a report to the Centre and on receipt of such report, the government might take further steps depending upon the outcome of the preliminary inquiry into the assets of the respondents.”  Justice A.R. Lakshmanan May first week broke down, his voice choked in emotion, in the Supreme Court before a scheduled hearing of the petition mentioned above. It was the conspiracy of PIL mover Congressman or other, who knows it? But it is a fact that A R Lakshmanan has been rewarded after that incoming of the Mayawati as CM of UP. He assumed charge as Chairman of the 18th Law Commission in the last week of May 07.  Garib janta ke Garib neta (Poor leaders of poor people)The order came on a PIL petition by Vishwanath Chaturvedi, who had furnished a long list of movable and immovable properties of Mulayam Singh’s family which, according to the petitioner, was worth Rs 100 crore at the prevailing market value and had been allegedly acquired by him by “misusing” his position as public servant since 1977 while remaining in power in UP and at the Centre. However, Mulayam’s counsel had admitted that the net worth of the assets of Mulayam’s family was Rs 24 crore, which was not disproportionate to the known sources of his, his sons and daughter-in-law’s income. Karunanidhis’s daughter has entered in the parliament keeping few crores in her a/c. All are poor politicians to serve poor people. Mayawati becomes a poor honest woman to make free herself through barter system from the Taj Corridor Scam. Now Mulayam and Amar Singh become the poor leaders to serve the poor people.  ‘Hamari Dosti Kabhi Khatam Nahin Hogi’ vs ‘Mujhse dosti karoge’Mulayam and Somnath Chatterjee sing ‘Hamari dosti kabhi khatam nahin hogi’. On the advice of his life long friend Somnath Chatterjee, Mulayam intentionally wants to be dumb to hear the wording ‘mujhse dosti karoge’ of Shekhawatjee.  I recall the knocking behavior of honorable Somnath Chatterjee when he was in opposition along with Mulayam Singh Yadav. Both would do Knock on the desk, usually. Both took seats by the side of each other. Both made comments with slow sound on the microphone. In politics there is a role of stars also. If your stars are favorable then you may touch unimaginable height. What are the qualification, ability and experience of Sonia Gandhi? What did her son in his 37 years for the people and India? Pranab could not be PM due to his unfavorable stars. Shivraj Patil might faced defeat in Lok Sabha election of 2004 from Latur but became Home Minister. He missed the train of being a Presidential Candidate of UPAandLeft but another Patil Pratibha of his province got the reservation on that train.  Bhairon Singh Shekhawat has made a history to get the support of about 80 Non-NDA MPs for becoming Vice President. He is going to make the history now again to be a President to contest as an independent. But cunning pair of Mulayam and Somnath wants to burn the house of opposition in this matter. If this foolish game will continue in this way then our education system will also take the shape accordingly. There will be education to be foolish. There will be competition between fools. Sonia Gandhi has given the beginning to this idea to be the president of Congress and chairperson of UPA. Caste and religion based quota reservation further reservation to the imaginary OBC are also the products of that fool making idea. Sunita Williams vs Pratibha PatilShall we see as President a non-controversial able person or a non-controversial blind follower loyalist woman? What happened the most loyalist, Nastwar Singh? Should elected legislators and MPs make fool to the UPAandLeft instead of being fools? Can we say as above about Sunita Williams and Bhaion Singh Shekhawat? Are they reached on their respectable position without ability? Are they would cash Gandhi dynasty?  June 17, 2007 – NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams set a new record for the longest duration space flight by a woman. She surpassed Shannon Lucid’s mark of 188 days, 4 hours set in 1996. “She truly is a space marathoner who shows young women everywhere that there’s a place in the space program for them.” If her stay in space concludes as scheduled, with her return on Atlantis on June 21, Sunita will have flown a total of 194 days in space. Tags: Fire by Mulayam Opposition House UPAandLeft Rashtrapati Presidential Election Taj Mulayam Amar Singh PM House Barter fool second time Somnath Chatterjee Lakshmanan Mayawati Poor Leader Non-NDA  Shekhawat NASA Sunita Williams Quota; tag this  By Premendra Agrawal 

The Best Man’ (1964 USA film) for Rashtrapati Bhawan

June 17, 2007

Pranab and Shivraj both could not imagine the birth of an unknown woman in the fray, so they could not use ‘Khadau’. They lost the last chance to remind 10 Janpath about the ‘khadau’ of Ram, kept by Bharat on the throne. The entrance of “The Best Loyal” asks a question “Does the Best man always get to the Rashtrapati Bhawan?” Today it is obvious to most of us that the answer is “no,” and that those who seek the presidency are not the best the nation has to offer.

Now Presidential Election is in this month and the one common denominator between UPAandLeft and Indendent candidate is that both will be nominated because they are seen as candidates who could win.

The Best Man is a 1964 film of USA

This fil is based on the Broadway play of the same name, both of which are written by Gore Vidal. Starring Henry Fonda, Cliff Robertson, and Lee Tracy, it lays bare the seamy political maneuverings behind the nomination of a Presidential candidate. Tracy was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

The film analyzes American politics not just from the standpoint of 1960/64 but from the Republic’s 200 plus year history. The revelations presented in “The Best Man” are just as true in the year 2006 and will be rerun to some extent during the Presidential conventions in the summer of 2008 in America. In my view the ghost of this film may enter in the cinerio of current Presidential election of India.

Surprisingly still relevant for today, the film delivers an insightful, biting look at the behind the scenes wrangling, wheeling and dealing, that must go on at a wide open political convention where no clear candidate is the right choice, or has sewn up the position in advance

Drama acted in Indian Vatican 10 Janpath

The whole drama acted in Indian Vatican 10 Janpath for the selection of the UPAandLeft candidate showed that in UPAandLeft actors are selected by directors, producers and financers in 10 Janpath in smoke filled back rooms. We have seen the humorous drama of Renounce of Sonia Gandhi in the same 10 janpath.

Chappal of Pratibha is fit instead of boots

Pranab Mukherjee was the first runner candidate named by Leftists for the President post to get the UPAandLeft nomination. He is the only leader of Congress who is still a challenge for the Communists Parties in the West Bengal. By proposing his name they wanted to be free from him. His Boots were fit in the legs of the leftists but not fit for the 10 janpath. He is loyal but not 100% loyalist and rubber stamp of Sonia Gandhi. His name is as suspicious leader in the diary of Sonia Gandhi. So, second runner Shivraj Patil, Gandhis’ most loyalist began to run on the play ground in the exchange of Pranb Mukherjee. Unfortunately his boots were also not fit in the legs of Leftists and without their help UPA can’t declare its candidate.

Back-room deals

This political drama of the exercise of selecting the presidential candidate as other posts by the Congress looks at the back-room deals that go into the making of a President as other important portfolios; special interests, percentage of loyalies towards Gandhis, fringe groups as of the past, the whole works.

Blessings of Pope and 10 Janpath

Media reporting of daily shouting created humor as well as suspense. And just when any one thinks he’she knows who’ll get the nod in the process of up and down this name and that name, the screw turns at the end which herself weak but blessings of Pope of Rome and 10 Janpath may give strength to her.

“May the best man win?”

“The Best elderman,” which obviously comes from the hollow people wish “May the bestelderman win means may the Bhairo Singh Shekhawat win,” takes place at a national stage at the time where where the ruling parties’ candidate was in doubt. The UPA of power grabbers with the red hands from Singrur to Bastar was not named till before June 14, but we all know that it is the Sonia Gandhi that already controls the UPAandLeft house. Now her partner media is belling with UPAandLeft “First woman for Presientship” “Shekhawat vs Shekhawat”; Shivsena wants to sing ‘Amchi Patil’ ‘Aapla manush’ and Mamta’s mamta may be pendulum as in the past. Mamta’s keeps one step in Congress and second step out of it. Character of Shivsena is ‘Maharashtra is India’ as for Congress Indira was India.

Dr. APJ Kalam, out going President was perhaps silently interested in which of the many men Pranab, Shivraj, Shinde, karn Singh, Arjun Singh and so on beyond the Bhairo Singh Shikhawat running will follow him as President.

Changing of mohras in the game of Shatranj

Now there are two main contenders, one of them is Pratibha Patil. The second formidable independent candidate is Bhairo Sinngh Shekhawat. But what will be in future

Drama of Indian maskers as ‘The Best ma (1964 USA film)

This fortnight drama of Congress and its right and left hands is not new. Vigillant people see this (nautanki of bahurupiyas) drama of maskers not only from the independence day of August 15, 1947 but in the pre-indepencece days also. What happened with Subhash Chandra Bose? We are the people of a greatest democratic country of the world; So many feathers are in the crowns of our leaders. Acharya Kriplani who was a President of Congress at a time had been defeated in the parliament constituency of my district of Raipur by a unknown person Mr. Gupta. This is the one eample.

The story of ‘The Best man’ film

The story concerns the political back-biting and smear politics involved in a presidential election year scramble by potential presidential party nominees. Lee Tracy (in an Oscar-nominated performance and his final screen role) is Art Hockstader, a dying president who refuses to throw his support behind any of his party’s presidential hopefuls. Hoping to get the nod as the party’s presidential candidate is liberal do-gooder William Russell (Henry Fonda). His wife Alice (Margaret Leighton) wants to get a divorce from Russell but is delaying the divorce proceedings until after the party convention. Opposing Russell for the nomination is Joe Cantwell (Cliff Robertson), a slick and unscrupulous political monster who will use any bit of dirt to get ahead in the party. When he discovers that Russell once suffered from mental problems, he threatens to use it against him.

William Russell (Henry Fonda) and Joe Cantwell (Cliff Robertson) are the two leading candidates for the Presidential nomination of an unspecified political party. Both have potentially fatal vulnerabilities. Russell is a principled intellectual (believed by many critics and fans to be based on Adlai Stevenson). A sexual indiscretion has alienated his wife Alice (Margaret Leighton). In addition, he has a past nervous breakdown to live down.

Art Hockstader (Lee Tracy). The pragmatic Hockstader prefers Russell, but worries about his indecisiveness and overdedication to principle.

One of Russell’s aides digs up Sheldon Bascomb (Shelley Berman). He served in the military with Cantwell and is willing to expose his homosexuality.

Hockstader and Russell’s closest advisors press Russell to grab the opportunity, but he resists.

As the first round of voting begins, he arranges to meet Cantwell privately, to let him know that he knows his rival’s darkest secret. But though Cantwell doesn’t understand what makes his opponent tick, he knows this much – Russell doesn’t have the stomach for dirty tactics. In the end, Russell surprises Cantwell by throwing his support behind a third, relatively unknown candidate, ending both their chances.

Shakespeare’ s quote..What’ s in a name? 

I mention here a comment of Mr.Charu related to my article titled Death of Ramchandra Gandhi and Gandhi dynasty: “

“Good thought sir! this one reminds me one of the famous shakespeare’ s quote..what’ s in a name? 

But UPAandLeft think every thing is in a name. Because of the name Presidentship of Conress and Chair of UPA gifted to Sonia Gandhi. Rahul is zero but he is with every quality only de to “Gandhi’ title. I know personalitie with surname Bahadur, Chakravarti, Suryavanshi, Chandravanshi, Dhurandhar but not a single in the competition of ‘Gandhi’. Gandhi is all rounder as we see in gandhigiri.

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Ultimate conclusion of this article is that stopping the wrong woman from becoming president is more important in making sure that the best man wins.

In this presidential election stakes are high. Who can win without default? The Challenge of Independent candidate is big so UPAandLeft parties pull out all the stops to degrade the post of president also as PM post is devalued by cunning low smiled present PM.

In this Prez election Bharo Singh Shekhawat is a great man (Not superwomen) who wants to play presidential fight straight. He refuses to stop to the dirty tricks and vilify that his opponent nominee of ruling parties is using.

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By Premendra Agrawal

Congeress developed clone of Shekhawat: Pope Sermon echo on Presidentship

June 15, 2007

If you are unemployed then establish a political mask mfg unit. Good scope for it. Casteism is working in Presidential election. Pratibha Patil is in the mask of Shekhavat not to defeat the real Shekhavat but to deceive the legislators and MPs who are eligible to vote. Congress wants Pope Sermon echo on Rashtrapati Bhawan also. Clone production and Christrianization in India is speedly going on.Why Sonia adopted ‘Gandhi’ surname and Pratibha kept ‘Patil’ Ms.Praibha Patil, who is enjoying her candidature of UPA for President Post, has a Rajasthani connection as her husband Devisingh Ramsingh Shekhawat’s ancestors had migrated to Jalgaon area in Maharashtra a few generations back from the Shekhawati region here. She becomes congress candidate due to this to deceive the legislators and MPs that she is Shekhavat and Patil both. She won the faith of Sonia Gandhi to fullfill the wishes of Pope by returning the passed bill of Rajasthan related to the law against forefull conversion. Congress and foreign funded media want conversion in India. They are jehadis against tolerant Hindus. This is the time Hindus should think why again they want to be slave of foreigners, foreign born leaders, foreign coulture and foreign religion? Are these secularism and Progressiveness? Why should they not want to be out from the grip of that conspiracy? Fools making political machine Congress with other fake seculars run fools making political machine. This is more dangerous than the fake currency and fake stamp making crimes. Antonia Maino became Sonia Gandhi by adopting Gandhi surname and not adopting her husband Rajiv Gandhi’s religion if it was Hindu religion. People think that she is Hindu and belong to Mahatma Gandhi’s family. This is formula to make fool people politically. Pratibha remained ‘Patil’ but Sonia became ‘Gandhi’ Pratibha Patil is not behind her. Pratibha Patil wanted to make his presence in the Maratha politics of Maharashtra, so she did not loose her surname Patil. Before this if any viewers knew her Shekhavat identity then please send comment to me. Why did she not adopt her husband’s surname as did by Sonia Gandhi? Congress leaders make fool to the public in so many innovative ways. There are so many underground factories, which are manufactruring ‘rang rangile’ colorful masks to deceive the people. Actually this is a crime in democracy, which is being played by them with the partnership of fake secular media. Congres wants Pope’s follower Rashtrapati not only woman President All TV channels are barking that first woman will be the President. Though, she does not fill up the form of her candidature. This is sound of Christian Cross marked coins instead of true journalism. If Congress is so loyal to women then why does its Government not keep the women’s reservation bill on the table of the parliament? Congress with their allies and leftists is hurry for the caste and religion based quota as even Supreme Court has asked the reason for this. Vatican to 10 janpath to Mount to Rashtrapati Bhawan A religious issue exercising Pope Benedict XVI and Rajasthan governor Pratibha Patil has linked the Vatican and Mount Abu. Now it will be connected with Rastrapati Bhawan also. Under an international conspiracy India is pusehed in the death well of Christianity. International Christian organizations are funding to the media and political parties here freely as we see in the internet. Hindu organizations should make a fact-sheet of daily reporting of Electronic Channels and print media. That fact sheet should be known to the public. Every Indian should be a organization to fight democratically Indianless elements. We have to fight war against christization also besides other wars which we are facingIs India needed popes I, II, II, IV etc. as Mandal I and Mandal II After Mandal, VP Singh became Mandal I and there after now Arjun Singh has become the Mandal II. The bloody game as cock fight, bull fight and dog fight of Mandalization has been played to evoke Gujjars in Rajasthan by Sachin Piolot Gujjar Congress MP of Dausa Raj and former CM of Rajasthan Gahlot. Accepted fourmula between Gujjars and Meenas of Raj gave a heavy slap on the cheek of Congress.Congress oves President Rule The sound of this cheek made dumb to the Union Home Minister Shriprakash Jaiswal and the conrnered Gujjar leaders of Rajasthan. Jaiswal opposed the accepted formula. He wanted civil war being a State Home Minister with the help of Piolot and other cornered Gujjar leaders. Intention of Congress was to impose the President Rule in Rajasthan. Congress played this bloody dirty game to make electoral partnership with Dera Chief. Intention was to impose President Rule.Rajasthan and Punjab are those provinces who foght against the invaders. Since ancient time all attacks on India occurred through these provinces. Rajasthani and Sikh communities are not only brave but also religious. So Pope of Vatican and and his invisible Indian popes want to finish their bravery and religious sentiments. Gandhi entered politics to make India a Christian country It is said that Sonia Gandhi entered in politics after getting the instruction from Italy where Pope is living. Congress made her its President to throw the eggs of electoral defeat on the Bhismpitamah of Congress Sitaram Kesari. This was done under an International Conspiracy, otherwise she was neither interested before nor few year after the death of Rajiv Gandhi. Pratibha Patil had made Governor of Rajasthan also to strengthen this conspiracy. While the Pope spoke out against attempts, including laws, to ban religious conversions in India, the governor, sitting in Rajasthan’s summer capital, returned to the state’s BJP government a bill that set out to do just this. Reacting to the papal sermon (? ) which comes at a time when The Da Vinci Code has had to wait for Catholic priests’ permission for screening in India ? Delhi quoted the Constitution. “It is acknowledged universally that India is a secular and democratic country in which adherents of all religious faiths enjoy equal rights. The Constitution (?) states that ‘all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right to freely profess, practise and propagate religion’,” the foreign ministry said. The spokesperson couldn’t be contacted to find out if India had sent a response to the Vatican. In uncharacteristically strong language, the Pope told India’s new ambassador to the Vatican, Amitava Tripathi, at that time that the efforts in some states to ban conversions should be rejected. “The disturbing signs of religious intolerance which have troubled some regions of the nation, including the reprehensible attempt to legislate clearly discriminatory restrictions on the fundamental right of religious freedom, must be firmly rejected,” the Pope said. According to the text released by the Vatican, he said anti-conversion laws were “unconstitutional (and) contrary to the highest ideals of India’s founding fathers”. Pratibha Patil had “discreetly” sent the Rajasthan Freedom of Religion Bill, 2005, back four days ago though the news was leaked only today, state government sources said. By returning the bill related to the law against forceful conversion Pratibha Patil showed that Pope is above of Indian Constitution for her. Conversions are banned in BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Gujarat, and Congress-ruled Arunachal Pradesh. In Madhya Pradesh, the law was passed when Arjun Singh was chief minister in the Congress’s “soft Hindutva” days, when it opened the locks of the “disputed” structure in Ayodhya. Elected legislator and MPs will decide they want half Shekhawat or complied Shekhawat for presidentship. They will make fool to the bahurupiyas or will make themselves fools in the hands of congress. Note:
Petition will be sent with the signature of Former External Minister and present the leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha Shri Jaswant Singh. It will be sent to more than 100 organization of the world and thousands individuals.
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We should be Hanuman for Rame Cause
 By Premendra

Majority of Fools: UPA of United Fools

June 15, 2007

There is comparison between a Machiavellian parable titled The king’s new robe” and UPA Government: UPA Government and team of Musicians:  Is our government not of fools? Who is or are smart? Closure quota Fight in Rajsthan & intelligence quotient or IQ  

The king’s new robe and UPA

There is an example of a Machiavellian parable titled “The king’s new robe”. I will not write here full story. I mention here only one paragraph: Once upon a time, a vain and foolish king ruled the people. Despite his vanity and low IQ, most of the people fawned over him and kissed his butt, praising his lame policies as if they were brilliant and original. The king believed all of the fawning toadies who surrounded him, and he began to imagine that he was as brilliant as everyone said. Perhaps this story is being sowed in the political fiels of India to reap the foolish crop to make fool whole India.

One day, the foolish king said to his Court Magician, “A wise king like me needs to be surrounded by wise people. Devise a method whereby I can instantly tell if the person who seeks to give me advice is as wise as I am.” The Court Magician, who was a big a scoundrel as the king was a fool, said, “I shall go to my laboratory in the tower and will return tomorrow with the solution to your problem, O- king wiser than Solomon and brighter than the sun.   On the next day, the Court Magician returned and told the king, “Here, as you can see, is a resplendent set of garments so beautiful that only you, O Great One, can wear it. And, though you can plainly see the garments, people who are foolish cannot. To the fool, these garments are invisible.” The Magician saw a maid polishing furniture in the corner of the room. “Come here, woman.” he commanded. “What do you see in my hands?” “Why, nothing, Sir.”   The Magician beamed at the king. “So you see, Sire, the foolish and uneducated are unable to behold the magnificence of these garments. This is because the garments are made from the cloth of wisdom, and fools cannot see wisdom.”   The king immediately stripped naked and put on the new and fabulous garments. He called all of his court to meet him in the Great Hall. When they were assembled, the Magician explained the nature of the garments to the court, assuring them that anyone who could not see the king’s resplendent new garments would be summarily banned from the king’s presence. When the king entered, bare-ass naked, members of the court applauded and praised his new clothing, gasping in astonishment at the beauty of the colors and design. “But the king is naked!” exclaimed the maid. Those who heard her remark rolled their eyes and winked at each other. The poor maid was far too stupid to behold the king’s grand new robes.   The Court Magician was overwhelmed with orders for Wisdom Clothing, and many gold coins were pressed into his itchy palm. No matter how many orders he received, the Magician delivered the new Wisdom Clothing the very next day to each who had paid him.   Eventually, the entire court was clad only in Wisdom Clothing. Everyone in the court made fun of the common people who walked around clad only in cloth and leather, not wisdom.   “But they are all naked!” exclaimed the maid, over and over, to anyone who would listen to her. “Even my maids need to be smarter than that stupid bitch,” said the. “Get rid of her.” So, the maid was fired and her husband and children became furious with her for losing her palace job and the respectable income that they had all enjoyed. “But they were all naked!” protested the sobbing former maid over and over as she dabbed her black eye with a cold cloth.   “You stupid cow,” said her husband who had never seen the king or been in the palace. “Do you think you are smarter than the whole court?” He smacked her again and walked out of the room in disgust.  

Drama of ancient Greek

We may take fresh current example. There is a talk of Presidetial candidtate between the Congress, its allies and Left. Is this not the drama equillant to the ancient drama of Greek? Presetnt government wasted three years in this type of dramas. The actual actor is only one imported Super PM.  Actors wearing masks—very large masks, performed the great Greek tragedy in an amphitheater. You could not see the face of the actor; the actor came on stage, and he would play different parts at different times—behind the same mask! And the audience followed the drama very clearly, and often with great passion. Because they did not see the actor on stage; they saw the drama on the stage of their imagination.  

UPA Government and team of Musicians

PM and its cabinet are like the team of poor musicians, who is well-trained, but the team can only perform the notes; it can not perform the music.   It is said that Bill Clinton was a failure, because often, when he came to a point of a decision, and he knew that this decision was important for his country and the whole world, he sacrificed humanity for the sake of either his vanity, or his short-term personal advantage. Two examples are here. Marc Rich is one of Switzerland’s wealthiest residents, and is one of its largest taxpayers. Because of him Q to Oil for Food scam of Congress is underground. Now media stopped to say about Pune’s Racehorse Hasan Ali of Rs 350 million which reached to Swiss Bank. Mark Rich was sentenced to 325 years in prison but Bill Clinton pardoned him at the end of 2000.   One astonishing sequence in “The Path to 9/11” shows the CIA and the Northern Alliance surrounding Bin Laden’s house in Afghanistan.  They’re on the verge of capturing Bin Laden, but they need final approval from the Clinton administration in order to go ahead.  They phone Clinton, but he and his senior staff refuse to give authorization for the capture of Bin Laden, for fear of political fall-out if the mission should go wrong and civilians are harmed.   In Indian scenario we could successfully handle Bangladesh Liberation War. But neither could we take back PoK captured by Pak in the exchange of more than 90 thousand Pak soldiers who were in India as war prisoners nor want to destroy terrorist training camps of PoK or Pakistan or both after that.   Most leading politicians in the world are as bad or far worse, than Bill Clinton and his clones in India. They have no sense of immortality. For example, like a resistance fighter, or a leader in war: What is his or her interest?  

Is our government not of fools? Who is or are smart?

People do not think that, fools can be leaders too! People do not assume that, fools, like Dan Quayle, can serve as the Vice President of the United States! But he did! His political career was over once his foolishness was known, but that should not be the case.   Putting fools at the position of leadership actually has great benefits. Fools obey the rules and cannot figure out evil plans. CBI, Law Minister, Govt Solicitor were acted in Bofors and other cases as their smart High Command instructed.  

Closure Fight in Rajsthan & intelligence quotient or IQ

Raje stops quota fight between Gjjars and Meenas in Rajasthan. It becomes the sad news for Congress.   Therefore, vote bank politicians demand laws to ban discrimination based on intelligence quotient or IQ, perceived IQ or similar measures. We call on governments to implement policies prohibiting preferential treatments for people with high achievements or IQs. (Perceived) Intelligence should not be a factor in job application, scholarship application or school admission. Fools should not be afraid that showing their foolishness might have negative consequences.   They also call for affirmative actions for fools. Foolish children should receive more lecture time from teachers. Test scores should be normalized against students’ IQ. Fools should receive more relaxed standards for job performance, for example, more time to complete a task than that given to a “smart” person. Fools should receive more training from employers. Fools should not receive lower salaries than smart people. They call for government agencies to enforce these regulations and to accept complains from fools for intelligence discrimination.   They are in the last barrier toward addressing inequalities in our society, that of intelligence-based discrimination. Race, gender and other forms of discrimination have been outlawed, and it is time to take action to eliminate injustices due to intelligence. We have presented the rational for fool equality and concrete measures to be implemented. It is time to implement these actions and to have all people, dumb and smart, as equals and sharing the same potential for successful, happy and satisfying lives.     

By Premendra Agrawal