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Anupam Kher for Mattoo & Seculars for Save Afzal

October 31, 2006

Why do not media and others take Afzal hanging on the same spirit as Santosh Singh? Is mercy for Afzal not for votes only? What would be if these security jawans decide not to save Gulams of Afzals??  

Anupam Kher’s Selfless fight for getting justice to Mattoo Anupam Kher was sacked from censor board to blame that he is a swayamsevak of RSS. Communal Kher selflessly came forward in the move for getting jusice for Mattoo. Congress CM of J & K Gulam of Afzal with other two CMs, Congress, NCP, CPM and other parties leaders were weeping for Afzal.  

Youth Congress leaders’ roleTwo more cases similar to Mattoo case are in the media highlight. Tandoor Sharma former leader of Youth Congress got punishment from the court. A Delhi Police constable investigated what he suspected to be a fire and came across the manager trying to fuel the fire in the tandoor. Culprit said he was burning Congress flags and campaign material, but the constable, Nazim Kunju, found the burning body of Naina.  

Another case related to Jesica Lal murder case is pending before the court. Manu Sharma accused, is the son of former minister and Congress leader Vinod Sharma. One of Manu’s aunts is a daughter of erstwhile President of India, Shankar Dayal Sharma.  

To day we should decide this. To marrow will be late. Communal Anupam Kher uptill today does not meet the family member of Mattoo. He selflessly threw himself in the move of ‘Justice for Mattoo’. He has no intimacy with the Mattoo’s family. And what shoul we say to the leaders who seeks mervy for Afzal? 

Why role of religion in the secular
India?Fake secular leaders and media human activists boldly initiated ‘Save Afzal’ Move with a selfish motto. They will also succeeded in their move and hanging of Afzal stayed.  

Santosh Singh hanging will be the second example of same type crime after the hanging of Dhanjay Chatterjee. Why in secular country religious deffernciation between these two and Afzal? Why religious head counting is going on? Why security forces and the people are being divided on religion and caste basis? 

Role of media in Santosh and AfzalThe role of the media and the public has been constructive in nailing the police and the judiciary to act in favour of truth and justice. Should the same not be in forcing the leaders to behave in the interest of the safety of the people and the nation?  

Channels are asking every public figure about the role of media in the Mattoo case. Ashok Pandit of Bollywood who is the nearest to Matto family said the credit for the sentencing went “110 percent” to the media, which he said was responsible for highlighting the injustice done by the lower court. Do we need media to takeup each and every case and is it possible for media?? People may say the credit for the staying Afzal’s hanging went double of 110 % to the fake secular media and leaders. 

Another family member rightly thanked “I thank the millions of people in
Delhi, outside
Delhi and also abroad who stood by us through e-mail and other forms of protest.”. No doubt this type of awareness is necessary.  

The statement should be welcomed. More than this awareness is also necessary against the terrorists. Are crimes of terrorists less brutal than the Santosh Singh and Dhanajay? We should ask ourselves what and who did for hanging or saving the Afzal. Definition of traitor and patriot, secular and communal can be got after getting the answer of this most important question. This is not the question of only a family but this is the question of whole nation.  

Dhanjay Chatterjee & Santoslh Singh Vs AfzalGovernment of
India has apparently reserved article 72 for grant of mercy to terrorist such as parliament attacker Afzal and hardened criminals whose cases are pleaded by foreign powers. Foreign nationals, who were convicted in the famous Purulia arms drop case, were pardoned even though they did nothing to demonstrate remorse.  

Similarly, in extradition proceedings from European countries (recent case being of Abu Salem and his associate Monica from
Portugal) Government of India routinely gives undertakings that the President will use his powers under article 72. If Dhananjoy, during his stay at prison, had made or Santosh Singh makes friends with some cronies of Dawood, he could have affected a jailbreak and fled to
Portugal. After his arrest in
Portugal, Government of India would have guaranteed a pardon from the President and he could have returned without any fear of death penalty. 


Prince of haryana Vs Factory of terrorismBeforre two days I read news that army in more than 10 hours save a drunker who felled in the mud. It is good. Every human life should be saved. Saving of ‘Prince’ little of Haryana in the well was necessary but saving of thousands and thousands of innocent boys is also necessary who are being pushed in death well of terrorism. Pakistani army helicopters killed around 80 al Qeda suspected militants to day on Oct 30 in a dawn attack on a religious madarsa. It is being said that attack was made without giving prior warning and in the night which is against the Islam. Can secular
India dare this? `Don’t execute him (Afzal) during the month of Ramzan,’ has been pleaded by Congress CM of J & K. On the days of Ramzan terrorists attacked on CRPF and innocent people to hide in a hotel of lal chowk
Srinagar was a pious act. 

Rarest of rare caseEarlier in the day, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Monday argued for death to Santosh Kumar. Additional Solicitor General A.K. Sinha said it was a “rarest of rare case” as the crime was committed in a diabolical and dastardly manner. Attack on Parliament was also a rarest of rate in the history of Democracy of the world. Judiciary did its job. But our fake secular media leaders could not take the Afzal’s crime seriously. They dishonor the brave security officers who sacrifice their lives to save even so called fake secular parliamentarians.  

Fake secular leaders should think. What would be if these security jawans decide not to save them? Top to bottom, poor to rich, security force to leaders all should be devoted for the safety of each other and for the security of the country.  

Judiciary Vs politiciansAt present only judiciary is active all other three pillars of the democracy are affedted by the disease of selfish disease. On the matter of reservation mainly they want to go against the judiciary and the constitution only for seeking votes. But what are judges getting benefits by delivering historical decisions? 

Decision a precedent, a deterrentOne family member of Mattoo described the decision as “a historic judgement” that would set “a precedent, a deterrent”. Order of Supreme Court on Afzal hanging would be a precedent, a deterrent if the fake secular leaders who seek mercy for Afzal would be punished.

Daughter of Santosh and son of AfzalSantosh Kumar’s counsel R.K. Naseem had sought life imprisonment, saying his conduct had been clean after the murder. He said Santosh Kumar was young and had a two-year-old daughter besides a mentally challenged elder brother to take care of. 

Afzal Guru’s seven-year-old son Ghalib accompanied Guru’s wife Tabassum to Rashtrapati Bhawan, requesting clemency for him, told the President that his dream was to become a doctor and for that he needed his father around. ‘I cannot fulfil my dream if you hang my father’.

One should take Ghalib to meet the innocent orphan kids of Kashmiri Pandits, who are lying on the streets for that they needed their fathers around.Can the Seekers of pardon for Afzal bring back their father’s who were killed without reason by many Afzals?

No sorry by Afzal: Bin mange moti mile, mange mile naa bhikhSantosh Kumar Singh was present outside the courtroom and broke down when he heard the verdict. His father J.P. Singh, a senior retired Delhi Police official, consoled him.Afzal never even said sorry for the crime he committed. He smiled to hear the death penalty. (1) Afzal did not write letter for mercy to the President Kalam.(2) Without receiving letter from Afzal why mercy under consideration?(3) On the basis of fake hearing why hanging stayed?(4) Neither Afzal nor his wife accepts
Kashmir as a part of
India. Musharraf book contains
Kashmir in
Pakistan in his book: In the line of fire. Why book of Musharraf is being sold in
India against the prevailing law? 

Afzal is no threat but Santosh Singh is threat “Keeping this in mind, we can say that he is a threat to society and, therefore, deserves the harshest punishment,” the court ruled. “Even while in jail for three-and-a-half years, his good conduct has been appreciated by the jail authorities,” Defence Council said. After getting bail also he kept himself under the law.  

Verdict will send a strong message to those powerful people who consider themselves above the law. But mercy seekers for Afzal are above the law. They seek votes only and so called NGOs human activists want to act only for money even against the national interest.  


By Premendra Agrawal


Farmers Suicide: Art of living Vs Art of Fooling Vs Natwar

October 31, 2006

Comrade Sonia betrayed him or Natwar betrayed her? Natwar gets reward to be a blind follower of dynasty. Quattrocchi did not betray her. Could Kickbacks not be distributed properly? Who betrays

Why Lantern in the hands of blind NatwarI recall a short story of mine published in ‘Hindusthan’ Hindi weekly in my school life titled “Andhe ke haath men lantern (lantern in the hands of a blind). A man in the way wondered to see the lantern in the hands of a blind. He asked the blind “Being a blind why you have lantern”. The Blind replied “Though I can’t see but others are blinder than me. I have lantern, so eye men can see me without doing accident.” Perhaps Natwar is trying to show light to their ‘yes madam’ fellows. 

This is the saint government“Only concessions will not control the suicides. The Art of Living people are doing some work there. NGOs are doing some work. We are thinking of moving in this direction. Even after such a big package farmer suicides have not stopped,” Vilasrao Deshmukh said and wanted Sri Sri Ravishankar like saint.  Sonia is a great saint of
India. She proved this, so many times as written by great editors of English media. So the great saint of our nation reached Latur of Maharashtra to stop the farmers’ suicides. By the way Sonia launches the Congress campaign for the crucial Mumbai civic polls: ‘Ek panth do kaaj’.  

The suicidal cases have increased in
Maharashtra. More than 1,250 cases are there. Already Tata Institute of Social Sciences has submitted their report to the Mumbai High Court, in which they say because of the higher interest costs, farmer suicides are increasing. As VIPs come and go and politicians trade charges and make tall promises, the poor farmers of the state continue to languish.  

Bonded labors Vs bonded people under dynastic dictatorshipSonia is in no hurry to induct Rahul Gandhi into big league. So Rahul is with her mother in the tour of
Maharashtra. Other young parliamentarians are untouchable or inferior to Rahul. “I am happy and – I am sure many Congressmen are – about the way Rahul is fulfilling his responsibilities. I felt happy at the confidence he showed when he spoke at the UN meet,” senior Congress leader Ajit Jogi said. Rahul has been in
New York for a week as a part of an Indian parliamentary delegation. Nehru always gave his finger to Indira to groom her for PM post. All fight against bonded labors instead of bonded dynastic dictatorship. 

Does Sonia want loyalists of 10 Janpath or the nation? Sonia said that Natwar betrayed her belief. Newly reshuffle in the cabinet is by Sonia Gandhi instead of Manmohan. So Sonia Gandhi is praising every day to Manmohan.
Antony could become country’s new Defense Minister only due to the loyalty of Sonia and his Christianity. Though, he was responsible for the division and defeat of the Congress in Kerala. 

Similarly, Oscar Fernandes – who along with Ahmad Patel successfully transited from being Rajiv Gandhi’s handpicked men to becoming Sonia’s trusted loyalists – has got the important portfolio of Labour, albeit as minister of state with independent charge. Margret Alwa is the General Secretary of the Congress. Others are ‘Raibhadur’ of British time. 

‘Second criteri is being a criminal background with loyalty to Sonia through Lalu. Similarly, Jaiprakash Narayan Yadav – has become a minister again. Third, criteria is caste. M.H. Ambareesh got ministry to compete Janta Dal (Secular) CM of Karnataka. Both belong to the powerful Vokkaliga backward community. 

Congress led Govt’s ate fodder of cows and food of humanity People should belief on Sonia’s government which has made history of serving to the people by ‘Chara ghotala’ and ‘Oil for Food’.  Farmers can be served better by those who have capacity to eat fodder of cow and drink oil related to humanitarian grounds.  

Shameful plants in the fields and the Congress Farmers of Chhattisgarh know better about the ‘Besharam ke paudhe (shameful plants) grew automatically in the. They are unable to disclose their feelings due to poverty and in the hope of getting some thing from the rulers. Sealing affected traders even entered in 10 Janpath “Marta kyan naa karta”.  Congress rules the state and the centre both. Sealing problem is the gift of it. See art of fooling:  Congress will also participate in the three days strike of the traders. Congress leader Jaiprakash Agrawal boasted in an electronic channel that Congress is the only party inside the government and out side to listen traders’ problems. Congress can say that it never touched even a barrel of oil.  

Natwar alleges SoniaHitting back at Congress President Sonia Gandhi, former External Minister K Natwar Singh today said she was behind his recent problems with the Enforcement Directorate in the Iraqi oil-for-food scam and attacked her foreign origins. When asked if he (Natwar) had betrayed the Congress president over the
Iraq oil scam, he said the shoe was actually on the other foot. Singh fears that he and his family might be jailed and harm can come to his family members including his grandson. “Everything that the government did against me was on Sonia’s direction. I will not blame (Prime Minister) Manmohan Singh,” he told Star News, a release issued by the channel said.  

The charges by the 75-year-old career diplomat-turned- politician, a Nehru-Gandhi family loyalist for long, comes close on the heels of Gandhi’s attack on him in a TV interview three days ago.  Reacting to Gandhi’s accusation of her being betrayed by Singh, he said, “Betrayed is a strong word and according to Indian culture such words are not used for a person older than her 15 years.” He also said, “Those who are born in Indian soil will only understand the country’s ethos and culture. Others will not.”  

Natwar and Sonia Gandhi both are spiritual leaders!I read some where: Strong leaders were those who had a strong spiritual core. Some leaders were elders who, because of their age, possessed knowledge and had earned the respect of the people. Elders had a close relationship with spirituality. Full elder status was earned by those who displayed care for future generations and honored responsibilities of cultural traditions. Elders demonstrated generosity and kindness, and honored all living things including people, plants, animals and the earth. They were deeply respected and valued for the wisdom and experience they accumulated over time. Elders were the source of information for younger generations, and passed on knowledge.  Elders shared their knowledge with those who demonstrated respect for the cultural and spiritual traditions. 

Sonia Gandhi has given great respect to Sitarma Kesari and Jitendra Dixit before Natwar Singh. In Greek and especially in Roman culture, old age was supposed to exhibit a conservative seriousness with little tolerance for the irresponsibility of youth. 

Amar Singh’s charge Mr. Amar Singh said in
New Delhi that phones of the former External Affairs Minister, Natwar Singh, and some judges of the Supreme Court were also being tapped. This indicated an “undeclared emergency.” Mr. Singh told reporters that he had been informed by reliable sources that Mr. Natwar Singh’s “phone is being tapped and his entire house has been bugged by intelligence agencies.’ Mr. Natwar Singh is under strict surveillance; he can’t even talk to his son.’ About the alleged tapping of phones of some Supreme Court judges, he said, “I am not the first person to reveal this. A prominent national daily has even carried out the transcript of the tapped conversation of a judge.”  

Supreme judgment of the saintCongress party has also named in the Volcker Committee report. On Nov 15, 05 Sonia Gandhi vowed to punish (OFF) Oil for Food guilty. Question arises if Super PM herself is guilty then who can dare to punish? Can PM dare to punish Super PM? Can SC’s order do? Could Congress follow every order of SC? Not at all, but people have power to do this jobThe Congress saw no reason for an inquiry into the allegations as demanded by the Left parties. “Inquiry against whom and for what? We don’t think there is any room for that. The report is full of gaping holes and glaring errors,” party spokesman Anand Sharma said.  

Wheat Import Present Indian Government is importing wheat through this company. Why? Volcker had named this company in Oil for Food Scam. AWB Ltd was the biggest exporter of humanitarian goods to

This company also has an office in

Delhi, India. The present Indian Government is importing wheat through this company. Why? Volcker had named this company in the Oil for Food Scam. 

Further imported wheat is so inferior quality that even animal don’t want to eat that. 

In Rajya Sabha one member rightly said that 75 per cent population of
India lives in the villages.  In the absence of development of villages,
India could not develop and achieve economic progress.  Although
India is an agricultural dominated    country still it is importing wheat.  Government should give thrust to the agricultural sector and  to double its production. On one side
India is trying to became a super power by the year 2020, and on the other, people engaged  in agriculture activities  are being neglected.  Due to this very reason, the gap among the economic and social equality has been widening 

Congress traditionally runs two policies: one for the nation and another for the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. 

By Premendra Agrawal

Al badar Burqa killer from Kargil to Mysore Via 7/11

October 29, 2006

Duo terrorists arrested in Mysore are belongs to AL-Badr was active in Kargil, threated  to Clinton & now to P M  & President suspected link in 7/11 blasts. Al badr doesn’t follow Shabana on veil.  

Mysore Militants might be involved in 7/11 blastsThe State Anti-Terrorist Squad’s officers reached

Mysore to interagete the arrested terrorists who had travelled to

Pakistan for terror training via Mumbai under different names. Both were found in possession of AK-56 rifles, maps, satellite phones, laptops and a huge amount of currency. Except for the satellite phones, the possessions are similar to what were seized from the hideout of Abu Osama—a Pakistani and a suspect in the 7/11 case—who was killed in an encounter in August in Mumbai, Intelligence officials had been keeping a tab on the movements of the two Al-Badr operatives—Mohammed Fahad alias Mohammed Koya and Mohammed Hussain alias Jahangir—ever since they reached Mysore around four months ago.Weeks earlier, before the 7/11 serial blasts, both were in Mumbai. While Fahad had arrived earlier in the year from

Jammu and Kashmir, where he had been planted after initial training from

Pakistan’s ISI last year, Hussain had arrived on his own. Both had regrouped in the city to travel to

Pakistan by air using fake passports.  

Shabana Azami Vs Al badr on Burqa Issue“The Koran speaks about women wearing clothes to cover her modesty. A woman is supposed to cover herself to be modest. She does not need to cover her face. A time has come for a debate on the issue,” Actress Shabana Azmi told reporters on Oct 26 shortly before receiving the International Peace Award instituted by the London-based Gandhi Foundation. 

The outfit has also sought to enforce Islamist lifestyles in the areas in which it operates. For instance, reports of August 2003 indicated that the Al Badr ordered women in the rural areas of J&K to quit police jobs, wear veils, give up studies after the age of 14 and not to venture out without a male escort. Posters written in Urdu carrying these diktats were seen pasted on street walls and mosques in the Thannamandi and Darhal areas of Rajouri district. Earlier on December 20, 2002, in a major terrorist act against women across

Jammu region, terrorists killed three young girls, including two college students, at Hasiot village in Rajouri district. 

Linkages with Al Qaeda &……The Al Badr is reported to have close linkages with the Inter Services Intelligence and Jamaat-e-Islami. The Lahore-based Daily Times reported on December 27, 2003, that security agencies were investigating the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and Al Badr’s links with the Al Qaeda, Taliban and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s Hizb-e-Islami. There were reports that the two organisation’s former Mujahideen were recruiting Jihadis for the Taliban and the Hizb-e-Islami.  

Al Badr was active in Kargil for MushThe Al-Badr Mujahideen was one of the prominent militant groups’ active in the Kargil conflict. In September 2000 the central leader of the Al-Badr Mujahideen group, Bakht Zamin Khan, claimed that most of the peaks in the Kargil sector of the Line of Control (LoC) dividing

Jammu and Kashmir between

India and

Pakistan were still in the hands of Pakistan-backed guerrillas. Al Badr is the only outfit in

Jammu and Kashmir other than the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, to employ suicide squads to carry out its operations.  

Al Badr’s threat to
The Al-Badr Mujahideen, claimed in a written statement in Aug 7, 1999 at

Islamabad here today that its commander in-chief Safeer Ahmed met Bin Laden in the eastern Afghan town of

Jalalabad amidst tight security yesterday. The militant group in its statement, warned the

USA against any attack on Bin Laden and threatened that, if forced, they would target President Bill Clinton in retaliation. “Attack on

Afghanistan will prove very costly for

United States as we will not even hesitate to reach to the collars of Bill Clinton,” the statement said. 

Al badr massacare 10,000 ethnic Bengalis in 1971Al-Badr first emerged in 1971 and was reportedly formed by

Pakistan‘s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). The group was accused of participating in the massacre of 10,000 ethnic Bengali intellectuals in

East Pakistan (now

Bangladesh) during the Pakistani Civil War. After the war ended, al-Badr essentially disappeared for the next two decades. 

Operational DynamicsThe Al Badr is part of the United Jehad Council (UJC), a coalition of Pakistan-based terrorist groups active in

Jammu and Kashmir. It is reported to have training camps in the Manshera area of North West Frontier Province (NWFP) in

Pakistan, Kotli and Muzaffarabad in PoK. It has launched or threatened to launch attacks targeting Indian military installations and prominent government officials in

Jammu and Kashmir. 

Fahad alias Mohammed Koya had killed 22 soldiersFahad stayed with his father Abdulla Koya, his mother and step-mother in

Kozhikode. Fahad’s mother is the second wife of Abdulla Koya. It is learnt that the suspected terrorist from Pakistan Fahad alias Mohammed Koya was staying for the last four years in Jammu-Kashmir and allegedly killed about 22 Indian soldiers. This information came to light when Fahad was arrested and interrogated by the City Police on Thursday along with his accomplice.  He was a commander in the banned militant outfit Al Badr. He was reportedly trained and inducted for work. It is learnt that a person holding a top position in the enemy nation was referred to as Shaithan and bombs as aloo. His acoomplice Mohammed Ali Hussain was deputed as assistant in the city for all the planned jobs. It is said that Hussain had created fake documents to claim that he was an Indian citizen. The militants had visited various places, including

Kashmir, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kerala and Chennai,

Mysore police said. 

Did Fahad become terrorist due to poverty or illiteracy?The police stated that the Karachi-based Fahad is a post-graduate in analytical chemistry who had been trained in making explosives. Fahad, who is also well-versed in computers and IT-related software, and had an Indian visa, had been residing in

Mysore for the past six to eight months. He was running a shop called Royal Fancy Stores as a front for his activities. Hussain, a school drop-out, was involved in terrorist activities in

Jammu and Kashmir before moving to

Mysore three or four months ago, the police said 

Politicians who help terrists are untouchableMysore Police Commissioner Sood said police are trying to find persons who had “directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally” helped the alleged terrorists. Suspected terrorists arrested in

Mysore after gun battle with police and the persons who threaten PM and the President by email are related to PDP of Kerala, the leader of that Madhani was in

Coimbatore prison. He is accused in
Coimbatore serial blasts 19998 aimed to kill Lal Krishan Advani. Emai Threatening email contained Afzal accused in the attack of the Parliament and Madhani. People have seen tears for Afzal in the eyes of the leaders of Congress, CPM, NCP and other fake secular parties including J&K CM former CMs. Karnataka police claimed that the two men were members of Al Badr group and were planning to attack the state assembly. Congress led UDF including newly appointed Defense Minister Atony and CPM led LDF including present CM of kerala are still helping hands for Madhani and his party PDP. Now today Kerala Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan said that the state was becoming a base for Pak backed terrorism. PDP has close linkage with SIMI. Sonia Gandhi, Ambika Soni, Sriprakash Jaiswal of Congress supported SIMI when NDA was banninbg SIMI.Mulayam Yadav still supporting SIMI.
Are they not helps directly or indirectly for terrorism? 

Weapon mfg for terrorist in KeralaKuttikattoor: Police have taken over the control of the Minar Steel Factory located here in
Kozhikode district. Police suspect that the factory has been part of a network for manufacturing weapons including assault rifles for Pak-supported Jihadi terrorist organisations.


By Premendra Agrawal

Mysore Militant Malayalee: Email threat to PM

October 29, 2006

Suicide means: Vote bank politics to insecure the nation. Threat to PM: NDF+PDP+SIMI= NPS.

Maharashtra CM wants “Art of Living” stop farmers’ suicide.
Mysore Militant Malayalee grandparents.  

On Oct 23 at Raipur Ring road one thinner loaded tanker No.CG 10 ZB 0585 turned down. Thinner flowed and stored in a nearby dig. Greedy poor boys and elders began to fill that in the plastic jars or other types of pots. Suddenly fired happened and more than 15 gave their lives to the fire. Like that fake secular leaders are so greedy for votes that they are jumping in the death well. Farmers of

Maharashtra are regularly doing suicides. Congress CM puzzled. To day helplessly he said that there is need of spiritual preachers like Shri Shri Ravishankar who gives the world “Art of living” 


Pakistan Militants NabbedTo day two terrorists Mohammed Fayeed and Ali Hussain belonging to Pakistan-based outfit Al-Badr, banned by

India, with Pakistani Passport AK-47 rifles, have been arrested in

Mysore after a gun battle. Mohammed Fahad, one of two alleged terrorists arrested in

Mysore on Friday, came to

India on a 45-day visa to meet his Malayalee grandparents. Sketches of Vidhan Soudha and Vikasa Soudha, a satellite phone with numbers linked to

Jammu and Kashmir and

Pakistan, a laptop and some commonly available chemicals used for making improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were recovered from the terrorists. Karachi-based Fahad is a post-graduate in analytical chemistry who had been trained in making explosives and was influenced by the Al-Badr ideology, which was critical of

Gujarat riots and Babri Masjid demolition. They came to

Mysore, learnt local language, took a house in Vijaynagar area of

Mysore on rent, obtained driving license, and included their names in the voter list. Are these only two? Thousands and thousands including Bangladeshis infiltrators have become voters and many terrorists, insurgents are hiding from Kanyakumari to

Kashmir. They are solid voters and supporters of the PM’s Congress party. So it is right to say these are suicides for votes?   

Tear of Afzal mixed up with the tears for Madhani Thiruvananthapuram, Oct 27: Days ahead of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to Kerala, top officials in the state received an e-mail containing a threat to him and the President and having a reference to Parliament attack convict Mohammed Afzal Guru, who is facing execution and Kerala-based People’s Democratic Party leader Abdul Nasser Madhani, an accused in the case of 1998 Coimbatore serial bomb blasts aimed to kill Lal Krishna Advani in which 50 people were killed and more than 250 persons injured.  

Top police sources say today that the email message was sent to Director General of Police and the Home Secretary threatening the lives of PM and President of India. This threat can have serious connotations considering the arrest of two Al-badr militants from down south 

Three letter bombs had gone off hours before President Kalam visited the state last month for a day-long visit. A week later, a student was arrested and he confessed that he did so to get attention. 

‘NDF+PDP+SIMI= NPSAs reported today Oct 27, 2006, answering a query on the links, if any, between the shootout in the Karnataka town of

Mysore early Friday during which two suspected Pakistani nationals were seized and the e-mail, the official said one of those arrested had a

Kozhikode connection. Kozhikode District Collector A. Jayathilak said he had been informed of the linkage and ‘investigations had begun to this effect’. 

It is rightly said that The ISI backed NDF, PDP, SIMI, etc. have time and again declared that they will convert ‘Kerala into Kashmir´. The ‘

Paradise on Earth´ has now become a jehadi terror factory and Islamic terrorists are bent upon converting ‘God´s own country´ into ‘Terror´s own Land´. Close on the heals of the Marad massacre of eight Hindu fishermen, attacks on Sabarimala pilgrims, burning of Tamil Nadu state bus, RDX bomb blasts at a fishing vessel in Beypore and recovery of gelatine sticks in Kozhikode was witness to another major strike by Islamic terrorists.

In March 3, 2006, NPS threatens to blow up public utility offices

: Claiming responsibility for the twin bomb blasts at

Kozhikode on March 3, 2006, an organisation called NPS threatened to blow up government-run public utility offices in the disrict demanding quick services.In a letter written on top ‘NDF+PDP+SIMI= NPS’, it urged the government to put up sign boards at offices stating ”this office is ready for 24 hours public service.”  

Defense Minister Mr.CleanWhen former chief minister A.K. Antony foughta crucial assembly by election from Tirurangadi in 1995, he openly sought the support of the People’s Democratic party (PDP). The PDP was founded by Abdul Nasser Madhani after his Islamic Sevak Sangh was banned in 1992.

Antony justified his wooing of Madhani, claming that by associating with a mainstream party like the Congress the demagogue would turn democrat. Barely three years later, was Madhani arrested on charges of abetting the

Coimbatore bomb blast.  

Congress CM of Kerala Chandy in the support of MadhaniAs reported in Sept 11, Police officers of Thiruvananthapuram said that four youths, who allegedly put the bus on fire, were heard speaking to passengers about the harsh treatment meted out to Madhani at the

Coimbatore jail. However, Chandy denied reports that it was a possible attack by angry PDP supporters. The Chandy government expects to rope back a section of the Muslim community, who view Madhani as their leader, in case he is able to secure bail for Madhani.  

LDF Govt of Kerala in the support of Madhani“When I was Opposition Leader, I had written twice to the Jayalalitha government asking for permission to meet Madhani. The second time, Janata Dal leader Veerendrakumar and my own party’s T K Hamza wanted to join me. But it was denied,’’ the chief minister Achuthanandan said. However, with a change of guard there, we can think about some relief, be it in the form of bail or parole, for him,’’ he added. The PDP had declared its support for the LDF in the previous assembly election following a request from the front’s emissaries.

Congress led UDF & Communists led LDF shook hands for Madhani‘After we came to power, I met the Tamil Nadu chief minister and ensured that Madhani got treatment. Both allopathic and ayurveda doctors treated him, and his wife was also allowed to be present there with him,’ Achuthanandan said.  

The Left Democratic Front (LDF) got a shot in the arm ahead of the last assembly polls in the April-May when Madhani asked his supporters to back all LDF candidates. The Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) in March saw to it that a unanimous resolution was passed in the assembly demanding a parole for him. 

Role of DMK & AIDMK In Nov 2004 Mr Chandy had discussed the subject with Ms Jayalalitha when he met her at the head of a ministerial delegation to discuss the inter-State river water sharing agreement. Ms Jayalalitha reportedly told Mr Chandy that Mr Madhani’s family had been approaching the courts for his release and hence she would not like any external forces to meddle in the course of the law.  

In Feb 14,1998, addressing a rally in Tiruchirapalli, Lal Krishna Advani  said Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, while campaigning at Tiruchirapalli a few days ago, had reportedly claimed ”a river of blood” would flow if the BJP came to power at the Centre. ”Let him go to

Coimbatore. Now he will find a similar situation there,” he said. On Sept 98 Karuna Nidhi then CM of TN refused the BJP’s demand for CBI probe into

Coimbatore blasts.  

Abdul Nasser Madhani Madhani have got bail in 19 Kerala cases. So he, his followers and Congress Communists both think that getting bail or release the birth right of Madhani. His wife Sufiya has also got bail. Muslims form Kerala’s second largest community constituting 24 percent of the 32 million populations and plays a decisive role in the elections.  

Born in 1965 at Sastham Kotta in south Kerala’s Kollam district, Madani began delivering the Friday sermons from a local mosque at a young age. Thanks to his oratorical skills, he soon built up a following. Madani soon formed the Islamic Sewak Sangh, which he said was an answer to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. PDP leader K P Mohammed says there was nothing “wrong with the ISS. Just as the RSS stood for the Hindu cause, the ISS advocated the Muslim cause.”  

Even as the ISS grew in Kerala, Madani had to face personal tragedy. He lost one of his legs in a bomb blast. Then, in the wake of the Babri Masjid demolition in 1992, the government banned the ISS. Madani did not give up. He launched the PDP to forge a broad Muslim-Dalit-backward alliance.  

PDP ISI nexusMadhani’s family has submitted memoranda for his release to President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Home Minister Shivraj Patil and Chandy. In Kerala, UDF and LDF both seek the release of PDP leader, Abdul Nasser Madhani, It is said that Madani was accused of killing several people and was allegedly associated with the ISI and said the ruling UDF and opposition CPI(M)-led LDF fronts in Kerala were seeking his release. 


By Premendra Agrawal

No Flower in hands: Adopt Krantigiri

October 26, 2006

Gandhigiri is insult of martyrs. Learn krantigiri. Fight terrorism. No friendly fight. Mujhe tod lena vanmaali, Us path par dena tum fenk, Matribhumi par shish chadhanen, Jis path par jaayen veer anek 

Group photograph published by The Hindu Daily, shows President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandh with the newly sworn in Ministers at the Rashtrapati Bhavan on Tuesday. The new Defence Minister, A.K. Antony, is at right. Jaiprakash Narayan Yadav (second from right) and M.H. Ambareesh (left) are the new Ministers of State. 

Did Gandhi say or write anywhere that tainted ministers should be included in the cabinet of the PM of
India by the advice of so called present super Gandhi? 

Domestic violence and terrorism“We have been trying for long to protect women from domestic violence. In
India, around 70 per cent of women are victims of these violent acts in one or another form,” Renuka Choudhury, the Minister of State for women and child development, said. She can’t give a single assurance about women reservation bill. Domestic violence can be finished by enacting the tough law but terrorism can be abolished to remove POTA. What about WOTA? 

Fighting terrorism by Gandhigiri or KrantigiriIs this time for fighting terrorism by Gandhigiri? This was the co-incidence that due to the blood of martyrs
India got independence not only due to the non-violence. Every time every where Gandhigiri will not work. Non believers of this truth should sent all followers of Gandhigiri to the border of
India including Siachin and Kargil where our brave soldiers are standing with guns. There they should teach the Gandhigiri to the army of
Delhi traders affected by sealing try to convince the authorities through ‘Gandhigiri’, by holding “get well soon” placards and placing flowers at Town Hall in Munnabhai style. It is good that they said that if their demand is not accepted then they will proceed towards ‘Krantgiri’.  Pushp kee abhilashaaI recall the poem of Makhanlal Chaturedi: 

Chah nahen main surbala keGahanon men goontha jaon,Chah nahen, premi mala menBindh pyaari koa lalchaaoon, 

Chaah nahen, samraaton ke shavPar he hari, daalaa jaaoon,Chaah nahen, devon ke sir parChadhoon bhagya par ithalaaun 

Mujhe tod lena vanmaaliUs path par dena tum fenk,Matribhumi par shish chadhanenJis path par jaayen veer anek 

Cigarette or gun in the hands of youthsToday one channel reported that our state minister of Information ministry came in the support of smoking. This is the saint government cent percent. Subhash Chandra Bose said that he wanted to see gun in the hands of students instead of cigarette.  

Reward to tainted RJD member again?The Hindu Daily reported on Oct 19, 2005 just before one year the following due to that “Mr. Clean I” rewarded Mr. Yadav now. Newly defense minister is being called by media as Mr. Clean, so there should be correction as VP Singh Mandal I and Arjun Singh Mandal II. 

Oct 13, 2005: Vijay Prakash is the brother of Union Minister Jaiprakash Narayan Yadav. Adhering to the EC’s order for a probe, Additional Director General of Police Manoj Nath, would inquire into the circumstances leading to the release of Prakash who was arrested during yesterday’s poll, State police chief Ashish Ranjan Sinha, told PTI. Vijay Prakash was released on PR bond by the officer-in-charge of Khaira police station in Jamui district The Jamui Police Superintendent Arvind Kumar, has suspended the officer in-charge of Khaira police station Mukteshwar Prasad, for releasing the RJD candidate barely hours after he was arrested. Only a court is competent to release such arrests. Prakash was arrested for allegedly going around with his men carrying weapons, Rs 6.68 lakhs in cash and 50 bottles of Indian Made Foreign Liquor. “The cash and liquor were meant for distribution among the voters,” the SP said. The above is the symbolic example. Leaders and actor actresses felt proud to give honor the mahfils of Daud Ibrahim by their presence. We should smile to see the smile of great leaders MM Sonia with accused Mr. Yadav. 

Big news of big media The ‘Gandhigiri’ fever that caught the nation did not leave Prime Minister Manmohan Singh untouched when he took time off his busy schedule today to enjoy the Sanjay Dutt’s “Lage Raho Munna Bhai” along with his family. Singh, who was scheduled to watch the film two weeks ago, had praised the movie during his recent visit to
South Africa. Sheila Dixit makes the film tax free. PM went
South Africa but did not make protest and not request to the African Government for not giving the red light area of
Durban in the name of Mahatma Gandhi. If Congress can’t follow the characters of Mahatma Gandhi than why dishonor him to pronounce his thinking as “Gandhigiri”. This is the dadagiri of Congress. 

Friendly FightNow the government said that DIG of Orissa Jaswinder Singh was gunned down by his own body guards. Is this friendly fight as Congress and their allies give friendly fight in the elections?  Government of any country is the body guard of its county’s security sovereignty and the safety of the people. Are we safe through Gandhigiri in the hands of this innovative government which is liable for its naming in Greenish book? We should fight terrorism through gandhigiri or krantigiri? People should to think again and again and then should reach on patriotic decision without showing coward ness. Should people throw flowers on the feet of culprits? Government is being run in routine without fixing priority. They seek only votes.  

Ministers are helpless before ISIFormer Defense Minister said to children that ISI spreads wings in every wing of our government. All intelligence agencies undertake penetration operations in other countries — whether friend or foe — for intelligence collection. Question here is what his government is doing?  

Is this not mini spy game?A scandal that came to light last year, 7,000 documents that were smuggled out of the Naval War Room on flash drives was leaked to defense dealers. Three senior navy officers, a former air force wing commander and a nephew of navy chief Arun Prakash, son of Congress MP Abhishek Varma are among those accused in this scam. PM said to Bush that BJP was opposing Indo-US Nuke deal and when our former foreign minister said in
China that Pokharan was the sin of BJP, not of Congress. Arundhati Roy said in
America that there was no democracy in
India and lakhs of innocent Kahmiree and naxalites were in the Indian prisons without trial. CPM demaded withdrawal of all non-cerious cases which are against the Kashmirees. They tear for Afzal.  

Indian economy growing at rapid pace, says PMOur great economist PM is happy to read: “
India third largest economy by 2025: World Bank”. He said on Oct 26, 2006 the Indian economy was moving at a rapid pace and hoped that the rate of growth would reach 10 percent soon. 

Country is hungry but stomach of Congress is fullOur leading newspapers deceive people to give the survey reports in a wrong shape. Hindustan Times published on Oct 13: “
India has shown improvement in tackling the problem of malnutrition, which continues to afflict
Bangladesh and some countries of sub-Saharan
Africa wracked by civil unrest, according to the latest Global Hunger Index.” Are we competing
Bangladesh and Saharan African countries? Will our competitor be Bangladesh Cricket team in the coming world cup? The leading newspaper overlooked the fact: “India ranks an abysmal 93 out of 119 developing countries on the latest Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2006” Is this progress to be the third largest economy by 2025? Why doesn’t UPA government publish white paper regarding the farmers’ suicide in the NDA rule in comparison to the UPA Government?  

Why not survey for impartiality of the press?There are surveys on freedom of press only. Newspapers are publishing daily news regarding the suicide of farmers especially in
Maharashtra but no hard comment on this by secular media. They highlight death of one farmer in the Ghadsana of Gangnagar district in Rajasthan because there is a rule of communal BJP!  

India moves up in Press Freedom Index
India moved up to 105th position from 106th last year, the press freedom was nowhere near the level of 2002 when it was placed 80th among 168 countries ranked.
Pakistan‘s record of press freedom was poor right from the day the reporters’ body began rating the countries. It was placed 157 this year down from 150 last year and 119 in 2002. Are we competing
Pakistan on press freedom? Still our government stepped to curb the media by blocking bloggers on the instruction of Sonia Gandhi. Now it is going on to censor electronic media also. 

Manmohan was her choice even in 1999!I don’t know why leading media high light white lie of Sonia Gandhi that Man Mohan was her choice in 1999 and after that also. Why not secular media give clipping of her past statements related to this subject? Why fake secular media along with Sonia Gandhi want to keep people in dark? After getting doctorate from
Cambridge and
Oxford our PM begin to praise the British Rule. Like that three-four leading English Newspapers which were founded to serve the British rulers in the past are still serving…? 


By Premendra Agrawal

Corporate America for Gita Vs IIM Guru Lalu

October 26, 2006

Swamy Parthasarthy is Guru of American business executives to give message of Gita to put purpose before self. In
India Lalu becomes IIM Guru.
Salem MLA and Afzal Guru MP by election on secular ticket 

Are Fake Secular Yadavas Gokul
Krishna’s Vanshaj? Corporate
America is embracing Indian Hindu philosophy in a big way but to go against the teaching of our sanatan ancient books and tradition
India becomes a most corrupt nation of the world. The 80 year old Swami Parthasarathy, is one of
India‘s best-selling authors on Vedanta, an ancient

school of
Hindu philosophy. Is Lalu Yadav a son of Gokul symbol of honesty? Does Lalu follow Gokul Krishna and Gita? He is also the subject of international interest but to defame

Marx Capitalism Vs GitaTop business schools in US have introduced “self-mastery” classes that use Indian methods to help managers boost leadership skills and find inner peace in lives dominated by work. If we could or can follow our Hindustani methods then there would not be need to voice “Duniya ke Mazdooro ek ho” or “Gandhigiri”. The Western capitalists should learn a lesson from their so-called third World counterparts. Capitalists forget that they have a social responsibility, too.  How can we make happy to our nation by increasing few millionaires to make millions poor? Term human in business often gets neglected when terms like “stakeholders” are bandied around. Well being of the environment, society, employees, in addition to shareholders, is equally important for a well-balanced 21st Century business.  

Forgetting Gita Forgetting Gita means resulting in the loss of self identity, self respect and hence ethics. Indian history is the history of braveries but now Congress CM of J&K Gulam Nabi Azad  is called ‘Hangaru’ to tear for Afzal Guru by a Kashmiri newspaper. Mush called Manmohan a weak PM. Our slogan is ‘Mera desh mahan’ but Mush dare to say ‘Indian should come out of its phobia of being a greater nation’. Worshippers of a foreign origin,
Oxford and British Rule, how can dare to answer all these.  

Who calls terrorists to Tilak, Subhash, Savarkar?We proud of our Indian heritage, it started with Yoga again for the past two decades. Old is gold. Indian philosophy, Hindu religious books have lots to offer to avoid all the disasters we are seeing in the 21st Century. Just think about: Just 60 years ago we Indians were called all kinds of names, including terrorists by the Brits when we were fighting for our independence. Now the same is not repeating to mention in HRD’s NCERT and IGNOU books Tilak, Subhas and Sawarkar as terrorists. Teressa, Glady Staines and MF Hussain got highest award of
India instead of those who have devoted their lives for the sake of Indianess Hindutva and Hinduism. 

Give & takeGod is created human being for giving and it is in giving that we find fulfillment. On the other hand, everything in the world teaches us to take.
America enjoys most of the wealth of the world, so it is disturbed more than others. Leaders of
India elected by people for the people but they do all things to fulfill their self instead of doing for the benefit of the people.  

Is Saffron a poison?The ancient Hindu culture is evergreen. All the thoughts can be applied in any time. That is why it is also called Sanatana Dharma. Shri Shri Ravishankar, Ramdeo baba and now Vedantic Swamy Parthasarthy is flagging the saffron ancient glory of
India in the

land of
US and
Europe. In
India unfortunately fake seculars are learning ‘Soniaism’ instead of ‘Saffronism’. There was a movement by so called seculars against the former HRD Miniser Murli Manohar Joshi to call ‘saffronization’ as a poison.  

Dealing with nastyIn one incident, a young investment banker seeks advice on dealing with nasty colleagues. Banish them from your mind, Swamy Parthsarathy is told. “You are the architect of your misfortune. You are the architect of your fortune.” But I am not a saint. So I want to throw nasty politicians out of Government.  

Concentration, consistency, and cooperationSwamyjee speaks about secrets to business success – “concentration, consistency, and cooperation.” “You can’t succeed in business unless you develop the intellect, which controls the mind and body,” the swami said in his mellow baritone. He advises fund managers and venture capitalists about balancing the compulsion to amass wealth with the desire for inner happiness.

Indians head in Business-Schools abroad‘Business Week’ Magazine after publishing the article titled ‘karma Capitalism’ on Swamy Parthsarathy attributes the sudden interest in Indian philosophy to the sizeable presence of Indian teachers in American B-Schools. About 10% of teachers at places such as

School, Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business, and the

University of
Michigan‘s Ross School of Business are of Indian descent — a far higher percentage than other ethnic groups. 

Indians also head some half dozen business schools in the
US, including Kellogg. More important, says ’Business Week’, Indian-born strategists also are helping transform corporations. Academics and consultants such as C. K. Prahlad, Ram Charan, and Vijay Govindrajan are among the world’s hottest business gurus, advising some of the top
US companies. 

Inclusive CapitalismIndian theorists guide that executives should be motivated by a broader purpose than money. “The best way to describe it is inclusive capitalism,” C.K.Prahlad, who ranked third in a recent Times of London poll about the world’s most influential business thinkers, told the magazine. “It’s the idea that corporations can simultaneously create value and social justice.”

Corruption & Reservation Vs GitaHow can corrupt and caste-system religious based Resevation preach Gita?“The key point,” adds Ram Charan, a coach to CEOs such as General Electric Co.’s (GE) Jeffrey R. Immelt, “is to put purpose before self. This is absolutely applicable to corporate leadership today.” Are ‘Chara ghotala (Fodder scam), Bofors, War Room leakage, Oil for food scam for selfless or selfness of monetary politicians?

Business Week says Indian business teachers such as
Michigan’s Prahlad, Harvard’s Rakesh Khurana, Tuck’s Govindrajan, and Kellogg’s Jain, are linking some of their theories or deriving them Hindu philosophy. 

Mohanbir SawhneyFew Sikhs who want to differentiate from Hindus should know about Mohanbir Sawhney. “Marketing has tended to use the language of conquest,” Kellogg’s Mohanbir Sawhney, a Sikh who discusses the relevance of the Bhagavad Gita to business on his Web site, says:” Now the focus is on using customer input to dream up new products, which “requires a symbiotic relationship with those around us.”   

The World in A Box of GitaThere is a Geospatial Information Technology Association GITA ( ) in
America. It is named to show the love to ‘Gita’ of Mahabharat. The Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) is a nonprofit educational association serving the global geospatial community. Our site has been created with the intent of providing you a variety of information and useful references for your professional and technical needs.The World in A Box, video from the GITA Bookstore Catalog, published by GITA, is a one hour public television special that takes the viewer around the world to different state-of-the-art GIS installations and introduces the people who use them.  

Emerson and Henry David Thorou also got influence from Gita and Oppenheimer quoted Gita after the first test of the nuclear bomb. 

Commenting on the article one said: “Yes, I agree the Gita is a beauty to behold. The truth is greater than me. I guess we have to study ancient texts to get it right. I am not Indian but African. “ 

Wars in businessThis is refreshing. Let there be no doubt that Indian companies need to learn a lot from this as well. They have rarely cared about quality until recently. Customer service was never heard of. The Gita is a great text and its teachings are very relevant to business today.   

Lord Krishna taught Arjun how to manage his emotions in the Warfield and the world got “the Gita.” We have to manage our emotions in the every field of our life. Gita was not said in a classroom or temple but on a battleground and today people are fighting wars in business as well 

OnenessThe message of Vedanta is that there is oneness — business-wise this translates into cooperation rather than competition is the way to go. All individuals of an individual business house have to follow oneness of team loyalty to be success and to make success their business house. Without the team spirit even Rahul Dravid, captain of Indian Cricket team would not get word cup.  

Hinduism a way of lifeHinduism is a “way of life as directed by Supreme Court in a decision. Hence, as a theologically diverse and practically applicable body of insights, the applicability to modern management needs is not a stretch by any means. After all, Hinduism has nurtured a spirit of informed debate and deliberation through its many schools of thought over centuries. 


By Premendra Agrawal

Afzal Guru may be MP to follow Salem

October 26, 2006

Mubarakpur constituency may be mubarak for Abu Salem. Death penalty may be a gift of Gulam, Farooq, PDF and CPM for Afzal Guru to be a Member of Parliament to fulfill his wish of parliament attack.  

I find following main news of today.
Salem to contest UP pollAbout 20,000 posters and banners of the kurta clad don have been put up across the constituency wishing people for Id and Diwali as part of a “goodwill-cum-sympathy” campaign.  

Somanth Chatterjee for PrezThe CPI(M) appears determined to install a Marxist as President when APJ Abdul Kalam’s tenure ends in June 2007. Its candidate: Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee..No body thinks about Sonia Gandhi when Sanjay Gandhi was alive. At that time even Rajiv Gandhi was no where in the ruling Congress Party.  Sonia herself did not take citizenship of
India or membership of Congress. Now is ultapulta. 

Why Afzal may think to be MP?Former two CMs and present Congress CM of J&K, CPM, NCP, so called Human activists, Narbada Bachao andolan and other type of bachao andolan such as Save India of Udit raj and Maulavi Madani are in the fore front of Save Afzal move. So Afzal can move towards jumping in the election fray of Parliamentarian election. There will be no shortage of supporters. Flow of finance will be from out of
India mainly. 

ISI spreading wings in India: PranabIt means defense minister is helpless and want helps from the citizens. You said there was mole in PMO then PM could ask the name shamelessly instead of making enquiry. Defense Minister says about ISI, instead of strengthening our intelligence. ISI sponsored LeT men are in the army, in the air force, in the CRPF and in the security forces. Home Minister said no defense minister says yes. One says there is ISI hands in 7/11 another says no.  

Are we governing by fools and cowards? People should think on it. Time is runing. Anti-national elements to show loyalty towards 10 Janpath instead of Bharatmata enter any where to ruin the country.   

Government policies open the door for ISI to enter then we cry after that. If there is religious head counting and for making voters encouragements to infiltrators, terrorists and insurgents, then how our county will remain safe?  

Please allow me to say tomorrow if there will be most awkward situation then where we will go? Congress can go, Leftists can go, and many non-Hindus (Not all) can go their in laws abroad but where will go others? 

Who have or whose leaders have In-laws abroad? If yes then they can fly there easily. Has CPM hesitatition to go in the China? Few others may be in-laws at abroad. Passport of them should be seized by people. Especially of those who have past suspected record. A cheap cosmetic pack branded as Lalu Chale Sasural (“Lalu goes to in-laws house”) had become extremely popular among rural Bihari girls, especially in the areas such as Vaishali, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga and Samastipur. Each packet was priced at Rs 23 and contained items of daily use like face powder, cream, earrings, sticker, and a necklace. 

People have no belief now on these hopeless coward leaders. Suddenly I find one editorial in a newspaper of
Kashmir supporter of separatists. In that the paper called Gulam Nabi Azad Congress CM as ‘Hangaru’. This is the award to cowards. 

Constitutional terrorism Speaker of Parliament says that Naxalites are not criminals. Yesterday Sardar Jasbinder Singh, DIG of Orissa has been murdered by the naxalites. Still naxalites are not criinal according to comrades and Cogress. Congress leadership opposed ‘Salva Judum’. Leftists also opposed that to please naxalites. Now Naxalites themselves have started their own ‘Salva judum’ to give free food, free clothes and other necessary things to the tribal. Now Congress and leftists will not oppose the ‘salva judum’.  

Somnath Chatterjee is being blamed to attack on the constitutional authority Judiciary, election commission and on Subhash Kashyap renowned constitutional authority through privilege motion.  

Governmental TerrorismHome Minister Shivraj Patil and other fake secular leaders have said that terrorists are their brothers and naxalites are their children. So there is no question of differentiate them. Vote is most important. All anti-India elements and their supporters are the main voters and supporters of fake secular parties.  

Afzal may fulfill his wish of parliament attack to be a MPAfzal along with their other terrorists could not be succeeded to enter in the parliament. It was his bad luck and good luck of parliamentarians. But Afzal can fulfill his wish of that time easily to enter in the parliament now.  

Will there be a terrorist PM?In this process he can make available the entrance to other terrorists, separatists, insurgents, infiltrators and other type of fake seculars anti-natioanl elements. And like that there will be no communal BJP, Shivsena, Akali Dal etc. They will be thrown in the forest for ‘Tapashya’. They should face the situation to think “jangal men mangal (pleasure in the forest)” Govt will assure them for not enterfearance of the Ravana’s heirs or dynasties in the forests. Terrorists, religious convertors and other mights will find suitable place for them in the distance from the forest.   

Will anti-nationalists be in the majority even in parliament? No, we never allow this. 

F R E E   Z O N E S 

Reserve Zone for terrorismThis free Reserve terrorism zone is an area set aside for terrorists, separtists, infiltrators, insugrent groups, religious convertors, with in which law enforcement authority will not interfere with them if they stay inside it, but may arrest them if they venture out of it. It is often at a remote location from which the terrorists and like others need not be seen or heard by those attending the event being peacefully.  

This proposed arrangement is alike political parties. Such as WB and Kerasla for Leftists, Andhra for TDP, TN for DMK, Orissa for BJD etc. This may be alike Reserve forest zone for tigers in MP.  

Free speech zone When Sonia Gandhi or PM travel around the India, the Secret Service visits the location ahead of time and orders local police to set up ‘free speech zones’ or ‘protest zones’ where people opposed to Govt policies  are quarantined. These zones routinely succeed in keeping protesters out of Sonia’s or PM’s sight and outside the view of media covering the event.  

Free Terrorism Import Zone: There will be no restriction in the import of terrorism from abroad including Pakistan and Gulf countries. More Bus rootes, train tracks and airways will be find for their incoming. No passport No need to give detail bio-data. 

Free Terrorism ZoneGovt could not stocp middlemen in the army deal, so our humble noble PM suggested us for allowing middlemen in the arms deal. Like that our govt is uncomfortable in controling the terrorism then it should be better to give the terrorists and their organizations license for doing their job without hurdles in certain areas as the political parties are doing in J&K. There all parties except BJP and Shivsena perhaps have tears for the Afzal.   

Allotment of zone to terrorists will be after mutually discussuin as Manmohan and Musharraff reached in a mutual accepted formula for joint mechanism. 

Free Conversion Zone: Christian Missonaries will be welcomed. Free lincese will be given to them for bringing dollars, Euros etc., so they feel good to convert the poor and tribal in Christ. Most backward tribal zones will be fixed for their working. Bihar contains less Christians, so that province may be gifted to them for coversion. These will be awarded as per their record of converting. India have already awarded ‘Bharatratna’ to Terressa and ‘Padmshree’ to Glady Staines. 

Free expression zone: There will be free zone for the painters, writers and historians. Nude painting exhibition of MF Hussain, NCERT and IGNOU have been already made for them. Now other areas may be given to them for extending their activities to make a new India as directed by fake secularists.  

Without arm-race or nuclear war Pak can rule upon
IndiaThe above suggestion is given under the Gandhigiri’s new fake secular thinking. By these arrangements, there will be no need to Pakistan for worry in sponsoring terrorism in India. Pak will be free to rule India through terrorists. After all Pakistanis were our brothers in pre-independese period. Free trade free terrorism is the new noble idea for global peace invested by fake seculars.  

There will be no communal riot because if demanded than
Gujarat and forest areas of
India may be allotted to so called communal forces. As barracks are in the prisons, like that all arrangements will be made. No interference of any type of any one to any one.  


By Premendra Agrawal

Supreme Court Vs Politics of Vote Creamy Layer IX Schedule

October 22, 2006

Bhiksham (vote) dehi mai (SC/ST/OBC)”, said Ravana (Fake Seculars) to Sita (SC/ST/OBC). They raised their salaries and passed ‘Office of profit bill’ to be Democratic Dictator as Hitler & Mussoline   

Give me food (vote), O mother. [In
India, it is customary to give alms and food to the begging sanyasin.] 

Sharad lalu II slaves of 1931 or the leaders of Free

“On the observation that there was no data on the population of Other Backward Classes, he said OBCs could not be punished for the no-caste census after 1931. He said no one could challenge the authenticity of the 1931 Census,” said Sharad Yadav lalu II (Not Pope II).  

Why not begging in the roads for other than votes?Why they want creamy layer? I have explained this in my previous article. These massiahs of SC/ST/OBC for the benefilt of their own children ready to go against the interest of all (Apna bhala toa sabkaa bhalaa). They will not say “ Jo de uskaa bhi bhalaa jo naa de uska bhi bhala”. If, they are poor then they should beg in the roads for other than votes.  

Socialists divide to ruin themselves Sharad Yadav divided every party in which he was. Cunningly he mixed up Samta party in JD (U) and thus founder of Samta Party George Fernadis is being forced to go out. He divided even NDA. Congress divides to rule but socialists divide to ruin themselves. This is the fate of Lohiavadis. Ram temple is not in the agenda of NDA. Is inclusion of Reservation in IX schedule in the agenda of NDA?  Supreme Court is now not supreme for politiciansThe Supreme Court has ruled that the more affluent and privileged – termed as creamy layer – among the scheduled castes and tribes quota beneficiaries should be kept out of the purview of reservation in government jobs and education. Politicians are now becomes nude to follow ‘Meethaa meethaa gupp, kadvaa kadvaa thuu’.

Leftists enemy of Judiciary“It (the apex court’s ruling) is a judicial assault on the most oppressed sections of our society,” said the Communist Party of India (CPI) in a statement released here. CPI-M that leads the Left Front also expressed its disappointment over the apex court’s ruling. Don’t say drinker or opportunists to Leftists. They said in the previous week the same as Supreme Court says now. But now they became about turn because there history showed that communists are against the judiciary since their birth. I have given the facts of this in my one past article.  

I recall a story. One said to his opponent, “Please don’t cut your nose,” but the opponent cut his own nose to go against his opponent. They are sinking Congress also (ham to Doobe sanam tujhe bhi liye DoobeNge) 

Non –Communistist parties’ leaders are commenting in different voices. Though, their parties are still not decided the matter on party line 

Is TN of DMK a
Vatican City?Even as the Supreme Court reiterated that all quotas for weaker sections should not exceed 50 per cent, the Tamil Nadu Government has maintained that this ruling is not applicable to it. Is TN a
Vatican City in the country of super leader? 

Laxman (Nationalist parties) are in a fix It knew that Rama (unity) can never get hurt, and secondly he was specifically asked by his elder brother to remain by the side of Sita (SC/ST/OBC). If he leaves Sita (SC/ST/OBC) he disobeys Rama (unity) which might bring some misfortune, and if he does not proceed to help Rama (unity) Sita (SC/ST/OBC) is displeased. 

The Laxman Rekha (National Interest)Still, as per the voice of his conscience, laxaman (Nationalist parties) requested Sita (SC/ST/OBC) to remain calm as no difficulty can come Rama’s way (way of unity). She might have imagined the voice as of her husband’s. However, Sita (SC/ST/OBC) was persistent in her demand that Laxmana (Nationalist parties) must go to Rama’s rescue (save unity). At last with heavy heart, Laxmana (Nationalist parties) decided to go in search of Rama (unity). But before leaving Sita (SC/ST/OBC) alone, he drew a line – Laxmana Rekha (National Interest) – that Sita (SC/ST/OBC) should never cross. (In the event of any one including Sita (SC/ST/OBC) crossed that Laxmana Rekha (National Interest) the person was sure to get burnt.) Sita (SC/ST/OBC) promised not to cross the same and after that Laxmana went in search of Rama and the deer (power). 

Ravan Lifts Sita (SC/ST/OBC is lifted by divider)Here near the hut, Ravana (Fake secular) made his appearance as he was sure Rama (Unity) and Laxmana could/would not come back soon. He also through his Mayawi Power (mirgmarichika) changed himself into a monk – Sanyasin and as the custom went, came to the hut of Sita (SC/ST/OBC) begging for food. “Bhiksham dehi mai“, said Ravana (Fake secular) to Sita (SC/ST/OBC). (Give me food, O mother.) [In
India, today also, it is customary to give alms and food to the begging sanyasin.] 

With a tray of some fruits and food Sita (SC/ST/OBC) came out of the hut at the call of the ‘guest’ at her door. However, she did not dare to cross the line drawn by Laxmana lest she should get burnt, and hence, she offered the bhiksha from well within the limits of Laxmana Rekha (
India’s interest). 

Sanyasin Ravana (Fake secualr) Ravana was also equally well aware of the power of that line, crossing of which was sure to see his end! Therefore, pretending to be unhappy at Sita’s (SC/ST/OBC) reservation in serving a ‘holy person (Fake secular)’ from a distance, he shouted, “O noble lady, have you forgotten the lofty and honored tradition of your clan? How can I accept the alms given with reservation and insult! Please come out and give the offerings with propriety and decorum befitting your Aryan tradition.” 

Thus influenced, no sooner did Sita (SC/ST/OBC) cross the line than the mighty Ravana (Fake secular) took his chance and lifted Sita (SC/ST/OBC) on his shoulders and fled away. The terrified lady shouted for help, but of no avail. Soon Ravana (Fake secular) was flying high in the sky to take aerial route towards his capital city of
Lanka (10 Janpath). The cry of her help could not reach distant Rama (national interest) and Laxmana (nationalist parties).I leave here for secular media to extend the events as Story of Jatayu-voter.How corrupt are our government, politicians, journalists and we?There are four pillars of democracy — judiciary, legislature, executive and the Press. 

Fine line of corruption between Executive, legislature & MediaSuch as on the issue of Office of profit bill, enhancing the slaries and other benefits for their own, women reservation bill and the order passed by the Supreme Court on the exclusion of Creamy layer in the reservation. All believes that policians from top super pm to lowest level are corrupt. So our two pillars are already damaged. How media is with them? Viewers please, find themselves. I try to write separate article for this. 

Judges before retirement safe guards of the DemocracyThese corrupt politicians related to above two pillars want to corrupt Judiciary. In the half way they have succeeded. People have belief on the courts decisions means the final decision of the Supreme Court. Actually they are the safe guards against the anti-people selfish policies and acts of the politicians.  

Interestingly the judges of the High Courts and Supreme Court after the retirement become the object of the first pillar of the democracy (executive body). As we see in various one man finding commissions such as Bannerjee Commission which is formed by railway minister Lalu and that is declared illegal by the government. It is a subject of research how Judges of High Courts and Supreme Court are safe on the disease of corruption and partiality before their retirement. 


By Premendra Agrawal

No Ajmer Sharif bless for Pak Cricket victory

October 22, 2006

Are we slaves? Are we sheeps? Do we want to see another emergency? If that happens, Jaipraksh will come.  Will sites be blocked & bloggers be hanged instead of Afzal? Don’t think again to censor media Congress thinks that 10 Janpath’s loyalist Naveen Chawala will conduct the general election of 2009 as an Chief Election Commissioner, so it is safe. It is on wrong foot. At the time of emergency Chawala was with Indira Gandhi and what he did Shah Commission mentioned all those in its report.  Do we respect the law of land or the constitution of
India? If yes then why Sonia Gandhi and Congress can give bad name to Hindus by false propaganda and Hindus have no right to give answer to these propagandists.  I received few messages for stopping to cricticize Sonia Gandhi and Congress. In the current year before April 2006 my blog posting were At that time titles of my posting were highlighted in the front page of the blog box of TOI. Christian and anti-national lobby was in jealous mood. They gave ‘supari’ to the mole in the TOI or to the hacker to defame me. They stole my passward and in my name in my blog posted that I had been converted to Christ. And that mentioned below my many postings that I was making apology to write those articles. After that I named the blog since that change not a single title of my article placed in front page of TOI. I am not greedy for this. Because I know every where there are lobbies. Not a single party or newpaper untouchable for this. This is not my job to think for this.That was the ‘Freedom of expression’, which was given to those culprits. I am an ordinary but awaken citizen, if the 10 Janpath loyalists could behave like that with a citizen then what they can’t do with George Fernadis and others. There is news published on Sept 19, 2006 titled Sonia steps in to stop web ‘slander’ on Feroze Gandhi’ at: one posting of May 17, 2006 titled “Gandhigiri and

Red Light Road

named after Gandhi’ is as blog. Sub headings are: “Gandhigiri” & Red-light Road named after Gandhi; Politician ordered by Court to read Gandhi; Why not ‘Sorry Gandhi’ – Satyagraha movement’s 100 years later; Has Mahatma Gandhi better place in
India than
S. Africa; and last sub heading is: Stealing ‘Gandhi’ surname. My whole article is with facts not a single word is without facts. Text of subheading “Stealing ‘Gandhi’ surname” start with ‘Is anywhere contradiction of the following?’ After that I sighted few websites related to Mahatma Gandhi and other Gandhis dynasties.  Still people want to know about ‘Nehru Gandhi dynasty’ because it ruled more than 50 years and still is ruling the country. It never co-operate to other 7-8 years ruling. This dynasty is not property of any individual. It belongs to
India. People want to go through the movie of Anupam Kher “Maine Gandhi ko nahen maraa’. Godse killed Gandhi only one time but ‘“har roz har pal…baar baar apne haathon se gala ghot kar mara hai. par mujhe koi dukh nahi (everytime i killed gandhi).’ Every citizen has right to search and discuss about this crime. I tried to find out that truth in my article. If any, one has objection than he has liberty in
India to contradict by giving the facts.  Nehru and Gandhi are public figures. So we Indians have right to discuss, not necessarily as the goggle of Sonia Gandhi or Congress. Discussions should be with facts and impartial, not nececssarily in the line of Natwar Singh who says that he is the blind follower of Nehru Gandhi dynasty. People can write that this dynasty belong to Sonia and Menka Gandhi both. How can go on Congress line, “One is Italian so she is deshi bahu and another is videshi so she is deshi bahu”? How can we differnciate between Rahul and Varun Gandhi. Yes we can diffenciate. One is walking on the wheel chair of Gandhi dynasty and another is running in his own way with his own self confidence.  Dynasty or individual should be known by their acts instead of name. At the moment every fake secular leader is running against the especialities of their names. Lalu is not lallu. Arjun’ bows are not on target. Digvijay is nowhere in victory. Renowned journalist N Ram is totally against for Ram temple on the birth place of Ram. The Hindu and Hindustan Daily papers are anti-Hindu. Ramvilas goes against the Ram of Ayodhya. Sitaram Yechury and Somnath da are atheists so ‘No Sitaram bhajman and No Somnath temple worshipping. Question arises why they are not changing their name as per their acts and principles. I myself changed my name by giving affidavit. So, many people think that they want to deceive the Hindus who follow Hinduism and hindutva as defined by Supreme Courtk, described by former President Sarvpalli Radhakrishnan and the tradition of sanatan
India.  Pt Nehru was Kashmiri Padit. No one wants to see him in this angle. Karn Sinh belongs to Maharaja of Kashmir. But most Kashmiri Pandits have been made by Congress government as refugees. They are moving on the streets of
Delhi and those who are not caste of Nehru are living in VVimp bungalows. What they did for refugee Kashmiri pandits?  The Congress spokesperson praises Sonia Gandhi and Congress. But his father has different opinion. Idealogy of Somnath Chatterjee is Marxist but his father was a reputed leader for a certain time of Hindu Maha Sabha. Late Sucheta Kriplani and her husband late Acharya Kriplani might be different in many issues. It does not mean that they are or they were enemies of each other. Sonia Gandhi should know Indian culture of tolerance and democracy. Who say all Muslims are anti-Hindu or support terrorism? Fake seculars want to make this division for vote bank. Otherwise Muslims are more secular than the congress. Many Muslims wanted fatwa against the fatwa for not singing vademataram. Secular media wants to evoke Muslim community but maelgaon showed that Muslims are not fool. Actor Feroze Khan taught this in the

land of
Pakistan.  Even in yesterday court decision came on Imarana her father in law convited for 10 year prison. But secular media including electronic channel are trying to know some thing against the decision from the clerics and maulvis. Leaders want only votes and media wants only selling events, made story or real.   In the previous week the
Bangladesh cricket team on Saturday paid obeisance at the shrine of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti here and prayed for a good performance in next year’s World Cup. There is news in todays ‘Navbharat’ Daily. Pakistani batsman Fizal Iqbal also reached there and wanted the blessing for the victory of Pakistani team from the holy men of Dargah but they refused to do so. Instead they said that they wanted the only victory of Bharat. They are not Congressmen of Patna who worshipped for the victory of Italian football team to keep photo of Sonia Gandhi before them.  I am an independent news analyst. I never was a servant of any. So there is no need now to say ‘yes madam’ or ‘Yes Sir’. I have no ambitious to be a leader so why I will compromise against the interest of India; as BJP Vice-President Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi maintained that the Constitution does not allow reservations to continue for an indefinite period but admitted that no political party has the courage to say that it should not stay for an indefinite period. “There is a provision in the Constitution that it (reservations) should not go on for an indefinite period… a time limit was fixed.  I am not greedy for the publication of my articles in so called high standard news papers. When she was imaging India a country of snakes and elephants, at that time I entered in journalism and published Students Hindi weekly ‘Badhte chalen’ from Delhi as a nationalist with the help of opposite to my ideology comrade renowned journalist former editor of ‘Blitz’ Hindi and at that time the editor of ‘himalaytimes’ fortnightly. Still I regard him though since last two decades I did not meet him. I knew why Indo-China war happened and what comrades said at that time about
China. But we were sympathetic to each other and co-operative also.  Now the situation has been changed. After a very long period silence I have started to write. These types of threat don’t block me. They can for a short period block my blogs as they did to block some blogs specially American and Hindu organizations to say that this is being done for not repeating the 7/11 train blasts. They can make fool to say like that to the fake secular media. Time will come very soon if they will repeat such blackish formula then people will teach them. At that time they should not say that they would be the Victim of revenge. This writing is in public domain. By Premendra Agrawal

Neuro Brain Research & Creamy Layer

October 22, 2006

A recent brain-imaging study shows that our political predilections in which Reservation and Creamy layer may be included are a product of unconscious confirmation bias. 

We have to find out the answers: Should Children of Mayavati, Minister Ram Vilas Paswan, Rly Minister Lalu Yadav, Health Minister Ramdas, Mulayam Yadav, Ajit Jogi and such others who are under the definition of creamy layer be liable for taking the benefits of Reservation on the cost of the poor students of the general caste such as Brahmins. 

 The Triune Brain shows that reciprocity, not conflict, is the endpoint of human development. So, neuroscience is the bridge between the natural and the social sciences including economics and politics. The link between neuroscience and behavioral ecology is pure hand-waving. Gerald A. Cory Jr. has written a book in this subject.  

Francois Gautier placed the facts in his article:There are 50 Sulabh Shauchalayas (public toilets) in
Delhi; all of them are cleaned and looked after by Brahmins (this very welcome public institution was started by a Brahmin). A far cry from the elitist image that Brahmins have! 

There are five to six Brahmins manning each Shauchalaya. They came to
Delhi eight to ten years back looking for a source of income, as they were a minority in most of their villages, where Dalits are in majority (60 per cent to 65 per cent). In most villages in UP and
Bihar, Dalits have a union which helps them secure jobs in villages. 

You also find Brahmin rickshaw pullers in
Delhi. 50 per cent of Patel Nagar’s rickshaw pullers are Brahmins who like their brethren have moved to the city looking for jobs for lack of employment opportunities and poor education in their villages. Did you also know that most rickshaw pullers in
Banaras are Brahmins? 

Humans are selfish, scarcity-obsessed products of millions of years of biological evolution and thousands of years of cultural evolution, as well as they are equally designed to love, cooperate, and share fairly with other members of our species. 

Self-interest and empathy (based on both reciprocity AND concern for others) are both important, and there is a constant tension and trade-off between the two.  

At the moment matter under discussion is inclusion and exclusion of ‘Creamy layer’ 

The Supreme Court upheld constitutional validity of the 77th Amendment providing reservation to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled tribes for promotion in government jobs.

“It is the Supreme Court order and as a minister I would not comment on it. But our party has always believed that creamy layer should not be kept out,” said Ramvilas Paswan, leader, LJP on Sept 18, 2006. 

Supporters and opponents of the creamy layers’ inclusion are equally convinced that the evidence overwhelmingly supports their position.  

This has been scientifically tested by researchers Ernst Fehr, director of the Institute for Empirical Research in Economics at the University of Zurich and Paul Sanberg, director of the Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair at the University of South Florida College of Medicine in Tampa.The results has already been presented at the 2006 annual conference of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. 

The neuroimaging results, however, revealed that the part of the brain most associated with reasoning–the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex–was quiescent. Most active were the orbital frontal cortex, which is involved in the processing of emotions; the anterior cingulate, which is associated with conflict resolution; the posterior cingulate, which is concerned with making judgments about moral accountability; and–once subjects had arrived at a conclusion that made them emotionally comfortable–the ventral striatum, which is related to reward and pleasure.  

Scientists discover brain trigger for selfish behaviour Scientists have found that they can make people selfish and egotistical by turning off a brain region at the flick of a switch, providing new insight into social behaviour. 

Civil society may hinge on a tiny piece of tissue at the front of the human brain, a new study suggests.  

Experiments involving a “fairness” game show that the right side of this region — called the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex — helps people suppress selfish urges in obviously unjust situations, even at their own expense.When researchers used a mild electric current to temporarily short-circuit this area, the law of the jungle quickly reasserted itself. 

People with disabled right-side dorsolateral prefrontal cortexes (DLPFC) grabbed whatever money they could from lopsided transactions — even when they knew the deal they were getting was grossly unfair. 

“They understood the unfairness of it all, but they simply couldn’t inhibit their need for getting the money,” said Paul Sanberg. 

Sanberg was not involved in the study, which is published in the Oct. 6 issue of Science. 

The Swiss and American team behind this research noted that, despite a long history of crime, wars and rapaciousness, human beings are innately cooperative. In fact, Homo sapiens is the only species to exhibit “reciprocal fairness” — the punishment of others’ unfair behaviors, even in situations where doing so hurts the punisher. 

This behavior is demonstrated in an oft-used tool in behavioral science called the “Ultimatum Game.” In this game, one player is given a set amount of money. He is then instructed to hand over, at his own discretion, a share of the money to a second player. 

Player 2 can either accept the amount offered or refuse the deal altogether, in which case both players receive no money.When Player 1’s offer is very low — for example, $2 out of a total of $20 — it would still behoove Player 2 to accept the offer, since $2 is better than nothing. 

However, under normal circumstances, participants put in this position in the game overwhelming refuse such low offers, which they perceive as grossly unfair. Instead, they forfeit their own self-interest so they can “punish” Player 1.Why might this be so? Humans are highly socially evolved, and punishing unfairness “helps sustain cooperation in groups,” said study lead researcher Ernst Fehr. 

Because more cohesive groups tend to have better survival prospects, humans who suppress their immediate urges end up on the “winning team,” evolutionarily speaking. 

Fehr’s group sought to find the seat of this selfishness-override in the brain.In prior brain-imaging studies, the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) lit up during the game, so the researchers focused there. 

In the study, they had participants play the game under two conditions. In the first condition, the researchers passed a mild electric current through the right or left hemispheres of Player 2’s DLPFC, temporarily deactivating these brain regions. Other participants took on the Player 2 role under sham conditions where no real electric current was flowing. 

“The big surprise,” Fehr said, “is that a relatively minor inhibition of the right DLPFC removes or weakens the subject’s ability to override their self-interest.” 

Players whose right-side DLPFC’s were “switched off” accepted even very low amounts of cash nearly half (45 percent) of the time — even though they knew the offer was terribly unfair. 

But under normal conditions, barely one in 10 players accepted such insulting low offers, the researchers found.The experiment shows that this part of the cortex “is clearly very important for our social behavior, our societal evolution,” Sanberg said. The right side of the DLPFC helps people resist those strong urges for sex, money and general acquisitiveness that come from more primitive sites outside the cortex, he said. 

“It provides modulation of those urges, so that you can have control over them,” Sanberg added. “As we evolved, we somehow developed this control over our basic needs.” 

Further research is going on. 

The implications of the findings reach far beyond politics. A jury assessing evidence against a defendant, a CEO evaluating information about a company or a scientist weighing data in favor of a theory will undergo the same cognitive process. What can we do about it?  

Columnist Michael Shermer rightly said that we need similar controls for the confirmation bias in the arenas of law, business and politics. Judges and lawyers should call one another on the practice of mining data selectively to bolster an argument and warn juries about the confirmation bias. CEOs should assess critically the enthusiastic recommendations of their VPs and demand to see contradictory evidence and alternative evaluations of the same plan. Politicians need a stronger peer-review system that goes beyond the churlish opprobrium of the campaign trail, and I would love to see a political debate in which the candidates were required to make the opposite case. Skepticism is the antidote for the confirmation bias. 


By Premendra Agrawal