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Wounded Childhood makes dictators: Saddam Osama Hitler Stalin Zhirinovsky Napoleon Kim

December 31, 2006

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She threw herself in front of a bus and failed to abort Saddam and kill herself. The Jewish neighbors intervened and nursed the despondent woman back to health – to save future Saddam, enemy of Jews. 

The seeds which produce a tyrant and dictator, like the seeds which generate other abnormal aberrations are planted in the early life of the individual.Saddam (his first name can be translated as “he who confronts”) was born in April 1937 to an impoverished village family in the Tikrit region, north of

Mr. Hussein’s father died, probably of cancer, in the fourth month of his mother’s pregnancy with Saddam. Mr. Hussein’s 12-year-old brother died, also of cancer, a few months later. She in a state of much distress, she attempted suicide. Before Saddam’s birth, she would pull out clumps of her hair and pummel her pregnant abdomen with her fists. In the Wall Street Journal article she is quoted as having said that she did not want her baby and asking “after losing my husband and child, what good can this baby do me?” Even Saddam Hussein’s official biography recounts his unhappy childhood. The trauma left her such that she tried to throw herself in front of a bus and failed to abort Saddam and kill herself. The Jewish neighbors intervened and nursed the despondent woman back to health — in effect saving the life of the future dictator Saddam. 

A neighboring Jewish family, according to Baram, intervened and saved Saddam’s life. (Baram says that family, who now live in Tel Aviv, refuse to be identified because they are afraid of being blamed for allowing Saddam to be born.) Israeli historian Amatzia Baram 64, a professor at the University of Haifa began an intense personal study, creating an extensive Hussein family tree going back 11 generations, and tracking down dozens of close sources, including Saddam’s childhood neighbors from the village of Tikrit and their Baghdadi cousins — Jews now living in Israel who tell a story of a child with a tragic beginning.  

When Saddam was born, her mother would have nothing to do with him and sent him away to an uncle. 

At 3 Mr. Hussein was reunited with his mother after she had married a distant relative, but he was then physically and psychologically abused by his new stepfather. He has spoken bitterly of being mistreated by a stepfather, who kept him from school, forced him to herd the family sheep and insulted him as the son of a dog.  

“Even after Saddam became the strongman in
Iraq, and all the family lived in tremendous affluence, Saddam’s stepfather was still living in a mud hut in the tiny old dusty

village of
Uja,” says Baram. 

He left his home at age 10 to live with Khairullah Tulfah, an uncle who was the main adult influence of Saddam’s childhood. Tulfah hated
Britain for its rule of
Iraq from 1917 to 1932, and he evinced broader xenophobia, as in his authorship of pamphlet entitled, “Three Whom God Should Not Have Created: Persians, Jews and Flies.” Another inspiration to Saddam was Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser, who toppled his country’s British-installed monarchy in 1952, when Saddam was 15, and who seized the Suez Canal from Britain four years later. At age 20, Saddam, who had struggled through junior high school and reportedly led a street gang of Tikritis, began his career in gun-barrel politics to join Baath (Renaissance) Party. Saddam, said Post, has a “paranoid orientation. . . . He is ready for retaliation and, not without reason, sees himself as surrounded by enemies. But he ignores his own role in creating those enemies.”  

Dr. Eliezer Witzlum, a
Jerusalem psychiatrist believes that Saddam Hussein “may never have developed basic trust in other people. You see it in abused children in clinical situations,” “So that would produce in psychoanalytic terms what we call ‘the wounded self,’ “Dr. Post said. “Most people with that kind of background would be highly ineffective as adults and be faltering, insecure human beings.” Perhaps most important, Dr. Post says, is that Mr. Hussein is a “judicious political calculator,” not a madman. 

Osama and KimIn his view, the world’s most dangerous leaders are often malignant narcissists, a category that he says he thinks includes Osama bin Laden, Kim Jong Il of
North Korea and Hitler. 

These leaders share four qualities, Dr. Post said: extreme self-absorption, paranoia, no constraints of conscience and a willingness to use whatever means necessary to accomplish goals. They have little empathy for the pain and suffering of their own people, Dr. Post said, but they also can’t empathize with their enemies, a critical vulnerability in that “it’s very important as an effective leader to get into the mind of your adversaries.”

Mr. Osama Bin Laden in particular has little empathy for others, Dr. Post said, “and is really consumed with being God’s prophet on earth.” Mr. Kim, who Dr. Post says is consumed by self-doubt because he lives in the enormous shadow of his father, the founding leader of
North Korea, once, punished a subordinate who displeased him by sending him home naked. As for Mr. Hussein, Dr. Post says that he is not irrational and is in fact entirely predictable and over three decades in power “worked the international. 

Saddam’s personality cult reflected his efforts to appeal to the various elements in Iraqi society. He appeared in the costumes of the Bedouin, the traditional clothes of the Iraqi peasant (which he essentially wore during his childhood), and even Kurdish clothing, but also appeared in Western suits, and as a devout Muslim 

Details as to Saddam’s childhood are not well-known and hard to come by, but some information regarding a brutal father has surfaced, and parallels between Saddam’s childhood, Zhirinovsky of Russia and Adolph Hitler’s are easy to make.  

Vladimir ZhirinovskyLike Adolf Hitler goal of Vladimir Zhirinovsky is also to remap
Europe in order to eliminate centuries, old injustices. And like Hitler he advocates the use of military power to those ends. In his autobiography, The Final March South, he writes that “. . .life itself forced me to suffer from the very day, from the moment, from the instant of my birth.” He complained that due to his father’s early death, his mother had to work long hours and as a result, no time or energy was expended on him. “I was always in the way. . . I was somehow superfluous,” he writes. Unable to make friends with either sex, he writes that he felt more and more isolated. It was this unhappiness, this bitterness, which drove him to enter politics.  

But a tyrant can neither exist nor survive in isolation. A collective sense of injustice among co-conspirators must necessarily exist. As had Hitler, Zhirinovsky also has his supporters and bullies who also suffered from deprived childhoods and are grateful to join with him in seeking revenge. As of yet Zhirinovsky has not achieved political control. One tyrant, who has already done so, with lamentable results, is Saddam Hussein of

HITLERBoth Saddam and Hitler were brutally beaten as a matter of course in day-to-day life. Saddam’s subsequent merge with the Baathist party, which took over the

Republic of
Iraq on February 8, 1963, is quite similar to Hitler’s creation of the Nazi Party which evolved into The Third Reich.  

Adolf Hitler’s father Alois was an illegitimate child. He was suspected of being the son of a Jewish merchant from
Graz because his mother, Maria Schickelgruber, became pregnant when she was in his domestic employ. For him, the opprobrium of being both illegitimate and of Jewish descent was a source of unbearable shame. But there was no way he could rid himself of this humiliation. The easiest way for him to vent his pent-up resentment was to take it out on his son Adolf in the form of regular, merciless floggings. 

In the entire history of anti-Semitism and persecution of the Jews, no other ruler had ever hit upon the idea that, on pain of death, every citizen in his country must provide proof of non-Jewish descent extending back to the third generation. This was Hitler’s OWN PERSONAL BRAND OF MANIA. And it is traceable to the insecurity of his existence in his own family, the insecurity of a child constantly living under the threat of violence and humiliation. Later millions were to forfeit their lives so that this child – now a childless adult – could avenge himself by unconsciously projecting the grim scenario of his childhood onto the political stage. 

STALINAccording to the official version, his father Vissarion was a cobbler. He opened his own shop, but quickly went bankrupt, forcing him to work in a shoe factory in Tiflis. (Archer 11)Rarely seeing his family and drinking heavily, Vissarion often beat his wife and small son. One of Stalin’s friends from childhood wrote, “Those undeserved and fearful beatings made the boy as hard and heartless as his father.” The same friend also wrote that he never saw him cryAnother of his childhood friends, Iremshvili, felt that the beatings by Stalin’s father gave him the hatred of authority. He also said that anyone with power over others reminded Stalin of his father’s cruelty. Stalin had broken his arm several times over his life. There have been reports of Stalin having one arm shorter than the other 


By Premendra Agrawal


Skeletons found in Noida: Indian Serial Killers of the World

December 31, 2006

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Auto Shankar Behram Raman Raghav Bikini killer Stoneman Osama elephant John Smith Baldev Singh Maheshwar Padhi  Bhashkar, Gurgaon gutters and children skeletons in Noida are few deshi serial killers.  

Grenade-throwing at
Srinagar for Rs.1, 000, threat to kidnap the kids of PMsand encouragement to terrorists and naxalites for gaining votes indicates the future flooding of serial killers in
India. They come under the other two types different to the Noida’s and Gurgaon gutters’ serial killers. We may call them under the category of mass murderer and spree killer 

Every serial killer commits a first murder.  This chapter explores the various factors that might compel the frequently youthful offender to cross the line for the first time from homicidal fantasy to action.A murderer becomes a serial killer only after their second and third murders: An exploration of the cyclical psychopathology behind how and why serial killers kill again and again. 

The Indian organ market
For decades

India has been known as the ‘great organ market’ and has become one of the largest centres for kidney transplants in the world. Neighbor of the Noida’s serial killer is a doctor who was accused for the crime in kidney marketing.  

Prince wins Kurukshetra battle after 50-hour ordeal But …
On July 24, 2006, when Prince Kumar rode out of the black hole in a crane at 7.47 pm on Sunday, the applause was something Zinedine Zidane might have got if he had won the World Cup for
France. The four-year-old’s homecoming signalled the end of a human drama that had kept the nation engrossed during the weekend and turned him into
India‘s most heart-tugging kid. Sonia Gandhi, PM and other leaders eyes were on him through channels. But it is panic that police of Noida and the leaders and minister residing Delhi did not care about the kidnapping of more than 50 more than 50 chilren of Nithari village, which borders Delhi. 

Gang of serial killers arrested in GurgaonOn November 6, 2006, these killers aged 13 to 25 studied maximum up to class X killed more than 40 persons in Gurgaon asked people to board their vehicle, the remaining also boarded the Maxicab as passengers and killed their victim on the way to rob money and other valuables. The SSP said all five accused were in the age group of 18-25, and have studied up to maximum tenth standard. The gang committed 11 murders in October alone, he added. The criminals used to first kill the passenger in their vehicle with the help of belt, rope or some minor weapon and then robbed him and afterwards throw the body in an isolated place like gutter, bush or some lonely place, said the SSP. The criminals told the police they had once recovered a paltry amount of Rs 2 from a passenger after murdering him. The maximum amount was Rs 40,000 

‘Accountability’ of serial killer Satish of Noida may be determined by brain-scansSatish alias Surinder, who was working as a domestic help in the house of a businessman here, had “acted alone” in the killings and skeletons and clothes were found from gunny bags in Nithari area in Sector 31 of Noida, adjoining
Delhi, they said. He “confessed” to having killed five children and a grown-up girl after “sexually abusing” them and some skeletons and clothes belonging to the victims have been recovered, police said.It was suggested that perhaps the ‘accountability’ of serial killers may be able to be determined by brain-scans once the differences were catalogued. If these differences are detectable, than perhaps we can know who is a serial killer and who is not. However, would this indicate whether the serial killer was born this way rather than having willfully trained himself to enjoy the ‘feelings’ that his crimes elicit? 

Serial Killers generally say ‘it’s not my fault’“One must feel sorry for those who have strange tastes, but never insult them. Their wrong is Nature’s too; they are no more responsible for having come into the world with tendencies unlike ours than are we for being born bandy-legged or well-proportioned”. Marquis de Sade (1740-1814), “Dialogue the Fifth” (1795). 

Serial killer Carl Panzram himself wrote: “All of my family are as the average human beings are. They are honest and hard working people. All, except myself. I have been a human-animile ever since I was born. When I was very young at 5 or 6 years of age I was a thief and a lier and a mean despisable one at that. The older I got the meaner I got.”  

Most serial killers have dysfunctional backgrounds. Frequently they were physically, sexually, or psychologically abused as children and there is often a correlation between their childhood abuse and their crimes. 

Some serial killers display one or more of what are known as the “MacDonald triad” of warning signs in childhood. These are: ‘Fire starting’, invariably just for the thrill of destroying things. ‘Cruelty to animals’  (related to “zoosadism“). Many children may be cruel to animals, such as pulling the legs off spiders, but future serial killers often kill larger animals, like dogs and cats, and frequently for their solitary enjoyment rather than to impress peers. ‘Bed-wetting’ beyond the age when children normally grow out of such behavior 

A serial killer is different to a mass murderer and spree killer. A serial killer is someone who commits three or more murders over an extended period of time with cooling-off periods in between. In between their crimes, they appear to be quite normal, a state which Hervey Cleckley and Robert Hare call the “mask of sanity.” There is often — but not always — a sexual element to the murders. All the murders must be completed/attempted in a similar fashion or the victims must have something in common, ex. occupation, race, sex, etc. 

Serial killers frequently have extreme sadistic urges. Those who lack the ability to empathize with the suffering of others are frequently called psychopathic or sociopathic, terms which have been renamed among professional psychiatrists as antisocial personality disorder. Some serial killers engage in lust and torture murder, loosely defined terms involving, respectively, mutilation for sexual pleasure and killing victims slowly over a prolonged period of time. 

Death penalty to biologically malformed is just or notWhen serial killers caught and tried in a court of law in the United States, some serial killers will plead not guilty by reason of insanity. 

Biology implies that these individuals suffer from something as simple as a birth defect, or something strange that has happened to or been transcribed in their brains. The ‘insanity defense’ clearly states that we can not punish a person who does not understand what they have done as being wrong. However, changes or abnormalities in the brain, as exposed above, indicate that serial killers do not understand the world as you or I. As science begins to unravel personality, accountability unravels with it. “The person becomes his parts – some working, some defective through no fault of his own.” 

Could serial killers simply begin as individuals looking for activities that will allow them to enjoy and take pleasure in life like you or I? Perhaps they’ve learned that for their ‘pursuit of happiness’ they must trade in what society imposes upon them as ‘morality’. A concept they may not even be capable of understanding. 

Auto ShankarIn late 1988, over a period of approximately six months, nine teenage girls from the Thiruvanmiyur section of Chennai disappeared without a trace. In the beginning, investigators believed that the girls had been sold into prostitution by families unable to afford wedding dowries, but the consistent denial of kin forced them to seek another explanation. 

During his trial Auto Shankar blamed cinema for “making a devil of him”, but a month before his execution, he revealed to reporters a more sinister force. According to his account, he had kidnapped the girls for powerful state politicians, subsequently disposing of them after his patrons had raped them. Auto Shankar was convicted and hanged until death in Salem Central Prison on April 27, 1995 

Thug Behram, of the Indian Thuggee cult, has frequently been said to be the world’s most prolific serial killer. According to numerous sources, he was believed to have murdered 931 victims by strangulation by means of a ceremonial handkerchief,  used by his cult between 1790-1830. it would be unwise to attribute any specific total of killings to this one murderer. 

Raman Raghav (1929 – 1995) was a psychopathic serial killer who operated in the city of Mumbai (then Bombay), India in the mid-1960s. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia after his arrest. Very little is known about Raghav’s early life or circumstances that led him to commit the crimes. 

Charles Sobhraj (born April 6, 1944 in Saigon, then adopted as French) is a serial killer who preyed on Western tourists throughout Southeast Asia during the 1970s. Nicknamed “the Serpent” and “the Bikini killer” for his skills at deception and evasion, he allegedly committed at least 12 murders and was jailed in India from 1976 to 1997, but managed to live a life of leisure in prison. He retired as a celebrity in Paris, then unexpectedly returned to Nepal, where he was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment on August 12, 2004. 

While Sobhraj is widely believed to be a psychopath — he has a manipulative personality and is incapable of remorse — his motives for killing differed from those of most serial killers.  

The Stoneman was a name given by the popular English language print media of Calcutta to an alleged serial-killer who menaced the streets of that city in 1989. It was never established whether the thirteen murders that occurred over the space of six months, beginning with the first death in June 1989, were the handiwork of one person or a group of individuals. The Calcutta police also failed to resolve whether any of the crimes was committed as a copycat murder. To date, no one has been sentenced for these crimes, making this one of the greatest unsolved mysteries plaguing modern metropolitan Indian police forces. 

Osama Elephant: On Dec 17, 2006, GUWAHATI,
India – An elephant named “Osama bin Laden” that has killed 27 people in northeast
India, has been shot dead, triggering protests by conservationists who say forestry officials had probably shot the wrong animal. 

Deadlys pine-chilling killing sprees with an Indian connection: The extent to which Indian criminals have spread their tentacles is given a shocking twist by a World Centre of Crime Investigation-compiled rogues’ gallery, which lists five Indians/NRIs among the ‘top 10 serial killers in history’.

Following are reported by TOI in 2004:John Smith: An Indian, terrorised
Seattle by killing men and kidnapping children.  

Maheswar Padhi: He is 26-year-old, the youngest psychopathic serial killer in the country. He is known as the ‘stoneman’ and uses rocks to smash the skulls of persons sleeping on pavements,” says Berhampur DSP Rakesh Thakuria.

Baldev Singh, alias Harbhajan Singh, and Baljinder Singh are alleged to have committed atleast 105 murders each, killing their victims by strangulation.  

Bhaskar of Tamil Nadu has murdered around 230 persons.  

“The worst part about these five Indian serial killers is that there is hardly any clue about their whereabouts,” informs WCCI director Nigel Peter.  

Can Biology make us Murderers?Recent reports in science have found discrete locations in the brain that are used in intricate systems that serve as the human moral compass. Changes in the brain have long been known to change the behaviors of a man. Serial killers have ‘animal propensities’.  

By Premendra Agrawal

Poem: Saddam’s Last Words & Noida’s Killers

December 31, 2006

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(1)Cruels Listen to SaddamCalled Iraqees not to hateYou will be blind mindlessCan’t be fair due to hate 

(2)Oh! Satish Serial KillerOh! Mahinder bucher!!You didn’t consider age
Why killed in that stage

(3)Oh! Buchers Serial killers!I have found your knivesTo keep on your throats  Using as you used knives 

(4)You can’t know killing pain Never feelling and knowingBlood of lyes in your veinsFace panic truth of killing  

(5)I have to cut your throatsYou will see skin in blood I will move to cut throatsSee as you saw my blood 

(6)You raped me of my soulWith Your foul smell hate Yur sex was my affliction My tears on you as bullet  

(7)Like me r children prayed
I bind your feet, don’t walk
Mercy was not your heartI lock your jaw, don’t talk 

(8)You made children cold All Lives run out of soul Their eyes, you closed Chilren lives out of soul 


Chilren parents awake

Kidnappeds are killed Parents sad eyes in sky Killers home they filled 

(9)Oh! Satish Serial KillerOh! Mahinder bucher!!Like you a killer Listen!Poem of him in prison!! 

There is a Serial Killer in prison.
He keeps his victims in a hole and isolates them.
He transports them around on leashes and chains.
He uses shock shields and stun guns on them.
He uses pepper spray too.
He is often known to Four Point them and shackle them.
He drugs them.
He targets minorities and the poor.
They are usually defenseless.
He is his own judge and jury.
He knows in the end his plan will lead to death.

Mystery in NoidaThere is disturbing news coming in from Noida. The skeletal remains of several children were found buried in sacks outside a house in Noida’s sector 31. More than 38 children had been reported missing in this area in the past two years.Noida police discovered sackful of bodies mainly containing the skulls of 19 children aged between 3-15 years. The children had been missing for a year. Satish and Maninder Singh have been arrested in this regard. Butcher knives have been discovered along with other arms and ammunitions. 

Hundreds of people, including parents of the children who have gone missing from the area, gathered outside the house in Sector 31 of this township as news of police finding skeletons of missing children spread. As excavators were put on the job to scour a `nallah’ outside D-5, Sector 31, where police found skeletons and clothes of children allegedly killed by Satish alias Surinder who worked as a domestic help in the house, anxious parents of some missing kids reached the spot bracing themselves for bad news. Ram Kishan, father of a three-and-a-half-year-old boy Harsh, who went missing 11 months ago, was among the large crowd that gathered outside the house. “My son was out playing on this very road when he went missing. I am scared for him now,” he said. Police claimed Satish confessed to having killed five children and a grown-up girl after sexually abusing them. They also said ten children were reported missing from the same area in the last one year. Another woman, in tears, said her daughter had gone missing from the area three months ago. Inconsolable, she could barely talk, not giving her name or her daughter’s name. And when asked how old was her daughter, she could barely manage, “she was small.” Sunil, father of a ten-year-old girl who went missing in April this year in the locality, said she was last seen near the address in question. He complained that police had taken his complaint casually, not registering an FIR and telling him that his daughter will come back on her own.Says Poonam of Nithari, mother of a missing child, Harsh: “You go to the police station and they tell you to go to the Nithari police post. Policemen there say, ‘You give birth to children and they become our headache. They run away and you come to us’.”

A woman, whose son is missing, slapped a sub-inspector, saying, Tumhari vajah se hamare bachche mare hain. Tum to report bhi darj nahin karte unke khone ki. Ab batao in haddiyon mein kaun sa mera beta hai . (Our children have died because of you. You didn’t even file a report. Now tell me where is my son in these bones.). She then collapsed, weeping bitterly.  

Noida police chief R K S Rathor said the breakthrough came when they took in Subhash for questioning after a 26-year-old woman, Payal, disappeared recently. Subhash was found to be in possession of Payal’s mobile phone. The cops then stumbled on the bizarre serial murders.

The villagers had been suspicious about the men in the house and often complained to the police. The drain behind Kohli’s house had been giving out a foul stench for months.

When the cops were called in to investigate, they laughed off the suspicion that there could be human bodies in the drain. One reportedly even found a bone but leftwsaying it was of some animal. 


By Premendra Agrawal 


Hanging of Saddam & last days of dictators

December 29, 2006

Analysis on dictators including two dead dictators of this month and third is waiting Saddam. Discussion on Bush and Sonia Gandhi: Dictators are got power with or without hereditary succession.  

Dictator means a ruler who is not restricted by a constitution, laws or any opposition and behaves in a tyrannical manner.  

It is the fact that dictators tend to live much longer than democrats. There is always ‘fear-driven apathy’ or the despondency associated with the dictatorships. More tragic is their capacity to divide the population. As we see divide and rule capacity of Congress premiers to follow British rulers of
India. At present Manmohan, Sonia Gandhi and their government are busy to divide the people on the line of caste and religion. Sachchar committee and reservation policy are the examples. 

Here in short we discuss the death of two dictators in this month and court order for hanging to Saddam. Besides these we try to know the last days of some dictators.  

It is being seen that dictators generally get support from other dictators. Rahul Gandhi’s latest girl friend is a Venezuelan girl.
India supported in United Nation Venezuelan dictatorial President Hugo Chavez Vel.  

Dictator Pinochet died in this month: When Pinochet was under house arrest in
London, he was paid a visit by none other than former Prime minister, Maggie Thatcher, who said how proud she was of him.
Chile under Pinochet was the only country in
South America that supported
Britain against
Argentina in the
Falklands war.  

Joseph Stalin: It is rightly said that pride is their necklace; violence covers them like a garment. Their eyes swell out with fatness; their heart overflows with follies. Archives from the former
Soviet Union, for instance, assign blame for between 27 and 30 million deaths to Joseph Stalin. (It was Stalin who reputedly said, in a line that encapsulates the historical legacy of Communist regimes: “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.”) On March 1, 1953, after an all-night dinner, Stalin collapsed in his room from a stroke. He was not discovered until that evening and died four days later, at the age of 74. Similarly, if Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, authors of Mao: The Untold Story, are correct, 70 million Chinese perished under Mao’s boot. 

Modern dictators frequently they have seized power by coup, but some, most notably Benito Mussolini in Italy and Adolf Hitler in Germany achieved office as head of government by legal means (election or appointment), and once in office gained additional extraordinary powers. Under Joseph Stalin, the concentration of power in the Communist Party in the Soviet Union developed into a personal dictatorship, but after his death there emerged a system of collective leadership. Latin American and African nations have undergone many dictatorships, usually by military leaders at the head of a junta. 

ADOLF HITLER: LEADER of Germany from 1934 until 1945 and the leader of the Nazi Party, Hitler cheated justice by taking his own life.  

Mussolini: ON April 27, 1945, two years after being overthrown, the Italian dictator and ally of Hitler was captured near Lake Como by communist resistance units. A day later he and his entourage, including mistress Clara Petacci, were shot in the northern village of Giulinodi Mezzegra. Mussolini’s body was eventually taken down and later buried in an unmarked grave in a Milan cemetery until the 1950s, when his body was moved back to his home town Predappio. It was stolen in the late 1950s by neo-fascists, but shortly recovered and reburied 

Saparmurat Niyazov, Turkmenistan’s president who died on Dec 21, 2006, was known for his iron rule, lavish personality cult and eccentric decrees. Here are some of his notable comments:

“I admit it, there are too many portraits, pictures and monuments. I don’t find any pleasure in it, but the people demand it because of their mentality.”

“All I wanted was a small, cozy house” — not the $100 million gold-domed, white marble presidential palace built for him.

“Anyone who complains about going without sausage or bread for a day is not a Turkmen.”

“We shall conduct reforms, but not by copying what you have in America, all that sexual stuff. If I allowed all those sexual shows on TV or the newspapers, the people would stone me.”

Mr. Niyazov weathered the Soviet Union’s collapse, becoming the president of independent Turkmenistan, pushing through a constitution that concentrated power in his hands and embarking upon a megalomaniacal career as president for life. 

Saddam Hussein HangingNow Saddam can be hanged any day any time and even without the approval of
Iraq’s present Shiite president as per court order. Indian government CPM and IMUL which is sharing power in the centre opposed the death sentence to Saddam. Iraqis have split over death penalty for Saddam. Ba’ath threatens retaliation if Saddam executed. Saddam supporters vow revenge. But
Iraq prepares to execute Hussein. Saddam Hussein’s farewell letter urges Iraqis not to hate invader
US soldiers. Saddam Offers His Life as Sacrifice for
Iraq. Saddam writes that he is prepared for death. Saddam’s ‘final message’ urges Iraqis to unite. Saddam sentence is just ‘political show,’ analysts say. Saddam says `goodbye’ to countrymen. Dictator Bush hails hanging of dictator Saddam.  

Lawyer: Don’t hand Saddam to Iraqis Saddam Hussein’s chief lawyer implored world leaders on Thursday to prevent the
United States from handing over the ousted leader to Iraqi authorities for execution. “According to the international conventions it is forbidden to hand a prisoner of war to his adversary,” the lawyer said. 

Dictatorship by declaring emergencyDeclaration of emergency is also a kind of modern dictatorship. Indira Gandhi was a divtator to announce emergency in India. In modern usage, the term “dictator” is generally used to describe a leader who holds an extraordinary amount of personal power, especially the power to make laws without effective restraint by a legislative assembly.

Dictatorship with hereditary successionIn different time dictatorships takes shapes in the different ways. Dictatorship in even democracy comes with hereditary succession, such as Bush dynasty in
United States and Nehru Gandhi dynasty in
India. These are also a kind of dictatorial rule.   

Dictatorship without accountability or responsibilityAt present in India Italian origin Sonia Gandhi has developed a new type of dictatorship. She is dictator to rule as shadow without accountability. She could not be PM because of her being an Italian born. So she is ruling as Super star on PM to devalue the PM post.   

There are some character behaviors that are most common in dictators. 

Power is god for themNothing is more appealing to a dictator than power. They keep power in their hands in democratic or military way. Some keeps powers to keeps sweets in both hands such as Musharraf.   

Ignore rules
Dictators ignore any laws and rules that weaken their ability to control a situation.

Dictators are not favored by mass population
Since dictators tend to be “evil,” people don’t like them. There are always the blind people and those who get more power by supporting the dictator, but the mass populous disapproves of a dictator. Such as Natwar Singh former Foreign Minister said he is a blind follower of Nehru Gandhi dynasty. PM Manmohan Singh is PM on the mercy of Sonia Gandhi. He commented that Uttar Pradesh needs modern leader. His hint was towards Rahul Gandhi. Lalu atonce endorsed the move to please Gandhi or to make the way for himself as a future PM? But he dropped his shoes on his head to say it. Congress and it’s mostly allies including NCP and LJP opposed Lalu. They think that Rahul is a great leader of the nation as a wealth of Gandhi dynasty for future PM. Is becoming CM of Uttar Pradesh insult?

Rely on propaganda and deceit
It may not be necessary for dictators to have the favor of the rest of the world, but it is in their own interest to convince their population that the right path is being taken. Dictators unite the people who fall for the lies. Example: Hitler blamed the world’s problems on the Jewish people and had his men kill anyone who harbored the Jews. In modern developed way Sonia Gandhi and her Congress and its supporters Leftists blamed nationalist parties and organizations to call them communal. Fake secular media is in the grip of so called secular government

Cause war
Invading at least one other country is practically a requirement of a dictator. Such as Chinese dictators ate Tibbet and attacked

India in 1962. Even it accepted to think over four point formula of Musharraf without obtaining it in a diplomatic way. At present UPA government fears war in night dream, so there is a talk of joint mechanism. PM accepts Indo US Civilian Nuke Deal without voting in the parliament as
America did in its Congress.  

Use dynastic tiesMany dictators rely on their family connections to start their reign of terror. Example: Kim Jong-il came to power after his father, the leader of
North Korea for 46 years, died. Saddam gained power through his cousin. Dictatorial members of Nehru Gandhi dynasty are also depending on their family tie. Such as Sonia Gandhi rules PM of
India because he is the wife of former PM Rajiv Gandhi.  

Past history of crimeMany dictators have broken the law in some way which the general populous would consider negatively. Example: Both Hitler and Saddam were in jail for crimes before their rise to power. In
India at present many history sheeters in the shape of mini dictators are in the cabinet of PM Manmohan Singh on the instruction of Sonia Gandhi. They say it a compulsion of alliance government.
India has a dictatorial speaker in the parliament for the help of dictatorial government and its shadow opposition Leftists. Parliament suspended its members including Gandhi MP of Chhattisgarh who took bribe for asking questions. He asked in the parliament. Why did Sibu Soren spare? Is Soren’s crime of murder his secretary lower than taking bribe for asking questions? 

By Premendra Agrawal

Don Salem and Decoit Seema in Democracy!!

December 29, 2006

Abu Salem has founded a political party- Rashtiya Samajwadi Party. Decoit and Actress Seema Parihar is secretary of Udit Raj’s justice party. Treating minority as teen aged girl is a crime. Sanjay Dutt and

Ashok Sarogi, lawyer of Don Abu Salem disclosed to CNN-IBN that Abu Salem has founded a political party “Rashtiya Samajwadi Party”. Satyendra Sinh Yadaav is the president and Ashok Sarogi general secretary of the newly launched political party. Don’s Samajwadi party will contest the coming regional municipal election also.  

Azamgarh is the land of noted poets like Kaife Azami, father of Sabana Azami and scholars like Rahul Sankritayan. But the nondescript UP town is also the homeland of underworld don Abu Salem and lives up to its reputation of being the breeding ground of the mafia. 

Decoit & Actress Seema Parihar secretary of Udit Raj’s partyPhoolan Devi and Abu Salem have done it so how can other ex-cons be far behind.Former dacoit and actress, Seema Parihar, is all set to take the political path to fame. She has been appointed by the Indian Justice Party (IJP) as its National Secretary and may contest the crucial Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls against none other than veteran BSP leader, Mayawati.“Parihar will not only be the star campaigner for our party, but could also contest the elections against Mayawati,” IJP President Udit Raj was quoted by PTI as saying..
Salem’s name is not in the voter listSo Abu Salem, accused of 93 Bombay blasts is now only ‘Neta’ but he becomes the producers of ‘Netas’ through his newly founded political party. There was a news that Abu Salem would contest the coming Assembly election of UP on the ticket of Bhartiya Samaj Party of Sonelal as had disclosed by his advocate Saraogi. Out of the many roles the dreaded gangster enacted to evade the police, that new one as politician would grant him police protection.
Salem wanted to fight from Mubarakpur, which is 50 kms from his hometown Sarai Meer in Azamgarh 

Abu Salem was puzzled not to find his name in the voter list. Lawyer Ashok Saravagi said
Salem‘s name was present in the voters list of Azamgarh and that it should be included again. “I am hopeful that
Salem‘s name would be included in the list after intervention of SEC. I will approach the high court for justice if SEC did not help us,” Saravagi told few days before. 

Don Salem become greater than MulayamAfter all Abu Salem is a Don. So he did not loose his courage. Now he has founded his own new political party. Mulayam’s party is the only ‘Samajwadi party’ but Don’s party is greater to be named ‘Rashtriya Samajwadi Party’.  Abu Salem knows how ‘Phoolan devi’ won the election in  Samajwadi party’s ticket and how Mulayam’s party made MP to Abu Azami who was an accused in 93
Bombay blasts. 

Minority has been shaped as teen aged girlAll eyes are on minority votes. There is a competition for this between so called secular parties especially parties of the Mulayam, Sonia Gandhi, Ram Vilas Paswan, Lalu Yadav and NCP. On Dec 28, Minority Affairs Minister AR Antulay announced that the Sachar Committee report will be implemented “in toto in 2007”. “We will not only implement the recommendations of the Sachar committee, but also its observations,” Antulay said on the sidelines of an international conference of Dalits and Muslims.  

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, continuing the debate of reservation, has said that the protection of minority interest is in the Constitution. He sang minority song on Dec 27 that Muslims have not got an equal share of the country’s development results. He should say that Congress did nothing for the welfare of the Muslim community in its 60 years rule. Now Congress will accept every thing to win in coming UP election.   

Tilak Savarkar were terrorist and Don Daud Salem are heroes‘One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Terrorists are heroes, true freedom fighters; the world needs more Abu Salems. Lok Manya Tilak, Bhagat Singh and Veer Savarkar were terrorists for Congress as its NCERT and IGNOU books says. But they are martyrs and heroes for the nationalist parties. In the real world, Bollywood and
Hollywood stars may be more popular, but in the cyber world, criminals enjoy cult status. But in the internet world Terrorists and gangstores such as Osama Bin Laden, Abu Salem, Chhota Shakil, Tiger Memon and Chhota Rajan are the heroes of the youngsters. .

Film on Salem be shooted in PortugalPortugal has given the green signal to shoot a film on Abu Salem, who has been extradited to India, in their country. Tarla Sarogi, wife of Salem’s lawyer, is making the film ‘Jazba’ that will trace Abu Salem’s journey from his home town in Uttar Paradesh’s Azamgarh to his rise as one of India’s most wanted criminals. They have not got permission for shooting in Dubai. Ashok Sarogi said: “A lot of progress has been made on the film project. Abu Salem will also feature in the film and for that we will take permission from the court.”  

Sanjay Dutt and Abu SalemSanjay Dutt admitted to the charges in his confession soon after his arrest on April 22, 1993. But later, he retracted. He confessed that underworld don Abu Salem visited his Pali Hill home in January 1993. Samir Hingora and Hanif Kadawala, two close associates of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and proprietors of Magnum Video brought
Salem to his home, he said.

He further said that out of the three AK-56 rifles brought by
Salem and some magazines and 250 rounds, he kept only one AK-56 rifle. Dutt said that he needed the weapons to protect his family as threatening calls were received during the 1992-93 Mumbai riots. In spite of repeated complaints, he said, there was no police protection given to him or his family. 

Bollywood in the grips of under worldSanjay Dutt’s alleged involvement with the underworld is not the first time that Bollywood stars have earned bad reputation on this score. In both industries, crores of money has exchanged hands. Following is a list of such incidents:  

Nov. 28, 2006 – TADA court convicts actor Sanjay Dutt under Arms Act to keep AK-56 rifle. Released on bail on May 3, 1993, Dutt was again arrested on July 4, 1994. He spent nearly 16 months in jail till October 16, 1995.  

2005 – Transcripts of Salman Khan’s alleged conversation with Aishwarya Rai were made public in which Salman flaunted his links with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. In that conversation he also called Aishwarya ‘Kutiya’. Now she does not want to see him.  

October 2005 – A private TV channel telecast footage (believed to be 10-15 years old) showed Govinda with the members of the underworld gang D-Company. The actor denied his link.  

January 2003 – Diamond merchant Bharat Shah was arrested in connection with the transfer of underworld money to finance his film Chori Chori Chupke Chupke.  

2001 – Mahesh Manjrekar was questioned for his film ‘Vaastav’, which was reportedly financed by Chhota Rajan’s brother. Mumbai police also claimed to have taped telephone conversations between Chhota Shakeel, Manjrekar and Sanjay Dutt.  

2000 – Soon after the release of ‘Kaho Naa Pyar Hai’ its producer Rakesh Roshan survived an attempt on his life. Abu Salem was reported to have carried out the assault to scare Roshan into surrendering the overseas rights of the film.  

1997 – Gulshan Kumar of T-series was shot dead by the members of the Abu Salem gang. Music composer Nadeem Khan was allegedly involved in the murder. Naddem Khan since that event lived in

1997 – Director Rajiv Rai was attacked for allegedly refusing to give away overseas rights of his film ‘Gupt’.  

– The Mumbai police tapped into the Dutt’s conversation with gangster Chhota Shakeel. The conversation has references to the actor having bought a T-shirt for him from
Dubai. – Starlets Mandakini has been known to have close associations with Dawood Ibrahim. Also starlet Monica Bedi is known to have close relations with extradited Don Abu Salem.  


By Premendra Agrawal

Mamta Breaks fast: China behind Singrur

December 29, 2006

In a midnight denouement, Trinamool Congress leader ended her 25-day fast protesting a Tata car project after intervention by both the President and the Prime Minister. 

Gandhigiri kills Gandhism in Singrur. Tata sees rivalry. PM creates rivalry. Just before winning $100 Million Bank of China Contract, Tata assured
China for establishing mini car plant in
West Bengal. 

Tata sees rivalry?Chairman of Tata Group, Ratan Tata has said in a TV interview that the whole exercise was guided by politics and business competitors, but the Tatas had no intention of pulling out of
West Bengal. “At a time when Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee’s condition is serious, Tata’s comment will create an obstacle to a solution of the problem,” a statement issued by the Save Farmland Committee said.

PM creates rivalryEnmity and friendship with the steel kings“It is indeed ironic that an Indian businessman is today called the ‘Steel King of the World’. Lakshmi Mittal started his business career here in
West Bengal. Today, his group is the world’s largest steel producer without producing a kilo of steel in
India!” PM Manmohan Singh said to lower his height. He placed an example of making division in the steel giants. Laxmi Mittal’s proposal for steel plants in Jharkhand and Orissa are going on. Still PM remarks such a insulted remarks to words world renowned NRI.  

UPA and its outside supporter CPM embraced Ratan Tata. They want to treat Laxmi Mittal as enemy. Tata and Buddhdeo both are adamant. It shows that there was conspiracy to throw the life of Mamta Banerjee in danger in non-violent way. But this non-violence is the modern developed shape as Gandhism to Gandhigiri.  

China behind Singrur?Tata is left leaning Industrialis giant. Business sources say: Just before winning $100 Million Bank of China Contract Tata assured
China for establishing mini car plant in
China’s adopted son’s ruled
West Bengal. It is open fact that no industrialist giant want to establish industries in WB.  

After ejecting the Portuguese from
Goa by military force, first work was Pt Nehru was to call Birla and gave him a great economic package in
Goa. Birla was nearer to Gandhi and Nehru both. At present Ratan Tata is the main economic giant for CPM let Government in WB and for the Congress led UPA government which is on CPM’s oxygen. Ratan Tata is on the good book of them instead of Mittal.  

India China cooperation mutual beneficial as said Tata. And cooperation between Tata, Manmohan and Buddhdeo Bhattacharya is also beneficial for all of them. Tatanagar is a neighbor of
West Bengal. Tata is in the grip of CPM and Congress is in the grip of CPM.
China is boss of CPM.  As reported on Dec 4: Tata of India Wins $100 Million Bank of China Contract TCS has its sights not only on
China, but also on
Japan and the entire Asia-Pacific region. Until now, all Indian IT giants, Infosys, Satyam, Wipro and NITT, and i-flex have had a presence in
China, but mostly servicing their own multinational customers. This is a big break for TCS to get such a visible Chinese customer 

Godse’s spirit at 10 Janpath to kill Gandhism in SingrurGodse gunned down Gandhi’s body but Congress in the leadership of Sonia Gandhi is killing spirit of Mahatma Gandhi every day, ever hour and every minute. har roz har pal…baar baar apne haathon se gala ghot kar mara hai. par mujhe koi dukh nahi (everytime i killed gandhi). Let’s remind this Anupam Kher’s movie as a lesson! 

On the 24th day of her hunger strike Bannerjee has been put on oxygen after complaints of respiratory problems and also with her blood pressure and pulse rate dropping sharply. Mamata’s fast was continuing for a longer period than any of Gandhi’s starvation spells. In fact, with 25th day of her hunger strike Bannerjee had been put on oxygen after complaints of respiratory problems and also with her blood pressure and pulse rate dropping sharply. Banerjee has already overtaken Gandhi as far as resisting hunger is concerned.  

Confused Government and its supportersOn Sept 23 at Nainital in Congress conclave Sonia said industrial activities “must be done without jeopardizing our agriculture prospects.” In an apparent reference to large number of proposed SEZs, she said, “Prime agricultural land should not normally be diverted to non-agricultural uses.” She said it was time to “scale new frontiers and accomplish new breakthroughs” in agriculture. “Agriculture must be the focus,” she said of the 11th Plan paper currently under discussion 

UPA government has said no to Left demand for ceiling on special zonesThe war of words between the Left and the UPA over SEZs intensified on Thursday with the government rejecting the demand for capping the number of Special Economic Zones and the CPM saying that “proliferation of SEZs” had discredited the policy.

CPM of Haryana on June 19, said the government should issue a White Paper on the issue detailing its land acquisition policies and projects under its consideration to ensure transparency in such deals. Commerce minister Kamal Nath said the government wanted more industrial units to come up in SEZs. Kamalnath himself is an industrialist or
West Bengal. CPM and Congress opposed Mulayam’s the SEZ policy to words Anil Ambani.  

West Bengal along with other members of the Left Front the CPI is fighting the pro-capitalist policies of the CPM, especially the special economic zone (SEZ) like initiatives the Chief Minister has signed with foreign and home-grown bourgeoisie. 

Lincoln ghost On April 14, 1865, Psychics believe that President Lincoln has never left the White House, that his spirit remains to complete the business of his abbreviated second term and to be available in times of crisis. For seventy years, presidents, first ladies, guests, and members of the White House staff have claimed to have either seen
Lincoln or felt his presence. The melancholy bearing of Lincoln himself, and several instances of eerie prescience on his part, only adds to the legends of the Great Emancipator’s ghost.
Lincoln dreamed of his own death. 

In last time of his life Mahatma imagined the misuse of ‘Congress’ name after his death. Gandhi’s last wish was to abolish the ‘Congress’. Even last wish of hanging accused is heard but last wish of Gandhi was not fulfilled and Congress became the property of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty to overlook the martyrism of others. We heard spirit moves in forgotten way if the person’s last wish is not fulfilled. Gandhi’s spirit at Singrur wants to fulfill the remaining cause to abolish the Congress. May Spirit of Godse shoot Gandhi’s spirit?  

There are two ministers of Chhattisgarh living in Ramsagarpara of Raipur. Ramsagar was called as Ramsagari. Sagari means a big tank. But now tank becomes the residential colony. By the side of it is Samta colony in
Raipur. There were agricultural fields. There is Devendranagar in some distance. It is created on the dig death bodies. There was one sector where Trees have grown as per government policy. When there is rain then no rain in another neighboring colony. Wilds are being encroached to construct residential quarters and Industrial structures. In Goregaon Mumbai few months back tiger entered in the colony. Vote bank politics allows a specific community to grow more children to keep more wives. Government will make them forward to sanction great economic package for them. Fake Secular Government is unable to be strict to words terrorism. More big packages are ready for them in indirect ways. Terrorists and Bangladeshi infiltrators are brothers of our Home Minister. So government will give them all economic help.  

Mao and Gandhi Among the giants of the twentieth century, Mao Zedong (1893–1978) and Mao’s famous dictum that “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” places him squarely in the tradi-tion of military might and physical force as the best methods to achieve social change, while Gandhi clung, all the while he engaged in his “Experiments With Truth,” to the value of Ahisma, or non-violence to any living thing.  

Ironically Mao, the man of might, died a natural death at age 85; while Gandhi, the man of personal and political peace, died by an assassin’s bullet at age 79. 

Both chose to identify with the poor villagers and farmers who made up a vast majority of both
India and
China during the first half of this century. Both men mobilized mass movements of common people, each faced a form of western imperial and colonial rule, both espoused not only political independence but insisted on changing the hearts and minds of people, not only in their own nations but around the world. Each man left lasting legacies in
India and
China as well as large ideological follow-ings around the globe.  

Both leaders were challenged to expand their nationalist movements beyond the small middle class educated elite to the broad stream of mass support and participation. Each man sought in his own way. In that sense both hoped to resocialize their people to become a new “Maoist man,” and “Gandhian man.” 

In the wake of the increasing irrelevancy of Mao an Gandhi, their own nations have drifted into a moral vacuum where self-interest and materialism largely shape cultural values. 

Each had differing ideas about the place of industry and agriculture, the values and symbols needed to mobilize people, the place of violence and force in effecting social change, and the role of personal morality in the larger arena of public morality. 

Self-sufficient village economy of GandhiGandhi is of the view that full employment of human resources is the basic need of a country. It is true that national income will increase if each and every persons (whether skilled or unskilled) is employed fully. This cannot be possible only with the development of large-scale industries because of their labour-saving nature. Agricultural sector too cannot solve the problem of unemployment or underemployment due to its seasonal nature. Therefore mechanization and large scale production cannot provide the solution to the problem of poverty and unemployment. Self-sufficient village economy is an alternative solution and in this context the role of institutions in the rural sector like the village panchayat and rural multipurpose co-operative can play a vital role. We cite here an example of multipurpose co-operative society located at Sridharpur

village of
Burdwan district of West Bengal. The society is formed with the unlimited liability. It perform multipurpose activities All the welfare activities are so designed, identified and implemented that nobody is a loser and that everybody living in the villages emerges gainer. The society is able to create a benign atmosphere all around and members legitimately feel that it is their society upon which their development depends.We therefore plead for Sridharpur type society which is free from political interference. This can fulfill Gandhi’s dream of self-sufficient village economy. 


By Premendra Agrawal

Girija and Sharda on Adultery: Condom in Politics

December 29, 2006

Political & Adultery Condom, Shane Warne is adulterer. Adultery course is in

University of
Pennisylvania. Adulterers would run for president in US. Adulterer Sharda killed Atmaram due to his adultery, means Extramarital sex that willfully and maliciously interferes with marriage relations. 

Adultery should be treated as a civil wrong and a breach of trust, and not as a criminal offence, as it is considered today by the law of the land, Girija Vyas, chairperson of National Commission for Women (NCW) has said in a recent recommendation to the government. 

Critics of this view, however, maintain the existing provision displays a feudal mindset, implying that the wife is a personal possession of the husband, and not responsible for her actions. 

The commission also recommended amendments to Section 198 (2) of the CrPC, which presently does not allow the wife of an unfaithful husband to lodge a complaint against him. But the husband of a woman in an adulterous relationship is allowed to file a criminal complaint against the other man. 

According to Section 497 of IPC, “Whoever has sexual intercourse with a person who is and whom he knows or has reason to believe to be the wife of another man, without the consent or connivance of that man, such sexual intercourse not amounting to the offence of rape, is guilty of the offence of adultery, and shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to five years, or with fine, or with both. In such a case the wife shall not be punishable as an abettor.” 

Adultery of Killer Sharda Jain and victim Atmaram Former Congress councilor Sharda Jain, her brother and four others were convicted on Dec 21 in the sensational another Congress Councilor Atma Ram murder case. It was a love triangle that led to Gupta’s death. Sharda, a MCD councilor hatched the conspiracy to kidnap and murder Gupta, as she did not like his closeness with another woman councillor, Memwati. 

Use condoms for adultery“Use condoms!” says Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla. “It will still be a sin, but use one so you won’t infect your wife or children.” 

There were reports that when Japanese and German men would travel to
Thailand and The Philippines on so-called sex tours, their wives would even include condoms in their suitcases so that they would at least have protection.  

Condoms in Politics 

PM Manmohan Singh is using political condoms to include tainted ministers in the cabinet to say that it is the compulsion of the alliance government. Leftists and Samajwadi parties are outside supporters of Congress led UPA government to use political condom that it is their compulsion to block the power captuting of communal BJP.So what will be the next piece of sound moral advice for the public? Here are some ideas for us to consider:  

For terrorists: If you really must explode bombs in public, then please do it near a hospital. That way, your victims won’t have far to crawl to get medical treatment. Better to have a bomb near a hospital than far away. For corrupt officials: If you really must steal the people’s money, please hide it well in your relative’s bank account. If the prosecutors can’t find it, they won’t be able to put you in prison and our country will look like it’s clean. Better to have no ministers charged with corruption than have the prisons full of them. Do we really have to choose between the lesser of two evils? How about no evil at all? It’s sad that our leaders have such difficulty in providing a strong moral example for the nation’s children to follow.  

Adultery of cricketer Shane WarneShane Warne now has captured his 700th test wicket on the first day of the fourth Ashes test against
EnglandReturned against
Sri Lanka in 2004, taking 10 wickets in his first match to pass 500 test wickets, then later that year overtakes Muttiah Muralitharan’s world record of 532 victims. Separates from his wife Simone following media reports of his adultery before becoming the first player to reach 600 test wickets. 

Honor KillingsNanavati: Indian Navy Commander Kawas Maneckshaw Nanavati shot dead Sindhi businessman Prem Ahuja on April 27, 1959 for his illicit relationship with his wife Sylvia. He was acquitted by the jury but the High Court held him guilty of murder and sentenced to life which was upheld by the Supreme Court. Later, he was pardoned and became a free man after spending three years in jail. 

Sanjay Singh: Rajkumar Rahul Gandhi embraces the former Rajkumar of Amethi. Sanjay Singh and Amita Modi went scot-free in the Syed Modi murder case. Sanjay Singh’s present wife Amita was the wife of Syed Modi when the badminton champion was shot dead in public. Sanjay Singh was former Janata Dal Minister. Now he is a Congressman   

Tandoor Sharma: According to the Delhi Police chargesheet, Sharma, a former youth Congress leader believed his wife, also a Congress worker was having an affair with yet another Congressman Matloob Karim. Karim had been Naina’s classmate. Sharma and Naina also had differences because he wanted to keep their marriage a secret. A jealous Sharma had come home on July 2 that year to find his wife talking on the phone to someone. He redialled and confirmed she was talking to Karim. Enraged, he fired three shots from his licensed revolver at his wife killing her. The police said Sharma then wrapped the body and tried to burn it in the tandoor with the help of the Bagiya Restaurant manager, Keshav.  

Adultery course in

University of
As college costs soar through the roof—averaging above $31,000 a year for tuition, room & board—today’s college students study adultery, genitalia, and Native American feminism. That’s not a misprint. For example; moving from murder to romance, do you think adultery is beautiful? Well, the

University of
Pennsylvania does. The school’s Adultery Novel: class reads a series of 19th and 20th century works about adultery and watches “several adultery films” in order to place adultery “into its aesthetic, social and cultural context” [emphasis mine]. UPENN even finds room for Marx in a course on marital infidelity, viewing trysts through “sociological descriptions of modernity, Marxist examinations of family” and “feminist work on the construction of gender.”  

Human Right and AdulteryA ruling of
United Kingdom that protects adulterers and punishes victims human rights law appears to have caused a judge to depart to an entirely different moral and intellectual planet.  

In a ruling unprecedented in legal history, Mr Justice Eady granted a gagging order to a celebrity in the world of sports who had an affair with a married woman, to prevent the wronged husband from selling his story to the Press and thus unmasking the well-known ‘family man’ as a philanderer. The Judge gave ruling under the European Convention on Human Rights, which has been incorporated into British law. 

This public figure had claimed that if his adultery were exposed, it would distress his wife and children, and prevent him from rebuilding their marriage. Mr Justice Eady agreed, on the basis that sexual relationships were private matters even when they involved adultery and that the wronged husband’s right to freedom of speech was outweighed by the potential harm to the celebrity and his family.  

Veil and AdulteryThe veil is a sign of sexual inequality. Forcing women to cover their faces through laws or unofficial coercion, while allowing men to wear whatever they choose sends a wrong message. It instills in society the idea that only women are responsible for lust and adultery. Instead of telling men to avoid sexual temptations, women are forced to cover their bodies so that men do not have to deal with lust. This inequality leads to even worse incidents in some countries. According to Amnesty Magazine, the U.N. Population Fund has estimated that more than 5,000 women, mostly in Muslim countries, die annually in “honor killings.” These are killings of women suspected of adultery, usually by male family members.  

Al-Qaeda punishes Adultery Al-Qaeda allies declared the formation of an Islamic state in October, and yesterday’s statement said that governors have been appointed in Sunni-dominated areas and Islamic law is being imposed at “the request of the people themselves.” Judges have been appointed “to finish the disputes and stop the standing disagreements” among Sunni tribal leaders, and punishments are being meted out for crimes such as adultery, the statement said.
Hudood Ordinance amended in

PakistanPresident Musharraf has said in his televised speech, as all other opponents of Hudood Ordinance also claim, that if a woman is raped and goes to police to register a complaint and if she cannot produce four eye-witnesses according to the Islamic law, then she is arrested for the false report and is charged for adultery or for sex-by-consent under the Hudood Ordinance.
As reported on Dec 4, Currently, in
Iran, there are nine women sentenced to death by stoning on charges of adultery, compared to two men for the same offence — highlighting the fact that this barbaric mode of execution is primarily a women’s issue.

Stoning on women adultery
Stoning is more a women’s issue because, according to Islamic laws, a man can have four permanent wives and any number of temporary wives.
When caught in adulterous relationships, men can always claim to have been in a temporary marriage contract with the woman involved –provided she is not already married to someone else. Temporary marriage contracts, for hours or months or years, can be easily made between the partners. A married woman cannot escape stoning in the same way. 

Royal adultery row in Cambodia
Cambodia‘s Princess Norodom Marie Ranariddh is seeking to prosecute her estranged husband and ousted royalist leader Prince Norodom Ranariddh for adultery, a court official said on Dec 18. Ranariddh said publicly last month that he is in a long-term relationship with classical dancer Ouk Phalla. The pair have a three-year-old son. 

“kiss and tell”There is nowadays a considerable market in the tabloid press for “kiss and tell” stories that reveal the affairs of celebrities.  

Mika was drunk at the party, on seeing Rakhi Sawant his male hormones went helter-skelter and as a result he forced a kiss onto Ms. Sawant’s mouth. This was a big story for many days in news channels. 

News Channels and print media also felt in yellow journalism to dance about the kiss of Vasundhara Raje with Biocon chief Ms Kiran Mazumdar Shawduring India Economic Summit 2006. This photograph was published in the economic times. Later the same economic times has explained: “It was bad camera angle that gives the impression of a kiss on the lip, in what is just a friendly embrace,” There is even a specialist agency for placing these stories,, which advertises on Google: “Name and Shame Him. Being cheated on by a love rat? Sell your story — make him pay!” CC realized that he was at some risk of appearing as a love rat — as he still is — and applied to Mr Justice Eady for a remedy.  


By Premendra Agrawal

When Kavita Madhumita felt in love with sexy politicians

December 25, 2006

Tags: News Kavita Madhumita News Analysis Sexy Politician Sex Racket supreme Court Young Women Amarmani Ravinder Pradhan Gannongate Bush Criminal Jessica lal Nitish Katara Mattoo Manu Santosh Tandoor Sharma; 

“Rajniti ka asli rang kya hai, koi mujh se puche.
Maine rajniti ka sabse ghinona chehra dekha hai. Jiske aage Ravan ke dus chehre bedag hain” Sex Rackets Murders Indian Politics and Election season


Talk of today is about the Kavita Rani. Yesterday the talk was Congress councilor Sharda Jain who along with other five co-accused got life sentenced. Before this there was a a talk of Madhumita Shukla. She was killed and accused former minister Amarmani Tripathi and his wife both were in the prison. Supreme Court has rejected the bail of them.


Our elected representatives have being seen in executing not only sex racket but also kill these women of sex victims. Uptill now they are being managed to get acquitted, because police and investigating authorities are under them. Now Supreme Court is active to deliver order of proper punishment of them. Manu Sharma son of former minister of congress, Santosh Singh a son of police officer, Tandoor Sharma a former youth congress leader have been punished for life imprisonment or death penalty.


Mahumita Shukla

Mahumita Shukla was a aggressive poet. In one of her better known verses, the late Indian poetess Madhumita Shukla exhorted Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to ”marry (former Pakistani Prime Minister) Benazir Bhutto and bring back Pakistan as dowry”.


Madhumita was found murdered in her Paper Mill Colony home in
Lucknow in May 2003. Then Minister Amarmani Tripathi, with whom she was having an affair, is alleged to have engineered the murder and is now cooling his heels in jail. Prosecutors allege that Mahumita was carrying Mr Tripathi’s child. “Because of your kindness I believed that you would share all my responsibilities. Once you got a job for my brother, my entire family started trusting you. I started believing that from now on we would not have to bow to anyone; that we would not have to make compromises any more. You became not only my but my entire family’s guardian.”

She said:” Hum to barbad ho hi gaye hain. Lekin sochte hain ke apne bhaiyon ki zindagi banade,”


Amarmani Tripathi denies having relations with her yet. For every Phoolan and Madhumita, there are lakhs of rural women, who lead lives of quiet desperation, victims of unspeakable violence, cruelty, and exploitation, often being treated worse than animals.


Nidhi’s book on her late sister Madhumati will come very soon in the market.

“It is about a high profile murder. It is an eyewitness’s account of a murder in which the victim is the narrator’s sister. This book is dedicated to all the Jessicas and Madhumitas in the world,” Nidhi says. “Rajniti ka asli rang kya hai, koi mujh se puche.
Maine rajniti ka sabse ghinona chehra dekha hai. Jiske aage Ravan ke dus chehre bedag hain (I have seen the real and the ugliest face of politics. Compared to it, even Ravan’s ten faces are blemishless),”


Dr Kavita Rani

Dr Kavita Rani, a 29-year-old lecturer at the

University in
Meerut was reported missing two months ago on October 29. Her mobile phone records also show that just before disappearing she had spoken to Chaudhary Babulal, a state minister, 57 times. The letters were found in Kavita’s room in the Indira Gandhi Girls’ Hostel. They seemed to have been written in a hurry and one mentions that some persons were “harassing” her.


Kavita was reportedly involved in getting transfers through thank to her proximity with politicians. Dr Kavita Rani’s family members fear that she might have been murdered as she was close to some UP politicians. A man accused in the disappearance of college teacher Kavita Rani turned himself to the police on Dec 24 in Uttar Pradesh. Ravinder Pradhan surrendered himself before the police. He accepted before the police and media that he along with his other companion murdered Kavita because he was blackmailing us. Sexy CDs relted to the ministers with kavita were the source for collecting huge money from the involved ministers.
Police said Chowdhury and her murderer Ravinder Pradhan, the said nephew of UP Basic Education Minister Kiran Pal Singh, ran a blackmail ring. 

Cover up Sex-Rackets in
Washington also

The ability to cover up scandal or crime is also much greater in
Washington . We can take following example for that:

“Jeff Gannon” (real name James D. Guckert), a “reporter” for Talon News Service, a front operation run by the conservative Republican-oriented, was using an alias as a cleared White House reporter, details are emerging that threaten to immerse the Bush administration in a major scandal. “Gannongate,” which is only now being mentioned by the mainstream news media, threatens to expose a potentially damaging GOP pedophile and male prostitution ring dating back to the 1980s and the administration of George H. W. Bush. James D. Guckert, using the name Jeff Gannon and possibly other aliases, was also running gay porn sites, one with a U.S. Marine Corps theme that solicited males for prostitution.


Gannongate is reminiscent of a huge political scandal that surfaced in Nebraska in 1989 when it was learned that Lawrence King, the head of Franklin Community Credit Union in Omaha and a rising African American star in the GOP (he sang the national anthem at George H. W. Bush’s 1988 nominating convention in New Orleans), was a kingpin, along with top Republicans in Nebraska and Washington, DC, including George H. W. Bush, in a child prostitution and pedophilia scandal. King was later convicted and jailed for fraud but pedophile and prostitution charges were never brought against him and other Nebraska Republican businessmen and politicians.


Sex Rackets Murders and Indian Politics

In election season sex and other rackets are being exposed freely by politicians against each other with the help of their pet media. Rackets of UP are being frequently exposed.


Indian politics is being heavily driven by cowardice, blackmail, deceit, fear, loyalty to dynasty, cooptation, corruption, sex, and just plain crime. Journalists who pretend otherwise either don’t understand what is going on or are covering for someone.

The public often misunderstands the importance of scandals, assuming them to be a simple dalliance, individual failing, or private offense. What makes both sex and crime in different, at least when those in powers are involved is that there is far more opportunity for blackmail and far more skill at covering things up.


In short, there is far more politically related sex and crime in India then is generally reported, it is less competently investigated than is generally thought, and it is far easier to cover up than is generally appreciated. Still t here are unnumbered instances of escape of criminalised politicians or politicised criminals.


Criminals have crept into realms of money, power, caste and culture. The process is capable of eroding the democratic edifice, which the 100-crore mass of imageless people have kept strong and safe.


Young women with insensitive sexy politicians

Poet Lord Byron wrote: “Man’s love is of man’s life a part; it is woman’s whole existence.” When a woman truly loves a man, it is beyond anything that any man can rationally comprehend.


Young women fall in love with cruel sexy politicians who treat them terribly and, yet, they simply cannot break free from the emotions that tie them together as we saw in Madhumita’s case. The women who have emotionally bonded with them become willing victims in a dance to the death of their own self-esteem.


Young woman is so blinded by her misplaced love or other economic or social weakness for the cruel sexy politicians that they are absolutely clueless as to what is happening to them as we saw in Dr. kavita Rani case.  Her inability to see through him exposes her own lack of confidence and poor self image.  She has allowed herself to become a slave to her own heart.  Her mind recognizes that she has fallen prey to decesive sexy politicians but her misguided love for him will not allow her to do what would be best for her, as well as for him.


All these corrupt politicians and bureaucrats want from these young women is sex.  They are not interested in them as a lovers nor does they care about them in any way, shape, or form.  If it appears that they does care about them, it is only a temporary act to get them into the bed.  The truth of the matter is that they will always revert to their true self after satisfying themselves at those young women expense. 


In short they are attentive and demonstrates caring and possibly even romantic. They take them to beds and naps. They become abusive: emotionally, verbally, and physically. They treat them badly. They are with insensitive hearts and care less about them. They go their own ways and do what they want to do. They again become good to the young women for getting sex again. The reputation of this happens frequently as they like as many times as they want.


Young women simply cannot break free from the emotions that tie them together.  Whether those are verbal abusiveness, being players, having means disposition, displaying violent tendencies, or any other number of negative traits those leave the women short-changed in a relationship, these cruel sexy politicians get away even with murder. These are the stories of Jessica lal, Nitish Katara, Mattoo, Madhumita, Dr. Kavita Rani and others. Politicians or their sons or subordinates may be Manu Sharma, Santosh Singh, Tandoor Sharma and others.



By Premendra Agrawal  

Modernity and Suicide: Amethi ke ham hain Rajkumar

December 25, 2006

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MM throws salt on wounded Mamta & chilly powder on eyes of the families whose heads did suicides. Durkheim’s Chart: four types of suicide along two axes: egoistic Vs altruistic, anomic Vs. fatalistic. 

Manmohan Singh also said it was ironic that an Indian businessman was today called the “Steel King of the World” and that his group had become the world’s largest steel producer without producing even a kilo of steel in India. Is it not ironic that he himself being an
Oxford and
Cambridge academic bows his head before Italian origin Sonia? Congress could not find a super leader except Sonia Maino. In the same way his modern leader for the coming UP assembly election tis Rahul Gandhi can’t find a single Indian girl to marry. This is the way to deceive Indian people.

Jaanewaale zara hoshiyaar yahaan ke ham hain raajkumaarSonia Gandhi made Manmohan Singh is labelled Rahul Baba as modern leader able to lead Uttar Pradesh in the coming assemble eledtion. He was modern as his predicesors were. His fother brought Sonia Gandhi from Italy to make her ‘Deshi bahu’ and our inteligent fake secularars made Menaka Gandhi ‘Deshi bahu’ as out sider. Rahul Gandhi is also modern to follow his father. He wants to marry with a Spannish origin Venezuelian girl. They are modern because they dislike Indians as Mahatma Gandhi was thrown out of train compartment in South Africa being a black Indian. Modern Rahuls want ‘Gori (brown) skin’.  

Rahul Gandhi says he learnt being an Indian from his Italy-born mother Sonia Gandhi instead of Indian origin. Away from the headlines, Rahul has launched Operation UP Polls.

He has been meeting five Congress leaders from each constituency in UP and has already covered more than 60 constituencies. Those who have met him say he is preparing a dossier on the candidates. Everytime Rahul reaches Amethi the question asked is, will he step beyond Amethi? Now they say he is preparing a big report and a formal announcement of him taking charge of UP.

They act in filmy style to serve India only to Rule India. A retired college professor in Alapuzha district, has contended that action should be taken against Gandhi and his girlfriend Juvenitta – who spent three days in the backwaters of Kumarakom – under the law because they stayed together even though they were not married. Rahul’s girl friend Veronica is a Venezuelan. Her parents are Spanish origin. That means one more foreign bahu for us tolerant Indians. The Maino-Gandhis are certainly getting globalized to be more modernized as indicated by PM.. 

He was caught red handed with huge foreign currency in Boston by FBI of America. He was with Italian passport and Columbian girl there. Rahul said that his Italian mother taught him Indianess. This is the modern Indianess which described by Manmohan Singh and beig taught by Sonia Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi may be setting a new tradition in
India. Love for romance and love, do not think of marriage till you are mentally ready! That is very common in the West but in
India people love each other to get married – not to stay as friends for a long time.  

Rajkumar Rahul Gandhi embraces the former Rajkumar of Amethi. Sanjay Singh and Amita Modi went scot-free in the Syed Modi murder case. Sanjay Singh’s present wife Amita was the wife of Syed Modi when the badminton champion was shot dead in public. Sanjay Singh was former Janata Dal Minister. Now he is a CongressmanOne hears talk of murders and suicides among the people and the petty bourgeoisie. Suicide has become alarmingly in India in farmers, soldiers, army commanders, stuents and every field except politicians. Have you seen smiling white beard and Super flying eagle around death bodies? 

Students can learn from Rahul Gandhi how can be any one M.Phil without doing B.A. He learnt all this from his parents. We can learn from him how we can obtain Rs crores of orders from the Mahrashra Congress government without the companies office and skeeping staff.  

PM wants to turn Mumbai in
Shanghai: Modernity means increased suicidesUPA is blind with dumb doll. Suicide is a crime. Yes suicide is a crime. Government tends to blame those who are emotionally frail with comments like ‘Oh, just get over it’ or ‘Pull yourself together. What we need is sympathy and empathy to remove the stigma associated with the suicides. When one person disappears, we have lost more than just one potentially productive member of society. Even a single death is a tremendous, irreversible loss that has a ripple effect. UPA government leaves the victim’s family, friends and relatives with trauma and despair. How much is that worth? 

(1) The rise of factories, which led to the downgrading of traditional skills and the substitution of wage labor for familial production, was portrayed as particularly disruptive. Adherence to familial roles was depicted as the primary defense against the forces of social disintegration. Compilations of rates of disease, insanity, and violence reinforced ancient suspicions about the evils of the city.(2) Because self-destructive behavior became a prima facie example of the corrupting effects of urbanization, the incidence of suicide developed into a barometer for social health. (3) Modernity caused self-destructive behavior and men would be most susceptible to it.(4) Since the nineteenth century, experts have concluded that the best safeguards against suicide lay in the restoration of traditional values, especially the patriarchal family. (5) It was a foregone conclusion that women would prove more immune to suicide than men.(6) The modernity led to suicide were founded on the shared belief that humans were unable to negotiate the variety and choice that urban life offered.(7) This fear of modernity found its clearest expression in the medical rhetoric of the “moral treatment.”(8) Modernity exposed the brain to increased stresses and excited an excess of passions and desires that could not be satisfied, these pressures, which were “almost unknown” in rural regions(9) Suicides are most common where education is the most diffused. Our governmen iadopted policy of caste and religion based reservation instead of providing economic ackward youths facilities to study properly without economic fear from the primary level to the higher education. But for hurry in geetin whole sale votes they want to orce them for jumping from the 25the story. They encourage boys to climb on upper of water tank to suicide.  

After City now suicides in villages by farmersIt is unfortunate that because of the blindness of the Govt., in a move that virtually catapults
India back to the pre-Green Revolution days, the government has imported the wheat and now is going to import other varieties of grain. Agricultural minister is the minister of sugarcane only as Health Minister Ramadoss is the minister for only allopathic development. He had nothing to do for ayurved or yoga. Sharad Pawar has nothing to do for the development of cotton crop growers. Farmers found cotton crop of Rs 300/ after investing Rs. 3000/. They are in debt. A family head did suicide and after that his son studying in the engineering college returned.  

State officials say they have released more than $222m (£121m) in aid over the past year to debt-ridden farmers. More than 600 farmers have committed suicide in the state’s Vidarbha region since June last year. Campaigners say the farmers are forced to borrow money from money-lenders to buy seeds and then are thrown into crisis after crops fail because of drought.  

CM Deshmukh wants the help of Shri Shri Ravishakar and Baba Ramdeo but Health Minister has sent notice to Baba Ramdev.  

Suicides in ArmyDhanajay Chatterjee was hanged. But Afzal Guru can’t be hanged. Terrorists and Maoists Naxals are the brothers of Shivraj Patil but Petrol pump allotted to the families of martyrs are facing difficulties. One such woman vitim tried to do suicide before the Petroleum Minister. They worried for one child of Afzal but they are blind for hundred and hundred children of Kashmiri Pandits. The families of such martyrs who sacrificed their lives to save the lives of ministers and MPs at the time of terrorist attack on the temple of democracy have returned their medal to the President. Soldiers are doing suicide to face the terrorists and separatists friendly policies of the UPA government. Even Army commander is doing suicides. PM is busy in honeymoon with Musharraf through joint mechanism and accepting its four knife pointed formula to sell
Kashmir.    Suicides in the temples of educationUPA have decided to ruin the education system by caste and religion based reservation. They allowed politics in the universities and sex rackets surrounding and nearer the premises as we V.C. of Lucknow University said. Time to time news is coming of the suicides of the students. 

Modernity and SuicideDiagram depicts the relationship between two major pieces of Durkheim’s social theory: his analysis of modernity and tradition (contained in The Division of Labor) and his analysis of the forms of suicide (contained in Suicide). Find the diagram at: 

This is obtained by setting Durkheim’s four types of suicide along two major axes: egoistic (selfish) vs altruistic (Unselfish), anomic (Socially disoriented) vs. fatalistic (defeatist or accepting). The first axis tracks the degree of a society’s individualism versus its group-centeredness: for Durkheim, a key part of its social structure. The se( cond tracks that society’s degree of adherence to rules versus its namelessness: for Durkheim, a key part of its culture. Labeled the horizontal axis “structure” and the vertical one “culture”are to indicate that in Durkheimian anthropology these two need not vary together. (Mary Douglas produces a similar differentiation of “group” (structure) and “grid” (culture) in the 1973 version of her Natural Symbols, though she does not trace it to Suicide.)  

The horizontal axis also distinguishes a society’s division of labor. “Differentiated” societies are more individuated; “segmental” societies are more group-oriented. Individual/group and differentiated/segmental are both attributes of social structure.The dividing line between traditional society and modern society–“mechanical” and “organic” solidarity, to use Durkheim’s terms–does not run vertically, however; it runs from the upper left to the lower right. Anomie (selfish) is a modern problem, as fatalism (unselfish) is a traditional one–at least in Durkheim’s thinking. Separating the structural and cultural axes makes this clear. Locating Durkheim’s concepts diagrammatically helps us to see the relationships between various parts of his oeuvre. 

By Premendra Agrawal  


December 24, 2006

JUDGMENT : J. S. Verma J:  MEANING OF `HINDUTVA’ AND `HINDUISM’ In short, mere use of the word Hindutva or Hinduism or mention of any other religion In an election  speech does not bring it within the net of sub-section (3) and/or sub-section (3A) of Section 123 of the R.P. Act and the limit of its operation, unless the further elements indicated are also present in that speech. It is also necessary to see the meaning and purport of the speech and the manner in which it was likely to be understood by the audience to which the speech was addressed. These words are not to be construed in the abstract, when used in a election speech                                                                                             Both sides referred copiously to the meaning of the words Hindutva and Hinduism with reference to several writings.  

The Constitution Bench in Sastri Yajnapurushadasji and Others Vs. Muldas Bhudardas Vaishya and Another, 1996 (3) SCR 242 held thus: “Who are Hindus and what are the broad features of Hindu religion that must be the first part of our enquiry in dealing with the present controversy between the parties. The historical and etymological genesis of the word Hindu has given rise to a controversy amongst Indologists; but the view generally accepted by scholars appears to be that the word Hindu is derived from the river Sindhu otherwise known as Indus which flows from the Punjab. That part of the great Aryan race, says Monier Williams, “which immigrated from Central Asia , through the mountain passes into India , settled first in the districts near the river Sindhu (now called the Indus ). The Persians pronounced this word Hindu and named their Aryan brethren Hindus. The Greeks, who probably gained their first ideas of India from the Persians, dropped the hard aspirate, and called the Hindus Indoi.” ( Hinduism by Monier Williams, P. 1)  

The Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, Vol. VI, has described Hinduism ( The Hindu View of Life by Dr. Radhakrishnan, p. 12). That is the genesis of the word Hindu.  Then we think of the Hindu religion, we find it difficult, if not impossible. to define Hindu religion or even adequately describe it. Unlike other religions in the world, the Hindu religion does not claim any one prophet; it does not worship any one God: it does not subscribe to any one dogma: it does not believe in any one philosophic concept: it does not follow any one set of religious rites or performances; in fact, it does not appear to satisfy the narrow traditional features of any religion or creed. It may broadly be described as a way of life and nothing more.  

The Hindu thinkers reckoned with the striking fact that the men and women dwelling in India belonged to different communities, worshipped different gods, and practised different rites (Kurma Purana) (Ibid p. 12).  

Monier Williams has observed that “… The Hindu religion is a reflection of the Composite character of the Hindus, who are not one people but many. It is based on the idea of universal receptivity. It has ever aimed at accommodating itself to circumstances and has carried on the process of adaptation through more than three thousand years. It has first borne with and then, so to speak, swallowed, digested, and assimilated something from all creeds”. ( Religious Thought & Life in India by Monier Williams, P. 57)  

Dr. Radhakrishnan in his work on Indian philosophy, (Indian Philosophy by Dr. Radhakrishnan, Vol. I, pp. 22-23). Unlike other countries, India can claim that philosophy in ancient India was not an auxiliary to any other science or art, but always held a prominent position of independence… “In all the fleeting centuries of history”, says Dr. Radhakrishnan, “in all the vicissitudes through which India has passed, a certain marked identity is visible. It has held fast to certain psychological traits which constitute its special heritage, and they will be the characteristic marks of the Indian people so long as they are privileged to have a separate existence” .  

“If we can abstract from the variety of opinion”, says Dr. Radhakrishnan, “and observe the general spirit of Indian thought, we shall find that it has a disposition to interpret life and nature in the way of monistic idealism, though this tendency is so plastic, living and manifold that it takes many forms and expresses itself in even mutually hostile teachings”. (…)  

The Constitution-makers were fully conscious of this broad and comprehensive character of Hindu religion: and so, while guaranteeing the fundamental right to freedom of religion, explanation II to Art. 25 has made it clear that in sub-clause (b) of clause (2), the reference to Hindus shall be construed as including a reference to persons professing the Sikh, Jam or Buddhist religion, and the reference to Hindu religious institutions shall be construed accordingly.” (from pages 259-266)          In a later Constitution Bench decision in Commr of Wealth Tax, Madras & Ors. Vs. Late R. Sridharan by L. Rs. (1976) Supp. SCR478, the meaning of the term Hinduism as commonly understood is stated thus: “…It is a matter of common knowledge that Hinduism embraces within self so many diverse forms of beliefs, faiths, practices and worship that it is difficult to define the term Hindu with precision.  

The Historical and etymological genesis of the word Hindu has been succinctly explained by Gajendragadkar, C.J. in Shastri Yajnapurushdasji & Ors. Vs. Muldas Bhudardas Vaishya & Anr. (A.I.R. 1966 S.C. 1119).  

In Unabridged Edition of Webster’s Third New International Dictionary of the English Language, the term Hinduism has been also defined. In Encyclopedia Britannica (15th edition), the term Hinduism has been defined.   

In his celebrated treatise Gitarahasya, B.G. Tilak has given the following broad description of the Hindu religion: “Acceptance of the Vedas with reverence: recognition of the fact that the means or ways of salvation are diverse; and realisation of the truth that the number of gods to be worshipped is large, that indeed is the distinguishing feature of Hindu religion”.  

In Bhagwan Koer Vs.J.C. Bose & Ors., (1 904 ILR 31 Cal. 11), it was held that Hindu religion is marvelously catholic and elastic. Its theology is marked by eclecticism and tolerance and almost unlimited freedom of private worship….  

This being the scope and nature of the religion,it is not strange that it holds within its fold men of divergent views and traditions which have very little in common except vague faith in what may be called the fundamentals of the Hindu religion.” (at pages 481-482)  

These Constitution Bench decisions, after a detailed discussion, indicate that no precise meaning can be ascribed to the terms Hindu, Hindutva and Hinduism; and no meaning in the abstract can confine it to the narrow limits of religion alone, excluding the content of Indian culture and heritage. It is also indicated that the term Hindutva is related more to the way of life of the people in the subcontinent.  

It is difficult to appreciate how in the face of these decisions,the term Hindutva or Hinduism per se, in the abstract, can be assumed to mean and be equated with narrow fundamentalist Hindu religious bigotry, or be construed to fall within the prohibition in sub-section (3) and/or (3A) of Section 123 of the R.P. Act. Bharucha, J. in Dr. M. Ismail Faruqui and Ors. etc. Vs. Union of India & Ors. etc., 1994 (6) SCC 360 (Ayodhya case), in the separate opinion for himself and Ahmadi. J. (as he then was), observed as under: “…Hinduism is a tolerant faith. It is that tolerance that has enabled Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism to find shelter and support upon this land,..” (at page 442)  

Ordinarily, Hindutva is understood as a way of life or a state of mind and it is not to be equated with. or understood as religious Hindu fundamentalism. In Indian Muslims-The Need For A Positive Outlook by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, (1994), it is said: “The strategy worked out to solve the minorities problem was, although differently worded. that of Hindutva or Indianisation. This strategy, briefly stated, aims at developing a uniform culture by obliterating the differences between all of the cultures coexisting in the country. This was felt to be the way to communal harmony and national unity. It was thought that this would put an end once and for all to the minorities problem.” (at page 19)  

The above opinion indicates that the word Hindutva is used and understood as a synonym of Indianisation, i.e., development of uniform culture by obliterating the differences between all the cultures co-existing in the country.  

In Kultar Singh vs. Mukhtiar Singh, 1964 (7) SCR 790. the Constitution Bench construed the meaning of subsection (3) of Section 123 prior to its amendment. The question there was whether a poster contained an appeal to voters to vote for the candidate on the ground of his religion, and the meaning of the word Panth in the poster was significant for the purpose. It was held as under: “It is true that a corrupt practice under S. 123 (3) can be committed by a candidate by appealing to the voters to vote for him on the ground of his religion even though his rival candidate may belong to the same religion. If, for instance, a Sikh candidate were to appeal to) the voters to vote for him, because he was a Sikh and add that his rival candidate, though a Sikh in name, was not true to the religious tenets of Sikhism or was a heretic and, as such, outside the pale of the Sikh religion, that would amount to a corrupt practice under S. 123(3), and so, we cannot uphold the contention that S. 123(3) is inapplicable because both the appellant and the respondent are Sikhs….  

The corrupt practice as prescribed by S. 123(3) undoubtedly constitutes a very healthy and salutary provision which is intended to serve the cause of secular democracy in this country. In order that the democratic process should thrive and succeed, it is of utmost importance that our elections to Parliament and the different legislative bodies must be free from the unhealthy influence of appeals to religion, race, caste, community, or language. If these considerations are allowed any sway in election campaigns, they would vitiate the secular atmosphere of democratic life, and so, S. 123(3) wisely provides a check on this undesirable development by providing that an appeal to any of these factors made in furtherance of the candidature of any candidate as therein prescribed would constitute a corrupt practice and would render the election of the said candidate void.  

In considering the question as to whether the distribution of the impugned poster by the appellant constitutes corrupt practice under S. 123(3), there is one point which has to be borne in mind. The appellant has been adopted as its candidate by the Akali Dal Party. This Party is recognised as a political party by the Election Commission not with standing the fact that all of its members are only Sikhs. It is well-known that there are several parties in this country which subscribe to different political and economic ideologies but the membership of them is either confined to or predominantly held by members of particular communities or religions. So long as law does not prohibit the formation of such parties and in fact recognises them for the purpose of election and parliamentary life, it would be necessary to remember that an appeal made by candidates of such parties for votes may, if successful, lead to their election and in ail indirect way, may conceivably be influenced by considerations of religion, race, caste, community or language. This infirmity cannot perhaps be avoided so long as parties are allowed to function and are recognised though their composition may be predominantly based on membership of particular communities or religion. That is why we think, in considering the question as to whether a particular appeal made by a candidate falls within the mischief of S. 123(3), courts should not be astute to read into the words used in the appeal anything more than can be attributed to them on its fair and reasonable construction.  

That takes us to the question of construing the impugned poster. The principles which have to be applied in construing such a document are well-settled. The document must be read as a whole and its purport and effect determined in a fair objective and reasonable manner. In reading such documents it would be unrealistic to ignore the fact that when election meetings are held and appeals are made by candidates of opposing political parties the atmosphere is usually surcharged with partisan feelings and emotions and the use of hyperboles or exaggerated language or the adoption of metaphors and the extravagance of expression in attacking one another are all a part of the game and so, when the question about the effect of speeches delivered or pamphlets distributed at election meetings is argued in the cold atmosphere of a judicial chamber, some allowance must be made and the impugned speeches or pamphlets must be construed in that light. In doing so, however, it would be unreasonable to ignore the question as to what the effect of the said speech or pamphlet would be on the mind of the ordinary voter who attends such meetings and reads the pamphlets or hears the speeches. It is in the light of these well established principles that we must now turn to the impugned pamphlet.” (at pages 793-795)  

The test applied in the decision was to construe the meaning of the word Panth not in the abstract but in the context of its use. The conclusion reached was that the word Panth used in the poster did not mean Sikh religion and, therefore, the appeal to the voters was not to vote for the candidate because of his religion. Referring to an earlier decision in Jagdev Singh Sidhanti Vs. Pratap Singh Daulta and Ors., 1964 (6) SCR 750, it was reiterated as under: “…Political issues which form the subject-matter of controversies at election meetings may indirectly and incidentally introduce considerations of language or religion, but in deciding the question as to whether corrupt practice has been committed under S. 123(3), care must be taken to consider the impugned speech or appeal carefully and always in the light of the relevant political controversy…… (at page 799)  

Thus, it cannot be doubted, particularly in view of the Constitution Bench decisions of this Court that the words Hinduism or Hindutva are not necessarily to be understood and construed narrowly,confined only to the strict Hindu religious practices unrelated to the culture and ethos of the people of India ,depicting the way of life of the Indian people. Unless the context of a speech indicates a contrary meaning or use, in the abstract these terms are indicative more of a way of life of the Indian people and are not confined merely to describe persons practising the Hindu religion as a faith.  

Considering the terms Hinduism or Hindutva per se as depicting hostility enmity or intolerance towards other religious faiths or professing communalism proceeds from an improper, appreciation and perception of the true meaning of these expressions emerging from detailed discussion in earlier authorities of this Court. Misuse of these expressions to promote communalism cannot alter the true meaning of these terms. The mischief resulting from the misuse of the terms by anyone in his speech has to be checked and not its permissible use. It is indeed very unfortunate, if in spite of the liberal and tolerant features of Hinduism recognised in judicial decisions, these terms are misused by anyone during the elections to gain any unfair political advantage. Fundamentalism of any colour or kind must be curbed with a heavy hand to preserve and promote the secular creed of the nation. Any misuse of these terms must, therefore, be dealt with strictly.  

It is, therefore. a fallacy and an error of law to proceed on the assumption that any reference to Hindutva or Hinduism in a speech makes it automatically a speech based on the Hindu religion as opposed to the other religions or that the use of words Hindutva or Hinduism per se depicts an attitude hostile to all persons practising any religion other than the Hindu religion. It is the kind of use made of these words and the meaning sought to be conveyed in the speech which has to be seen and unless such a construction leads to the conclusion that these words were used to appeal for votes for a Hindu candidate on the ground that he is a Hindu or not to vote for a candidate because he is not a Hindu, the mere fact that these words are used in the speech would not bring it within the prohibition of sub-section (3) or (3A) of Section 123. It may well be that these words are used in a speech to promote secularism or to emphasise the way of life of the Indian people and the Indian culture or ethos, or to criticise the policy of any political party as discriminatory or intolerant. The parliamentary debates, including the clarifications made by the Law Minister quoted earlier, also bring out this difference between the prohibited and permissible speech in this context. Whether a particular speech in which reference is made to Hindutva and/or Hinduism falls within the prohibition under sub-section (3) or (3A) of Section 123 is, therefore, a question of fact in each case.  

This is the correct premise in our view on which all such matters are to be examined. The fallacy is in the assumption that a speech in which reference is made to Hindutva or Hinduism must be a speech on the ground of Hindu religion so that if the candidate for whom the speech is made happens to be a Hindu, it must necessarily amount to a corrupt practice under sub-section (3) or sub-section (3A) of Section 123 of the R.P. Act. As indicated, there is no such presumption permissible in law contrary to the several Constitution Bench decisions referred herein.   (J.S. VERMA) J. (N.P. SINGH) J. (K. VENKATASWAMI) J.   NEW DELHI

December 11, 1995

Edited by Premendra Agrawal