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Shilpi Kiss kissa: Being tolerant handle a public-sex for condom?

April 30, 2007

Public urinating Vs Public kiss, hug, sex and Rave; HRD Misinstry Report: Only10-20% sex in red areas; Drive freedom fighters; FCC Vs Stem and Janet Jackson; Slipping of clothes of models; Deshi leaders of Deshi Congress; Industry to manufacture cons of Mallikas, Rakhis and Shilpis 

After Shilpi kiss kissa next will be nude sex for condom in public places. Our public act is intended to uphold Civilization. Freedom of expression in the public does not mean to invite the dirt of Western Civilization and revert to Barbarianism or some other ism. After Shilpi kiss kissa next will be nude sex for condom in public places. They hide their faces to give the example of shillp kala of Khajuraho,
Ajanta and Elleora.  

Today’s media report says the truth of HRD Ministry report. According to that only 10 to 20% sex is in the red-light areas. It means 80 to 90% sex are done in other places such as in car, parks, sea-beach, Star-hotels and the buildings of modern saints. Many uses their offices in the night for this purpose. 

Drive freedom fighters for freedom of expressionTime has come. Freedom fighters should throw their medals in the sexy sea. Their pension should be stopped by the followers of MF Husseins, Afzal Gurus, Geelanis, Abu Salems, Matuknath and  Nishab of no words. Now there is no need of freedom fighters. We have been independent for free expressions in the regime of Gandhi dynasty. All have got freedom of every type to spread every type of ills in the name of Gandhigiri. Sinners do sins to keep their god’s name on the tongues. 

Secular title: “Morality brigade out against MandiraShiv Sainiks, Bajrangi and others are culprits who sweep these ills in the public places. Secular media will title them as “Morality brigade out against Mandira They talked about the unfortunate social ill of untouchably in the society of some people but they forget about themselves. Bajrang dal caught some couples showing public sex in the Juhu beach and without beating them handover to the police. Bajrngdal is a fascist organization to do this! There was a violent attack on the office of a channel. The said channel to follow others was doing a noble cause for showing a minor Hindu girl with a Muslim boy without the consent of her parents. As Aryasamj, channels are doing the noble job of maulvis, pujaris and the marriage bureaus. They can do every thing being sound boxes of fake secularism. 

The channels have become a bunch of termites There are few ghosts of Western countries such as Lincolin Douglas and J S Mill in the TV machine boxes to increase the profiting of the media by spreading unwanted discussions. Channels are now playing the role of marriage bureau, court trial and parade of politicians who want publicity. The channels are reserved mostly time only for cricket. They kill other sports to earn money. In a channel I saw one anchor with respectable three past cricketers. They are in the same uniform. It is good. But is not this also against the freedom of those honorable personalities? 

Leaders are the super adulators in pious public lifeThey want to show mostly celebrities, sansani, blind following ghostly chudail stories etc. They have no interest to give healthy food to the public. As for money traders want adulteration, channels also not far behind in this process. And for votes leaders are the super adulators. They all are more dangerous than dengu or other mosquitoes.  

Kiis KissaCNN-IBN reported on April 29:  Who would have thought a spontaneous kiss on the cheek could snowball into such a huge kissa.  

Just when we thought the Shilpa Shetty-Richard Gere kissing controversy was kissed goodbye, a local court in Jaipur issues an arrest warrant against the
Hollywood actor and summons the Bollywood bombshell to appear before the court on May 5.  

This comes after a Jaipur advocate filed a PIL alleging that the act constituted obscenity in a Public place. It’s not the first time the kiss is under scrutiny. 

The Court in its order said the attitude of the two film personalities was highly erotic and transgressed all limits of vulgarity.  

Not just that, Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan also got lip-locked into controversy over a kiss in Dhoom 2.  

Is kissing in public or on screen such a crime, or is this a classic case of judicial overreach? 

I discuss here the issue in this article  as following: 

FCC Vs Stem and Janet Jackson Can the government not ban offensive public speech? See FCC & Stern. That same entity bans public nudity – see FCC and Janet Jackson. Singer Janet Jackson’s right breast was exposed during the halftime show Sunday at the Super Bowl. 

Slipping of clothes of models and Malika 

Mandira Bedi was seen wearing a sari that had an image of the Tricolour below her waist, then a controversial tattoo on her back and now her sari that has dishonoured the Tricolour. 

The models continued to walk the ramp in Mumbai’s fashion catwalks, the first yanked her straying blouse back on and the second held the back of her skirt together.“We will probe how the clothes slipped off the models,” said R R Patil, Home |Minister of

There was a controversy when Mallika wore a single piece skin colored jump suit with a bikini top that was studded with diamonds and a silver diamond belt during her hour-long ‘Jewel 07’ program held at hotel J W Marriot Hotel in Mumbai on New Year’s eve. 

These are world fame celebrities who take bath in dollars. They are being called civilized. They call tribe of Bastar backward and the symbol of darkness. Is it true? 

Freedom in public placesThat suggests that they derive a high degree of utility from their activities – possibly enough to outweigh the disutility to others caused by public kissing, sex for condoms and dressed for vulgarity and nudeness. 

Should government not ban offensive public speech and the waving of flags of the enemies? Just few days back government registered an FIR against the Geelani and its supporters for waving the flags of LeT and

Deshi leaders of Deshi CongressRahul Gandhi and her mother try to wear the Indian dresses in public places. It should be welcomed. Both maintained the dignity after entering in the politics. Even after the marriage Sonia used mini skirt few years. After seeing her photo in media on such dress, she kept herself away from that dress. Though, her mother, livies in
Italy, came here in
India with mini skirt to attend the marriage ceremony in the family of Captain Satish Sharma, former petroleum minister. Rahul Gandhis uses Western Night Dress in the night but in public he is always in pajama and kurta. After all they are deshi leader of desh Congress. Though congress was born by a foreigner and still they are under the leadership of a foreign origin.  

Industry to manufacture cons of Mallikas, Rakhis and ShilpasRenuka Chaudhary, minister of Women and Child Development talks too much for child abuse
India. But she never talks about his native states congress minister who wants the distribution of condoms between the minor child students. Do they want to establish the industry to manufacture cons of Mallika, Rakhi Sawant and Shilpas? 

What if some man walks onto a cricket ground and starts nudity? Is that a “no harm or not punishable” activity? Public sex between two persons might also be a vehicle of some sort of predatory intentions toward children, might it not? Don’t pedophiles often show their child victims, adult pornography?  

Public urinating Vs Public kiss, hug and sexIf it’s acceptable to outlaw shoot out, urinating, and defecating in public to prevent the spread of disease, surely it isn’t a stretch to think other body fluids should be kept to oneself. I saw an elder man was bundled in the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai because he used roadside for the urinal. He argued that he was unable to block the natural call. It might be excusable. Should this liberty be given to Shilpa-Grey or tothers? Are kissing andsex in public also in this category? 

Does it mean public kiss, hug and sex should be allowed to improve the health of city? Is this should be allowed in such a country which can’t give jobs to the empty hands of youth. Should textile factories, hand weavers, tailoring shops be locked as sealing is being done in
Delhi? Fashion designers of the celebrities, favors nudity but what they will do after freeing public sex and nudity? One anchor of a news channel said that kissing does not spread HIV-AIDS. What does it mean here?  

We don’t allow anyone to do anything in a common If I wanted to play football in a busy street, eventually the cops would collect me and suggest that there might be a more suitable location. Even children know better this. They play in the streets when there is a strike or holiday. I see in the big cities such as in Mumbai, when there is a weekly holiday of the shops, hawkers decorate their road shops in the front of the doors of such shops. Some one can see Jobless madari and snake charmers in the streets. Even cheaters are also busy in the roads. 

Road shows to be a leaderNow in UP there is road shows of Rahul Gandhi. Now Sonia Gandhi attends public meetings instead of road shows. It means the roads shows are necessary for grooming Rahul as a future face of Congress. 

Should Rave parties in Public be allowed in future?Congress MLA ‘Deshprabhu’ is drug lord for rave parties of beach, Gift of Hippie culture; Corrupt Politicians for Casino Hot spots; God knows who knows the God. But we are lucky to find him in
Goa where voting for assembly election is on coming June 2. After Pune Rave Party, the minister allowed rave party in his private place. Are these drug lords should be allowed to organize rave parties in public places for getting the votes of youths. I don’t know what type of a youth Rahul Gandhi and what he did in his age of 37 years for the health of youths. I heard only about his foreign girl friends and his so called ‘empowerment of the women’ and for that unemployed bar dancers are being employed to attract crowd in the public meetings of the leaders.   


By Pemendra 


Italian Swiss in Q on Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

April 29, 2007

Ottavio Quattrocchi, the key Bofors case accused had hatched a conspiracy with the LTTE to assassinate former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Telgi and Moninder had gone for Narco Test, but not Quattrocchi? Why should politicians not subject to Narco test? 

Why is Congress for ‘Save Quattrocchi’ move as ‘Save Afzal Guru’ move? Why are Priyanka, Sonia and her mother mum on this matter? 

Gandhis wants votes in the name of Gandhi dynasty. Why are they not serious in the assassination case of Rajiv Gandhi? Gandhis have regular live connection with
Italy. Sonia Gandhi owned a house in
Italy. Though, she is homeless in
India. Then why can Quattrocchi not come here? Requests the Parliament of India to ensure that the Government of India obtains all the information and classified data pertaining to the Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi available with the Intelligence Agencies of
Israel and the
US and discloses all the information to
India’s Parliament.  

‘Abhiaish’ Abhishek and Ashwarya Rai are also going to
France for Honeymoon. They will be celebrities there and Amitabh Bachchan has been awarded highest reward of
France. So they should also contact the Intelligence Agency of France. 

President Kalam to request the French President to make available to India the Tapes of the Secret Meeting in the Paris Hotel and all other information involving the Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. President Kalam has showed his secularism in the Afzal Gurus hanging case in his interview to NDTV. Why should he not react on this issue? 

Quattrocchi in Lok Sabha for assassination of Rajiv Gandhi Raising the matter during Zero Hour in Lok Sabha, BJP leader V K Malhotra and SP`s Ramji Lal Suman said the conspiracy was hatched by Italian businessman Quattrocchi and LTTE`s intelligence chief Anton Balasingham in a five-star hotel in Paris.  

(1) According to, French intelligence agencies were in possession of documentary evidence that the LTTE, Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrochchi and several Congress Party bigwigs colluded to have Rajiv Gandhi eliminate. 

(2) LTTE and Quatrocchi believed that Rajiv and his Congress were not winning the 1991 elections, and therefore, panicked. According to the website, Quattrocchi felt that as long as Mr. Gandhi was alive, the scam would remain alive. If Rajiv were dead then the Bofors Scam would die. 

(3) Quattrocchi therefore met Balasingham in
Paris and was also in touch with arms dealer Adnan Khashogi. The website said that the entire meeting and conversation between Quattrocchi and Balasingham was recorded by the French intelligence agencies. 

(4) According to the website, on the day he was assassinated (May 21, 1991), Rajiv Gandhi was reluctant to leave Vishakapatnam for Chennai and then to Sriperumbadur. But some Congress leaders had convinced him to undertake the journey, which eventually killed him. 

(5) When Rajiv alighted at Sriperumbudur all the state Leaders were there. However, each of the Tamilnadu State Leaders suddenly decided to keep away from Rajiv. So, when the Human Bomb Exploded, Rajiv was Blown to pieces, but not a single Tamilnadu State Leader Died with him. G.K.Moopanar, P.Chidambaram, Maragatham Chandrashekar and several Other Tamilnadu state Leaders did not walk with Rajiv. Strange and Impossible. But the

State leaders allowed Rajiv to walk the Death-Walk Alone.  

Ontario QuattrocchiThe Wife of Ontario Quattrocchi is cousin of Sonia Gandhi. is a good friend of Gandhi family. Quattrocchi received Bofors kickbacks through Myles Stott of AE Services based in
London. “The statement of Myles T. Stott that the amount Bofors had paid to AE Services was related to the agreement of sale of guns to India; and the trail of subsequent transfers of the money to companies owned by Quattrocchi—from AE Services to Colbar Investments to Wetelsen Overseas,” at page 7 of its judgment, the Swiss Court then noted. 

Who is Myles Stott of AE Services based in LondonPresent Indian Government is importing wheat through an Australian company AWB Ltd, having office in
Delhi also. Volcker had named this company in Oil for Food Scam. As reported by Craig Rowley on January 24, 2006, in 1991, Charles Stott, the then head of International Sales and Marketing for Monopoly Wheat Exporter AWB Ltd, the Australian Wheat Board negotiated the physical payment of $200 million of gold owned by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to the Australian government against future deliveries of wheat. That’s what, it says in an article, ‘Dealing with the Devil’, which appeared in a March 2003 edition of The Bulletin. 

Swiss based
Italy connected Masefield in Volker ReportThe company, Masefield, mentioned in the Vollker Report as having managed the transactions for Natwar Singh and the Congress, is a Zug-based (Swiss) oil-trading company controlled by protégés of Marc Rich. Marc Rich is one of
Switzerland ’s wealthiest residents, and is one of its largest taxpayers. He is discreetly protected by the Swiss police and security apparatus 

Switzerland seems to be the focal point for Gandhi family Can BOFORS, the KGB funds, and Masefield AG all this be a coincidence? Through this company, Natwar Singh and the Congress party bought oil from Saddam Hussein and later re-sold in the international market.Masefield s Chief Financial Officer Hemant Thanawala, confirmed his company’s business dealings with Hamdan Exports, run by Jagat Singh’s friend Andleeb Singh. 

Italian VadraPriyanka Gandhi said that she should not be called with Gandhi surname. She is Vadra. Perhaps she realized the non-importance of confused surname ‘Gandhi’ or she want to come in future in politics with her husband and her Italian mother in law. Robert Vadra’s mother is an Italian national married to an Indian, Eric Vadera. Priyanka’s husband Raobert Vadra had showed his distance from his father Eric Vadra.  

Teresa’s biographer Navin ChawlaNavin Chawla was a bureaucrat villain of Emergency period. |He is 10  Janpath loyalist. For this reason he got appointment from Manmohan Singh as an Election Officer. He will be Chief Election officer at the time of 2009 General Election to conduct Free and Fair Election for Sonia Gandhi. He is also accused in office of double profit. A case against him is in the Supreme Court on hearing. His rehersal was seen by people on so called BJP CD case. 

Conversion connection
Israel born fraud miracle healer Benny Hinn’s wife Suzanne Hinn is a friend of Sonia Gandhi. Suzanne was introduced to Sonia Gandhi by Madam Alva. On the blessings of Sonia A-Dharm then CM of Karnataka arranged at
Bangalore the Conversion rally in the shape of healing festival for Benny Hinn. Sonia Gandhi called Glady Staines from
Australia and instructed for awarding to Glady ‘Padmashree’ for her conversion holy work in tribal belt of Orissa. 

Anton Balasingham (March 4, 1938 – December 14, 2006)LTTE`s intelligence chiefBalasingham was born in Batticaloa on the 4th of March in the minority Sri Lankan Tamil dominated Northern Province of Sri Lanka His father was a Hindu and mother a Roman Catholic. His father also hailed from Eastern province where as his mother was a native Jaffna Tamil. Although brought up a Christian, he became an atheist in his adult lifeLTTE spokesman Anton Balasingham told the Indian television channel NDTV that the killing was a “great tragedy, a monumental historical tragedy which we deeply regret.”  

Jain Commission and other reportsIn the Jain report, various people and agencies are named as suspected of having been involved in the murder of Rajiv Gandhi. Among them, the cleric Chandraswami was suspected of involvement, including financing the assassination. One of the accused, Ranganath, said Chandraswami was the godfather who financed the killing. The interim report of the Jain Commission created a storm when it accused Karunanidhi and the Tamils of a role in the assassination, leading to Congress withdrawing its support for the I. K. Gujral government and fresh elections in 1998.  

Do You Know Your Sonia?
By Dr. Subramanian Swamy
August 15, 2004 

“Ever wonder why Sonia’s closest
advisers are those whom Rajiv literally hated? Non-Hindu Ambika Soni is one
such name. Ever wonder why she asked the President of India to set
aside, on a mercy petition, the Supreme Court judgment directing
that Rajiv Gandhi’s LTTE killers be hanged to death, when she was
not similarly moved for Satwant Singh who killed Indira Gandhi or
recently for Dhanajoy Chattopadhyaya? The explanation for this
special consideration for the LTTE lies in what Rajiv had told her
in 1990.
Besides the Palestinian extremists, the Maino family have had
extensive business dealings with Saddam Hussein, and surprisingly
with the LTTE [“the Tamil Tigers”] since 1984. Sonia’s mother Paola
Predebon Maino, and businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi were the main
contacts with the Tigers. The mother used the LTTE for money
laundering and Quattrocchi for selling weapons to earn commissions.
Sonia’s conduit to the LTTE has been and is through Arjun Singh who

Bangalore as the nodal point for contact.
There is a string of circumstantial evidence pointing to the prima
facie possibility that the Maino family may have contracted the LTTE
to kill Rajiv Gandhi. The family may have assured the LTTE that
nothing would happen to them because they would ensure it is blamed
on the Sikhs or the evidence so much fudged that no court would
convict them. But D.R. Karthikeyan of the CBI who led the SIT
investigation got the support of Narasimha Rao and cracked the case,
and got the LTTE convicted in the trial court, and which conviction
was upheld in the Supreme Court.”


Why is Cross in Coin of Rupee two?Is it to invite Christian War from
Jerusalem to
India? Today Jerusalem remains central to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Is there any conspiracy to extend that conflict here in India by including Jerusalem Cross in the new two-rupee coin, circulated by the Reserve Bank of India. Is here any role of Italian origin Roman Cathoic Christian Sonia Gandhi, her son Rahul or powerfull Christian lobby which includes Oscar Fernadis, Alwa,
Antony, YSR Rajeshwar Rao CM of Andhra, Ajit Jogi and so many others. Is there any guide line for that of Eletion Commissioner Navin Chawla, autobiographer of Terresa and Christian Missionaries? 

Is Gandhis’ god in
Italy or in
India? the Palestinian extremists, the Maino family has had extensive business dealings with Saddam Hussein, and surprisingly with the LTTE since 1984. Sonia’s mother Paola Predebon Maino, and businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi were the main contacts with the Tigers. The mother used the LTTE for money laundering and Quattrocchi for selling weapons to earn commissions. Sonia’s conduit to the LTTE has been and is through Arjun Singh who uses
Bangalore as the nodal point for contact. Cuprit in the assassination case should be found out on the basis of circumstantial evidences also. 

News Analysis Italian Swiss Q LTTE Bofors Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Quattrocchi Intelligence Agency France Israel US Narco Test Abhiaish honeymoon Kalam Lok Sabha Balasingham Nadra Italian Swiss Catholic Christian Masefield Volker Jerusalem Cross” 


By Pemendra agrawal 

Wakeup call for India: Saudis arrest 172 militants

April 28, 2007

Pro and Anti oaths were at Mecca on ‘Deviant ideas’. The Abqaio Attack was the first direct attack by Al-Qaeda on a Saudi oil installation. Arrested militants were in the process to repeat the 9/11 to destroy oil wells especially. This is recent wakeup call for all oil consuming countries specially India for advancing as quickly as possible to the target of reducing dependence on oil from unstable regions.

Saudi TV and Al-Arabiya reported that the militants pledged allegiance to the leader of the main cell during a ritual in Mecca, the Saudi city and the holiest city of Islam. A sheikh appearing on Saudi TV referred to the pledge at the holy site as an affront to the religion

February 2006 attack
The operation was launched with intelligence gleaned from the interrogations of suspects arrested in the unsuccessful February 2006 attack on the world’s largest oil processing facility in Abqaiq, in eastern Saudi Arabia. Saudi authorities rounded up forty militant suspects a month later. However, he said it’s no secret the United States and Saudi Arabia work closely on terrorism.

December 2004 audio message
The Abqaio Attack was the first direct attack by Al-Qaeda on a Saudi oil installation, although Osama bin Laden, in a December 2004 audio message, had called for attacks against oil, and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, repeated the call in autumn 2005. In a website message claiming responsibility for the Abqaiq attack, “al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula” said it was part of al-Qaeda’s “war against the Christians and Jews to stop their pillage of Muslim riches and part of the campaign to chase them out of the Arabian peninsula.”

With over 260 billion barrels of proven reserves – a quarter of the world’s total – Saudi Arabia’s oil industry has already been a target of Islamic extremists. In 2003, Al-Qaeda on the above said direction was carrying out suicide bomb attacks on foreigners and government installations, including the oil industry.

May 2004, attack
In May 2004, attackers stormed the offices of a Houston-based oil company in the western Saudi oil hub of Yanbu and killed 22 people, 19 of them foreigners.

Planning suiide attacks
The Saudi Arab ministry issued a statement saying the detainees were planning to carry out suicide attacks against “public figures, oil facilities, refineries … and military zones” — some of which were outside the kingdom
They had the personnel, the money, the arms. Almost all the elements for terror attacks were complete except for setting the zero hour for the attacks.
Some had begun training on the use of weapons, and some were sent to other countries to study aviation in preparation to use them to carry out terrorist operations inside the kingdom.

Seizure of 20 million Saudi riyals ($5.3 million)
The militants also planned to storm Saudi prisons to free the inmates, the statement said. More than 20 million Saudi riyals ($5.3 million) was seized in the operation, one of the largest sweeps against terror cells in the kingdoms

The Saudi statement said some of the military targets were outside the kingdom.

Large weapons cache buried in the desert
Large weapons cache discovered buried in the desert. The arms included bricks of plastic explosives, ammunition cartridges, handguns, computers and rifles wrapped in plastic sheeting.
The intelligence source said some of the confiscated weapons had been hidden in the desert for years.

Those arrested are Saudis and citizens of other Arab and African countries. Including Yemenis and some Nigerians.

Deviant ideology

It is said the suspects, mostly Saudis, had been “influenced by the deviant ideology”, a reference frequently used by Saudi officials to refer to al-Qaeda.

Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the assistant interior minister and effective counter terrorism chief, has told diplomats that only 20 percent of the problem can be tackled with police work; the other 80 percent must be combated by countering the deviancy of al-Qaeda’s interpretation of Islam.

Rajya Sabha MP Balbir Punj wrote in an article: “Summit of Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) at Mecca, where leaders of 57 Muslim countries converged, resolved to fight against ‘deviant ideas’. By ‘Deviant ideas’ they did not mean Leftist, secular or Western ideas, as it might Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal first raised the issue of ‘deviant ideology’on the eve of the Mecca Summit. However, Saudi Arabia’s own credentials expose its doublespeak. The ruling dynasty of the Kingdom, the House of Saud, is guided by Wahabi ulema.”

In 1961, it founded the Islamic University of Medina as an alternative to Egypt’s Al Azhar University. Pakistani radical Islamist Maulana Abu al-Ala Mawdudi was one of the trustees of the university.

In 1967, King Abdul Aziz University was established; it too, catered to foreign students injecting in them the Wahabi ideology. The twin universities became hothouses for the growth of Islamist ideology.

Saudis were fortifying the intellectual infrastructure of terrorism rather than curbing it. They were, by no stretch of the imagination, promoting moderation or toleration.

Moreover, Prophet’s Sunna, which means Muslims should try to replicate what the Prophet did or said, binds Muslims. Thus Maulana Hussain Ahmed Madani (1879-1957), who served as President of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind for 17 years and opposed Jinnah’s two-nation theory, spoke of ‘composite nationalism’ amongst Hindu and Muslims against British rule on the lines of Prophet Mohammed and his followers from the Quraish and Ansar tribes forming an alliance with the Jews of Medina.

Madani, in that entire speech of 1938 (now published as booklet, Composite Nationalism and Islam by Manohar Publishers), proves his mind is fully in Arabia although he was born and died in Uttar Pradesh. However, he stopped short of saying whether with the fight with the British, the “enemy of Islam” was dead. His ambiguity leaves little to the imagination: That there would be no departure from the original Quranic texts that condemn idoltars as fit to be killed.

Interrogation of the three alleged Lashkar-e-Taiba militants arrested by the Special Cell of the Delhi police near Dilli Haat on April 26 evening has revealed that they were planning to target functions being organised to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the First War of Independence. Muslims and Hindus fought against British rule combined in 1857. It is unfortunate that present UPA government and left strengthen the hands of terrorists including LeT by their policiy of appeasement and ‘divide and rule’ of Britishers. Caste and religion based quota is the example of that.

Strangely, OIC never finds any ‘deviant ideology’ at work in Jammu & Kashmir. Like always, it passed a resolution calling for implementation of the plebiscite formula recommended by the UN in 1949. But it had nothing to say about the jihadis of Kashmir – whether they are being ‘deviant’ or not.

Whether by driving out Kashmiri Hindus, Muslims have indulged in ‘deviant ideology’. Similarly, OIC has nothing to say about persecution of minorities in Bangladesh, a member country, since Muslims claims that minorities were well protected under the Caliphate.

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, in his message to the world community after the London blasts on July 21, deplored that more students in Islamic world gravitate towards theological rather than scientific studies, and this explains that the Muslim world is in a shambles. As long as religious curricula dominate, purging few verses will not be engaged.

Reduce dependence on foreign oil and natural gas

Americans consume 25 percent of the world’s produced oil, but our nation holds less than 3 percent of the world’s proven oil reserves. America is super power of the world. Saudi Arab is its closed ally. It purchased Pakistan through Mush as it did always. Still America worried and wants to reduce its dependence on foreign oil and gas.

Is India super power as America? Why should we not precede quickly to reduce foreign dependency for oil and gas?

UPA government’s energy policies are failing. The administration is still without a strategy for reducing India?s dangerous and costly dependence on fossil fuels, undermining national, economic, and environmental security.

India needs a new energy strategy that will reduce dependence on foreign oil and natural gas, confront the threat posed by climate change, and protect vital energy infrastructure

Even UPA boldly tries to consider the Iranian Gas Pipe line through the Pakistan. Though Baloach freedom fighters damaged even the Pakistani Pipe Lined there.

Biodiesel could be an important renewable substitute for fossil fuels. And, in certain parts of the world, governments and some corporations consider the jatropha plant, common in hot climates, one of the most promising sources of bio-diesel. The plant can grow in wastelands, and it yields more than four times as much fuel per hectare as soybean, and more than ten times that of corn. But the commercial-scale cultivation of jatropha, which has not previously been grown as a crop, raises several significant challenges.
This year, the Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), an Indian research group, launched a 10-year, $9.4 million project to research issues involved in taking jatropha from seed to filling station. One challenge is growing the plant in poor soil India’s Big Plans for Biodiesel

U.S. pursues ethanol technology as key to reducing oil dependence
But the more than six billion gallons of ethanol that will be produced this year have already helped push corn to its highest price in years, raising the cost of everything from tortillas to chicken feed. Poor people in Mexico have protested against the higher prices, and now China and India are starting to suffer from food inflation.
So why has no one figured out a way to make ethanol from materials like the sugar cane wastes engineers are working with in Jennings?

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By Pemendra agrawal

Katara barred but not Nepali Subba and life imprisoned Soren!

April 26, 2007

Kabutarbaj Katara is accused in human trafficking. I don’t want to defend him. But why did Congress not kick three times MP Mr. Subba without being an Indian Citizen. Why impartial comrade Somnath Chatterjee welcomes him in the Lok Sabha and barred Kataria? Arrest of Babubhai Katara is a good sign of our awakening. But is it also good to invite infiltration from Bangladesh and provide them ration cards and facilitate them for inclusion their names in the voter list. Why is there not seriousness on getting identity cards by the LeT terrorists in J&K and getting entry in the army and security force as live telecast by timesnow few days back? Is only Kataria enemy of Congress and Left and others their brothers and children? Why should not imprisoned Soren be expelled or prevented from entering Lok Sabha? Is his crime smaller than Basbubhai katara? PM said tainted Lalu and others would be minister as Natwar Singh was until conviction. Has Babubhai Katara been punished by the court? Is Speaker a dictator of India? Is Kapil Sibbal, a minister in the cabinet of Manmohan more powerful than the Chief Justice of Supreme Court? He with CPM wants CBI enquiry on Kabutarbaji. Is CBI not given clean chit to Moninder Pandher a relative of Congress leaders of Punjab? Shibu Soren is now in Tihar jail for life imprisonment. But still he is a member of parliament. He may be welcomed, but Katara accused in human trafficking case, can’t enter in Lok Sabha.  Neither speaker nor Congress wanted to expel Shibu Soren. Lalu and Mulayam are facing corruption charges for acquiring assets, disproportionate to the known sources of their income. So may MPs including Shahabuddin of RJD are facing criminal charges from the jail. They can enter the Lok Sabha. Sadhu Yadav was wrestling with another MP Prabhunath Singh in the Lok Sabha though there was a non-bailable warrant to arrest him in the hands of Delhi Police. What did Speaker comrade Somnath Chatterjee for those?  Natwar is also facing corrupting charges. Congress has already said that Natwar was involved in Oil for Food scam. On the same reason of giving introductory letter to the bribe taker, Sonia Gandhi is also liable because she herself had given the same type of introductory letters to Natwar Singh. Why can Sonia Gandhi and others not be expelled as 11 ouster MPs or debarred from entering in the Lok Sabha? Somnath Chatterjee shielded Lalu in fodder scam In 2 May 1997 Somanath Chatterji tried to shield Lalu Yadav in fodder scam, In the history of CPM first time Mr Surjeet took his hard-line stance against his part’s MP to say, “It has been brought to my notice that when the whole country is seized of the fodder scam in which the Bihar chief minister along with two ministers have been named some politicians are trying to provide a cover up to them by concentrating fire against the CBI.  

Suprme Court: Mr. Clean & Bully Lalu

Mr.Clean PM argued that tainted ministers should be “presumed innocent” until conviction in the cases against them. Then “Does that assumption of innocence come to play, while, making other such appointments? Can a person facing rape charges be appointed as a judge or an Election Commissioner,” an apex court bench asked. “If a trial court finds a prima facie case against a person under Section 376 (rape) or 302 (murder), and frames charges against him, can he be given a sensitive post of a Cabinet minister,” the court asked.  Is Speaker should be a dictator of India? A day after Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee said courts had no jurisdiction in the expulsion of 11 MPs linked to the cash-for-questions scam; the Delhi High Court sought his response Monday to petitions filed by some of the expelled parliamentarians. Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee, sensing a showdown with the judiciary, had even thrown a cat among the pigeons by refusing to accept a notice from the courts on the petition.  Somnath Chatterjee welcomed the SC’s decision!! Somnath Chatterjee welcomes the SC decision to uphold the expulsion of tainted MPs. Further Lok Sabha Speaker termed as “unfortunate” the externment of four MPs from their respective constituencies in Bihar during the assembly polls.  Comrade Somnath defames court because matter is now in the court. Tomorrow Speaker will say that sending jail to the MPs on order of a court is also undemocratic.  Sonia Gandhi Somnath Chatterjee and Navin Chawla nexusNavin Chawla, Election Commissioner is accused for double profit. He is facing other charges in the Supreme Court. But fake seculars including communists wanted his presence in alleged BJP CD case. Sonia Gandhi and Somnath Chatterjee could get success in Office of profit Bill due to Lalu’s IIM-management skill. Citizens complained that their hard earn money should not be paid to criminals tainted junk terrorists Minister and parliamentarians. It is said that in the guidance of Sonia and Somnath Parliament passed a bill that provides for exempting 56 posts on the purview of double profit. Sonia, Somnath, Karn Sinh, Amar Singh feels free. ‘Shining India ’ lost. ‘Shining UPA’ wins the battle.  Congress may amend Constitution for OBC Quota and Creamy Layer Congress and other fake seculars habitual to divide the people on caste and religion basis for getting their lump sum votes. Govt can defy the SC orders and make amendment in the constitution. Congress has amended Indian Constitution more than 100 times. It is ready to make the law for inclusion of the tainted leaders in the cabinet. Congress led government has passed the Office of Profit Bill to save Somnath Chatterjee and others. It abolished the POTA to give free hand to terrorists and their supporters. It can do all to be in power.  Tags: News analysis Kabutarbaj Katar Human trafficking Subba Imprisoned Soren Somnath Chatterjee Lok Sabha Speaker LeT J&K Timesnow Pandher MP Congress CPM Tainted Minister OBC Quota Creamy layer Constitution amended; Tag this By Pemendra agrawal

Encounters: Sohrabuddin Vs Ishrat

April 26, 2007

Sohrabuddin, killed in fake encounter at Ahmedabad wanted to be a Don of Malwa. His mother was the sarpach of that village. It is unforunate that he could not do more to strengthen the secularism and democracy, as Abu Salem, Bablu Srivastav, Seema Prihar! Story behind the tears of kapil Sibbal and media is only this. Three police officers are arrested for the charges of fake encountering.  Sohrabuddin was the resident of Jhiranya village of Ujjain, MP. AK-56 rifles were found in a well of Jhiranya village in 1995. Since that time he was in the news.  Sohrabudding was the head of criminals in Gujarat due to his close relation with underworld don a resident of Mandsaur Chhota Daud.  According to the Special Task Force (STF) huge quantity of AK-56 rifles were reached from Pakistan to the Jhiranya village and found in the well of the house of Sohrabuddin. Police had seized more than two dozens AK-56 riles from that well. After that Ujjain police seized one more AK-Rifle. Sources told that Sohrabuddin run a gang with Dilavar a notorious criminal of Dewas and Mohmd Shahid of Ujjain, defamed an arm dealer in the underworld. One STF officer has said that information on reaching the AK-Rifles from Pakistan to Jhiraya village of Ujjain, comes from Dubai. There was a fight between Chhota Daud and gangster Abdul Latif to keep stable their authority in the underworld.  Rubabuddin, Sohrabuddin’s brother who had petitioned the Supreme Court on the issue, however, claimed the well did not belong to his family. “It was a roadside well and the weapons were dumped in it by gangster Abdul Latif in connivance with the anti-terrorist squad of Gujarat,” he alleged As reported on April 25, 2007: An atmosphere of joy prevailed in the home in Madhya Pradesh of Sohrabuddin, killed in a fake encounter in Gujarat in 2005, following the arrest of three IPS officials allegedly involved in his cold-blooded killing.

Sweets were distributed, crackers were burst and people danced to drum beats near the home at Jhirnya village in Ujjain district soon after news of the arrest of the three senior police officials was beamed by TV channels yesterday.

Sohrabuddin’s mother Jebunnisa Bi is the sarpanch in Jhirnya.

An elated Rubabuddin, Sohrabuddin’s brother who had petitioned the Supreme Court on the issue, told on phone that the family’s faith in the apex court had increased manifold with the arrest of those behind the killing of his sibling in a fake encounter.

Police had gunned down Sohrabuddin following a report that he had links with the Lashkar-e-Toiba and had come to Gujarat with the mission of killing Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Police on April 25 afternoons produced the three IPS in the court of the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate who were arrested in connection with the fake encounter of Sohrabuddin in 2005. CID, which arrested DIG D G Vanzara and SP Rajkumar Pandian of Gujarat police, and M N Dinesh of Rajasthan police has sought 14 day remand. These three officers were arrested as the Supreme Court had asked Gujarat government to submit action taken report when the matter of the encounter came up before the Court on March 23. 

Story behind the tears of Kapil Sibbal and AK-56 Rifles

AK-56 rifles were found in the well of Sohrabudding’ house in 1995 at Jhinjari village. 93’ Mumbai blast happened two years before. Accused Abu Salem was going to be a gentleman to contest UP assembly election. His posters are on the walls of the houses of Azamgarh. He is hero for the youths of his village.  Sohrabuddin also wanted to be Don of Malwa. His mother was the sarpach of that village. It is unforunate that he could not do more to strengthen the secularism and democracy! Story behind the tears of kapil Sibbal and media is only this. Terrorists, naxalites, separtists and Bangladeshi infiltrators are the brothers and childern of the Congress as said by Home Minister Shivraj Patil. They are the solid voters of Congress as dalits are for Mayavati. Human Rights Groups, NGOs and a portion of media can get foreign funds only to campaing for such unfortunate incidents. Occurance of dengu or flue becomes the season of doctors. Otherwise they will be unemplyed. We could not see Teestaq Setalwad and others in news channels since a long time. Now they get a golden chance to be active. After tears for Babri structure in Deoband, now Kapils Sibbal flows tears on behalf of Rajkumar. As per the CBI case filed in a TADA court, it is alleged that Abu Salem and his men went to Dutt’s house on January 16, 1993 and gave him three AK-56 rifles, 25 hand grenades, one 9 mm pistol and cartridges. He returned two AK-56 rifles, hand grenades and cartridges to Hanif Kadawala and Samir Hingora but kept one AK-56 rifle with himself.On November 28, 2006, A special TADA court found actor Sanjay Dutt guilty under the Arms Act of possessing an illegal weapon. He was cleared, however, of the charges of terrorism and conspiracy. Judge P D Kode said of the ruling in the open court:“During my reasoning I have not found him (Sanjay) to be a terrorist.” Dutt’s bail has been extended a number of times since the ruling and is still in progress  

Gun downed Girl Ishrat

Terrorist girl Ishrat gunned down in Ahmedabad police encounter. Congress made her martyr. Reputed Maharastra Police Officers who fought terrorism had been sent to jail. Why not FIR filed against Nationalist Congress Party MLA Vasant Davkhare who presented Rs. one lakh cheque to the mother of gunned down terrorist girl Ishrat? Terrorist Girl on June 19, 2004 Ishrat became Martyr?Nationalist Congress Party MLA Vasant Davkhare who had been the deputy speaker in Maharashtra Legislative Council, gave one lac cheque the mother of terrorist Ishrat Jahan, who was part of an alleged mission to kill Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. At the funeral, local political leaders were seen collecting donations for the family since Ishrat was the main breadwinner of the household.  Hussain Dalwai of the Congress, who attended the funeral, said such encounters were staged to defame the minority community. The entire incident has put the Narendra Modi led Gujarat Government under a cloud of doubt, he alleged. He also demanded that other cases like that involving Khwaja Yunus should be probed thoroughly. This incident exposed the media, politicians, NGOs, human right activist who consistently criticizes to evoke communal sentiments for their own selfish benefits. (Examples: A certain politician donated a chunk of money to her family, lots of people gathering for her funeral, etc. even without bothering to know the truth if she was linked with terrorists or not)  Secular Media electronic media especially NDTV was giving judgment to make Ishrat a martyr and to label Modi, Gujarat Govt., Police and judiciary murderer of Ishrat.  English News paper TOI wrote an editorial that case against Gujarat police should be registered. To gun down terrorist was against the human right.
Gujarat High Court has said in its judgment, ‘‘it appears that attempt is being made by journalist/human right activist and advocates Teesta Setalvad and Mihir Desai to have a parallel investigation. We do not know how far it is proper but we can state that it is not permissible under law.’’
 In live-telecast Big fight of NDTV, Hasan Johar, a so called human right activist said that the persons, those came to kill Narendra Modi, are may be called murderous, but not terrorists.” According to him killing in revenge is not terrorism.

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Round Table Conference of Fake Encounters

April 25, 2007

Is Round Table Conference to encounter unanimous passed resolution of parliament? Is fake secularism with sympathy towards terrorists, naxalites and infiltrators bigger crime than so called fake encounter of three-arrested IPS officers? Acting on a directive from the Supreme Court, the Gujarat government on April 24, ordered the arrest of its two police officers and an SP from Rajasthan. (1) What did government to honor the Supreme Court direction on OBC, caste and religion based quota, Tainted Ministers, Common Civil Code and others? (2) Why did CBI save Noida’s defame Moninder Pandher, a close relative of Punjab Congress leaders? (3) What did Minority Commission of Maharashtra sitting shoulder to shoulder with Janhnvi Kapoor and SIMI? Janhnvi kapoor ‘Vighnakari’ in the marriage of Abhiaish, denied in electronic channels that she was not a Muslim. But Minority Commission made her on April 24 a Muslim and made arrangements for meeting her with the home minister of Maharashtra RR Patil. When ATS of Maharashtra arrested few activists of SIMI for their involvement in Malegaon Blasts on Friday then the president of that Minority Commission giving certificate of patriotism to the SIMI made complaint against the Police. This is third grade RTC What are the results of past two RTCs? Is blasting in Samjhauta Exprss few days back results of RTCs? Is welcoming of Geelani in Srinagar to host the flags of Pakistan and LeT in the support of masked terrorists there the results?  Suicides of soldiers and army officersIs RTC for thinking on the suicides of soldiers and army officers in J&K? If army for the security of Kashmiri people than why there is a talk for reducing the armed forces there? Why there is a conspiracy to handover the Kashmir in the hands of terrorists and their sympathizers? Who are foreign funded human Right Groups and power greedy fake secularists for making propaganda against the encounters of terrorists by the army? Why are soldiers and army officers making suicides instead of the participants of RTC and their sympathizers? 

Is Round Table Conference to divide Kashmir again?

Is Round Table Conference for the sake of victims or to fulfill the requirements of the terrorists? Are the victims of terrorism being mostly Kashmiri Pandits not human and does not come under the definition of Human Right Groups as burnt Karsevaks in Sabarmati Express compartments at Godhra? Is this a fault of Hindus to born in India as Hindus instead of taking birth in Italy or else?  Are Manmohini joint mechanism and  “Naya Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh” to divide Kashmir again as divided in the past by Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah? Who wants to reduce the army deputation in J&K to facilitate the terrorists for killing innocent Kashmiris? 

Is Round Table Conference to encounter the parliament?

Is Round Table Conference to execute the unanimous passed resolution of Parliament on Kashmir? The unanimous passed resolution is still in the parliament proceedings. “The state of Jammu & Kashmir has been, is and shall be an integral part of India and any attempts to separate it from the rest of the country will be resisted by all necessary means; India has the will and capacity to firmly counter all designs against its unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity; and demands that – Pakistan must vacate the areas of the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir, which they have occupied through aggression; and resolves that – all attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of India will be met resolutely.” There are 24 seats reserved for areas of Kashmir under Pakistani occupation. These are still lying vacant since 1957


United terrorists and disunited victims

“Terrorists groups… seem to have better international cooperation among themselves than the countries… facing the scourge,” Fomer foreign secretary Saran said. His tongue slipped to say:”Terrorists groups….seem to have better co-operation in India and abroad among themselves than the victims of terrorism in India….facing the scourge,” Veteran Akali leader and convener State Forum for Justice and Human Rights, Sant Tegh Singh said on April 24 the Round Table Conference held at New Delhi was not fully representative of the people of the state.
Sant Tegh Singh told reporters, “Most of the participants at RTC are neither the victims of conflict nor party to the dispute. Various political parties, in fact, are more or less responsible for the present state of affairs.”


Are Kashmiri Pandits not heirs of Pt Nehru?

Fake secularists and Human Right Groups hanged Dhanajay Chatterjee to honor the SC but dishonor SC to hang the hanging of Afzal. Now President Kalam wants second tenure as the President for fulfilling the same type of noble causes. Present Congress CM Gulam of Afzal and two other former CMs of J&K are participating in Round Table Conference. They have initiated the ‘Save Afzal’ move. 

Why did victorious Indira surrender before Zulfikar Bhutto

On April 17, Rahul added at Bareilly, “Members of the Gandhi family always achieved goals they had initiated like the freedom of the country, dividing Pakistan into two and leading India to the 21st century.” Indira Gandhi released 70,000 Pakistani soldiers, arrested by our brave army under the command of Manekshaw, without taking back PoK, which was created by the suicidal formula of Sheikh Abdullah and Pt Nehru. 

Soul-Version of Benazir Bhutto and Rahul same

After visiting the Islamic seminary at Deoband on March 19, Rahul of Gndhi Dynasty stated that the Babri Masjid would not have been demolished if any member of the Gandhi family had then been in active politics. Congressman Narasimha Rao was the PM then. Is this not fake encounter of former PM Narasimha Rao by the son of former PM. Were both not belong to Congress? “Non-Kashmiris engaged in killings in India are terrorists. If I had been Prime Minister of Pakistan, (the events of) Sep. 11 would not have happened” – Benazir of Bhutto Dynasty, Nov 2001 Are Gandhis heirs of Pt Nehru?Media to follow Congress called Rahul and Priyanka as fourth generation of Nehru Gandhi Dynasty. Is it not false propaganda? Beginning of Gandhi dynasty is w.e.f. Phiroze Gandhi. Then why is there inclusion of Nehru in that? Rahul Gandhi said to Deobond scholars:” Don’t forget I am the grand son of Indira Gandhi” Why could he not say: “ Don’t forget I am the grand son of Indira Gandhi”? “Introduce me as Priyanka Vadra and not Priyanka Gandhi,” she said in an interaction with the media during a roadshow here. Priyanka, daughter of former Prime Minister late Rajiv Gandhi and Congress President Sonia Gandhi, is married to Robert Vadra, a businessman hailing from Moradabad.Vadra family is Christian related to Italy. Gandhis are Parsi, Muslim or Christian? Should people have no right to ask? Why are people being kept in the dark?  

Silent on hanging Dhanjay Chatterjee but imitated ‘Save Afzal’ move

Were fake seculars and Human Right Groups including Missile man our President Kalam not silent viewers at the time of hanging of Dhanajay Chatterjee and active to hang the hanging of Afzal Guru? 

‘Nexus between terrorists, human rights groups’

So called foreign funded Human Right Activists such as Teesta Sitalwad and secular media sound box channels are quick on so called fake encounters of police and army. But they are supporters of fake encountering of innocent Indians especially Kashmiri Pandits.

 Following is the summary of an article titled as above written by KPS Gill for on Dec 10, 2002. K P S Gill is best known for restoring the militancy torn Punjab back to normalcy as the DGP of the Punjab police. His exploits in Punjab have earned him the sobriquet of the ‘super cop’.In the extra-ordinary situation prevailing out of terrorism, which the police is called upon to counter, the judgment has to be qualified by the police’s role in a situation where not only have they to face the terrorists’ bullets but also face the nexus between some of the terrorist organizations and the so-called human rights groups. Extra-ordinary situation prevailing out of terrorism, which the police is called upon to counter. Terrorism does not recognize the normal conventions of politics and democracy, and cannot be countered by these. It is a completely immoral and unconstrained use of force and can only is countered by the use of force. During my tenure in Punjab, I found that some of the NGOs or even media organisations were actually f In some instances, I have found within a half an hour of an encounter, these NGOs would come out with their own version of the encounter.  Unquestionably, there was a nexus between some of the terrorist outfits parading as NGOs and human rights group. It took us some time to decipher this nexus.  In certain areas of our country, newspapers themselves are fronts for dubious outfits. This makes the task of the police extremely complicated. The terrorist groups have long since shifted their strategy of just relying in use of force. They now create over-ground fronts and political organisations to spearhead their immediate campaigns.  Their strategy is to build up substantial public opinion through a variety of human rights fora and sustained litigation against the most visible symbols of the state.  Some of the human rights organisations are great experts in manipulating the media. They are very clever to use the existing laws to pillory the police. There is a human rights industry in India that comprises unscrupulous elements who abuse the processes of the law, bear false witness, and fabricate evidence.  After the police officers and men of the Punjab police gave their lives to bring the Punjab situation to normal, and after there was widespread rejection of the people of the terrorism in Punjab, the human groups came out with what I call the `litigation weapon.`  The law went over backwards to implicate the officers who fought terrorism through the worst period that Punjab experienced, with the flimsiest of evidence.  Unfortunately, judges of the Supreme Court made some very unfortunate statements. And, some of it was done with an eye on publicity. The very people who fought terrorism, by a perverse twist of the law of the land were out to be the villains of the nation.  And, some of the people, important functionaries, who supported terrorism with all their means, are today enjoying the patronage of the state. In Punjab, after the situation was normalized, there were many individuals and organizations that used the allegations of police excesses as a plank for polls, as an election strategy. ……………………….. In Jammu and Kashmir, which is an area severely disturbed by terrorism, in nearly 14 years of strife there have been just 13 convictions in cases related to terrorism.  Tags: News Analysis RTC Round Table Conference to encounter parliament Supreme Court OBC Quota Minority Commission with SIMI CBI for Pandher Welcoming Geelani Disunited Victims United Terrorists Nexus in terrorists human rights groups J&K Afzal Guru; Tag this By Premendra 

Left says: Key of UP rule with BJP

April 24, 2007

In Mahabharat after Bhism, Dronachary and after that Karn became Chief of the kaurav army. Rahul film is flopped in UP. Sonia came but left no impact. Then Priyanka came but she also unabled to fillup the pit of Congress. Congress has been in the same nest ppf OBC quota issue which it wove for others.  

As Kauravas Congress a defeated forceWhite haired learned Congress leader gave their swords to the present so called Gandhis. Where are they moving swords? Babri Structure to
Bangladesh: Babar was born not
India. His grave is out of
India. Then why do they tear for Babar?
Bangladesh is second heaven for terrorists. Chief of the brave Indian Army Manekshaw captured 70,000 soldiers of
Pakistan but without soloving the problem of Kashmir Indira released them on the requiest of Zulfikar Bhutto. Manmohan also invented jojnt mechanism with
Pakistan to please Musharraf. It is the culture of Congress. Nehru to please Sheikh Abdullah crated PoK for

PM is also rejected by UP People Any political formation trying to incite people in the name of religion, is in fact betraying both religion and our civilization. Attempts to divide society along religious lines deserves to be condemned with contempt said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Indirectly he said this to himself, his ‘yes madam’ and so called future hope of UP Rahul. If tearing of Babri Structure demolition is secular then how is communal to say for temple on Ram Janm Bhumi? Are defending banned SIMI and secular slogan of Vandematram communal?  

Who divide India and created PoKSonia, Rahul and Priyanka keep alive their family history in their every word. They themselves did nothing for
India. Priyanka says prestige of her family (Not Congress) is on UP Election. Rahul said hir family divided
Pakistan but he fogot to say that his family also divided Inid. Nehru created PoK, Brave army under the command of Manekshaw won the
Bangladesh liberation war but on the requiest of Zulfikar Bhutto, she made free captured 70, 000 soldiers of
Pakistan. She did not utilize the opportunity to solve the
Kashmir problem at that time. 

Dhoondhne se bhi Na milegi Cngress ki satta
Hindustan menSearh, my dear search! Where is Congress and where will be Congress after UP Eledction. It is going to bankrupt due to the Gandhis. Just few months back Congress see its defeated face in the mirror of Local body election of UP,
Maharashtra and assembly election of
Punjab and Uttarakhand. As exit poll shows, now Congress is a fefeated horse in the Mahalaxmi race course of the democracy. Now Gandhis are stepping towards Mussokine’s dictorial and Indira’s emergency style rule. For this Gandhis appointed 10 Janpath loyalist Navin Chawla as an Election Commissioner. He will conduct 2009 election as a Chief EC. They shake hands with Naxalites, terrorists, criminals, separatists, Bangladeshi Infiltrators. Tell me who are their voters besides these? So after the UP Election Congress will be with empty hands to turn the quote in reality “An empty mind is the devil’s workshop”.  

Exit Poll and Media ReportIndian Express reports: “House still hung but BJP gains because of its coalitions; Mulayam’s Muslim vote is cracking to BSP’s benefit; Rahul’s popularity is up but that may be too little, too late,” 

A survey published Sunday Express said the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) would finish on top of a hung Uttar Pradesh assembly with more seats than predicted earlier, pushing the ruling Samajwadi Party to the third place.The keenly contested assembly election will also push up the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to the second spot although neither the BJP nor Samajwadi Party will touch three-digit figures, said the survey carried in The Sunday Express. The Congress was running a poor fourth.Exit polls after the first three rounds have more or less come up with similar predictions. 

UP polls to impact Presidential electionthe Congress and the BJP and even the Left know that Uttar Pradesh holds the key. The new MLAs will be part of the election process and whoever controls the most MLAs will decide the next president. In particular, the BJP also has the option of backing its veteran and current vice president Bhairon Singh Shekhawat. 

Support of BJP to Mulayam for Bharo Singh Shekhawat: Left says As per the analysis of Communist parties after the Uttar Pradesh elect result, BJP may support Mulam Singh Yadav from out side to enable him for recapturing the UP Govt and in exchange for getting Mulays’s support for the presidentship of Bhairo Singh Shekhawat. It is important here that CPI (M) is the ally of Mulay in UP Election. It means even communists are alos certain about the defeat of Samajwadi party.Left parties said the above after considering the possibilities of the UP Election results which are going on in seven stages. It means indirectly lefts have given their acceptance to Mulayam for the above said possibilities. 

BJP with BSPThey also indicated about another possibility. BJP may shake hand with Mayavati’s Bahujan Samaj Party. But at the moment BJP denies totally this possibility to remind its past experiences.  

Third Front for BJPAIDMK Chief Jayalalitha, former CM of TN on April 23 has made a history to speech in Hindi in the support of Mulayam Singh yadv in UP. TDP Chief Chandra Babu Naidu, former CM of Andhra has already supported the urtherexperiment of thierd front. CPI (M) with its other leftist allies already threatened for the divorce with the Congress. 

Here it is important to note that A K Bardhan, General Secretary of CPI and Secretary of CPI both has said that possible third front may take suppot of BJP also without hesitation. 

In the bargain Bhartiya janta Party will seek the support of thirt front for its presidential candidate Bhairo Singh Shekhawat. 

NCP of Sharad PawarBalThakre has already invited recently also to Shard Pawar for shaking hands. Even he is ready to support his candidature for PM post.  for L.K. Advani has also invited him for joining BJP. Between these Shard Pawar has already given his acceptance for the presidential post of Shekhavat. Facing a sad situation, Sitaram Yechry, a member of CPM polit bureau said that his main concern is how to keep BJP out in the construction of UP Government. Congress is also in the election fray to throw the future of its Rajkumar. Min concern of Congress is also not getting its victory in UP which is impossible for it. So Congress with CPI (M) will be again partner tokeep BJP out in the UP Rulling game. 

Sword of DMK on Congress for Resevation Then there is the DMK which is putting pressure on the Congress on the reservation issue. This can soon become a threat if the Congress does not play along. The DMK has 39 MPs which the Congress badly needs. So, the Centre will be forced to take on the judiciary on the quota issue. The other parties, too, will join the chorus with the DMK on this emotive issueDMK, an important constituent of the ruling UPA at the Centre, today demanded immediate summoning of both Houses of Parliament to protect the 27 per cent reservation for OBCs in elite educational institutions.Barely a few hours after the Supreme Court declined to vacate the stay on the reservation act, DMK chief Karunanidhi shot off a letter to the Prime Minister.Congress has been in the same nest ppf OBC quota issue which it wove for others.  

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By Premendra Agrawal 


Gandhis may allow Pak-flag in Srinagar but Shastri allowed hosting tricolor on Lahore

April 23, 2007

As reported on April 22, 07 by Headline today, zeenews and timesnow. Anti-Indians with masked LeT congregated at Geelani’s rally in
Srinagar were seen chanting anti-India and pro-LeT slogans. They unfurled Pakistani flags and raised pro-Pakistan slogans. The state police personnel deployed at the rally ground remained mute spectators to the whole incident. 

Police today filed an FIR against the chairman of Hurriyat conference (G), Syed Ali Shah Geelani and few of his supporters for raising “anti-national” slogans during a rally organised by amalgam to welcome him.

The people were protesting the reported agreement on the
Kashmir issue between
India and
Pakistan, which is to be announced in a few days.  

Nothing new in Kashmir: Sriprakash JaiswalThis is going on under the nose of J&K CM, Gulam of Afzal Guru? Union Minister of State for Home, Sriprakash Jaiswal has taken notice of this saying, “This is nothing new in
Kashmir. We have seen isolated incidents like these in the past. Incidents like these can be termed anti-national. Action will be taken after an inquiry and I feel if LeT cadres attended this rally, there must Pakistani elements in this too.”  

Geelani says Lashkar, Jaish are friendsOn Sept 28, 2003 also Syed Ali Shah Geelani has termed Pan-Islamic militant outfits Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) as “friends” and said their actions are within the parameters of “humanity and morality”.

In an interview to a Pakistani weekly the Friday Times, Geelani said, “Lashkar and Jaish are our friends. They are our benefactors. They have been sacrificing their lives for us. And they have never acted in a manner that is against humanity or morality.”‘Miyan ki Juti Miyan ka Sar’Geelani, who returned to the Valley after a successful his second kidney surgery at Mumbai and returned via
Delhi on April 22 said, “We will continue with our struggle till last soldier remains. in J&K.” The ailing Geelnai, 72, had a kidney removed two years ago after doctors discovered he was suffering from cancer. His whole Anti-India movement is going on, on the expnses of Indians earing and taxes paid by them. His org kills our army men and innocent peopleof
Kashmir. They burnt the property of public and Indian Govrnment. Though they say they oppose
Pakistan without giving any loss to that country. 

Hurriyat (G) geared up to welcome Geelani without restrctionHectic preparations were on to welcome Hurriyat (G) chairman, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, who is arriving in
Srinagar on April 22 after recovering from a major surgery in Mumbai. The constituents of the Hurriyat (G) are mobilizing all their workers to be present during Geelani’s reception. Posters directing Hurriyat (G) workers to attend Geelani’s rally on April 22 had appeared not only in
Srinagar and major towns of the valley but at the district and the tehsil levels also, report said. Appeals to attend the proposed rally went out from the pulpits too during Friday prayers. 

Army Reduction in J&K on requiest of Geelani, PDP and MusharrafCongress CM of J&K opposed the reducing of army but Sonia interfeared and send her loyal Home Minister to
Kashmir to save the alliance of PDP and Congress there and to please Musharraf. 

With army presence in urban J-K already down to the bare minimum, there are indications that the coming days could see more visible steps in this direction. Official sources said the Army is already out of active duty in
Srinagar, Kupwara and Baramulla towns, the three areas
Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf wanted to be “demilitarised” as part of his proposals to solve the
Kashmir issue in early 2006.  

Musharraf had sought demilitarisation of these towns, suggesting that he would try to rein in militancy in these areas if that was done. Army sources said this in itself could form the basis for
Pakistan to deliver on its promise to curb militancy in the region.  

On May 2006, Geelani called for withdrawal of troops and end to what he called “draconian laws,” and called
Pakistan to continue its support of Kashmiri and force
India to change its stand. Geelani was critical of frequent proposals of General Pervez Mushraff regarding settlement of the
Kashmir dispute and said
India has not responded to any of his proposal positively. 

Who wants Italin born woman and youth to divide
India againFake secular Media is busy in Cricket, Abhiaish, Sansani, blind faith events and projecting roerign borns only. More than 300 riyasats (kingdoms) were come under the umbrella of Independent India on the call of Vallab Bhai pate. Was that call to establish the

kingdom of
Gandhi dynasty? 

Rajkumar Rahul Gandhi said in Deoband:”Don’t forget I am the randson of Indira Gandhi”. He could not say:” Don’t forget I am the grandson of Phiroze Gandhi”. He is unable to say what he did in his young life of 37 years. Media should come before their viewers with those thousand and thousand youths who did thoudand times more than Rahul.  

Leader of National Conference Omar follows Rahul. He is also a little rajkumar as his brother in law Sachin Pilot and elder Rajkumar Rahul. 

“All of us are young,” Omar said, referring to the age group of his contemporaries, ranging from thirties to forties. “We have a firm stake in the future of
Jammu and Kashmir and we need to look for a common denominator,” Omar said and made it clear that he and Syed Ali Shah Geelani can never find a common ground.National Conference president Omar Abdullah has declared that he is sitting with all the young generation leaders from mainstream and separatist camps to seek a “common denominator” for Kashmir solution and that his party “may even join working groups of both sides of the Line of Control.”Omar Abdullah told Hindustan Times in an exclusive interview on Monday: “I am open to meet the young leaders- be it Mehbooba or Mirwaiz, and added: ” We all can share each other’s view point and work out a common denominator.” 

Like that anti-Indianess youth brigade is going on as women empowerment is goning on in the leadership of Sonia Gandhi, Renuka, Alva, Brinda, Ambika and so on. They heard the following carefully: Ms Bhutto came to
India in Nov 2001. Instead of presenting sweet mangoes to Sonia Gandhi, she presented her sweet tongue to say that women could change the political scenario of entire
South Asia. She said former Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga and former Bangladesh Prime Minister Khaleda Zia were already at the helm of affairs in their respective countries and the scene of women power in the subcontinent could be complete if she (Mrs Gandhi) were to come to power in
India and she herself in

Who is “Talibanising?”This is going on under the nose of J&K CM, Gulam of Afzal Guru? He is the first fake secular leader who initiated the ‘Save Afzal Guru’ movement. On the direction of so called secular government, ban was imposed in July 2006 on raising the slogan of “Bharat mata ki jai” during the annual Budha Amarnath pilgrimage in Poonch district, as these slogans might provoke the Pakistan-backed terrorists!  

Seventeen websites of Hindu org, besides few US websites, were blocked by UPA govt. to say that these might provoke further blasting in Mumbai trains!One website among them was such which approached British government to ban on the exhibition of MF Hussein at London which inaugurated by duputy high Commission of India and showed nude painting of Bharatmata. Communal Tony Blair considered the request of Hindu org and banned the exhibition.  

Talibani culture of Election CommissionIn our democratic government less than 50% voting is going on. Hardly 140 MPs are of Congress are in the Parliament of 525 MPs. But Government is run by Congress on the direction of Super PM who is not accountable on any anti-people act of her govt but accountable on the good work of it if done by mistake.10 janpath loyalist, villain of emergency, biographer of Teresa has been appointed as Election Commissioner under a conspiracy to conduct 2009 general election. He is hearing so called BJP CD case as the rehersal of banning it in 2009. Rahul talks on demolition of Babar structure is secular but talk of Vandematram and against SIMI are communal. Media also confused on secularism.   

By Premendra Agrawal 

Arafat Pope Clement Henry were killed by Aconite KGB tactic

April 22, 2007

Cricket legend was killed by drug from ancient plant Cops believe it was sprinkled on his sleeping pills. It would have taken 30mins for him to die in agony. Bob Woolmer was poisoned by an ancient drug used by witches in the Middle Ages, investigators believe. 

After weeks of investigations, the sensational Bob Woolmer murder case has shown signs of a breakthrough with ‘The Independent’, Digital enhancement of security camera footage from the 12th floor of the Pegasus Hotel in
Kingston, where Woolmer was staying, has identified at least one suspect in the killing. The suspect is a male but the police have declined to comment if he is a member of the
Pakistan team or the management.  

Suspect killer is caught on camera“The time of the footage and its location mean that this individual must be considered a suspect. Further work is being done on statements given by individuals to look at any inconsistencies. It is good progress,” a source close to the investigation told the newspaper. 

Woolmer was found dead in his hotel room on March 18, a day after
Pakistan‘s loss to
Ireland, but the local police have struggled to develop lasting leads in the murder case. Scotland Yard and
Pakistan detectives and a DNA expert from Interpol have joined the investigation. The police believe Woolmer was strangled but poisoning has also been a popular theory and there have been regular reports of links to match-fixing. 

Poisoned by Harry Potter aconite Bob Woolmer, the father-of-two, whose embalmed body remains in
Kingston awaiting release, was found early on 18 March, lying naked in the bathroom of his hotel room with traces of vomit on the floor. “The toxicology tests show that he had significant traces of aconite. We are now entirely convinced he was poisoned.  

Aconite – an ancient poison, also known as Wolfsbane – is said to be perfect for concealing murder and has been used in several high-profile assassinations in
Wolfsbane is mentioned in ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, when the schoolboy wizard is quizzed on it by Professor Snape.

England player was drugged with an ancient poisonA suspect in the murder of the
Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer has been identified from security camera footage in his hotel, amid growing evidence that the former
England player was drugged with an ancient poison. The death of Mr Woolmer, who had already decided to resign his role, came amid claims that the former Kent and England player had fallen foul of a match-fixing syndicate he was about to expose. 

Woolmer’s killing breakthrough the phone from PakistanThe breakthrough comes after a man, thought to be from
Pakistan, phoned police on Monday claiming that aconite killed the former
Kent and
England star. The man did not give his name or give a reason for the murder. “The man who called
Kingston police station had a Pakistani accent and was very specific about aconite and how it was administered.  

Woolmer killed to use aconiteToxicologists say aconite, which is referred to in the Harry Potter books as wolfsbane, is the “perfect” drug to mask a murder. It causes the victim’s internal organs to seize and slows down their breathing until they finally stop.  

Death is usually by asphyxiation within 30 minutes and this explains, police believe, how 16-stone Woolmer died without putting up a fight. It also explains why Jamaican pathologist Dr Ere Sheshaiah found no marks around his neck to suggest he had been strangled.  

“The symptoms Bob suffered before he died are identical to aconite poisoning, which is why it is a major line of inquiry now. It would also explain how such a physically imposing man, at 6ft 1in tall, died without putting up a fight.  

Toxicologist Prof John Henry, of St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington,
London, said: “Woolmer would have felt nauseous after the drug began to work and would have gone to the bathroom to be sick. He wouldn’t have realised straight away how serious his condition was, so it was doubtful he’d have phoned the hotel’s reception. “By the time he realised how ill he was it would be too late.”He would have collapsed and been unable to move. The drug causes a loss of power in the limbs.”  

“It is the perfect drug to make a murder appear to be a suicide because it leaves no mark on the body. It is difficult to detect in a post-mortem. The examiner would have to know what they were looking for. “It would still be in a person’s system after their death but it would not show up in a post-mortem unless it was specifically looked for.”  

Uses of aconite in
PakistanThe fact that aconite has also previously been used in
Pakistan may also be highly relevant,” The Sun quoted a senior police source as saying. 

A well known politician Omar Asghar Khan, 48, found hanging from a ceiling fan. Other victims are thought to include
Pakistan‘s ex-PM Hussein Shaheed Suhrawardy, found dead in a Lebanese hotel in 1963, and the country’s founder Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s sister Fatima. Canadian actor Andre Noble, 25, died in 2004 after accidentally eating part of the plant.  

Benazir Bhuto’s both brothers are in exile, Shah Nawaz and Mir Murtaza, tried and convicted of high crimes in absentia. When Shah Nawaz was killed by poison in
France in 1986, she suspected it was done by Zia ul-haq’s agents. 

Match fixing behind the death of bob WoolmerThe revelation fuels the suspicion Woolmer was killed as he was about to expose match-fixing. Senator Anwar Beg of
Pakistan‘s Senate Standing Committee on Sports told the Sunday Mirror: “Some members of the
Pakistan cricket team are involved in match fixing.” 

KGB legacy of poison politics“This case of poisoning Ukrainian presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko is not an isolated one at all,” says Andrei Piontkovsky, head of the Center for Strategic Studies in
Moscow. “This practice was routine for the KGB in Soviet times, and I don’t think their successors have higher moral standards.”Oleg Kalugin, a cold war defector who now lives in
America, told the London Sunday Times in 2002. “I recall in the old Soviet days the KGB planned to assassinate some people by putting poisonous gel on the door handle of a car.” 

Further back in history, Stalin’s secret police staged a car crash in 1948, to kill Solomon Mikhoels, a Soviet Yiddish actor and theater director, and head of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee during World War II. Another famous case was that of the well-known pro-Bolshevik novelist Maxim Gorky, who died in 1936. The secret police chief at the time confessed to poisoning him at his trial two years later. 

Even Boris Yeltsin, who later became president, once claimed in 1990 that he had been grabbed while walking and thrown off a bridge into the

River. He showed up at a friend’s place bruised, in tattered clothes, and soaking wet. 

More recently two different journalists covering the Beslan hostage crisis in September say they were drugged – one on a plane, another during an FSB interrogation – to prevent their coverage of the story. Medical tests later confirmed one of the cases.Arafat poisonedAs reported by ‘British Intelligence’ on Nov 28, 2004: The late PA chief Yasser Arafat was poisoned with a widely known toxic substance termed as “Acontine”, which is usually extracted from an Asian plant called “Aconite”, a report, issued recently by the British intelligence, disclosed.

The report said that the same substance, which could instantly dissolve in liquids, couldn’t be forensically detected in human body 12 hours after its penetration into it.
The same poison causes fatal symptoms in the blood circulation, nervous, and digestive systems, according to the report.

It’s probable that Arafat was gradually poisoned, as 3 to 5 mgs of that poison is enough to cause his death, it highlighted, and noted that one of his top aides might have sneaked such a substance into his meals during the holy month of Ramadan, causing his slow death as was the case with the former Algerian president Hawari Boumaddine.

Well-informed Palestinian sources, meanwhile, revealed that the

US administration had refused to receive Arafat at “Mayo Clinic” hospital, as his illness coincided with the holding of the
US presidential elections.

The administration had already been acquainted with the nature of Arafat’s disease, therefore, it declined to receive him at that hospital so as not be embarrassed by his death, according to the sources. 

King Henry and Pope Clement were poisoned A toxicologist at the Hawaii State Department of Health reminds us that many kings of the past died young owing to poison. “Several Roman emperors and eligible candidates for emperor were done in by poison. Soaking a candle wick in arsenic or aconite (an alkaloid derived from a plant known as monkshood or wolfsbane), drying the wick, then making a candle out of it, was a popular Middle Ages technique. Lighting such a candle would produce deadly vapors. Aconite would cause irregular heartbeat, chest pain, and death within hours. This method was supposed to have killed Pope Clement VII in 1534 and Emperor Leopold I of
Austria in 1705. Pope Clement was 56 years old and Emperor Leopold was 65 years old at the times of their deaths, so their deaths could have been from natural causes. However, for possible motives for murder, Clement was the Pope who alienated King Henry the 8th of
England by declaring that Henry’s marriage to Queen Catherine of
Aragon was still valid, which led to
England‘s split from the Catholic Church, and Leopold’s
Austria was at war with Louis the XIV’s
France when Leopold died.” 

ACONITEFamily name: Ranunculaceae; Botanical name: Aconitum chasmanthum, heterophyllum; Name (Urdu): Monkshood, Atees, Meeta Zahar; Name in English: Aconite; Oher local names: Bezhumolo, Zhadwar 

Under the restrictions of the 1968 Medicines Act in US, aconite in lotion form must not exceed 1.3 parts of aconite to 100 parts of lotion. To be effective, the therapeutic dose is so close to the toxic level that it should never be used internally and external application should never be done over broken skin. Even application to UNbroken skin can be toxic (and potentially fatal) due to absorption through the skin. Used in homeopathy for illnesses of intense onset 

Not so long ago the leaves were collected in June and prepared to form an Extract of Aconite which was employed by the historical medical professionals of the day. It derived the name Wolfbane in ancient times as arrows tipped with the juice of the plant were used to kill wolves. 

Monkshood, or Aconite is known by many common names including Wolfsbane, Leopard Bane, Tiger Bane, Dog’s Bane, Friar’s Cap, and Friar’s Cowl, Garden Wolfbane, Helmet Flower, or Soldier’s Cap.  

In older times, it was used to poison meat to kill wolves; it was considered a key ingredient in a potion used to make witches fly; and Claudius I was assassinated by his physician, who slipped him some. The leaves are easily mistaken for other edible wild plants, and there is a long record of accidental death by ingesting them.  

Aconite acts on the nervous system by first stimulating and later paralysing the nerves of pain, touch and temperature. Taken internally aconite acts on the circulation, the respiration and the nervous systems. It causes severe nausia, slows the pulse, caused the heart to beat erratically, and causes a dramatic fall in blood pressure. Death is usually caused by paralysis of the respitory system. 

It comes in the form of a white powder which is believed to have been sprinkled over Woolmer’s sleeping tablets or into his diabetes medicine 

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By Premendra Agrawal 


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Welcome to Bhutto and see offs to two begums: Congress Nervous

April 21, 2007

Mush Bhutto: Musharraf makes deal with Benazir Bhutto to save himself by saving Bhutto. Begums of
Bangladesh Sheikh Hasian, Khaleda Zea with interim government are making deals to fillupt the blank space of exiled Bhutto. Congress worried for its leader! 

Ms Bhutto came to
India in Nov 2001. Instead of presenting sweet mangoes to Sonia Gandhi, she presented her sweet tongue to say that women could change the political scenario of entire
South Asia. She said former Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga and former Bangladesh Prime Minister Khaleda Zia were already at the helm of affairs in their respective countries and the scene of women power in the subcontinent could be complete if she (Mrs Gandhi) were to come to power in
India and she herself in

Now Kumartunag is nowhere. Kumaratunga’s six-year term ended in 2005. She argued that since the 1999 election had been held one year early, she should be allowed to serve that left-over year. This claim was rejected by the Supreme Court and Kumaratunga’s term was ended in November 2005. In the 2005 election, Rajapaksa succeeded her as president, leading all 25 parties in the UPFA. 

Khaleda Zia, former prime minister has negotiated a deal with the military backed interim government to leave the country to fill up the leaving space of Bhutto.Now, news reports are rife in
Dhaka that the former Prime Minister has agreed to go into exile along with her family. She is expected to fly out to
Saudi Arabia.She can live in Saudi Arabia the lap of luxury, putting to use some of the illicit funds salted away abroad. And, hopefully, pray for forgiveness for her sins committed against the people of

Sheikh Hasina: The fate of the other Begum from
Bangladesh was no better. The leader of the Awami League and former Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina Wajed, finds her return to her country from the
USA blocked by the caretaker regime. She stands charged with the murder of four political workers during street protests organized by her party. She was all set to return when the caretaker regime announced that if she landed on the Bangladeshi soil she would find herself in prison. Discretion being better part of valour, she had now decided to put off her return till conditions improved.  

US praises Interim Government of BangladeshUS Ambassador Patricia Butenis praised Chief Advisor Fakhruddin Ahmed to say: The caretaker government “has attained a lot of achievements in a short time and is enjoying tremendous popular support,”  What US will say, if the same unfortunate situation arises in India, today no one can say. 

Similarity in Swiss banks accounts related to Begums and madam Ms Bhutto and her husband were found guilty of money laundering in August 2003 by a Swiss judge in
Geneva, but challenged the verdict. Under Swiss law a new round of questioning began in July 2004. She again denied malpractice and said the case was politically motivated.
After her husband Zardari was set free on
November 22, 2004 due to the Supreme Court granting him bail in all but one of the 15 corruption and criminal cases charged against him, this conciliatory act of President Pervez Musharraf’s government might induce Benazir Bhutto to end her exile. 

Hang corrupt, fumes Supreme Court; 1931 survey to remain basis for OBC quota?
Argentina have extradition pact of prior to 1947, says Advani. Q issue is old, go a head UP Election? Sonia Gandhi said his because she knows Q and her best relation with the Swiss authorities. So nothing would happen. Moving stick in the wind can’t give result. 

Down fall of Sonia has begun: Congress sees its defeated face in the mirroror of election results. Local bodies election of UP and Maharashtra , Assembly election of Punjab and Uttarakhand, recently three loksabha bye-election in Maharashtra and exit poll showed by star and NDTV for three rounds of UP have slapped heavily Congress. So Sonia Gandhi and her son become red, but reds are in the search of back doors to run away to leave them alone. 

Who were children of whom?Ms Bhutto, further said at the time of visiting India, at a press conference here that when the Taliban was created during her premiership her interior minister Nasirullah Babar had said “these (the Talibanis) are our children.” 

To follow the instruction of his Madam, Home Minister Shivraj patil has said that “terrorists and naxalites are their brothers and children,” To hear this statement, one naxalite got factory registration for mfg weapons to mention Shivraj patil as his father in the registering authority’s record.  

In Promoting terrorism and corruption Madam follows BegumsBenazir further added that during her tenure the Taliban had not been hijacked and, in fact, the Taliban and the
Northern Alliance had signed an agreement in August 1996. She disclosed that in 1989 Bin Laden had financed a move to topple her government. Later he financed Ramzi Yousef, a terrorist now in a
US jail, to assassinate her.  

In February 1996 she was re-elected for a second term in office, but stepped down one month later in March due to increasing political agitation led by opposition groups, who successfully kept roughly nine-tenths of the eligible voters from the ballot by claiming that the government would rig the outcome in its favour. 

The sitting parliament enacted a constitutional amendment to allow an impartial caretaker government to take power and administer new parliamentary elections. Begum Khaleda Zia remained the chairperson of the Bangladesh National Party. In 2001 Zia regained power, and currently serves as Prime Minister again, promising to eliminate both corruption and terrorism.  

Remember Nehru Gandhi dynasty for the followingIndira Gandhi encouraged Bhinderala by giving every support to Divide United Akali Dal. Later both became the enemies of each other. And country saw unfortunate veru sad oncident of the assassination of Indira Gandhi by her body guards. 

Elder Congress leaders could not gave begum and madam historical notes of Sept 1965: “Following the outbreak of war, Zulfikar Bhutto delivered a fiery speech at the UN Security Council waving his hands and index finger condemning India for aggression and declaring ‘we will fight for a thousand years’ before ripping apart some Security Council papers and storming out of the hall,” 

After two weeks of fierce fighting, both nations faced considerable political pressure from the U.S., the U.K. and the Soviet Union and agreed to a ceasefire sponsored by the UN. The conflict had resulted in a stalemate. Bhutto joined Ayub in Tashkent to negotiate a peace treaty with the Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri. Ayub and Shastri agreed to exchange prisoners of war and withdraw respective forces to pre-war boundaries. 

In the above process death of lal Bahadur Shashtri in
Tashkent created suspense and many says our great lprime minister was killed in a conspiracy there. 

Viewers should ask present Gandhis and their blindfollowers had any member of Gandhi dynasty could dare to give the army free hand for crossing even the border? Because of that order of Shastrijee tricolor flag was hosted their by our brave army. Nehru whatever could not do in 13 years but Shasri did in 13 months! 

What Nehru and his defense minister comrade Krishna Menon did at the time of Indo
China war. They gave order to our army who were stood in the battle field of himalya for not giving answer of Chinese arm forces bullets. And first time in the history of
India our brave soldiers faced bullets or the ememy army to follow order of their comradedefense minister. 

He gave the slogan of ‘jai jawan jai kisan’. But in the rule of present Gandhis jawans and kisans both are doing suicides! 

Was IPKF sent to Jafna to divide Srilanka as………..Rahul Gandhi said in Deoband “Remember I am the grandson of Indira Gandhi” he has nothing to say about himself in her age of above 37. So he further played second google to say that Gandhi dynasty divided
Pakistan.Congress spokespersons and leaders praised their dynastic rajkumar’s statement. They forgot to say that Rajiv Gandhi sent IPKF to Jafna and Indian army and Tamil killed each other there. In the result the nation suffered assasiantion of it’s another prime minister. Was IPKF sent there to divide Srilanka? What did HRD minister Arjun Singh allowed to publish the events in ECERT and IGNOU books? Historians will analize both tragic events.Still Congress making breads on the fire of above said both assassinations. 

Above is the jhanki (symbolicshow) of Nehru Gandhi dynasty in whose name present Gandhis are seeking votes. 

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By Premendra Agrawal