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Spies in Al-Queda, Iran, US & World over

July 31, 2006


You can’t count hair & stars then how you can count spies? How you can differentiate traitors and patriots, secular & communal? Govt.can’t punish so needless to know. Even Jihadi Daud gang able to deal nuke.  

I read the news and comments related to the search of Mole in PMO.  I recall a story of the search of a philosopher. He has habit to write the place of every thing which he kept at the time of sleeping. He noted down also that he slept on the bed. In the morning he started to search the noted things but in the last he could not find himself on the bed. The same is happened in the search of Mole in PMO.  


“Yah public hai, jantee hai sab kuchh” 

What is crime if Jaswant and Keki Daruwala saying that there was a mole in PMO of Narsimha Rao? Crime is being done by PM and Congress not to punish the moles. MM and Congress know Moles. They belong to them. So they are fear free.  

Home Minister takes parade of Chhattisgarh CM Raman for ‘Salva Judum’ and Naxalites cruelty. 7/11 Mumbai bloasts gave chance Govt. to ban the blogs of
Americas and Hindu organizations. Certificates are being distributed to SIMI and Madani. Who are encouraging naxalites? Who are evoking minority to play vote bank politics?


Catching Mole-Fish 

Every one is busy to catch mole fish. What you say about following. Are these not more dangerous trends to give a bad name to
India in the foreign land?

PM MM Singh said to Bush that BJP opposed our nuclear policy. Sonia Gandhi said at
London in the function organized by a Muslim organization related to the brother of Osama Bin Laden that NDA Govt. was governed by Hindu fundamentalists. Natwar Singh as a Foreign Minister said in
China that Pokhran was the work of BJP not Congress. Hindi Paki bhai bhai and Hindi Ameriki bhai bhai but here we Indians are not bhai bhai. Terrorists, their supporters and naxalites are brothers and children but Hindu nationalists are enemies. Naxalites are killing innocent tribal, terrorism is murdering Hindus and Muslim both but human activists are in coma. I don’t know why secularists are wiping for Babri structure instead of the five temples with in five months in
Malaysia and
Krishna temple in
Pakistan are bulldozerred.


CIA mole inside al-Qaeda 

Al-Qaeda terrorists came within 45 days of attacking the
New York subway system with a lethal gas similar to that used in Nazi death camps. They were stopped not by any intelligence breakthrough, but by an order from Osama bin Laden’s deputy, Ayman Zawahiri. And the
U.S. learned of the plot from a CIA mole inside al-Qaeda. These are some of the more startling revelations by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Suskind, his forthcoming new book The One Percent Doctrine.

U.S. intelligence got its first inkling of the plot from the contents of a laptop computer belonging to a Bahraini jihadist captured in
Saudi Arabia early in 2003. It contained plans for a gas-dispersal system dubbed “the mubtakkar” (Arabic for inventive). Fearing that al-Qaeda’s engineers had achieved the holy grail of terror R&D — a device to effectively distribute hydrogen-cyanide gas, which is deadly when inhaled — the CIA immediately set about building a prototype based on the captured design, which comprised two separate chambers for sodium cyanide and a stable source of hydrogen, such as hydrochloric acid. A seal between the two could be broken by a remote trigger, producing the gas for dispersal.


Lesser known moles those don’t get headlines? 

We have given list of some dangerous terrorist to the
Pakistan and red corner, but what about all the lesser known villains who don’t get headlines?
In the J & K administration Deputy Chief Minister Mangat Ram Sharma of all political functionaries has shed tears about the lack of adequate security cover. Vigilance Commissioner Radha Vinod Raju has discovered a mole right under his nose: his private secretary parting with the confidential information for a price. it is to the credit of Mr Raju that he has been able to smell the rat in his surroundings before it is too late. An officer closely working with him would send the alerts to the concerned bureaucrats about the progress of investigation in vigilance cases against them. There was an employee in Doda district who would act a conduit for the militants they exist at varying levels in the administrative dispensation. Latest report we find that three soldiers and two policemen were spying for LeT.  

After the first serial blasts in Mumbai, CIA sent a special report to the executive office about South Asian Mafia. The most damaging part of the report was that Dawood gang had the ability obtained from
Pakistan to deal in nuclear material and possibly provide a nuke device to terrorist orgs.


Iranian Mole in Iranian President’s Office 

Hossein Marashai, head of
Iran’s cultural heritage council, was caught using a sophisticated US-manufactured listening-long-distance-transmitting device at top-level Iranian leadership meetings. DEBKAfile’s sources call this the deepest foreign intelligence penetration in all 26 years of
Iran’s Islamic regime.


Israeli Mole in the Pentagon 

Larry Franklin, 59, also pleaded guilty to sharing classified information with an Israeli diplomat. A senior analyst in the office of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld,
Franklin was said to have disclosed
U.S. assessments concerning
Iran and
Iraq from 2002 through 2004.
U.S. District Judge T. S. Ellis said
Franklin would remain free until he finished cooperating with the prosecution. Ellis, terming the case “odd,” said
Franklin acted out of concern for national security.
“You thought that the only way to bring this problem to the NSC was with this secure less method,” Ellis told
Franklin. “Once the information gets into unauthorized hands, who knows where it goes? Who knows where it travels?”

Franklin’s sentence on January 2006 of 12 years and seven months could be significantly reduced after the trial of Rosen and Weissman, who pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to communicate national defense information, the sources said. They said
Franklin has also provided the FBI with data he shared with an Israeli diplomat Naor Gilon, who in 2005 returned to
Israel and two former AIPAC staffers, Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman.  


Moles are everywhere 

Former president R Venkataraman in his book and VS Arunachalam before Kargil Committee had indicated that there was possibility of molls in the PMO of Indira. Rajiv Gandhi himself had disclosed in the parliament that there were junior-moles in his PMO. 

Now this is clear that we find moles everywhere. Even
Iran or Al-Queda is not excluded for this. How our country of Jaichands can be safe for this. Mr.Clean is with tainted ministers in the guidance of Italian origin. You can’t count hair and stars then how you can count Moles? How you can differentiate traitors and patriots, secular and communal? Here terrorists, Maoists, Infiltrator, separatists, their supporters and their leaders are secular and others are communal. Even comrades are full of “Office of Profit”.  


By Premendra Agrawal  Latest Articles: Indira to Rao all the way War room leak & Bofors & Secular Politics 

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Blogs Blocked: Soniagraphy of Emergency

July 30, 2006

See Blogs ban list. Is it democracy, secularism & freedom of expression? Will media digest it? Is it a part of common minimum program? Is it a rehearsal of Emergency? Is this way to fight terrorism? 


Tyag Murti 

This is a conspiracy after becoming ‘Tyag Murti’ to overlook Pesident’s advice on ‘OoP Bill’ and appointing ‘Yes Madam’ MM Singh as PM & 10 Janpath loyalist Naveen Chawla as Election Commissioner for conducting 2009 General election.
India had rewarded by ‘Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’ and now is going to be rewarded by ‘Hini-Paki Bhai Bhai’. Jaswant has sent the letter which contains names of two moles to PM MM Singh. Instead of punishing those, Govt. is busy to ban the blogs of nationalists.

Our forefathers were ruled by British and we have made ourselves to be ruled by Italian. We don’t have any nationalism left within us. It is really panic when congressmen did Yagya and Pooja before Sonia’s photo for
Italy to win the football world cup.


Red tape to compete

Blogs blocked is to compete
China with red tape on IT by IT illiterate corrupt coward Vatican Govt. to follow Italian fascist Mussolini and Indira’s emergency.
China has tried unsuccessfully to censor the search engines, blogs, forums and more especially that talked about
Taiwan or

Information can’t be censored in the information age? Trying to control information in the network age is about as successful as pissing into the wind.”  – Keith Henson. A judge of US Supreme Court said, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” We saw
USSR where typewriters and copying machines were banned, yet hand-copied smuggled information was widely distributed.


Blogs in Web is a huge democracy 

The web is a huge democracy with participants from across the world.  Every worthwhile blog is actually worthwhile because of two participants i.e. the writer and the reviewer. Read if you wish. If its trash, skip it. If it prompts you to give your opinion feel free to air your views.  So it’s actually the democratic setup of the web that determines the worthiness of the blog. So many technologists have developed ways for citizens to evade information controls that they think are inappropriate. Secular media is free to reckless partial anti-national religious and caste dividable black drops and scanning never is more worthy than an individual who merely presented his views on the blog? 


They crush flower, perfume spreads 

On June 26 I wrote an article titled “Fighting the fire of hates” which can be read in my blog at sulekha or indiatimes: Burning of Hindu books and libraries in
Nepal reminds us Nazi’s ‘funeral pyre of the intellect’ & demolition of Buddha statue by Taliban. Who kills people burns books?  I reproduce here three stanza of my poem of the article mentioned above:

* Body burns, but the soul flies awayPaper burns, but the words fly awayEvery word of book enlightens othersEvery patriot martyr enlightens others  

** Holika burns, Bhakt Prahlad was safeYet Sanatan Hinduism Hindutva is safeHirnakasyip wished all to worship himMaoist Leftists want all to follow them 

*** They crush flower perfume spreadsCan break Violin but music spreadsCan kill human, not remembranceHinduism preaches much tolerance 


List of banned blogs (Blocked blogs) 

Blogs ban impedes the flow of information, news and opinions during a time of national crisisIn the background of 7/11 serial blasts, Government of India’s Department of Telecom meant to ban with its 13th July 2006 circular:  

http://www.hinduunity.org (fax scan unclear, could be wrong) http://bloodroyaltriped.com (should probably be http://imamali8.com 


Senseless argument to encourage terrorism? 

Are above blogs threat to security as claimed by ISP in the background of 7/11 Mumbai blasts? It is shame that not just Hezbollah’s but even the Lashkar’s own website is not blocked. They maintain site under name of parent organisation Jamat ud Dawa. As per SIMI, Israelis were responsible for the 9/11 attacks in
New York. In the same tone Secular Railway Minister Laloo Yadav and his sponsored Bannerjee Commission Report said that Karsevaks returning from Ayodhya burnt themselves in the train compartment at Godhra Station. Playing the same dirty politics SSP leader Abu Asim Azmi and Rane former leader of Shiv Sena and now in Congress alleged that the Shiv Sena might have “conspired” in the desecration of statue of Thackeray’s wife Meenatai’s bust to gain political mileage.

To make fool for token except one left wing site “”, few dead or misplaced sites and one Japaneese language blog remaining sites are Ameridan or Pro-Hindu sites where no shaking hands of Al-Queda, LeT, SIMI or other secular jihadi. Such as and are banned because these are Anti-Congress and Anti-terrorism. These criticize Sonia Gandhi’s controversial lecture on Teesta’s guidance at London in the function of the organization related to the brother of Osama Bin Laden.  


Dangerous face of secularism 

Home Minister misguided parliament, where his fellow minister Pranab Mukerjee and Army itself considers arrested soldiers as Army men. Arrest was made after getting hints from the arrested terrorist Teepu who now also disclosed that LeT as Al-Queda can make
Mobile bombs. They called terrorists as brother, Maoists as children and Hindu Organizations as enemies. .

MF Hussain is lessoned in NCERT school books for his nude painting of ‘Bharat Mata’ and ‘Saraswati’. Is it a sign of free expression? Democratically Elected Govt. of Gujarat is printed in NCERT books as the responsible of riots. Madarsas are secular and Sarswati Shishu Mandirs are communal. Teesta is a member of a committee which decides the NCERT books.  

“We have the right to information legislation. It’s my understanding that some bloggers have asked for information as to why the sites have been blocked,” Bhardwaj added. It is being claimed that these blogs purportedly published hate speech against Muslims. Govt. banned in Poonch Dist of
Jammu to raise slogan of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jay’ in the way of ’Budha Amarnath’ to please terrorists.

On July 4, I have written an article titled: ‘Awatar’ of Emergency Goddess’, just after two weeks Blogs Ban executed for getting reaction to proceed further towards Indira’s Emergency.
Hang on, maybe not yet. Navin Chawla is behind the probable Broadcasting Services Regulation Bill, 2006 and Blogs ban is priya to Priyaranjan for sugar coated censorship. 


By Premendra Agrawal 

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Mole: Indira to Rao All the Way

July 28, 2006

Mole was also in Indira Gandhi’s PMO. Black car’s breach at PM House, War room leak, LeT in Army & Air force even then Sonia, Shivraj, Pranav, Lalu, SSP, CPM are able to save India. Why PM know mole? 

There are facts in the public domain that there was mole in PMO of mostly PMs including Indira, Rajiv & Narsimha Rao. This is clear that the powerful civil servant presently living abroad and excluding V S Arunachalam and P.C.Alaxander is a mole. 

There is every possibility of the leakage of information that might come in handy for the vested interests to fish in the troubled waters of the
Ganges and Yamuna. But one should set their house in order before telling others how to behave.

Dr. Singh perhaps has known the mole 

Manmohan Singh is in mistaken if he denies that there was no mole in Narsimha Rao’s PMO. He was finance minister in the cabinet of Rao. He wanted name of mole from Jaswant Singh in the beginning. Now PM is silent perhaps on the advice of former law minister Jethmalani. Otherwise PM has known such mole and now he himself want to hide this because of political or other reason. Jaswant kept mole’s name a secret despite having taken an oath not to do so. Trio wants to take in the legal and political grip of each other. But the people want to know. 


Mole in Indira Gandhi’s PMO  

Indira Gandhi held a meeting with Ramanna and Venkataraman as well as her new science adviser V.S. Arunachalam, and her top advisers Principal Secretary P.C. Alexander and Cabinet Secretary K. Rao Sahib, to decide on whether the test would be conducted.
The Kargil Review Committee Report [Kargil 2000] states that “Former President Venkataraman and the then Scientific Adviser, Dr. V.S. Arunachalam, both said that Indira Gandhi agreed to a nuclear weapons test in 1983 but called if off under US pressure.” Chengappa offers a interesting (and somewhat dubious) account.Question arises here who leaked the nuke test secrets to US at the time of Indira Gandhi? 

Three publications have unraveled the mystery surrounding the Indian nuclear weapons program. Taken together they help to build a national consensus on the Indian nuclear policy both in respect of nuclear arsenal and the international arms control arrangements acceptable to the country. These are: George Perkovich’s
India’s nuclear bomb (California University Press, 1999) Raj Chengappa’s Weapons of Peace (Harper Collins, 2000) and From Surprise to Reckoning, the Kargil Review panel’s report (Sage Publications, 2000). These three publications make it clear that beyond conducting successfully the twice-postponed nuclear tests, the BJP contributed little to Indian nuclear weapon development or policy, the policy was mostly formulated by Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Narasimha Rao with contributions from V P Singh, Chandrashekar, Deve Gowda and Inder Gujral and later finally executed successfully by Atal Behari Vajpayee.

In fact, there had been no difference between the Congress and the BJP in respect of nuclear strategy before present PM Manmohan Singh. Dr. Singh is now going to reverse the nuclear policy of his all preceding PMs. Why he is adamant to sign Indo-US nuke deal to overlook the protest of all parties except Congress? Will CPM stand on its stand in future? CPI who supported whole heatedly Indira’s Emergency now has come in the support of Dr.Singh. 


More may be in the list of suspects  

Manmohan Singh and Jaswant Singh should come out immediately with the name of actual culprit to avoid confusion in the media and public. They should be forced to do this. Even after that exclusion of two as mentioned in the beginning, following are quite a few who could be on the list of possible suspects according to Jaswant Singh’s claims: Amarnath Verma, former principal secretary to PM and one who was described as one of the most powerful man in his times; Ram Khandekar, addlitional private secretary to the PM; Jitender Prasad, political advisor to the PM; Matang Singh, a minister of state in the PMO; Aslam Sher Khan, a minister of state in the PMO; Surendra Singh, former Cabinet secretary; RK Prasad, press information advisor to the PM; R.K.Dhawan and Bhuvanesh Chaturvedi, a minister of state in the PMO who also denied as Arunachalam. There may be other subordinate also. 


Keki Daruwala uphold existence of Mole in Rao’s PMO 

A former chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee Keki Daruwalla has confirmed to the Hindustan Times that he believed that a top-secret Intelligence briefing was leaked to the
United States by a senior official in 1994 during the PV Narasimha Rao regime. Keki Daruwala is a famous writer, poet with collection of poems, ‘The Map-Maker’ ‘The berth of Maya’ and son of English Professor Daruwala who had taught Khushawant Singh English in


Narasimha Rao was worry to know about the missile threat to
India from
Pakistan and its allies. Rao instructed to the Chairman of Joint Intelligence Committee. Daruwalla.  Accordingly he prepared a full presentation with slides which was attended by the prime minister, the principal secretary to the prime minister, the cabinet secretary, the home secretary, the defense secretary, the three service chiefs, APJ Abdul Kalam who was then scientific adviser, the secretary, R&AW, and the director of the Intelligence Bureau. The presentation focused on
India’s ability to repel possible missile strikes and our vulnerability to such attacks.

A week after the briefing, Daruwalla came to know that Kenneth Brill, then
US diplomat in
India, familiar with the details of the complex presentation. Brill said he had asked for an appointment, to assure Daruwalla that his perception of
India’s vulnerability was needlessly pessimistic. He then went on to offer what was almost a point-by-point rebuttal of the presentation. Kenneth Brill is now
US ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and  serves as ambassador to the UN in

Daruwalla was horrified by this apparent leak and immediately wrote a note to the cabinet secretary recording the meeting and expressing his concern. He says that until he retired in January 1995, he received no response to his note and nothing to indicate that any action had been taken. Dauwala in light of Jaswant Singh’s revelations, is that “Yes, the Americans certainly had access to top-secret information at the very highest levels of Government.” 


Highest Honest dignity in PMO  

Indira Gandhi after 1980 requisitioned the services of a low-key bureaucrat, P.C Alexander, from
Brussels to serve as her Principal Secretary. In a span of less than two years, he had become Indira Gandhi’s confidant on political and administrative matters. He had little experience in handling ticklish political issues. Alexander was left without support after Indira Gandhi’s assassination on October 31, 1984.

A few weeks after Rajiv Gandhi was became Prime Minister; he made a dramatic disclosure in Parliament that the entire personal staff of Alexander was involved in selling state secrets from the PMO to foreign agents. The youthful Rajiv Gandhi cleared the name of P.C Alexander in Parliament and appointed him as
India’s High Commissioner to
London. On his return from
London after a 33-month stint, Alexander was given a gubernatorial assignment in the Raj Bhawan in Chennai and there after he was the Governor of Maharashtra. Alaxander was possible candidate for President Post on behalf of BJP.

After Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination in May 1991, P.V Narasimha Rao emerged out of nowhere as it were to lead the Congress and the party. It was during Rao’s prime ministership from 1991-96 that liberalization of the economy became a reality under the finance minister ship of Manmohan Singh. Buta Singh and Sibu Soren were most corrupt politician at that time. 


Political leaders of Mafia gangs: Vora in his report 

Narendra Nath Vohra, the former home and defense secretary, was all set to take over as Gujral’s principal secretary on July 1. Vohra headed a committee in 1993 submitted his report to the then prime minister P V Narasimha Rao: ‘Some political leaders become leaders of Mafia gangs or armed Senas and over the years get themselves elected to local bodies, state assemblies and the national Parliament. Resultantly such elements have acquired considerable clout seriously jeopardizing the smooth functioning of the administration and the safety of life and property of the common man.’  

There was uproar after the report was made public, but no action followed. Many believe when Vohra settles down in the PMO as the most powerful bureaucrat in the country, he will make far-reaching suggestions to Gujral in bringing about much-needed legislation to bar politicians with a criminal background from contesting elections. But nothing could be done. As a result now there are so many tainted ministers in the cabinet of so called Mr.Clean Dr. Singh. 

By Premendra Agrawal 

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Jehadi jokes in Parliament

July 27, 2006

Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai now ‘Hindi-Paki bhai bhai’: Every where Int’l Jehadi LeT Mole; terrorism tainted ministers legislators Sachchar committee for religious divide; Congress betrayed to disunite India

Ministers and MPs forgot LeT attack on the parliament and our intelligence failure in Kargil. Priya Ranjandas Munshi advised to forget 7/11 blasts. PM who challenges Jaswant is now silent. He doesn’t want to call Jaswant Singh who kept in his pocket the identity of a mole in PMO.

Home Minister in the role of Defense Minister cleared the LeT’s entry in the army to say that three arrested soldiers belonged to India Reserve Battalion (IRB) and not the Army. So don’t worry. He gave secular certificate to madarsas.

Railway Minister read Jaswant’s book ‘A call to honour’ to joke on terrorism. Deliberately mispronouncing the word “champagne” as “champain,” Lalu said “Arre champain peena wale, you are talking about terrorism? You celebrate the (hijack) incident with champain….?” Janeshwar Mishra with other SSPs raised feet to defend SIMI and to give traitors and patriots equal status.

But healthy sign of democracy is that first time in the history CPM and BJP came jointly on two issues price rise and civil nuke deal.
Every where LeT & Mole

Media reports say that we have terrorism tainted ministers, MPs and legislators.

M.K. Narayanan, in his letter of last August, which was sent along with a 40-page report from the National Security Council secretariat, says that “reports of two Lashkar-e-Toiba cadres having joined the Indian Air Force need to be taken seriously.” He also warned about possible terrorist infiltration into the armed forces, Defense Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Home Minister Shivraj Patil have denied such a possibility. Air Force spokesperson said that they may re-examine as routine the newly entered pilots.

Instead of Defense Minister, Home Minister Shivraj Patil told the Rajya Sabha on july 26 that the three arrested soldiers belonged to India Reserve Battalion (IRB) and not the Army. It means LeT entrance in IRB is not serious! The trios have been in custody since July 8 and have admitted to providing assistance to LeT. KPS Gill in an interview accepting possibility LeT’s  in Air Force said air crash of MIG aircrafts might be due to this.

The LeT operator had revealed the names of two policemen, constables Sikander and Kabir, who had assisted him in staging the grenade explosions as also his future plans, which included assassinating former chief minister Farooq Abdullah at his Bhatindi residence, according to the sources. Both policemen have been arrested.
Past incident of spying

As reported on June 30, 06 S S Paul, a systems analyst at the National Security Council Secretariat was arrested, for passing on sensitive information to an American woman using a Pen Drive.

NSCS is part of the Prime Minister’s Office. In Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s time French intelligence had penetrated the office of Principal Secretary Dr P C Alexander, and got hold of a large number of sensitive documents.

The Delhi Police after the complaint lodged by Abhishek Verma, had quizzed Vincent George former secretary of Sonia Gandhi on his possible underworld links.
In a statement on June 23, 06, the CBI said, ‘‘Apart from the leak of information from the naval war room and Air Defense Directorate by the compromised officials in conspiracy with the recipients of the leaked classified information, there was also, prima facie, a larger ring of compromised officials in various wings of the armed forces and the Ministry of Defense who were giving sensitive information to the accused persons in exchange of gratifications.’’ These shows that one day terrorist will become a PM?
Know brothers & children of Home Minister

Home Minister Shivraj Patil was defeated in the last Lok Sabha Election but win the hearts of terrorists to call them brothers and Maoists (Naxalites) children of our country. Well, Dawood Ibrahim is also the child of our country. The terrorists who killed Indira Gandhi were also the children of our country.

The terror outfits have started recruitment of female cadres to avoid frisking and to make up for the loss of middle-level cadre lost during counter-insurgency operations in the state in the last few years.
Why Sachchar Committee?

Government is enabling ‘jehadi’ infiltration in the armed forces by carrying out what it called a special recruitment drive for minorities. For this purpose it appointed Sachchar Committee and started on religious basis head counting in the army and now in judiciary. Narendra Modi rightly explained,” Now, see, the Sabarmati River gets water from the Narmada. How do I calculate how much water the Muslims drink and how much the Hindus consume? How much the Muslim prisoners of Sabarmati Jail eat and how much the Hindu prisoners eat? We have a home department,”

Shivraj Patil has also given “clean chit” to madrassas. This is aimed at lifting surveillance on Islamic schools suspected of carrying out anti-India activities. “There is no surveillance in madrassas along Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh borders today, which is a matter of serious concern,” he said. HRD Ministry was planned to hire nearly 1.20 lakh Urdu teachers. There will be Central assistance for recruiting Urdu teachers; If not available then terrorists of madarsas of Gulf and Pakistan will be imported? Jihad is now in Pak school curriculum. Musharraf himself calls the struggle against India a jihad. Teesta, text book deciding CABE member guides Arjun on Jehad.

“After the Mufti Mohhamad Sayeed government released about 20,000 militants when it came to power, the madrassas have started indoctrination programs and mass mobilization against the symbols of state, including the police, administration and the government is being undertaken,” the Govt. official elaborated.
Int’l Jehadis with local support in India

‘Army of the Pure’. The Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), reportedly one of the largest terrorist outfits operating in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). Compared to other terrorist outfits in J&K, the LeT has commanded significant attention primarily due to two reasons: First, for its well planned and executed attacks on security force (SF) targets in the State and second, for the dramatic massacres of non-Muslim civilians.

The LeT’s professed ideology goes beyond merely challenging India’s sovereignty over the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The Lashkar’s ‘agenda’, as outlined in a pamphlet titled ‘Why are we waging jiha includes the restoration of Islamic rule over all parts of India. The outfit had claimed that it had assisted the Taliban militia and Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda terrorist network in Afghanistan during November and December 2002 in their fight against the US aided Northern Alliance.

As reported on July 20 a senior official of the Central Reserve Police Force disclosed various facts. Terror training camps exist alongside the Pakistani Army regiments across the border and traces of Al-Qaeda’s presence in Jammu and Kashmir have been found in communication intercepted over the last two months.

Key accused Aamir, lodged in the Kanpur jail, was allegedly an activist of now-banned SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) in 2001. He even headed a ‘Ikhwan conference’ on November 5, 6, and 7, 1999, where he disseminated hate propaganda and gave a speech on Islamic nationhood, titled “Islam is our country and not India.” Even recorded speeches of higher-ups in the Palestine terrorist organization Hamas were played to mislead students to take up violence.”

‘Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’ & now ‘Hindi-Paki bhai bhai’

When without passport and verification Pakistanis and PoKs are being welcomed by us then what is the use of fencing in the LoC? We are researching new paths through Bus and train to embrace terrorists. After ‘Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’ now we precede ‘Hindi-Paki bhai bhai’. In Indo-China war comrades supported China now enemy gets Jehadi-Na Pak local support.
F-16s plus Pak N-reactor equals disaster

Pakistan is going to develop N-reactor. It will get F-16s from America. We will be Nuke-prisoner of America to sign civil nuke deal. Bush Administration is throwing fuel on the fire.

Terrorism is a product of our tolerance, appeasement, denial and cognitive disorder. Secularists even divided Army, Judiciary, Police, Elected state Governments and even people in secular and non-secular. Jihadi appeasement, welcoming infiltration, Vote bank politics, Religious reservation, Rewards for terrorist Imams and madarsas and NGOs, Special treatment for Madhani and Abu Azmi, Minister ship for anti national Muslim League at the expense of majority peace loving citizens are making law abiding citizens an easy target for Jihadis for butchering.

In the democracy every citizen is the king or badshah. But they should not be Mir and Mirza: “The chess continues even as the British troops march into the city until they have a fight over the game. Mir, who has nearly shot Mirza and is ashamed of his behavior, says, ‘We cannot even cope with our wives, so how can we cope with the company’s army?”
By Premendra Agrawal

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V.S Arunachalam?

Jaswant named V.S Arunachalam ?

July 26, 2006

Now doubted LeTs two army soldiers & two police men in J & K are arrested. KPS Gill in an interview accepting possibility LeT’s two in Air Force said air crash of MIG aircrafts might be due to this.  

Mr Narayanan, in his letter, which was sent along with a 40-page report from the National Security Council secretariat, says that “reports of two Lashkar-e-Toiba cadres having joined the Indian Air Force need to be taken seriously.” Air Force spokesperson said that they may re-examine as routine the newly entered pilots from J & K.  

The Government today said that if former External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh has the “courage” he should name publicly the ‘mole’ in the PMO during P V Narasimha Rao’s period. 

As described in indiatv on Tuesday night, before the top leaders of BJP, jaswant Singh has disclosed the name of that respectable personality: Shree V.S, Arunachalam. But as reported by NDTV, Jaswant Singh ruled out speculation that scientist V S Arunachalam was the mole in the Prime Minister’s office during Narasimha Rao’s tenure. Arunachalam himself has denied the media report and said that he handed over charge of Scientific Adviser to Dr Abdul Kalam and afterwards he never went back to the government. 

Ram Jethmalani demanded an apology from Jaswant on mole issue. Jethmalani defended the accused in Indira Gandhi’s murder case. Now the same Jethmalani is a political friend of Sonia Gandhi. Glue that links all scams in the last two decades: Abhishek Verma in War Room Leak, Natwar in Oil for Food, Quattrocchi in bofors scams & Daud with 10 Janpath’s George: What Congress did?  

Jaswant Singh was in guilt to release terrorist Maulana masood even for the lives of 160 innocent on the board. BJP Minister in MP Shri Rajendra Dharkar said that people have not liked Jaswant’s  deeds, especially in the case of the hijacking of an Indian Airlines plane to Kandhar. 5 militants were released for Mufti Mohd, saeed’s daughter. Saeed is the partner with Congress in the Govt. of J & K. These black events encouraged the terrorism.  

Top BJP leaders should not make short their tall personalities to confuse themselves and their followers. Why Jaswant Singh forgot to mention cruel murders of Sikhs in 1984 and
Bhagalpur riots? Late Actor Mahmood was living in
America in his last days and dead there. But as per his wish he was buried in his native place of Karnatak. Babar was not forefather of our Indian Muslim brothers. So he could be buried in Afganistan or else instead of
India. Scondly why we call Babari structure as mosque?

Salman Khursheed, President of UP Congress is defending the case of banned SIMI in the court. Sonia Gandhi, Ambika Soni, Sri Prakash Jaiswal had opposed the NDA for banning SIMI. Mulayam’s UP Govt. is busy in giving certificate, releasing prisoners and lifting cases against SIMI activists. Terrorists are brothers and children of Shivraj Patil and other secularists. Somnath Chatterjee and other comrades say that naxalites are not criminals. Congress and Left ruling parties promised for releasing Coimbatore Bomb blast accused prisoner terrorist  Mahdani. 

Today’s report is that two soldiers of army and two police men have been arrested in J & K. They belong to Poonch area. 

As reported on June 30, 06 S S Paul, a systems analyst at the National Security Council Secretariat was arrested, for passing on sensitive information to an American woman using a

Pen Drive


NSCS is part of the Prime Minister’s Office. In Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s time French intelligence had penetrated the office of Principal Secretary Dr P C Alexander, and got hold of a large number of sensitive documents.  

The Delhi Police after the complaint lodged by Abhishek Verma, had quizzed Vincent George former secretary of Sonia Gandhi on his possible underworld links. .In a statement on June 23, 06, the CBI said, ‘‘Apart from the leak of information from the naval war room and Air Defence Directorate by the compromised officials in conspiracy with the recipients of the leaked classified information, there was also, prima facie, a larger ring of compromised officials in various wings of the armed forces and the Ministry of Defense who were giving sensitive information to the accused persons in exchange of gratifications.’’ These shows that one day terrorist will become a PM? Dr. V.S. ArunachalamDr. V.S. Arunachalam presented “Nuclear Power and Energy Security in
India” at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on September 12, 2005. He discussed the demand for nuclear energy in
from a technical and economic perspective and provided an Indian assessment of the recent U.S.-India civilian nuclear agreement.
From 1982 onwards, and for over a decade, Dr. V. S. Arunachalam served five Prime Ministers and ten Defense Ministers of India, including Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Narasimha Rao, as their Defense Scientific Advisor and as Secretary, Department of Defense Research and Development. Prior to these appointments, he worked as a scientist at the

Center and at the National Aeronautical Laboratory at
Bangalore, India, before joining the Defense Metallurgical Research Laboratory,
Hyderabad, as its director in 1975. 
Dr. Arunachalam currently advises the Indian government on the definition, assessment and review of a number of major technological and societal programs such as optical fiber communications for
India, electric power, scientific and technological missions to eradicate illiteracy, infant mortality and other deprivations, and improving graduate education in engineering. He is a Distinguished Service Professor in the Departments of Engineering and Public Policy, Materials Science and Engineering and the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is the founder of Centre for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP), a policy-intense R&D center in
Bangalore that will work in collaboration with the Department of Engineering & Public Policy of Carnegie Mellon.

By Premendra Agrawal 

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PMO War room leak & Bofors

July 25, 2006

Glue that links all scams in the last two decades: Gandhis Curious connection of Abhishek Verma in Navy War Room Leak, Natwar in Oil for Food & Quattrocchi in bofors scams, Daud with Vincent George.

It is totally a shame for a country like India, the biggest democracy in the world, to be placed amongst the first 20 ‘most-corrupt’ countries of the world. Recent one side survey to enhance image of a foreign lady says that among the Congress voters who have an opinion, nearly 90% would prefer someone from the Gandhi family to Singh or anyone else. Gandhi family is a river of corruption. .
Leak-Holes in Army, PMO and 10 Janpath

(1) The Delhi Police after the complaint lodged by Abhishek Verma, had quizzed Vincent George former secretary of Sonia Gandhi on his possible underworld links. (2) Mr Narayanan, in his letter, which was sent along with a 40-page report from the National Security Council secretariat, says that “reports of two Lashkar-e-Toiba cadres having joined the Indian Air Force need to be taken seriously.” (3) As reported on June 30, 06 S S Paul, a systems analyst at the National Security Council Secretariat was arrested, for passing on sensitive information to an American woman using a Pen Drive. (4) NSCS is part of the Prime Minister’s Office. In Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s time French intelligence had penetrated the office of Principal Secretary Dr P C Alexander, and got hold of a large number of sensitive documents. (5) “Yes, there was a person in the PMO. I have evidence, a letter which gives graphic details,” Singh told a news magazine when asked to elaborate on his contention that there was a mole in the PMO of the during P V Narasimha Rao-led Congress government.
In a statement on June 23, 06, the CBI said, ‘‘Apart from the leak of information from the naval war room and Air Defence Directorate by the compromised officials in conspiracy with the recipients of the leaked classified information, there was also, prima facie, a larger ring of compromised officials in various wings of the armed forces and the Ministry of Defense who were giving sensitive information to the accused persons in exchange of gratifications.’’

These shows that one day terrorist will become a PM?
‘Garibi hatao’s Emergency

“Garibi hatao” of 1972 and previous Lok sabha election’s “Sonia Lao, Garibi Hatao” slogans were only stunt to fool people. But slogans are right for congressmen who became millionaires to adopt those. Teeth of elephant to eat and to show are different.
Verma is the son of a writer poet, journalist and former Congress Rajya Sabha Member and Hindi tutor of Rajiv Gandhi Srikant Verma and Veena, also an MP. He was also appointed General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee besides spokes person.. In 1976, N.V. Krishna Warrier’s sixtieth birthday was celebrated in Cochin with much fanfare. N.V. Krishna Warrier supported the emergency. One of his poems of those days — Kozhiyum Pulariyum (The Cock and the Sunrise) — was very controversial. N.V. was also the convenor of the Kerala chapter of ‘All India Writers’ Congress’, an organization of litterateurs supporting Indira Gandhi, formed at the initiative of Hindi poet Shrikant Verma. In the general elections of 1977 Indira lost the elections. Sonia Gandhi should not forget this.
Why Sonia instructed Defense Minister to sign the deal?

According to media allegations the deal was opposed by the Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC), Finance Minister Chidambaram, and the Prime Minister. Nevertheless French Scorpene submarine deal was signed by the Defense Minister Pranab Mukherjee. Should not Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh be questioned why the deal was signed?

E-mail exchanges between Verma and his associates to imply that he had access to information available only to the Prime Minister, defense minister and the chief of naval staff. They quoted the e-mails and phone records to implicate Manmohan Singh and Sonia. Quoting the e-mails, they cited a reference to a “certain lady” in the Congress.
“Even after a meeting with the RM (Raksha Mantri), Thales (the French partner in Armaris) would want an assurance directly from the lady,” said Verma in the alleged e-mail.
Abhishek Verma a billionaire sexy in Police Custody?

He was also questioned by Serious Fraud Office in London. But it apparently never bothered him, harboring the feeling that he could get away with any and everything – with his money and connections. In fact, he himself is said to be nurturing political ambitions. Not many 35-year-olds can boast of owning a fleet of world’s most expensive cars, a house in Park Lane, London, a private jet, a yatch, a plush three-storied office in Vasant Vihar and a safe deposit at Harrods among other properties. And what apparently got him into trouble were his opulence and his fondness for flaunting his riches. And he also liked to impress women by showering expensive gifts on them. Abhishek set up two companies by the name ESAM Airlines and ESAM India. He started leasing cargo aircraft and also tied up with Armenian Airlines. His wife got a divorce from him last year on grounds of cruelty.

On July 12, 06 Verma is sent to 10 days police custody by the court in connection with the above said Navy war room leak case. Verma along with main accused Parashar and Shankaran, a relative of Naval Chief Admiral Arun Prakash, allegedly leaked classified details of India’s defense plans and purchases.
Congress Motilal Vora And Abhishek

According to Outlook weekly during negotiation with Mr. Verma the submarine company official wanted confirmation of the 4% payoff demand from the Congress party treasurer. The weekly reported Mr Verma’s writing: “I hope Thales (the submarine company) doesn’t think the Congress has a shop and they are negotiating with them. ALL negotiations would be done by ME.”

Congress treasurer since July 2000, Motilal Vora is close to Verma Family. They held from Chhattisgarh. The telephone conversation recordings exist of conversation between Vora and Abhishek Verma regarding the deal. Verma spoke to Motilal Vora, the Congress treasurer, at 1.33 pm on May 28, 2005.
War Room Leak bigger than Bofors

CBI gave five months to the accused to destroy evidence? As Bofors this scandal facts will be also thrown in the dust bin.

4 percent commission on the contract amount-between Rs. 500- Rs. 700 crores- makes the Scorpene payoff by far the biggest defense scandal so far, one that is far bigger than Bofors.

Navy War Room scam kickback trail has been traced. “In October 2005, after the UPA Government cleared the Scorpion deal, Thales Charitable Trust (registered at 2-Dashwood Lang Road, Huddleston, Surrey, UK), transferred 50 million dollars (Rs. 225 crore) in two initial installments, from its account number G635.712 (in UBS, Bank Zurich) to account number 0026324 (of LGT, Bank, Vaduz, Liechtenstein”. Abhishek Verma’s passport records show that he traveled to Liechtenstein in October 2005 when Thales Charitable Trust transferred 50 million dollars to his account in the LGT Bank. Enforcement Directorate had earlier corroborated in a charge sheet filed against Verma in 2002 that the account belongs to Abhishek Verma.

He is in serious trouble with various law enforcement agencies including the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Enforcement Directorate (ED), Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) and Income Tax. The way he made his millions is under investigation.
He along with suspended Enforcement Directorate deputy director Ashok Aggarwal indulged in forgery and tried to extort money from city based jeweller Subhash Chandras Barjatya.
Sonia with Stott Natwar Quattrocchi & Abhishek

Volcker affair is being investigated by Pathak commission. Natwar Singh and others except Congress President Sonia Gandhi have been interrogated by the Commission. As Congress President, should not Mrs. Sonia Gandhi responsible for this?

Vora appeared before the Pathak Authority, a day after the one-man probe panel quizzed former External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh. The Congress and Natwar were named as “non-contractual beneficiaries” in the oil-for-food scandal by the Volcker Committee report. Moreover, Andaleeb Sehgal, director of Hamdaan Exports, who is also listed as one of the beneficiaries, is understood to have deposed before the panel that Natwar had given him two letters of introduction on AICC letterheads addressed to the Iraqi Oil Ministry. Sonia Gandhi had given the letters to Natwar Singh also addressed to Saddam.

Quattrocchi received Bofors kickbacks through Myles Stott of AE Services based in London. “The statement of Myles T. Stott showed Gandhis corruption, “The amount Bofors had paid to AE Services was related to the agreement of sale of guns to India; and the trail of subsequent transfers of the money to companies owned by Quattrocchi—from AE Services to Colbar Investments to Wetelsen Overseas,” at page 7 of its judgment, the Swiss Court then noted.

Stott had links with AWB Ltd. He was holding an important post in the company. Present Indian Government is importing wheat through this company. Why? Volcker had named this company in Oil for Food Scam. AWB Ltd was the biggest exporter of humanitarian goods to Iraq. More details:
By Premendra Agrawal

Tunda ISI Naxal Nexus

July 23, 2006

Naxalism is Terrorism indeed, don’t allow terror to win. ISI uses naxals. Who demanded separate

State in UP? Who banned ‘Slogan of Bharat Mata’ in Poonch & allow painting of nude Bharat Mata?

Handicapped Tunda is red alerted most wanted terrorist 

52-year-old from New Delhi, with a flowing henna-dyed beard Abdul Karim Tunda has been arrested in Mombassa, Kenya — and will now stand trial for his role in so many bombings that had killed hundreds of lives. Born to a lower middle class family in
Delhi, Karim is believed to have moved to Pilkhuwa, near the town of
Ghaziabad, in his teens. He then shifted base to Mumbai, where he set up a dyeing textiles business.

Pseudo-secularists evoke the sentiments of Muslims to high light the demolition of Babri Structure. They even continue the hate program playing vote bank politics to add unfortunate
Gujarat riots in every talk and walk of life to divide Hindu and Muslim. What did Congress, Lefts and Mulayam yadav in the past every one knows? Still Mulayam gives certificate of patriotism to banned SIMI. Now Congress led Govt. is instructing to every province for banning SIMI. But in the past Sonia Gandhi, Ambika Soni, Shri Pakash Jaoswal opposed the NDA Govt. for this.

According to the investigations, Ghauri — who had a Naxal past — was present at a meeting organized in Bhiwandi soon after communal violence had ripped it apart in 1985. Ten years later, Ghauri, a young man from a Hyderabadi Muslim family, and his close associate Karim ‘Tunda’ (handicapped), set up a proper terror network for the Lashkar.  

Just after December 6, 1992 Ghauri, Tunda and Ansari established a dangerous terror group to attempt terrorism with the help of ISI, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Pakistani nationals.
India’s perhaps first Lashkar cell executed 43 small bombings in Mumbai and
Hyderabad and seven separate explosions on inter-city trains. Ansari was arrested 13 days before he was to set off a second series of bombings, this time on Republic Day in 1994.

Ghauri, Tunda and Pakistani Lashkar operative were able to draw on cadre from the now-banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and other such organizations with ease.  

Abdul Rahman, an activist of the Dulkan organisation of ethnic Uighurs in
China’s Xinjiang region who was arrested by the Kolkata Police in January 2000, was sheltered in the city by two SIMI members, Aziz-ul-Haq and Nazrul Islam. He escaped from prison and fled and was recruited by the LeT, and brought to
Calcutta en route to
Dhaka for an explosives course under Tunda.

In what is being described by intelligence agencies as disturbing, the Pakistan-backed Lashkar-e-Tayyabba (LeT) has established a close rapport with the Naxalites operating in the backward Hyderabad-Karnataka region of the State. 

Key accused Aamir was allegedly an activist of now-banned SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) in 2001. He even headed a ‘Ikhwan conference’ on November 5, 6, and 7, 1999, where he disseminated hate propaganda and gave a speech on Islamic nationhood, titled “Islam is our country and not

According to
Aurangabad police officials, over 5,000 Muslim students from
Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh,
Gujarat, and Rajasthan, gathered at

High School
during these three days.

Even recorded speeches of higher-ups in the
terrorist organization Hamas were played to mislead students to take up violence.”

Notorious Lashkar-e-Toiba’s commander Azam Ghauri, who was shot dead in an encounter in 2000 by the Karimnagar police, was also present in that conference. 

Tunda has two wives and two sons. The younger one, Shahid, helps him in the perfume business, while the elder son is a LeT activist. He was also instrumental in brainwashing Jalees Ansari, a doctor with the Birhan Mumbai Municipal Corporation, who triggered over 40 blasts in Mumbai and
Hyderabad during 1992 and 1993. When Jalees was arrested in January 1994, Tunda fled to
Bangladesh and set up his hideout at Jatra Bari in

In comparison to the indiscriminate violence perpetrated by Islamic terrorists, the Maoist menace (also infamous as Left-wing Extremist or Naxals) has been plaguing
India for quite some time, posing as the other biggest internal security challenge. Shivraj Patil said that Terrorists are our brothers. Lok Sabha Speaker said that naxalites are not criminals. Congress and Communists both want votes so they support infiltrations. On the instruction of Sonia Gandhi Congress supported naxalites in Andhra with the help of YRS and captured the power there.

Congress took support of Muslim League in Keral and Insurgent separatist groups of S.E. Provinces. The same policy was adopted by Left parties. Congress and left both promised to release terrorist Madani from
Coimbatore prison. Govt. instructed states themselves to fight naxals separately. It don’t want to make policy for joint efforts of the states which are in the grip of Naxalites because these states Chhattisgarh, Orissa, jharkhand and karnatak are BJP ruled.

However, the question remains, why the tribal who are part of the government sponsored anti-Naxal campaign started by Congress opposition leader Mahendra karma (Salwa Judum) were left unarmed against their powerful attackers in that fateful night? How they can defend themselves with bow-arrows and Lathis when the naxalites have Pakistani rifles and Chinese grenades. These facts have been already given to Centre Govt. and the same confirmed by I.B. chief Narsimhan. Why Lonely MP of Chhattishgarh Ajit Jogi, left parties and UPA govt. interested to impose President Rule in the Chattisgarh to oppose historical ‘Salva Judum’?  

NDA Govt. established village defense committees in J & K and provided them arms. Many soldiers left army service to defend their villages from terrorists. But UPA Govt. is doing nothing to encourage them. On July 4, 06 Two Muslim youth had held for supplying 14 pistols to Naxalites. 

This is the old history of Congress to encourage terrorists, insurgents, separatists and violent armed groups and individuals for taking help in the election and later went against them. Because of this country pained to see the assassination of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Indira Gandhi in the starting encouraged Bhinderwala and later ordered army to enter

Temple. Rajiv Gandhi in the starting supported LITTE and latter foolishly Indian troops were sent to
Sri Lanka in 1987.

We cannot pursue our electoral calculations at the expense of the abiding national interests. Since the Congress and the Left have competed with each other for a few parliamentary seats in the border districts, they have abetted unhealthy forces and trends. Now both owe it to themselves and to the country to move away from potential security hazards.  

Each one of demand-makers such as pseudo-secularists, supporters of domestic or foreign jihadis, makes his or her own calculation about the Center’s capacity or incapacity to deal effectively and efficaciously with difficult customers. Those who assess the Centre to be weak or incapacitated move in with artillery. So we have last chance to take tough decisions. Owing to perceived threats from Jihadis and Naxalites, Mr Bush’s security has decided to take him to the various destinations in the city by air. Five year planning of Naxal-jehadi combination is to grip more than half of the country in their influence. What is the policy of Indian Govt.? 

After the defeat in
Bangladesh liberation War
Pakistan made policy to fight in the

land of
India. Now
Pakistan adopted brain washing process through terrorists supporters, Naxalites and votes greedy politicians in
India in the name of to save Islam, demolition of Babri structure and Gujrat. It wants to create Civil War like situation in

Who will punish terrorists, Islamic fundamentalists & naxalites? Please don’t allow Arjun Singh Mulayam Singh pseudo-secularists, followers of jinnah to divide people in the name of religion and caste. The persons who don’t want to adopt berth control then take responsibility to fulfill the wishes of their children. Nation should not suffer for this nonsense. The demand of separate

Province in UP should be thrown in the sea. To see our tolerance Anti-Indians dares to paint nude Bharat Mata and to ban in Poonch Dist of Jammu to raise slogan of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jay’ in the way of ’Budha Amarnath’ to please terrorists. Please don’t encourage Anti-Indian traitors. We are such Indians who drove British. feel coward ness or helplessness.

By Premendra Agrawal 


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Terror of Tablighi jamaat

July 20, 2006

Detained JuH & Tablighi jamaat’s youth a like SIMI are under ATS scanning. A giant mosque a £300 million for 2012 Olympic is on to be Terrorsts HQ. Godhra train fire culprits may help in 7/11 blasts. 

After banned SIMI, now the activities of some members of JuH and Tablighi jamaat are also under ATS scanning. Neither the leaders of Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind (JuH) nor Tablighi jamaat (TJ) are nationalists. Fact is that the mullahs are losing political control over their community, and these are devises to control them. Now, they act as powerbrokers. The have linked with the International terrorists organizations. 

At least 20 people were picked up by police in Tripura overnight for interrogation, even as a team from Mumbai began questioning 11 Muslim youths from Maharasthra for any links with the serial bombings in the country’s financial hub. All belongs to SIMI have been detained for questioning in the state for holding public meetings at Kamalpura near
India’s border with Bangaldesh.

The detainees have reportedly told the police that they are members of the Tabligh-i-Jamaat, based in Mumbra area
Maharashtra’s Thane District near Mumbai. Mumbra is a terrorist hub.
Detention of these youths shows nexus between SIMI, JuH and Tabligh-i-Jamaat.  

Their leader, Muhammad Sheikh (33), after studying computers in
Houston, Sheikh worked in the
US for Microsoft and later floated a company called Nucleus Technology in
Washington. He was working with Microsoft in
Hyderabad till March. Police have also recovered seven international passports from them with travel documents for
South Africa,
Zambia and

A giant mosque for 2012 Olympic 

A giant mosque a £300 million project of Tablighi Jamaat that will hold 40,000 worshippers is being proposed beside the 2012 Olympic complex in Newham,
London. Terrorist linked group wants to use it permanent HQ.

The Asia-Pacific Foundation, a London-based policy assessment organization, takes a darker view. In a report on Tablighi Jamaat, the organization’s chief executive, M.J. Gohel, said that a variety of people who have passed through the organization’s mosques have gone on to commit terrorist acts, including Mohammad Siddique Khan, one of the suicide attackers in the deadly London transport bombings in July. “Tablighi involvement in future terrorist activities at home and abroad are not a matter of conjecture; it is a tragic and definite certainty,” Gohel said. 


Tablighi suspected for Godhra train burning 

Indian investigators suspect influential Tablighi leader, Maulana Umarji, and a group of his followers in the February 27, 2002 fire bombing of a train carrying ‘Karsewaks’ from Ayodhya. Maulana  

Sufiyan Patangia used to run the Waliullah seminary next to the Lal Masjid – officially called the Hafizi Masjid – in Kalupur in the old city area of Ahmedabad. Now, he is
Gujarat’s most wanted criminal. Believed to be the head of the massive terrorist cell unearthed during the course of the investigation into Pandya’s assassination, Indian intelligence operatives last sighted the cleric in
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Arjun Singh met him or not we don’t know on his visit there in June 06. At
Riyadh on Saudi media described Arjun Singh as a very ‘seasoned politician’ and an ‘icon of Indian secularism’. Legacy of Arjun Singh: Divide and rule and promote casteism and Muslim communalism. Arjun Singh’s said that Muslims were entitled to reservation under the Constitution and appealed to them to pursue the matter.


Al Qaeda & other terrorist org. use Tablighi 

The Times mentions that the group is suspected of terrorist instigation. Its members helped the foundation of the terror group Harakat ul-Mujahideen, responsible for hijacking an Air India plane in December 1998 and murdering a busload of engineers in
Karachi, Pakistan, on May 8 2002.

“We have a significant presence of Tablighi Jamaat in the United States, and we have found that Al Qaeda used them for recruiting, now and in the past,” Michael J Heimbach, the deputy chief of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s international terrorism section, was quoted as saying by the New York Times. 

The Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, the Lashkar-e-Toiba and the Harkat-ul-Jihad-Al-Islami (HUJI) of
Pakistan, which are involved in assisting the jihadi terrorist elements in S.E.Asia, are members of Osama bin Laden’s International Islamic Front (IIF) and have been responsible for most of the terrorist incidents in
India since 1999. In the past, they had been using their presence in
Bangladesh and the Gulf countries for indulging in acts of terrorism in
Indian Territory, and for providing financial and material assistance to terrorist groups in


Jehadis may use
Southeast Asia to target

 “According to a new book, the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HuM), the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), the Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-
Islami- Bangladesh (HUJI-B) and foreign branches of the Tablighi Jamaat have been responsible for most terror attacks in
India since 1999. All these groups are members of Osama bin Laden’s International Islamic Federation (IIF). “It is reasonable to feel concerned that in future they might begin using the Southeast Asian countries for operations mounted against
India,” says B Raman, a former Indian government official. Raman also points to the possibility of the jehadi groups in
Southeast Asia forming sleeper cells in southern
India. “The increased interest displayed by the LeT in
Southeast Asia could be an indicator of its interest in exploring the possibility of infiltrating into south
India with the help of recruits from among the large number of south Indian Muslim migrants in
Singapore and
Indonesia,” Raman says.


Strikes possible against maritime targets 

Due to globalization and the growth in
India’s external trade, there is likely to be an increase in container traffic from Indian ports.
It is reasonable to feel concerned that in future they might start using the S.E.Asian countries for operations mounted against
India has been developing its strategic relations with the
USA, the
France, and other West European countries. As part of this, there has been an increase in the visits of the naval vessels of these countries to South Indian ports, either for joint exercises or on goodwill visits.

Terrorists allied to Al Qaeda or the IIF have been looking for opportunities to mount terrorist strikes against maritime targets. The attack on the US Naval ship USS Cole in October,2000, and the unsuccessful attempt for a strike against a French oil tanker in 2003, both off
Aden, are illustrations of their intentions in this regard.


“Planned conquest of the world” in the spirit of jihad 

The prominent Deobandi cleric and scholar Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Kandhalawi (1885-1944) launched Tablighi Jamaat in 1927 in
Mewat, India, near Delhi.Later Yusuf and his successor, Inamul Hassan (1965-95), transformed Tablighi Jamaat into a truly transnational movement with a renewed emphasis targeting conversion of non-Muslims, a mission the movement continues to the present day.

The creed grew in importance after Pakistani military dictator Zia ul-Haq encouraged Deobandis to Islamize
Pakistan. Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif (1990-93; 1997-99), whose father was a prominent Tablighi member and financier, helped Tablighi members take prominent positions. In 1995, the Pakistani army thwarted a coup attempt by several dozen high-ranking military officers and civilians, all of whom were members of the Tablighi Jamaat and some of whom also held membership in Harakat ul-Mujahideen, a U.S. State Department-defined terrorist organization.

Tablighi Jamaat has long been directly involved in the sponsorship of terrorist groups. Pakistani and Indian observers believe, for instance, that Tablighi Jamaat was instrumental in founding Harakat ul-Mujahideen. Founded at Raiwind in 1980, almost all of the Harakat ul-Mujahideen’s original members were Tablighis. Famous for the December 1998 hijacking of an Air India passenger jet and the May 8, 2002 murder of a busload of French engineers in
Karachi, Harakat members make no secret of their ties. “The two organizations together make up a truly international network of genuine jihadi Muslims,” one senior Harakat ul-Mujahideen official said. More than 6,000 Tablighis have trained in Harakat ul-Mujahideen camps. Many fought in
Afghanistan in the 1980s and readily joined Al-Qaeda after the Taliban defeated
Afghanistan’s anti-Soviet mujahideen.

According to the French Tablighi expert Marc Gaborieau, its ultimate objective is nothing short of a “planned conquest of the world” in the spirit of jihad.  


By Premendra Agrawal 

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Will one day terrorist become a PM?

July 19, 2006


Will India remain only for Terrorists, Infiltrators, Insurgents, Naxals, Maoists, Culprits and Anti-Hindus? Vote banking throws patriots in a corner. Is minoriy ministry to turn majority in minority? 

Tainted ministers are in Dr. Singh’s cabinet . There may be big fight between terrorist & foreign origin. We have seen Italian  origin have unsuccessfully tried to be PM. Still she is Super PM. So no wonder one day terrorist will become a PM of India. 


Alaxander succeded due to our disunity 

“Terrorist groups… seem to have better international cooperation among themselves than the countries… facing the scourge,” Foreign secretary Saran said. But Saran forgets that we ourelves are disunited to invite terrorist activities..  

The successful invasions of India from the time of Alexander the Great have been ascribed to disunity among the indigenous rulers.  

Are we ourselves not responsible for inviting like 7/11 blasts? 


Hindus Muslims were united for 1857 

In 1857 Hindus Muslims fought united against British Rule. Before Jinnaism all Indians were called Hindus abroad. Still Many Muslim organizations includes ‘Hind’ in their names, Newspapers titles are: ‘The Hindu’ The Hindustn Times’. But our miniser have objection to call India as ‘Hindustan’. What type of politics is that. Iam wring a separate article on this. 

The following two poems were written by martyr Kartar Singh Sarabha and became popular among the revolutionaries: These three poems can be called the soul of the Gadar Movement, as they depict the depth of their conviction and dedication. The original poems were written in Punjabi but have been translated into English by Isemonger & Slattery. 


Salute to Martyr Kartar Singh 

By: Kartar Singh Sarabha

On the judgment day
Before the gods
These will be my words, my statement:
I am a servant of Indians
India belongs to me
Yes, Indian I am
One hundred percent Indian
Indian is my blood and my caste
This is my only religion
My only tribe, my only clan
I am a particle of the ravaged India’s ruins
This is the only name I have
The only hallmark, the only address
Oh, Mother India this was not be my fate
My good fortune
That with every movement of mine
I could have worshipped your feet
O Mother India
If my head is offered
My life is sacrificed
In your service
Then, I would understand
Even in my death
I will attain
A life of eternity.


WHO WE ARE (2) By: Kartar Singh Sarabha  

If anyone asks who we are
Tell him our name is rebel
Our duty is to end the tyranny
Our profession is to launch revolution
That is our namaz, this is our sandhya
Our puja, our worship
This is our religion
Our work
This is our only Khuda, our only Rama.


Where Hindus can go? 

Terrorists Supporters & pseudo-secularists have allergy for Gujarat & there elected Govt. Even we do not spare Judiciary & police force of Gujarat. If any one owned house in Italy, Pakistan or other corner of world and money in Swiss account then that is true Indian otherwise refugee Indian in his own country.  

I recall one Muslim woman of Chennai commented on my article that Hindus have only place in Nepal. India is for secularists. But now what will be her comment? Maoist has kidnapped Nepal with the help of Indian comrades.  


Worshiping Italian Football! 

Who worshiped in Patna Italian football with Sonia’s Photo? Can any person stand on his foot to say that she opposed that nonsense shameful act? If we have courage to digest the policies of Arjun Singh then surely we should  be best might for unity for including in Greenish Book? We are brave citizens of India to read the books of patriotism directed by kaliyugi Arjuns. If we can be happy to see MF Hussain’s nude paintings of ‘Bharat mata’ then we have no sign to save ourselves from this terrorism. 

Left is in opposition and right is ruling. We have wonderful combination of right and left. Really we are with both legs. But these legs should be checked by genuine able doctor. Is Health Minister Ramdassa more able doctor than world fame Dr.Venu Gopal?  


Followers of Jinnah? 

Mulayam is ‘meharban’ on SIMI. Why Sonia Gandhi, Present State Home Minister Jaiswal, Ambika Soni and other congress leaders had opposed NDA when it banned SIMI? 

Sanajwadi Party’s MP Abu Azmi had justified the creation of Pakistan & said in Dongari of Mumai that India will face partition if Muslim will see Islam in danger.  

Zinnah disunited us. Abu Azmi and their associates follow Jinnah.The MP who was accusex in 1993 Blasts and now also under police scanning as he himself accepted publicly. He wanted to block the entry of Narenda Modi but but can give entry to terrorists in Mumbai? 


Complaint of Muslim Law Board to Sonia Gandhi  

So many sketches hae been dstributed by ATS 7/11 blasts investigation authority. So many are under scanning for their possible involvement in the blasts. No body was arrested uptill now due to 8th wonder secularism. Yet Muslim leaders are approaching their secular leader Sonia Gandhi complainting hrashment given to Muslim community by the police. Detained LeT terrorist are brought from Nepal. A Muslim youth was arrested in Burka at the arodrum of Mumbai. Eleven youth hae been brought from Agartala in Mumbai for interagation. So many false calls of bombs placing be given to hrash the police. One such youth have been detained for this. Unfortunately all these are Muslims researched in the process of interagation to thousands. 


Accusing Pakistan is right but ……….. 

We are prompt to accused Pakistan, its ISI and others. It is right. Our Govt. never showed dare to punish Pakistan for this. Even it is impotent to punish terrorists and their local supporters in India? No pseudo-secular body in India wants to do this. We are wiping swords in the air.  

Who is encouraging infiltration from Bangladesh? Who are assisting them and illegaly entered Pakistani citizens to be voters in India? Abdul Sami was living in the Gandhi Nagar area of
Bhopal when he was arrested. He had a driving license, a ration card, a job as data entry operator at a foreign bank and his name was enrolled as an Indian voter – all that is needed to prove one’s nationality. But he proved to be a Pakistani national, spying for the notorious Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Is this procress harashment? “Recently, a police party went to arrest some Lashkare-To-e-ba terrorists in Padga village surrounding Mumbai. The police party was attacked by Bangladeshi and Pakistani Muslims living there illegally. The same incident took place in
East Delhi two years ago. Therefore, this practice of rising infiltration and advocating for them must be stopped now. This must not be linked with politics or human grounds because the protection of national interest is the highest priority”, said Sanjay Nirupam in Rajya Sabha recently. Now he left Shiv Sena. Perhaps in future he might define his statement in secular way. More details: 



By Premendra Agrawal

Agrasenmarg, 5/756 Ramsagarpara, Raipur-492001, CG,



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PM on wrong foot in G-8

July 17, 2006

Pak signed treaties to forget. Every wing including ISI & Army is independent to attack India. After Bangldesh creation Pak adopted terrorism to fight in Indian land. Watch Shariff Musharraf word-war. 

Great scholler Mr. Singh said in G-8 that the terror attacks in recent months had nothing to do with the repeal of the Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act (POTA). What is the need of that clearance? No one ask for this. To make law is our internal matter. Does America or Pakistan ask like this?  

After Mumbai and Srinagar, Dr Manmohan Singh is to urge with foliding hand, at a G-8 summit, an “unambiguous, united international response” to extirpate terrorism. World dumbs for cowards. Since those who behave like sheep are eaten by the wolves, only a strong deterrent action, and no amount of tolerance or emotional shrieks, will save
India from continuing Pak-Bangla aggression. Enemies must be crushed; not embraced. Only the strong deterrent action can defeat the aggressors.

We should learn from Israel. It is striking to release its three soldiers. It did this even for the safety of its citizen in single degit. Bush has refused to urge
Israel to halt its offensive on
Lebanon to punish Hezbollah guerrilla attacks across its border.

At the time of Kargil war, Bush & Tony instructed us “ Don’t cross LoC”. Have we courage to destroy terrorist camps in PoK? 

India, Pak must find new ‘pathways’ for peace: ManmohanMr.Great PM don’t advise Pakistan. After the creation of Bangladesh. Pakistan sellected a path of terrorism. 70.000 Pakistani soldiers had imprisoned by us after defeating its forces. Our brave army had waved Indian flag on Lahore. Pakistan experienced that its army never win in conventional war.  So Pakisan decided to fight in Indian lands in the shape of terrorism.  

I had a tremendous headaque when I read:Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has demanded a firm commitment from Pakistan against terror. Pakistan always gives firm commitment. Even It signed treaty to forget. Have you doubt in this? 

Watch Shariff & Musharraf word-war. Now Pakistan is recruiting Indian Muslim youth for their terrorist strikes. These terrorist strikes are also beyond J & K. 

Non-Kashmiris engaged in killings in
India are terrorists.  “If I had been Prime Minister of Pakistan, (the events of) Sep. 11 would not have happened” – Benazir, Nov 2001

On July 17, 2006 when pointed out that India believed that LeT, which is backed by Pakistan’s ISI, could be involved in the Mumbai blasts, Benazir Bhutto said, “certainly LeT is a militant group…I believe such groups are undermining Pakistan’s integrity…, giving Pakistan a bad name… And endangering
Pakistan’s very existence… During my tenure (as the Prime Minister), there were no attacks outside

Our pity PM has demanded a firm commitment from Pakistan against terror. Who is in Pakistan sole responsible authority? Fighting words between Nawaz Shariff and Musharraf show that in Pakistan every wing is a force onto itself to attack India. Shariff said that Musharraf is biggest terrorist in the world. Musharraf said that he did ‘Kargil’ on the instruction of Shariff. 

Administrative authority in Pakistan declared in the Karachi court that they have no control on ISI. Benazir said that ISI is a force onto itself, and she had no knowledge of what ISI was doing when she was PM. 

Benazir Bhutto has frankly admitted that while in power she had no control over
Pakistan’s nuclear program.

“Terrorist groups… seem to have better international cooperation among themselves than the countries… facing the scourge,” Foreign secretary Saran said.  

We ourselves are disunite in India.  

Why POTA removed? Who are demoralizing police, army of our country when they are fighting against terrorism? Are we punishing such media which are evoking Muslim against Hindus to target Gujarat? Jehadis spread Terrorism in India in the mask of pseudo-secularist, human activist, journalist, NGO. Teesta Sitalwad & Abu Azmi are dancing with terrorism & became NGOs & journalists. Is Anti-Hindu only way to save this country? If yes then why Anti-Hindus wear Hindu dresses and keep Hindu names? Why they are deceiving? 

If we can’t find answer of all these then no might to save us from  dinosaur of terrorism. Please don’t act drama. If you want to be actor or actress then you have to go Bollywood, Hollywood, Lollywood or other wood. 

India should strongly demand that
Pakistan should be declared a terrorist nation immediately on the basis of following facts:

(1) The British put Pakistani organizations openly engaged in terrorism
on their official list of terrorist organizations.

(2) December 1999: George Tenet, Director of CIA and Michael Sheen, State Department Coordinator for Counter Terrorism, Michael Sheen testified before a Senate Sub-Committee that :
US intelligence has sufficient evidence that
Pakistan is a state-sponsor of terrorism against

(3) Non-Kashmiris engaged in killings in
India are terrorists.  “If I had been Prime Minister of Pakistan, (the events of) Sep. 11 would not have happened” – Benazir Bhutto, November 2001.

(4) American Taliban, John Walker, has admitted to fighting in
. This could not have happened without the help of ISI, which created and nurtured the Taliban.
Robert Blackwill: US Ambassador to
India, Nov. 21, 2001
New Delhi, stated in a press conference for foreign media that “all persons involved in killings in
were terrorists and that they were no freedom fighters.”

(5) 1948: US Secretary of State Gen. George C. Marshall told the British that
Kashmir’s accession with
India was legal and final as far as US was concerned. Therefore the lie of “
Kashmir being a disputed territory” is very disturbing while it has further emboldened the position of Islamic militants

We should remind the world: 

Bangladesh is also a State-Sponsor of Terrorism
  The world is also silent about harrowing abuse and ethnic cleansing of Hindus from
Bangladesh.  Amnesty International has publicized horrible atrocities against Hindu women in
Bangladesh, such as gang-rapes in front of their fathers and husbands, resulting in floods of Hindu refugees from that country.  Bangladeshi government does nothing beyond denying facts


By Premendra Agrawal

Agrasenmarg, 5/756 Ramsagarpara, Raipur-492001, CG,



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