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Mole in Nehru’s Ministry & Baloch Bugti’s Murder

August 31, 2006

Is Balochistan another
Bangladesh? Is Bond of Religion stronger than bond of Patriotism? Oh! Our brothers all Khans! Come on! Aamir, Salman, Shahrukh Fardeen Saif Ali! Aao mil kar gayen “Vandematram” 

Akbar Khan Bugti ‘Tiger of Balochistan’ 79-year-old with arthritis Sardar of more than 200,000 Bugti tribesmen now became Martyr of Baloch nationalism like Nauroz Khan before him. 96 year old Nauroz Khan himself died in Kholu prison in 1964, becoming another Baluch martyr. 
Aao mil kar jhume naache gayen “Vandmatram”In 1971, at the height of the 
Bangladesh war, processions were taken out in
Quetta in favour of independence for Balochistan. Slogans were raised praising Indira Gandhi and surprisingly, General Jagjit Singh Arora, who was perceived as the liberator of
Bangladesh. The first revolt in the 1970s was ruthlessly put down by the Pakistani army led by General Tikka Khan, who earned the nickname of ‘Butcher of Balochistan’.  

Secular Muslim who don’t want to sing ‘Vandematram’ and India’s Hindu Deputy Ambassador at London who inaugurated the exhibition of MF Hussain’s nude paintings should learn the patriotic verdict of Actor Phiroze Khan which he gave in Pakistan.  

Oh! Our brothers all Khans! Come on! Aamir, Salman, Shahrukh Fardeen Saif Ali Khan! Please aao mil kar jhume naache; Aazadi ke liye jo kurban huye unki jara yaad karen, Kaput naheen Saput banen;  Kheton mein hariyali naachi gagan mein jhume badal haath me de ke haath woh gayen “Vandematram” 

Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtun are India’s Genuine FriendsJinnah fulfilled his demand of the Partition of India on the basis of his two-nation theory that the Hindus and the Muslims could not live together in the same nation. Jinnah’s two-nation theory was supported by the Punjabi, Bengali and Sindhi Muslims, but not by the Pashtuns and the Balochs. The Pashtuns led by Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, who came to be known as the Frontier Gandhi, and the Balochs led by their tribal sardars, strongly opposed the policies of Jinnah and supported Gandhi. 

While the Balochs and the Pashtuns opposed the creation of
Pakistan, the Sindhis supported it and their leader the late G M Syed was a co-sponsor of the famous Lahore Resolution, calling for the creation of
Pakistan. Even he got disillusioned by the post-1947 evolution of
Pakistan as a nation dominated by the Punjabi Muslims. Before his death in the 1990s, he admitted that he had committed a Himalayan blunder by co-sponsoring the Lahore Resolution. 

Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtun nationalists are constitute the only genuine friends of
India in Pakistani civil society. 

Who was mole in Nehru’s Ministry? Please remember March 1946 and the incidents of after that. Khan of Kalat deputed Samad Khan — a member of the AICC — to plead Kalat’s case with the Congress leadership. But Pt.Nehru and Maulana Azad could not help him. Then, an AIR broadcast of March 27, 1948, reported a press conference by V.P. Menon, Secretary in the Ministry of States. It said Menon revealed that the Khan of Kalat was pressing
India to accept Kalat’s accession, but that
India would have nothing to do with it. The Khan was upset by this. He reportedly told Jinnah to begin negotiations for Kalat’s treaty with
Pakistan. The Cabinet minutes of that meeting, as well as Nehru’s reply to a question on March 30, 1948, made clear that Menon was misquoted. But the damage had already been done. 

Nehru acted against
India’s Interest Pt. Nehru acted on the advice of Sheikh Abullah against the interest of
India to accept ceasefire on the winning stage and thus PoK came in the picture. Shoina Gandhi should participate in public debate on Gandhi and Gandhism. Leader should be known by his work instead of name.  

The Balochs had stood by Mahatma Gandhi and the Congress Party during the independence struggle against the British. They had opposed the partition of
India and the creation of
Pakistan. If 
India had to be partitioned, they would have preferred an independent Balochistan. The Balochs were the closest to Gandhi’s heart 

There was a time when Jinnah could not set foot in the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) and Balochistan because of the strong local support to Gandhi and opposition to him 

Chanaky neededAs his predecessors, Musharraf empowered Punjabis and the Mohajirs to marginalize the Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtun nationalist. Now Nawaz Sharif a Punjabi former PM of
Pakistan is also against his enemy number one. Musharraf and other Pakistani leaders come to
India; they do not hesitate to interact with the Kashmiri Hurriyat leaders and others, whom they look upon as the objective allies of
Pakistan in the Indian civil society. Why do our leaders, during their visits to
Pakistan, fight shy of similarly interacting with our objective allies in the Pakistani society?  

I.K.Gujral, L.K.Advani, Manomohan Singh and so many political guns were born the places which are now in Pakistna. But they are behind Musharraf in ‘Kootneti’. We don’t want only External Affair Minister we also want ‘Chanakyas’. 

India always remained ‘Mook darshak’ towards Afghan, Baluch and Pakhtunistan. Balochistan] is ideally located for any military incursion into
Iran and US both want
India’s help. Now it depends on
India how it may be able to bargain.  Since 1980s, Balochistan served as a key staging area for the anti-Soviet resistance in
Islamabad aided the Islamization of Balochistan partly to quell Baloch separatism as the mullahs politically marginalized the nationalists. Today, the provincial government is still ruled by a coalition of hard-line religious parties that allegedly still support the Taliban – forcing the Army to beef up of Talibanization presence there now. 

These days, Baloch nationalists want more control over resources and more jobs. The Sui gas plant has been a sore point, as Balochistan was the last area to get the gas being sent across the country. Nationalists now want a greater share of revenues. 

Another target for militants is the coastal city of
Gwadar, where a major port is under construction. 

US and Chinese Military presence is also threat for them. 

Is Balochistan another

Exiled former
Pakistan Premier Nawaz Sharif said that killing of Baloch tribal leader Nawab Akbar Bugti in an Army operation is an attack on
Pakistan‘s unity. Recalling the remarks made by President Pervez Musharraf that Baloch tribal leaders will be hit so hard that they will not know what hit them; Sharif said “today Musharraf has demonstrated it.” “I feel sad that the weapons we acquired for protection of the defence and security of the country are being used against our own people from
Waziristan to Balochistan.” Sharif also reminded that “such operations resulted in formation of
Bangladesh” in 1971. “Now, Musharraf has started the same kind of operations,” he said,Both the Vietnam war in its final stages and the Afghan conflict clearly proved that a conventional armed force cannot be defeated by guerrilla fighters alone. So Dream of Baloclh and Pakhtoons would be turn in reality by the help of others as mentioned above. Balochistan is not
Bangladesh at present. 

Is Bond of Religion stronger than bond of Patriotism?As a matter of record, Geelani of Hurriyat got a lease of life when he was treated for cancer in Mumbai’s Tata Memorial Centre (at the Indian taxpayers expense) a few years ago. That he continues to spew venom at
India and Indians speaks volumes of his character.  

A resurgence of ethnic nationalism is a reminder of the fragility of this close US ally and nuclear power.
Pakistan became a separate Muslim state after the British quit the Indian subcontinent in 1947. But the bonds of religion have not eliminated ethnic tensions in the country, which has seen violent separatist movements among its Pashtuns, Balochs, and Sindhis – as well as a successful bid by Bengalis to carve out an independent

How Baloch may be free from Musharra’s dictorial prison? 

Bugti said: “I have been a Baloch for several centuries. I have been a Muslim for 1400 years. I have been a Pakistani for just over fifty.” Some sucidical advised Mush to crush the Baloch leaders, which includes three prominent Sardars, Bugti, Khair Bux Marri and Ataullah Mengal. He had been attempting to get all Baloch nationalist parties under one umbrella. Of late, he had been in the limelight during the ongoing anti Mush regime resistance. The importance of the Baloch Nationalism, its origin and development as a case study cannot be ignored. The Baloch, after all, represent more than ten million people dispersed throughout
Afghanistan and
Gulf States. 

Balochistan spreads over 135,000 square miles but is home to only 6 million people. It borders
Iran and
Afghanistan, giving the territory strategic importance to both
Pakistan and the
US, which has been turning up the heat on
Iran. But it is not less important for
India. It is more important for us than US. 

They should draw inspiration from the
Bangladesh struggle for independence and unite not only among themselves, but also with the Sindhi nationalists, the Shias of Gilgit and Baltistan and the people of the POK, who had seen how the Pakistan Army treated them as an expendable commodity after the recent quake in order to achieve their common objectives. Their strength will be in their unity. Disunity will be fatal.  


By Premendra Agrawal 

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Abu Salem Toa Ban Gaya Gentleman?

August 30, 2006

Terrorist attempts may sometimes be in fact false flag operations. Abu Salem, 93 Bombay blasts accused will contest 2007 election of UP. Nation must not to allow itself to be ruled like sheep. 

Terrorism in India is being utilized by a broad array of organizations to further their objectives, including both right-wing and left-wing political parties, and religious groups, revolutionaries, and ruling Congress its allies and outside supporters. Modern terrorism has come to be defined in part by the influential power of the mass media, which terrorists co-opt in their efforts to amplify and broadcast feelings of intense fear and anger.   

The relationship of terrorism and democracy is complex. Research shows that terrorism is most common in nations with intermediate political freedom and that the nations with the least terrorism are the most democratic nations. India is the largest democracy of the world. Further greedy politicians’ double nation theory and later be deceived by not utilizing bargaining opportunies. At last we missed to bargain for peace when 70,000 solddiers of Pakistan were in our prison after the Bangladesh liberation War.  

Now since more than 20 years we have “Choli daman kaa Saath” friendly relation with the
Pakistan sponsored terrorism.  

Terrorist attempts may sometimes be in fact false flag operations, as in the Italian strategy of tension in which several bombings in the 1970s, attributed to far-left organizations, were in fact carried out by far-right organizations cooperating with the Italian secret services. Italian origin Soniaji have good knowledge of this. She is ambitious in the coming UP and other states’ assembly election. She would be studied the cases of Mulalyam’s Samajwadi Party also: How ‘Phoolan devi’ won the election in on Samajwadi party’s ticket and how this party made MP to Abu Azami who was an accused in 93 Bombay blasts. All eyes are on Muslim votes. They know that Hindus are disunited and Muslims are united to vote in wholesum.  

So Abu Salem, accused of 93
Bombay blasts will be ‘Neta’ to contest the coming Assembly election of UP on Bhartiya Samaj Party BSP (Not of Uma or Mayavati’s parties) ticket as disclosed by his advocate Saraogi. Would it not be a false flag? Abu Salem may contest the 2007 Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh on a Bhartiya Samaj Party (BSP) ticket. And this role is for real. Out of the many roles the dreaded gangster enacted to evade the police, this new one as politician will grant him police protection.
Salem will fight from Mubarakpur, which is 50 kms from his hometown Sarai Meer in Azamgarh. 

State‘s Chief Electoral Officer UPS Madan explaining the legal position, said, “There is no bar on an accused contesting elections till convicted by the court. But it is important that the undertrial’s name is there in the electoral roles of the state failing which, he cannot file his nomination papers”.

The other hindrance for
Salem would have been had he given up his Indian nationality when he was staying in
Portugal. But his lawyer Sarogi confirmed that while in
Salem had a resident visa in a fake name. So his Indian nationality remains intact. 

Meanwhile if Sarogi is to be believed, he has already obtained
Salem‘s consent and is waiting for the nomination papers soon 

The above disclosure is not new. “Main election ladna chahta hoon… aanewale vidhan sabha chunav mein,”
Salem has told his brother during a five-minute meeting earlier in the last week of Feb 2006. 

Dawood Ibrahim’s extradited younger brother, Iqbal Kaskar to join politics, was also to file nomination papers from prison to contest elections from
South Mumbai, but withdrew in the last minute.  

Freedom and democracy are only possible where the resolute will of a nation not to allow itself to be ruled like sheep is permanently alive.” — Max WeberSince ‘
Independence’ barring few years, we have being ruled like sheep. Congress was the monopoly supplier for more than 50 years meat of our freedom and democracy. Now Congress with the partnership of its allies with the support of left doing the same business. This is the top quality secular meat easily available to terrorists, separatists, insurgents, infiltrators, naxals, criminals, convertors of tribal into Christ and anti-Hindu elements. 


By Premendra Agrawal

Can Abu Salem Be “Neta”

August 30, 2006

“When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” Thomos Jefferson… unless the government fears and despises the people but is ruthless enough to attempt to deceive the people with big lies and to suppress opposition by force and the use of modern technology — then tyranny might linger on… 

Freedom and democracy are only possible where the resolute will of a nation not to allow itself to be ruled like sheep is permanently alive.” — Max WeberSince ‘
Independence’ barring few years, we have being ruled like sheep. Congress was the monopoly supplier for more than 50 years meat of our freedom and democracy. Now Congress with the partnership of its allies with the support of left doing the same business. This is the top quality secular meat easily available to terrorists, separatists, insurgents, infiltrators, naxals, criminals, convertors of tribal into Christ and anti-Hindu elements. 

Tribal are being converted. Terroists have entered even in our interal and external security means. Infiltration is going on freely. Naxal organization is the armbranch of CPM. They shake hands with LTTE and ISI. Secular Govt handcuffs nationalism. Patriotism becomes a subject of choice. You sing ‘Vandmatram’ or not. Being a criminal and terrorist you can’t vote but you can contest the election to be a member of assembly or parliament. Not only mere minister that can be a Prime Minister of India. Not a single country of world allows a foreign origin to contest for Prime Minister or President Post.  

On the occasion of ‘Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav’, we should know the facts of ending of ‘Tilak Yug’ and beginning of ‘Gandhi Youg’. Gandi Yug means the yug of appeasement. Appeasement is a dangerous arm for the utilization of murdering the unity. Zinnah utilized Gandhi’s appeasement of ‘Gin’ to evoke Muslims. Opposition of ‘Vandematrmam’ was also born from the stomach of Zinnah.  Younger brother of Gandhi Yug was ‘Nehru Yug’. I don’t want to go in details what were the relation of Nehru with the male and female members of lord Mountbeton. Britishers ruled on us through us to play ‘Divide and Rule’ policy. They went back to
Britain to divide our nation. Nehru was greedy to be PM. And thus we became Independent.  

“I want for our country enough laws to restrain me from injuring others, so that these laws will also restrain others from injuring me. I want enough government, with enough constitutional safeguards, so that this necessary minimum of laws will be applied equitably to everybody, and will be binding on the rulers as well as those ruled.” — Robert Welch, “My Concept of Freedom” (1964) 

Have we enough laws to restrain parliamentarians and Govt from injuring people, so that these laws will also restrain others from injuring them. There was POTA, UPA removed it. Parliamentarians are unanimous to enhance their salary. For their own advantage they passed Office of Profit Bill without reconcidering even President’s suggestion.   

In the hearing of the case related to the inclusion of tainted ministers in the cabinet, advocate Anil Kumar Jha asked whether a person accused of waging war against the nation, during the pending of the case before the trial court, could contest election and in the event of becoming an MP be eligible for becoming a Minister in the Union Cabinet.  

For removing tainted minister, a PIL was submitted in Supreme Court, During a recent hearing, Govt Solicitor in order to defend the tainted ministers assured SC of discussion on the matter in Parliament in future.  

PM said that tainted ministers should continue in office till verdicts are passed! Is To include elected tainted MP in cabinet compulsion as per constitution? All politicians whether in opposition and in government are big big criminals and there deeds comes open when opposition comes into power. They all have stained images. And their skin has become the skin of Rhinocerous on which nothing affects.  

THE Supreme Court has rightly expressed its displeasure over the Centre’s failure to make its stand clear on the issue of tainted ministers. Significantly, the apex court has expanded the scope of the case by treating all the state governments as parties and issuing them a similar directive. This is a salutary move because the question concerns both the Centre and the states. 

Chief Justice Y.K. Sabharwal raised a pertinent question to the government counsel: Will the Centre appoint a person as a judge or as an Election Commissioner if any criminal charge is pending against him? The Centre and the states should promptly respond to the notice to help the Constitution Bench examine the issue expeditiously in the interest of good governance and purity of the system.  

Bad Government is ruled by Fear, whose scroll reads: “Because he looks for his own good in the world, he places justice beneath tyranny. So nobody walks this road without Fear: Robbery thrives inside and outside the city gates.” Ambrogio Lorenzetti 

UPA and Lefts want to govern for a long period entirety by the clandestine power brokers, nothing other than an organized criminal syndicate of terrorists, separatists, infiltrators, naxals and criminals to play vote bank politics. The real politics of our day are hidden, and have been reduced to secret deals between rival anti-Hinduism gangs. The visible political system, called “Democracy”, is a show for the zeks that are too stupid to know the score, a spectacular, fake political process that suits the purposes of all the hierarchical institutions, across the spectrum from Right to Left.  

By Premendra Agrawal

Desert of woes hits by flood

August 29, 2006

In 2000, Rajasthan’s 26.17 crore people faced great tragedy of drought. Farmers were reduced to daily-wage earners at relief camps. Cattle are left to die because there is no fodder. And the administration feared that water riots may break out. BBC wrote at that time: Even civil war over water can’t be ruled out. Now there is no rain in Cherapunji (
Assam) but desert Rajasthan has flooded: Kalyug hai kalyug! Will water be got on ration card? No disaster management but flood politics in.  

A child consoles her mother, as they lost 24 members of their family in flood waters, in Barmer, Rajasthan.” Caption below the panic photo published in the indianexpress.  

Noble prize winner the economist Amartya Sen recently described
India as an archipelago of

Valleys in a

sea of
Sub-Saharan Africa. Far Rajasthan, where proud camels still haul water tanks between stick-and-stone villages separated by ever-shifting sand dunes, is as invisible to the world as
India gets 

One ‘Prince’ became ‘Aakhon ka taara’ when he felt in a narrow deep dry well. But what about more than 48 dies and so many injured when a water tank collapsed at a village fair in
Kama town of
Rajasthan‘s Bharatpur district, about 225 kilometres from Jaipur. Crowd of villagers are busy to entertain the wrestling game to sit on the tank. At the time of disaster every kind of mischief and black-marketing is possible. Victims are looted. Now days, biggest robbers are politicians. Natwar, his son Oil for Food defamed Jagat and other politicians are busy to take the political advantage of the collapse tragedy.  

In Rajasthan we can find every where scientific Vastukala based old construction of palaces and havelis with well and water tanks. The Elephant Festival of jaipur, Camel Festival of Bikaner, Kite Festival on Makar sankranti, Desert Festival of Jaisalmer, Marwar Festival of jodhpur, Pushkar Fair and ) Baneshwar Fair make the invisible Rajasthan visible and attraction for world over tourists.  

Of all heritage structures the most mysterious are step-wells, dark, secret places leading deep into the earth to water, the source of life. Such as the magnificent fort at Kumbhalgarh in Mewar, a complex of royal apartments, temples, storerooms, houses and water tanks are the most visible example of Vastu. 

Now you can’t see the Rajasthani ladies lovely style of balancing the water pots on their head as well as their colorful dresses. Sadly presently most flood hited Jaisalmer city like any other that has stood against the ravages of time for almost a millennium is now endangered by tourist invasions and an increase in rainfall, causing the soft yellow sandstone to crumble. Barmer, Flash floods in Rajasthan continue to play havoc as the normal life in several parts … After 33 years such a devastating flood has hit the place and it has ruined almost everything. Rains and flooding have killed more than 300 people in Rajasthan. Gypsum below the sandy surface is preventing brownish flood. Draining out floodwater in this Rajasthan‘s desert district has become a headache for the authorities.  

We can see flood politics in floody states including Rajasthan. Financial support of
Central Govt is to follow ‘Munh dekh tilak’. Why Sonia Gandhi being a polical party president went alongwith Home Minister in flood hit Andhra and with Defense Minister in
Gujarat and announced package to cover flood damage: ‘Andrha bante revadi, apanon ke dey’. When the same was happened in TN at the time of T-sumani, there was a controversy arises.  

Five members of a family sank in the flooded

river of
Rajasthan. It was sad news. One TV channel kept itself engaze for three days to show interview with one male and another female member or relative of that family. Collection for that family was also going on. But what they are doing for others? Amir Khan, Arundhati Roy and their Narmada Bachao Andolan are under ground. Secular Media especially electronic channels is only for criticizing without accountability as Sonia Gandhi has all powers without accountability. We should ask central government why it hesitates to say that naxalites are terrorists and terrorists who so ever not our brothers? In the past at the time natural disaster bollywood, media and NGOs came forward. They collected fund and material to help the affected people. Now they are dumb. They can go
Pakistan to help the earthquake victims though
Pakistan cancelled their Visas. Javed Akhtar was among them. It is good but what they do here? They are only active to attack
Gujarat. We have been habitual to see every aspect as secular and non-secular. Imported media, Western culture and Western leadership are dear to us.  

Time is nearer when water will be got on ration card. After 60 years of independence we could not provide even basic need of ‘water’ to our people. ‘Sweet water’ may be blind faith. But for not providing water properly in Tamil Nadu, execuse should not be that although it sits at the edge of an ocean it remains permanently short of water because desalination is a very expensive business. Even our Capital Delhi has water problem. They have billing as per metre for consumed water.  

No disaster management available if there is flood or drought. Flood disaster management is prepared but would not be workable for the next flood. In Rajasthan the excuse is that it is a desert.  It is because most Indians live with no knowledge of the rest of the world that they do not realise that in most other countries even the poorest people get water out of taps in their homes. Water is not a luxury but a fundamental need and right.  

Kalyug hai Kalyug: We are walking by head instead of legs. Every thing is ulta pulta. ‘Swaraj hamara janm sidh adhikar hai’ and ‘Tum mujhe khoon do main tumhen azadi doonga’ now become terrorists in NCERT books. ‘Idol drinking milk’ may be blind faith but how could be good faith that Durga drank wine? We drove Britishers and became Independent in 1947 but after 57 years to forget 1857 we are again in the grip of an Italian origin. Instead of blocking blogs of terrorists, naxalites and separatists our secular government blocked the blogs of Hindu organizations which were against terrorism and criticized Sonia. Now patriotism also becomes the subject of choice. Arjun and Lalu declared no compulsion to sing ‘Vandematram’. Banners and hoardings of Corrupt, dynastic rule adopter, party loyalty changers, greedy and opportunists are in ‘Ganeshotsav’. Boy arrested who sheared hairs of his Sikh fellow in Jaipur. To take advantage of this incident one tainted Sikh complained in
Jamshedpur that police sheared his hair. To give contiueity this hair of a Sikh boy sheared in Kuruchhetra. This is a conspiracy to widen the rift between Sikhs and non Sikhs.    


By Premendra Agrawal

‘G’ for Ganeshotsav Vs ‘G’ for Gandhi

August 28, 2006

GC stands for ‘Ganeshotsave- Ceremony’ not for Gandhi Clause by which without ability its heir automatically becomes eligible to rule
India. After Tilak Yug, Mahatma Gandhi Yug & then adopted Gandhis came.  

In my opinion ‘G’ for Ganeshotsav and GC stands for ‘Ganeshotsave- Ceremony’ instead of Gandhi Clause by which without ability its heir automatically becomes eligible to rule. Why Italian origin Sonia is superior to Sikh born Menka Gandhi? Why Dr Deepak Jayant Tilak grand son of great lokmanya Tilak and lalbahadur’s sons Sunil and Anil are not better choice than Rahul? Real Gandhi was Mahatma Gandhi. Then why his sons are underground and only adopted Gandhis are in the front.  

After Tilak Yug, Gandhi Yug cameFurther Lalbahadur had done with in 13 months greater than Nehru. Lokmanya Tilak had not done less than Mahatma Gandhi. The great warrior of
India‘s freedom struggle departed for his heavenly abode on 1st August 1920. That marked an end of Tilak Yug and beginning of Gandhi Yug. To day we have to decide which our path is and which our destination is. We should know who united us.  Who plays votebank politics to divide us?   

Ganeshotsav has gone secular in real senseGaneshotsav is not associated with any political party. Many non-Hindus participate in the ten-day pageant. Spend a couple of minutes with the statue of Lokmanya BaL Gangadhar Tilak. “This great man inspires us after all he was the one who popularised Ganeshotsav. He was the one who gave us the slogan, “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it.” 

Is Tilak was Terrorist?Ganeshotsav have been started on the pious “Ganeshchaturthi”. Today you have to decide what punishment to give in democratic way to the culprits who wrote in NCERT text books that Tilak, savarkar and other martyrs are terrorists. Durga drank wine. Shiv had sexual relation with other goddesses.  

‘Ga’ for Ganesh was communal but ‘Ga’ for Gadha is secular!When I was student in MP when Katju was CM, then I read ‘Ga’ for Ganesh. But after that it could be treated as communal. Later ‘Ga’ for gadha (ass) will be placed in the books. At that time in the centre Maulaln Azad was the education minister. 

“Tilak Maharaj Ki Jai” & “Bharat Mata Ki jai”In fact, the British, sensing trouble, did not allow the masses to use the slogans like “Tilak Maharaj Ki Jai” during the Ganeshotsav celebrations, so they chanted “Tilak Maharaj Ganapathicha Jai Jai Kar” “Ganpati Bappa Morya, Mangala Murti Morya”. Now Gulam nabi Azad’s Govt banned in Poonch Dist of Jammu to raise slogan of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jay’ in the way of ’Budha Amarnath’ and MF Hussain who painted nude painting of Bhara Mata, to be lessoned in Govt books.   

1893 Riots & !993
Bombay BlastsTilak raised a very pertinent question that those who are blindly following the Britishers and their culture can really occupy the places of those very Britishers in the Indian administration! The 1893 Hindu-Muslim riots at Pune and Mumbai further added to his restlessness. Just after 100 years in 1993 there were Bomay Blasts whose main accused Daud and Memon are in
Pakistan. Indian seculars celebrate Dec 6 as ‘Sad Day’ for destruction of ‘Babar Sturcture’.   

Hindu Muslim both are patriot except some….Like a true nationalist, Tilak desired to emphasise and preserve the national sentiment by giving due credit to all that was good in the old system. He wanted to unite the Hindus but he was not against Islam. He was only opposed to those Muslims incited as they were by the British to favour and actively participate in the riots.  

The same situation is at present. Hindu nationalists are not against Muslims, they are only against those who are supporting terrorists such as SIMI. After all, all should to decide: are we followers of Babar or Ram? 

After 1892 Ganeshotsav became public festival ‘Sarvajanik Utsav’The year 1818 saw the end of Peshwa rule with Union Jack being unfurled on the great Shaniwar-Wada. Among the valuables the Britishers took away was a ‘ruby’eyed Ganesh idol made in pure gold studded with diamonds and rubies. It was reportedly valued at £ 50000 in those days. After the end of Peshwa rule, from 1818 to 1892 Ganesh Festival remained a family affair in
Maharashtra. Emulating the example of Peshwas, princely states of
Baroda and
Gwalior too involved common people in the Ganesh festival. 

Apart from social and political situation existing then, Lokmanya Tilak an erudite person he was, had come across the writings about the different festivals observed in Ancient Egypt and was also a witness to the Ganpati Festival in

State which inspired him to start a similar public celebration of Ganesh Festival.  

Christianity in 1892-93 and nowAround 1892-93 the influence of Christianity on Indian psyche had become quite obvious.  

The same situation is at present. Glady
Staines was awareded ‘Padmshree’ to convert tribal in Christ. Benny Hen’ healing touch ‘Intellectuals faith’ and ‘Idols drinking milk’ is blind faith as per secular media.  

Is Gandhi dynasty a reserved caste for PM post? On the day of Ganeshchaturthi, both pro and anti reservationists have to find the answer. Doesn’t ‘Gandhi dynasty’ now stand for globalisation of
India’s PM post and to mortagazue of our nuke independency?  

India will decide on nuke testing?: PM There was Mole in Indira’s and Narsimha Rao’s PMO. This is open fact. In mole’s name may be confusion. Because of these moles both PMs could not did the ‘Pokhran’. If, American scientists will be to spy in our land to watch our nuke process then how MM or other coming PMs will dare to be free in nuke fully? Please PM doesn’t fool the nation. If on the direction of Super PM you have a hidden deal then please don’t deceive the people. We know you people are going to handcuff our nation. Only for getting doctorate you have placed an example to praise British rule in
India at

GC stands for Ganeshotsave Ceremony instead of Gandhi Clause Rahul said that getting PM post is not much difficult for him. He has so cofident because of his father; his grandmother and his great grandfather also were PM. Here is also I am confused. What is the formula to worship Italian origin Sonia Gandhi instead of finding her substitute in Sikh Menaka Gandhi or other? Is assassination of Rajiv Gandhi is the only reason?  

In a democracy, the rulers reflect the nature of the population See the
US, for instance. An idiot who can barely speak syntactically correct English (never mind semantics) heads that government. Why? The reason is the average American is an ignorant idiot. Or see
Bihar. Ignorant idiots vote ignorant idiots into office. There is a pattern. Most people are in the grip of caste and illerate, so they are therefore likely to elect an uneducated ignorant idiot. It is all karma, neh?” Now whole
India is going to be
Bihar as we saw
Bihar wild animals and wresters in the parliament.  

EpilogueTilak’s main contribution to
India and the Congress Party is his four fold programme, which consisted of: Swaraj – With built in democracy
Swadeshi – With a view to develop Indian industry and wealth
Boycott – That is an agitation within the framework the constitution
National Education – To create inspiration, to develop technical and scientific knowledge.
To day we have to think can our democracy save under Sonia Gandhi,  Election Commissioner Navin Chawla and lefts naxalites combination? To whom we should boycott? Is our present IGNOU and NCERT text books and Rservation policy in education not a black spot for our nationality? 

Shivaji Jayanti & Ganeshotsav Vs World Cup FootballAt the time of Tilak, only the intellectuals were involved in the freedom struggle. In order to inspire the common man and galvanise them into a movement, he started Sarvajanik Ganesh festival and Shiv Jayanti festival in 1984. Daily Keertans and speeches by prominent leaders marked the occasions.  

The celebrations attained national importance in 1896 with Tilak addressing mammoth crowds for the duration of the Ganeshotsav in Pune and
Bombay. Shivaji Utsav was launched on the Raigard Fort in 1894 which also became popular in
Japan by 1905. To day Congress of Bihar worshiped ‘Italian football’ with the photo of Sonia for the victory of Italian football team. They are competiong such elements who celebrate the victory of
Pakistan in Cricket or Hockey match. We are progressing in this direction: “jas raja tas praja”. 

By Premendra Agrawal

Conspiracy to ruin India

August 26, 2006

There is a conspiracy to ruin
India’s glorious ancient history, tradition, culture and religion.  

Parliamentarian procedure is being murdered. Secular media becomes Sick-ular. Why Sonia in Durga hoarding?IGNOU claims Durga drank wine. After Lalu, Sholay & Krish IIM laps Sadhu’s Lessons? 

Parliamentarian procedure is being murdered As we saw wild animals entrance in the proceedings and wrestlers free fight there. Speaker’s partial behavior is a planned strategy as per Marxism. Lelf will play a role of fake opposition. Parliamentarians will remain in future as fake stamps of Telgi. Few disqualified MPs now may come back conditionally as said by PR Dass Munshi. Lalu is also supporting this move because he knows well that he is also going to be dismissed in future. Remind how cunningly Sonia played the ‘Office of profit’ drama. Due to that drama Speaker of parliament with so many other ministers and members could save their skin.  

Secular media becomes Sick-ularMedia especially channels are not behind this. Channels accepted that there are elements those are filming fake incidents such as they evoke Mr. Pramod, an unemployed youth of
Patna to go for fire himself. To day we saw how a youth of WB went to fire himself in the front of Mahesh Bhatt’s office. ‘Aajtak’ was busy whole day to show a girl who alleged that his father raped her. ‘indiatv’ intentionally sounding about a family whose five members sank in the flooded

river of
Rajasthan. The channel is collecting money also for that not for other flood victims. Its eye is able to see only one family. This news is without stoppage since Aug 23. The channel could not see the services given by the army, the govt. departments and others. They could see only ‘prince’ and Prof. Chaudhary’s sexual love with his girl student. This is a dangerous trend of media which should be checked. Leaders don’t dare to oppose them because they are publicity greedy. 

Sadhu will follow Sholaly, Krish and Lalu for IIMEven our world fame educational system is also wants to stand on their heads instead of legs. Gabbar and Sholay have special place in IIM- after NCERT text books. IIM of Indore wants to kiss ‘Krish’ film of Ritik Roshan. Perhaps IIM will educate how one youth died to jump from the multi storey building in the process of copying ‘Krish’.  

After adopting Reservation, IIM will go with full speed towards the
Bihar way. When it comes to teaching how to turn around a loss-making venture into a profitable one, Union railway minister Lalu Prasad has quite a few lessons to give, and the IIMs are lapping up his words of wisdom through a a case study of the Indian Railways..Now Mr. Dholakia of IIM can include Sadhu’s success story of Police management in avoiding non bail able warrant by the presence in the parliament. Sonia Gandhi and Somnath Chatterjee are late in finding the place in IIM’s cases study. Definitely IIM will catch their success real story in Office of profit Bill and how MPs enhanced their salaries.  

Loksabha:  UPA for the Insult of DeitiesOn 2Aug 25, 2006 moving the calling attention motion, BJP deputy leader VK Malhotra accused the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government of allowing “derogatory and insulting” comments on Hindu deities in the textbooks of post graduation course of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). 

Insult of Hindu deities by IGNOUStudents are being taught by Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) that Lord Shiva was bhogvilasi and he used to sexually assault the wives of other Gods. The book claims that Goddess Durga used to drink wine. There are also various other derogatory remarks against our God, national heroes and saints in the books 

Our Deputy Ambassador in
Britain inaugurated the exhibition of MF Hussain’s painting in
London which contains nude painting of ‘Bharat mata’ and ‘Sarswati’. Then London Hindus protested and after that Blair Govt. banned the exhibition. But our deputy ambassador being a Hindu Brahman felt shame to make apology. Painter MF Hussain is being lessoned in the NCERT books. When BJP Govt. of MP did not send the invitation to the painter for a function then so some secularists such as Tanveer Hussain criticized this.   

Why Sonia in Durga hoarding? Sonia Gandhi is a Catholic Christian. To deceive Hindus she is in saree and with ‘bindi’Natwar Singh said that not a leaf moves in the Congress banyan tree without her knowledge and approval. Her objectional posters as Durga were walled in
Indore and in
Bihar. No objection! A cloth banner with a figure of the goddess as Sonia has been blowin’ in the wind for two days. Full with the 10 arms variously armed with an axe, bow and arrow, a club and a conch, and one spearing the demon of corruption. The cloth goddess even has a mukut (crown) of the type that the original sports, making the resemblance uncanny. And the face of Mahisha- sura has been blackened.  

Posters with cut-out faced cartoon of Atal-AdvaniIn
Bihar election posters were prepared to show Duga killing Atal and Adani cartoons. The idol of the RJD chief – with his silver hair intact – was made holding a sudarshan chakra, the celestial weapon of Lord Krishna; his wife Chief Minister Rabri Devi was in the likeness of the Goddess Durga holding a trident and in a bright yellow sari; and Sonia Gandhi was projected as deity of sacrifice with a bow and arrow in her hands. In one poster Sonia looks like Subraamaniam Bharathi a famous national poet. 

Insult of our god and goddesses abroadWithout hesitation intentionally our god and goddesses are insulted in foreign countries. For example:“Toronto Star” selected and published this “NUDE” picture by ignoring three following “Dressed & Decent Durga” pictures available on Reuters that time At last, The Toronto Star published an unconditional apology along with an appropriate Durga image. This apology was published in the same section where the initial nude Durga image was published. The apology reads:
“On Oct. 4. The Star published a photo of an unfinished depiction of the Hindu goddess Maa Durga. Members of

Toronto‘s Hindu community took great exception to this goddess being presented in an undignified manner. The above picture shows the goddess in an appropriate manner. The Star regrets that publication of the original photo has caused anguish and apologizes to the Hindu community.” 

By Premendra Agrawal 

Note:Few lines of Vande Matram as traslated by Shri Aurobindo Ghose, deleted in 1937:Thou art Durga, Lady and Queen,
With her hands that strike and her swords of sheen,
Thou art Lakshmi lotus-throned,
And the Muse a hundred-toned,
Pure and perfect without peer,
Mother lend thine ear,
Rich with thy hurrying streams,
Bright with thy orchard gleems,
Dark of hue O candid-fair
In thy soul, with jewelled hair
And thy glorious smile divine,
Lovilest of all earthly lands,
Showering wealth from well-stored hands!
Mother, mother mine!
Mother sweet, I bow to thee,
Mother great and free!

Wild Animals Wrestlers in Parliament

August 25, 2006

Newly MP breast-feeds her baby in parliament. Indira won after Returning from Tihar Jail. After Lalu, IIM laps Sadhu’s Lessons. IGNOU claims Goddess Durga drank wine. Sonia has symbolized as Durga. After Lalu, IIM laps Sadhu’s Lessons. Chidambaram can Charge entertainment tax on Lalu-Circus, a real fun in parliament.  

UPA Government has added many feathers to its crown: Naxalites, Bangladeshi refugees, terrorists, tainted ministers, Muslim league, Laloo of chara ghotala etc.  

Why Sadhu yadav is in loksabha? Is there no non-bailable warrant against him? What step will be taken by so called impartial Speaker?
Bihar police has made the requiest to
Delhi police also for arresting Sadhu Yadav. Why
Delhi police not getting help from Loksabha speaker for arrestm of Sadhu? 

Why Arjun & Lalu give liberty to any one for not singing “Vande Matram” on coming Sept 7?  

Sadhu brother in law of great Lalu Rly Minister said that all crimes automatically ended when election finished. Sadhu replied to journalists: “Election gone crime case gone” and “Fight to hote rahtee hai loksabha men”: This is the result of including tainted members in the cabinet by Mr. Clean. They are greatest followers of greatest tallest Sonia Gandhi.  

After Lalu, IIM laps Sadhu’s LessonsAfter adopting Reservation, IIM will go the
Bihar way. When it comes to teaching how to turn around a loss-making venture into a profitable one, Union railway minister Lalu Prasad has quite a few lessons to give, and the IIMs are lapping up his words of wisdom through a a case study of the Indian Railways..Now Mr. Dholakia of IIM can include Sadhu’s success story of Police management in avoiding non bail able warrant by the presence in the parliament. Sonia Gandhi and Somnath Chatterjee could get success in Office of profit Bill due to Lalu’s management skill. Citizens complained that their hard earn money should not be paid to criminals tainted junk terrorists Minister and parliamentarians. All MPs buried their hatchets; sink their differences and ruse as one to welcome the enhanced salary and perks. These imply that UPA is aware of the impact of rising prices.  

Suprme Court

: Mr. Clean & Bully LaluMr.Clean PM argued that tainted ministers should be “presumed innocent” until conviction in the cases against them. Then “Does that assumption of innocence come to play, while, making other such appointments? Can a person facing rape charges be appointed as a judge or an Election Commissioner,” an apex court bench asked. “If a trial court finds a prima facie case against a person under Section 376 (rape) or 302 (murder), and frames charges against him, can he be given a sensitive post of a Cabinet minister,” the court asked. “There are three persons in Manmohan Singh’s council of Ministers who are accused in cases of murder and rape. Manmohan Singh is a fool. Pranab Mukherjee is a midget. Chidambaram is a nasty little conspirator.” Natwar said.

Charge entertainment tax on Lalu-Circus a great funAfter Gabbar Singh of Sholay was introduced in the school curriculum by NCERT, it is the turn of Indian Institute of Management,
Indore to realise that Krrish makes great business sense. Now they can introduce great circus and can scan funny scenes of Lalu mandali in the parliament. All MPs and Ministers “intelligent” people out there, good to see that they think voilence is “fun”. It just highlights the fact that they think abuse and vioilent behaviour as shown on the streets will get them what they want. Lalu is in Mr.Clean’s cabinet and he has direct approach in 10 Janpath. P Chidambaram can charge entertainment tax for this to increase the revenue. 

Sonia’s symbolization as Durga and IGNOUTime to time Congressmen and Lalu symbolized Sonia Gandhi ‘Durga’ in posters, banners and hoarding as they did in recently held
Kanpur rally. Then why In the books of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) the students are being taught that Lord Shiva was bhogvilasi and he used to sexually assault the wives of other Gods. The book claims that Goddess Durga used to drink wine. 

Indira won after Returning from Tihar Jail Who is really not tainted? Mrs. Indira Gandhi was sent to Tihar jail after losing election in 1978 for the atrocities during emergency rule. She came back to power in the next election. Should
India have voided her getting back to PM position? One time Lalu said that there would be possibility of becoming his PM. Being Jail return he could dream like that. Similarly if a politician is suspected or indicted on a criminal charge, but gets elected to power again, most likely people are saying – he may not be perfect but he is good enough to be our leader. Jas Raja, Tas Praja – like King, like subjects”

While Lalu is popular in

Bihar, he is equally unpopular outside
Bihar. Being a tainted minister, he has returned back to power by people of
Bihar. While he has every right to lead
Bihar, no one is sure if has the moral authority to lead
India’s Railway ministry.
When people of

India went for vote earlier this year, they did not know that Lalu and other tainted UPA coalition leaders will become ministers. In late seventies, when Mrs. Gandhi came back to power, people knew that they are voting to bring Mrs. Gandhi back to power. 

Lalu Prasad Yadav has every right to lead
Bihar if they desire so but his becoming a central Government Cabinet Minister may not have enough credible logic behind it.Lalu is happy though. He cares little about getting red handed caught in a multi-crore Fodder scam case. RJD has ruined the
Bihar and Lalu Mandli is in process to Make Parliament another
Bihar.Another important thing is the representative of people can not be more different than the people representing by him !!! So untill and unless people of this country will chance their representatives will improve 

Newly MP breast-feeds her baby In one of the state parliaments in
Australia, a young woman MP startled her colleagues in February 2003 on her first day in
Victoria’s state Parliament by breast-feeding her 10-day-old baby. A sergeant at arms immediately told the lady that her behavior was unacceptable and escorted both mother and child from the building. Officials ruled that the child could not enter the chamber, as she had not been elected to Parliament 

Ottawa (
Canada) A noisy heckler, Cullen was thrown out of the legislature a record four times during the spring session for unparliamentary behavior. Speaker Chris Stockwell, a former bad boy himself, denies that Cullen is acting just like Stockwell used to. “He’s much worse than I ever was,” Stockwell told eye. 

Our UnparliamentariansHere our honorable Speaker should think about his knocking behavior when he was in opposition along with Mulayam Sinh Yadav. Knock on the desk would be done usually by both. Both took seats by the side of each other. Both made comments slow sound on the microphone.  

Heaven only knows what legislation will result from calling these “resource persons” unprintable names including bangles not in the hands. Swain, BJP member said after nine years in the Lok Sabha he was frightened on Thursday after the incident. “Should I come to the House with my bodyguard?” he asked the Speaker.  

‘Khudai ek taraf, Joru ka bhai ek taraf’For Gods sake let’s get rid of this shameful racial violence. There are silly leaders even in parliament not only as a member but also tainted ministers such as Rly Minister Lalu who will believe in violence and sectarianism. If you are patriotic you should stand against tainted members and ministers who try and ruin our traditions. It makes us very angry if “Saale Bahnoi” lalu and Sadhu want unruly seen they can have it in
Bihar instead of spreading their hateful propaganda in the parliament of the country showing no respect We fought for our freedom of speech so why that right should be abused by those not willing to show any respect. 

.By Premendra Agrawal

Jaipur Tragedy & Criminal in Loksabh

August 25, 2006

Why Sadhu yadav is in loksabha? Is there no non-bailable warrant against him? What step will be taken by so called impartial Speaker? Why Arjun & Lalu give liberty to any one for not singing “Vande Matram” on coming Sept 7? Sadhu brother in law of great Lalu Rly Minister, said that all crimes automatically ended when election finished. “Election gone crime case gone”: This is the result of including tainted members in the cabinet by Mr. Clean. They are greatest followers of greatest tallest Sonia Gandhi.  

Why competition to be OBC & backward instead of forward? Why Antulay is searching where Hindus are in minority? There should not be minority or majority in our national thinking. Why efforts to divide students on caste basis? Why ruin future of “
India‘s future”? Why religious head counting? Why division in every field secular and not secular? Why demand for separate Muslim province in UP and Call for
Hyderabad as a separate Muslim province? Why reservation on caste and religion basis? Why not give money, books, good tution, and good education to schedule caste and OBC from the childhood? Why not people kick such politicians who play vote bank politics? Why people want to sucide by keeping silence? Why not keep watch on media especially on channels? Like a half mad secular leaders and secular media are moving to ruin our glorious ancient and to divide us. 

Title teach us that our glorious history especially sacrifices of Sikh Gurus for the sake of Hinduism and glory of Sikhism as well as sacrifices of martyrs such as Tilak, Savarkar, Subhash Bose and Bhagat Singh should not be insulted in NCERT books. 

Is six youth’s crime with their fellow Sikh student greater than the insult of Sikh Gurus including Guru Teg bahadur in NCERT books by learned big historian guns? We condemn the unfortunate incident of Jaipur. My objection is only on leaders and media for highlighting in an evoking way the incident. In my memory there was not such protest with brandishing sword against the NCERT books which dishonor Sikh Gurus.  

 UPA makes Hindus as minority Why Ram Krishna Mission turned itself as non-Hindu? Why Jain wants to be minority? Why there is a competition to be backward instead of forward? Why the Union Minister, without portfolio A.R. Antulay is in the search of provinces where Hindus are in minority? Is this sign of democracy, secularism and progress? 

Gujarat is life long issue for SecularistsIn my student life I had a good friend who is now retired from the post of SDO phones. Perhaps he is doing now some thing for Budhism. He treats himself as schedule caste of Maharashta as described by secular government. His family members were ‘Bidi mfg. labours’. This was the habit being a swayamsevak to go the home of another swayamsevak. So when I went his home and asked water to drink from his elder brother then he became angry. I had no thurst but intentionally I wanted water to show that they were not lower caste for me. “To hear get out” I thought better to leave that place. My friend was felt bad to see his elder brother’s behavior. Vote bank politics, secular leaders and media are doing well to widen the distance between Indian to Indian! They did best for

“anti-minorityism” In my opinion there should not be minority including Muslims or majority in our national thinking. We have no right to treat Sikh community as a minority. They are in majority with other Hindus. On demand of Khalistan some one said that why talk only for it instead of whole
India. Whole
India is yours.  

Gandhi dynasty should be replaced by Sikh community In some sense this happened to make a Sikh PM. Why there is greater love to Italian origin Sonia than Sikh Maneka Gandhi? Have Maneka false certificate of
Cambridge? Is she not Indian citizen from berth? Please comment on my article and let me know in which point Sonia is superior than Maneka  and Rahul is superior then Varun Gandhi. We are living in dictatorship of 8th wonder of democracy. There should be public debate on this. Why so many learned white haired leaders are bowing themselves before Sonia Gandhi? Still they say themselves democratic and intellectual. Discuss point to point with facts. What MM did for Sikh community? He established a new tradition to establish a Super PM. Sonia got ‘Doctorate’ from

University. This was the first initiative of MM.    

“To forget himself” is a greatness! My articles are not guided by any organization. These are based on my perosnonal opinion. Now I am a senior citizen. In my childhood I saw two framed photos of Guru Govind Singh and Swmi Vivekanand and between these waving “Bhagva dhwaj” in every RSS program. Sick-ular Arjun and great historians treat ‘Bhagwa dhwaj’ communal. They are making new nation. How many times they will make new nation? Is not sufficient the division of
India in 1947? Will every individual be a nation at the last? In my opinion no body should try to separate Sikh, Jain and Baudh from Hindus. They may be separate and superior to each other in imagination. How sons, grand sons and their grand sons can be separtated from their forefathers? This is reality- accept or not accept. Every one has freedom in freee wonderful

Doctorate for creation of disunityThere is ‘Terapanthi jain (Acharya Tulsi followers)’ in Agrawal community. I myself agrawal Hindu and my sister married in Terapanthi Jain family. This is routine. Jain is no different to Hindu. But my beloved Jain relatives want from me to follow their faith! Like that Keshdhari Sikh and other Punjabi in local language “Munda Punjabi or Namdhari” have not only marriage relation but also strong ties in many ways with Sikhs.  

Differences are natural. I was a lawyer in taxation. I had also Sikh Businessmen clients. One was ‘Nirankari’ Sikh. Another Sindhi ‘Nirankari’ was Principal of the

School. Sikh may be called head of a person (head of Hindus). I know how pious hairs and turbans are for Sikhs.  

‘Guruji’ Madhavrao Sadashiv Rao GolvalkarIf, I am not wrong, Sarsanghchalak ‘Guruji’ Madhavrao Sadashiv Rao Golvalkar was a great ‘Sishya’ of a great saint before engaging himself in RSS activities. His Guru Saint said to him to keep the hair without shearing because saint loved those. ‘Guruji’ promised his great Guru and he fulfilled that promise in his life long. He wished to be a ‘Sanyasi’ but his guru reminded him his duty towards his society. So though, he remained bachelor but deovoted his whole life for RSS and Rashtra. Train compartment was his home because he was always in ‘pravas’ journey from one place to another place. One time one swayamsevak asked him for not going abroad. He said still he did not see the
India completely, then where was a question to go abroad. 

Converting himselfI recall few leading personalities of Ram Krishna Mission. I worked for a short period with them. Now they may treat different to me. Why Ram Krishna Mission turned itself as non-Hindu? History will speak pro and cons of this.    

Unfortunately I could not change myself. Though few my student life companions belongs to Ram Krishna Mission and Sikh community might be changed themselves. If, all the paths of the rivers towards

sea of
India then there is no problem. But we should try to avoid flooding as we see there is no rain in Cherapunji but flood is seen in desert Rajasthan.  Further we have seen how ‘Prince’ who felt in the deep narrow well, was highlighted by channels. Now a single family whose five members sank in the flooded

river of
Rajasthan is highlighted. This is good but what will be for other thousands happenings like that.  

NCERT Text BooksPlease find The Class IX Political science text book of NCERT for example. You may download this from NCERT’s website.   

Pro-reservation face:  Congress’ achievements and the socialist agenda of OBC reservations. Chapter 5 for example in the Class IX textbook describes the mandal commission decision by the VP Singh government in such astonishing detail that it is mind numbing.  

Silence on Anti-Sikh riotsThe text books maintain silence on the Anti-Sikh Delhi riots in the aftermath of the Indira Gandhi assasination. The text books also completely gloss over the murder of Indian Democracy in the form of emergency with just a one sentence oblique reference to the Janta Party with no reference to the fact that it was the Congress that imposed emergency.  

After 1984 Riot……Both the textbooks of class IX and X are replete with references to Nehru, Indra Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and of course Manmohan Singh. VP Singh Mandal II also finds the place. What about Narsimha Rao and Atal?
Gujarat has not the textbook referred to facts after the incident like Narendra Modi being re-elected by the people of
Gujarat with a thumping landslide majority which is no less than the other landslide of the 1984 congress victory which the textbook went great lengths to praise. 

By Premendra Agrawal

SIMI Bukhari Arjun Blast on Vande Mataram

August 23, 2006

Do sick-ulars and jihadis want Vande Mat Rome? Muslim Maldivians bow to the Maldive national emblem & salute its flag. “Vande Mataram not mandatory but Reservation should be” says Sick-ular Arjun Mandal II 

Even Maldive100% Islamic country national anthem states that Maldivians bow respectfully to the Maldive national emblem and salute its flag. Sonia is silent: Vande Matram Vande Mat Rome! Will there be objection then also?  

“It is said that heaven is under the feet of the Mother and if one sings the song to salute his motherland where he was born and brought up, there should not be any religious controversy,” said Muzaffar Khan, BJP leader in Kolkata on March 11, 2004. Vande Mataram is being sung for decades even at present in the parliament by every member without any controversy, but the protests are made always before the elections and now before UP Assembly election is an indicator that it is a political conspiracy.  

Har dangon ke bad alpsankyakon par uthati hai anguli,” says Sharad Ulemas said to Manmohan and Shivraj Patil that Muslims were arrested on suspicion. Is Fatwa against singing Vandematram not jihad? These fatwa’s should be treated as the conspiracy against
India. They are only concerned about Muslims and not the country. They see it as a Muslim being arrested and not as a traitor or wrong doer arrested 

Maldiv is more stronger than
Maldives, which is next door to
India, is a 100% Islamic country, according to mullahs. The Maldive national anthem states that Maldivians bow respectfully to the Maldive national emblem and salute its flag. No one raises so much as an eyebrow at Maldivians bowing to a national emblem. The words of the Maldive anthem were written by Mohamed Jameel Didi, one time head of the Islamic establishment in the

Fatwa against singing Vande Mataram: ‘Deshdroh’It emphasises that Indians treat their land as God. Ours is a secular country. Asking Muslims to do something like this cannot be advocated,” Moulana Badruddin Qadri Aljeelani told TOI in
Hyderabad on June 6, 2006 after issuing the fatwa. God is not secular for Badruddin. Muslims cannot compromise on Kalma–e–Tayyaba, the basic pillar of Islam which says there is only one God and Mohammed is the Prophet, he added. Is this not ‘Deshdroh’ revolt? 

No religion including Islam says that you practise your religion by becoming anti nation you are born in and living with others.  

SIMI Anti-National Anti-VandematramFounded on April 25, 1977, in
Aligarh, banned SIMI was headquartered in a tiny two-storeyed building in Zakir Nagar, a ghetto in otherwise plush south
Delhi. Intelligence reports available with
India today suggest that over the years, particularly since 1991, SIMI has grown into a secretive, cadre-based organisation with one overriding agenda-jehad.1998, SIMI President Shahid Badr Falahi announced in
Kanpur that the national song, Vande Mataram, was an open attack on Islam. “Singing it would be a disgrace,” he declared. 

There was a case of ‘Deshdroh’ registered against on president of SIMI but Mulayam Sinh withdrew the case.  

Vande Matram in the Constitution The founding fathers of the Constitution of India while adopting “Jana Gana Mana”as composed by Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore as the National Anthem of India gave an equal status to the song “Vande Mataram” as composed by Shri Bankim Chandra Chatterjee by recognising it as our national song since it played an inspiring role in the struggle for Indian independence. 

To whomsoever comrades supported
China in Indo-China WarDimitrov, speaking at the Seventh World Congress of the Communist International, in 1935, said that the Communists had left it to the Fascist parties to encourage national pride, and that in this respect the Communist Parties had been grievously out of touch with the masses. He quoted Lenin on national pride: “We love our language and our motherland; we, more than any other group, are working to raise its masses to the level of intelligent Socialists. . . . We are filled with national pride, and therefore we particularly hate our slavish past.” Lenin, it is obvious, took pride in being a Russian, and considered that the Czarist regime was disloyal to
Russia, because it “sold”
Russia to foreign bondholders.  

“Saludemos la Patria orgullosos” (“Salute the Motherland Proudly”) is the national anthem of El SalvadorEnglish Translation: Let us salute the motherland, :Proud to be called her children. :To her well-being let us swear :Boldly and unceasingly to devote our lives. :(repeat) :Devote our lives! (repeat 4 times) …………………… 

After 9/11 in
Britain &
New Zealand no fatwaGod Defend New
Zealand is the national anthems of
New Zealand and God Save the Queen is also the national anthem of the
United Kingdom. Will mullahs in
New Zealand and the
United Kingdom order local Muslims to remove their children from schools that have their pupils sing appeals to an “infidel” God asking Him to save the Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England?  

United Kingdom introduced this requirement on immigrants only in February 2004 and the first ceremony took place at the Brent town hall when 19 people took the oath in the presence of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

The only reason why mullahs may not issue a fetwa against singing the
New Zealand national anthems and swearing allegiance to a Christian Sovereign is because they view Islamic immigration as the establishment of a demographic beachhead in the cause of jihad. Only in
India fatwa came against singing Vande Mataram: 

Salve Argentina (Long live Argentina)“I salute youFlag of my motherlandGrand symbolof freedom and honourSwearing to love youand to defend youwhile my faithful heart beatsAnthems to the flagHigh in the sky, a warrior eagle………It is the flag of my homeland,born from the sun that God gave me.It is the flag of my homeland,born from the sun that God gave me.” 

Arjuns as Duryodhan conesAre not jihadi & sick-ular-Arjuns as Duryodhan cones of Mahabharat in Kaliyug in our
India? Not sings ‘vade Matram’, not follows law of land, not cultrurally plurales for Indianess, reliogion and caste based reservation sign of Anti-National forces. Now we have to know who patriots are and who traitors are. Arjun of Mahabhat can’t see only towards vote bank.  

Brithers banned ‘Vande Matram’Vande Mataram which came to be known as the “national song” was composed by Bankim.In 1905 Curzon’s announcement of the partition of
Bengal came, and suddenly Vande Mataram turned into a national mantra, renting the skies with the protest against the partition of
Bengal. Reacting quickly, the British government banned the song or even raising it as a slogan. Should we tolerate now: Muslim province in UP and Andhra and fatwa for banning ‘Vadematram’ in our Independent India only for keeping vote bank?   

It is interesting to know that while Vande Mataram was banned in
Bengal, the British government allowed the Bengali Regiment to attack German trenches during the First World War with Vande Mataram on their lips. Lalu Yadav and Arjun behave like Britishers” If not sing then be live in homes” There should not be home in
India of these non-Indianess Dauds.  By Premendra Agrawal 

Milking Idol not Arjun Mandal-i Hysteria

August 22, 2006