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Gang of 250 Serial killings: Freedom Fight in Meerut Jail to campaign in UP

March 30, 2007

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Today prisoners in Meerut jail attacked Police and fired jail to fight for freedom to be free for UP election. Mangal was got drunk. Serial killer gang of 250 in Meerut; Peace talk with prisoners 

Sirial killer gang of 250 killingsSerial killing of the children of nithari village, now a serial killer Salim, a middle aged taxi driver  makes ‘uttam’ to Uttar Pradesh and says the truth of Big B’s slogan ‘Up men dum hai, yahan jurm kam hai’ by accepting the serial killing of minimum 250 persons since 2003 in Lucknow, Jhansi, Kanpur, Meerut and other places of UP.  

As reported by Meerut police the accused serial killer Salim belongs to a gang of 35, is arrested along with an accomplice, used to murder his passengers and pocket away all valuables, according to police. Police were now trying to trail Salim’s accomplice in the crime. Following sustained interrogation, Salim revealed how a group of taxi drivers from Bahraich stepped into the world of crime killing passengers and robbing them. 

The gang, which was busted on Thursday, claimed to have killed 50-odd policemen during raids and highway attacks in areas that included Faizabad, Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Bahraich, Meerut and Bulandshahr districts.

Police believe that the gang exploited the lack of inter-district co-ordination of UP Police and managed to keep the cops away despite striking even as many as six times in a single day.
The gang was always on the move picking up targets posing as taxi drivers. Unsuspecting passengers then were robbed and murdered in deserted areas. 

Salim said in his interrogation that his victims included men, women and children, according to police. Investigations were on to find out more about his crimes.  

The man had been arrested by police in Bara Banki earlier, but had escaped from custody. Salim said Ali Ahmad and he were taxi drivers who used to take vehicles on hire and use them for outstation trips.

It was during one of these trips that they overheard some cops discussing how anyone can commit a murder in one district, pass on to another district or even the state, without being caught.

Ali Ahmad, Salim told Meerut police, has around 35 members in his gang who operate in batches of 6 to 7 members.

“They strike at one go. If they strike in Lucknow, they will reach Kanpur and look for another target. After murdering him on the highway, the gang would stop in the next district for a fresh target. This not only kept them on the move but also helped them evade suspicion,” said SSP Meerut Dipesh Juneja.  

There is co incidence between the violent revolet of prisoners in Merrut jail on March 30, 2007 and the Revolt of Sepoy martyr Mangal Pandy’s revolt against British empire on March 29, 1857. 

Was mangal pandey got drunk?Mangal Pandey was got drunk in secular book as Shivji took wine in ECERT IGNOU books. Home ministry gives information under Raight of Informat Act that thereis no record about Subhash Bose’s contreibution in freedom fight. Sonia Gandhi is serious on the demand of freedom fighting terrorists in the leadership of PDP to withdraw the army from J & K. Secular UPA government gives Indian Citizenship to Bangladeshi infiltrators to think that this is the time of globalization. Naxalites are not criminals as said by Somnath Chatterjee. They are freedom fighters and children of the Home Minister Shivraj Patil. Freedom fight against Supreme Court will begin from tomorrow’s strike call in Tamil Nadu after getting blessings from Congress, Left, Arjun, V P and Karuna Nidhi OBC gurus.  

Lord Hume taught freedom fight to Indians of independence.  Now Italian so called seculars under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi teach freedom fight in free India. 

The need for presenting an objective history of India’s struggle for Independence was stressed upon by the Communist Party of India (CPI) general secretary A.B. Bardhan here on March 23, 2007. Leela Sarup follows him. 

Mangal Pandey was not a hero, claims a researcher who has written a book on the man who is widely considered a hero of the sepoy mutiny of 1857.“Mangal Pandey was not a hero. He was a sepoy who got drunk (and) incited fellow sepoys to join him against the British but was left alone as nobody joined him,” said Leela Sarup, who released her book ‘The Trial of Mangal Pandey’ here on March 29, 2007. 

She also criticised Aamir Khan’s movie based on the life on Mangal Pandey, saying: “It was a wrong projection based on incorrect facts.”Mangal Pandey, a sepoy of the 5th company of the 34th regiment of native infantry based in Meerut, took up arms against the British on March 29, 1857 and was hanged on April 8 the same year. 

Prisoners are free to march from Meerut to Delhi to symbolise 1857 As reported on March 25: As many as 30,000 youth drawn from all districts of the country would undertake a historic march from Meerut to Delhi on May 7 to commemorate the 150th year of the First War of Independence in 1857.

Christened national youth rally, the ‘Padayatra’ is being organised to symbolise the march of Sepoys who revolted against the British in May 1857, said Shakeel Ahmed Khan, Director General of the Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS), organiser of the rally.

 Khan said another 20,000 youths will join the march at the Red Fort.

 A national youth action plan for the commemoration of 1857 was prepared at a national workshop held on May 8-9 last year and the NYKS was assigned the responsibility to carry out various programmes under the plan, Khan added 

Prisoners fired jail and did gun fire to be free to campaign in ElectionAs reported on March 30, 2007:  

(1) As talks with separatist and terrorists, now peace talk on the basis of give and take is going on prisoners. 

(2) Several policemen were injured in a clash with prisoners in Meerut Jail during a random search of their illegally holing mobiles, cash, knives, CDs and some of these seized by the search police team of Agra. Lathi charge and stone throwing incdident are reported.

(3) “We have been receiving complaints regarding the use of mobile phones inside the jail. We did a surprise check but we were prevented from doing so by the inmates,” Inspector General (Meerut Range), KND Diwedi said. The Superintendent of Police (City) had also seized a mobile phone from inside the barrack of an inmate on March 29.

(4) Meerut jail has strength of about 2000 prisoners. Only one policeman is deputed for 200 prisoners. Meeut jail is a heaven for Eastern Uttar Pradesh criminal gangs as Pakistan is a heaven for terrorists.

(5) Hidden auction is done for giving the duty to the prisoners by adopting the policy of ‘Paisa fenk tamasha desh’.  

(6) Even leaders are keen to meet the jailed criminal gang leaders for gaining their noble democractic services in the election.  

(6) There is a mutual agreement between Jail authority inclidding minister and prisoners. Any one can meet any time any prisoner to pay Rs 500. If prisoner wants desired food, then he has to pay Rs 500. If he want to enjoy luxurous life in jail then he has to pay more.  

(7) Prisoners have objection in the searching as few leaders of minority and congress raised fingers against the search of their followers. After all all these are seen with great respect by the politicians. Rahul Gandhi’s roadshow also started to highlight this angle.  

(8) Mulayam has shown his ‘mulayamee (softness)’ to free SIMI prisoners for UP election. So other prisoners are feeling jelousy. Why is racism in freeing from jail?  

(9) Prisoners tried to make themselves free from the walls of the
Meerut jail on gun point and to fire the jail premises. In hurry tey did this. They receive urgent calls from the politicians of various parties. Election is democratic secular gifted golden chance for them to make crime freely booth capturing to kidnapping in the election for getting every thing.  

(10) “Two-three officers are injured in the melee. We came here on the orders of the government. (But) Meerut Police told the inmates that we are with you and the trouble started,” he said.

(11) “The Jail Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent are responsible for it to evoke prisoners against us,” he said.

(12) Senior Superintendent of Police (Agra) Amrish Gaur, who was part of the raiding pasrty, said the prisoners attacked the police team when they tried to seize the illegal articles. 

By Premendra Agrawal


Arjun can file defamation Case against Supreme Court: Left red on SC

March 30, 2007

Supreme Court SC OBC Backwardness Quota Reservation Creamy layer Caste Hindu Minority Arjun V P Singh Attack on judiciary Judiciary Communist Vote bank UPA IIM IIT Congress BJP CPI (M) Mandal politics; 

S C on OBC as Ram: BIJU as Vibhishan in OBC-Parliament of RavanYouth for Equality, Leaders for vote bank; Supreme cort said: Nowhere else in the world is there competition to assert backwardness  

Union Human Resources Development Minister Arjun Singh on March 29 said that the government will take constitutional and legal steps to ensure that the law is valid. CPI (M) attacked judiciary. 

Supreme Court said to day: (1) ‘It has also to be noted that nowhere else in the world do castes, classes or communities queue up for the sake of gaining the backward status. Nowhere else in the world is there competition to assert backwardness and then to claim we are more backward than you.’ 

(2) While saying this, however, the

Apex Court

reprimanded the Centre, saying that the Centre should stay away from dividing the society on caste basis and should behave in a more responsible way. 

(3) The Bench said the OBC quota was vote bank politics. It also noted that no data on OBCs was collected in the last 76 years. 

I have written on May 28, 2006 at: trying to make Hindus minorityWhy Ram Krishna Mission turned itself as non-Hindu? Why Jain wants to be minority? Why there is a competition to be backward instead of forward? Why the Union Minister, without portfolio A.R. Antulay is in the search of provinces where Hindus are in minority? Is this sign of democracy, secularism and progress?

The original architect of Mandal politics, VP Singh, has recently declared his intention to fight for caste-based reservations in the Parliament as well as the judiciary.
Arjun Singh (V.P. Singh-II) should learn from the beautiful words of C S Levis: “Beauty is not democratic; she reveals herself more to the few than to the many, more to the persistent and disciplined seekers than to the careless. Virtue is not democratic; she is achieved by those who pursue her more hotly than most men. Truth is not democratic; she demands special talents and special industry in those to whom she gives her favours”. Rull discussion may be find in the above mentioned article. 

Old enmeyty of Communists with the Judiciary sice NambrodaripodLeft leaders called it a judgement that had pitted the judiciary against parliament 

‘In our constitution, the responsibilities of judiciary, executive and legislature are clearly defined. These are coming under question with this judgement. It needs to be dealt with,’ Communist Party of
India-Marxist (CPI-M) leader Sitaram Yechury said. 

Advocates reservation as a means of social equality
Prakash Karat, General Secy, CPI(M) “We do not think that this stay is called for and we want the Central government to immediately take all the necessary steps to see that the Parliament legislation is implemented.”

The ruling could once again set the stage for another clash between legislature and judiciary, as this is being seen as a setback to the Government.  

I have written on May 29, 2006 at: on JudiciarySomnathda trying to make judiciary a controvercy, Surjeet who never attends court in the case filed against him by Anupam Kher. At the time of Jharkhand controversy on March 16, Loksabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee said the Supreme Court had crossed the “lakshman rekha”, though he himself crosses that. “I can’t expect the Supreme Court to pass an unreasoned judgment. I am sure it will not be treated as the law of the land. It is not a law declared by the Supreme Court as law of the land. It is just an interim order”, Somnath said out of parliament. Somnath’s attack on judiciary is not sudden. It has Marxist background E.M.S Namboodiripad v. T.N. Nambiar, AIR 1970 Supreme Court 2015, Dhavan Former Governor of WB, Surjeet, Yechury have said against judiciary system. 

What did Supreme Court say in its Interium Stay order?Supreme Court’s verdict on the OBC quota is being seen as a big set back to the UPA government especially before the UP elections. 

The Oversight Committee headed by senior Congress leader Veerappa Moily had estimated that the cost of implementation of affirmative action would be over Rs.90 billion. 

** Putting the government on the back foot, in its interim order staying the Central Educational Institution (Reservation in Admission) Act of 2006, the court held that the 1931 census could not be a determinative factor for identifying the OBCs for the purpose of providing reservation to them. 

It added the Government’s decision to implement the quota system was full of flaws. 

The apex court has asked the Centre to submit proper documents about the OBC population following which the final verdict will be delivered. “The Centre has to determine who are the socially and economically backward people of
India, before the Central Educational Institutions Act can be given effect,”. 

This means that if the Government can provide the court with authentic data on who constitute the OBCs in
India, then reservation may be implemented in favour of people who genuinely need it. 

** “…it is desirable to put on hold the OBCs reservation,” a Bench comprising Justice Arijit Pasayat and Justice L S Panta said. However, it clarified that the benefit of reservation for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes could not be withheld and the Centre can go ahead with the identification process to determine the backward classes..‘It would be permissible for the Union of India to initiate or continue the process, if any, for determining on a broad based foundation ‘OBCs’, notwithstanding the pendency of the cases before this court and without prejudice to the issues involved.’ 

** SC stays reservations in IIMs & IITs 

** “Reservation cannot be permanent and appear to perpetuate backwardness,” the Bench observed.** Backwardness has to be based on objective factors whereas inadequacy has to factually exist. 

** “It is desirable to put on hold the OBCs reservation,” the court said adding that the state was empowered to enact an affirmative act to help the backward classes but this action could not be unduly adverse to those who were left out 

** ‘Though it is submitted that the number of seats available for the general category is not affected, but that is really no answer to the broader issue. If there is possibility of increase in seats in the absence of reservation it could have gone to the general category. 

** ‘If the stand of the ASG is accepted that the exercise was not intended to be undertaken immediately and the increase would be staggered over a period of three years it could not be explained as to why a firm database could not be evolved first, so that the exercise could be undertaken thereafter. By increasing the number of seats for the purpose of reservation unequals are treated as equals.’ 

** The bench said that the much-debated concept of ‘creamy layer’ could not prima facie be considered to be irrelevant. 

It directed listing of the petitions for final hearing in the third week of August. 

Anty-India seed bowed by UPA+LeftOn December 14, 2006 the Lok Sabha had passed the Bill providing 27 per cent reservation to OBCs in Central-aided educational institutions unanimously with the promise that a bill on unaided institutes will follow January 7 the decision on OBC quotas was notified.

But in mid January this year, the Supreme Court put a spanner in the works by ruling that laws included in the Ninth Schedule of the Constitution after April 24, 1973, were open to judicial review. In other words, the government would not be able to take so called ‘populist’ measures.

Later in the same month, the Supreme Court asked the Centre to explain why it should not stay the decision to implement 27 per cent quota in higher educational institutions for the Other Backward Classes reacting to a Petition challenging the notification.

Youth for Equality, Politicians for divideResident doctors and students at the capital’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), the epicentre of the anti-quota movement, were in an upbeat mood as they celebrated another ‘Holi’ to mark what they termed as their ‘victory’. 

“It is a victory of the people and a victory for the common man against politicians, who had tried to divide the society on the basis of caste. The politicians wanted to create caste-based vote banks. This is definitely a setback to them,”   said, Kumar Harsh, president of AIIMS Residents Doctors Association, 

He also demanded a thorough review of the reservation policy in a scientific manner. “There should criteria. It could be economic or anything else, but certainly not caste,” he added. 

‘It’s a vindication of our stand and fight for a just cause. While we are jubilant, it’s a serious jolt for the politicians,’ Anil Sharma, a senior resident doctor at the AIIMS, told IANS. 

Spokesman for the anti-quota Youth for Equality forum Chandarshekhar said the apex court order had “saved the future of thousands of students” and hoped it would continue to understand the feelings of the student community. 

‘Generations have taken advantage of reservation and children of those people who are well off now are still taking advantage of it. So economic criteria should be taken into consideration while implementing quota,’ said a student of the IIM-Bangalore. 

‘It’s a clear and firm observation of the apex court against the government’s quota policy,’ Senior Supreme Court lawyer M.L. Lahoti, one of the advocates representing the Youth for Equality who petitioned the Supreme Court challenging the reservation policy of the government said. ‘How can the government take a decision without proper data?’ 

BIJU as Vibhishan in OBC-Parliament of RavanBiju Janata Dal MP Tathagata Satpathy, the only one to oppose the bill when it was put for voice vote in the Lok Sabha, was the sole voice welcoming the judgement. ‘It is a very sensible decision. All the political parties should be fair to the future generation,’ he said. 

‘Reservation cannot be continued for ever and the true benefits should go to the people who are economically backward, because there are only two castes here – the rich and the poor,’ Sathpaty said.  

Politician-Cobras on Supreme Court“I am convinced that the Supreme Court will also get convinced that the law is valid,” Singh told reporters 

Most political parties criticised the Supreme Court decisionWhile the ruling Congress said the ruling was ‘unfortunate’ and showed that the court was ‘still driven by the old mindset’, the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) blamed the government for not making the law ‘foolproof’. 

Former prime minister V.P. Singh, who leads the Jan Morcha, recommended a referendum on the issue of reservation.  

Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh said: ‘I will do what is legally correct and address what is socially required.’ 

“If this is true, it is unfortunate. But I have not read the order,” he told reporters here when asked about the apex Court order.  

Lalu Prasad Yadav, President, RJD, a joker of OBC:”This sort of judgment cannot be appreciated, we will have to discuss the issue.”
M Karunanidhi, CM, Tamil Nadu, Grad father of OBC: “It is very shocking. We will discuss this with like-minded parties and decide the future course of action.”

By Premendra Agrawal 

Do Heirs of the killer of Subhash Bose rule India?

March 30, 2007

Tags: Heirs Nehru Gandhi Dynasty Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose UPA Sonia Congress Communist Stalin Soviet Union BBC Political murder Attle Svetlana Guha Forward Block Dilli Chalo Right of Information Act RIA; 

Sonia led UPA’s government has no record about Netaji ‘s freedom struggle! Do Killers keep record of their victims? Oh! Almighty Ishwar! Give me a boon, Who are traitors?Who are Patriots of my nation?  

Bhagat Singh did not ask only for an independent
Punjab or Subhash Chandra Bose for an independent
Bengal? But Pt Nehru fought to divide
India for ruling divided
India and there after groomed his daughter for the post of PM. It is in public domain without the contradiction that Gandhi gave his surname to her daughter and her husband.  

Now Netaji is communal and not freedom fighter. Lokmanya Tilak and Veer Savarkar are terrorists in NCERT and IGNOU books.Traitors becdome patriots and patriots become traitors.  

As reported by BBC on March 9: “A separatist group in north-east
India has killed eight of its members for allegedly collaborating with Indian security forces, the rebels have said. The eight were “found guilty” of aiding Indian intelligence groups, the Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP) said.   The KCP claims the alleged traitors – including their vice-president – helped Indian officials in Manipur state arrest and kill some of its leaders. At least 17 rebel groups are fighting for independence in the region.  

A nation can survive its poors India can survive its illetrates But how we can survive Traitors with in A nation can survive its poors, India can survive its illetrates,  But how we can we survive, Traitors with in, Oh! Almighty Ishwar! Give me a boon, To be a patriot and I can know, Who are traitors and who are Patriots of my nation?  

Please find the full poem in my previous article at: 


Who killed Subhash? I have discussed fully in my article of May 18, 2006:   Political murders can’t be done by politicians themselves. Political murder executed under a conspiracy in the exchange of political bargaining instead of cash. They give Supari to others. Dons get supari for murder and get money.  

In political murder of Subhash Chadra Bose mainly three parties were involved: (1) Pt Nehru (2) Stalin (3) Mr.Clamment Attlee the then PM of

Musharraf is clone of NehruBenazir Bhutto and nawaz Shariff are in exile as per the contract between
America and Musharraf. Musharraf may be able to rule
Pakistan as a dictator in this way. Nehru’s role was the same as the role of Musharraf. Nehru wanted to keep Subhash Bose ourt of
India forever so Nehru could rule
India without hurdeles. Nehru was Capitalist to shake hand with Mountbetton and AttleNehru accepted partion of
India to ruled divided
India. Every one knows romantic relation of Lady Mounbetton with Nehru. Later he shook hands with Attlee to block the chances of reurning of Subhash in

Dear Mr. Attlee:I understand from a reliable source that Subhas Chandra Bose, your war criminal, has been allowed to enter Russian territory by Stalin. This is a clear treachery and betrayal of faith by the Russians. As
Russia has been an ally of the British-Americans, it should not have been done. Please take note of it and do what you consider proper and fit.Yours sincerely,
Jawaharlal Nehru.

Nehru shook hands with Stalin to be communisCommunists are not only supported at present but in the past also they supported Nehru Gandhi Dynasty due to their god fathers
Russia and
China. . Speaking to the Hindu, Prof. Guha lent evidence to the view that Subhash Chandra Bose died in a Soviet Prison. His father and Subhash Bose both were kept in Siberian prioson.He noted that Joseph Stalin was crueler than Adolf Hitler’. 

In this way Nehru was neither capitalist nor communist actually he was opportunist.  

‘Netaji Dead or Alive?’ book of
Samar GuhaFormer Indian ambassador Dr Satyanarayana Sinha once met Gouha, the son of Abani Mukherjee, the founder of the Communist Party of India, who told him that his father and Netaji were prisoners in adjacent cells in
Siberia. He also told Sinha that Netaji had assumed the name ‘Khilsai Malang’ there. (Abani Mukherjee was the companion of Virendranath Chattopadhyay, who is the brother of Sarojini Naidu). Dr Sinha came back to
India and reported this fresh news to Nehru. But to his great surprise and frustration, Sinha was unexpectedly scolded by Nehru and ever since, the relationship between the two deteriorated. Sinha has written this down in his book. He has even described this incident before the Khosla commission. There are more details on page 318 of Netaji Dead or Alive?’ by Samar Guha. 

Netaji died in
Siberia jailAs reported in every newspaper at that time, daughter of Stalin Swetlana said in
Delhi that Netaji was in
Siberia’s yarkutaskjail. She also gave barrack No. also. 

Svetlana Stalin wanted to marry Dinesh Singh’s brotherEvery one knows about the secrect relation of Indira Gandhi with former foreign minister Raja of Pratap Garh Dinesh Singh. Her daughter Ratna Kumari is in Congress. Pt Nehru blocked the road of that marriage. At that time Svtlana was as the enemy of Soviet Union.And Nehru had friendly relation with the Soviet U nion especially for keeping Subhash Bose in the Siberian Prison. Stalin sent Subhash in Siberian Jail as desired by Nehrru. 

Killing of Netaji files by Congress Governments 

Most of the secret files about Netaji, that were maintained by Pandit Nehru himself as “P.M.’s special” files, one of which included all communications connected with INA Defense Committee, were reported by the Indira Gandhi Government as “either missing or destroyed”. It will not be easy to presume that Netaji’s communication to Nehru and a copy of Nehru’s letter to Attlee have also been destroyed. These files were dealt with by the personal secretary of Pt Nehru – Mohmd Yunus. 

Hers are Indira Gandhi by continuing this are giving peace to the soul of Nehru and Indira. 

Why Mukherjee Commission Report in dustbinThe Mukherjee Commission submitted its report to the Indian Government on November 8, 2005. The report was tabled in Parliament on May 17, 2006. The probe said in its report that Bose did not die in the plane crash and the ashes at Renkoji temple are not his. However, the Indian Government rejected the findings of the Commission, amid speculation that accepting it would “harm Nehru’s image”.As reported on March 27 in Stateman: In a shocking revelation, the government has said it has no information in its records about the contribution of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose to
India’s freedom struggle. This admission has come from a senior government officer in response to an application by Delhi-based Mr Dev Ashish Bhattacharya under the Right to Information Act.

No record on Netaji’s role in freedom struggle: GovtMr Bhattacharya approached the Union home ministry with five questions in which he had sought information on what role Bose had in the freedom movement. The applicant had also sought information whether
India maintains any protocol with regard to Bose and whether he fits somewhere in that protocol. “The information on points in your letter is not available in the records,” Mr SK Malhotra, deputy secretary in the home ministry said in reply to Mr Bhattacharya’s petition. “It was shocking for me to have this response,” Mr Bhattacharya said. Netaji Subash Chandra Bose may have contributed immensely towards India and make people aware about their strength to fight British man-to-man but the government says it has no documents to substantiate this, said Mr Bhattacharya.  

See the political fraud and unholy allianceSubhash Bose is the ideal of Forward Block. It is an ally in West Bengal Government of CPI (M). They are supporting to the UPA from out side. There is a report of Jan 2007: The spirit of legendary freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose shone here again Monday evening at the launch of the Volume 12 of Netaji’s Collected Works entitled ‘Chalo Delhi’ – the inspiring slogan of the Indian National Army he founded to liberate India.‘It was a call to freedom fighters all over the country. In his last speech, he showed indomitable faith and conviction that
India will win freedom,’ External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said at the launch of ‘Chalo Delhi’ at the Taj Mahal hotel here.  

Bahadur Shah Zafar Waited For Netaji for 90 YearBahadur Shah was a sad and broken man, especially after the failure of the War of Independence. The failure cost him dearly: a lost throne, brutal murder of his sons and exile to a foreign land.The patriot that he was, he sought the cooperation of Indian Princes and Rajas against the British. In a historic letter, he wrote to them that it was his “ardent wish that the whole of
Hindustan should be free”.  The king died on November 7, 1862, at a ripe age of 89. The British feared him, even in his death. He was immediately buried in the British officer’s residential compound.Neither the Bahadursha Jaffar nor his Mazar has been forgotten. The mausoleum stands as a memorial to the last Mughal ruler who adorned
Delhi’s throne that was once occupied by Akbar and Shahjahan, among others. The Mazar in
Yangon (
Rangoon) is the final resting place of the king, his wife and grand daughter. 

Indians in general, the Mazar is a national monument, a vivid reminder of pre-colonial, undivided
India – and of the king who led, however unsuccessfully, the battle against imperial intruders. It was Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, a titan among
India’s nationalist leaders, who turned the Mazar into a memorable spot of national pilgrimage. With the headquarters of his Indian National Army (INA) set up in
Yangon during the Second World War, Netaji regularly visited the Mazar. He issued his famous appeal to ‘March on to
Delhi’ – ‘Dilli Chalo’ – from
Yangon, perhaps while visiting the Mazar   

Was the above appeasement to Muslim or the present government?



By Premendra Agrawal

Bob’s murder: Tablighi Jammat: Deoband

March 30, 2007

Tags: Tablighi Jammat TJ Pak Cricket Team US Nusharraf Deoband Bob Woolmer Rahul Gandhi; 

Day after the death of Woolmer, Rahul Gandhi visited on March 19 at Deoband which is founding org of Tablighi jammat. Inzamam and other Pak Cricketers members of TJ; Terrorists have links with TJ. 

Three cricket fans which stayed in the hotel where Pak Cricket team stayed. They are gofers. At Deoband, Rahul’s virtually security-free mingling with the students sent out an unambiguous message: one of easy trust. And at the rally at the end of his three-hour-long halt in Deoband, he carried the message forward, “I am blind, blind to caste and religion,” he said, pausing, “I only see Hindustanis.” The audience broke into cheers. “All Hindustanis are one, and if I see one Hindustani strike another, I will stand with the one who has been struck.” 

Rahul’s speeches may be short on flamboyance, but they are direct: “UP has fallen behind in the race for development. Only youth power will change it—and I see that youth power standing in front of me,” he said to cries of “Rahul Gandhi zindabad”. 

It was also brave: in current folklore, the

School is seen as being the inspiration for the Taliban and Islamic terrorism. It is the breeding ground for the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). Little wonder then that no Congress leader has visited the seminary after Mahatma Gandhi, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Indira Gandhi, the last in 1980. A fact Rahul pointed to: “Don’t forget, I am Indira Gandhi’s grandson.” 

The Tablighi JamatSome famous people who propagate Islam by joining the Tablighi Jamaat (a movement started by a student of the Islamic University, Deoband, Maulana Muhammad Ilyas) are Pakistani cricketers Shahid Afridi, Inzamam ul Haq, Mohammad Yousuf (a recent revert/convert), Saqlain Mushtaq and many others, also, former Pakistani cricketers including Saeed Anwar and Salim Malik.  A very famous pop star Junaid Jamshaid is also a visible personality, propagating Islam to the masses amongst many others 


Opinion of the cricketors on Religion in Pakistani Cricket(1) Former Pakistani captain, Asif Iqbal, has mystery given a more perceptive reason for the downfall of the team: over emphasis on religion. Today, the Pakistani team looks like a band of religious zealots. There is nothing wrong with flaunting one’s religious identity, but not if it overwhelms every other aspect of a person. In the process, somewhere, the Pakistani team, which has no dearth of talented players, has lost its way. 

(2) ”
Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer’s authority was undermined by captain Inzamam-ul-Haq’s ‘spiritual hold of the team’ ..The more serious issue was that Inzamam was not only the cricketing leader but the spiritual talisman of the team who expected – and was mostly given – total obeisance by his team-mates… Inzamam would go into a “brooding silence” for days after disagreements with Briton Woolmer. ” the former Pakistan Cricket Board chairperson Shaharyar Khan said.Shahryar Khan has been quoted as telling Sportsweek on BBC Radio Five Live after the murder of Woolmer as follows: “”Bob told me about six months ago that he was very frustrated because the team was always at prayer at lunchtime, tea and after play.He was not able to get through to them on cricketing issues. He felt frustrated about that and asked me what to do. 

(3) Sarfraz Nawazopenly claimed that captain Inzamam-ul-Haq, along with Rana Naved-ul-Hasan, Mushtaq Ahmed, Mohammad Yousuf and Shoaib Malik were involved in betting. 

(4) 4. These sources also say that Inzimam, who is otherwise a likable and mild-mannered person, used to turn mad with fury when anybody criticised Islam or the TJ.  

(5) B.Raman, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai suggested in his article: “It would be useful for the Jamaican Police to enquire whether any TJ cleric from Pakistan had accompanied the team, if so, his role, whether the TJ has a branch in the West Indies, whether its local leaders used to visit the hotel, whether Woolmer raised the issue of the negative influence of the TJ on the performance of the players against Ireland and whether it led to any quarrel with Inzimam and other members of the TJ group in the team. The TJ group in the team should be an important focus of the investigation.” 

(6) The Woolmer Murder   [Iain Murray]As I mentioned, the
UK papers are devoting a lot of space to the story.  The Daily Telegraph even has its United States Editor Toby Harnden (a truly excellent journalist and a fine man to boot – ex-Royal Navy himself) in
Jamaica for the story.  One thing that has not been mentioned much is what one correspondent calls a “holier than thou religiosity” that has prevaded Pakistani cricket, even as it has become embroiled in allegations of match-fixing, steroid abuse and ball-tampering.  Mohammad Yousuf, for example, attributed his good form last year to his conversion from Christianity to Islam and performs the sidjah every time he scores a century.  The Tablighi Jamaat is very influential in the team.  

Now I want to make it clear that I am not suggesting that Islamism had any role in the murder of Bob Woolmer, which seems at the moment most likely connected with match-fixing, but as Osman Samiuddin suggests, it has played a role in a talented team becoming disfunctional and helped to cover up what might be charitably described as moral failings. 

For the benefit of
Pakistan and cricket, the shambles of the Pakistani team need to be cleared up.  If solving the murder of Bob Woolmer helps in that process, it will be a tribute to a great coach.Meanwhile, leave it to a Guardian columnist to drag the
US into a cricket scandal. 

(7) While “factionalism” is often cited as a source of the malaise of Pakistani cricket, little is said about the bugbear of authoritarianism. The US-backed military dictatorship – which controls all the cricket structures – is treated by the cricket media as a natural state of affairs. 

(6) Dominic Whiteman on March 22, 2007 has written:…….Apparently, the conspicuous Islamicisation of the Pakistani cricket team recently prompted even
Pakistan’s President – General Pervez Musharraf – to advise the Chairman of the

Pakistan Cricket Board Dr

Naseem Ashraf to ask the players to strike a balance between religion and cricket. One imagines his prompts sounded more like orders this morning.

Whether it’s religion and politics or, more importantly, religion and cricket – religion just doesn’t mix.

Tablighi Jamaat should not be banned in
Britain. But someone should tell it to focus its ambitions less on unattainable erections and more on bringing its subjugated womenfolk into modernity. Dominic Whiteman is spokesperson for the London-based VIGIL anti-terrorist organization – an international network of terror trackers, including former intelligence officers, military personnel and experts ranging from linguistic to banking experts.  

The Pakistani Newspaper notes, “The 3-4 months in a year that the Pakistani team members such as Imran Khan, Majid Khan, Asif Iqbal, Sarfraz Nawaz, Javed Miandad, Zaheer Abbas, Mohsin Khan, Rameez Raja, etc, used to spend in England playing county cricket, would make them adopt the lifestyle of any other English cricketer: liquor, nightclubs, girlfriends and everything else that comes with the package. However, those days of cricketing casualness are now memory, as are so many aspects of secular life in Jinnah’s
Pakistan. The Pakistani cricketers have never pursued their religious beliefs as devoutly as they do nowadays. “Bismillah” (In the name of Allah) or “Inshallah” (God willing) stud their every utterance, no matter whether they are on the field or elsewhere. The team members huddle together to pray on the ground during pre-match preparations; ‘Islamic beards’ are sported as an advertisement of their faith; batsmen have known to cramp because they fast and play during the holy month of Ramadan. “ 

The newspaper notes further added: “This religiosity has come about because a clutch of players — Inzimam, Mushtaq Ahmed (bowling coach), Mohammad Yousaf, Saqlain Mushtaq, Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Malik and Yasser Hameed – have become members of the Tablighi Jamaat (TJ), participating in public gatherings organized to propagate Islam and stress the virtue of an ‘authentic Islamic lifestyle’. The TJ has invaded the dressing room of the Pakistani cricket team – they can be seen praying with players and reciting the Holy Quran for the team’s success (never mind that it has been performing poorly). As TJ membership makes it incumbent upon a person to preach, most of the Tablighi cricketers, especially Inzimam, often conduct preaching tours across
Pakistan. Inzimam’s penchant to mix religion with cricket has already sparked accusations that he favours Tablighi players over those who are either secular or prefer to confine religion to their private lives. The non-Tablighi group is reportedly led by Vice-Captain Younas Khan and includes Shoaib Akhtar, Mohammad Asif, Danish Kaneria, Imran Nazir, Abdul Razzaq, etc. This divide often shadows differences between players. This shrinking of the secular space is perhaps already happening in the cricket team. But for those persevering in the way of Allah Almighty, these are minor matters.” 


On March 20, I have given following facts in my article titled “Was Bob Woolmer poisoned? Police confirmed ‘death threats from Pak fans’” 

The above agle is now more studying by the detectives and police of jamaica. 

A gofer or go-fer is an employee who is often sent on errands. 

Middle-aged Pakistani nationals Hamid Malik, Jundie Khan and Efran Chaudhray checked out of the team hotel soon after Woolmer was found. They appeared at several press conferences and were seen with players and carrying Pakistani flags in the foyer of the team hotel in Kingston, Jamaica.  

They are described as gofers who brought players halal food and drove them around Jamaica.  

They are believed to have had access to the 12th floor, where Woolmer’s room was. Jamaican deputy police commissioner Mark Shields said yesterday he was seeking to eliminate the three from inquiries.  

Police to test Woolmer’s last meal for drugs“He was 6ft 1 in (185cm) and a big man, and unless he was drugged or impaired it would perhaps have been difficult to restrain him. We are looking at whether his food was drugged. The meal was thrown away after he put the tray outside his room, but we are conducting toxicology and tissue tests,” Mark Shields said.  

Police have still to interview a fourth Pakistani, a local businessman, who is a friend of some Pakistan players. 

After banned SIMI, now the activities of some members of JuH and Tablighi jamaat are also under ATS scanning. Neither the leaders of Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind (JuH) nor Tablighi jamaat (TJ) are nationalists. Fact is that the mullahs are losing political control over their community, and these are devises to control them. Now, they act as powerbrokers. They have linked with the International terrorists organizations. 

At least 20 people were picked up by police in Tripura overnight for interrogation, even as a team from Mumbai began questioning 11 Muslim youths from Maharasthra for any links with the serial bombings in the country’s financial hub. All belongs to SIMI have been detained for questioning in the state for holding public meetings at Kamalpura near
India‘s border with Bangaldesh.  

The detainees have reportedly told the police that they are members of the Tabligh-i-Jamaat, based in Mumbra area
Maharashtra‘s Thane District near Mumbai. Mumbra is a terrorist hub. Detention of these youths shows nexus between SIMI, JuH and Tabligh-i-Jamaat.  


A giant mosque for 2012 OlympicA giant mosque a £300 million project of Tablighi Jamaat that will hold 40,000 worshippers is being proposed beside the 2012 Olympic complex in Newham,
London. Terrorist linked group wants to use it permanent HQ.  


Tablighi suspected for Godhra train burningIndian investigators suspect influential Tablighi leader, Maulana Umarji, and a group of his followers in the February 27, 2002 fire bombing of a train carrying ‘Karsewaks’ from Ayodhya. Maulana  


By Premendra Agrawal 

Mahabharat III Dhrirashra=Congress, Bhism=Manmohan, Shakuni= Sonia

March 30, 2007

Tags: Musharraf Manmohan Mahatma Gandhi Nehru Pakistan India Vyas Mahabharat Bhism Shakuni Sonia Congress Dhritrashtrra Dharm Yudh jai Praksah narain J&K seculars PDP Shashi Tharoor Kaurav Pandav Italy Pok;


Ghost of Nehru Sheikh Abdullah in J&K: Mahabharat III of fake seculars and other Indians will be fought in near future: Mahabharat II was between Nehrus Gandhis and Mukherjee to Jai Praksh Narayan 

Shashi Tharoor is a UN bureaucrat. He went to one of those posh
Delhi colleges. He wrote a book, the Great Indian Novel, retelling of the great epic, in the modern Indian setting on the basis of ‘Mahabharat’ which is a satirical novel by Shashi Tharoor. 

Original ‘Mahabharat’ was written by Brahmrishi Ved Vyasa, the ancient philosopher thinker who was known to be the fountain of all human knowledge, it has been translated into many languages and even presented in ballet form in far off western and oriental countries. 

As per this novel in short Gandhi is Bheeshm, Nehru – Dhritarashtra, Subhas Bose – Pandu. Jinnah is Karna, and
Pakistan is Karnistan – the hacked off land. Patel is Vidur, Dronacharya – JP Narayan, Indira – Priya Duryodhoni. Desai is Yudhishtir, Draupadi is the Indian democracy, Bheem is the army, Arjun is the press, Nakul-Sahadev is the bureaucracy. The whole thing is told as an octogenarian freedom fighter older statesman Ved Vyas narrating his biography to a bald South Indian note taker with big nose called Gana Pati (Ganapati is another name for Ganesh – Mahabharata was narrated by Ved Vyas to Ganesh). The story works brilliantly until the 1960s, but falls through as the emergency and Janata rule are depicted as Kurukshetra and its aftermath.

Now grounds are taking grounds for Dharm Yuddha III. Actors are the heirs and the followers of the above.  

One part of that coming Dharm Yuddha is taking place in J&K. In this article I discuss on that.  

Sonia plays peacemaker for J&K. Nehru Sheikh gifted PoK. Their ghosts are in Congress and PDP. After Subhash, Shashtri, Mukherjee now who is in hit list? Whose boot is on the grave of Narsimha Rao?   

Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi stepped in to play the peacemaker in J&K on March 26. She met PDP chief Mufti Mohammed Sayeed to iron out differences that the Congress has with his party over the demand for demilitarization. The move seemed to have paid off. After the meeting – attended by Defence Minister A K Antony and Congress troubleshooter Ahmed Patel – Mufti appeared positive. “PM will announce about the committee,” said Mufti. 

Army of KauaravasPlease let me know who the solid voters of so called seculars are. They are terrorists, separartists, insurgents inclduding naxalites, infiltrators, Chistian missionaries and the elements who are helping them. All these are seculars for secular forces. This is the reason Rahul Gandhi start his roadshow from the area where these elements are more active. These so called secular-Kaurvas can’t support NDA-pandvas. What will be the shape of NDA in future Kursha or Ved Vyas knows but it will be lead by BJP, this is denfinite. 

Manmohan=Bhism, Sonia=Shakuni and Congress=DhritrashtraIn my opinion Manmohan is acting the role of Bhism, Sonia Gandhi as Shakuni and Congress as Dhritrashtra..  

Shakuni was also outsider. For taking revenge he entered Hastinapur.  Sonia Gandhi of Italian origin is also outsider. She had hate with
India. Rajiv Gandhi himself wrote about this. She did not take Indian citizenship 15 years. Her father was against the marriage. He never came to
India. Quattrocchi and others are only dacoits in
India as British India Company in Pre-Independence India.  

She and her son also Italian Citizenship of Italy and she owned a house there instead of in
India. In the past also she had taken shelter in the Italian embassy at the time of
Bangladesh liberation war. So without seizing passport they will ruin
India with their open eyes.  

Vyas visits Dhritarashtra and offers to bestow divine eyesight unto him but Dhritarashtra is reluctant to see the destruction of his sons. Vyas grants divine eyesight to Sanjay, Dhritarashtra’s charioteer.  

Congress saw destruction of his adopted sons in Local bodies election of UP and Maharasshtra. After that she saw downfall her government in
Punjab and Uttaranchal. Now Rajkuma Rahul Gandhi has done shilanyas of the ‘sarvnash’ of Congress in coming MCD election of
Delhi and assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh. One by one she will see the down fall her Kaurvas. 

Pakistan finds more allies including Congress CM of J&K Gulam of Afzal and Farooq Abdullah to grab
Kashmir. Pak got golden chance to make
Kashmir an International issue through Joint mechanism. 

Indian investigation team could not interrogate the citizens of
Pakistan who are in Samjhauta Express arfter the blast fire on it. This is joint mechanism. Dawood and others could not be sent back in
India by
Pakistan but in the new hope our government sent a sketch of suspected Pakistani citizen of the train blast. This is joint mechanism. In Wollmer case Pakistani Cricketers could be detained but we can’t to this because of joint mechanism. 

Sonia Gandhi is making security wall slowly and slowly around herself. Her loyalist Navin Chwla will conduct 2009 general elction as a Chif Election Commissioner. She has made her yes madam as a PM. She deputed her second loyalist Gulam nabi Azad in J&K.  

In peace making Nehru gifted Pok now Sonia Gandhi is going to gift remaining J&K to the
Pakistan in peace making process.  

For getting power in Andhra she shook hands with naxalites. To remain in power in the North East provinces she renounced so many times. Congress shook hand ULFA to come back power in
Assam. Congress and Comminists are encouraging Bangladeshi infiltrators because they are their solid votes. 

Congress declared Nagaland a Christian province because there was Christians in the majority ant they are growing continuously by conversion. This is the reason on the instruction of Sonia Gandhi there is a minority minister Antuley in the cabinet of manmohan. She is inventing the ways for making Hindus in the minority.  

They are marking the districts villages where Muslims are in majority. Slowly and slowing they want to make situation in whole
India as Nagaland.  

They want to count religious heads in the army. But Army Chief n is now allowing kaurvas to do this. LeT and ISI men are in the army. Soldiers, security forces are making suicide. Indian musharrafs are not making protest but attacking them. 


By Premendra Agrawal

Why Media IT ED silent on Hawala Hasan Ali

March 30, 2007

Tags: Racehorse Course Hawala Swiss Hasan Ali Vijay Maliyya Q Bhism
Ganga Corrupt Hawala Leader Shikhandi Cow Shield Terrorist Infiltrator Naxal Mahatma Gandhi Manmohan Media AccountableBharatratna Afzal;


Hasan Ali is safe.  He is behind leaders as Arjun behind Shikhandi and Army of Hindu king’s enmey behind cows! Eco bandits in laptop of Ali;
Ganga dying, corrupt flooded; Bharatratna in future to Afzal… 

ShikhandiShikandi (born Shikhandini) is a character in, the Mahabharata. The son of Drupada, he fought in the Kurukshetra war on the side of the Pandavas.He had been born in an earlier lifetime as a woman named Amba, who was rejected by Bhishma for marriage. Feeling deeply humiliated and wanting revenge, Amba carried out great prayers and penance with the desire to be the cause of Bhishma’s death. Amba was then reborn as Shikhandini. 

In the battle of Kurukshetra, Bhishma recognised him as Amba reborn, and not wanting to fight ‘a woman’, lowered his weapons. Knowing that Bhishma would react thus to Shikhandi, Arjuna hid behind Shikhandi and attacked Bhishma with a devastating volley of arrows. Thus, only with Shikhandi’s help could Arjuna deal a death blow to Bhishma, who had been virtually invincible until then. Shikhandi was finally killed by Ashwattama on the 18th day of battle. 

Corrupt politicians bureaucrats as cows give shelter to Hasan Q their clonesIn the past enemy’s army hided to keep cows in front of them so the Hindu army could not kill them. This is in public domain that Shard Pawar had some type of connection with Dawood and Telgi. It does not mean others are not in the race. Cricketers have unholy relation with bookies and bookies have relation with the dons and that may be Dawood or other.  

Alliance in democray is a shield for criminalsOur P rime Minister Mr.Clean Manmohan cleanly says that to admit criminals in the cabinet is the compulsion of the allinace government in democracy. Who can say that Moninder Pandher had no blessings of politicians and police. He is millionaries and rlation with the top most Punjab Congress leaders. This is the reason he will walk freely soon. 

Ganga is dying rivers & rivers of corrupt politicianGang is dying as media reported in the previous week. But why we have to worry. Corruption rivers of the politicians are being flooded. Cannals are full. Dams of above danger line. So industrial development water is flowing in Nandigram and other SEZs. Water of these are more pure than Ganges of Himalyas water. Ganga of Himalayas is communal. So terrorists, criminals, infiltrators, insurgents, naxalites, Maoists and other insects of different names wash themselve and takes dip in secular ganga. 

Shield of innocent people and …….Terrorusts attacked on CRPF, BSF, army and police after hiding themselves in Mosques or homes, hotels of civilians or public places. “Indian forces in standoff with militants in J&K” If by the mistake any innocent will be faced bullet then procession will be on the street and human activists and politicians came forward. All seculars one by one have come to save Afzal Guru who got death punishment for the attack on parliament.Naxalites and CPI (M) cadres are also adopting the ways of terrorists as we have seen in the Nandigram of West Bengal where CPM cadres shooted innocent farmers of Nandigram to wear police uniform or to hide behind the police. 

Bangladeshi infiltrators are hiding behind the seculars to be voters of them. This is the reason terrorists, naxalites, Maoists, infiltrators, insurgents and all other type of Anti-Indian elements are the brothers and sisters of the so called seculars, secular parties and secular UPA government. 

God save this country from such fake seculars! We can’t call them traitors in modern democratic India!!  

Above are the introductory remarks of my article which I am going to write now. Some readers dislike this bad art of writing. They have right to do so as I have right to throw eggs of words on the face of MF Hussein.and on such who patronize him.  

I have written about the nwxus between politicians and Telgi in my previous aticle titled “Telgi: Scam King will walk free as Bookie Kings are free!” 

I have explined how Mininder Pandher will walk soon in my another article titled “Nithari killings: Pandher will walk soon as Quattrocchi flew” 

Now please allow me to shake hand by this article with the racehorse owner Hasan Ali who was lime light of the corruption and suddenly his name was unheard. Through him I may find his link with ministers, other politicians, big business men and racehorsers. Is this my sin? Fake secular definitely will think so. But please you, my dear reader don’t ttreat me like that.  

Not accountable government by ‘kho kho’Now adays an innovocative technique have come in the political market. There is a Hindustani game ‘kho kho’. In this game one player touch other sitting player to give message of running to touch opponent. Like that now political leaders come in the screen of electronic channels and after that they become invisible. Rajkumar of Congress Rahul as instructed by the Big Cs threw google burden of the down fall of Babri structure on the former Congresee PM late Narsimha Rao. I don’t know why tears are flowing by Romiso in the fall of the symbol of Mughal emperor’s cruelty. Like that Manmohan Singh became free to wiite letters to the CMs about the rising prices. In Rajnandgaon bye election of lok Sabha Congress leaders are saying price rise is not the subject of Central Government. Home Minister Shivraj Patil shows his government policy for tackling naxal problem. He said this problem not belongs to central government. This is the subject matter of the states. These secular arguments list is lengthy. Super PM Sonia Gandhi is not accountable. Now PM Manmohan and his cabinet are not accountable then who is accountable for the sins of Secualars? 

HAWALA HASAN ON THE RUNWhen it comes to protecting foreign investment through Participatory Notes (PNs), even national security takes a back seat. These derivative instruments allow those who are otherwise ineligible to invest in the Indian stock market. The National Security Advisor recently claimed that terrorist groups were profiting from
India’s powerful
Bull Run by investing through non-transparent Participatory Notes (PNs). A little later, we were told of the stupendous wealth more than Rs 35,ooo crores of Hasan Ali Khan, an alleged hawala operator based in Pune who had managed to fly under the evasion detection techniques of the tax department for several years.  

Rat cat run is going onLater, former BJP parliamentarian Kirit Somaiya alleged that Hasan Ali Khan was linked to two Union ministers. But BJP, too, seems reluctant to follow up on this sensational allegation and has moved on to more routine protests against Special Economic Zones.  

Runners of Italian instructed government are shrewd. They did one sin. Opposition make sound against it. Then government makes other sin quickly and thus this rat cat run is going on. 

I have written an article about this racehorse owner hasan Ali inder the title “Rs 350 million’s Horse in Swiss: Dung on wall? How did cow climb?” 

Poors are not countable as stars and hair of headNow Indian government’s foreign exchange treasure is over flooded. MM Sonia and their allies are singing to see that. Number of billionaires is being increased.. No need to count numbers of poors. No need to see down wards. Mad Elephant is walking and dogs are barking. Who can count stars and head-hair? Fake seculars have no poor-hair in their heads. Their pockets are full of ‘Loot ka maal (decoity on money of poors)” incomplete and with mistaken based OBC survey of 1930 erra of pre-independence is the basis now for secular government to give OBC reservation. Don’t call Jaspal Bhatti to MM. Oherwise his government on the instruction of Indian Pope will make bankrupt you (Bhatti baithaa denge).  

Media and corrupt leaders have flagged of ceasefire Don’t think in the running period Media has no share in the corruption and other types of crimes. NDTV will now bark in Canakda after
Pakistan. Harshad Mehta belongs to my city
Raipur. His family had a small electronic shop when he was studying here. 

Now Karat wants SEZs and Industrialization of West Bengal. In the past they wanted farmers. When, any one of Kolkata complained about the electricity then comrade answered their voters are farmers of the villages which are out of Kolkata.  

Time may come when ‘Bharatratn’ to Afzal GuruHonesty and nationalism are the crime now adays:  Cunnings 420s are being awarded. Time may come when ‘Bharatratn’ to Afzal Guru for their bravery on the attack of parliament! Dear reader! Don’t take it as nonsense (bakwas). If we could give Bharatratn to Teresa and Padmshree to Staine Graham and full stop of the hanging of sedular Afzal then where is some one wrong to imagine above?  

Why did media, investigation authorities become mum on Hasan Ali?Leaders including media receive their proper shares in corruption. So politicians and media is silent on Hasan Ali. They have silenced Telgi. CBI court fined Rs. 50000 to Telgi. Is it not injustice to poor Telgi? Today media is busy in highlighting the court decision of Manjunath murder case. Now adays after Afzal Guru one by one many are awarded death penalty. It is just or not just, here I am not discussing that. I am hearing a correspondent. He is rightly explaining that accused Mittal got death sentenced because Manjunath was gunned down because of his patriotism. It is 100% right. But what should be the fate of Telgi and hasan Ali? Why should not be hanged those leaders who have shared with these economic criminals? This is pubished that IT and ED and other investigating agencies are investigating the matter of Hasan Ali. But now why is there a silence of deaths? Reason is only that not only brother of late Priyamvada Birla Tapadiya, two ministers are sinners with him but also so many white colored politicians are involved in this scandal.  

Maharashtriyan vs outsiders in the Race Course electionSome one can say then why have Hasan Ali’s seven A/c of Swiss been frozen? How did he suddenly come in the light of corrupt world? Some one answer as following:One billionary Vijay Malayya, purchaser of the sword of Teepu Sultan, was a candidate in the election of Race Corse. His opponent Poonawala won the election. Malaiyya is a Kannad and Poonawala is a Maharashteiyan. So there was a slogan by that how could a non-Maharashtriyan be president of Race Course? Racehorse owner Hasan ali is also of Pune. So, unsucceeded Malaiyya gave some disclosure to his one known minister about the hasan Ali’s haval transaction.  

Pandora of economic bandits in the laptop of Hasan AliSeized laptop of Hasan Ali is hided about the hawala transaction of minimum 30 politicians of various prties besides eight companies. One company had transaction of 450 rore and rumour is about 350 crores illegal give and take of one leadrr ‘Neta’. These netas are followers of Gandhigiri and nehrugiri instead of ‘Netaji’ Subhash Chandra Bose who was dog for communist and inferior than Nehru for Mahatma Gandhi. Due to that ‘Gandhi’ name is exchanged by so many Anti-India elements. Is it ‘majboori ka naam Mahatma Gandhi hai” One officer of
Lucknow was puzzled for getting flowers of Gandhigiri. So he commented “Mahatma Gandhi chale Gaye par aulad chhod Gaye’! 

No one should has such majboori. No one should be such type of ‘aulad’.  


By Premendra Agrawal

Lara on DNA: Cricketer or Mafia behind Woolmer, Hansie’s deaths

March 26, 2007

Tag: Lara DNA Cricketer Mafia Bob Woolmer Cronje King Commission Fingerprint Jamaica police Inzamam Mushtaq Talat Rice Kingston West Indies Zimbabwe Ireland Dawood Mumbai Bookies India Caribbean Detactive;  

Why Woolmer was naked; Mytery of crucial 15 hours; cut of Mushtaq, Fake name of manager Talat; Rice running between the death peach of Woolmer, Hansie; Role of Don and Mumbai bookies; Who stole  manuscript? 

Woolmer died within 24 hours of his team’s shock defeat against
Ireland. With the odds at 1 to 25, a punter could have won R1.1-million had he taken a R70 000 bet on
Ireland. Only the bravest punters — or those in the know through crooked dealings — would have chanced such a bet. 

Two factors are behind the killing: (1) Conspiracy means planned murder and in this cricketer, hotel staff, bookie, Don may be involved. (2) Sudden killing; it may be done suddenly in anger by one or more persons.  

Woolmer was writing a sedond book. Its manuscript was unfortunately with the Bob in his hotel room. Before death he worried for this. Who stole manuscript?  

Disgraced former Proteas captain Hansie Cronjé, who died in a plane crash in June 2002, was taped in conversation with a bookie in the
UK while on tour to
India . The resulting scandal, the biggest to hit international cricket, led to the King Commission of Inquiry at which evidence led on the operations of cricket betting systems. 

These included spread betting — a wager on the number of runs, within a spread of, say, 10 runs that a batting side is going to score, which can change as the innings progresses. It can also involve the scores of individual batsmen 

Lara on fingerprint and DNA testPolice investigating the murder of Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer in Jamaica took a DNA sample from West Indies captain Brian Lara, it was claimed today.

Police investigating the murder of Woolmer also took DNA samples from West Indies team manager Clive Lloyd as well as interviewing players from the West Indies, Zimbabwe and Ireland squads. 

Rice running between the death peach of Woolmer, HansieClive Rice, a former South African captain and a contemporary of Bob Woolmer during their playing and coaching days in England, has disclosed that he had acquired the rights for a tell-all book that Cronje was planning in the wake of the match-fixing scandal. Like Woolmer, Cronje was also planning to write a “warts and all” book and had employed Rice to sell it.

“I went to see him six months before he died. He signed over the rights to me. Like Woolmer, he knew a lot more of what was going on. His so-called accident was just a lot cleverer than the one that killed Bob.”

Ironically, Woolmer was also working on a book that might have exposed the darker side of international cricket.Rice says, “Absolutely no doubt” what happened on the 12th floor of the five-star Pegasus Hotel in
Kingston, Jamaica, last Sunday night. 

According to Rice: Bob knew a lot of what went on during the match fixing scandal in which Hansie Cronje was nailed. Rice found it odd that he was never called as a witness by the King Commission. There were a lot more people involved but the commission fell short in exposing this. Strangely enough it (Judge Edwin King the commission, that sat in
Cape Town in 2000) never asked how spread betting works. 

“We were actually involved in a match in
England at the time and Bob and I discussed it.
“He told me a lot that never came out.
“I’m not just talking about other players being involved, but officials too.”
Woolmer’s violent end by strangulation has also reopened old wounds over Cronje’s death in an air crash five years ago.
Pilot error was blamed after the transport plane he regularly traveled in crashed into a mountainside near George in the southern

Cape – but Rice says: “I am convinced his death wasn’t an accident, and I will continue to believe that until the day I die.” 

Please find the details on the subject in my previous article March 20.  

Indian investigation authorities of corruption follows King Commission of
South Africa
Rice is right. King stop the further investigation after accepting the Conje his crime. Like that Telgi executive of Rs. 30, 000 crores Stamp Scam wanted to be approver for dsclosing the names of his senior political and bureaucrt partners in the scam. but before that CBI court announced its judgement by fining him Rs. 50,000/-.  Hasan Ali racehorse owner’ scandal of more than 35,000 crores is now hided under the earth. Bofors scam could not punish any corrupt. Have you heard Pt.Nehru ot Sonia Gandhi, any corrupt politician got sentenced of a single day. Then how can the judge wish be fulfilled who say that corrupt should be hanged on the pole in the public? 

Threat to family of the late WoolmerWoolmer’s widow Gill and two sons have had to delay their funeral plans after a coroner refused to allow his body to leave
Jamaica until a full inquest has been held.

Coroner Patrick Murphy has ordered that the  body of 58-year-old Woolmer must remain in
Jamaica until then.
Russell Woolmer, 24, and 27-year-old Dale have been comforting their mother at the family home in the

Cape Town suburb of Pinelands.

As they waited for news of the investigation, several developments added weight to theories suggesting the coach had been killed by a match-fixing hitman. 

I analyze the match fixing theory in details in my previous articles. 

Ther was also a news report that the family of the deceased has received threat warning from unknown source so security of the family has been tighten now. 

Role of Don and Mumbai bookies in the murder of WooolmerMeanwhile, detectives in
India were closing in on an illicit betting ring and several underworld figures suspected of trying to fix
Pakistan’s unexpected defeat by
Ireland last weekend. Woolmer had expressed “serious concerns” about
Bombay bookies weeks before his death. He was “distressed” when informed the game was a possible target for fixing.

Last night sources in
Bombay said detectives there were focusing on illicit betting rings and would pass the information to officers in the

Bombay bookie claimed
India’s most wanted gangster, Dawood Ibrahim, and his mob had attempted to fix the Pakistan-Ireland game.

Millions of pounds exchanged hands in
India and
Pakistan on the match which saw
Pakistan eliminated, it was said.

Today on March 25, in
Bangalore 15 bookies have been arrested with about 7 lakh cash, laptop and other materials. But police says these are the small fishes. 

Mushtaq’s cut, manager Talats fake’ name create doubtPolice interviewed the Pakistan captain, Inzamam-ul-Haq, assistant coach Mushtaq Ahmed and team manager Talat Ali at length before the team was cleared to board a flight for home via London. Talat and Inzamam were questioned over why they had separately switched hotel rooms – Talat on the night after the murder. 

Using the false name Newman, on the night after the murder he moved from the 12th floor to the hotel’s suites on the 17th floor. Inzamam had changed to the fifth floor before the murder. When Inzamam was asked about the move, he said he wanted to be with the players. Asked about his move, Talat said: “Because I was scared and everyone was scared.” 

Mushtaq was asked about cuts to his nose face and whether he had gone to hospital. Inzamam denied they were suspects, describing the questioning as necessary formalities.  

All cricketers had previously provided statements and DNA samples.All 26 members of the Pakistan World Cup squad have been given DNA tests as police try to match samples uncovered in Woolmer’s hotel room. It has emerged that only people with special permission could get on to the 12th floor of his hotel, the Jamaica Pegasus, in the capital

Pakistan betting mafia under the scanner In particular, three key bookmakers – Arshad Pappu, Chotta Shakeel, and Shoaib Khan – who are part of the larger syndicate that controls
Pakistan cricket.

All three of them, and many others in this team, operate from Sahiwal and
Rawalpindi in the
Punjab province. It is this syndicate that many say was involved in the high profile murder of another key bookie Hanif Cadbury.

Cadbury had deposed before the Qayyum Commission in 1999 and had testified giving money to leg spinner Mushtaq Ahmed, the current bowling coach of
Pakistan team. The syndicate hit back and threatened him. Cadbury flew to
Johannesburg, but the mafia chased him there and he was murdered in broad daylight.

Questions are also being raised on whether Woolmer’s murder was linked to the betting scandal that broke just months before the World Cup, i.e., Marlon Samuels and bookie Mukesh Kocchar nexus. 

No Extreadition treatyThere is no extradition treaty between Pakistan and Jamaica. Two Washington-based Pakistani diplomats arrived in Jamaica over the weekend to aid the police investigation and deal with the fallout. 

Mytery of crucial 15 hours around 7.30pm he walked through the bustling lobby, entered the lift and pushed the button for the 12th floor of the 17-storey, 300-room hotel in the heart of the city’s commercial district.It is not thought that Woolmer left his room – number 12-374 – for the rest of Saturday evening, apparently ordering dinner and a drink from room service about 9pm before turning in for the night. 

For at 3.12am local time, he pressed the “send” button on his laptop and sent an email to his wife, Gill. In it, he poured out his feelings of disappointment at the result of the Ireland match and dealt with some family matters, but there was nothing to shed any light on what would happen about seven hours later. 

Later, probably about 10am on Sunday morning, a man or men entered Woolmer’s room. There was no sign of a break-in, so police suspect there was a knock on the door and Woolmer let in the man or men, possibly because he knew him or them.Only the killer or killers know what happened next.  

Why Woolmer was naked when the maid found him? “There is no evidence of any sexual element to the murder, suggesting he may have been in the shower or about to take one. Nor was there any sign of forced entry to the room, so what kind of person – or persons – would a naked man, perhaps wrapped only in a towel, have let into his room a member of staff perhaps?

Investigators are questioning every Jamaica Pegasus employee with that in mind. Or someone posing as a member of staff? Or one or more people Woolmer knew well enough to invite into his bedroom early on a Sunday morning?”

The newspaper adds:”Detectives said they are exploring the possibility that the coach may have either let his killer into his room himself, or the killer had their own card or a master card.” Some have said Woolmer was about to blow the whistle on match-fixing and corruption in a book.On Friday, the media manager of the Pakistan team, P.J. Mir, said Woolmer had told him the only proof copy of the book he was writing had gone missing. But Woolmer’s family rejects suggestions his death was linked to match-fixing, as has his British friend Ivo Tennant, an author. “I can state that he had no intention of writing or publicising any such detail in either [his autobiography] or his book on coaching and sports science, which will be published in June,” Tennant wrote in The Times.Woolmer was South Africa’s coach in 1996, when the captain Hansie Cronje was paid off by bookmakers.There has also been a report that Woolmer filed a resignation letter to the Pakistan Cricket Board via email in the hours before he died. “I would like to praise my association with the Pakistan team but now I would like to announce my retirement after the World Cup to live the rest of my life in Cape Town,” he wrote.The email’s recipient, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Nasim Ashraf, said Woolmer had been greatly disappointed by his team’s loss. 

CCTV Could provide clues to Woolmer’s murdererDetectives will analyze the use of the key cards to track the movements of people on the floor and will also examine CCTV footage. 

A source has told the Sunday Express that two cameras covering the lift doors and the stairway leading on to the floor hold the answers to the investigation.

Murder squad officers hope to draw up a shortlist of everyone who was on the floor at the time of the murder using information from the swipe cards and the videotape.

That side of the investigation is going well, but detectives are disappointed they have not been given first-hand evidence from two officers stationed on the floor. There was growing confusion over whether the men were at their posts at the time of the murder.  

By Premendra Agrawal 

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Are Mass media and madness in cricket not killed Woolmer?

March 26, 2007

Tags: Mass Mdia Mass Hysteria Madness Cricket fan Woolmer World Cricket Cup tournament Electronic Media Bird flue Dengu Munnabhai Blog nishabd Big B Aajtak Star Zee TV BCCI Nehru Indo China War Mush UPA India; 

Mass media becomes mass hysteria; Elecronic shock by electronic media; Madness in Cricket as love gurus and Nishabds bird flues; neither healthy competiion nor accounable; Nexus of Dons and Bookies 

Protestors burned effigies of Indian team members and even defaced posters of the Indian cricket team. Similar protests were held in
Delhi‘s Najafgarh, where Virender Sehwag’s house is located. Fans also took out protest marches in Kolkata and
Indore. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s house in
Ranchi, which is under construction, had come under attack by angry fans last week after
India lost to
Bangladesh. a group of cricket fans gave vent to their anger by pelting stones at the restaurant of bowling spearhead Zaheer Khan in Pune on Saturday morning. No major damage was caused in the stone pelting to the restaurant. Needing a win against
Sri Lanka to ensure entry into the Super eight stage of the World Cup,
India failed dramatically. Mathematically, they still have a chance if
Bermuda beat
Bangladesh but don’t pin your hopes on that one. The dream is almost over. 

Just before Woolmer’s death, not only cricket websites but other wibsites also were full of the most despicable venom penned by irate fans mortified at India’s poor performance aginst the not only weak team but also newly entered in the World Cricket Cup ournament Bangladesh at the World Cup. And after the defewated by Srilankan team condition in
India is very panik. 

A cricket fan is dead by heart attack to hear the defeat of
India in the hands of SriLankan team.  

For years now, especially after the birth of electronic media competitive hype has increased to such an extent in the media that already scenes of soccer hooliganism by cricket fans has become commonplace, as has firebombing on homes and public threatening of national cricketer in India. I am not taling here of other countries.  

Electronic Shock by Electronic MediaAnd one wonders to just what extent the world’s mass media is inadvertently helping turn sporting passion and national pride into what can only be described as mass hysteria?

The entire way in which the carefully orchestrated and choreographed professional wrestling “business” is portrayed on television is based firmly on provocation and confrontation with fans being whipped up by commentators and participants to the most extraordinary and pretty darn frightening levels of vengeful hysteria. 

Mass Media bcomes Mass hysteriaMy eyes are regularly on the blogs titles and news hadlines and I find that whole country is in the attack of such high termperatrue of cricket which is greater disease than bird flue.Cricke is the front page news always in every newspaper now adays.  

There seems to be no doubt that the mass media is adding fuel to this fire of manic behavior among supporters. In many instances very selective morality is being employed by many a mass medium in taking player and administrator comments out of context in an effort to hype up confrontation and provoke responses that guarantee the sustainability of the story.

Other bird flues due to intercoursesAother intercourse bird flue was brought by ‘Munnabhai lage raho’ for Congress but this disease gripped many in the leadership of Manmohan, Sonia, Sheila Dixit and so many others. In our country there are so many types of Dengu mosquito which are developing breeds to intercourse with the media especially electronic media.  

‘Love guru’ and Nishabd are another type of dengu family. I saw these gurus Prof Matuknath Chaudhary with his lover Jullie and Big B for praising his role in ‘Nishabd’. One = one became two and now there number is increasing with more speed than dengu.  

Now there is no healthy competion What was once healthy competition is now turning in competitive paranoia.
After looking at hundreds of case studies, Alfie Cohn, the American author of No contest -The Case Against Competition which won the National Psychological Award for 1987, came to the very firm conclusion to say: “It is destructive not merely because we are doing it the wrong way – it is destructive by its very nature. I think the phase ‘healthy competition’ is a contradiction in terms and the ideal amount of competition [notice that he doesn’t say ‘conflict’] in any environment – the workplace, classroom, family, playing field – is none…”

Aajtak, Star and Zee TV are mostly reserved for the cricket. Oher channels are not behind. In fact in this matter, they compete one other. So many former cricket players are buisy to fan to cricket fans. Even former Pakistani Cricket captains are coming here to earn handsome money from the channels. Coach comes from abroad. Politicains griped BCI in
India. I don’t know what the health is, what the age is and what the knowledge of cricket with respectable Sharad Pawar is. I have seen many faces of Rajiv Shukla. His legs are in BCCI, Congress and journalism also. We see enemity in the cricket board election. Are they are devoted for cricket or money or for gaining political benefit?  

There is no question that both professional sport administrators and the mass media can expect growing social pressure to become accountable for their actions. For using provocation and hyping conflict in advertising events and for being mischievously selective when quoting players and administrators in efforts to make coverage more juicy, controversial and fgenerally give issues longer legs.

Somehow those who administer sport and those who keep the public informed are going to have to seriously start looking at ways of relieving the pressure among fans, otherwise the current trend of calling for coaches to be fired when they lose a game or two will turn into vicious vigilantism. 

Two examples of Madness beyond the cricketI read autography of Mahatma Gandhi in my school life. Gandhi was in night rest with his wife in his room when there was a call for him about the illness of his father. He overlooked that. Later he was with tears to see the death body of his father.  

In the democracy every citizen is the king or badshah. But they should not be Mir and Mirza: “The chess continues even as the British troops march into the city until they have a fight over the game. Mir, who has nearly shot Mirza and is ashamed of his behavior, says, ‘We cannot even cope with our wives, so how can we cope with the company’s army?’” 

We showed sportman spirit!Cricket fans should know what is going on in
India beyond the cricket. Nehru gave us slogan of “Hindi Chini bhai bhai” to embrace Chou en lye. In return
China attacked
India. And tragedy was that former defense minister of that time comrade Krishna Menor ordeere our brave army for not shooting a single bullet on the force of
China. Deciplined brave army was borne bullets of Chinese army on their chests in Indo China War. 

Tragedy was not ended. At that time communists were supported Chaina in many ways openly and doing themselves undeergroud. 

After that the sportsman spirit of us was not ended. We the great Indians gave the
West Bengal and Kerala to the communists to rule us. This was the example of the timr of our first Prime Minister. 

Now I want to give the latest examples of MM Sonialed UPA government. People of
Pakistan want to be free from the dictatorship of Musharraf. But Indain government took the shelter on the sinking boat of Musharraf to sink the interest of
India. Government is such that it sent a sketch of suspected and wanted Pakistani terrorist of blasting in Samjhauta Express. Our Secular did this to messae to Pakistani Govrnment that forget our demand of Dawood and others. Look our latest demand. I am fool so I am asking here “ Is this trend childish or of foolish nessor not?” Our secular government does not want to see beyond Gandhi Nehru dynasty. What is the latest sadakchhap dialogue of Rahul Gandhi? But by the way UPA follows the example of our ancient
India also. In the issues of Joint Mechanism with
Pakistan, Army reducing in J & K, death hanging order of Supreme Court, issue of SEZ and like other issues UPA follows Kalidas who was cutting such stick of tree on which he sat.  

When I saw protest against the players of Indian Cricket team then I think then why should this anger not be divert against the deeds of impotent Government? Why would had that anger not turned against the comrade Krishna Menon and Pt Nehru of that time?  


By Premendra Agrawal 

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Telgi: Scam King will walk free as Bookie Kings are free!

March 26, 2007

Tags: Telgi Fake Stamp Paper Scam Bob CBI Approver Cow dung Sonia !0 janpath Chargesheet Court Corrupt Pawar Bhujal Mumbai Police Judgment Videotape Hindu Organization Investigation  News analysis

Telgi was arrested in 1991. So he may walk free to make claim for retunrnig his prisoning of excess period. He gave loss 30,000 crore but is fined Rs 50,000! People tickle fingers on their heads 

Scam king Telgi sentenced to10 yearsAbdul Karim Telgi, the kingpin in the multi-crore fake stamp paper scam, was on Saturday sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined Rs 50,000.Telgi has been sentenced in Karnataka for the first time in the scam, which spread across 11 states and is reckoned to have cost the government a loss of at least Rs 30,000 crore.How did vomit of Bob affix on high space of wall, Racehorse owners  hawala money in Swiss bank, Telgis stamp money to politicians and Moninders money in CBI and other hands? More than 7 wonders are in the world. 

Bob Woolmer was a large man – it would have taken some force, so murder of Bob Woolmer could be job of two or more. Like that Fake Stamp Scam of Telgi was not the act of one person. Telgi is a little fish but crocodiles are the others including police, bureaucrats and politicians.  

Pakistan team spokesman Parvez Mir said that Woolmer had told him that proofs of a book he had been writing on corruption in cricket had been going missing. Further Bob had inited Osman Samiuddin, the
Pakistan editor of, to author a book on his experiences as the coach of the
Pakistan cricket team and had strongly hinted that the book would carry a section about match-fixing. So on going Book became the cause of Bob’s death. Details in my previous article titled “Worried Woolmer to Mir & Osman for his Book on bookies: Paki Indian Srilankan Angle”  

Telgi does not write a book on his politicians and other partners but he wants to show the node bodies of them by sahing and giving all facts about them. But he will do this only if he becomes an approver. 

Telgi vs Moninder Pandher CBI has given clean chit to Moninder Pandher to say that he is unknown about the flesh eating and serial killings in his Noidas Bungalow. After all victims families got justice: “MM Sonia ke 10 janpath men der hai par andher naheen (Though late but people get justice from 10 Janpath?). Details are in my previous article titled “Nithari killings: Pandher will walk soon as Quattrocchi flew” at: 

Reaching of cow-dung on wall may be 8th wonder for a philosopher but we know the truth. Bob Woolmer’s vomit is found won the high space of the walls of his hotel room. So detector has found clue of murder.  

This is the starting point my article for stepping towards Telgi and Hasan Ali. These two are the talk of today according to me.  

Why should Telgi not becom approver?Abdul Karim Telgi, the stamp paper scam kingpin, has expressed his wish to turn approver or confess in the past also but on March 1, written application was moved before the Court first time.  

The application was filed by his lawyer Nimbalkar in the special court today (March 1) and the court has accepted it, asking the CBI to give its response. Telgi is currently lodged in the Yerawada jail close to Pune.

Telgi: chargesheet not the whole story
According to his lawyer, Telgi says the reason for this sudden turnabout is that the chargesheet framed by the CBI and the Special Investigation Team (SIT) in the fake stamp paper case does not contain the entire truth.

“He feels that the entire truth should come before the nation, and therefore, wants to be made approver on the condition that he is pardoned,” said Nimbalkar. He also said that his client does not consider himself to be a ‘king pin’ or main conspirator in the case, but rather small fry, who is however privy to a lot of information.

If telgi can get chance to open his mouth as an approver then the corrupt snakey Pandora’s Box will open and corrupt political snakes will come out. This is why dawood ibrahim and so many others are living fearless in
Pakistan and Pawar Bhujbval woth so many others in
Ball in CBI’s court
The CBI in 2004 had offered Telgi the option of turning approver, however, Nimbalkar said that the reason for Telgi to file the application now is that he feels “this is the right time, as arguments and the framing of charges are going on” in the court. Moreover, he said that Telgi has been suffering from many ailments for a long time and was worried about how long he would live. The ball, Nimbalkar said, is now in CBI’s court. The next hearing in the case has been fixed for
April 4, 2007. 

CBI washed the ugly corrupt egged faces of other corruptsStory of Telgi case is parallel and opposite to the Moninder Pandher’s case handling by the CBI. In Noida-Nithari serial killing case Moninder Pandher could wash his bloody face by the soap of CBI’s chargesheept which is produced in the court. Here this is done for saving a culprit Moninder and for giving unjustice to the victims’ families of Nithari village.  

But in Telgi Stamp Scam case Telgi is punished quickly CBI overlooked Telgi’s written desire to be an approver. CBI wanted quick punishment for hiding the ugly faces of politician who have been neamed in this case (such as Pawar and Bhujbal) and the names of others which were disclosed if Telgi would be approver. So in hurry CBI special court is going to announce the punishment of Telgi. 

Fake Stamp ScamThis is the first case against Telgi in Karnataka, in which he has been convicted. There are 40 more case against him in
Bangalore alone.The other four convicted are Irfan, Badriddin, Vazir Ahmed and Pradeep Kumar, besides Telgi, who was produced before the court via videoconference from the Yerawad jail in Pune. 

Of the 40 cases relating to fake stamp paper scam being investigated by the CBI, this is the first case registered by police under Peenaya Police station limits against Telgi and his associates on charges of selling fake stamp papers worth about Rs 42 lakh to a private firm, Samilabs. 

Telgi is the fifth accused in this case. Telgi and the other accused had deposed before the court on Friday via videoconference. 

Advocate M T Nanaiah represented Telgi while advocate Anees Ali Khan had argued for Telgi’s associates. 

Abdul Karim Telgi, 1994 Scam: Telgi was arrested in 1991 by Mumbai police for fraud. Telgi acquired a stamp paper licence from the Government of India. He began printing fake stamp paper. A videotape emerged in September 2006 of Abdul Karim Telgi taking a narco-analysis test. Under the influence of the truth serum, Telgi supposedly blurted out the names of Nationalist Congress Party leaders Sharad Pawar and Chaggan Bhujbal. 

Important Events Corrupts StampsMarch 23, 2007CBI court convicts Telgi, 4 associates 

March 01, 2007 

February 11, 2007Cops accused of being Telgi agents get bail 

September 16, 2006Pawar denies links with Telgi 

September 11, 2006Fake stamp paper accused object to telecast of Telgi tape 

September 10, 2006I did not meet Pawar: Telgi 

September 07, 2006Telgi to give reaction to narco tapes broadcast soon
Telgi case: ‘Chargesheet filed after corroboratory evidence’

September 06, 2006Sharad Pawar refutes mention in Telgi tape 

March 25, 2006• Telgi, 3 others charged in murder case 

January 17, 2006• Stamp paper scam: Telgi gets 10 years 

December 13, 2005 

December 05, 2005• CBI says investigations in stamp paper scam are over 

November 02, 2005
UK: Hindu organisation opposes controversial stamp 

May 30, 2005• Postage stamp on Muslim cleric to be released 

April 21, 2005• Bill urges US posts to issue Diwali stamp 

April 04, 2005• Telgi: Special court frames charges 

March 17, 2005• Charges against Telgi on March 23 

February 16, 2005• Only one Telgi property sold 

November 04, 2004• Ex-Mumbai police chief gets interim bail 

October 31, 2004• Stamp paper scam kingpin in Kolkata: Telgi 

October 08, 2004• Fake stamp scam: CBI raids 5 cops 

September 30, 2004• Jailed Telgi aide dead 

August 30, 2004• HC grants bail to Wagal 

August 10, 2004• CBI chargesheets Telgi in stamp paper scam 

August 09, 2004• Stamp scam: SC gives CBI 3 months 

April 22, 2004• CBI to interrogate all stamp accused in jail 

April 13, 2004• SIT hands over stamp scam cases to CBI 

By Premendra Agrawal 

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Worried Woolmer to Mir & Osman for his Book on bookies: Paki Indian Srilankan Angle

March 24, 2007

Tags: News Bob Woolmer Pervez Mir Osman Samiuddin Bookies match fixing Indian Pakistan Srilankan World Cricket Cup DNA South Africa West Indies Jamaica Cronje NDTV ICC Sarfraz Nawaz E-mail PCB;  

Bob said to Mir for stolen of manuscript. He was silenced by a match-fixing mafia who feared Woolmer, was about to expose a bookies scam. Bob discussed about the book with Pak Cricket editor Osman.  

Pak team is detained for for DNA. It is claimed that several well-known bookmakers from
Pakistan had arrived in the
West Indies and attempted to contact players.

Woolmer’s half-naked body, which was partially wrapped in a towel, was discovered in the bath in his hotel suite on Sunday morning. A source close to the
Pakistan squad told the Daily Express that players were now living in fear that they could be on a hit list as they were questioned to piece together the final hours of Woolmer’s life. Police ordered hotel staff to provide extra security and many of the players are expected to go into hiding in
Britain when they are given permission to leave the island. Police from
Pakistan have also been called in to help with the investigation.

Who did steal Manuscripts of the book?
Pakistan team spokesman Parvez Mir said that Woolmer had told him that proofs of a book he had been writing on corruption in cricket had been going missing.  

He said: “Bob told me the proofs of the book had been misplaced and he was very disturbed. I don’t know what was in the book, but that was his only copy at the time.”  

The former player claimed bookmakers were manipulating results and that five members of the Pakistan World Cup party were involved. Reports from
Pakistan say five bookmakers flew to
Jamaica before the World Cup in a bid to fix
Pakistan‘s first game against the
West Indies, which they also lost.  

Mr Woolmer, who has two grown-up sons, was South African coach in 2000 when their captain Hansie Cronje rocked the world of cricket by admitted accepting bribes. A year earlier, three Pakistani players were banned over allegations of fixing matches. Cronje was killed in June 2002 in a plane crash. Some observers believe he was murdered to stop him giving more details of the match-fixing.I have given full details on this in my previous article.  

The book with a section about match-fixing Bob Woolmer, who died under mysterious circumstances in the hotel room in
Jamaica, had inited Osman Samiuddin, the
Pakistan editor of, to author a book on his experiences as the coach of the
Pakistan cricket team and had strongly hinted that the book would carry a section about match-fixing.  

Woolmer made the offer to Samiuddin, who had got to know him well professionally, in an email on September 18 last year. They had subsequently chatted about the book, which he had planned to write after the World Cup, and Woolmehad said that he had things to reveal about match-fixing. He did not, however, discuss any particulars though.  

Woolmer had already written, with Professor Tim Noakes, a sports scientist, a book on coaching that is to be published soon. Speculation over the possibility of Woolmer having been murdered by people who feared being exposed in this book – titled ‘Discovering Cricket: The Art and Science of the Game’ – led Noakes to deny that the book contained any reference to match-fixing. Noakes was perhaps unaware that Woolmer was planning to write another book.  

“He also regularly mentioned that there would be details about big-name Pakistani cricketers with whom he had had run-ins during his time here.” But Samiuddin said not a lot should be read into this because, as far as he was aware, Woolmer hadn’t yet started writing the book. “We didn’t discuss any details of what he was going to write. He just mentioned it in passing a couple of times which is why we shouldn’t put two and two together and make it 22.”  

Woolmer’s 600-page book on coaching, according to a statement released by his family, “pulls together all the years of experience Bob gained coaching around the world as well as his own unique cricketing philosophies”  

“Tragically, the final manuscript reached the
West Indies the day after Bob died,” the statement said. And the manuscript of the book was stolen from Bob’s room as mentioned in the starting of this article. 

Indian Pakistani and Srilankan angleA former Pakistani Test cricketer on Friday claimed that Jamaican Police had recovered contact numbers of some South Asian players, including some Indians, Pakistanis and Srilankans, from a person arrested in connection with the sensational murder of coach Bob Woolmer.

The player, who was named in the match-fixing scandal that rocked international cricket in the late ’90s, said on condition of anonymity that police had shortlisted six suspects in the Woolmer case.

“From what my informers have told me, they have arrested one man and he had telephone numbers of some players which are now being looked into,” he said. 

Woolmer had planned book on Pak experienceBob Woolmer, who died under mysterious circumstances in the hotel room in
Jamaica, had inited Osman Samiuddin, the
Pakistan editor of, to author a book on his experiences as the coach of the
Pakistan cricket team and had strongly hinted that the book would carry a section about match-fixing.  

Not a sound as Bob was murdered: Bob knew his killeerCricket coach Bob Woolmer was of a heavy body overpowered and strangled in his hotel room in total silence. So naturally the two or more are involved in executing the murder. Detectives believe Bob knew his killer or killers and may have let them in.  

Pakistan player in the adjoining room spoke for the first time today to NDTV to say he had not heard a sound on the night of the murder.  

World Cricket Cup should be stopped
Jamaica police last night confirmed the
Pakistan coach’s death “was due to asphyxia as a result of manual strangulation”. I am unable to understand why World Cricket Cup in the
West Indies still is going on. Why does ICC not stop it immediately?  

Why is ICC mum? ICC is nearly mum up till now on the mystery of Wolmer’s death. On March 20, I myself have written an article in detail under title “Was Bob Woolmer poisoned? Police confirmed ‘death threats from Pak fans’ synopsis as “Satta Poison runs behind Bob’s death which Jamaica Police treats as homicide. Deaths of Bob, Hansie Cronje, shooting of footballer Andres Escobar have left many conspiracy theories,”  

On March 21, I have written another article titled “Bob Woolmer was murdered: Why pressure of ICC on police?”  and in this article I have quoted the statement of former cricketer of Pakistan Sarfraz Nawaz in which he said that ICC was the sponsor of all match fixing evils and he is going to send a notice to ICC in this regard. 

I myself have no knowledge of the above. But I think that ICC itself becomes the subject of various imaginations to keep silence. Thouh it has sepecial cell for keeping eyes on the match fixing.  

Why does Wife of Bob or her son not reach in
Jamaica up till now?Cricet analyst Ashish Shukls asloe wondered on this. W’hy they are not much ssensitive on conspiracy theory. Perhaps ICC and the family members of Woolmer did mistake at this point.   

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Woolmer Had E-Mailed His Resignation to PCB on March 18Bob Woolmer had tendered his resignation on Sunday; hours after his team had lost to
Ireland and made a shock exit from the World Cup. Woolmer is known to have e-mailed his resignation to the Pakistan Cricket Board chief Dr Naseem Ashraf on the day of his death.However, Dr Ashraf, who himself has tendered his resignation following the team’s dismal showing in the World Cup, has informed that he received Woolmer’s mail only on Thursday 

By Premendra Agrawal