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Victory of Raipur on America: Separation of twin for life: Conversion for death

May 30, 2007

Raipur the capital of poorest state of India separAted twin without taking a single rupee but America wants. American doctor Walker understands why the American hospital said no. The surgeries and subsequent care take teams of up to 100 and the doctor estimates it would cost $2 million to $3 million to separate the twin.  

Ye Kahani Hai Diye Ki Aur Toofan Ki,

Ram laxaman ke desh Hindustan ki,

Ram sethu toadnen aur joadnen ki,

Jindgi denen aur jindgi Lenen ki,

Vanaron ne banaya thaa Ram Sethu

bachayen ge, Ravan jalayen ge bhi

UP men dum hai ki nahin jaante nahin ham

Ram laxaman men dam hai jaante hai ham  

Skynews says which can’t be said by Indian secular media 

he mother, 25-year-old Premwati Kohl, is a labourer who earns less than 30 rupees a day (equivalent to about 34 pence) and she gave birth naturally, at home, without medical help. “That in itself is astonishing,” Dr Kundan Gedam, one of the operating team, said.“Normally this type of birth would only be possible by cesarean section.” But the boys, who are named after Hindu gods, survived – and so did their mother. 

Naming twins as Ram and laxman, saved them

Its correspondent further says:“When I saw them for the first time after they were born, I nearly passed out,” their mother said.“I wanted to kill myself and the children because I didn’t know how I would cope.”She found a doctor who would help them and who took the twins to Raipur, the state capital, where they were cared for in the Bhim Rao Ambedkar government hospital for nearly 10 months. Internet and borrowing equipment gave lives to the twinsA team of Indian surgeons has successfully separated conjoined twins after researching the operation on the internet and borrowing equipment to do the job. The medical team borrowed expensive surgical equipment – a harmony scalpel – from an international baby care manufacturer (Johnson and Johnson) to perform the operation. The boys are in good health following the operation but will be kept under observation for the next three days, said Ashok Sharma, who led the surgery team at Raipur’s Ambedkar Government Hospital. The hospital said it was covering all costs. PTI said Tuesday’s was the fourth surgery of its kind performed in India. The operation on 10-month-old twins Ram and Laxman was done in one of India’s poorest states, Chhattisgarh, and is being lauded as a medical achievement against the odds. By early evening, the twins were independent after the successful rare operation of 5 hours for the first time in their short lives, and two hours after being separated they were awake and blinking under the glare of the theatre lights – white plaster with their names written on, still stuck to their foreheads. “They are okay now,” Dr Amin Memon said. “Both Ram and Lakshman are fine and doing well,” Deputy Superintendent of Raipur Medical College Hospital Dr M P Pujhari said. During the surgery, the liver and the Sternum (breastbone) were separated, Sharma said.

Life takers naxals vs life giver doctors team

This is the small state where General Secretary of UPCL so called Human Rights org has been arrested on the charges of ‘Rashtra Droh’ for keeping link to help the naxalites. Few renouned journalist of India came here to organize agitation for making free the accused of Rashtra droh. This is the BJP led state where tribal are being gun down daily by the naxalites but not a single human activist of the world protest for this. Secular media has special daily coverage to encourage the naxal Maoists. 

Political Journalistic separation for taking life giving death

Not a single in fake secular  media who told the falsehood of so called conversion poperations in Race Course of Mumbai organized by Ram and Laxam means Ramdas Athwale and laxman Mane. Rediff and other secular media published interview of many participants of the festival. One media thousands, another thoudand thousands, third fifty thousand, fourth one lakh and the chain of secular politicans and journalists doctotors’ team was to bark. These conversion experts certified with in few hours that all are Hindus who wanted conversion. Have you saw and heard bigger than this fraud. This is secular media a partnership team with UPA and Left. They have got instruction from their undergound god for making Hindus in minority. Foreign borns have greater role in this operation of separation of the innocent poor people. This fair was inaugrated by CM and Deputy CM of Maharashtra. Have you seen this type of secular government any where in the world? 

Victory of Raipur on America

There is a report of May 29, 2007 reached here from America through sltrib.  With infant daughters fused at their lower spines, Kerry and Anna Clark have braught from California to Utah of America for the operation. Clark twins’ surgery set for June 18, 2007. The same surgeons who separated the Herrin twins last summer will care for Allyson and Avery Clark. But more often, Primary Children’s must decline chances to perform perhaps the most complex surgery there is – even as its stature grows with widespread publicity after the successful separation of Kendra and Maliyah Herrin. Recently, the hospital sought help elsewhere for twins from India who are connected at the skull.

While surgeons find the work rewarding, it’s simply too costly for hospital administrators to accept everyone. The surgeries and subsequent care take teams of up to 100 and costs can run in the millions – too steep for a hospital that dedicates its charity care to children in Utah and four surrounding states.  “There always is a contribution from the hospital and the physicians in the care of these most complex cases, even for somebody who is 100 percent insured,” Clark said. “When we take on the care of a child like this, we take on all the care, irrespective of what the insurance company is committed to paying.”  

* Elisa and Lisa Hansen, born 1978, USA

In 1979, a team separated the Hansen twins from Layton.  Separation, at 19 months, took place in gradual stages, to allow their brains time to acclimatise. Lisa was left with significant brain damage and uses a wheelchair, while Elise is more able-bodied. Now adults, the twins lead happy lives with their family near Salt Lake City. That’s why Walker has consulted with surgeons in Los Angeles, Dallas, London, Vancouver and Cleveland on such surgeries. And it’s why a surgeon in India wrote him in April, asking to send 3-year-old conjoined twins to Utah.Walker understands why the hospital said no. He estimates it would cost $2 million to $3 million to treat the girls.What ‘Conjoined twins’ means Cases of conjoined twins are extremely rare and happen in approximately one in 1,00,000 cases. Conjoined twins are twins whose bodies are joined together at birth. This happens in an estimated one in 200,000 births, with approximately half being stillborn, and about 70 to 75% being female. The overall survival rate for conjoined twins is between 5% and 25%.Conjoined twins form in one of two ways. The first is fission, in which the fertilized egg splits partially, resulting in two-to-one type conjoined twins, i.e. Dicephalus twins. The second is fusion, a more common type of conjoined twinning, is when a fertilized egg completely separates, but stem cells (which search for similar cells) find like-stem cells on the other twin and fuses the twins together. This results in single and relative organ sharing, i.e. Thorapagus twins. 

What do twins think about being separated

Although the difficulties they face are considerable, some conjoined twins, like Lori and Reba, are content, and have adjusted psychologically and physically to their shared lives.  Ladan and Laleh Bijani said that they had waited for 29 years for the operation to separate them, and were determined to go ahead with it, whatever the risk.  

Twins separated in infancy, like Hassan and Hussein, who have no memory of being joined, may be glad to have had the chance of independent lives. Lori and Reba Schappell, born 1961, Pennsylvania 

The only pair of unseparated adult twins alive today with a join at the top of the head: They have separate brains and thought processes, but share some tissue and blood supply, making separation impossible. Reba is much shorter than Lori, and sits on a wheeled stool, which Lori navigates. Institutionalised as children, they have fought against the label of ‘mental handicap’ and now live successfully in the outside world, without help.

Their personalities and interests are very different, but the twins love each other and say they don’t want to be separated. They object to the assumption that such close proximity makes their life unbearable. ‘Assume it’s not difficult,’ says Lori, ‘until we tell you it is’. 

Laleh and Ladan Bijani, born 17 January 1974, Firouzabad, Iran

Iranian sisters Ladan and Laleh Bijani had been conjoined at the head since birth. For as long as they could remember, they wanted to live as separate individuals. Both women studied law at Tehran University; Ladan wanted to be a lawyer, while Laleh had plans to become a journalist. The surgery to separate them took place at a hospital in Singapore in July 2003.  It was the first time surgeons tried to separate adult siblings joined at the head.

The major problem facing surgeons attempting this operation is to ensure that the blood supply to both brains is maintained at all times. Laleh and Ladan had been warned before the surgery that they had only a 50:50 chance of surviving the surgery, but both were determined to proceed despite the risks. As the operation progressed, it became clear that separation would be more complex than anticipated. After 29 years of sharing the same skull cavity, the twins’ brains had fused together, and to separate them would involve cutting through their brain tissue millimetre by millimetre.

The procedure was further complicated because the blood circulation between the twins was unstable. They were finally separated after 53 hours, but the twins suffered particularly heavy loss of blood, causing their circulatory systems to fail. Doctors tried to save the women by giving them emergency transfusions, but an hour after separation Ladan died. Her sister Laleh died 90 minutes later. The case prompted debate over the ethics of separation. Should the operation have gone ahead when the risks were so great, or should the wishes of the twins and quality of life issues take precedence?Hassan and Hussein Abdulrehman, born 1986, Sudan The boys, extensively joined at the chest and pelvis, were successfully separated at eight months by Professor Lewis Spitz at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

In infancy, Hassan was the weaker, and the boys’ parents were told that he was unlikely to survive. Now teenagers, Hussein has the quieter personality, and Hassan is more outgoing. The boys had just two legs between them, and shared many organs. In surgery they were each given one leg, and skin from a useless third leg was used to cover their wounds. The boys are very close, but have no recollection of being joined. Despite undergoing numerous operations, and being left with some disabilities, they feel lucky and proud to have been separated. 

By- Premendra Agrawal  


Agni with dera: Ghar Vapsi vs Religious Disintigration

May 30, 2007

If the Sikh protests will be peacefull then it should be a remarkable achievent against the evil efforts of evoking religious disintegaration means conversion tamashas. Sikhs should be catious towards Agni whose standing is not different than Dera Chief. Call of ‘Returning Sikh Religious fold” is as “Ghar Vapsi” move. 

“Ghar Vapsi” has begunIn a significant development, a delegation of 21 Dera followers sought protection from SGPC as they feared harm to their life and property. Led by Mukhtiar Singh they arrived at the SGPC office to meet Makkar and Vedanti.Mukhtiar Singh said he was scared of the ongoing fight between Dera and Sikh bodies and was also upset over the bickering within the sect on this volatile matter. “We had no animosity or differences with Sikhs and want SGPC to protect us,” he said in an appeal. 

People want peace and don’t want to see interfearance of others in a particular faith or religion. Ghar Vapsi is a good move in this direction. 

Similarity of Agni with Dera ChiefDera Sacha Sauda, which has thousands of followers, says it is a social organisation that believes in the oneness of god and does not adhere to a particular faith, though its leader wears a turban and has a long beard in the Sikh style. Ask Agnivesh. He will say the same. His religion is only anti-Hinduism. He appreciate every religion accept Hinduism. But he covers his brain with saffron turbon as Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh wants to see as Sikh. The media, leaders and parties who want this type of secularism, so they are giving publicity to Agni for giving for spreading fire (Agni)  to burn the peace in India. This is not the ‘yagy’ for the purification of atmosphere. Vesh of Agni may be called as fire ut not saffron. Saffron is a symbol of Hinduism. Even BBC, Sonia and fake seculars called Hindu Org as Saffron. See any newspaper of any day. Agnivesh is against Anti-Hindu organizations.  Who are nameless followers behind the draft of Dera’s appology?Agnivesh and with his innovative team self made or made by so called high command of a political party earlier met top Sikh priests inside the Golden Temple complex on May 29 and handed over a copy of the dera chief’s apology. Dera Sacha Sauda chief’s apology as he did not sign on apology letter. It is signed by Dera manager. Have they not seen all these cannings in the letter of apology? The priests said the apology was “no more than a shrewd tactic of the Dera Chief to divert attention from the fact that he himself is not forthcoming with the apology but is instead trying to hide behind nameless followers”. Who were behind the operation Blue Star? Show me a single statement of so called mediator Agni against Congress and Sonia Gandhi? The Akal Takht Jathedar Vedanti said that Baba Gurmit Ram Rahim Singh is arrogant and cunning who is finding shelter behind his followers like a weak and deceitful person.  Doctor divided to give life Ram laxman and vote bankers…………Ten-month-old conjoined twins Ram and Laxman, who were separated by doctors in a very risky and delicate surgery in
Raipur on May 29, are stable though the next 10 days will be critical. Opposite to it fake secular anti-social elements divide the united people by their so called secular scissors. People should be caution on Agni’s move and the giants who are behind him and his so called sarv dharm sadbhav.  Call for coming back to the fold of SikhismAkal Takht Jathedar Joginder Singh Vedanti has said that cases against Dera Sacha Sauda chief should continue. Peaceful protest against the Dera will continue, the Akal Takht said. It also called upon the Sikh followers of Dera to leave the sect and “come back to Sikhism.” The Antii-Hindu elements so called seculars should stop their move against the move of ‘Ghar Vapsi’ initiated by Rajya Sabha Member Dilip Singh Judeo and others. Current development may show the right path to the forcefully convered poor tribes in the Christianty or in other religion. Punjabnewline has rightly commented that the decision of the Akal Takht not to accept the apology tendered by dera Sacha Sauda Chief Baba Gurmit Ram Rahim Singh may not be considered good omen for peace in
Punjab but it appears to be a timely decision to prevent religious disintegration.  Any move to disintegrate the religious Sikhs should be opposed in the democratic way. Fake secular media should stop to encourage the Christian Missionaries conversion acts aimed to disintegrate the Hindus. On the instruction of Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh created a minority ministry to make its minister Antuley whose duty is day and night as Sachar to find the ways to make the Hindus in minority. Objection over the name of Dera Chief is in a right wayBaba was born as Gurmit Singh in a Jat Sikh family of Ganga Nagar district of Rajasthan but he added suffixes of Ram and Rahim in his name to put a secular face before the people. Haryana Sikh Gurudwara Parbhandak Committee (HSGPC) president Jagdish Singh Jhinda raised objection over the name of Dera chief Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. `His name suggests that the Guru’s of Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs and Chrisitians failed to accomplish their job and by incorporating the names from all religion, he (Dera chief) is trying to prove himself above the Guru’s,” Jhinda said.   Jhinda said that Dera chief Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh should change his name as his name is hurting the sentiments of different religion from is already his act.  S.S.Ahluwalia, Rajya Sabha member of BJP has asked the former to drop ‘Gurmeet Singh’ as part of his name and adopt a new name after he insulted the tenth guru of the Sikhs Guru Gobind Singh by appearing in attire similar to the one worn by the guru and distributed amrit (nectar) to his followers at his Dera in Sirsa. Organized movement should be to expose fakes I wrote an article titled “Peace Raises of
Malegaon & ‘The Hindu’ Daily” on Sept 9, 2006 also as: If Non-Hindus with Hindu names and makeup to honor the Hinduism instead of deceiving the people then they are welcomed? Otherwise their masks should be torn. There must be organized movement to expose fakes. They are more dangerous then Telgi’s fake stamps scam. They should be exposed by wiriting articles, books, agitation and all other democratic ways. Youths who want to serve the nation should come forward this holy cause. This is not the holy cause of Conversion to Christ or training for terrorism. This is the cause of nationalism. Hindu organizations should guide the youths for this movement.  There should be a movement against bahurupiyas: Mera juta hai japani, patlun Englishtani, sar pe lal topi rusi, fir bhi dil hai Hindustani: This song of Rajkapoor says: if your heart is for the sake of Indianess then O.K. otherwise face opposition. I am pleased to see that on the line of my above move SS Ahluwalia and Jagdish Singh Jhinda came forward. I hope that people of other faiths and religions will also follow this move. The act of Baba Gurmit Ram Rahim Singh is not just matter of hurting the Sikh sentiments but his actions attributed to interference in other religions. The Akal Takht has asked the SGPC to take legal opinion how dera Sacha Sauda was using symbols of other religions.

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By- Premendra Agrawal

Fuel to fire in Raj for votes of quotaism

May 29, 2007

Dausa is burning and former CM Gahlot and local Congress MP Yuva Turk Sachin Piolot are with their partner media fuelling to fire of Quota which is burnt by the Congress to divide the people of
India. Sachin Pilot could play a pivotal role in this scenario; Rahul Gandhi blessing is also with him. If they are young then they should be young for making peace instead of giving fire. Is this Gandhism or Gandhigiri?

Sachin Pilot belongs to the Gujar community. As his father Shri Rajesh Pilot had,  he has also a strong base in Dausa constituency. Who instruct him to give air to fire in Rajasthan for getting votes in the coming assembly election there? 

Declare all citizens as SC/ST/OBC/

Present fire in Rajasthan is another face of Qota Researvation. Giving quota as SC/ST to Gujjar community is in the hands of the parliament where UPA with left in the majority. Now Mandal II Arjun Singh is in the race of Presidentship. DMK Chief TN CM has met Sonia Gandhi for this move. Now CPM has changed his loyalty. Now he is in support of Arjun Singh who has allergy for saffron color.

This is what happens when the quota thing is forcibly seeped through the country. Every group of people will try to make their own community being placed in a favorable position, holding the national interest to ransom.

Add to it the opportunistic attitude of our politicians are misguiding people to take pride in dragging others down. One commentator rightly said “I am a first timer expressing my opinion. Declare all citizens as Indians OR declare all citizens as SC/ST/OBC/ etc.” 

“Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic”

In a function Narayan Murthy and President Kalam both were present. A suggestion came there for NR Natrayan Murthy as a presidential candidate then kalam said three times “Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic”.

What a fantastic way of remaining in POWER and destroying tbe basic culture of India “Simple living and High thinking” which now becomes “High living and low thinking”  Are arayan Murthy and kalam both fools to be simple with great knowledge? Should Sick-ular Arjun Singh ‘No walk but talk for quota’ be a guiding light for the people of India?   Caste and Religion base quota

Why there is a competition to be backward instead of forward? The original architect of Mandal politics, VP Singh, had declared his intention to fight for caste-based reservations in the Parliament as well as the judiciary. We should learn from the beautiful wordings of C S Levis: ‘Beauty is not democratic; she reveals herself more to the few than to the many, more to the persistent and disciplined seekers than to the careless. Virtue is not democratic; she is achieved by those who pursue her more hotly than most men. Truth is not democratic; she demands special talents and special industry in those to whom she gives her favors’. 

Media should play a responsible role

Fake secular media is perfect in the role of fake secular journalism. Now IBN & other secular channels will show police beating protestors and will not show the protestors beating police. This is the wild & ugly secular face of Indian journalism. Still it is titled as “…Gurjars clash with Police…” A leading Hindi daily ‘Naiduniya’ gave main heading in the front page “Mangaa quota mili maut”

An anchor of one channel barks that police claim is false which says police fired when they are surrounded by the violent crowd. That anchor throws the theory that the police claim is false because in the violence only two police men are killed but other causality in the crowd is greater. Is secularism means to evoke the anger of a particular community against the police whose duty is to make the law and order for maintaining peace. Why fake seculars labeled the crowd in a particular community. What is harm if they avoid this labeling? There was a time when media adopted the self made ethic for not labeling causalies with a particular caste or religion. But fake secular media forget this to support the fake secular Congress, its allies and left. Bigger crime is another played by another channel. It said that police officers sent by BJP Vasundhara Raje government were Non-Gujjar means jaat and according to that channel’s theory this was also the reason for the anger of Gujjar protestors. CNN-IBN says in the end of its news: “The Gurjars in Rajasthan feel politically alienated and that seems to be manifesting in violence. Gurjar leaders are upset with the slow progress the community is making. They claim the Jats and Meenas also belonging to the same region and having more or less the same background have forged ahead and secured top positions in government jobs.They are also worried about the fact that the Jats have forced their way into the OBC category.” Indirectly the CNN-IBN wants to say that reservation of backwardness is the only medicine for the progress of Gujjar and other communities. Is this intelligent and responsible media whose duty is to show the right path also to the people? BiG B says that see his art not judge him that he has love with a young girl.  These light lamps of both eyes are leading

India! I recall an old short story of mine. A blind man was walking in the road in the night with a lantern. Person having two eyes asked him why he could not see due to his blindness even that why he was with it. Blindman said it is for the persons of both side so they could saw him. The story give lesson today that illiterate poor people are better Indians then the above said the ambassador of so many brands and modern Pulitzers.   

Don’t divide police in caste and religion basis

Prior to this PM lectured for the fair share of Muslims in the security forces. Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said in a channel that police of BJP led state is communal and Non-BJP led governments’ police is secular. Now the irresponsible few media giats are dividing police on caste basis.

If I say that these media are foreign funded and in the grip of Christian Missionary organization abroad and with in India, then they become redish.  

Why Congress redish bloodish?

Before this I though that red color lover are communist parties. Now I see that a big corner of media is also becomes redish. I recall an incident when Russian President was in the tour of
South India. There bettle leave was presented to him in honor. Ater eating that his lips became red then he said that now he had realized that not only
Russia but Indians were also the lover of red color means communism. This is always fact whenever Congress ruled with the help of Communist. Nehru and Indira were also redish to be depending on the Left parties. 

Protest of Gujjars was silent but……

The protestors, who are members of the Gujjar community, were demanding Scheduled Tribe status instead of OBC. The community currently is in the other Backward Caste category. How long will people of
India give be biased towards this Gujjar community who has a long history of sacrifice and valour? Only those who lacks common sense will believe that a violent group of more than 50,000 people will just lead to few casualities of police and their own people. The protest is totally peaceful and political; it should have been dealt in the peaceful and political manner. Why home minister of Rajasthan has ordered police not to use force because they know if gurjars become violent it will be difficult for even military to control the situation. Fake secular media and Congress leaders should not play false with fire to disturb the elected non-Congress government by hook and crook.  

Why not Quota Policy in
Pakistan and other neihbouring counrries?

Are there not Gujjars?Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry the Former President of
Pakistan. Chaudhry Amir Hussain Speaker of National Assembly of
Pakistan. Shoaib Akhtar , the World’s Fastest Bowler Ever. He made a World Record by Clocking 100Mph Twice. Mohammad Asif, the Best Fast Bowler of the
Pakistan Cricket Team. Mian Muhammad Baksh considered to be the second best Punjabi Poet ever. Author of Saif Ul-Maluk The list is very long.  Are Gujjars backward in
India?Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel known as the ‘Iron Man of India’ . Inder Kumar Gujral the Former Prime Minister of
India Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed the Former President of
India. Rajesh Pilot and his son SachinVijay Singh Pathik: Indian Revolutionary, Satyagrahi and Hindi Poet Dhan Singh Kotwal: Indian freedom fighter. The first sepoy to revolt against the British in
Meerut in 1857. Jaiveer Nagar: Dynamic Gujjar leader, and Former President Delhi Youth Congress. Vishwajeet Pradhan , a Bollywood Actor – acted in more than 50 movies. Avtar Singh Bhadana , a Mamber of Parliament from
Faridabad(Haryana). Naresh Gujral, Rajya Sabha Member in
India. He is the Son of former Prime Minister IK Gujral & was elected unopposed as a Rajya Sabha Member from
Punjab in 2007. Coach-Cum-Services Team Manager(Wrestling),SSCB
Delhi. Shri Shiv Narain Singh (1898-1945) – An altruist, philanthropic Tehsildar & later Freedom Fighter in Baghpat Tehsil, who was very popular and famous for his work towards upliftment of women. He revolted against British & refused to give away his Tehsildari also. He built a famous temple in Village Bhagout near
Delhi. Madhu Prakash Singh: BTech, MBA – Manager with Tata Group Arun Kumar Gurjar (IRS), Presently posted as Deputy Director (Inv.)
Delhi Archana Gurjar (IAAS), presently posted in Jaipur as Deputy Accountant General, RajasthanKuldeep singh Chandpuri (hero of longowal battle) .Border movie is made on his heroic battle in longowal and ‘sunny deol’ is casting as kuldeep singh chandpuri in movie. Shri Hoshiar Singh Bhadana. HCS retired. President, Gujar Samaj Kalyan Parishad, Gujar Bhavan,
Chandigarh. Mr. Param Bir Singh, (IPS) Additional Comissioner of Police, Mumbai. (Son of Shri Hoshiar Singh Bhadana) And so many others who can’t be counted.  Tags: Fire in Rajasthan Gahlot Sachin Gujjar Protest Raje Gandhism Caste Quota Reservation SC/ST Arjun VP Singh Mandal DMK Presidential candidate Kalam Narayan Murthy Dausa CNN-IBN Non-BJP Communal Christian Pakistan Red Bloodish; tag this  By- Premendra Agrawal 

Mrityubhoj to thousands in race couse ground of Mumbai by Secular CM Deputy CM?

May 28, 2007

Mritubhoj by CM and Deuputy CM; Why not jail to the clones of Pravin Mahajan; Pravin Mahajan & Dawood’s brother learning Art of Living;  Why conversion-rape of girls-dalits and tribes; Ulta chor kotwal ko dante due to intelligence failure; Congressee guest houses for conversion; Convert fake secular leaders and media in to dalitism 

Mritubhoj by CM and Deuputy CMMritubhoj by CM and Deuputy CM on conversion of their Hindu family: Thousands Dalits embraced Buddhism in a massive gathering at the Race Course grounds in Mumbai on May 27, 07 in the presence of CM Vilasrao Deshmukh and Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil. Are these convertor Hindus not related to the Hindu family of Deshmukh and Patil?  

Mrityu bhoj is an evil in which a feast is given on the death of a person by the family of the dead person. On the occasion of this mrityu bhoj, Vilas distribute the sweets to sanction Rs 50 crore for the development of Ambedkar’s memorial at Chaityabhoomi in Dadar. The state had already given Rs 10 crore to the BMC, he said, adding that the state would also ask the Centre to declare the Chaityabhoomi as a national memorial. Is this not bribery for conversion? 

Ulta chor kotwal ko dante due to intelligence failureDeputy Chief Minister R R Patil said adopting the teachings of the Buddha was the only way to prevent wars and destruction. Patil said that despite Ambedkar giving a call to the Hindu clergy in 1935 to give Dalits equal rights, there had been no response, forcing him to convert to Buddhism.  

Fake secular media administered by Hindus and fake secular Hindu leaders who ruled
India more than 50 years after independence blamed others and encourage convesion instead of solving their economic and social problem. 

Is this not the intelligence failure of the so called converting dalits? Is this not the sin of rulers of
India? Is Congress not the sardar of ruling kabailies? “Galti kare malik aur sajaa paye naukar” 

Congressee guest houses for conversionCongress has made guest houses of Christianty and other religions for dalits. For the entertainment there are so many types of Miss Mr India and Miss Mr World. Enjoy freely without disturbance. There was news in India TV. Young couples enjoy in an empty safe place of mosque by paying Rs 20 only. But here in Congress rule instead of paying you get money and other things. “Gajab ki jagah hai agar man kare to waha chale jao ..tumhe koi disturbe nahi karega” 

Congress wants conversion so not providing ration cards “Hindus are committing atrocities on Hindus. No other religion treats its followers the way Hinduism does. We have no ration cards and no identity. By joining Buddhism, I feel we can change all this,” says Nandakumar Pawar, a member of the Pardhi community, who came from Barsi village in Solapur. A majority of the converts belonged to this community.  

I want to ask so called Dalit leaders. You are managing conversion in the presence of CM and Deputy CM. Is the duty of providing ration card not of
Maharashtra government ruled by Congress of CM and NCP of Deputy CM? Why are you making fool to the poor innocent dalits? Yoyr these sins can’t wash any religion even Budhism. Ask this question from any your religious head and after that send comment to me.  

Don’t turn the electronic voting machine in to conversion machine. Is not providing ration cards the fault of Hinduism? Is this not the fault of Congress NCP Govt? 

Convert fake secular leaders and media in to dalitism Dalit should not adopt conversion. They should conert fake secular leader and foreign funded media in to dalit and the dalits should fill up the blanks. This is the only injection to cure the canceer of fake secularism. This type of suggestion, I have also given for solving the problems of terrorism and naxal Maoism. Army Chief should be PM and present PM should be Army Chief for getting practical experience. This technique should be adopted in every field. When I commented in this way in then it blocked me for seven days for commenting agains. These seculars are blind. They have no capacity and ability to see that they should not block the Oxygen of Hinduism which is flowing in
India since ancient time.  Former legisltator laxman Mane observed how the nomadic and scheduled tribes had to bear the brunt of the caste system. “In the 60 years since
Independence, we have not even managed to produce a single junior level revenue officer from the community, leave alone an IAS or IPS officer. The rate of education in the nomadic tribes is a dismal 0.6 per cent, a matter of shame for the state and Central governments,” he said. Mane said that marital intermingling among all castes was the only way to destroy the caste system. 

Who are giving bad name to the castes and religions? Who are misusing these to adopt the policy of divide and rule? Who want to give caste and religious based quota to divide the people? Who are allowing religious based head counting? 

Dalits in Mahrashtra are as beautiful girls. All secular vote bank political goondas’ sexy-vote banky eyes want to kidnap them. We should know what the fate of those kidnapped girls is after some time. Kavitha and Madhumitha are not two. Numbers of these are more.  

Why not jail to the clones of Pravin MahajanPravin is in jail after shooting his elder brother Pramod Mahajan. What is the fault of Pramod still unknown? Their father was dead in their childhood. Pramod was as father for them. Even that he was assassinated by his own younger brother. The same happening is in the India of Hindus inder the international conspiracy, vote bank, divide and rule policies. . 

Fake secular media admininstered by Hindus publicized whole heartedly the news by multiplying 100 times. Ibnlive administered by Rajdeep Sardesai even made false claim that Dalai Lama would give Diksha to the convertiors. Fake secular leaders including CM and Deputy CM are jumped with joy of the death-conversion of their community. They join in the blaming game of the promoters of conversion. Fact is that
India is in the hands of Congress since 1930 and since that Congress is in the hands of Nehru Gandhi Dynasty. Who slaps on their red cheek? On whose blood their cheeks are redish? These satta-bhogis  to remain in power kept dailts as dalits. Jagjivan Ram former minister and father of Congress leader Meera Kumar was represented Sasaram of Bihar. After him even Present Minister messiah of dalits represents Sasaram. And irony is that Sasaram is still the most backward.  

Why conversion-rape of girls-dalits and tribes“Then there is the issue of the police-politician nexus. Politicians eliminate their rivals and blame members of our community. We are helpless,” claims a leader who manages conversion. 

Sivaji Bhonsle, hailing from Baramati taluk in Songaon district, agrees with Pawar and alleges, “Boys who are aged between 15 and 18 years are picked up from the village for crimes they never committed. Whatever those with money and muscle-power say is gospel. Nobody listens to us.” 

Is ‘police-politician nexus’ a fault of Hinduism or the conspiracy of Congress by froeigner born and still in the leadership of foreign borns? Who is responsible for kidnapping in
Bihar and other states? Who is responsible for the serial killings in Nihatri of Noida? Who is given clean chit to Mohinder pandher in whose bldg all happened? Bon’t be fool and don’t make fool others. 

Indian girls need protection from police but police itself rapes them or presented them to the leaders for that. RAPE is FOR PROFIT Trafficking of Nepali Girls and Women to
India‘s Brothels. Is this a chapter of Hinduism? A young girl had been raped in front of her father, brother, sister and others. Like that conversions are going on freely in the present rule.Does Hinduism teach this? 

Pravin Mahajan & Dawood’s brother learning Art of Living On April 30, 07 “These courses are conducted by Art of Living regularly for the inmates here. They serve to bring together rival factions and smooth out tension within the inmates. It becomes easier to deal with them after they have gone through such sessions,” said Jail Superintendent Swatee Sathe. “The turnout was great today. Pravin Mahajan and Iqbal Kaskar were among the 1,500 participants.” 

“I have participated in the program four times now, and have even taken the advanced course. As a result, I have realised that my past actions were wrong. Sudarshan Kriya has especially helped me a lot,” said Radheshyam Shah, an accused in the Bilkis Bano case and currently lodged in the jail.“Most prisoners tell us that if we had taught them such lessons before, they would not have committed the crime in the first place. However, they say that they are glad they have gone through the course as it will help them in the future. We have helped lots of inmates from Tihar jail fighting stigma and getting over their past to set up businesses, once they were released,” said Hazra. 

Why does Sudarshan Kriya not for dalits and tribes who are being evoked for conversion? Why do we not want to see Radheshyams and Hazras in dalits and tribe? 

Humble suggestion to Ramdas athavle and Lakshman Mane“They want to embrace Buddhism because it is a free religion. it is open to all. It preaches non violence and is not divided on basis of caste,” said Ramdas Athavle, leader, RPI. Mr Ramdas you got your name from your parents. Give honor to your parents. Don’t insult Ram if you are actually Ram bhakt hanuman means ramdas. You wash your sins to save Ram Sethu. Say your leader Sonia Gandhi. Circulated coin with Christian marks should be withdrawn immiediately. 

The chief priest of the famous Hindu pilgrimage centre’s historic Kalaram temple and a prominent functionary of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has created quite a sensation here by announcing his decision to join the Mayawati-led Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Sudarshan had referred to the Kalaram temple episode in his Vijaya Dashmi speech at
Nagpur (the Hindu nationalist organisation’s headquarters) last year and said the sitting priests had atoned for the sin in 2005 by inviting ‘Dalit brethren’ to the temple.Mr. Ramdas! You should take light from the Chief Priest as he accept the suggestion of Sudarshanji without hesitation.  

I am pleased to know that former legislator Lakshman Mane is still Lakshman. I request him with folded hands that he should be younger brother of Ram in real sense. Acts should be as the name is.  Tags: Mrityubhoj Conversion Dalitism Mao Naxal Fake Secular Media leader Buddhism CM Deshmukh Congress NCP guest house Ration card Ambedkar Intelligence failure Pravin Mahajan Clone Dali lama Police Politician Nexus Rape Dawood Art of Living Sudarshan Kriya Athavle; tag this   

By- Premendra Agrawal 

All Political gods Goddesses should lift their dera danda

May 27, 2007

Stop duplicacy of swayambhu gods. Deras of Sirsa, Vasundhara Raje, Sonia, Teresa, Atal, Mulayam, lalu, Mayavati and film stars are flourishing like mushrooms. They themselves want to be or their loyalists want to make them fake gods to kidnap the religious sentiments of the people as fraud is going on in the name of dynasties, secularism and freedom of expression. Our cultural wealth has become a desert due to artificial renouncing propaganda and duplicate gods goddesses. 

Raje’s self goalThe poster produced by local Rajasthan BJP leaders, which presents Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia as the Goddess Annapurna and her ministers as attendant deities with the troika of Vajpayee, LK Advani and Rajnath Singh portrayed as the trinity of Hinduism — Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva — showering blessings is like a self goal by Raje herself or by her loyalists. She is ruining her future herself by keeping silence on this disaster.  

Actor as GodsActor MP Dharmendra is also worshiped in his constituency. Take for example sardar Jattha Singh who has named all his children after Dharmendra, be it sons or daughters! Rivalling the sardarji in his sycophancy is a UP runaway who followed the campaign minute-by-minute and had vowed to go up the famous paani ki tanki and commit ‘soocide’ if the actor loses. Mercifully, Viru’s victory saved a life. 

Besides this many filmy actor and actress are worshipped as god and goddess. Madhuri Dixit, Big B and others are few of Bollywood but in South there is crowd of filmy god and goddesses. 

Mayavati, paid homage her own statueMayavati’s actions before her post-poll press conference said it all. She showered rose petals on the statues of three figures at the Samaj Parivartan Kendra. There was Bhimrao Ambedkar, the architect of
India’s Constitution; There was also Kanshi Ram, the founder of the BSP. Today’s leader, Mayavati, paid homage to the mentor even as her own statue loomed large in the pantheon..  

“Your God is my devil”Foreign funded media heigh lights the face of Agnivesh a loyalist of 10 Janpath. He says religiosity is driven by covetousness and aggressive self-interests there is a good chance that the devil is being worshipped in the name of God. The more religious a person is in this way, the more vulnerable he is to infection by the communal virus. Is his version for himself and the Congress leader? Luther quoted “Your God is my devil”. 

One of the many natures of God in Hinduism denotes that God is Swayambhu, self-existent. He does not depend upon others for His existence. He is ‘Swayam Prakasha’ or self-luminous. He reveals Himself by His own light. Why political leaders cover their selfish face by the mask of God Goddeses? 

Rajneesh and Mahatma GandhiBhagwan Shree Rajneesh (1931-1990) was born Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain in Kuchwara, a town in MP. Rajneesh wished to sink his think-tank. Followers turned it in OSHO. He saw in his end of life the destruction of his commune of struggling sanyasins. Rajneesh had dropped the title Bhagwan and, later, even the name Rajneesh 

Gandhi last wish to finish congress was unfulfilled. Mahatma Gandhi’s last wish was the destruction of Congress. Nehru accepted partition and did not abolish Congress to make Congress the property of his heirs.  

And thus both Rajneesh and Mahatma Gandhi forced to see their death of minds at the last time of their lives. 

Propagating lies with the partnership of mediaPoliticians want people to believe they are in control, that they have all the answers, that you needn’t worry your pretty little head about anything. When something like mosque temple samjhauta express blasts or Chinese ‘ghuspaith’ agression, and shows this to be a farce, they will immediately assign blame to someone else (ideally another leader or org). And the media, which make their living propagating these lies, working in close partnership with political leaders (who regulate their business) and business leaders (who pay their salaries with their ads), are not about to blow the whistle on the whole fraud. So whatever moronic gang of gangsters is sponsored by one of the big national or multinational companies to grunt their juvenile drivel to the top of the charts, gets treated like royalty, interviewed and promoted as if they were leaders of their whole generation, even asked for their opinion on current events. 

India is a land of 33 crore gods and goddesses. No more please!The Indian mind’s spontaneous tendency is that of ‘Bhakti’ of worshipping ‘That’ which it feels is above him. While it is a wonderful trait which has brought innocence and a freshness to the Indian psyche, it has been taken advantage in modern times by politicians, Christian missionaries, intellectuals and filmy actors, while they may have been outstanding personalities in their own right, have all, consciously or unconsciously exploited this innocence, whereas they did not always deserved the status of Gods or semi-Gods given to them.
India is a land of 33 crore gods and goddesses. No more please!  

Worshiping MulayamThere’s this one Yadav who runs a xerox shop in Kanpur. He offers puja at a framed photograph of Mulayam Singh Yadav. He says he never voted in an election till Mulayam came. Not because he didn’t have his GOD to vote for, but because the OBCs were not allowed to vote. Mulayam never opposed his worship. Opposite to this Mulayam bans Shiv Sena’s Ram Bhakta Sammelan in Ayodhya (Oct 6 2003, Hindustan Times). 

Ashtadhatu VajpayeeFormer Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee is shining bright. At least his 35 kg ashtadhatu idol is. Just before the elections, enthusiastic supporters carried the statuette all the way from
Gwalior to
Ujjain to dip it in the Shipra and then consecrated it atop Satyanarayan ki Tektri. 

Though the foundation stone of the Atal temple was reportedly laid on December 25, 2003, Mr Vajpayee’s birthday, the district collector is yet to give his consent for the construction. But this hasn’t in any way deterred the man behind the Atal temple, advocate Vijay Singh Chauhan. 

“The administration is trying to stop me from doing good work. Nobody raised any objection when hundreds of other illegal structures mushroomed on the land,” is his defence. After all, the temple will become quite a tourist spot and be the face of
Gwalior, he argues. 

Although he hasn’t got an aarti or chaleesa in the name of Mr Vajpayee, he hopes that some diehard Atal fan like him will do the needful. 

Why Sonia in Durga hoarding? Her objectional posters as Durga were walled in
Indore and in
Bihar. No objection! A cloth banner with a figure of the goddess as Sonia has been blowin’ in the wind for two days. Full with the 10 arms variously armed with an axe, bow and arrow, a club and a conch, and one spearing the demon of corruption. The cloth goddess even has a mukut (crown) of the type that the original sports, making the resemblance uncanny. And the face of Mahisha- sura has been blackened. How can Lalu worship Brahmin gods and at the sametime fight the Brahmins? Is this not a serious contradiction in Lalu? How can Christian Sonia Gandhi be publicized by the Congress as Durga Hindu Goddess and at the same time fight the Hinusism and Hindutva and encouraging the forcefull conversion of tribe in Chrisianty?  

It is the greater sin than the Vasundhara Raje and others who are being showed as the Hindu God Goddesses 

Posters with cut-out faced cartoon of Atal-AdvaniIn
Bihar election posters were prepared to show Duga killing Atal and Adani cartoons. The idol of the RJD chief – with his silver hair intact – was made holding a sudarshan chakra, the celestial weapon of Lord Krishna; his wife Chief Minister Rabri Devi was in the likeness of the Goddess Durga holding a trident and in a bright yellow sari; and Sonia Gandhi was projected as deity of sacrifice with a bow and arrow in her hands. In one poster Sonia looks like Subraamaniam Bharathi a famous national poet. 

IIM Guru Lalu is on the topPerhaps, the RJD chief has a greater fan following than any other contemporary politician. And like his own persona, his fans are equally colorful. So we have someone like Bramhanand Paswan, author of the famous ‘Laloo chalisa’, in which the RJD chief has been compared with sankatmochan Hanuman. So pleased was Laloo with this work of unmatched sycophancy that he rewarded the author with a seat in the Rajya Sabha. 

Then we have a hardcover biography Rags to Riches, written by one Bablu, who later emerged as prime accused in the infamous Champa Biswas rape case and the subject of a recent film starring Namrata Shirodhkar and Dino Morea.  

Laloo Yadav and his family have been the subject of several Bollywood productions. TV serials based on him have created a stir in
Bihar. At least one was banned after RJD workers moved the court because it portrayed their leader in ‘poor’ light. 

About a dozen railway halts carrying his name have come up within the 200 km distance between Mokama to Buxar. Hundreds of roads, chowks and shanty-slums have been named after him. Even the most popular enervating substances of this part of the cow belt – khaini and sattu (tobacco & gram flower) bear the brand Laloo sticker. 

Besides Hanuman, hagiographers have equated him with Lord Krishna. Each year on June 11, his birthday, he is worshiped as “Laloo Bhagwan” as he cuts a huge green cake. The icing on the cake: mandir, masjid, church and gurudwara. 

This type of deceiving political and currecy collection fraud is going on in the name of ‘Sarv Dharm Sadbhav’ by many including Dera Sacha Sauda Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. His name is a mixture of Hindu Muslim and Sikh. 

By- Premendra Agrawal 

‘Cheeni kum’ jyadaa and bhai bhai ke Chakkar men Arunanchal

May 26, 2007

Three films released with in two days. Cheeni Kum movie hit theatres on May 25. Second film is the new version of Chini of 1962 in Arunanchal. Third film is released by Karat to get out from the polit buro to Kerala CM Achuthanandan vs and head of CPM in the state Pinarayi Vijayan. 

Heros of three films are ‘Ranchhod’Heros of three films are ‘Ranchod’ but want to be President of India.Abhitabh Bachchan the hero of Cheeni Kum movie is zero for the defense of
India. Somnath Chatterjee of left parties is also in the race. Left parties showed their patriotism in 1962 to support
China against the
India. Other candidates more than one for the presidentship are of Congress. Latest runner is Home Minister Shivraj Patil who says that terrorists insurgents are their brothers and Naxal Maoists are their children. Somnath says Naxal Maoists are not criminals. 

Invention of Chai-patti Invenion of tea leaves had come from
China. Shen Nung, an early emperor of
China issued an order that that all drinking water was boiled as a hygienic precaution. In accordance with his ruling, one day in the forest the servants began to boil water for the court to drink. Dried leaves from the near by bush fell into the boiling water, and a brown liquid was infused into the water. As a scientist, the Emperor was interested in the new liquid, drank some, and found it very refreshing. And so, according to legend, tea was created.  

Invention of ‘Cheeni Kum’ movieInvention of ‘Cheeni Kum’ movie is by Big B-uddhdev (Not Buddhdeb CM of WB)Aare Bhai chai to chai hai ji; paani ubalo, doodh dalo, cheeni dalo, patti dalo ban gai chai. Like that ban gai ‘Cheeni Kum’ film.  

Cheeni Kum for Sugar patient  Due to the policy of Congress since 1947 whole
India is being wounded. Mostly are facing sugar disease. So one says no cheeni and other says Cheeni kum. Buddha Big ‘isharon hi isharon men’ washed his body in the sexy river of ‘Nishabd’.  

Dikshas given by love gurusTo day is the news that love guru has reached in
Raipur for going to Kanker of Bastar with his Julie: ‘Yaar patanaa hai kisi koa toa Patnawale Love Guur se teaching loa’. Raipurias are waiting for Big B-love guru of Nishabd. Perhaps youths want to take ‘Diksha’ from him. I knew late Mahant Vaishnav Das of Historic temple Dudhadhari Math. He gave ‘Diksha’ to thousands by airing the mantrra in the ears of ‘diksha’ seekers. I don’t know in what way these love gurus give or does Diksha. 

Story of Cheeni KumAmitabh Bachchan as Buddhadev Gupta, 64-year-old Buddhadev Gupta is an arrogant, acidic, sarcastic chief of
London’s top Indian restaurant. Tabu as Nina Verma Nina is a 34-yr-old Indian woman visiting
London. Her peaceful, incident-free life is disturbed by an arrogant 64-year-old Buddhadev who insults her in his restaurant. But Nina teaches him a lesson. She later finds the chef attracted towards her.

Buddhadev feels rattled by the young woman. He tries to make up for his rudeness by a display of cordiality. But Nina remains dignified and totally unaffected by Buddhadev’s pomposity. The more she tries to ignore him the more Buddhadev gets attracted towards her.
Gradually, love blossoms between Buddhadev and Nina. But the toughest part would be to convince Nina’s father Om Prakash Verma about their relationship.

Big B has showed his latest reverse drive abilities by films Nishabed Cheeni Kum and result oriented ad “UP men dum hai”. Will his next film be ‘dum maro dum’ for the end of his filmy career for gifting to his heir Abhishek?Should his ending filmy career be turned in to the candidature of President Post? 

Hippies’: Cannabis cigarette laced with Cocaine in
IndiaI don’t know above legend is true or not. Like that I heard a latest tale of modern
India with Hippie culture of ‘dam maroa dum’. One day a celebrity was sleeping to open his mouth and taking bredth through his nose. By the side of his a hippie was burning a Cannabis cigarette laced with Cocaine. His smack suddenly crossed the nose and mouth of the celebrity. When he awoke, he took the secrets of the happiness of hippie. Since that time our young chaps are enjoying the same. Rahul Mahajan, son of Feroze Khan and former cricketer Maninder Singh may be among them. I don’t know about the Gray and Shiopa. I know only about their public hug and kiss. I wrote about the rave parties of Pune and
Goa also. Assembly election of
Goa is on June 2. Now there is a season of enjoying cocaine freely distributed by the candidates. 

Reverse Drive for including name in the Greenish bookChinese are not behind our celebrities. After all they are our big brothers (Not Londonia Big brother of Shilpa Shetty). But they are marching forward and now they have entered in to Arunanchal. But our celebrities including the presidential candidates are ‘Ranchhod’ are paper tigers expert in reverse drive. You may see them in awakening position which is as like night walker in sleep. 

There was a report from Bathinda:  Mr Pappu, whose wife has been writing in reverse, seems to have suffered the setback from the day he took this missionary task as, after covering a distance of 16250 km by driving the car in reverse in 50 days, he could not get his name registered in the Guinness Book on the one hand and on the other, he has come under debt as he was forced to borrow more than Rs 1 lakh to meet the expenditure of his “one-man mission”.  One channel has reported few days back that another reverse car driver has started his reverse journey from Kolkata flagged by Sports Minister of West Bengal. There was one car in the front and another car wan behind the reverse car driver for avoiding accident. His destination is Wagha border. 

Presidential candidates Shivraj Patil & Somnath Chatterjee Latest hit of Presidential candidate of Congress is Home Minister Shivraj Patil. He has no difficulty and hesitation to shake hands with Comrade and a member of Politburo Somnath Chatterjee. They may take jointly press conference to declare their formula as Maoist adopted with Koirala. Both are ready to make bandar bant (monkey distribution): Presidential and Vice Presidential two posts. They fight in the election friendly and eat also friedly. What a Great circus of power greeders is? 

Bargaining of
China for ArunanchalThey can solve the Arunanchal problem to drive in the reverse gear as their predicessors former Defense Miminster comrade late Krishna Menon and first PM of Independent or dependent on Nehru Gandhi dynasty
India. Nehru became immortal to give slogan “Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’ and allowing
Pakistan through their army of kabailee dresses to occupy 1/3rd
Kashmir (PoK
Pakistan occupied
Kashmir presently).  

Joint mechanism IIMedia calls VP Singh Mandal I and Arjun Singh Mandal II. In
UK like that Georges are. Now the joint mechanism II of Congress and his outside supporter of Left will be to play with
China as Joint Mechanis I was with Kargil Villain Musharraf. We should avoid war to make the habit of giving ‘bhiksha’ as Sita gave to Ravan to cross laxman rekha (Line). 

Atithi Devo Bhav?Do you not hear Shilpa’s preaching Atithi Devo Bhav? Grey have liberty for sexy love with Shilpa then why restrictions are for Maoists Marxists or other ists. What is harm to accept the bargaining of
China for Arunanchal? We are peace loving country. Sonia renounces so many times for peace. 

China, a god of leftistsCPM and their other leftists god is
China. God should be nearer to nearer. If possible then God should be affixed with the hearts of devotees. So whatis harm if
China come nearer to nearer to the Congress and leftists unity.  

Najdeekiyan (Nearness) of devotees to wards GodCPM ruled
West Bengal is nearer to
China through Arunanchal. Congress ruled
Assam is nearer to
China through Arunanchal. But opposite to this Keral is far away. So for removing the hurdles general secretary of CPM Karat has suspended from the politburo to Kerala CM Achuthanandan vs and head of CPM in the state Pinarayi Vijayan. CPM of karat dynasty and DMK of karunanidhi dynasty are adopting dynastic trick of Gandhis slowly and slowly. These tridev of kaliyug ‘teen ticket maha vicket’ have dangerous unity. They want to divert their south based followers’ attention for destroying the Ram Sethu (
Adam’s bridge).  Their North East followers follow their policy on Arunanchal.  

Na rahega bans, Na bajegi bansuriFake seculars have found Manmohan in
Krishna role. So they did not hear bansuri of others. Hindu org especially BJP is against their secularism. So they decided the proposal of foreign borns. On foreign buyers direction
India is being converted from communal Hinduim to the secular Christianty. This has been experimented 100% successfully in many countries of
Africa especially. They were 99% nude as Duryodhan went in the last before his mother on her order. Christian missionaries give services selflessly! They gave them bread and clothes and convert them in the Chrisianty. Now they became genle man and gentle woman. I don’t know how Jogi, YSR,
Antony, Fernadis, Alwa became gentles and how and why their elders convert themselves in to the Christainty. 

Silent ‘chupke chupke’ frauds of CongressFor converting
India into Christianty so many steps have been taken by the secular UPA government. Latest step is the circulation of Rs two coin and now Rupee one coin with the mark of Christian Cross. Foreign born and now led by foreign borns Congress is doing all these frauds silently ‘chupke chupke’ without ‘halla boal’ or ‘jo bole so nihal’.  

UPA’ Aswamegh-horse for embracing defeatsSince its birth Aswamegh horse of Congress is to emrace the defeats instead of victory. They are adamant for being defeated. Who can stop their Aswamegh-horse? 

Today UPA government has faced ackward position.
China has never failed to assert its claims to Arunachal Pradesh and on Friday, it did so again by denying a visa to a senior IAS officer from the state. 

BJP MP, Kiren Rijiju says, “I am shocked. I don’t understand why the Indian Government is not reacting to this.” 

The MP’s reaction holds water in the face of the fact that the Indian Government had to cancel the first ever visit by 106 other IAS officers to China as part of their mid-career training programme because of China’s visa denial. 

“The Chinese have slowly marched inside in Taxin area that is in the
Upper Subansiri district. One of our local administrative officers wanted to visit the area but the defence denied him entry there,” says Rijiju. 

For knowing Gandhis led Congress led UPA with support of Left, we should turn the leaves of the past history of Independet
India. What the crime was to wards the nation in 1962 of Congress with left? What the crime was of Congress with Sheikh Abdullah for allowing
Pakistan to occupy the present PoK? 

Are we kangaroos?Congress allies including Lefts in the situation of snake which caught chhachhundar (specie of Rat). Snake never feeds chhachhundar.
China now again caught the Congress as it did in 1962. Neither Congress can leave (free) its outside supporters comrades and their god
China nor it can digest them. Ministers assured and will assure again and again there is no aggression of
China in the Arunanchal. Believe on MM and Sonia and their loyal team. This is democracy.
India is safe in Sonia’s hands for a long long period. Navin Chawla is safe in Election Commission to conduct general election of 2009. Kangaroo is safe to keep its head in the sand. What is harm if we become Kangaroos?   

Tags: Cheeni Kum chini bhai China Chakkar Arunanchal Ranchhod Tea leaves Sugar paitent Love Guru Nishabd Bachchan Buddhadev Raipur Big B Cigarette Cocaine Rave Reverse drive Celebrity Shilpa Greenish book Joint mechanism Mandal God Left Congreess; tag this  

By- Premendra Agrawal 

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Ghost of Shishupal in TimesofIndia: UK Govt reminds Bhagvad Gita

May 25, 2007

Some one of the Times of
India, English daily, has stooped very low by denigrating Lord Shree Krishna for an advertisement called ‘Dating Sutra’. One hacker is also there. That hacker stole my password (related to on May 10, o6, to publish that I became Christian and I apologies for what all I said. Is this the secularism of Kanthlangotee fake seculars and bahurupiyas? See the fraud  Click Here!!  The pressure for not publishing my articles and blogs is being loaded on few popular websites from the kingdom of fake seculars. You can’t block air, water and fire!You can’t hide wave of nationalismYour hands can’t block raises of IndianessSow seeds of nationalism! Serve the nation  There are agitations against the religious hating crime of the ghost of the TOI. Such as Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) staged strong demonstrations at Dadar, Mumbai to protest against this denigration and demanded an unconditional apology. HJS has also filed a police complaint at Azad Maidan police station against the said newspaper. Find full details at: I turn the leaves of history of April 14, 1865. Abraham Lincoln was shot by a Southern sympathizer, John Wilkes Booth, in Ford’s Theater. He died the next day. His body was displayed in the East Room of the White House.Psychics believe that President Lincoln has never left the White House, that his spirit remains to complete the business of his abbreviated second term and to be available in times of crisis. For seventy years, presidents, first ladies, guests, and members of the White House staff have claimed to have either seen
Lincoln or felt his presence. Ghost of Shishupal and a Christian hacker in the TOISo I suspect that ghost of Shishupal and a Christian hacker are in the timesofindia. Now in the name of secularism and freedom of expression many media giants are insulting the sentiments of Hindus day and night in three shifts. I warned in my article of May 9 titled “Anti-Ram Sethu DMK in Fire, Signal to Congress”: “The invisible hand of God knows how to destroy evil as says our holy books. It has proved true in TN. It is signal for those who wants to destroy Ram Sethu. Don’t block the way for turning the temporary construction of Ramlala in to a greatest pious temple of our ancient historical Mahapurush Ram. Burn the Lanka of Ravan and give the power to Vibhishan” I request the owners and administrators of TOI for removing the ghost with the help of Chandra Swamy or other Swamy tantrik. I don’t know on whose instruction Swamy Angnivesh is in
Punjab. Is he with like minded a peace maker? He is born to leave his birth place Bilaspur for meeting foreign borns in
Delhi. He coveres his head with saffron turbon to spread hate towards Hinduism. A black ghosty shadow may be on the progressive brave religious
Punjab, because of that
Punjab is facing violence.    Shishupala continued to insult
Krishna further, and Lord Krishna patiently heard him without protest. Just as a lion does not care when a flock of jackals howl. Was that the weakness of God Krishna? Hindu Rashtra is also not a weak country. Tolerant Hindsus request their brothers with folded hands. Don’t cross 100 in the name of secularism and freedom of expression. UK hails contributions of British HindusNews of
UK is opposite to the news of
India. The British government has come out in full praise of the contributions made to English society by British Hindus and charity organizations run by them. “Hinduism believes in the dictum — one in all and all in one — and you do things which are in the larger interest of humanity,” Hilary Benn, secretary of state for International Development and Labour’s deputy leader candidate said while addressing a conference organized by Hindu Aid at the Swaminarayan Hindu Temple in Stanmore in London on May 24. 07. Hindu Aid is a charity dedicated to eradication of global poverty. Delivering the keynote address at the conference, Benn quoted from Bhagvad Gita saying, “You do your duty without expecting any reward.”  Before few days back Lauding Britain’s high-achieving Hindu community, London Mayor Ken Livingstone has said that he was proud that a large proportion of the community had chosen
London as their home. Bhaktivedanta Manor in Hertfordshire of ISKCONBhaktivedanta Manor in Hertfordshire is in the UK headquarters of The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), more commonly known as the Hare Krishna movement. I expected tambourine-banging, arm-waving, enthusiastic groups of people chanting the fairly well-known chant of “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare”, so I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted warmly by a priest called Radha Mohan Das. All holy men in this sect receive a Sanskrit name (one of the many names of God) plus the suffix ‘Das’ (‘Dasi’ for women) which means ‘servant of’. Incidentally, ‘Hare’’ addresses the energy of God, and ‘Krishna’ means ‘all attractive’, a reference to one of the many Hindu Gods. Opposite to the above there was a terrorist bloody attack of the temple of ISKCON in the North East of our country. MF Hussain:
London Vs
India The Times of India (May 24) carried a story of an exhibition held in Asia House in London of two nude portrayals of Hindu goddesses drawn by M.F.Husain—and the shocking thing is that the exhibition was inaugurated by none else than India’s High Commissioner, Kamalesh Sharma, who is probably telling himself how liberal Hindus are and how forgiving even when their gods and goddesses are mocked and insulted.  The Secretary General of the Forum, Ramesh Kallidai told The Times of India: “In the case of Da Vinci Code, the authorities slapped an ‘A’ certificate. When it came to the Prophet’s cartoons, PM personally condemned them.
India was one of the first to ban Rushdie’s book, The Satanic Verses. Why should artistic freedom only be enjoyed by those who hurt and insult Hindus?”  Due to ‘Hindu Human Rights protest Tony Blair banned the exhibition. On revenge website of Hindu Human Rights, the group of young activists who helped shut down the offensive exhibition of M.F. Husain in
London, has been blocked by the UPA regime!  Britain saves but Indian Govt ruins Hinduism
Britain is communal, so it’s PM Tony Blair and its MPs protest and speak out against Kazakh harassment of Hindu!
India is secular, so neither its government nor parliamentarians, have a single word against Kazakh harassment of Hindus. Only BJP condemned the demolition of a Hindu temple in
Kazakhstan and expressed surprise over government’s silence over the issue. Corporate America for Gita but who burns Gita in IndiaSwamy Parthasarthy is Guru of American business executives to give message of Gita– to put purpose before self. In India Lalu becomes IIM Guru. Salem MLA & Afzal Guru MP by election on secular ticket Are Fake Secular Yadavas Gokul Krishna’s Vanshaj? Corporate
America is embracing Indian Hindu philosophy in a big way but to go against the teaching of our sanatan ancient books and tradition
India becomes a most corrupt nation of the world. The 80 year old Swami Parthasarathy, is one of
India‘s best-selling authors on Vedanta, an ancient

school of
Hindu philosophy. Is Lalu Yadav a son of Gokul symbol of honesty? Does Lalu follow Gokul Krishna and Gita? He is also the subject of international interest but to defame
India. Are we including owners and administrators of the TOI?  Are we heirs of
Krishna or Romeo and Juliet?Are we including so called Gandhi dynasty not the heirs of great great dynasty of
Krishna? Are we heirs of Romeo? Don’t deceive people? Publish white paper on this. Are we communal to ask this? Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy by William Shakespeare concerning two young “star-cross’d lovers” and the role played by their tragic suicides in ending a long-running family feud. It is one of the most famous of Shakespeare’s plays, one of his earliest theatrical triumphs, and is thought to be the most archetypal love story of the Renaissance and indeed the history of Western culture. Are our national symbol Ashok Chakra Ramayan Mahabharat or Christian Cross? Who and why the circulation of Coins with Christian Cross marks? Why is the Sick-ular timepass government adamant to destroy Ram Sethu (
Adam’s bridge)? Are we communal to ask this?People ask to anti-Indianess and fake seculars. Don’t hide the truth. If you want to make
India a Christian country then says frankly before the public.  Who were underground on Vandematram Day?* This side that side Every where, Dishonor of Bharatmata Hindu God Goddesses Of Mahatma Gandhi by Gandhigiri of Gandhis   Oh Lord Krishna Re-born re-born again to fight Mahabharat again We can’t wait Can’t wait no long Hear my pray Oh Lord Krishna

By- Premendra Agrawal 


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Tatya Tope Dynasty vs Nehru Gandhi Dynasty

May 25, 2007


Tatya Tope was hanged by Briishers so his family members are now struggling to feed their stomach by breads. His heir residing in
Kanpur could not get pention even after giving the bribe. Due to the poverty daughters could not get higher education. Union State Home Minister represents Knapur. His cheeks are red as grape wine. Even Antonia Maino of
Italy came in
India and became Sonia Gandhi to rule
India from the back door.    We have celebrated the 150th anniversary of the first freedom war. Tarun Vijay rightly wrote in TO: It’s a shame to see how the 1857 150th anniversary has been turned into a sham sarkari jholawala function devoid of any life and vibrancy. In fact in the whole melee Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty got more coverage than the revolutionaries whose martyrdom we were supposed to recollect and tell our children “look this is how we got our

Veer Savarkar was sent to kalapani so his IITian kin is spending life on road. Mughal begum, Lives in penury in a slum. Beyond Nehru Gandhi dynasty no
India is for Congress. Lal Bahadur Shstri was done with in 13 months which Nehru could not do with in 13 years of his rule. Original Gandhi Mahatma was mahatma, so not a single member of his family is in the parliament.Where are heirs of Subhash, Tilak, Bhagat Singh?  Motilal Nehru was elected as Congress President in 1919 and 1920. When in 1929, Nehru handed over the Congress presidency to Jawaharlal (Jawaharlal was elected, with Gandhi’s backing), Thus Congress has been controlled by Rahul’s family for most of the past 90 years. In this way Congress which born by a foreigner is not only gone in a foreign hand again now but also it is again be made the property of them after the humiliation of Sitaram Kesari, which must be called the black day of the Congress history.   


Great gathering of relatives of Martyr Tatya Tope in Shivpuri of MP “Sahidon ki chitaon per lagenge har baras mele, Vatan pe mitne walon kaa yahi baaki nishan hoga”

Commander of first
Independence war of
India 1857 Ramchandra Pandurang Yolekar Allias Tatya Tope’s death anniversary was celebrated this time on 18 April at Shivpuri. Relatives of these martyrs were present on the place were Tatya Tope was hanged.About 150 members of Tope from American city Sanfrancisco to
Delhi and Yoela of Maharastra were present.

Rajesh Tope, Grand grand son of Tatya Tope showed an old photo of Tatya and said that before 75 years this type of family gathering was held in Yoela which was the birth place of Ramchandra Pandurang Yolekar.One eldest member of the family Balchand Shankar says that- “ British Army harassed in such a way that many members of the family were changed their names and professions. Women begin to wear dresses like Muslim women instead of Marathi.”

Family of Balchand Shankar was living in

Gwalior at that time. These families faced threat not only from British, but also from Raja Maan Singh of Narwar who betrayed Tatya Tope to handover him to the Britisher.   

On 18 April 1859 Tatya Tope was hanged in Shivpuri prison barrack no. 4.
In this occasion family members of Rani Laxmi Bai, Nana Shaheb and other Martyrs besides the Tatya Tope’s family members were also present.
“Goli se fansi tak jwala aaj dhadhakti jati hai,
    Desh pe mitnewalon ki soee yaad jagati hai,
      Veeron ki quarbani ne bharat kaa nakasha khincha hai,
        Hansate Hansate apne khoon se is gulshan ko seencha hai,
          Khandit na ho Naksha  e Gulshan aaj tuje chetati hai,
            Goli se fansi tak jwala aaj dhadhakti jati hai,”

GLORIOUS LIFE OF TATYA TOPETatya Tope also known as Ram Chandra Pandurang was born in 1814 at village Gola in
Maharashtra. His father, Pandurang Rao Tope was an important noble at the court of the Peshwa Baji Rao-II. He shifted his family with the ill-fated Peshwa to Bithur where his son became the most intimate friend of the Peshwa’s adopted son, Nana Dhundu Pant, known as Nana Saheb. In 1851, when Lord Dalhousie deprived Nana Saheb of his father’s pension, Tatya Tope also became a sworn enemy of the British. In May 1857, when the political storm was gaining momentum, he won over the Indian troops of the East India Company, stationed at
Kanpur, established Nana Saheb’s authority and became the Commander-in-Chief of his revolutionary forces.          After the reoccupation of
Kanpur and separatoni from Nana Saheb, Tatya Tope shifted his headquarters to Kalpi to join hands with Rani Lakshmi Bai and led a revolt in Bundelkhand. He was routed at Betwa, Koonch, and Kalpi, but reached
Gwalior and declared Nana Saheb as Peshwa with the support of the
Gwalior contingent. Before he could consolidate his position he was defeated by General Rose in a memorable battle in which Rani Lakshmi Bai suffered martyrdom.          After losing
Gwalior to the British, he launched a successful guerilla campaign in the Sagar and
Narmada regions and in Khandesh and Rajasthan. The British forces failed to subdue him for over a year. He was, however, betrayed into the hands of the British by his trusted friend Man Singh, Chief of Narwar, while asleep in his camp in the Paron forest. He was captured and taken to Sipri where he was tried by a military court and executed at the gallows on April 18, 1859.  

He admitted boldly in the court on April 7, 1859What he did, was for his own motherland and he was no regrets” Hear the alarming sorro lifves of the Topes of Bithur of Kabpur
Kanpur: Ramchandra Pandurang popularily known as Tatya Tope was an able great leader of the First War of Freedom of 1857 which was fought by Hindu Muslim and others jointly. His heirs of
Kanpur are in the struggle of getting bread selling turmeric, chilly and salt. We read in the books and internet Taya Tope as a great martyr with long moustache and attractive personality.  But the fact is that his heir in the village Bethur of Dist Kanpur sells kirana items in a little shop to earn hardly their livelihood. No one is in
India to care for them.  

Vinayak Tope of the third generation is in Bithur. His wife Saraswati devi said that after giving bribe of Rs 500 pention was approved in 1995 but useless. Uptill now pention has not been started to give them. Along with her two daughters Pragati and Pravriti, son Ashutosh and husband Vinayak Rao Tope, Sarswati is living in the lavkush nagar of Bithur. They open a little kirana shop in the Jan of the year 2006. Before this They could harldy get food by the dakshina which Vanayak tope would get against the competion of the religious ceremony of the ‘jajmans’ clients.  Daughter Pragati is a teacher in the local

School on the salary of only Rs 600/- per month. Her elder graduate sister is still unemployed and achelor. Brother Ashutosh is the student of Intermediate. Brother and sister are worried for the marriage of their elder sister. Sarladevi is panic to say that her daughtes and son could not get higher education due the weak financial position. Local residentials and historians say that Britishers saw Tope in such enemity that they play bloody game in the Bithur in 1857 and because of that Bithur the population of 48,000 remained with the 3000 population at that time. They became lucky because Britishers eyes could not reach upon them. 

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Agnivesh a clone of Dera Chief

May 24, 2007

Is Agnivesh himself terrorist with saffron turbon? Is he a clone Dera of Chief Gurmeert Ram Rahim Singh? Spokes person of Dera, Dr.Aditya says that they have no religion. Then why Dera chief became the duplicate of Guru Gobind Singh? Does RSS wrong to accuse Dera chief of having links with Maoists? Agnivesh says that he has no religion. Then why he covers his brilliant brainless head by saffron trurbon? They are atheist communists. Terrorists in saffron – Swami Agnivesh wrote in Indianexpress in Aug 19, 03. 

First Congress evokes Dera Sacha Sauda to hurt the sentiments of Sikhs as they evoke Bhindrawala at the time of Indira Gandhi. Dera Chief did a copy of Guru Gobind Singh to throw the hurdles before the SAD (B) and BJP alliance government as in the past Zail Singh did. Now Sonia Gandhi is in the role of Indira and Manmohan Singh in the role of Zail Singh. Sonia Gandhi deputed a team in the leadership of fake secular atheist Agnivesh and a Christian preast to the disputed fractions. After adding fuel she wants to throw water cannons now by trying to get Mafinama of Dera Chief through Agnivesh. This is a dangerous game to play with fire. Dera tries to bargain with the Central and Pb State Governments for withdrawing the cases against the chief of Dera. Dera Chief bargained this in the previous assembly election also with the Congress by supporting it.There is a theory in Economics. If a country faces unemployment problem, then instruct the pulic for digging the pits and filling them. Hands should not be empty. Give them job. 

Sonia behind
Punjab violence: SGPCShiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) president Avtar Singh Makkar said the sect head had refused to tender an apology which only strengthened the belief of Sikhs that Congress president Sonia Gandhi was allegedly conniving against the community with the help of Haryana’s Congress government to remind the black days of the past militancy in the
Punjab. The executive committee warned the Congress against trying to politicise this religious issue. The SGPC president said executive members had also appealed to heads of other religions to side with Akal Takht on the issue. SGPC directly attacked Sonia Gandhi to say that she interferes the religious matter of Sikhs to disturb the peace and harmony in
Punjab. Resolution on this regard is also passed by the SGPC. Resolution said that violence of May 14 in Bathinda between Dera supporters and Sikh sangats was due to the conspiracy of Congress.  

Fuel to Dera Controvercy from
Lahore, Joint MechanismTOI reports:
Pakistan has rushed to fish in troubled
Punjab waters in the wake of the Sikh-Dera Sacha Sauda feud, with Babbar Khalsa International chief Wadhawan Singh Babbar, operating from
Lahore under ISI patronage, seeking to stoke violence in the state. Government sources in
Punjab and here disclosed that Wadhawan, who is on
India’s ‘Most Wanted’ list, has been in touch with radical elements in the Sikh community at a time when the Dera fire has been raging. They also said that Wadhawan had worked on the radical Sikh priest whose Gurudwara near Talwandi Sabo in Bathinda was the catalyst for setting off the clash with the Dera over advertisements featuring its chief, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, attired as Guru Gobind Singh. 

Agnivesh led team represents Sonia?Pointing towards the mass support that their proposed march had get support, Swami Agnivesh informed that the Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, had written a letter urging them and all others wielding religious authority ”to unite people in reinforcing foundational values of compassion, tolerance, secularism and democracy”.  

Ms. Gandhi has said that “an all out effort needs to be made to restore normalcy in
Gujarat to make the displaced and traumatised people feel secure and valued. The larger task is to substitute the politics of cruelty with the politics of compassion. This is a task in which all those who are spiritually sensitive have a role to play.” 

Why first Sikh PM and his ‘Yes madam’ Sonia play the dirty game behind the door? Truth has been known by the SGPC because Sikhs are the victims of 1984 riots. They know th villain of Indira’s emergency Sonia’s loyalist biographer of Teresa Navin Chwla who is made Election Comminoner to conduct the 2009 election as a Chief Election Commissioner for the victory of Congress by hook or by crook.  

Rajiv National and Sadbhavna award Award to AgniveshOn Aug 20, 2004 Agnivesh and Madari Moideen have been honored with the 12th Rajiv Gandhi National Award of Rs 1.25 lakh each. The recipients of “Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award”, Madari Moideen and Swami Agnivesh being congratulated by the Congress President Sonia Gandhi and the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in New Delhi on August 20, 2004  Teesat also got this award for her Anti-Indianess acts. 

Is Saffroniation of Agnivesh means sanyas?“We welcome the decision taken by the United Progressive Alliance government to re-examine the changes made by the previous government in the NCERT textbooks, but we would like to avoid calling it desaffronisation,” Agnivesh said. Saffron colour is symbolic of sanyas (ascetisicm) and is also an integral part of our Indian identity, being one of the colours of our national flag,” Agnivesh told. 

Is his sanyas means to get pleasure to read in the NCERT IGNOU books:Students are being taught by Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) that Lord Shiva was bhogvilasi and he used to sexually assault the wives of other Gods. The book claims that Goddess Durga used to drink wine. There are also various other derogatory remarks against our God, national heroes and saints in the books.  

What type of Sanyasi is he?He was going to contest against Atalji from
Lucknow in 2004. Following is a piece of that time interview:Have you finally decided to fight against Vajpayee in
Lucknow? Yes. I have made a firm decision. But your chances of victory are very low. I will defeat him.
Lucknow has a sizeable Muslim population. Moreover, in the 1999 election, Atal’s earlier margin of victory in 1996 was considerably lowered by the then Congress candidate Karan Singh.But since you are a Sanyasi, Muslims might consider you a rabid Hindu… This is nonsense. My secular credentials are well known. Since I am a Sanyasi, I have no religious identification.  

Father Frederick and AgniveshIn peace process drama as hyper linked by media, Agnivesh was with a Christian Priest Father Frederick. Fredrick came on May 23 at the studio of Janmat channel for discussion with other two Sikhs. He cunningly asked where is the proof that the dress which Dera Chief wore was the dress of Guru Gobind Singh? The same argument has been given by the Dera side. In reply other Sikhs asked Fredric the proof of Christ photo? How could he prove that that photo was of Christ?  

There are so many clones of Ram Rahim SinghAfter considering all times of thoughts parents of us including Narshimhan Ram (N ram), Pravin Swamy, Swamy Agnivesh and Teesta gave us name.  

Why are we not fulfilling the wishes of our parents? Why is N Ram not Ram and Praveen Swamy not Swamy? Swamy Aginivesh originally of Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh) is against the Hinduism. All they go against Hinduism and Hindutva but want to be seen as Hindu to follow Sonia Gandhi to deceive the people.


Union Minister Vayalar Ravi’s son plans to take the purification ceremony held at Guruvayoor temple to the court, reports say. The purification ceremony is said to have taken place after the minister’s son Ravi Krishna failed to produce a certificate to prove his religion as Hindu. Temle has its own rule due to that priest can accept only offerings of the Hindus. 

Why not Minister’s son says that he is Hindu? Why does he deceive himself and the people? Why they follow Gandhis. Rajiv Gandhi’s drawing room had photo of only one religious head and that was ‘Christ’. Why had he allergy with Hindu religious heads? 


Non Hindus are secular but Hindu org are communal for agniveshSpeaking on ‘Social spirituality’ at a public meeting held in connection with the 12th biennial conference of the Students Christian Movement of India (SCMI) here today, Swami Agnivesh said that the fundamentalism and fascism in the best interests of the country. For him SCMI and Christian Sonia Gandhi & Co. are the seculars.

Agnivesh on Mother Teresa as Navin Chwla:
“Not long ago, Mother Teresa was vilified as a non-Indian, a
foreigner. Responding to this calculated calumny, the Mother, in a
spirit of enlightened benevolence, offered a distinction that is
relevant to the present instance. ”I am not an Indian by chance,”
she said, ”but an Indian by choice.”

Pt Nehru said that he was born accidently as a Hindu. It means otherwise he was aagainst Hinduism and Hindutva.These are the examples of ‘ulta pultas’ who ruin our culture and the unity of our country. 

Agnivesh on Christianity and conversion
“The world over, the profound message of social justice symbolized by
the birth of Jesus Christ is being overtaken by consumerism. And that
is what you’re getting to see here as well,” said Swami Agnivesh, a fake Hindu coving his brainless head with saffron turbon.

Story of two Heros of Chhattisagrh in Delhi

Abhishek Verma accused in War Room Leak is the son of a writer poet, journalist and former Congress Rajya Sabha Member and Hindi tutor of Rajiv Gandhi Srikant Verma and Veena, also an MP. He was also appointed General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee besides spokesperson. Originaly he was the resident of Bilaspur of Chhattisgarh. He was the adopted son of Kabirpathi late Mini Mata.

Another hero of Bilapur is Agnivesh as he called himself Swami Agnivesh.  

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By Pemendra 


Triple Bomb blasted salute to three years of UPA

May 22, 2007

I have been fortunate in having the unstinted support and cooperation of respected Soniaji: Dr Singh said.Is co-operation in spreading Christianity, Caste religion based quotaism, Minoritism, terrorism, Maoism and given freedom to nude paintings, Price rise and in inviting infiltration from
East Pakistan and West Bangladesh? UPA government has unfinished agenda to finish Indianess. Does Sonia call for brotherhood in UPA or call for brotherhood in the combined force of terrorism and Maoism. Congress president Sonia Gandhi with Manmohan, who were at 7, Race Course Road to celebrate the third anniversary of the United Progressive Alliance government as Pune Race course horse of Rs 35000 cores was at Swiss bank to celebrate the non-corruption of Manmohan Sonia government.  Manmohanji, we salue you

Welcome PM,

We salute you,

we salute your Economic Excellency

Indo US Nuke Deal Courtsey

Unplanned Joint Mechanismcy

Welcome Prime Miniser

Welcome your fouth birth day 

* We salute your democratic vision
your total tolerance devotion

Your vivid confusion
Oh logical delusion
we salute you!
We salute your Super PM’s commandment

A dutiful loyalist in government

Secular minority appeasement

Gandhigiri’s flowery bombartment

On terrorsm Naxal Maoism

We salute you! 

* We salute your cabinet without comment
Of empty brain intelligent
We salute without hesitant
God save our great country

Now in the hands of zeros

We salute you! * We saulte your allies ‘36’

We salute your ulta pulta outsiders

We salute your foreign hearts

We salute your cabinet, Mr. PM!

We salute you! 

* Every bomb blast is a gun saulte to victory of UPA’s minoritysim and joint mechanism. Every loss of life in blasting is also a gun salute which is given for mourn funeral. Gun salute is for victory as well as for morn also.  Triple Bomb blasts salute to three years of UPA Three serial blasts of low intensity in a span of 15 minutes in a crowded shopping area of the Temple city Gorakhpur this evening left four persons including a woman injured. The crude bombs kept in tiffin boxes and tied to cycles went off at five minutes interval after 7 pm — near Baldev Plaza, Ganesh crossing and and Jalkal building in the busy Golghar area creating panic and confusion. Immediately after the explosions that occurred within an area of 500 metres shopkeepers in the locality and other markets downed their shutters. According to Inspector General of Police Dilip Trivedi four persons, including a woman, received minor injures in the blasts.   Cop’s gun salute to Maya’s victory at MLA’s weddingMedia report of May 14, 07 says: The wedding celebration of BSP legislature party leader in Bihar assembly Ramchandra Singh Yadav, coinciding with his party chief Mayawati assuming reins of power in Uttar Pradesh, was mired in controversy with his jubilant police bodyguard firing from his carbine as dancers performed on the stage in Patna 
India mourns Dalit ex-president with 21-gun salute

On Nov 10, 2005, Former Indian President KR Narayanan has been cremated with full military honours in the capital,
Delhi with 21 gun salute in the presence of PM Manmohan Singh.   Manmohan pass and Atal fail in getting gun salute abroadOur PM Manmohan got gun salute (Mourn gun salute?) in
America for mortaging Indian sovereignty in Nuke in the hands of Bush. In Aug 2005 Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was received in the
United States with a 21-gun salute at the beginning of his state visit. President George W. Bush usually reserves such ceremonial pomp for close allies such as the British and Australian Prime Ministers. Indian Prime Minster also addressed the U.S. Congress, again a privilege that the Bush administration has accorded only to close allies. 

Atal was in peace process with
Pakistan for getting victory. So in his visit of
Pakistan, its 3 armed forces refused to abide by Nawaz Sharif’s order that they join him in welcoming the Indian PM at Wagah Border. They with Kargil Villain Musharraf refused to salute a PM from an enemy country and instead attended a banquet given by Sartaj Aziz for the Chinese Defense Minister.  UPA regime in Greenish bookUPA government of colorless secularism with the support of Lal Salami Left is going to enroll its name in the greenish book for getting the honor of bomb blasts’ salute of non counted in every p;ace of India. In this sense Congress led UPA government has fully succeeded to abolish castism, religionism, ageism and regionism. Victims of bomb blasts are of all castes, religions, children to elders and all provinces. In this matter UPA is fully colorless secular, ready to bear any color on it. Blasts in Mosques in UPA regime a big deal of secularism

There is no partiality in bomb blast salute in secular regime. It can’t tolere the omb blasting only Sankatmochan temple or Ramlala of Ayodhya. UPA with the approval of lalsalam of leftists has alloswed blasts in the Mosques also.   In UPA regime there is a great success of terrorists in planting the bomb and blasting them in the mosques on the pious Fridays. After
Malegaon there has been bomb blast in the Mecca Mosque of Hyderabad killing more than 16 innocent persons on the Friday of Namaz. Perhaps communal BJP led NDA was not succeeded in this field. 93’ Blasts in Mumbai in Congress regime
Befroe this this award was gained by the Congress government of Narsimha Rao. On March 12, 1993 a series of Bomb blasts ripped through 13 places in the city killing 257 people and injuring over 700 people. Shard Pawar was the CM of Maharashtra at that time. After 14 years accused of those blasts are now getting the punishment from the Court.  Golden words of Gandhi kingdom’s heir Rahul

Rahul heir of Gandhi kingdom may say that No blast as no fall of Babri structure if Gandhis would be PM instead of Narsimha Rao.  Non-Intelectual editorialThe Daily Pioneer is non-intelectual to write in its editorial: ‘Does the UPA regime have the courage to confront them? Only an effete and irresolute Government will simply suggest that the people must fight and win the battle against Islamist terrorism while those in power wring their hands in abject despair or, worse, refuse to act in any manner that may be seen as not being in consonance with an astounding policy of appeasement whose scary contour has now come to include pandering to radical Islamism’.  9/11 WTC vs 7/11 Mumbai Serial Bomb blasts

There was a terrorist attack on Sept 11 on World Trade Centre in
America. Terrorists treat Manmohan Singh as a younger brother of Bush. So Pak sponsored thought that after 9/11 in US there should be 7/11 in
India.7/11 Mumbai serial bomb blast: July 11, 2006, Tuesday Mumbai experienced a major terror blow that refreshed memories of the 1993 serial blasts. The financial capital of
India was hit by a series of 7 bomb blasts on this day. 7/11 as it is popularly known, the blasts mainly targeted the suburban trains of the Western railways, the backbone of Mumbai. But the city took this in its stride and has moved on. For more on the 7/11 Mumbai blasts read the links below UPA led by a non PMFormer Deputy PM L K Advani on May 22, rightly termed the UPA government at the Centre as a “government headed by a non-Prime Minister”. Please don’t disbelieve this the age of developed technogy and secularism. Have you not seen the broken German wall, Gandhigiri path of film ‘lage raho munna bahi’ and joint mechanism of PM Dr. Singh. It is right that Singh is a sign of bravery. But when before this Manmohak’s ‘manmoha’ comes than it becomes MM Mush Bush bhai bhai as in ‘Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’.was at the time of Nehru. Manmohan Singh saw the said film related to Gandhigiri with his family and appreciated it. MM is expermenting this with Mush and Bush by Joint Mechanism and Indo US Civilian Nuke Deal. .  “Yah andar ki baat hai”

Have you not seen the fighter aeroplane without the piolot? Now
India’s ISRO is going to send the satellite of without man to the moon. So why can UPA not be run without PM. PM post in UPA is for decorating in the show case or exhibition. Now the non-visible post of Super PM has been created by Gandhi Kingdom loyalist Congress. When invisible god can run the whole world than why can foreign borns not run the India behind the door?   Tags: Triple Bomb blast gun salute Mosque Gorakhpur Secular Minority Appeasement Manmohan Super PM Joint Mechanism Gandhigiri Gandhi Kingdom Congress led UPA Left 93 Dalit Non PM Non Intelectual 9/11 7/11 Mush Bush; tag this  By Pemendra