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Political Terror for 7/11 blasts & Pardon to Afzal

September 30, 2006

“We are serious about the internal security challenges and besides using forces, we want to adopt other methods to deal with terrorists activities,” Jaiswal said in
Raipur at Mana airport. Following facts show how he and his government are serious.  

Congress, PDP and CPI (M) want pardon to Afzal who got death penalty in the case of parliament attack. Ban on SIMI by NDA government was opposed by Sonia Gandhi, Cabinet Ministers Ambika Soni and Sri Prakash Jaiswal. Few days before Mulayam’s withdrew the cases against SIMI chief and others to utilize them in the coming election. RSS is the enemy number one for SIMI. So for getting support of it ‘post boys’ of the Congress gave Sonia’s letter to the President Kalam against RSS. 

Before filing case against banned SIMI’s office bearers for its involvement in 7/11 Mumbai serial blasts and removing the ban on it as unsuccessfully pleaded by UP Congress President as advocate in Supreme Court, case should be registered through FIRs against the political terror providing leaders. There should not be objection for the pardon to Afzal. But before that pardon seekers should be in the parliament and Afjal should be out of parliament with A-47.  

“Hum hain ek duje ke liye”The main culprits are Faizal Sheikh, Kamaluddin Ansari and Ehtasham Siddiqui. Siddiqui is the General Secretary of SIMI’s
Maharashtra branch. However,
India‘s counter-terrorism efforts would immensely benefit from realizing that the activities of banned organizations and their cadres who entered in Samajwadi Party and Congress especially also need constant monitoring if such attacks are to be prevented. 

Many members of SIMI were, and continue to be, on the payroll of
Pakistan‘s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).  

Further, indications of the linkages between SIMI and LeT were provided by the intelligence departments of several State governments where the former is active. For example, an official declaration by the Kerala government submitted on 1 June 2006 before the tribunal examining the legality of the ban on SIMI indicated that its cadres had developed links with the LeT. Similarly, Maharashtra Police has said that the three LeT terrorists involved in the attack on the RSS headquarters in
Nagpur on 1 June 2006 used the SIMI network to arrange arms and ammunitions for the task. Mohammed Amir Shakeel Ahmad Sheikh, another SIMI activist arrested in the May 2006
Aurangabad arms haul case, was a Lashkar recruit. 


FIR be lodged against Pseudo-Secular media & leaders  Mumbai police ATS and media are reporting that there is a conspiracy to spread riot behind the
Malegaon and 7/11 bastings. Today’s press conference briefing of the Maharasthtra Police also said that arrested accused of 7/11 blasts caught local trains for blasting from Churchgate. One Pakistani and one Bhartiya are in every group of them. Without local support Pakistanis could not do the blasting. But local supported persons arrested are influenced and encouraged by the policies of UPA government.So UPA leaders are more rioter than the arrested terrorists.  

For the first time, Sharad Pawar has admitted, on record before Shekhar Gupta that he had “deliberately misled” people following the 1993 Mumbai blasts by saying there were 12 and not 11 explosions, adding the name of a Muslim-dominated locality to show that people from both communities had been affected. ‘The Hindu’ daily English Newspaper publisher N.Ram (Narsimhan Ram), published an article on Sept 9, titled ‘
Malegaon: the road to perdition’ written by Praveen Swami who is of its
Delhi bureau & Anupama Katakam. They made accuse in their article to Bajrang Dal for the riots. After that the same blame was repeated by CPI M). After getting pressure from high command security forces reported that more than 20 persons of Hindu Majority Area of Malegaon were detained by the police. 

There is no doubt that our people next to God in democracy gave the sword to monkeys. “Minority welfare” or “Vote welfare”In
India Deputy Chief of Army Staff-designate Lt. Gen. Z.U. Shah is the brother of actor Naseeruddin Shah.  Today I heard in a news channel that he is now promoted. Our President is Dr. Abdul Kalam. Indira Gandhi married to Muslim Phiroze Khan. But UPA Government want religious head counting in every field  which it calls its efforts to promote “minority welfare” by studying the social, economic and education status of the Muslim community in India.After such head counting in the army and judiciary now today’s report says that now the same is doing in the universities. Perhaps secular ministry is decided to ruin the country to be more Jinnahs’ fathers.  

Sonia opposed ban on SIMIMarch 26, 2002: Sonia Gandhi, during an extraordinary joint session convened for the introduction of the POTA bill, says that the anti-terrorism measure had been selectively used to ban an organization that had nothing to do with terrorism in J&K. Further she opposed the banning of Islamic terrorist organization SIMI in June 2002. 

Ban on SIMI was ill timed: AmbikaSmt. Ambika Soni, Former General Secretary, AICC issued the following statement on 28th September, 2001 on the ban on SIMI: Apart from being lop-sided, the action on SIMI is ill-timed. Just when the international environment is exceptionally tense, it is not in the national interest to take any steps that would disturb the domestic scene. But the BJP is far more interested in reaping the electoral harvest in UP by seeking to divide the people on communal lines than in the enlightened self-interest of the nation. 

Prakash Jaiswal supported SIMIIt is important to note that in the year 2000 Prakash Jaiswal who was President of the state unit of the Congress (At present State Home Minister in UPA Govt.) and Samajwadi Party opposed the ban on the Students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). They maintained the view that the Hindu fundamentalist outfits like the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and the Bajrang Dal were more threat to the national security than SIMI. They viewed like that because forthcoming Assembly elections in the state in which the votes of the Muslims would play a significant role. 

Congress & left wanted support of SIMIHindustan Times published an article of Tapan Das on April 23, 2004 which contained: Both the Congress and the Left Front have reportedly begun courting the outlawed Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in a bid to win over the Muslim vote bank. But a section of SIMI supporters aren’t apparently impressed, and have instead decided to back the recently floated Indian National League. 

CPM guideline and vote bank politicsOur PM and Sonia Gandhi wants more Muslims in the security forces without needed qualities. Editorial of ‘Organizer’ weekly rightly says: “The party will plead for a UN Security Council membership for Hugo Chavez—after all he is good at abusing President Bush—even if that will undermine
India’s chance for a seat in the UNSC. The party has no qualms in cohabiting with Hajis and namazis, bartering support for votes with SIMI, Jamaat-e-Islami or Madani’s PDP. But it will punish its minister for visiting a temple. It would blame Hindus for the spread of Islamic terrorism, and will even condemn the police for trying to search in Muslim localities, for the criminals of serial blasts in different parts of the country. “ 

Madarsas for Terrorism
Maharashtra has more than 3,000 madarsas and most of them are unregistered. Mumbai alone has some 500 madarsas. In the entire state, there are more than one lakh madarsa students and 5,000 teachers. Even President of Afghanistan Kerjai told Musharraf for closing the madarsas. Our HRD Minister wants two laces Urdu teacher and these would be available only by import from Gulf Countries.  

Claiming to have cracked the July 11 serial blasts in Mumbai trains, Mumbai Police said that
Pakistan‘s ISI was the “mastermind” behind the terror attack carried out by Lashkar-e-tayba with help from SIMI activist.  

By Premendra Agrawal


Carrier pigeons’ fly to President Kalam

September 29, 2006

Gandhi’s heir Abu Salem, Bablu or Gandhi dynasty? Rahul Baba threw as fly Columbian to be PM? Who torns whose sari? Yes madam: never no madam: Pinjada Ko Suga! Where is Menka? Are Congressmen spoons? 

Sonia Gandhi not only know to read the speech but she also takes dictation to write a letter such as her letter to the President Abdul Kalam accusing RSS of promoting “religious prejudices and passions and polarising the society” and described the state government’s order as violative of the letter and spirit of the Constitution which will have “far-reaching implications”.  

Why Sonia herself didn’t deliver her letter to Kalam?If she would handover her letter to the President herself then it would lower her dignity. So her letter is given by her spoon congress leaders in the leadership of Motilal Vora. Though, she had gone to the President to say that she had majority to be PM. 

“A carrier pigeon will only fly from where you release it with the message to its home pigeon loft. If the pigeon has a family to go home to it will be in a special hurry! Look at the size of the messages sent by the Queen Mothers carrier pigeon, the canister for them is attached to one of the pigeon’s legs. 

In ancient times, Kings and
Queens used messengers to take news and orders to all parts of their kingdoms and empires. Roman messengers would change their tired horses for fresh ones at these mileage posts. King Henry VIII decided to keep messengers and horses along important routes across
England. Highway robbery was a major problem for the Post boys and the passenger carrying stagecoaches. The introduction of the Penny post meant a vast increase in the number of letters being sent. Railways soon took over from mail coaches.”  

Yes madam: never ‘no madam’: Pinjada Ko SugaBirds in a cage imprisoned by tyrant of 10 Janpath: Where is Menka Gandhi?“Pinjada ko Suga – The lyric was written by 19th-century Nepali poet Lekhnath Paudyal, and compares the Nepali people to a bird in a cage imprisoned by tyrants.”Teach blind followers Natwar consGive them quiet timeOpen the pijada
Muse the eternal mystery of birds in the sky,
bees in the sun,
and the flowers on a green hillside.
Senior leader to junior: Specify the qualities of our great leader by giving compairing example Junior quickly replied: Today’s news is that as many as 526,000 lithium-ion batteries of Sony used in ThinkPad notebook computers are being recalled worldwide. The recall has been prompted by an incident on 16 September at
Los Angeles airport in which a passenger carrying a ThinkPad saw smoke emanating from the carry bag. The recall had been as a precautionary measure fearing fire hazards. The recall has been based on a confirmed report of a Sony battery overheating and causing fire that damaged the ThinkPad.Senior: How you compare it with our great leader?Junior: Our leader has so many blind following products as Sony’s batteries. WITH infighting on the increase and Congress party losing state elections (Kerala) or otherwise being ousted from power (Karnataka), it was high time that Congress president Sonia Gandhi thought of some way to keep the flock in check. On Sept 27 report came from
Lucknow that in a setback to the Congress, AICC member and former MLA D P Bora has resigned from the party. 

Senior: Then solution?Junior: Hence it was that our beloved leader Sonia Gandhi chose Nainital, Queen of mountains, as the venue for a two-day conclave. Is this not recalling as ‘Sony recalled its damaged batteries fearing fire hazards’?Senior: Oh! Junior ha..ha..!Junior: Oh! Senior ha..ha..! 

Gandhi’s heir Abu Salem, Bablu or Gandhi dynasty’s Gandhigiri?
To be fail is good
than to cheat
Get M.Phil without B.A…” Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s teacherIt is a matter of politics with the Gandhi Caps, who have started to rebel against the glory of our madam’s office in the name of the name of ‘Gandhi’ and refuse to credit her rights to the throne. These Gandhi-cap-people including underworld don Bablu Shrivastav and possible in near future another big don Abu Salem must be brought to heel, and so serve as a reminder to all of these Gandhi-capwalas that there is only one true heir of Mahatma Gandhi, and that is Gandhi dynasty at present our Super PM Sonia Gandhi.  

Rahul Baba threw as fly Columbian to be PM?Rahul Baba who even drove all his girl friends including Columbian would be future PM if again objection for our madam. As Princess Michael of Kent our madam is also Catholic Christian. Michael could not be heir of British throne due to the prevailing law at Britain, according to that a Catholic Christian can’t be heir of British throne. But there is no such law in
India. Congress our allies worship our madam. So no, such law possible in
India. Even though our madam on precautionary step grooming her son for the PM post.  

Further our madam had heard the news in that Princess Michael said that The English take the breeding of their horses and dogs more seriously than they do their children. So our madam selected Italian Catholic Christian lady’s son vadero for her daughter Priyanka and grooming her son for PM.  

Icon of Youth & Emerging
India“Some thing earned is of far more value than many many found..”Aaj ki tajaa khabar:
India‘s ruling Congress party sees nothing wrong in Rahul Gandhi’s framed photograph joining a pantheon that includes Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhhi, Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. After its
Delhi unit, Rahul’s photo is now going to adorn the party’s national headquarters here, not far from where he lives. ‘He is the icon of our youth. He is the icon of the country,’ said senior MP B.K. Hariprasad. Agrees Overseas Indian Affairs Minister Vayalar Ravi: ‘Rahul symbolises the emerging
India.’ A Congress leader said that they Congressmen think that their loyalty to party means loyalty to the Gandhi family. The leaders are vying with each other to show off their loyalty 

Did we sell
India to Gandhis?Before two days Sonia Gandhi was in Andhra to open the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Science (RIMS) and to unveil his statue. Little Miraya Vadra Gandhi, the granddaughter of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, has an orchid named after her. Earlier in 2003, another hybrid orchid was named after the then Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, during his visit to
Sikkim. When asked to suggest a name for a second orchid, a Dendrobium hybrid, Vajpayee named it Kalpana Chawla after the Indian astronaut who was killed in the
Columbia incident. Both the orchids were grown by K.C. Pradhan and his son Sailesh. See here the difference between Italian and Indian, Secular Congress and Communal BJP. 

These ‘Chaplus’ selfish and Gandhi dynasty worshipper foget to do this that the bury of Stalin was dug and booted by his comrade followers and statues of Georges are removed by the government itself after the independence. Works and memory of the human being may be remain. There are so many events when Statues of Bal Thakrey’s wife, Ambedkar and even Mahatma Gandhi were dishonored. Legally Catholic Chrisian can’t be PM of secular
UK but Catholic Christian Sonia Gandhi may be PM in
India. Is
India more Christian than

PM gets vote of confidence not from Congress MPs as per constitution but he gets it from his Italian boss Sonia Gandhi. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday received a full vote of confidence from Congress President Sonia Gandhi, who said she was “absolutely satisfied” with his performance and so no deputy PM. If there is no Super PM than in shadow Sonia is PM and MM is her Deputy. So what is the need of more deputies? 

Don’t down morale of security forcesIndira assassinated by her body guard and saving the parliament is also by the security guards. MM and Sonia remind this. Don’t divide this in secuoar and non secular.Sonia Gandhi is trying to lower morale of security forces fighting terror by repeatedly stating that minorities should not be targeted. Is this not the sabotage to the impartiality of security forces. Why she instructed to his subordinate MM to say that more Muslims should be needed in the security forces? Is religious head counting secularism?  

Who torn; whose sari?Viewers should think about their tolerance and secularism due to that HRD Miniser Arjun’s NCERT book says Goddess Durga was drinker. Sonia conveyed to Margaret Alva, that this was the “opportune” moment to put the alliance with Trinamul.  Beore Durga Puja, Alva called Mamata a “political Durga”, demanding CM apology. She said this is a time when people, especially women, should be respected, the police pushed Mamata around. Her sari was torn. Congress instead of punishing the painter who painted Bharatmata’s nude painting, the painter MF Hussain’s lesson is included in the NCERT-IGOU book. Intentionally Sonia was absent on Sept 7 Vandemataram day. See Congress mamta Instuting Bharatmata and worshiping now Mamta of Trenmul.
The strength not to follow the crowd of sheep when everyone is getting on
the band wagon…


By Premendra Agrawal

CIA Saudi Bush Mush Sonia & Bin Ladens’ Nexus

September 28, 2006

‘War on Terron’ of Bush Mush is ‘War for Terror’Why US State Department Report on Terrorism, been thrown in dust bin by the American Government? Nehru to MM all did not use the opportunities to take back PoK and abolidh terrorists training camps. If
India wanted to try then what were the role of US and
UK government? White papers should be come for all victims and who are fighting ‘War on Terror”. So victims of the terrorism would see their faces of suicide in the mirror of whitepapers. 

Nexus in CIA Saudi Arab Bush Sonia and Bin LadensNewsnight program of BBC’s one sighted program was based on a secret fbi document, numbered 199i wf213589 and emanating out of the FBI’s washington field office, alleged that the cynicism of the american establishment and “connections between the CIA and Saudi Arabia and the Bush men and Bin Ladens” may have been the real cause of the deaths of thousands in the World Trade Centre attacks. 

The BBC program further said that fbi was told to “back off” investigating one of osama Bin Laden’s brothers, Abdullah, who was linked to “the saudi-funded world association of muslim youth (wamy), a suspected terrorist organisation and india claiming it was linked to an organisation involved in bombing in Kashmir”. 

“Newsnigh”t said there was a long history of “shadowy” American connections with
Saudi Arabia, not least the two presidents’ Bush’s “business dealings” with the Bin Ladens and another more insidious link revealed by the former head of the american visa section in Jeddah. the official said he had been concerned about visas issued to large numbers of “unqualified” men as a part of a scheme in which young men “recruited by Osama Bin Laden” were being sent for “terrorist training by the CIA” after which they were sent on to afghanistan. 

It is more disturbing that more disturbing assertion that both presidents Bush had lucrative stakes along with the Bin Ladens in carlyle corporation, a small private company which has gone on to become one of america’s biggest defence contractors. Bin ladens sold their stake in Carlyle soon after September 11, it said. American politicians later told the BBC programme that they rejected the accusation
Why Sonia Gandhi cancelled her trip of
Sept 18, 2005 to US? Reason sighted some where that media and Clinton Foundation was alerted about Sonia Gandhi’s links to Islamic organizations and her vulnerability to pressure from such quarters. Her speech was also schedule in this Foundation. In November 2001, when the world was still recovering from the shock of the 9/11 attacks, Mrs. Gandhi gave a talk at the Bin Laden family founded Oxford Center for Islamic Studies at London.  

Supari Pan in Mush Mouth * It was Churchill who once famously said that he had never suffered from indigestion by eating his own words. Same dictum is applied by Mush in his: In the Line of Fire means In the Line of Lyer. 

* Parliament attack: Afzal smiled on hearing his death then why tears for death penalty to Parliament attacker Afjal and why silence on 30,000 Hindus killed and more than 500,000 Hindus have fled
Kashmir in terror besides the innocent Muslims and Sikhs.  

* Musharraf made time bomb while in college. Mush on Sept 28, 2006 said: “I totally, 200% reject it. I reject it from anybody – MoD or anyone who tells me to dismantle ISI.” Pakistan press reported in Dec. 2001 that Pak dictator Musharraf was a Director of Rabita Trust, a terrorist organization masquerading as a charity and and US had to warn him to step down before adding this organization to a terrorist list. 

* I cried after
East Pak“s fall: Musharraf. Why not he cried when Pak invaded present PoK and he himself installed nuke at Kargil. 

* Karjai asked Mush to close the madarsas. “madrassas” are the breeding ground of terrorists who supported Al Queda and the talibans and were responsible for the 9/11 attacks on US and also terror attacks on

* Osama bin Laden had received his kidney dialysis at their Pak military hospital on the eve of 9-11. 

* CNN reported on 1-12-02, that 50 Pak soldiers, arrested at Kandahar, admitted to fighting under Pak officers against US coalition Force in Afghanistan. 

* NY Times and the Boston Globe have reported that 4,000 Pak army officers were involved in Pak ISI conducting terrorism against India. 

India UK & US have democracy of Secularism & Peaceful co-existenceWhen Blackwill asked then Bush replied, “A billion people in a functioning democracy!  Can you believe it?  Can you believe it? Further (1) To India just like the
US, secularism with a peaceful co-existence with cultural, ethnic and religious diversity is the most important issue. (2)
Pakistan calls itself an “Islamic Republic”, and its stated  raison d’etre  is the theory” that Moslems cannot  and ‘must not be allowed to co-exist’ with other religions. 

US State Department Report on Terrorism says: What is the
Kashmir Issue? * UN Security Council resolutions 38-40, and particularly the resolution of August 13, 1948, said that
Pakistan had attacked
Kashmir, and ordered
Pakistan to withdraw its forces and its tribals.   

* In 1948, the then US Secretary of State Gen. George C. Marshall told the pro-Pak British that
Kashmir=s accession with
India was legal and final as far as US was concerned. 

* In 1952, the Kashmir legislature, elected in elections recognized by observers as free and fair, with 100% of the legislators Muslim, voted to ratify Kashmir=s accession with India. 

Pakistan gave away large part of the POK to
China, which now claims those lands as its own. 

* In 2000, a bipartisan Congressional commission on terrorism recommended to the State Department that sanctions be imposed on
Pakistan for its role in terrorism, but this report was ignored. 

Pakistan Refused to Withdraw *
Pakistan has consistently refused to withdraw its forces from the Pakistan-occupied
Kashmir portion.  

* Instead,
Pakistan joined big power blocks of US &
UK and received massive military and economic aid from the West.  

* Still US giving military, arm and monetary help to the
Pakistan by both hands.  

* Present wrestling between Bush and Mush is a ‘noora kusthi (Friendly Fight) as Laloo and Sonia’s party fighted in
Bihar or fight of love between laila and Majanu.  

The list of all three countries is very long. I have sighted few as a symbolic. People of these countries should know the facts before punishing. 

United Nations: Jan 1, 1948 A Black Day for
IndiaPt. Nehru on the advice of Sheikh Abdullah stabbed the knife on the back of the
India to complain to the UN so as to get
Pakistan to end Pakistani aggression against
India in
Jammu and Kashmir. This was being done when our brave army was droving the
Pakistan’s army on the mask of the kabailies.  

Pakistan Attacked
India in 1971 The war which Mr. Bhutto had said could not last for ever in fact lasted for twelve days. 16 December, 1971 the
Pakistan military and auxiliary forces more than 93000 surrendered unconditionally with its vast territory to
India. Indira Gandhi could not utilize this opportunity to taking back PoK from
Pakistan. And thus she wiped out her victory in an easy way: ‘Ham hi khele ham hi mitaye (She made and she wiped as a game)’. 

Why Death=murder of Lal Bahadur Shastri could not be investigated?
Pakistan’ Dictator Ayub Khan Attacked
India in 1965 * Dictator Ayub Khan sent 34,000 Pakistani soldiers into
Kashmir and
Gujarat in massive land and air attacks against

* Targets: (1) Jammu-Kashmir, (2)
New Delhi  

* Of 3 Indian soldiers awarded the “Param Vir Chakra” (all posthumous) for heroism, one was Moslem – Havildar Abdul Hamid.  

Pakistan was defeated by
India and signed the
Tashkent agreement with

In all three wars, Kashmiris rose to the defense of
India. They joined the Indian army to defeat the Pakistanis 

FOURTH Invasion by
Pakistan: 1999 Kargil War * When Prime Minister Vajpayee went to
Lahore, Pakistan for signing a peace agreement in a BUS-Diplomacy tour, the Pakistani army secretly invaded
India and even occupied a portion of
Indian territory in

* Subsequently Clinton & Nawaz Sharif met at Camp David & Clinton asked Nawaz Sharif to withdraw Pakistani army from
Kargil, India.  

* With support of the world community
India went to a limited war and had it vacated.  

Why not limited war being used to destroy terrorists camp in PoK and

Nehru to Atal and now Manmohan could not utilize the bravery of our army and the opportunity which god gave to us. 

Gandhi Bhakt angered on Gandhigiri dadagiri of ADM Janardan Baranwal who allegedly in
Lucknow commented before the Gandhi caps-protesters,” Gandhiji chale gaye aur apni auladein chhod gaye.” Then other comment perhaps could be heard “Rajivji chale gaye aur apnee Italian patni chhod gaye”.  

By Premendra Agrawal

Main Mush SUPARI Killer? In the Line of Fire Lying

September 27, 2006

I am not writing review of SUPARI film or Betel nut killers in
USA. I try to enlarge the tag of – In the line of Fire means In the Line of Lying. Mush, Natwar, Sonia never touches. Bribe goes through 

Mush a Blackmailer takes SUPARI from CIA“We have captured 689 and handed over 369 to the
United States. We have earned bounties totaling millions of dollars,” Musharraf says in the book. Hundreds of al Qaeda and Taliban fighters fled to
Pakistan to escape U.S.-backed forces that overran Afghanisan in late 2001.
Pakistan had hitherto supported the Taliban militia’s rule in
Afghanistan, partly out of fear that
iran and
Russia were supporting the anti-Taliban Northern

Mush takes ‘supari’ for the Supply of few terrorist to save giant terrorists to keep them in house arrest who are running training camps for terrorism are national hero of Pakistan such Hafeez Muhammed Saeed founder of Lashkar e Toiba (army of the pure) and A Q Khan.   

Parvez Musharraf cunningly shows that
Pakistan is a partner of
America on ‘War against terror’. For this he takes one step forward for getting dollars as he accepted in his book and arms from
America and after that comes back two steps to get supports from the terrorists and mullahas. 

If not his Govt then he himself or through his man took rewarded dollars of CIA!CIA doesn’t reward directly to any government. CIA did this indirectly through individuals. The opposition on Tuesday asked President Pervez Musharraf to tell the nation as to who benefited from the money
Pakistan had received for handing over more than 300 al-Qaeda suspects to the
United States. 

The book passage read: “Those who habitually accuse us of not doing enough in the war on terror should simply ask the CIA how much prize money it has paid to the Government of Pakistan.” Musharraf added, while ruing a failure to catch Osama bin laden who carries a $25 million reward.

Musharraf however now said: “I don’t know whether this is to the Government of Pakistan. I don’t think I wrote ‘the Government of Pakistan’.”
But when pointed out that on Page 237 of his book he has in fact said this and asked if he wanted to revise, the Pakistani President said, “Yes. I think that if it is written Government of

Pakistan…Certainly the Government of Pakistan has not received anything”. 

Fool politician takes bribery himself. In
India Natwar says he never touched a barrel of oil of
Iraq. Sonia also said she deputed Natwar but not herself went to
Iraq to take kickback. She also said that Quottrochi could take but she is safe. Though, her cousin sister is the wife of Q.  

Betel nut Killers: A SynopsissWhat happens when Indians in the
USA decide to add a bit of crime to their culture?
 Mr. Shah realizes that he just does not have what it takes to compete with Sushma in business. So he wanted the services of a Supari killer (literally: a betel nut, figuratively: a contract killing) from
India. Osman Bhai, the Supari killer, has dreams of making it big in
America, and offers to do the job for free if they help him emigrate. As astute business people, the Shah’s cannot resist this freebie. The Shah’s put in Osman’s immigration papers, requesting an H1 Visa for the Supari man. The law requires the Shahs to prove that Osman has skill-sets no other American can offer. An advertisement in the local papers says the Shah’s are looking for Betel Nut Handlers. Thus Osman’s entry into the
United States became legal but film perhaps could not be completed.  

Quake money’ sent to Pak used to finance
UK plane bombing plotAs reported on Aug-13, 06, money sent to
Pakistan for quake rehabilitation was used to fund the Heathrow bomb attack plot that was foiled by British authorities following inputs from their Pakistani counterparts. According to the report, two of the recipients are British citizens of
Kashmir origin while the third is an Islamabad-based builder, also of
Kashmir origin. 

‘Supari’ killings at behest of NRIs: This is media report of April 12, 2002 related to
Punjab. The ‘supari” killings gang of terrorist linking allegedly eliminated Darshan Singh, a resident of Lallian Kalan village near Lambran in Jalandhar, at the behest of none else but his son Amrik Singh. The grudge of Amrik Singh was that he was divested of the family property by his father. He, allegedly, managed to get his father murdered through Didar Singh Billa, Sabi and Tony, who were paid an amount of Rs 2.5 lakh as “supari” by Amrik Singh. In another case, the gang received an amount of Rs 6 lakh from an England-based woman and murdered her sister-in-law Joginder Kaur, a 40-year-old woman at Phagwara. The former suspected illicit relations between Joginder Kaur with her husband. 

Supari for Cricketer Azharuddin Former Indian captain Mohammed Azharuddin was facing grave danger from a hired mafia killer who was stalking the cricketer to execute a ‘supari’ given by crime don Chhota Shakeel. 

Laloo also polished his lathi with oil to show channelsTo day country liquor giants employed lathaits. Paltan Mallah Murdered Shankar Guha Niyogi in Bhilai Chhattisgarh, was hired by a country liquor giant and an Industrialist. In Mumbai Vardharaj Mudaliar was popularly known as Vardha Bhai in the early ’60s. He organized bootlegging in a systematic manner, spreading an umbrella of protection to several lesser gangs dealing in illicit liquor. 

Robinhood like imageOrganized crime is not new. Gangs of robbers and dacoits, some of whom acquired a Robinhood like image, have also existed for centuries. In
Bombay, Governor Aungier formed a militia of local Bhandari youth to deal with organized street-level gangs that robbed sailors in 1669. 

When Daud became Don?After that Matka king Hazi Mastan and Patel made their millions in gold smuggling.  Lala, a Pathan don, dealt in drugs. At this time Dawood Ibrahim and his elder brother Shabir, sons of a
Bombay police constable, worked as musclemen for smugglers. When during the Emergency there was a crackdown on Mastan et al., Dawood filled the vacuum by emerging as a gang leader himself. However, he had to flee
Bombay in 1985 in the wake of increasing police pressure and threat from new enemies. 

Now ATS has said there is a link between 7/11 serial blast in the local trains and Malegaon Blasts with ISI connection and
Pakistan trained terrorists involvement. 

Even though, Dawood, Tiger and Dossa are on the run, they continue to remote operate from
Dubai and
Karachi. Their henchmen still extort huge sums of money from builders and film producers, resort to Supari killings and settle disputes for a consideration. As alleged Shilpa Shetty’s parent hired Abu Salem. Gutka King Manek Chand Dhariwal is accused to supply Gutka mfg plant to Daud. Underworld Romesh Sharma has given threat to Mahesh Bhatt. Mumbai, Sep 10: Mumbai police today arrested Preeti Jain, an upcoming Bollywood actress allegedly paid former underworld don and present MLA Arun Gawli supari to kill Bhandarkar. Mafia activity is finding greener pastures and virgin territory everyday. 

No violence Follow Gandhi & Fight TerrorismToday, politicians not only hire anti-social elements to assist them in elections but also to kill their rivals. Bablu Shrivastav launched his book related to underworld activities in a big function inaugurated by Dalilt leader Sonalal Patel  

Abu Salem is from tailor to Don going to be a “Neta” He will follow tainted ministers in the cabinet of manmohan Singh via UP assembly. Secular Govt think treating brotherly terrorists, naxalites, separatists, infiltrators, fatwa-maulvis and brokers of vote bank is necessity of the time. Call Lokmanya Tilak, Subhash C. Bose and V eer Savarkar terrorist. Slogan of ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ is illegal in J&K. 

Dog wagging its tail but now the reverseAlso gone are the days when gangsters were pawns in the hands of politicians. Today, underworld dons, terrorists, criminals are them-selves fighting elections and getting elected as MPs or MLAs, sometimes even from the confines of jail such as Shabuddin of Siwan. Laloo and his brother in law showed wrestling in the Lok Sabha. Police can’t serve Non bailable warrant to Sadhu. Name Sadhu but act of A-sadhu.  It is no longer a case of the dog wagging its tail but the reverse. 

UP Minister’s Supari for heads of Danish cartoonistsHajji Yakoob Qureshi put a price of Rs 51 crore (plus incentive in gold) on the heads of Danish cartoonists. Refusing to acknowledge it as ‘supari’ (contract killing money, as BJP’s Lalji Tandon described it) he defended his decision, on a private television news channel, as deriving legitimacy from Islamic law. No case registered against this secular minister. But Congress CM of J & K Gulam bhi Azad bhi filed a case against Vinay katiyar and Verma for their declaration to give one lac to such village defense committee members appointed by the government if they kill a terrorist.   

Jharkhand Governor acted as Supari killerOn Mrach 4, 2005 L.K.Advani told a meeting of all NDA MPs that the Governor of Jharkhand was a “supari killer” who was given the “contract to murder democracy.” He clarified that signed editorial on the front page by Chandan Mitra in The Pioneer, March 3, 2005 had used the phrase “supari killer”.  


By Premendra Agrawal

Ameican Girl Golden Deer of Ramayan

September 26, 2006

First off, the annual Ramlila by the Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra (SBKK) is a full fifty years old this year. What does Ramayana means to a 22-year-old American, Goura Prema? “I have been raised with the story of Rama and know it by heart. I am a Hare Rama devotee. In fact, I first played the golden deer in a Ramlila adaptation in
America when I was all of five years old.” I came here after seeing a Ramlila production of the SBKK at ISKON temple, where I was staying” she says. 

Mareecha uncle of Rama did not like to be killed by the wicked King Ravana. That is why Mareecha took the form of the golden deer.Poem is in the bottom of this article 

“We’re staging a global Ramayana this year,” says Shobha Deepak Singh. For the first time ever dancers from
Malaysia and
Bangladesh have been roped in for the show.  

Singh was 14 years old when the production was first staged in New Delhi’s Railway Stadium (“I think the place no longer exists”) and she remembers a stream of visitors coming to witness the production, including Pt Jawaharlal Nehru who had even given a grant of Rs 26,000 to cover the show’s expenses.  

Present Nehru Gandhi dynasty and its Govt are doing all to ruin the ancient glorious civilization and cultural history of
India’s beginning for them from them or from The

Beer and Monkeys did ‘Ram kaj’: Are we for ‘Ravan kaj’?Jambuvant the mighty bear, Balee and Hanuma mighty monkeys served as warriors in the war of Ramayan. But in Kaliyug even Hindus and ‘Gandhigirs’ don’t want to serve ‘Ram-kaj’ as desired by Mahatma Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi gave order to open the lock of ‘Ram lala’ temple and gave empty election slogan of ‘Ram raj’. Congress uses Gandhi name as “Munh men Ram bagal me chhuri’.  

Sheela Dixit likes ‘lage raho munnabhai ki dadagiri or gandhigiri’. Indira Gandhi’ ‘Monkey sena’ was for getting freedom of
India but now congress wants to convert it in ‘Ravana sena’. Even wine was used by NSUI in the students’ union election of Delhi Univerity. They made it a political election. If not then Why Sheila said that NSUI’c victory means Congress victory? 

Is wine shop near to

Gandhigiri or Gandhi bhakti?Electronic channels and print media doning not good to call gandigiri the presentation of flowers to close the wine shop near temples and schools. There is a news report from
Lucknow: Gandhigiri? Activists are facing the heat now. ADM Janardan Baranwal allegedly commented before the protesters,” Gandhiji chale gaye aur apni auladein chhod gaye.” (Gandhiji has gone and left behind his children).

Do we not belong to the personalities of Ramayan? Vansh besides family tree also means the thick middle portion of the blade of a sword, a portion of the nose and is also another name for Lord Vishnu. Why we want to cut our noses?   

Ram and Ravan are separate because of their ‘karm’ works. So if some wants to be called themselves of Ravan’s vansaj. No mistake is here. Ravan’s family tree members may be Ram Bhakt to do the ‘Raj kaj’. Even in
North India there are Ravans among CM and ministers. Ram and Ravana both were of Bharat Bhumi. Under the ministry of Arjun Ramayana and the Mahabharata become as ‘fiction’. This is the conspiracy to divide Hindus and to ruin Hindu culture. 

To put in words of Mr. Alipeter John of Screen magazine  ” …. Ramanad Sagar …. Who was given up to die as a T.B. Patient once, was born to fulfill a God given mission? He was not born to make all those Enumerate films which have made him Ramanand Sagar, the well-known writer and film maker. He was born to make Ramayan in Kalyug, at a time when it was needed the most. ….” 

The 78-episode Television software shows rose in popularity of giddy heights. As a soothing spiritual balm – The entire Nation stopped ….. turned … and looked back with pride at our culture, our traditions and heritage of pure ethics and hallowed principles – RAMAYAN championed the victory of good over evil and boasted of noble virtues. 

“…. Ramayan is a modern day miracle ….” —- Screen,
Bombay.“….. An authentic masterpiece.. an all-time hit …” —– Mid-day,
Bombay.“… Block-buster in the history of Indian Television …”“…. Ramayan, receives international acclaim…” —– The Times of India,
Bombay.“….. In the last 50 years, there has been no other example of national integration where the whole nation came to a stand still kneeling before the television sets ….” —— The Sunday Times,
London.“… It was the year of the Ramayan…” — Sunday Mail,
DelhiThis and lots more was said by the press. 

The parliamentarian who are feeling shame to be named themselves as Hindu are opposing “Ram temple” movement were buisy to see Ramayan serial on TV screen and for that they left the proceedings of Parliament.Should

Temple be on the birth place of Ram? 


Ashok Chakra and Separtist in BauddhisChandragupta Maury (330-298 B.C.) First documented Indian Emperor; said to belong to same family as Lord Rama of Ramayana; established the Mauryan Empire. Emperor Ashok was probably the first victorious ruler to renounce war on the battlefield. Ashoka converted to Buddhism, but did not impose his faith on his subjects. Government of
India has rightly honoured his memory by adopting ‘Ashoka Chakra’ as national symbol.  

I don’t know from where ‘Udit raj’ so called Bauddh rises. I found him before some time with Sonia Gandhi and Maulvis on
Delhi’s on Ram Lila Ground where they demanded religios representation for Muslims in the state assemblies. By the way I found him along with non-dalit Americans to criticize Hindu organizations. Are these Massiahas’ of Dalits?  

Why Separatism and Minorityism?I don’t know why some Jains comes to make them separate. Divsion in the family is natural. Is it separation of our ancient history, elders and ancestors? They make their identy separate without feeling shame in naming their ancestors. How can they make them separate from ‘Ram’ or ‘Sita’ of Ramayan? I am ‘Agrawal’ and my sister married in the family of Terapanthi Jain followers of Acharya Tulsi. So many my relatives are Jains. One time in the past one Respected Achary unnecessarily became controversial to say about the attraction created by Sitaji twowads golden deer. That Acharyaji’s greatness was beyond my imgagination. Still some are trying to separate Jains from Hindus.  

Every one wants to be Big B. Ask Amitabh where his mother is, where his brother is and where is his wife. How he feels to go there and to come here.
Maharashtra home minister wanted to make short the length of Bachchan. Is doing this Patil raised his length? 

Al-Quaeda and Iranian President sent Bush invitation to convert in Islam. Minority commission sent invitation to Baudh and Sikhs to be a minority in 1968. They are still jumping with joyous to do this. No harm. Some self styled Jains are feeling that why not Jains should wash their hands in the flowing water of
Ganga. UPA wants to bring Hindus in Minority under a well planned scheme. So he appointed Antuley as a cabinet minister to search which community should be brought in Minority umbrella and which portion of a province should be declared as Muslim province as it did to declare in his manifesto Nagaland as a Christian state. 

GOLDEN DEERRamayan Part 28 – Mareecha turned golden deer“Oh Ravan, please listen,
Don’t bring your people ruin,
Your action to covet Ram’s wife
Will spell an end to your life

“It appears, they’re born
Mainly for your ruin,
The way you now plan,
For the fall of your clan.”.

“Your act of adharma,
Against Ram’s dharma,
Will destroy your kingdom,
So, now use your wisdom.”

“Will Sita yield to you?
Her chastity will burn you.
Your own death, don’t seek.
I’m sorry this way to speak.
“Once I was far away flung,
At that time, Ram was young,
I tried to pour blood and flesh,
Viswamitra’s sacrifice to crush.”

When bad time is in stay,
The mind goes astray.
Ravan turned deaf ear
To Mareecha’s words of fear.

The spotted golden deer,
Roamed here and there,
That caught Sita’s attention,
As if destiny’s function.

Sita fell for the deer
Wished for it to rear
Prayed Ram, her dear
To catch it for her.

Lakshman suspected foul play,
He cautioned not to fall a prey,
To the demon’s wishful trap,
To do something in the gap.

Sita became more eager,
Attracted by its fine color,
Ram, out of love for her,
Went behind it, to please her.

The deer ran far away,
Ram followed its way,
This gave enough time
To Ravan play his game.

Ram has gone too far,
He had his own fear,
He might lose the deer,
Out of his sight near.

At last, an arrow he shot,
That killed it on the spot,
As last words, it screamed
“Oh Sita, Oh Lakshman,” and died.

Some trouble Ram smelt,
Lakshman was right he felt,
He thought about Sita’s fear,
No fear, Lakshman was there.

Wrong was his guess of no risk,
As Sita took Lakshman to task,
For not running for Ram’s help,
She gave vent to her feelings up.

The way of Destiny is so cruel,
Which doesn’t see any level,
And plays its own given role,
Showing its action impartial.

Rajaram Ramachandran(13-07-1931 /
Chennai, India) 


By Premendra Agrawal

A Q Khan Laden & LeT: Mush’s In the Line of Fire

September 25, 2006

A Q Khan was in
Bhopal up to 1952. He became enemy of
India to migrate Pak. Hindustani Iqbal of “sare jahan se accha hindustan hamara” as a Pakee sang “Muslim hain ham vatan hai sara jahan hamara”.Astronaut Rakesh Sharma being a first Indian to land on moon sing the first line of this song when Indira Gandhi asked him how India looked from the Moon in 1984.  

When Iqbal went to
Pakistan after the Partition then he became fundamentalist and sang: “Muslim hain ham vatan hai sara jahan hamara”.  People should think about Sonia, Manmohan, and few Muslims due to “cash-for-fatwas” scandal who intentionally boycotted to sing ‘Vandemataram’ on Sept 7, 2006. 

Mush’s Price Reduced or Enhanced?Internet book seller Amazon has slashed the price of President Gen Pervez Musharraf’s upcoming biography, ‘In the line of fire’ from $28 to $16 after rumors that the president had serious heart troubles. Gen Musharraf was due in
New York late Friday, but changed his plans and flew to
Texas; where a rural newspaper reported that the president was in the east
Texas town of
Paris, and was due to undergo heart surgery. This combined with a countrywide power breakdown and information blackout in
Pakistan, sparked rumours that there had been a coup in

What CIA would pay to Mush for handling over Laden to US?Humanity is always on sale in Pak: President Musharraf of
Pakistan says that the CIA has secretly paid his government millions of dollars for handing over hundreds of al-Qaeda suspects to
America. Terrorism is a good profitable business in
Pakistan for its government as well as its fundamentalist Islamists.  

Musharraf’s book to counter Nawaz Sharif’s BiographyTitle of Musharraf’s autobiography ‘In the Line of Fire’ was borrowed from the Clint Eastwood Hollywood movie ‘In Line with Fire.’. 

Musharraf claims in New York in the midst of his book ‘In the Line of Fire’ on Sept 22 that he only suspected that Khan was passing secrets to Iran and North Korea until the then CIA director George Tenet confronted him with proof at the United Nations in 2003. Like that Musharraf’s book is expected to counter the. Biography of his predecessor Nawaz Sharif in which he charged the General  

Both overthrew elected leaders to grab power. While Zia followed his coup by hanging Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Musharraf refrained from going that far with Nawaz Sharif after a period in Attock Fort; Sharif was dispatched to
Saudi Arabia for safekeeping. Mostly Mughal emperors did this. ‘Tajmahal’ is the symbol of that where Shahjahan was prisoner of his son Aurangjeb. 

Nexus between A Q Khan Laden LeT
Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has confirmed that A. Q. Khan, considered the father of
Pakistan‘s atomic bomb, sold nuclear centrifuge designs, 18 tons of centrifuge parts and even 2000 complete units to
North Korea,
Libya and
Iran. But he pardoned him because “today he is a hero of
Pakistan – he gave us the atomic bomb.” But Khan has been kept under house arrest where he is “comfortable,” he said on CBS’ ’60 minutes’ program aired Sunday night. 

Pakistani scientists Abdul Qadeer Khan and Sultan Bashiruddin Mehmood had held meetings with Osama bin Laden and other Al-Qaeda leaders, exchanged letters with militant organizations like the Lashkar-e-Toiba and attended their gatherings and rallies, a media report said.In the 1970s, he took a job at a uranium enrichment plant run by the British-Dutch-German consortium Urenco.  

But in 1976, Dr Khan returned home to head up the nation’s nuclear program with the support of then Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.  

He went on to work on the successful test-firings of the nuclear-capable Ghauri I and II missiles. He got missiles tech from
Korea to exchange Korea Nuke tech. 

In 1983, he was sentenced in absentia to four years in prison by an
Amsterdam court for attempted espionage, although the sentence was later overturned on appeal because of a technical mistake.  

Musharraf’s revelations in his book are also likely to cause upset in
India after he insults the military prowess of his nuclear neighbor
India. At home his political opponents say that the book is General Musharraf’s blatant attempt to bolster his own reputation before elections in October 2007 as he has signaled his determination to have another five years in power. They are also questioning what he intends to do with the reported six-figure sum he was paid by the publishers for his book.  

Terrorist face death terror“I have confronted death and defied it several times in the past because destiny and fate have always smiled on me. I only pray that I have more than the proverbial nine lives of a cat.” Mush said in his book. Former defense minister George Fernadis said in Mumbai on Sept 21, 2006 that when Musharraf was attempted to death in Dec 2003 then
India had prior information of this which NDA Govt. shared to Mush’s Govt. as humanity ground prior to the event. 

According to
Pakistan it would share intelligence information with
India through Interpol as per the joint anti-terror mechanism agreed upon with Manmohan Singh. Don Daud wanted by
India from
Pakistan. Interpol wanted him. Before agreeing why Mush should not be asked by MM?  

Terrorism & Corruption on Humanitarian GroundMehmood, a close confidante of A Q Khan and a former director of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, was arrested on October 23, 2001, at the headquarters of the UTN which he had set up for “humanitarian work in Afghanistan.” Most countries of the world including US, Australian,
Italy and
India have been involved in humanitarian scheme ‘Oil for Food’ scams. CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi said that there should be continuous watch on NGOs. Teesta Setalwad and Abu Azami are calling themselves as NGOs. So many human tortoise-activists are in fact for inhuman activities. Like that Minority Commission in
India is actually Muslim Minority Commission and Antuley cabinet minister and UPA’s policy are for bringing Hindus in minority to divide
India on religion and caste basis.  

sāre jahān se acchā hindostān hamārāSet to tune by the sitar maestro, Pandit Ravi Shankar, the poem of Mohammed Iqbal is sung on occasions of national importance. Mahatma Gandhi sang it over a hundred times when he was imprisoned in Yerawada Jail in Pune in the 1930s.  

sāre jahān se acchā hindostān hamārā
ham bulbulain hai is ki, yeh gulsitān hamārā
ghurbat men hon agar ham, rahta hai dil vatan men
samjho vahīn hamen bhī, dil hain jahān hamārā
parbat voh sab se oonchā, hamsāya āsmān ka
voh santari hamārā, voh pāsbān hamārā
godi men kheltī hain is ki hazāron nadiyā
gulshan hai jin ke dam se, rashk-e-janān hamārā
aye āb, raud, ganga, voh din hen yād tujhko
utarā tere kināre, jab kārvān hamārā
maz’hab nahīn sikhātā āpas men bayr rakhnā
hindi hai ham, vatan hai hindostān hamārā
yūnān-o-misr-o-romā, sab mi gaye jahān se
ab tak magar hai bāqi, nām-o-nishān hamārā
kuch bāt hai keh hastī, miati nahīn hamārī
sadiyon rahā hai dushman, daur-e-zamān hamārā
iqbal ko’ī meharam, apnā nahīn jahān main
m’alūm kya kisī ko, dard-e-nihān hamārā

India is the best in the whole world.
India is our garden in which we are all nightingales. Even if we are in a foreign land, our heart remains in our motherland. Therefore (you) consider ourselves in
India, because our heart remains there. The mountain (
Himalayas) in our country is the highest of all and is as high as the sky. It is our sentinel as well as our protector. There are thousands of rivers which flow in our country, on account of which our country is flourishing and is prosperous, of which we are proud. Oh, prestigious
Ganges, you must be remembering that day when our caravan had reached your banks. No religion teaches us to be opposed to each other. We all are Indians and our motherland is
India. …….. 

By Premendra Agrawal

Ghosts of Abraham Lincoln and Laden in White house

September 24, 2006

On September 23, 2006 the French newspaper L’Est Républicain quoted a report from the French secret service (DGSE) stating that Osama bin Laden had died in Pakistan on August 23, 2006 after contracting a case of typhoid fever that paralyzed his lower limbs. 

Laden may be a figment of the imagination, a shadowy figure of rumored existence, somewhat like the Iraqi resistance-terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, whose only images too are from some borrowed wedding video.

“Laden is alive or dead?” is a mass hysteria which should be ended now. What will be harm to the world if Bush would not be President of America and Musharraf would be thrown out from the Presidentship of Pakistan? Why fear of Laden as ghost is being created by the victims themselves? Terrorism is not depending on one man laden only if he is genuine. Terrorism should be ended.
Pakistan is the factory of terrorism. Bush, Tony and whole world knows this. If factory would be abolished then where would be products of terrorism? World should care what president of a small country
Afghanistan said in the general assembly of United Nations. 

In fact, there are now more Osama tons and tunes on the Internet than live information on him. One doctored picture shows bin Laden lying comatose in a secret hideout in the White House basement, ready to be produced when President Bush decides the time is right. Bush is not believable. He can do any thing. He may keep the dead body of any terrorist after managing plastic surgery as Laden. World would not get the relief there after also because ghost of that lying body would be active.  

I turn the leaves of history of April 14, 1865. Abraham Lincoln was shot by a Southern sympathizer, John Wilkes Booth, in Ford’s Theater. He died the next day. His body was displayed in the East Room of the White House. Mary would recall this dream of her husband’s quite vividly in the days that followed. It was said that her first coherent word after the assassination was a muttered statement about his dream being prophetic. 

Psychics believe that President Lincoln has never left the White House, that his spirit remains to complete the business of his abbreviated second term and to be available in times of crisis. For seventy years, presidents, first ladies, guests, and members of the White House staff have claimed to have either seen
Lincoln or felt his presence. The melancholy bearing of Lincoln himself, and several instances of eerie prescience on his part, only adds to the legends of the Great Emancipator’s ghost.
Lincoln dreamed of his own death. 

Bush in
Hollywood and Mush in Lollywood For many Americans,
Washington‘s inability to focus on bin Laden and capture him dead or alive has become a national embarrassment. So discredited is Washington’s hunt for bin Laden that people are ready to believe the worst, and humorists are having a field day. There are elements in the
US intelligence for which “We Will Not Forget” is more than just a political statement. In a country that has more TV shows dedicated to cracking crime (Cold Case, Law and Order, CSI etc) than any other, and where long-forgotten murders and mysteries are resolved years and decades after they have occurred, the hunt for the mastermind of 9/11 is far from over no matter what it seems like to the rest of the world. 

Pakistan‘s military ruler Pervez Musharraf said in August 2005 that he would not allow US forces to come inside
Pakistan to capture bin Laden and insisted his own men were capable of doing the job. Many analysts saw
Pakistan and its dodgy role in the whole business. 

It means both are decisive to each other and for the whole world. They are acting in
Hollywood and lollywood. 

On August 26, 2006, around 2230 hrs (PST), Bugti, along with his grandsons Bramdakh and Mir Ali were killed in a bombing operation that caused the cave roof to collapse on them. Then why not Musharraf can’t kill Osama bin landen if he alives? 

Saddam Hussein was found in a tiny cellar at a farmhouse about 15km (10 miles) south of his hometown Tikrit.
United States arrested him. Then what is the problem in the arrest of laden if he hides below the earth in cellar?  

Nawaz Sharif said that Gen Pervez Musharraf, wanted to carry a nuclear attack on
India: “”During my post-Kargil misadventure meeting with President Clinton, I was told by the American leader that nuclear warheads had been shifted from one station to another during the Kargil war.” Then what is the problem to US in the matter of Laden? 

Due to the American sponsored Mole in PMO of Indira Gandhi to Narshimha Rao these PMs could not do the Pokhran. Then how it is possible that Laden is not in the approach of Bush or Mush? 

Al-Qaeda terrorists came within 45 days of attacking the
New York subway system with a lethal gas similar to that used in Nazi death camps. They were stopped not by any intelligence breakthrough, but by an order from Osama bin Laden’s deputy, Ayman Zawahiri. And the
U.S. learned of the plot from a CIA mole inside al-Qaeda. These are some of the more startling revelations by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Suskind, his forthcoming new book. CIA has mole inside al-Qaeda.  

Don Daud culprit of 93’ Bomb blasts is a declared international terrorist and wanted by Interpol. He married his daughter in
Dubai but no one caught him. Was this impossible task? Definitely neither
America nor
Pakistan is interested in the arrest of Daud. 

One astonishing sequence in “The Path to 9/11” shows the CIA and the
Northern Alliance surrounding Bin Laden’s house in
Afghanistan.  They’re on the verge of capturing Bin Laden, but they need final approval from the
Clinton administration in order to go ahead.  They phone
Clinton, but he and his senior staff refuse to give authorization for the capture of Bin Laden. This shows that
America neither in the past nor at present interested to arrest laden. So there is a suspicion. Osama bin Laden may be a figment of the imagination, a shadowy figure of rumored existence 

Hollywood ghost storiesIf Laden is dead. Then his ghot would be hanged up by the enemy of the peace. It means Laden dead or alive always remain before the cowards.  Every culture and region in the world carries stories about ghosts and Hollywood is no exception. Hollywood is home to the U.S. movie and television industry. Because of the glitter and glamour associated with it, it has come to be known as Tinseltown. It is a place where reality and fantasy mix. People come from all over the world to take tours to see where the stars lived and where some died. There are those who believe that their ghosts remain there after death, earning it the name Haunted Hollywood. Ghost stories, like those in Hollywood, tend to appear in places that have a lot of history, folklore, or strong emotions attached to them. Hollywood certainly possesses all of these traits. Media coverage and ghost tours of Haunted Hollywood are a Halloween tradition in Los Angeles. 

Bin Laden’s ghost may linger onHiding truth is beneficial for both.
Washington and
Islamabad will find it useful.”
Pakistan‘s leader Pervez Musharraf, quite naturally “is keen to keep
Pakistan in the limelight as long as possible,” enjoying the support from the world’s greatest superpower. He finds
U.S. support, a godsend and something to cherish.  

Musharraf said in
New York on sept 21, 2006 some demands made by the
United States were “ludicrous,” including one insisting he suppress domestic expression of support for terrorism against the
United States.“If somebody’s expressing views, we cannot curb the expression of views,” Musharraf said. It means, he never go against terrorism. 

For President Bush and the Republican Party, now in a crucial electoral year, rallying the country behind the specter of bin Laden holds uncountable advantages, not least of which, is to help his administration put a face on terror. It was not a war on terrorism, as much as it was a war for transforming terrorism into the main platform on which the Western options, interests and strategy stand. And it is a platform generating terrorism as much as it benefits from it. 

Both are blackmailing not only to each other but also to the whole world. Mush shows the sword of terrorism and Bush show the face of Osama bin laden to lead the world in his fight of ‘War on terror’. 

By Premendra Agrawal

Bed for Sonia PM on Sofa: more Muslims must in forces

September 24, 2006

LeT in army Mole in PMO: Is still UPA stomach -dinosaur empty? Why again Religious Head counting? Has
India a PM of Congress or Muslim League who wants reservation for Muslims in Security forces.Is he got this idea from his new ally for war on terror Mush or Pope of
India?‘10 Janpath’ becomes the centre of ‘power’ and Prime Minister House 7 Race Course Road is ‘powerless’. Is not this insult of PM post,
India and its constitution? Then why people are allowing this? 

Havana ki hava ka asar” is joint mechanism to tackle terrorism. MM accepted before Mush “Yes your wanted terrorists are in
India besides our wanted terrorists in your country. You and Your country is also victim and our country is also victim. We both shake hands. “Ham hain ek hi path ke rahi? Do and die jointly? If you die then I will be ‘sati’ cremate?”“Is this secular ‘Sati pratha’ patriotic or against the interest of

I recall a son with all evils and sang on the guidance of foreigner. He lost all wealth which was earned by his elders. We have found such an impotent government which can’t give any beneficiary result. Will this government want to be bankrupt in the defense of the nation, safety of the people and the prestige which our ancestors and our present brilliant brave Indians earned? Venezuelan President Chavez crowned of insulted words ‘Alcohlic and devil etc.’ to George Bush in UN. We are a citizen of civilized nation. So, how can we use those words for our secular leaders here? 

On June 1, 2001 the royal family of
Nepal went down in a hail of bullets. King Birendra, the queen, and several others were gunned down at a family dinner. The king’s son Prince Dipendra, was mad at his mother because she didn’t approve of the young girl he wanted to marry. I read that MandalII Arjun’s cousin later wanted to marry that girl. What Dipendras of UPA want from the people who are the kings in the democracy? 

On Jan 30, 2006 In his video Zawahiri warned Bush “adopt Islam or accept death,” Sonia Gandhi instruct Manmohan in his year that he has to accept her orders otherwise he should vacant the PM post for other who is in que. Is
India being rewarded because of its hospitality and opening door for outside air?  

I recall an incident: a brave soldier with his family was in the reserved births of his name. TT came with unreserved needy passenger and ordered the soldier in rough tone,” vacant the berths immediately. These berths are in others names. You find out your reserved berths in other compartments.” Bravery of soldier had been turned into cowardness by the fraud of corrupt TT and greedy passengers. Is Gandhi dynasty a reserved caste to rule

Instead of honoring the PM post Manmohan is resigned to a life of dishonor. His actions bring discredit not only to his name but also lower the glorious history of Sikh community. He should pray to God “forgave me mine sins and cleansed me of all unrighteousness” He may be good academic “a man of honor” but in the hands of a foreign lady he is being dishonored. The congressmen defiled the India of Gangese by corruption of Quottorichi, bribery of KGB, Saddam’s kickbacks in Oil for Food etc. into it.  We have to remove this pollution.  

Nainital – The queen of the hills in Uttaranchal is all decked up to receive the queen of the Congress. The two-day Congress conclave is being attended by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, several union ministers, 14 Congress chief ministers, and senior party leaders. No one seems to know how much money has been spent on renovating the sprawling lounge and the giant-sized dining hall or the conference hall at the Club. Uttaranchal Public Works Minister Indira Hridesh said “However cost should not be more than Rs.100 million,” A master chef specializing in continental dishes has arrived from
New Delhi to prepare food Sonia Gandhi likes most. 

Manmohan found only Sofa to sleep instead of bed. The reason being cited is the “lack of space” in his room.  Sonia’s suit, on the other hand, has been equipped with a bed, five or six pillows and cushions. Her suit has been equipped with a library-cum-reading-room that has three sets of tables and chairs, whereas Dr Singh’s suit has none of this paraphernalia.  Have still viewers doubt who is PM and who Super PM is? 

Secular Prime Minister of secular India Manmohan Singh urged regional leaders on Saturday to recruit more Muslims into the police and intelligence agencies to help counter a growing sense of insecurity in the minority community. Singh said there was an underlying sense of insecurity among Muslims due to what he called erroneous links made by the West between terrorist attacks and Islam, leading to the entire community being tarnished.  

LeT in army, air force and CRPF: Mole in PMO leaked Pathak Report. KGB, Bofors, Wheat import through AWB ltd., Oil for food and so many scandals and other ghosted discoveries can’t allow people to believe in Sonia-MM team’s assurances. Further they are not immortal. How handcuffed future generation would wash our sins?  Union Home Minister reacted sharply on Amercican Embassy’s warning. He said that there was no possible of Al Queda’s attack in
India. Al Queda has nothing to do in
India. Opposite to this National Security Advisor MK Narayanan admits al-Qaeda network in
India. Now ATS says the same. Defense Minister said in the parliament that arrested three spies in
Kashmir are of Army but before this in the same parliament Shivraj Patil had denied. Shivraj Patil and other secularists have said that they treat terrorists as brothers and Naxalites as children. But RSS should be banned instead of SIMI. Thank much to those who supported this Tugalki Government. 


By Premendra Agrawa

Bomb Pakistan back to Stone Age? Done by Mush

September 22, 2006

Terror victims should be offensive. Terrorism progresses in its fear war. We fear what is immediate, most readily available in memory and what our ancestral history has prepared us to fear. MM fears Mush 

United States threatened to bomb
Pakistan “back to the stone age” unless it cooperated with the US-led war on terror after the September 11, 2001 attacks, President Pervez Musharraf said in an interview released on Sept 21. 

People live in shelters—houses or apartments rather than caves. The go out daily to make their livelihood—now in cars, trains, aeroplanes rather than most by foot. People gather by electronic channels and clubs ­most probably more isolated than the stone-age clans. But in fact humans as a whole really have not have changed basically since the Stone Age. In some regions local culture has instilled in its people respect for law and human life but even in those places the people will go to war when threatened. Other regions tribal and clan clashes are a way of life. If maulvis, religious clerics, madarsas becomes factories of terrorism then how can you say that there is not Stone Age? While
Pakistan spends billions on the development of nuclear capabilities, it cannot find enough money to feed and educate Pakistani children, many of whom are destined to become terrorists. 

Terrorism has made progress in their fear war, by diverting our anxieties from big risks toward smaller risks. Fearless unity with determination to fight terrorism has been shown by the people of all communities of
Malegaon and Mumbai after facing serial bomb blasting. Intelligent mischievous pseudo-secularists elements such as CPM, Samajwadi party, Congress and print media such as The Hindu and The Hindustantimes dailies and electronic media such as NDTV and IBN-7 tried to evoke sentiments of minority. Now they again want to fire in
Gujarat to give wrong message of amendments in conversion bill of
Gujarat. Is it against the constitution and judgment of the Supreme Court? If yes then, why not they file PIL in Supreme Court instead of giving wrong information to the public? They know Supreme Court and Constitution is clear on the subject and the amendment is accordingly. 

Actually terrorists are in offensive and victims of terrorism are in defensive. Terrorists are fearless. Victims of terrorism are in the grip of fear of terrorism. Instead of taking offensive to abolish training camps of terrorists
India is fighting war against
Pakistan sponsored terrorism. Now
India has took more steps in this direction.
Pakistan becomes the victim of terrorism fist time in the eyes of
India and it becomes an ally of
India as it is an ally of US in the fight of ‘War against terror’. There is also lack of belief, confidence and willingness to fight terrorism without deffenciating. Victim Countries which are fighting terrorist see each other in suspedious.  

Psychological science has identified some influences on our intuitions about risk. First, we fear what our ancestral history has prepared us to fear. Human emotions were road tested in the Stone Age. Yesterday’s risks prepare us to fear snakes and tigers although both combined now kill only few human beings a year in
India or in other country. 

We fear what’s immediate. Teens are indifferent to smoking toxicity because they live more for the present than the distant future. Leaders become unable to see the danger of terrorism when they see coming assembly election of UP, Jharkhan and
Delhi. Cases against office bearers of SIMI have been withdrawn by Mulayam Sinh. Congress finds equality in nationalists RSS and Jihadi SIMI. 

We fear what’s most readily available in memory. Such as 93’ Bomb blasts are always in our memory. Though there are so many man made and natural disasters occurred who took more lives than the 93’ blasts. Tragedies in trains accidents are 100 times more than the serial blasts in trains. But train serial bomb blasting remains in our memory always.  

It’s perfectly normal to fear purposeful violence from those who hate us. But with our emotions now calming a bit, perhaps it’s time to check our fears against facts. “It’s time to get back to life as
Malegaon and Mumbais showed us after facing bomb blastings. 

Shahjahan killed his brothers to be emperor. Aurangjeb prisoned his father Shahjahan and became emperor. Musharraf became dictator of
Pakistan to deceive his PM Nawaz Shariff. Who hanged Bhutto? History of the Mughals and Pakistani rulers is like that.  How can they say that they are not living in Stone Age?  

President Pervez Musharraf wrested power from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a bloodless coup on October 12, 1999. From Chief of Army Staff, he became the Chief Executive and then the President. He realised that religion was a tool in the hands of the Army. The erstwhile Soviet occupation of
Afghanistan in the early 1980s and the subsequent covert intervention of the
United States by its raising a rebellious, religious army within
Afghanistan found in Mr Musharraf a willing and enthusiastic learner. 

Miyan ki juti miyan ka sar: Mush a BlackmailerPresident Pervez Musharraf and Indian Government are trying to link a gas pipe line with
Iran.  Its earning to
Pakistan could fund a revival of militancy in
Kashmir against
India. Musharraf cunningly show that
Pakistan is an partner of
America on ‘War against terror’. For this he takes one step forward for getting dollars and arms from
America and after that comes back two steps to get supports from the terrorists and mullahas.  

Mush laden shake hands aiming to hunt each otherOsama Bin laden is under the security of Musharraf’s loyal armymen and Laden’s jihadis are watching Musharraf 24 hours. Both are under the watch hunt of eachother. Laden may be sold by Mush to Bush in any time. Mush will be throwing in hell whenever Jihadis find him useless or as a threat for them. Both are serving each other in hunting mood to hunt eachother.   

Though President Musharraf gave in under pressure, he kept his domestic constituency happy by turning a blind eye to Al Qaeda and Taliban groups taking shelter with religious and sectarian organisations like Sipah-e-Sahaba and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi in cities like
Quetta and
Peshawar. Today, these terror groups, morphed with local extremist organisations, are poised to unleash a new wave of terror across the world. 

The Taliban are a cult of ignorant psychotics who captured
Afghanistan in 1997 by the support of
Pakistan and
America. Since then have been holding the country in bondage ever since. Now Taliaban is using Pakistani territory also frequently. Bin Laden is a political criminal with a master plan. When you think Taliban, think Nazis. When you think Bin Laden, think Hitler. 

Musharraf may call Baloach and Pakhtoon the Kabailies of Stone Age. The members of the General Musharraf’s inner circle i.e. Chaudhary Shujaat Hussein and Mushahid Hussein met Bugti and negotiated a political settlement. The General however, vetoed the agreement reached by his own men and launched the military offensive in July 2006, against the Bugtis, especially with an intent to decapitate them by killing Akbar Bugti. After a major aerial attack using air to surface missiles, on his compound the Nawab left his hometown of Dera Bugti , and went into hiding in the Bhambore hills in Marri area. On August 26, 2006, around 2230 hrs (PST), Bugti, along with his grandsons Bramdakh and Mir Ali were killed in a bombing operation that caused the cave roof to collapse on them. Bugti’s dead body was found in the cave which was later buried without the presence of any member of the deceased Bugti. Did they bury Bugti or his duplicate? Is this sign of Civilized country? 

Bugti lead a protest against the present establishment in Pakistan in February 2005, after the rape of a female doctor, Shazia Khalid in Pakistan’s Sui gas fields .The alleged rapist was a certain Captain Hamad of Pakistan Army. The General Musharraf later had told the Washington Post that women like Shazia Khalid had made it a business concern by getting raped to procure foreign visas. Is this not sign of Stone Age? 

The reprisal attacks have involved the use of at least three Brigades-strength of the Army and the Frontier Corps and about eight helicopters .At a time when the Pakistan Army has been complaining to the UN and the international community about the shortage of helicopters for quake relief in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (POK) and the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP), it has diverted  eight of its own helicopters, which were being used for quake relief in the POK, to Balochistan for being armed and used as helicopter gun ships. In addition to the use of helicopters, there have been at least two air strikes on suspected strongholds of the Marri tribe. 

By Premendra Agrawal

Ant-Chavez attacked Elephant Bush in United Nations

September 22, 2006

Iran-Laden invited Bush to convert in Islam. Now Laurel-Hardy called Bush ‘The Devil’ in UN to salt on wound.  Karzai said Pak is haven for terrorists. MM shook hand with Mush to sink in blind well.  

Karzai is more loyal for his country than Manmohan Karzai President of Afghanistan told the United Nations on Sept 20 that foreign troops in Afghanistan would not be able to end Taliban assaults unless outside the country terrorist safe havens and elaborate networks operating in the region to recruit, train, finance, arm and deploy terrorists were destroyed — a clear reference to Pakistan.  

The leftist leader Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez appeared to call George W Bush “the devil” at the U.N. General Assembly, saying the
U.S. president had left the smell of sulphur hanging in the chamber from his appearance the previous day. Chavez’s remarks were greeted with applause by the U.N. delegates. The
US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton called Chavez’s speech as a ‘comic strip approach to international affairs along the lines of Laurel and Hardy.

The official symbol of the Republican Party of America is the elephant. George bush of Republican Party is the president of
Venezuela being a poor and smallest country is like a tortoise in the race of developing nations. Would tortoise be able to defeat elephant in the race? Would South African folk tales be turned in reality to the present fight between
America and

If we compare
Venezuela as an ant then also question arises. Would an ant- Venezuelian President would be able to defeat the elephant-US President? (The clever ant track down Elephant at the well and crawl into his trunk. Irritation makes Elephant mad, and he thrashes around, hitting his trunk against trees until he collapses and dies.)  

Kabir had said:Laghuta se Prabhuta mile = By being small you become big
Prabhuta se Prabhu door = If you act too big, no chance
Cheeti sakkar le gayee = Ant took away the crystal of sugar
Haathi ke sir Dhoor = Dust on the elephants head
Can this Boast be compared to the above said situation?

In the beginning of this Sept after fatwa of cleric terrorist Zawahiri, Gadahn son of American Christian invites to Bush in Al Qaida video to convert in Islam. On May 11 in Jakarta Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that his letter to President George W. Bush did not concern the nuclear dossier, but rather was an invitation to Islam and the prophets [sic] culture. 

Venezuelan Christian President Hugo Chavez urged Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday to be more careful with his words. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad expressed respect for Pope Benedict XVI.  

Are the both statements-salt on the wounded Bush on tackling
Iraq and War on Terror? At the funeral ceremony of Pope John Paul II in 2005 George Bush knelt and kissed the ring of the Pope. 

Chavez & Ahmadinejad want to be a Mini-PowerMahmoud Ahmadinejad: a conservative religious Muslim, leading a regional power in the
Middle East, and Hugo Chavez: a Christian socialist, leading a South American nation hoping to become a mini-power.   

Venezuela having barely 26 million people but there are 103 national and 743 regional parties have been registered. For Venezuelan politics Chavez is a sort of gigantic meteorite that obliterated the dinosaurs from the face of the Earth, in this case the Democratic Action (AD) and the Social Christian Party (COPEI).  

Iran is using
Venezuela’s president Chavez in its fight against
America. In his visit to
Iran, Chavez assured Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that
Venezuela “will stand together with
Iran at all times and under any conditions.” On TV, Rosales opposition leader in
Venezuela criticized government decorations to the visitor and called Ahmadineyad a “bandit who was building an atom bomb.” 
America supports Rosales and other democrats. Turky and Maxico are against
Iran and

Chavez sings on Oil-TuneChavez is absolutely committed to the socialist path. He learnt lesson from Fidel Castro to be a dictator. If he wins in the coming election of this year than he would bring
Venezuela under one party rule to defeat the
America, as he thinks. He is dreaming so because
Venezuela is an important exporter of oil. His future will be in dark if oil prices would not be made half century dollar. As
Pakistan sing on the tune of
America, Chavez also depends on

It is being said that the
U.S. already had supported one coup against Chavez, and Chambliss may be pushing for another one. That new office, made known by US Intelligence Chief John Negroponte, implies an increased presence of agents and officials in
Venezuela and
Cuba, Granma daily reported on Sept 20. 

US government seeks to isolate
Venezuela: US tries to block UN Security Council bid. A key component of this effort is blocking
Venezuela’s bid for a non-permanent UN Security Council seat. The General Assembly will vote on this issue by secret ballot in October. Any support to
Venezuela or
Guatemala to join the non-permanent membership of United Nations (UN) Security Council
Venezuela’s bid for the Security Council seat has key supporters, including
Russia, and the majority of countries in the African Union, the Arab League, Mercosur and Caricom. The
United States, for its part, has been pressuring world leaders to back the
US client regime in
Guatemala instead. US raps
Venezuela and
Myanmar for failure to Enforce Anti-Drug.
Pakistan and
India are also on US druglist. 

Manmohan in dangerous roleThe ascension of
Cuba to the Non Aligned Movement NAM’s presidency creates the potential for broadening the anti-American front throughout the world. Manmohan has given his photo with
Cuba’s Castro. On otherside he wants to implement Indo-US Civilian Nuke deal for stabbing
India’s nuclear secrecy which is necessiry for
India’s security.
Cuba has dictator and one party rule. Chavez declared publicly that
Venezuela will be governed by one party.
NAM’s decided in
Havana that no objection if democracy turns in to dictatorship. What is the hidden agenda of Sonia’s ambassador? At present in
India there is fake PM, fake parliament, fake opposition of leftists (Outside and inside both) and Lok Sabha speaker prevents NDA if it wants to act as an oppossition. Coming general election of 2009 will be held under Election Commissioner tainted and 10 Janpath loyalist’s Navin Chawla. Are we going towards emergency or dictatorship? 

UPA Govt pushes
India in to blind wellBirth of
Bangladesh, Buried the two nation theory. Could tie of Islam stop Sunni Baloch to fight with Sunni led Pak army? Why fight between Sunni & Shiitis of
Iraq? Baloach, Pakhtoon, PoK and Sindh of Pakistan want to bury two nation theories and one by one revolted. Now Baloach revolt becomes the danger singnal for Musharraf. By killing Bugti, the president has now earned the permanent enmity of the Baloch. 

Our Indian Govt of UPA instead of taking advantage of the above said
Pakistan’s situation wants to give rebirth to two nation theory to adopt divide and rule through vote bank politics with in

Manmohan found Mush as his new ally Bush keeps Mush going & Mush keeps Jihad going but Pak is now
India’s new ally in his war against jihadi terrorism in
India. Manmohan says “give
Pakistan a chance”. He wants to be Yudhisthir of Mahabharat to loose
India’s prestige, security and safety of the people in gamble. Leftists are Shakunis. 

Pakistan haven and sponsored of terrorism?He is reported to have pointed out to the Indian journalists accompanying him to
Havana that
Pakistan has also been a victim of terrorism. Suspicion is growing to Musharraf’s role in the West including Americans, Canadians, other NATO powers and President Hamid Karzai of
Afghanistan. They all are concerned for Paki Jihad but not the UPA including Mulayam his comrade leftists, where more innocent civilians — Hindus, Muslims and members of other communities — have been killed by Pakistan-trained armed jihadi terrorists than in any other country of the world.  

Havana tour brought a disaster. He not only totally changed the foreign policy of India but also close door for the events such as Baloach nationalist movement and standing of Afghan on the opposite side of Pakistan which are coming to helps us to fight in terrorism. UPA is the crowd of power grabbers. Congress is culprit towards the nation. This should not be excused.  

By Premendra Agrawal