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Budget: Chanakya Vs UPA’s Economists

February 27, 2007

Today Quattrocchi flied from
Argentina ; New taxes; Chankya’s dreams; Why Globalize in every field; don’t ruin agro economy; Give unemployment; Kalam’s secularism Vs Leftists; Give security and safety; Stop brain drive to abroad

When the UPA Government was formed in 2004, it was said that the dream team ofeconomists comprising Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Finance Minister P Chidambaram and Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia will do wonders. But instead it has turned into a horror team because of its inability to curb price rise.

Quattrocchi flied to day from Argentina  to save Sonia
Government goes towards gandhiri goondagi. It forget Lalbahadur Shashtri’s slogan “Jay Jawan jai Kishan”. Its slogan is only to please madam Sonia. UPA has succeded to fly Quattrocchi from Argentina also to hide his arrest 17 days.

UPA Government was and is mismanaging the country’s economy, leading to farmers committing suicides. Consumers were and are facing severe difficulty for higher prices of essential commodities.

The latest attempt by the Prime Minister to pass the responsibility of controlling prices on states is not merely an admission of failure, but an abdication of duty

Invention of new taxes

Our Finance Minister’s greatness is to invent the new taxes and make difficult the process to harsh the business community and to encourage bureaucrats for corruption giving share to leaders and ministers. 

• Internal trade was more important to Chanakya than external trade. At each point of the entry of goods, a minimal amount of tax should be collected. The state should collect taxes at a bare minimum level, so that there is no chance of tax evasion.

Taxation should not be painful for the people. There should be leniency and caution while deciding the tax structure. Ideally, governments should collect taxes like a honeybee, which sucks just the right amount of honey from the flower so that both can survive. Taxes should be collected in small and not in large proportions “- Chanakya

By writing “Arthashastra” and “Nitishastra”, Chanakya has become a
never ending phenomenon. He has truly guided the generations with his
wisdom . It would ideally suit the closing of the life of Chanakya with a
couple of quotations by Chanakya

Words of Chanakya were written 2300 years ago by Chanakya, the expert
statesman and wise sage. And Chanakya is also another name for
courage and perseverance.

Give benefits to more than 80% along with other remaining

It’s a fact today that our country depends mainly on the agriculture. More than 80% population is living in the villages. So, besides industrialization our country developed in the past village industries and agriculture also.

Chanakya quoted “The happiness of the commoners is the happiness of the king. Their welfare is his welfare. A king should never think of his personal interest or welfare, but should try to find his joy in the joy of his subjects.” Our country is producing millionaires to make poor millions people. Congress instead of finishing poverty of poor is making rich the congress and leaders of its allies including Lefts.

“The happiness of the commoners is the happiness of the king. Their
welfare is his welfare. A king should never think of his personal interest
or welfare, but should try to find his joy in the joy of his subjects.” – Chanakya

* “Give up a member to save a family, a family to save a village, a village to save a country.” – Chanakya

Why Globalization in every field

But now we are blindly want to be globalizing more than our necessity. We have made hidden Super PM post which is globalize. Rajiv Gandhi made marriage also globalize. His son Rahul is going to follow him. Even we want to globalize our Indian culture also. These are bad or good I don’t comment here in this article.

Don’t ruin agro economy

We are going to ruin our agro based economy. Industrialization is good but not to ruin the good harvesting land. Singur is the example of that. Tata did not accept the suggested other waste land because to fill that land might be expansive. Government adopts policies through foreign funded NGOs and Narabda Bachao Andolan on electoral basis to oppose the state governments run by its opponents.

We were being called as exporters of agricultural commodity. But now we are exporting even wheat from Australia through such a company which was involved in Oil for Food scandal.

• According to Chanakya, the efficient management of land is essential for the development of resources. It is essential that the state keeps an eye on the occupation of excess land by the landlords and unauthorized use of land. Ideally the state should monitor the most important and vital resource – Land.

• The state should take care of agriculture at all times. Government machinery should be directed towards the implementation of projects aimed at supporting and nurturing the various process; beginning from sowing of seeds to harvest.

*  “The secret task of a king is to strive for the welfare of his people incessantly. The administration of the kingdom is his religious duty. His greatest gift would be to treat all as equals.” – Chanakya

UPA increases Unemployment

“Wise men should never go into a country where there are no means of earning one’s livelihood, where the people have no dread of anybody, have no sense of shame, no intelligence, or a charitable disposition.”

Why is brain drive still continue towards abroad.

Example of Feb 27, 2007 of Banglaore is before us: Four unemployed youths caused a flutter Sunday by attempting to commit suicide at a state function in Karnataka’s Gulbarga district where President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was the chief guest

Kalam’s address kicks off row over secularism

President Kalam’s address to Parliament on Friday stirred up a row with the Left parties asking the Central government to take cognizance of the Hindi translation of the word secularism used in the address, saying ‘dharmanirpeshkta’ (secularism) had been wrongly termed as ‘panthnirpeksh’ (only Hindu religion).
Communists are atheists.

Hinduism is not a religion but “dharma” which means a way of life based on universal values of humanism as discussed by the Supreme Court.. Within Hinduism there are various “panths” or religions. “Dharma” has been incorrectly interpreted as “religion” and consequently “dharma-nirpeksh” construed as “secularism”, leading to the present confusion in concepts. The official translation of religion is “panth” and of secularism is “panth-nirpeksh”. The true interpretation of “Dharma” signifying the above stated attributes can only be “universal values of humanism”.

* The man who is without religion and mercy should be rejected. (Chanakya)

He is also quoted “Dharm is the key of pleasure,”

If now days there are misunderstanding on ‘Dharm’ which is different to the western definition of religion, then it is neither the fault of ‘Dharm’ nor of ‘Chanakya’. The thoughts, characters and deeds of such personalities’ especially fake secularists who are mainly responsible for the ‘Dharm’ are creating problems instead of solving them.

• Chanakya envisioned a society where the people are not running behind material pleasures. Control over the sense organs is essential for success in any endeavor. Spiritual development is essential for the internal strength and character of the individual. Material pleasures and achievements are always secondary to the spiritual development of the society and country at large.

Neither country not the people secure

We are on the mountain of explosive due to the policies of UPA. Terrorists and Naxalites Maoists are brothers and children of our Home Minister. Move to save Afzal initiated by Congress, its allies and Leftists.

His voice rang out loud and clear and still reverberates:
 “Security of the citizens at peace time is very important because state is the only savior of the men and women who get affected only because of the negligence of the state. Antisocial elements should be kept under check along with the spies who may enter the country at any time. “ – Chanakya

Chanakya’s dreams

Chanakya envisioned India as a nation which would place itself as the forerunner – politically, economically and socially. His magnum opus, “Arthashatra”, depicts in many ways the India of His dreams. When he wrote this volume of epic proportion, the country was ridden in feudalism and closed and self-sufficient economy. The economy based on indigenous ways of production; was in a transitional phase, moving towards the advanced aspects of distribution and production. Culture and regional politics directed the way in which trade was done.

He was ordained to wipe out tyranny and evil. He addressed the rulers in simple but meaningful words, asking them indirectly to give up their style of government when he said,
Charity puts and end to poverty; righteous conduct to misery; discretion to ignorance; and scrutiny to fear.”

* The Nandas were too vain to heed the voice of reason. Chanakya advocated moderation in life and material pleasures and enjoined people to adherence to the path of righteousness. He himself exemplified such a life, refusing riches even after creating the Mauryan dynasty.

* He wanted wise and pious people to rule the kingdom and not cruel tyrants like the Nandas. He wrote his book, providing guidelines on a king’s conduct, protecting the kingdom from enemies, and ensuring law and order through just and pious rule. This was the reason of conflict between him and the Nandas. Like all tyrannical rulers they could not bear the idea of a learned man. who seemed frail and helpless, teaching them. Like all the Nimrods and Pharaohs of the times they felt that rulers were divinely ordained and that they were a class of deities themselves

By Premendra Agrawal


Bar Dancers Booking for coming UP Election

February 26, 2007

Bar Girls dance parties’ booking for coming UP election starts; Ujbek dancer most wanted; Dance at Congress and SP rallies; Romeo and Juliet; Rajniti Ki Pavitra Ganga; Degradation of political ethics

Amroha is in Rohelkhand of Uttar Pradesh. Harish Rawat is an independent MP of Amroha. Cricket player Chetan Chauhan was also MP of BJP fo this Lok Sabha Constituency before this. Harish Nagpal’s brother Devendra Nagpal is also MLA from one constituency of it. His wife Anjula Nagpal has contested mayoral election of
Ghaziabad on Samajwadi Party’s ticket as a wealthiest candidate to declare her wealth cash, jewellery and bank balance totalling Rs 97 lakh besides property worth crores. Harish Rawat is a Founder of Ram Dass Nagpal Trust for public service; playing an important role in the establishment of social and educational institutions, health care and rural education facilities; upliftment of the farmers and ensuring their security.

Biodata of Harish Nagpal

Father’s Name                Late Shri Ramdas Nagpal

Mother’s Name               Smt. Shanti Devi

Date of Birth                  3 August 1964

Place of Birth                 Gajrolla, Distt. J.P. Nagar (Uttar Pradesh)

Marital Status                Married

Date of Marriage             1 July 1993

Spouse’s Name               Smt. Anjula Nagpal

No. of Daughters            2

Educational Qualifications     Matric
Educated at Gajrolla (Uttar Pradesh)

Profession                     Businessman


Permanent Address                 Shivpuri, Gajrolla,
J.P. Nagar (Uttar Pradesh)

Present Address                     5,

Canning Lane,
New Delhi

– 110 001
Tels. (011) 25220303, 23782855,
98117800009(M), 9868180514(M)

Positions Held                       

2004                                    Elected to 14th Lok Sabha

                                          Member, Committee on Food, Consumer Affairs & Public Distribution

Harish nagpal organized a colorfull Bar disco party on the occasion of the naming ceremony of his newly born son. One lakh people entertained themselves with the bar girls dance and eat sweets in the party given by their lok Sabha Sansad. A beautiful moving dancing girl ‘Sujein’ of Ujbekistan won the hearts of the geathering. Above one crore rupees are expansed in the sexy function to entertain the people of his constituency. Bar girls are brought from Mumbai.

Weapons have been shown openly in that political colourful party. People zoomed to see the bar girls’ dace. Netaji said there is no entertain medium for the entertainment of the people of his constituency. People want entertainment and so organizing dance party is the necessity instead of crime. These parties are common now days in UP. Though, open money game are played in these. In election days these are more popular than cricket in UP.

Dance at Congress and SP rallies in the past

Voters of Rae Bareli Lok Sabha constituency seemed to be in for new entertainment every day. If it was a dance performance by local girls at a Congress election meeting, next day voters were entertained by local female singers at a Samajwadi Party rally. The dance show had caused a flutter in the high profile constituency, where Congress chief Sonia Gandhi was in fray in Lok Sabha by poll, and party MP Rahul Gandhi was held a “junior fellow” responsible for it.

On 28 April, 2006 in the midst of electioneering Sonia Gandhi’s Lok Sabha constituency, 1000 bar dancers met Rahul and demanded opening of dance bars in Rae Bareli or some other job for them. These were only few, living in the area.

Romeo and Juliet

The story of young Romeo and Juliet has been fodder for some of the most beautiful ballet works in existence in
Italy. So why not is their place in the constituencies of Italian origin Sonia and
Italy born Rahul’?

Bush girls Barbara and Jenna

Bush girls Barbara and Jenna the twins were spotted at the “We Want Your Vote” dance music event at
Chicago’s Sound-Bar, staying from just before midnight, when Bush was contesting for re-election, according to People magazine. The tour was named after a Freeland song called “We Want Your Soul.”

Dancers has met Sonia Gandhi

On 22 April , 2005 A group of bar girls from Mumbai met Congress president Sonia Gandhi, urging her to get the ban on dance bars lifted. The Maharashtra Government had refused to go back on its decision to close dance bars in the state but was open to rehabilitating dance girls.

Stepping further to wards bar dancers

As reported in Sept 29, 2005, for Rahul Gandhi, women’s empowerment was the key to development. The young MP was planing to start a self-help group movement among the women of his constituency in the next couple of years.

Rahul doid not want to stop. Using dncers in election campaign is his second step. The girls are no great dancers but they are doing legitimate work. In fact, these dances do not have half the vulgarity of dances like kanta laga that families see on television.” Media person Jatin Gandhi adds, “The bars have bouncers and one cannot touch these girls. Depriving them of this livelihood would force them to sell their bodies for a pittance.” Does Indian voters allow to see bellow the belt in public meetings?

Rajniti Ki Pavitra

A livelier solution seemed to have been found in the past bye eletion when folk artist Baleshwar, composer of many Sonia ditties, and his troupe took to the stage to keep the crowds regaled. Baleshwar has cut a disc – Sonia Gandhi, Rajniti Ki Pavitra Ganga. Because of these Baleshwars, Raj kapoor’s made film: Ram Teri Ganga Maili. In 1986, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi inaugurated the government’s first environmental program, the Ganga Action Plan.

Is Dance a Cultural Event?

Chief Congress spokesperson Akhilesh Pratap Singh dubbed the performance as a “cultural event” and explained that party workers in their enthusiasm did a number of things for their leader. “Some take out rallies, some print posters. This is just an extension of that feeling. Workers are free to express themselves. This is not a crass show and should not be interpreted in the wrong way,” Mr Singh said.
At Maharajganj of Rebareli on May 5, 2005, “I have not come just to ask for your votes. This is an election that will decide certain basic issues and the direction the country’s politics will take,” Ms Gandhi said. Before this the stage was taken over by brightly dressed bar dance girls who gyrated for well over three hours to Hindi film and Punjabi pop numbers. Ms Gandhi had arrived after 3 pm for a meeting scheduled for 12.30 pm

Degradation of political ethics

Bar dancers have the capacity to pull and keep intact the crowd before the arrival of a leader, with their whirlwind dances, to the tunes of some of the hit movie songs. Mohini, one of these dancers, said that it was thrilling for them to dance on the tages, where great leaders addressed the gathering.

“We charge huge money a election program, which has a duration of three hours. We bear make-up kits, costumes and sound system. After meeting all these expenses we share among us. Since people were not much interested to listen to the speeches of politicians, the parties had to entertain them by hiring dancers.” Sonia and Rahul Gandhi can speech in the roads but their speeches are not suitable for big gatherings. So bar dancers will come like a boon for Congress in coming assembly election of Uttar Pradesh also. 

Is this a clear indication of the degradation of political ethics in

We shall see another type of dance in coming election
A friend of mine went to vote..He was committed for the construction of

Temple on birth place of Ram and he wanted to vote for the BJP. He was a funny guy he always made jokes. This was how he told me about his experience which would be followed in coming election of UP also:

“I went to vote at about 3.30 pm. A guy juicing a mango and a few polling agents (women and men) were dancing on the other side to some loud local dance music…they told me voting is over…My friend told them ‘Look it is 3.30…voting is until 5..’…they told him ‘oh don’t worry. Some one is voted for you and “..
My friend gets angry and shouted “Voted for me?! Who told him to vote for me?? They told him “Our party’s cadre voted for you..we will win..come and dance with us” friend  told them I didn’t want to vote for the party to whom voted some one..I wanted to vote for what I believed in……they gave him a mango and told him not to tell anyone !!!

This generally happens time to time many places in India especially in UP and

By Premendra Agrawal

Poem: Colorfull Disco Party of Netaji for lakhs people

February 26, 2007

Amroha is in Rohelkhand of Uttar Pradesh. Harish Nagpal is an independent MP of Amroha. His brother Devendra Nagpal is also MLA from one constituency of it. His wife Anjula Nagpal has contested mayoral election of
Ghaziabad on Samajwadi Party’s ticket as a wealthiest candidate to declare her wealth cash, jewellery and bank balance totalling Rs 97 lakh besides property worth crores.
Harish Nagpal is a Founder of Ram Dass Nagpal Trust for public service; playing an important role in the establishment of social and educational institutions, health care and rural education facilities; upliftment of the farmers and ensuring their security.

Harish nagpal organized a colorfull disco party on the occasion of the naming ceremony of his newly born son. One lakh people entertained themselves with the bar girls dance and eat sweets in the party given by their lok Sabha Sansad. A beautiful moving dancing girl ‘Sujein’ of Ujbekistan won the hearts of the geathering. Above one crore rupees are expansed in the sexy function to entertain the people of his constituency. Bar girls are brought from Mumbai.

Weapons have been shown openly in that political colourful party. People zoomed to see the bar girls’ dace. Netaji said there is no entertain medium for the entertainment of the people of his constituency. People want entertainment and so organizing dance party is the necessity instead of crime. These parties are common now days in UP. Though, open money game are played in these. In election days these are more popular than cricket in UP. Tags: Mumbai Bar Girl Disco Netaji MP Amroha uttar Pradesh Harish Nagpal MLA Samajwadi party Lok Sabha Leader Dancer Sexy Election Voting kiss Robot Music poem Public Weapon Political entertain UP Cricket;

This poem is written on that romantic political event.

Look Bar disco Dancer

Leader brought dancer


Dance sexy her dance
It’s time for romance
chance chance chance

Every election chance



You catch her breadths

In palm of your hands

Joyous beats are your

She is for you treasure



Questioning one foot

Answering other foot

Yes leader is not fool

We all are totally fool



She slowly pulls clothes

Ninety percent clothes

We all pull our shirt off

Are we all not mad half?



Every five year election

Voting dance in election

Confidence vote on floor

A fine way for defection



Wonderful thing election

Bar girl dance in elcetion

Get huge sum in election

Be minister do defection



See see both sex dancer

Lips meet touches finger

Hear sweet music singer

Count currency by finger



When dancer start dance

Heart beating seet dance

‘Dance with me’ she calls

Kiss, give kiss and dance



Dance dance disco baby

Move & move body baby

Move to the rhythm baby

Dance all night disco baby



Bar girl is dancing robot

Auto & systemetic robot

Channel tuned to feeling

Dance romantic dancing



Attractive & inspiring girl

She much sexy disco girl

Builted space age design

Move groove music fine


By Premendra Agrawal

Love affairs of celebrities: End and Beginning

February 26, 2007

Remember Love affairs of Devyani Rana with Dipendra & see now she tied knot with HRD Minister Arjun Singh’s grand son. Remember love affairs of Aishwarya with Salman & see now engagement with Abhishek

It is coincidence here that Devyani Rana And Aishwarya both are of above 30 years. Second notable is that Devyani married with Aishwarya a businessman belongs to Royal Family of MP grandson of Arjun Singh. But opposite to this actress Aishwarya’s is going to marry with Abhishek. Aiswarya is elder than Abhishek as Sachin Tendulkar’s wife is elder than Sachin. The duo received blessings from relatives and held informal talks with their friends after they exchanged rings in the engagement ceremony as did Abhishek and Aishwarya.

Royal family of
Nepal went down in a hail of bullets

On June 1, 2001 the d runken Crown Prince Dipendra killed his parents King Birendra, the queen and seven other royals before killing himself at a family dinner. The king’s son Prince Dipendra, was mad at his mother because she didn’t approve of the young girl Devyani he wanted to marry. Dipendra met her in 1989, and was said to have been immediately “smitten”.

Ms Devyani Rana was not there at the time, but relatives say she was fortunate to have escaped with her life as she was a regular visitor to the palace.

“Devyani was no less a victim than the people who were actually killed. She was lucky to escape alive, but the psychological toll it took on her was very deep,” her uncle told the BBC in 2002. Devyani fled
Nepal immediately after the massacre and now works for the United Nations Development Program.
She maintains a residence in New Delhi as well as
Passage of time has healed some of the wounds and Devyani is starting a new life for herself by just held marriage.

I read in the past that MandalII Arjun’s cousin of UP later wanted to marry that girl. Now grandson of Arjun Singh has married with the eventful girl. What Rahul baba will do who knows? Should Royal celebrities of UPA be ideal for the kings and Rajkumars of democracy?

Devyani ties knot with Arjun Singh’s grandson

The woman who found herself at the centre of Nepal’s royal massacre in 2001 has wed in
India in a ceremony attended by thousands of guests. Devyani Rana married businessman Aishwarya Singh, the grandson of Indian Human Resources Minister Arjun Singh.

The 34-year-old Devyani, who belongs to the elite Rana family of Nepal and the Scindia clan of Gwalior, got married to Aishwarya, a businessman in his mid-twenties, at a low-key affair at the Scindia Villa in
South Delhi tonight Feb 24.

Arjun Singh hosted redeption for grandson’s marriage

The guest list comprised a number of top political leaders, includingPM Manmohan Singh, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Karn Singh, former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, senior BJP leader L.K. Advani, ex-Foreign Minister Natwar Singh and his son Jagat and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

Members of the royal Scindia family, including Devyani’s aunts, Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and Madhya Pradesh Tourism Minister Yashodhara Raje as well as her cousin and Congress MP Jyotiraditya Scindia attended the wedding. Devyani’s mother is Usha Raje, hailing from
India’s Scindia family and the younger sister of Vasundhara Raje.

Swaymvar of
Nepal ki chhori re

People said all kinds of things about the almost mythical-like relationship of Dipendra and Devyani. She must be damn beautiful, people used to say, otherwise why would a MAN like Dependra go after her to that extent. Who is this Devyani, people used to ask.
Nepal ki chhori re, some used to answer. While all these questions and answers were exchanged, Devyani never appeared in front of the Nepali public to present her side of the story. She vanished. Many thought poor girl, she became the victim of the “love web” of big folks in
Kathmandu. Dependra Shah is a history now though he left many questions unanswered. Even the old Devyani is a history now. She will be Mrs. Divyani from today in a lavish swayamvar ceremony in the Indian capital.

“I am happy with the marriage” – Devyani

Asked if she wanted to comment on her future, Devyani said, “I have a job at the United Nations. I will continue with the job. Appearing frail, Devyani showed no sign of the pomp and arrogance generally associated with aristocracy and Royalty, contrary to her upbringing in an elite Rana family of Nepal as well as the royal family of
Gwalior. Family members had arranged the marriage after Devyani, the youngest daughter of Rastriya Prajantra Party chairman Pashupati SJB Rana and Ashwarya made their marital preferences clear.

Aish and Salman

Jul. 14, 2005: According to media reports, Salman abused Ash and threatened to take care of her with underworld mafia Dawood Ibrahim to Guru Satam.

Bollywood actors Aishwarya R Salman threatened Ash into submission of performing in
Salem. When she refused Salman went crazy as Ash was traveling to US. He said threatening her that he had “people” who would watch her in

Finally, Salman wanted to have Ash and her family knocked off. “You know I can do it. After all, everybody from Dawood Ibrahim to Guru Satam is a friend,” says Salman.

Engagement of Aish with Abhishek

Jan 15, 2007: Aish and Abhishek Bachchan got engaged at a quiet ceremony here on Sunday, setting the stage for the marriage of the film industry’s most talked-about couple. The engagement between Abhishek, who turns 31 on February 5, and 33-year-old Aishwarya, was held at the Bachchans’ residence in Juhu, the actress’ secretary, Hari Singh, said. No date has been set for the wedding.

The event, attended by family members and close friends of the Bachchan and Rai families, took place between 8.30 p.m. and 9 p.m., hours after Aishwarya and Abhishek returned here from New York from the promo of their just-released film Guru directed by Mani Ratnam.

Sources said Abhishek put a ring on Aishwarya’s finger to mark the engagement. Among those present were Amitabh Bachchan, his wife Jaya, their close friend and Samajwadi Party general secretary Amar Singh, Aishwarya’s parents, industrialist Anil Ambani and his actress-wife Tina. The engagement came about one and half months after Abhishek and Aishwarya, accompanied by Amitabh and Jaya, offered prayers at the
Varanasi temples

By Premendra Agrawal

Quattrochhi is gift of Sonia to India

February 26, 2007

Govt advocate hided Q’s detention to SC and voters of Pb, U’khand & Manipur; Right of Information Act? CBI goes to
Argentina will be futile as past. Rajiv gifted Sonia & Q. BSP BJP MLAs resignation

* Late Rajiv Gandhi gifted India Sonia Gandhi a videshi bahu along with her friend Quattrochhi. He is perhaps the husband of the cousin sister of Sonia Gandhi.

* The CBI is sending a team of its officials to
Argentina to pursue the extradition of Bofors case accused Ottavio Quattrocchi. Please note that the same CBI’s team was in
Switzerland to pursue Bofors case but the team came back to keep its legs on heads after hearing the news of forming UPA government. The same CBI and Government solicitor to pursue the instruction of Sonia Gandhi and law Minister Bhardwaj gave green signal to the London Bank because of that freeze  

a/c was defreeze to facilitate Mr. Q for drawing Rs. 21 crores.

* To day on Feb 24 has one more petition been moved in the Supreme Court asking a direction to government for immediate extradition of Quattrocchi.

* After the detention of Quattrocchi on Feb 6, Interpol has sent three letters by CBI was mum up to Feb 22. On whose instruction was CBI silent? Why does such delay?

* Why did Government hide the detention of Mr. Q to deceive Supreme Court and Pb, U’Khand and Manipur? PIL hearing was on Feb 12 in the Supreme Court. But intentionally Government said in the Supreme Court that there is no further event happened in the Bofors case. It is the contempt of SC. They also hided the facts to the public, so voters of
Punjab, Uttarakhand and Manipur, could exercise their votes without knowing the truth. Is not murder of democracy?

* 67 BSP 5 BJP 4 SP and 2 independent total 78 MLAs has given their resignation to Mayavati. BJP is meeting to accept its MLAs resignation if needed. This move is the repetition of the same steps taken by Samajwadi Party in 2001 and entire opposition of the Parliament in 1986. Government of Mulayam in UP had completed its five years tenure on Feb 25. So after 25 Feb Mulayam has no right to run the government.

* Mayavati has said to day that CPI (M) has one MLA in UP. So it is not serious for the good or bad of the people of UP. Further CPI (M) has always play double roll as Congress. CPI (M) supported the President rule in
Bihar. But the same CPI (M) is now opposing the President rule in UP.

* Second important truth came out today in the discussion on “UP ki Siyashat aur Congress ki Niyat” between various viewers and politicians in NDTV. When Rajiv Shukla of Congress asked to the Siddiqui spokesperson of SP was imposing President Rule in BJP ruled three states including UP just or unjust then Sahir Siddiqui replied yes that was just. Then why now is President Rule in UP unjust?

Right of Information Act and Quattrocchi of Sonia Gandhi

The UPA Government’s Common Minimum Programme (CMP) made ‘a solemn pledge to the people of our country to provide a government that is corruption – free, transparent and accountable at all times, to provide an administration that is responsible at all times and to make the Right to Information Act “more progressive, participatory and meaningful”. The UPA also set up the National Advisory Council (NAC) to monitor the CMP. This issue was taken up in the NAC’s first two meetings and amendments to the Act, based primarily on the Karnataka and Maharashtra Acts, was sent to the Prime Minister by the Chairperson, Smt. Sonia Gandhi stating “The main object of the proposed amendments is to ensure maximum disclosure and minimum exemptions consistent with constitutional provisions; independent appeal mechanisms; penalties for failure to provide information as per the law; effective mechanisms for access to information, and disclosure by authorities.

UPA did hide Quattrocchi arrest: Jaya

As reported by CNN-IBN AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa accused the Centre for keeping Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi’s arrest a secret from the public. She said on Saturday that immediate steps should be taken to extradite the Bofors case accused to

“The government of
Argentina had arrested him 18 days ago. But the Congress-led UPA government had not informed the general public about this,” she said in a statement.

After the sensational information of Quattrocchi’s arrest that took place in Argentina earlier this month, was telecast by television channels across
India, the CBI was left with no other alternative except to admit the arrest by means of a very belated statement last night, she claimed.

“Right from the beginning when Bofors scandal came to limelight, Congress-led governments at the Centre were keen on helping Quattrocchi escape from the law,” she said. Jayalalithaa said that in
Argentina, a person wanted by another nation could be kept in custody only for 30 days.

“Knowingly, deliberately, time is being lost. After the arrest on February 6, now about 10 days are left for bringing Quattrocchi to India,” she said, adding neither the Centre nor the CBI has “lifted a finger or moved an inch” to make a formal extradition request to Argentina.

“If the government allows Quattrocchi to go free by letting time run out, the Congress party will soon discover that the time will be running out for it too,” she said.

Prime Minister, Home Minister, External Affairs Minister and Law Minister are responsible to the nation with regard to Quattrocchi’s extradition and they should “act without fear or favour” in this issue, she said.

Get Quattrocchi in
India: Appeal in SC

An application was moved before the Supreme Court on Saturday seeking a direction to Government to take immediate steps for extradition of Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi from
Argentina where he has been detained.

The application which was filed by advocate Ajay Agarwal, has sought direction to the CBI to submit status report on the steps taken for Bofors accused, Quattrocchi’s extradition.

By Premendra Agrawal

Quattrocchi ke saath, Congress kaa haath

February 26, 2007

Quattrocchi detained on Feb 6. The facts came in public domain on Feb 23. CBI took 17 days from its office to PMO. Government has to complete all formalties before March 5. Why is intentionally delay?PM Manmohan Singh and Sonia GAndhi have knowledge of the detention since Feb 6. PM had meeting with Foreign Minister Pranb Mukherjee and Home Minister Shivraj patil on Feb 13.

Former chief of CBI Joginder Singh said on Feb 23 that now it is the job of Government how and when Quattrocchi can be brought in
India. CBI has now limited roll. CBI can’t take a single step without the permission of Government. He also said that Quattrocchi’s detention in the
Argentina show that Bofors investigation may be slow but it can’t be derailed.

Bofors case was come in the light on March 1986 in the premiership of V P Singh. Because of that Congress government of Rajiv Gandhi lost was changed.

CBI has to produce documentary evidence pertaining to the Quattrocchi before the

Delhi Court

where the first FIR had been filed by the CBI in the year 1999.

CBI is also answerable to Supreme Court.

Rs 250 crore spent in chasing the Rs 64 crore

Above fact is related to Bofors scandal in which no one comes out unblemished. Result is following:

* Former minister of state Margaret Alva helped Quottrochhi to fly from
India 29-30, 2003, by keeping File of CBI till August 16.

* As reported in July 17, 2003: Mr Quattrocchi was facing an extradition trial in
Malaysia. However, after the CBI’s appeal was quashed by the lower court and the high court in
Kuala Lumpur, the Italian businessman left that country saying that he would be back after finishing his work. 

* CBI officers who were in
Switzerland heard the victory of Congress in 2004.  They cameback keeping legs on their heads. Bofors documents have been thrown in the dust bin because Mr.Q beloved of Gandhi Family said:”
‘I believe it would be in interest of justice and
India’s reputation if this case against me is brought to an end.’

* As reported on Jan 16, 2006: A three-judge Bench headed by Chief Justice Y K Sabharwal directed that the government should take steps to maintain the status quo and ensure that the frozen accounts are not unlocked.

The court added that if they had been unlocked, the government should ensure that no money is withdrawn from the account.

‘It is in the interest of the nation,’ the court said.

But on the direction of Law minister as requested by B Datta, additional solicitor general of India, the high court in
ordered to defreeze Quattrocchi’s two British bank accounts. And thus he drew Rs 21 crore from the bank with the help of UPA Government. Why two London bank accounts of the Italian businessman, key accused in the Bofors pay-offs case, were defrozen at CBI’s behest.

London, Switzerland &
Italy focal point for Gandhis


Sonia Gandhi studied in
London. Her one sister is residing in
London. Rahul was also at London before coming in politicsc
, brother of Congress MLA from
Punjab, is a London-based businessman. He is Managing Director of DSSI Group. They are relatives of Natwar Singh and involved in Food for Oil scandal. News report dated April 18, 2006: ED sources said they were seeking legal opinion on the action against Aditya Khanna, who had flied to the
UK, despite a Letter of Cancellation issued against his passport.

Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi is a good friend of Gandhi family.Quattrocchi received bofors kickbacks through Myles Stott of AES based in

“The statement of Myles T Stott that the amount Bofors had paid AE Services was related to the agreement of sale of guns to
India; (b) and the trail of subsequent transfers of the money to companies owned by Quattrocchi-from AE Services to Colbar Investments to Wetelsen Overseas. At page 7 of its judgment, the

Swiss Court

then noted.

Mr. Stott had link with AWB ltd. He was then head of international sales and marketing for this company. This is Australian Wheat Export Monopoly Company having also office in Delhi
India. Present Indian Govt. imported wheat through this company. Why? Volcker named this company in Oil for Food Scam. AWB ltd was the biggest exporter of Humanitarian goods to
Iraq. Volcker also named ‘Natwar’ ‘Bhimsen’ and ‘congress.

As reported by Craig Rowley on January 24, 2006: Mr. Stott negotiated the physical payment of A$200 million of gold owned by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to the Australian government against future deliveries of wheat.

More details:

It’s been a case that has shadowed every government at the Centre in the last 20 years. Now, the Bofors ghost, which reared its ugly head last year has again returned to haunt the Manmohan Singh Government.

The agency said it is coordinating with the external affairs ministry to ensure that Quattrocchi is not released by the authorities there and is eventually extradited to
India to stand trial in the Bofors payoff case.

Quattrocchi is an Italian businessman accused of involvement in the Rs 6.4 million Bofors Scandal, the 1980s bribery scandal involving the Swedish arms manufacturer Bofors and prominent Indian politicians, which led to the defeat of the Congress Party in the elections 1989.

Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi has been detained at the Iguazu International airport in

He was arrested on Feb 6 by the Interpol on the basis of an Interpol Red Corner Notice A-44/2/1997 issued against him in 1997.

Quattrocchi was detained while in transit to
Buenos Aires.
Interpol says it’s unit in Argentina is in touch with
Delhi on the Quattrocchi issue.

“Legal formalities as required under Argentine Extradition Act are being fulfilled on the basis of reciprocity as there is no treaty extradition treaty between India and
Argentina,” the statement of CBI said.

The agency said after observing mandatory legal and diplomatic formalities, extradition request to extradite Quattrocchi shall be presented through diplomatic channel to the designated Argentine court.

“It is mandatory that the formal extradition request is presented within 30 days of the detention of Quattrocchi,” it said.

CBI Director, Vijayshankar has said that all evidence has to be translated in Spanish before putting in a formal extradition request to

The Ministry of External Affairs will verify the facts pertaining to the arrest earlier this month of Ottavio Quattrocchi in Argentina and, once confirmed,
India will place a request for extradition of the Italian businessman, who is wanted for his alleged role as the conduit in the Rs. 640 million Bofors gun scam, reliable sources told IANS Friday night.

Sources have told CNN-IBN that the Prime Minister personally knew of the Quattrochhi’s preventive arrest and that he had held a meeting with top intelligence officials, the Law Minister and the Home Minister a few days back to discuss the issue.

Former director of CBI, Uma Shankar Mishra, who was elected to the Interpol, has been working alongside the present CBI director, Vijayshankar, to detain Quattrocchi. Mishra was the one who has been putting pressure on the Interpol to detain the businessman.

The Oppostion BJP on Friday has said the detention of Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrochi, wanted in the Bofors case, in
Argentina, “has exposed” the UPA Government.

The BJP has alleged that the UPA sided with Quattrocchi and tried to protect him.

BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said, “We have all the documentary evidence against Quattrocchi with us. The case must be reopened.”

He added that that it was the BJP which revived the case. “The Congress wanted to bury the case and give Quattrocchi a clean chit.”

Javadekar pointed out that the party’s Parliamentary leaders will take a decision on the issue in Parliament on February 26. He said that the Government must ensure Quattrocchi’s extradition.

Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi says in what appears to be a face saving exercise, “We don’t even know what the matter relates to. It’s a legal process and has to be worked out according to legal procedures. The Congress party has nothing to do with it.”

“His detention has exposed the UPA government which sided with him and tried to protect him. Now, a government is required to tell the nation why it allowed defreezing of Quattrochi’s accounts abroad,” BJP Chief Rajnath Singh was quoted by news agency PTI as saying.

He said BJP would seek an explanation in Parliament from the Government as to why defreezing of Quattrocchi’s London bank accounts were allowed as the CBI plans to seek his extradition after his detention in Argentina.

“The Government is also answerable to the nation as to where the money went from his accounts after they were defrozen. An investigation has to be launched to trace it,” Rajnath Singh was further quoted as saying.

More than a year after Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi withdrew money, alleged to be a portion of the kickback from the howitzer deal, from a London bank account within days of it being defreezed, the Supreme Court on Monday sought the CBI’s response to a plea for retrieval of the amount.

On being informed by petitioner Ajay Agrawal about the defreezing of two accounts of Quattrocchi on January 16 last year, the court had directed CBI to take steps to prevent the money from being withdrawn from the accounts. In a fresh application, Agrawal accused CBI of going soft on the Italian businessman.

By Premendra Agrawal

Self Goal by Sonia and Muslim Appeasement a boon for BJP

February 26, 2007

Queen and Rajkumar unsuccessfully tried to rule UP through President Rule. Today High Court has given voting right to revolted 24 MLA of BSP. Congress is going to jump in blind in coming UP election.

CPI (M) though party of atheists but CPM acted the roll of Maulvi for the unethical marriage between Mulayam’s Samajwadi party and Sonia Gandhi’s Congress. The Congress was supporting Mulayam in UP and the Samajwadi Party was supporting the UPA in
New Delhi was one of the many ironies that characterized the Politics of Opportunism that both Mulayam and the Congress have come to stand for. CPI (M) is also responsible for their talaq also. This absurd arrangement of political convenience has since been put to an end with mutual withdrawals of support to deceive the people again in coming UP assembly election. They will unite agains for sharing power. They are culprits of democracy.

Sonia Gandhi and his son thought that UP is limited to Raibareli and Amethi. So they toured time to time only there to throw google on Mulayam and BJP from there.

They forgot that they were with 139 MPs only 7 more than BJP and grabbed the power by shaking hands with other opportunists.

Here it is important to note that, the Government had earlier lost the support of the five Telangana Rashtra Samithi MPs for its failure to keep its pre-poll promise to create a separate

State. Three Janata Dal (S) MPs had withdrawn support after the re-alignment of forces in Karnataka. And now 36 SP members in the Lok Sabha have turned hostile to the continuance of the Government.

A fool can only imagine that with 148 members in a House of 545, the Congress Party can behave as if it owns the show and expect everyone to accept its president’s dictatorial behavior.

Now it is sure that Congress has felled in the well which it dig for others. On Feb 25 Mulay Yadav will win vote of confidence and on 26 he will prove his majority in the floor of hous. On Feb 27 Congress will loose
Punjab and Uttrarakhand state governments in the hands of BJP. Now with in few days Congress leadership has egg on its face, surely it knows full well as to who to blame.

After knowing Supreme Court decision on the disqualification of the 13 BSP MLAs, Congress ridded on its made dream horse. Its misadventure in UP, mercifully, was foiled when the Election Commission announced the poll schedule for the Assembly election. Now its move to rule in UP from the backdoor what it cannot hope to achieve through democratic means has been finally failed. Now it is also clear that in coming Presidential election of July it will not be decided factor.

Now it is important to note in the last three occasions when Congress took the constitutional missteps of dismissing or installing government’s of its choice through the office of the Governor in Goa, Jharkhand and
Bihar. Even for imposing president rule in
Bihar it obtained signature of the president in the midnight when he was abroad on the plane. Supreme Court slapped the UPA Government for it’s that unconstitutional step.

List of bribery to capture Muslim vote bank is long. Sachar Committee has formed for this purpose. They ordered to count religious heads in every field including security forces, judiciary and educational Institutions. They are dividing Indian on caste and religion basis.

Andhra is the state from where Congress makes experiment of its future plan. They grab power of Andhra from Telgu Desham by shaking hands with Telangana Party and the naxalites. After getting power they threw them like flies from the milk. Further they tried to give reservation to Muslim. But Supreme Court made void that step. Now in this month Congress of Andhra tried to curb the freedom of press by a extra ordinary order. Though, today on Feb 23 CM of Andhra has been forced to withdraw that order.

Few weeks before UPA government decided to give bribery of 7 lakh to the victim of
Gujarat riots. Government could not give a single rupee to the families of burnt karsevaks in Godhra. This discrimination is done for the sake of secularism.

Congress came in power with the PDP in J&K by shaking hand with the terrorist. They initiated save Afzal move to repeat the J&K in other provinces. They did that in
Assam to shake hands with ULFA.

Now there is competition between various parties especially between Congress and Mulayam’s SP. It will reach on the high peak at the time of coming UP Election.

The rabid Muslim appeasement has already polarized a significant percentage of the motivated upper caste Hindu vote. The rest of the motivated Hindu electorate is pretty much likely to go by the calculus of caste. What remains perhaps is the Muslim vote which is where really the battleground is.

Now there is monkey distribution of Mulsim votes between the bidders of Muslim vote bank. The Muslim vote which traditionally went to the Congress in the past and migrated to Mulayam post Ayodhya is up for grabs. The contenders for this vote are many ranging from VP Singh and Raj Babbar’s outfit to Imam Bukhari to an amalgamation of Muslim outfits attempting to replicate the Badruddin Ajmal Experiment from
Assam. The Congress with its threat to dismiss Mulayam has neither endeared the Muslim nor estranged it. Nervous defender Mulayam is now fearlessly challenging Sonia Gandhi.

Muslim appeasement and lapses in the security of
India and safety of the people because of the soft cornered lenient policies of Congress become the boon for BJP. Ater getting impressive victory in UP and Maharashtra local bodies election, if saffron will be flagged on Punjab and Uttarakhand then it is sure that it will get impressive victory in coming Uttar Pradesh assembly election also to make its road for 2009 general election.

By Premendra Agrawal

After Afzal ‘save serial killers of Ratlam’ move by Union Minister

February 26, 2007

Should we salute such intellectuals who write for the following culprits of democracy humanity unity of
India? Politicians hide Noida’s truth. Now Minister Bhuria moved to save serial killers of MP

As many as 234 pieces of bones, including portions of foetus skulls, were found on Feb 21 from a sewage chamber at a missionary hospital and outside a doctor’s house, where fresh searches for skeletal remains were carried out. Thirty bone pieces were found in an underground tank outside the house of the doctor, while 204 pieces of skeletal remains, including 73 pieces of skulls of foetus and newborn, were recovered from the sewage chamber of

Hospital, police inspector S S Tomar said

With the fresh find, as many as 767 pieces of bones and skulls have been recovered from the hospital since February 17, he said adding the remains were being sent to medico-legal institute in
Bhopal for tests.

Hospital Medical Superintendent Williams and sweeper Jagram were earlier arrested for concealment of births by secretly disposing bodies, and released on bail, police said. The incident had evoked sharp response from different quarters demanding action against missionary hospitals across the state.

Many residents tried to support the abortion-racket theory by citing how the sex ratio had fallen in Ratlam district — from 945 females per 1,000 males in 1991 to 927 in 2001.Despite laws banning sex determination tests, the killing of female foetuses is still common in
India where the preference for sons runs deep. Infanticide is also practised in some areas. Last December, the government said 10 million girls have been killed by their parents in the past 20 years either before they were born or immediately after.

As we know ‘Save Afzal Guru’ move was initiated by Congress CM of J&K Gulam of Afzal. Later his move got support from other two former CM of J&K, Congress Treasurer Motilal Vora, UPA allies NCP, Lalu and CPI (M).

Pakistani media is accusing Hindus for firing ‘Samjhauta Express’. The Hindu Daily, Muslim leaders of Congress including President of Maharashtra Human Right Commission claimed that Hindu Organizations including Bajrang Dal had blasted in

On the instruction of

State Agriculture Minister Kantilal Bhuria has begun to save serial killers of Ratlam. named two persons with RSS links, including a local scribe, as allegedly being responsible for purposely defaming the Christian institute.

Speaking to media persons, Union Minister of State for Agriculture Bhuria, who is MP from Jhabua, a district with predominantly tribal Christian population, named Manish Sharma, a medical shop owner, and Mithilesh Bavecha, a correspondent with Hindi daily Nai Dunia, and alleged that the whole matter was their doing to defame the hospital at Ratlam, a little over 250 kms west of Bhopal.

However, Bhuria changed his stance soon when the journalist denied any link with the RSS and claimed that he had said only what the hospital management told him. Later, speaking to Hindustan Times, Bhuria said, “It was the
Mission people who told me that they had some row with the medical shop owner on the issue of encroachment. It’s they who told me that Sharma is a RSS man.”

When asked what his own opinion was about the whole episode, he quickly said, “The investigation is going on. What can I say before the reports are out?” He, however, sought to dismiss the very findings of the bones from hospital premises saying the hospital is more than 100 years old and such burials are commonplace in old hospitals.

Meanwhile, the inquiry committee headed by Civil Surgeon Dr K C Pathak recorded the statements of Hospital Superintendent Dr Williams, doctors, the matron, sweeper Jagram and the hospital’s business manager. The committee would record the statements of patients whose names were found in the hospital records for last one year and has taken the help of the police to trace them.

To a question about what conclusion he could draw prima facie after going through the records, Dr Pathak said, “Illegal abortions are never shown on paper by anyone. We would have to find that out by tactfully speaking with the concerned staff and by a thorough scrutiny of the documents.”

Madhya Pradesh Health Minister Ajay Vishnoi has said the bones of children recovered from Christian Missionary hospital in the state’s Ratlam district could be victims of “foeticide or infanticide”. The police Saturday recovered several skulls of infants and about 390 bones and skeletal remains of aborted foetuses from a gutter of the hospital.

“It is not right to compare the incident with the one in Nithari where bones of missing children aged between one to 14 years were found. Here initial reports indicate foeticide or infanticide”, Vishnoi told IANS.

Here it must be notable that so many skulls found are also related to born minor children. Further are killing of unborn and born children below 14 years not killing? I have discussed this in my previous article and the poem on this subject. My opinion is that serial killers of Ratlam MP are more dangerous than the serial killers of Nithari Noida Mohinder Surinder and Beer cane serilal killer Ravindra Kantrole of Mumbai. Serial killers of Nithari and Mumbai are individuals where serial killers of Ratlam belong to the Christian religious organizations who got support from the Christian Super PM. Minister Bhuria belongs to Jhabua and Ratlam where Christian

Missionaries are most active in conversion of tribal of Jhabua and surrounding areas. Still bureaucrats of MP are being influenced by Congress Leaders of MP and Central Government of UPA. Few days back an officer of Home secretariat has submitted the report to the Central Government on the direction of Congress leaders and Ministers as Bhuria that Hindu Organizations Bajrang Dal, RSS and others are attacking Christians and their institutions. After knowing this that officer has been supended.

Who evoked Muslims in Vadodara?

He went Gujarat Vadodara when there was a riot on the matter of a dargah situated in the way. He evoked Muslims to demur, particularly since they do not consider dargah as places of religious worship, and when Hindus had co-operated with the removal of shifting of temples.

Congress wants violence to divide both communities to increase its minority vote bank. At that time the Gujarat High Court has ruled there should be no discrimination when religious structures are demolished. His statement dishonored the high Court. Union Home Ministry got stay from Supreme Court and thus appease Muslims for not wideningthe roads in Vadodara

Afzal speaks in the parliament

Supreme Court verdict of hanging Afzal came in August 2005. UPA, its allies and Anti-Indianess elements remarkable step is to make atmosphere for hanging the Supreme Court order instead of hanging the Afzal as per SC order. Just after that Congress CM of J&K started move to save Afzal. Slowly and slowly as per fake secular planning others joined the move. Congress allies Mufti Sayeed’s PDF, Shard Pawar’s NCP, Lalu’s RJD and others jouned the move alongwith noutside supporter CPM. So called, foreign funded human activists, NGOs, Narabada Bachao Andolan and others pushed the move to evoke sentiments of Muslims. Even Farooq Abdulla of national Conferense threatened the Supreme Court judges. All these fake seculars including UPA government demanded mercy

By premendra Agrawal

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Exit Polls: Uttarakhand for Saffron Flagging

February 22, 2007

Tags: Exit Opinion Poll Result Uttarakhand Saffron Congress BJP UKD BSP Uttar Pradesh Star TV NDTV India
Punjab MLA Candidate Khanduri N D Tiwari CM Akali Election Assembly
Bahujan Samaj Party News Analysis; 

According to exit polls BJP may be victorious. There was one and half percent difference in the votes got by Congress and BJP in 2004. On this nominal difference gives Congress 35 and BJP only 19. 15 days survey showed that BJP has edge continuous on Congress.  

According to the exit poll conducted by Star TV channel possibility is:BJP: 37Congress: 21Others 11 

According to NDTV:Congress and BJP both may get 25 to 35 seatsBSP 10-13UKD 5-8Others 1-5 

According to HT-CNN/IBN:BJP: 33-39Congress: 21-27Others: 8-12 

The BJP is expected to garner about 34 per cent of the votes, followed by the Congress with about 31 per cent. It means that both the leading parties have gained over the last elections, largely at the expense of independents and very small parties. 

India TV poll opinion says that margin of victory of BJP is greater in possible winning constituencies. Opposite to this possible winning margin of Congress is low. It means BJP has safe seats in comparison to the Congress. Congress may loose its possible winning seats on minor voting change.   

One more factor is in
Punjab election farmers voting behavior was effective but in Uttarakhand price rise and unemployment is main issue which affects the voting behavior. Red Light vehicles have been distributed by Congress government which is more than the number of their MLAs. This factor has made bad effect on voters..

Other factor is voting percentage of getting the candidates other than Congress and BJP was too much higher in 2004 election which was more than 50%. But in this time other candidates will get not much votes. Though if voters give hang mandate than BSP, BKD and independent will be decided factor. Main contest is between the Congress and the BJP. Bahujan Samaj Party and Uttarakhand Kranti Dal are also in the fray, threatening to change the state’s political equations. 

Meanwhile, election to the Bajpur Assembly seat has been deferred following the death of Congress candidate Janak Raj Sharma Bajpur Assembly poll on March 25: EC. So election is held in 69 constituencies.55% polling was recorded as 69 Assembly constituencies of Uttarakhand went to polls 

Interestingly, both Congress and BJP are going into the polls without declaring their chief ministerial candidates. Most probable khanduri will be CM if BJP will win. But repetition of N D Tiwari will not be possible.   

Exit polls of news channels and satta bazaar has also given more seats to Badal Akalidal and BJP combined than the Congress. After loosing
Punjab and Uttarakhand on Feb 27 Congress will be a defeated horse in Uttar Pradesh Assembly election also.

By Premendra 


Nishabd Film & Prof Batuk Nath Chaudhary

February 22, 2007

Tags: Big B Amitabh bachchan Nishabd Ram Gopal Verma President Prof Batuk Nath Sarla Chaudhary Lalu Mahatma Gandhi Sonia Rahul Ideal Nehru Dharmendra Hema Ravishankar Govinda Sholy Krish Film News Analysis;  

Nishad faces Court for theft; Bachchan with Verma is Big B to follow Prof Chaudhary in Nishad. Aafreena made co-accused to Batuk Nath in his case U/DVAcat against his husband. More follows Love Guru 

Big B is choice of some youths for President!Abu Salem is going to be a gentleman!Lalu is going to teach a lesson to IMM students!Love Guru Prof Batuk Nath Chaudhary after getting encouragement from media channels will go to train professors and students!As reported today in news channels one married young woman named Aareen has filed case against his husband who has left his wife Aafseen to love his neighbor teen aged girl to follow. She has made Batuk Nath Chaudhary co-accused.  

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan says his forthcoming film Nishad deals with the psychology of a 60-year-old man who falls in love with an 18-year-old girl.
Bachchanji with Verma is Big B to encourage youngsters for following Love Guru Prof Batuk Nath Chaudhary. Nishabd is a copy of Love Guru Affairs. Ram Gopal Verma has got notice from a personality of Bengali film alleging stealing name of Bengali film Nishad. That Bengali film has got so many awards and has been shown in the film festival also.

Ideals put up by Bigs (idols):Mahatma Gandhi said his romance with Sarla Chaudhary is spiritual marriage with her besides illiterate Kasturba Gandhi.  

Nehru had love affairs with Lady Edwina Mountbatten besides his wife Kamla DeviBoth had romances without marriage themRahul Gandhi though bachelor tried to follow them to make romance with Columbian, Venezuelian and others 

Find full details at:


Dharmendra with Hema Malini and Pandit Ravishakar with European lady accepted their sexual relation with them in public and accepted their children also.Fifa Boss Sapp Blatter, Exiled king of Iran, Previous King of Syria,
Jordan, Arafat, many business tycoons all over the world. We can see many such examples in western world with common people also.

Singer Udit Narayan
Patna has produced two ideal (idols): Noted singer Udit Narayan Jha gets police protection, when his “wife” Ranjana Jha demands for her legitimate right and Udit shamelessly denies even knowing her. “Mai kisi Ranjana naam ke mahila ko jaanta tak nahi hoon”. In the last he he compromised with her publicly. 

Love Guru53 year old Prof Batuknath Choudhary, the head of the Department of Hindi at
College in
Patna was caught red handed by his wife and a team of policemen in a compromising position along with his disciple Julie. Can you imagine that even after being caught, he had no qualms over his affair and admits that “his love story is unusual and people won’t understand it? Mind you the girl is 30 years juniors to him. She also has shown no qualms over their affair.

Professor Batuk Nath Chaudhary still hits the headlines last week for showcasing his girl friend Julie and admitting his love for her despite strong protest by his wife of over two decades, ran out of luck now when the Patna University administration, suspended him on various charges including giving incendiary speech with his girl friend by his side within college campus, a violation of university rules.

As reported earlier, Chaudhary’s legally-wedded wife Abha filed a complaint with the Sultanganj police about her husband’s immoral character and his quid pro quo with girl students in exchange for sexual favors. He was arrested and later released on bond 

Media and modern intellectuals encourage youths to follow them.Govinda says “hamari marji ham yah Karen voh Karen”.What a time we are witnessing. Many might argue that having extra-marital affair is a personal choice so people should not bother about it. But when someone who is supposed to be the teacher and a part of building the generation is turning like this then what is going to happen to the society? Isn’t it because either the implications of our laws are too thin or people have no morality left? What can you think of such people who outright disgrace the whole teaching community? Can Mr. Choudhary imagine the same fate for his own daughter by one of the teachers? Will he like it? 

The channels still screen Prof. Chaudhary’s sexual love with his girl student. This is a dangerous trend of media which will be checked. Leaders don’t dare to oppose them because they are publicity greedy. 

Lalu’s brother-in-law Sadhu may as Lalu for IIM Sholaly and Krish Even our world fame educational system is also wants to stand on their heads instead of legs. Gabbar and Sholay have special place in IIM- after NCERT text books. IIM of Indore want to kiss ‘Krish’ film of Ritik Roshan. Perhaps IIM will educate how one youth died to jump from the multi storey building in the process of copying ‘Krish’.  

Sonia Gandhi and Somnath Chatterjee are late in finding the place in IIM’s cases study. Definitely IIM will catch their success real story in Office of profit Bill, MPs enhanced their salaries and escaping ways in the corruption charges.  

‘Nishabd’ is about genuine emotions: Amitabh BachchanAs reported in the reviews: Bachchan spoke about the film and his role in it at a press conference after its music release in Mumbai on Saturday. The superstar was flanked by the movie’s director Ram Gopal Varma and his co-star, newcomer Jiah Khan.“The film dwells with the genuine emotions of the man and the effect it has on his family when confronted with such a situation and how they deal with it. The audience understands the honest and genuine feelings of my character in the film rather than sex and sensuality,” Bachchan said.

He felt that with the audience rapidly maturing in their taste for good cinema, it was high time that filmmakers experimented with creative ideas rather than stick to “escapist cinema”.

Bachchan said he had no reservations about accepting the role.

“When I read the script, I knew here was nothing to fear… what is important is to look at the situation which the characters find them in. It is what creativity and filmmaking is all about,” he said.

“Creativity is about imagining what would happen if they find themselves in such a situation. The film is about dwelling into their minds. Human beings are complex and it is never that easy to comprehend why people do what they do. Relationships are never as simple as they appear to be,” he added.

Nishabd is Ramu’s most sensitive story about human relationships. Varma is a responsible director and I have faith in his capabilities,” said Amitabh.

Varma said he would not have attempted this film had Bachchan not agreed to do the role. “I used his larger than life image, performing talent and strength in the film. A body ages, feelings do not,” said the filmmaker.

By Premendra